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in 2013 

G £nJ ! Ill 


3 1833 01797 5894 


Vol. II. 

JANUARY, 1901. 

No. 1. 






J. R. B. HATHAWAY, Editor and Financial Agent, 

"'■"" - 

" Like leaves on trees the race of man is found, 
Now green in youth, now withering on the ground : 
Another race the following Spring supplies; 
They rise successive, and successive fall: 
So generations in their course decay; 
So flourish these when those are passed away. 

— Pope's Translation Homer's Iliad. 

\l tH°\ 


Vol. II. January, 1901. No. 1. 


(Originals in office of Clerk of the Superior Court, Edenton, N. C. ) 

*Iredell, James (Chowan), April 27th, 171)0; July 22nd 1794. 
Witfe, my relative Miss Margaret Macartney, dec'd, of Great Bri- 
tain, Henry Eustace McCulloeh, my wife and her brother Samuel 
Johnston, son James, daughters Anne, Isabella and Helen. S. Ire- 
dell ; my mother ; brother Arthur, Samuel Johnston Exr. Test, A. 
Hodge, Sam Tredwell. 

Iredell, Hannah (widow of James Iredell), Jan'y 20, 1823. Sept. 
Term 1826. Son James Iredell, my daughter Helen S. Iredell, 
nephew James C. Johnston and son James Iredell Exrs. 

Jones, Epaphroditus, Hertford Co., July 3rd, 1768. Wife Ke- 
becca, grand-daughters Millie Jones and Arkade Jones, daughter 
Mary Fryer, Edward Arnall Exr. Test, Thomas Harrell, John 
Harrell, Demse Harrell. 

Jones, George, Chowan, Oct. 18th, 1890. Brothers Robert, Allen, 
Willie and Tamerlane Jones ; Robert Jones and James Bradley of 
Northampton Co., Exrs. Test. E. Xorfleet, Will T. Muse. 

Jones, Thomas, Edenton, Augt. 2nd, 1775. My Executors to sell 
my houses and land in Kentish Town, Middlesex Co., G. B. Son 
Thomas, daughter Sarah, son Francis, daughter Ann Jones, sister 
Mary Jones of Oxford, G B., nieces Elizabeth and Ann Earl (daugh- 
ters of Rev. Daniel Earl) Rev. Daniel Earl, Walter Ferguson and 

* James Iredell married Miss Hannah Johnston, sister of Gov. Samuel 
Johnston and daughter of Samuel Johnston He was appointed by President 
George Washington as Associate Justice of the Supreme Court of the United 
States. v\ as one of the most prominent leaders of the Revolution in North Caro- 
lina, and many of his public papers and letters written in the interest of Inde- 
?endence have been preserved in 'McRee's Life and Correspondence of James 
redell." He is buried near Edenton in the burial lot of the Johnston family at 
Hayes. We hope to give a more extended notice of him and his family in a future 
issue of the Register. 


4 Abstract of Wills. 

Chas. Bondfield Exrs. Test, Robert Smith, Arch'd Corrie, Arch'd 

Jones, Thomas, Sr., Chowan, 'Nov. 25th, 1763. Wife Elizabeth, 
sons Thomas and William, daughter Mariam Jones, my sons and 
daughters, son Thomas Exr. Test, Wm. H. Matthews, John Cow- 
per, Lazarus Peed. 

Jones, Thomas, Chowan, June 25th, 1797; Sept. Term 1797. 
Daughter Mary Brinn, daughter Elizabeth Beasley, sons Zachariah 
and Levi, son Thomas, grand-daughter Elizabeth Sweeney, grand- 
son Josiah Sweeney, my three sons Exrs. Test, Nath'l Howcott, 
Henry Bonner. 

Jones Nancy, (no date probably in 1786), Chowan. Uncle Fri- 
ley Jones, sister Charlotte. Test, L. Robertson. 

Jones, James, Chowan, Oct. 15th, 1765. Wife Elizabeth, daugh- 
ter Mary Jones, child in esse, wife and Jacob Hunter Exrs. Test, 
Aaron Laceter, Jacob Hunter, John Jones. 

• Jones, Lewis, Chowan, March 27th, 1763 ; April Term 1763. 
Daughter Ann Cortis, children Lewis, Ann, James, Isaiah and Jo- 
siah, Miles Halsey and Joseph Cortis Exrs. Test, John Lewis, 
J. Craven, Jr., Nicho. E. Coke. 

Jones, Zachariah, Chowan, Oct. 17th, 1803; Dec. Term, 1803. 
Wife Mary, son Henry, William Jones, brother Levi Jones and 
Exum Simpson Exrs. Test, Richard Bond, Mary Brinn. 

Jones, James, Chowan, Augt. 8th, 1810; Dec. Term 1812. Wife 
Elizabeth, sons Edmund, William, Nathaniel and Allen Jones, 
daughters Esther Bunch,- Sarah Jones, Nancy Hinton, Son Ed- 
mund Exr. Test, John Fyfe. 

Jones, William, Chowan, Sept. 23rd, 1807 ; Dec. Term 1817. Wife 
Sarah, cousin Thomas Jones (son of brother Thomas, dec'd) cous- 
in Levi Jones, son-in- law Nath'l Howcott, Absalom Pritchard, heirs 
of Amy McGuire (former wife of Phillip McGuire) heirs of Mary 
McGuire (former wife of Philip McGuire), Mariam McGuire (pres- 
ent wife of Phillip McGuire) Doctrin Price, Jonathan Humphries, 
all the children of my deceased brothers and sisters, Sarah Pritch- 
ard (wife of Absalom) wife and Nath'l Howcott Exrs. Test Rich- 
ard Hoskins, Nathan Parish. 

Jones, Richard, Carteret, Dec. 11th, 1839. Wife Martha Ann, 
land on the Island of Ocracoke, wife Exx. Test, John Pike,, Wm. F, 
Currell, Siffus Pulham. 

Johnson, Joseph, Chowan, Apl. 20th, 1790. Son Miles, wife 
Barsheba. Test, Chas. Hughes, Wm. Champion, Wm. Newborn. 

Johnson, Charles, Chowan, July 23rd, 1802. Sons Thomas and 
Charles Earl Johnson, Gustavus Adolphus Johnson, children of Wm, 

Abstract of Wills. 5 

Bennett and Helen the wife of Sam'l Tredwell, Sam'l Tredwell, Wm, 
Roberts and Wm. Jackson Exrs. Test, S. Dickinson, John Coffield, 
Elliott Torksey. 

Johnson, Charles E., Chowan, Feb'y 29th, 1849. Wife Ann W. 
Johnson, son Charles E., Lucius J. and James M. Johnson, daugh- 
ters Ann W. T. Johnson, Cornelia Johnson and Virginia Johnson, 
grand-daughters Elizabeth Earl, Jane Benedicta and Caroline Eliza- 
beth Henderson, son Lucius J. Johnson Exr. Test, Sam'l I. John- 
ston, Aug. Moore, John B. Winslow, grand-children Elizabeth, Jane 
Caroline Henderson daughters of A. M. Henderson. 

Jordan, Wm., Bertie Co., Nov. 17, 1790. Wife # Mary, sons Wm. 
and Jos., daughters Mar)- Smithwick and Margaret Haramond (wife 
of Henry, dec'd) daughters Elizabeth and Harriet and Sally, Mary 
Smithwick's eldest son William to be sent to school, each one of her 
children $100. Thos. Collins, Christian Beed and Bird Hubbard 
Exrs. Test, Fred Bameke, James B. Jordan, Josiah Collins. 

Jordan, Jacob, Chowan, June 24th, 1795. Wife Elizabeth, sons 
Jacob, Josiah, Joseph and Jonathan, daughters Leah Bonner, Bachel 
Elliott and Batience Elliott, sister-in-law Sarah Valentine, wife and 
Nicholas Stallings Exrs. Test, Nathan Barker, Ann Earl, Jr., Mary 

Jordan, Charles, Chowan, Sept. 6th, 1771; June Term 1773. 
Son Charles, daughter Sarah Smith, son John, daughters Leah Smith 
and Bachel White, sons James and Bobert and his son Charles, son 
Jacob Exr. Test, Willis Griffin, John Evans. 

Jordan, Joseph, Chowan, March 21st, 1800; June Term 1800. 
Sons William, Jacob and Joseph, daughter Bachel, brother Josiah 
Jordan, son Thomas, daughter Mary, wife Mourning, Miles Elliott 
Exr. Test, W. J. Skinner, Elizabeth Barker. 

Jordan, Mourning, Chowan Sept. Term 1819. Son William, 
daughters Bennie and Fanny Jordan, son John, all my children, son 
William Exr. Test, Wm. Walton. 

Jordan, Jacob, Chowan, Feb'y 22nd, 1823; Dec. Term 1826. 
Sons Isaac, William and James Jordan, grand-children Jacob and 
Miriam Byrum, daughters Mary, Sarah, Elizabeth and Bebecca Jor- 
dan, son Isaac Exr. Test, James Byrum. 

Jordan, Esther, Chowan, Feb'y 6th, 1836; May Term 1836. Sons 
John B. Jordan and Bichard G. Jordan, grand-sons William and 
Stephen Skinner, grand-daughter Mary Jane Jordan, son John R. 
Exr. Test, A. Small, E. Garrett. 

Jenkins, Charity, Chowan, April 15th, 1791. Sister Sarah Cope- 
land. Test, Benj. Gregory. 

Note —One son, Dr. Daniel Jonson, died before his father, hence his name does 
not appear in his will. 

6 Abstract of Wills. 

Jackson, Ann, Edenton, Sept. 2nd, 1763. Mother Elizabeth Wal- 
lace, William Halsey, late husband Robert Jackson, sister Deborah 
Halsey, mother, Francis Corbin and William Halsey Exrs. Test, 
Jno. McKildo, Geo. Gray, Margaret Ramsey. 

Jamison, Bond, Chowan, Augt. 26th, 1806; Sept. Term 1806. 
Sons Wm. and James, daughters Christian, Sarah and Mary, Exum 
Simpson and Cullen Bunch Exrs. Test, Miles Ashley, Mary Ash- 

Jackson, William, Chowan, Dec. 23rd, 1804. Wife Sarah, 
daughter Sarah Burke and her son William, daughters Xancy and 
Rachel, son James, wife, sons James and William Exr. Test, 
Jno. Leary, Barney Mansfield, Will Shirley. 

Jackson, Sarah, Dec. 20th, 1803; March Term 1801. Children 
Jas., Wm., Elizabeth Eelton, Nancy and Rachel Jackson, grand-sons 
John Burke and William Burke, daughter Rachel Bloyd, Wm. I. 
Skinner and son William Exrs. Test, Miles Elliott, W. I. Skinner. 

Jackson, William, Chowan, Oct. 30th, 1830. Thomas Jackson, 
s"ons Edward and William, youngest sons John and Harry, daugh- 
ters Sarah, Elizabeth and Rachel Jackson. Test, Job Chappel, John 
Bush. May Term 1835. 

Iredell, Hannah, Edenton, Jan'y 20th, 1823; Sept. Term 1826. 
Son James Iredell, daughter Helen S. Iredell, nephew James C. 
Johnston and son James Iredell Exrs. Test, Jos. Blount, Ja. I. 

Kelly, John, late of Rownock, North Carolina, County of Caro- 
tock, Jan'y 8th, 1761. Daughters Ann and Elizabeth, John Pene 
and my daughter Martha Kelley, John Pene Exr. Test, Stephen 
Weskett, Edward Mann, William Mann. 

Kelly, William, Chowan, Jan'y 5th, 1815; Sept. Term 1815. 
Wife Nelly, sons William and David, daughter Mary Kelly, son 
John, children Amasiah Kelley, Sarah Jordan and Bathsheba Kel- 
ley, wife Exx. Test, Caleb Elliott, Josiah Elliott, 

Karr, Ann, Edenton, Oct. 2nd, 1777. Son James, daughter Fran- 
ces and my grand-daughter Ann Ormond, daughter Frances Digging 
Exx. Test, John Barclay, James Cole, Catharine Cole. 

King, Thomas, Edenton, 1785. Wife Elizabeth, her former hus- 
band, Andrew Little, children Henry, Thomas and Mary King, wife 
Exx. Test, Wm. Bennett. 

King, Elizabeth, Edenton, March 8th, 1816; June Term 1816. 
George Blair (son of Capt. George), grand-children George, John 
and Sarah Blount Little, son John Little Exr. Test, Hen. King, 
S. Paine. 

King, Henry, Edenton, June 7th, 1823 ; June Term 1824. John 

Abstract of Wills. 7 

Little, George I. Little son of John, niece Elizabeth Blair, John Lit- 
tle and James Iredell Exrs. Test, J. B. Creecy, Win. Eighton. 

Kennedy, Ann, Edenton, Oct. 1st, 1776 ; June Term 1777. Broth- 
er Jeremiah Haughton, brother Charles Haughton, nieces Mary and 
Thamar, niece Elizabeth (daughter of brother Jeremiah Haughton), 
niece Eachel (daughter of brother Chas. Haughton), niece Sarah 
(daughter of brother Charles), nephew Edward (son of Jeremiah 
Haughton), nephew John (son of brother Charles Haughton), Mrs. 
Frances Johnson, Penelope (daughter of Sam'l Johnston), cousin 
Sarah Taylor, cousin Mary Penrice, brothers Jeremiah and Charles 
Haughton Exrs. Test, Charles E. Taylor. 

Leonard, Theophilus, Chowan, Dec, 1763 ; May 21st, 1764. Sons 
John and Benjamin, daughter Phebee, son James, wife, if child in 
esse, wife and brother-in-law Abraham Symons Exrs. Test, Abra- 
ham Hosea. 

Lewis, John, Sr., Chowan, Mch loth, 1764; May Court 1765. 
Sens Isaac and Elijah, grand-son Sbadrack Lewis, sons John and 
Benjamin, grand-son Benjamin Lewis, daughters Elizabeth, Ann, 
Mary and Martha, daughters Esther and Sarah, wife Mary, wife and 
Abraham ISTorfleet Exrs. Test, Thos. Jones, Eich'd Humphries, 
Wm. Jones. 

Lewis, John, Chowan, June 25th, 1776. Wife Mary, daughters 
]\lary and Elizabeth, Elizabeth Thompson (daughter of Eobert), 
wife and Wm. Eoberts Exrs. Test, Isaac Lewis, Gilbert Leigh. 

Lassiter, John, Chowan, Jan'y 15th, 1759. Sons Obadiah and 
Lemuel, daughters Esbell Harrell and Euth Brown, sons Tobias, Jo- 
nas, Eeuben, Sampson and Amos, daughter Priscilla, wife Eebecca 
and son Eeuben Exrs. Test, Josiah Granberry, Jos. Olphan, John 

Lassiter, Moses, Chowan, Feb'y 26th, 1767. Wife Judith, s ns 
Frederick, and Jethro, daughter Millicent, sons Jotham and Jere- 
miah, daughter Judith Coffield, son Timothy, wife and son Freder- 
ick, Exrs. Test, Jeremiah Missell, Eobt. Lassiter, Wm. E. Gra- 

Lassiter, George. Chowan, Feb'y 13th, 1764. Sons Uriah, George, 
Jonathan and Abisha, daughters Bethany Lassiter and Michel Las- 
siter, George Lassiter Exr. Test, Jonathan Nichols, Eobt. Lassiter, 
John Slauen. 

Lassiter, Gabriel, Chowan, June 18th, 1764. Cousins Eobert 
and Jeremiah Lassiter, brothers Eobert, George, William, Moses, 
Aaron and Jonathan, brother Moses Eiddick, cousin Moses Spaight, 
Eobt. Lassiter Exr. Test, Edward Crisco, Jeremiah Lassiter. 

Lassiter, Aaron, Chowan, Mch 26th, 1804; June Term 1804. 
Daughters Cynthia Wood and Charlotte Briggs, daughter Christian 


8 Abstract of Wills. 

Lassiter, son Allen Exr. Test, E. Haughton, Win. Holmes, Moses 

Lassiter, Reuben, Chowan, June 10th, 1853 ; August Term 1853. 
Wife Rachel. Test, R. D. Simpson, John Williamr.. 

Luten, Henderson, Chowan, Oct. 16th, 1791. Wife Sarah, sons 
Ephraim and James, daughter Penelope (wife, Wm. Boritz and 
Nathaniel Miller Exrs. Test, Chas. Hughes, Wm. Champion, Wm. 

Luten, John, Chowan, Dec. 3rd, 1784. Son Frederick, daugh- 
ter Sarah Jones and James Jones, daughters Esther and Mary, son 
John, Benjamin Coffield and Richard Hoskins Exrs. Test, Joseph 
Small, John Procter. 

*Luten, James, Edenton, Sept. 24th, 1766. Sons Henderson, James 
and Absalom, sons King and Solomon, daughters Mary and Ferebee, 
brother Henderson, Wm. Lowther, John Beasley, Jr., and brother 
Henderson Luten Exrs. Test, John Daviess, Chas. Bondfield, Wm. 

Luten, Thomas, Chowan, Augt. 21st, 1766. Wife Hannah, sons 
William, John and Thomas, grand-son Thomas Luten, daughter 
Elizabeth Mathias, grand-daughters Hannah Matthias and Esther Lu- 
ten, grand-sons Thomas Mathias and Samuel Luten, Elizabeth Math- 
ias, Edward Vail and Thomas Bonner Exrs. Test, Abraham Nor- 
fleet, Nath'l Howcott, Jane Denley. 

Luten, Anna, Edenton, Apl 5th, 1815 ; June Term 1815. Son 
Henry, children of daughter Elizabeth Brooks, John M. Roberts 
Exr. " Test, Mary Vail, M. E. Sawyer. 

Luten, Frederick, Chowan, Dec. 23rd, 1815; June Term 1816. 
Daughter Esther Roberts, Mary and Frederick Haughton, wife 
Rachel, grand-son Fred'k R. Haughton, grand-daughter Mary 
Haughton, Jeremiah Mixon guardian to Mary and Frederick, grand- 
son John W. Roberts, John Luton, Jeremiah Mixson and John Nixon 
Exrs. Test, Miles Wilder, James Simons, Willis Wilder, Jr. 

Lowther, William of New York, Chowan, March 28th, 1782. Wife 
Barbara, son Tristram, daughters Peggy and Barbara, (wife, Robt. 
Lenox and David Masterton Exrs). Test, Quintin Miller, Donald 
Mackay, Hugh Miller. 

Lowther, Tristram, Bertie, Feb'y 18th, 1790. Wife Penelope, 
Samuel Johnston, James Iredell and brother-in-law Wm. J. Daw- 
son Exrs. 

Lucas, George D., Chowan, May 15th, 1786. John Ready also 
my Exr. Test, Sam'l Russell, Thomas Lyons. 

Little, Andrew, Edenton, Nov. 25th, 1777 ; December Term 1777. 

* James Luten married Mary Pugh, daughter of Francis Pugh and wife Pheribe 
Savage of Bertie county, N. C. 


Abstract of Wills. 

Mother Janet Little, wife Elizabeth, son John, daughter Elizabeth, 
son Archibald, Wm. Lowther, Robert Hardy and Sam'l Johnston 
Exrs. Test, Wm. Stewart, Alex Black, Frederica Schulzer. 

Little, John, Augt. 12th, 182-1, Edenton. James R. Creecy, Eliza- 
beth Blair and Henry King, Joseph B. Skinner trustee for fund for 
Elizabeth Blair, sons John and George, daughter Sarah, Joseph B. 
Skinner Exr and Gdn., Capt. Richard Jones, Joseph B. Littlejohn, 
Elizabeth M. Jones of Wilmington, Thomas B. and Wm. Littlejohn 2 
Mrs. Kollock, Mr. Flury. (Holograph Will.) 

Lewis, Mrs. Ann, Mch 11th, 1771, Edenton. Mrs. Margaret 
Eleury. Test, William Boyle. 

Lecerf, Henry, Edenton, Nov. 1st, 1780. Captain Harrismindy 
of Boyonne, Erance, Capt. Salval of Bayonne, Mr. Cardou, Mr. 
Fernandez, Mr. Stephen Cabarrus, wife Maryan, also my Exx. Test, 
S. Cabarrus, Augt. Cabarrus, Edward Rice. 

Lyon, Eneas, formerly of Cadiz, Spain, but now of Perquimans 
connty, July 29th, 1780. Wife Mary of Cadiz, Spain, Wm. Ben- 
net and Frederick Norcom Exrs. Test, Richard Whedbee, Thos. 

Leary, Cornelius, Chowan, Feb'y 18, 1762. Sons Job, John, Cor- 
nelius, William and Dempsey, Job Charlton, William Charlton and 
Thomas White Exrs. Test, Sarah White, Levi Creecy, John Nor- 

Leary, John, Sr., Chowan, Sept. 29th, 1807; Dec. Term 1807. 
Wife Sarah, sons Charles, Cornelius, Thomas Haughton Leary and 
John Leary, daughters Sarah and Tamar Leary, if child in esse, 
Thomas B. Haughton Exr. and Gdn. Test, William Hall, Chas. 

Leary, Job, Chowan, Sept. 18th, 1799. Wife Rachel, sons John 
and Job, daughters Mary Leary and Sarah Leary, sons John and 
Job Exrs. Test, John Meredith, Nathan Parish. 

Leary, Sarah, Chowan, Augt. 31st, 1822. Daughter Tamar Leary, 
son John H. Leary, whom I appoint my Exr. Test, Mackey Greg- 
ory, Wm. B. Clements. 

Lawrence, Mary, Edenton, Oct.. 1st, 1799. Son Alphonso, broth- 
er Peter Payne Lawrence, whom I appoint my Exr. Test, Henry 
Flury, Marian Sinkler, Eliz Gray. 

Liles, William, Chowan county, Dec. 18th, 1794. Wife Eliza- 
beth, sons Thomas and William, .son George, daughter Mary, Na- 
thaniel Howcott Exr. Test, Fred'k Ramcke, Henry Bonner, Charles 

Lilse, Rebecca, Chowan county, Augt 4th, 1846 ; May Term 1849. 
Daughter Sarah Ann, Frederick C. Gregory, grand-son Stephen, 

•rr, ,■■- ne-nqumnnHi 

10 Abstract of Wills. 

grand-daughter Ann, grand-daughter Elizabeth. Test, Wm. Clem- 
ents, Fred C. Gregory. 

Littlejohn, William, Edenton, April 12th, 1811. Sister Margaret 
Elizabeth Littlejohn, brother John, William T. Muse and Joseph 
Blount Exrs. (Holograph Will.) 

Littlejohn, William, Edenton, Mch 23rd, 1812 ; June Term 1817. 
Cousin Alexander Littlejohn, attorney-at-law, Stirling, North Bri- 
tain in trust for my sister Mrs. Jean Duncan, my children, sons 
Thomas Blount Littlejohn, Joseph Blount Littlejohn, John Wilson 
Littlejohn and son-in-law John Little Exrs. Test, John W. Little- 
john, Jos. Blount, Edmund Hoskins, Nath'l Bond. 

Lackey, Mary, (Chowan) June 2nd, 1823; Sept. Term 1823. 
My friend Katharine Boyce wife of Jacob Boyce, all due me from 
the estate of my uncle William Jones, in the hands of my brother, 
Thomas Jones Admr. Test, J. McGuire, Benjamin Boyce. 

Lynch, Littlebury, Chowan, Ap'l 10th, 1832; June Term 1832. 
T.homas.1. Charlton Exr. Test, Edmond Bond, B. W. Hathaway. 

Long, Henry A., Perquimans, May 19th, 1839. Son Lemuel C. 
Long, sisters Grizzell and Eliza Long, brother Creecy Long. Test 
Edward Johnson. 

Lane, Harvey, Chowan, March 1st, 1852; Augt. Term 1852. Sons 
Anderson W. and Jesse P. Lane, my father John Lane, Jeptha 
White of Perquimans Exr. Test, Ambrose Perry, Erancis J. Floyd. 

Lund, Oliver, Edenton, Augt. 11th, 1851; February Term 1857. 
David W. Glass, Jr., son of my esteemed friend David W. Glass of 
Norfolk, Va., and to all of his children, friend Wm. W. Hall of 
Norfolk, Va., and John H. Hall of Edenton, N. C, Wm. W. Hall, 
Exr. Test, Thos. H. Leary, Jr., X. S. Perkins. 

Lane, Nancy, Chowan, Nov. 5th, 1852. Feb'y Term 1853. Sis- 
ter Peninah Braddv, Peninah Jones, James I. Cannon Exr. Test, 
B. F. Welch, Henry C. Hobbs. ' 

Marshall, David, Chowan, Nov. 13th, 1765. Daughter Anne Mar- 
shall, Frances Glass and Rebecca Palmer (daughters of my wife 
Jean Marshall) wife Jean Exx. Test, Jno. Cleland. 

Mearns, William, Currituck, Apl. 15th, 1769. Wife Dorothy, son 
William Skipwith Mearns, Neill Snodgrass, Merchant of Norfolk, 
Va., Exr. Test, Sol. Perkins, John Simmons, Benjamin Willson, 
Thos. Havard. 

McKildoe, John, Tyrrell Co., Oct. Court 1772. Wife Martha, 
nephew Richard McKildo, Edw'd Buncombe Exr. Test, Robert 
Davidson, Michael Hearn, William Bennett. 

McCormick, Duncan, Edenton, Aug't 11th, 1788. Brother Pat- 
rick McCormick, son Robert McCormick, Richard Butler and wifp 

Abstract of Wills. 11 

Mary. Test, Thos. Lyons, Peter Phillips, David Prindle, John Cof- 
field, Sr. 

MeConnell, Mary, Edenton, Angt. 28, 1779. Son James, Eliza- 
beth Green, Sarah Branch, Deborah McConnel, Wm. Arkill, John 
Green and Jacob Branch. Test, Sarah Branch, Elizabeth Green, 
William McDonald. 

Miller, Abel, Chowan, Oct. 11th, 1784. Wife, sons Malachi, 
Nathaniel, Ephraim, Christopher and Abel, son Frederick, daughter 
Mary Nicholson, wife and sons Malachi and Nathaniel Exrs. Test, 
Sam'l Pophelston, Henderson Luten, Wilson Mewborn. 

Miller, Mason, Chowan, July 24th, 1803 ; Sept. Term 1803. Sons 
John, Nathaniel and William, son Mathias, daughters Fanny, Sarah 
and Elizabeth Miller, wife Asenith Exx. Test, Sam'l Baines, Levi 

Morton, Ann, Chowan, Nov. 1st, 1794; June Term 1797. Abra- 
ham Norfleet Exr. Test, Abraham Norfleet, Joseph Parish. 

McGuire, Samuel, Chowan, Oct. 13th, 1789. Son Samuel, daugh- 
ter Sarah McGuire, sons Phillip and John, daughters Mary Parker 
Lydia Robeson and Deborah Hix, daughter Ann Parker, wife, sons 
John and Phillip Exrs. Test, Malachi Halsey, James Copeland. 

McGuire, John, Chowan, August 1804; March Term 1807. Wife 
Sarah, son John, daughter Nancy Wilder, son John Exr. Test, 
Reuben Small, John Hoskins. 

McGuire, Sarah, Preble Co., Ohio, Augt. 11th, 1817; March 12th, 
1820. Grand-son William F. Wilder, grand-daughters Sarah and 
Nancy McGuire, son John, Abner Hollowell of Ohio and son John 
McGuire Exrs. Test, Wm. Goodwin, Edwin Buckley. 

Meredith, David, Bertie, May 22nd, 1791. Wife Sarah, brother 
Lewis Meredith, half brother Edward Roe Jeggetts, nephew Jack 
Hunter, Lewis Meredith, Elisha Norfleet and wife Sarah Exrs. Test, 
J. Hamilton, S. Dickinson, Alex. Miller. 

Meredith, John, Chowan, March 20th, 1820; March Term 1821. 
Sons George and John, wife Sarah, children Charles and Mary, 
George Meredith son of Clarky Williams. Test, Sam'l Fitt. 

Middleton, John, Chowan/ Jan'y 4th, 1797; Sept.' Term 1798. 
Son William, daughter Elizabeth Burkett, son Joseph, Fred'k Lu- 
ten and son William Exrs. Test, Richard Ming, Eliz Goodsberrv. 

Middleton, . Ruth, Chowan, Feb'y 6th, 1814. Son Wm. Middle- 
ton. Test, Jas. Bentley. 

Mixson, Jeremiah, Chowan, Sept. 29th, 1781. Wife Hannah, 
son Jeremiah, Frederick Clements and Reuben Prater, daughter 
Mary, Thomas Harmon and Mary Mixson Exrs. Test, Jona Haugh- 
ton, Wm. Lester. 

Mixson, Jeremiah, Feb'y 7th, 1826; Dec. Term 1828. Daugh- 

12 Abstract of Wills. 

ter Martha Bartie, son Charles W., daughters Elizabeth, Maria, Em- 
ily and Mary, grand-daughter Frances Ann Mixson (daughter of 
son Jere Mixson), Clemnt H. Blount, John ISTixon and Thomas Ward 
Exrs. Test, James iSTorcoin, Malachi Haughton, Daniel McDowell. 

Minshew, Richard, Chowan, March 12th, 1778. Sons Maximil- 
lian Bose, Bichard and John, daughter Happe Taylor, son Dionysins, 
wife Hannah and son Dionysius Exrs. Test, Jona Nicholls, Aaron 

Ming, Thomas, Chowan, Xov. 6th, 1798. Brother Joseph, dec'd, 
sons Joseph and James, daughter Bachel Gregory, wife Delilah, son 
Willey, Batholome Warburton, (son of Mary), daughter Penelope 
Ming, Mary Babcock (orphan brought up in my house). Test, Jer. 
Mixson, Sarah Parish. 

McDonald, William, Edenton, March 22nd, 1780. Mr. Stobe in 
Jamaica, wife, son and daughter, child in esse (wife, Wm. Little- 
john and Alex Black Exrs.) Test, James Iredell, Thos. Iredell. 
. Murray, Dominique, Edenton, May 4th, 1801 ; Sept. Term 1806. 
Honoire Niel Exr., son James Murrie, daughters Polly Blakeney and 
Anne Murrie. Test, Jno. Beasley, Wm. Righton. 

Millen, Alexander, Edenton, April 22nd, 1807 ; June Term 1807. 
Uncle Hugh Morris of Glascow, Scotland, 1ST. B., sister Mrs. Jean 
Shaw (wife of William), John Little, of Edenton, Mrs. Peggy 
Cox, Caroline Ann Cox and Louisa Matilda Cox, (daughters of said 
Peggy) niece Louisa Millen (daughter of brother John) niece Jean 
Kossach Miller (daughter of brother John) John Cox (son of Thom- 
as, dec'd), Thomas Cox (son of Thomas, dec'd), Betsey Blair (daugh- 
ter of George) Hannah Pritchard, Miss Eliza Gray, Trustees of the 
Edenton Academy, complete set of the Encyclopoedia, George Blair, 
(son of George) niece Mrs. Thomas, niece Louisa Millen, Josiah Col- 
lins, Jr., brother Hugh Millen, any property left in Edenton by my 
father, (Josiah Collins, Jr., John Little and Henry King Exrs. Test. 
Will T. Muse, W. Blount. 

Mansfield, Barney, Chowan, June 2nd, 1812; Sept. Term 1812. 
Wife Elizabeth, son and daughter, Jeremiah Mixson Exr. Test, 
John Middleton, Chas. Sanderlin. 

Monds, William, Chowan, Augt. 10th, 1807; June Term 1816. 
Daughters Sarah Edwards and Peninah White, son William, daugh- 
ter Susannah Bernemon, sons Thomas and Jacob, daughters Kesiah 
and Charity Monds, grand-son James Monds (son of daughter Char- 
ity Monds) daughter Rachel Monds, son Joseph, son Thomas Exr. 
Test, Exum Simpson, Demsey Jordan. 

Mitchell, John, Sr., Chowan, Nov. 3rd, 1820; Sept. Term, 1821. 
Wife Elander, children Elizabeth Simpson, William, John, Jerre 

Abstract of Wills. 13 

and James Mitchell and Anna Backus, sons John and James Exrs. 
Test, X. King, Job. Chappel. 

Mitchell, John, Chowan, Oct. 26th, 1842. Wife Sarah, son 
James; John, William and James Goodwin, Isaac Goodwin. Test, 
Lemuel Garrett, Daniel Hollowell. 

Meredit, Sarah, Apl. 25th, 1825 ; June Term 1825. Son Charles 
Meredit, Susan Daws. Test, Joseph Parish, Benj. Moore. 

McCleriy, Joseph, Chowan, July 13th, 1840; May Term 1849. 
Son Henry and his children, wife Mary, daughter Buthy Jones (wife 
of Benjamin) and her children, wife and son Henry Exrs. Test, 
Wm. D. Bascoe, H. E. Bascoe. 

Manning, Joseph, Edenton, Feb'y 19th, 1834. Sons Bichard, 
John. David, Charles (the last three eldest sons) daughters Mary 
and Margaret, wife Sarah Exx., sons Thomas, William and Joseph. 
Test, John Bophelston, Bichard Howett. 

Manning, Sarah, Edenton (widow of Joseph Manning), March 
7th, 1840. Son William H. Manning, sons Joseph F. and Thomas 
C. Manning, son Bichard, brother Malachi Haughton Exr. Test, 
W. C. Warren. 

Moore, Augustus, Edenton, Jan'y 4th, 1847 ; May Term 1851. 
Wife Susan M. J. Moore, my children, wife Exx. Holograph will 
handwriting proven by Thomas S. Hoskins and W. C. Wood. 

Nash, Thomas, Chowan, March 6th, 1769; April Court 1769. 
Son Clement, wife, daughter Ann Owen, Mrs. Beid of Virginia, 
grand-mother of daughter Ann Owen and son Clement, youngest 
daughter Justina, daughters Mary Holdcroft and Eliabeth Nash, 
sons Henry and John, my four children by my second wife, Thomas 
Oldham, brother Abner X ash Gdn. to my children : Abner Nash, Jo- 
seph Montfort and Sam'l Johnston Exrs. Test, Thomas Oldham, 
Elizabeth Palmer. 

Xorfleet, Abraham, Sr., Chowan, Oct. 25th, 1784. Sons Abra- 
ham and Isaac, daughter Elizabeth, sons Elisha and Benjamin, 
daughters Mary and Sarah, if child in esse, wife Sarah, sons Abra- 
ham and Benjamin Exrs. . Test, Thos. Hinesley, Jacob Gordon. 

Note. — An account of expenses is attached to the will of Son John Manning 
Midshipman, D. A Manning Cadet at West Point, and Son Chas. G. Manning; 
Son Thomas 0. Manning removed from Edenton to Alexandria, Louisiana, in 
1855, became Chief Justice of Louisiana, and died while Minister to Mexico (under 
Grover Cleveland's administration) while on a visit to New York, in 1893 or 1894. 
The Editor, as a pupil, recalls him with pleasant memories. He was Tutor of 
Latin and Greek in the Edenton Academy but a short time before leaving his na- 
tive town and State. ^__^ 

Note — Hon Augustus Moore married Susan M. J. Armistead of Bertie county, 
N. C.. he left at his death the following children. William Armistead, Susan A. 
married Stark A. Eighton, Henrietta married Stark Sutton; Mary Elizabeth, Augus- 
tus M., John A. and Alfred Moore. 



14 Abstract of Wills. 

Korfleet, Elisha, Chowan, Sept. 15th, 1807; Dec. Term 1811. 
Daughters Sarah, Nancy, Eliza Maria, and Mary Cox ISTorfleet, sons 
Thomas, William and John Parker ]NTorflee<t, son Elisha Bennett, 
and James ISTorfleet, (wife, Wm. T. Muse and SamT Tredwell Exrs.) 
Test, Jas. B. Skinner, Will Blair and Sam'l Tredwell. 

ISTorfleet, Mary, Edenton, July 9th, 1816; Sept. Term 1816. Sis- 
ter Ann C. O'Mally, son James Elisha ISTorfleet, son William, J. 
ISTorfleet, Bev. Henry Holmes and brother Wm. ISTorfleet Exrs. Test, 
Elizabeth Hathaway, E. B. Williams. 

ISorfleet, James, Chowan, Dec. 21st, 1814; March 23rd, 1815. 
My grand-mother now living, brother William ISTorfleet, sister Sally, 
wife Mary, child in esse, sisters Eliza Maria and Mary Cox ISTorfleet, 
son James Elisha ISTorfleet, wife and ISTath'l Bond 'Exrs., also John 
B. Blount Exr. Test, Henry Flury, Thos. Cox, John ISTorfleet. 

Eewby, Wyke, Chowan, Nov. 10th, 1797; March Term 1798 
Wife, Charity, Elizabeth and Sarah Roberts, James Robertson, 
daughter Martha jSTewby, (wife Charity, Rich'd Woodward, Josiah 
Jordan and John Walton) Exrs. Test, Joseph Sanders, Jos. Newby. 

Norcom, John, Chowan, June 22 1802; June Term 1803. Wife 
Elizabeth, six silver teaspoons marked R. V. &c, sons Abner, Ed- 
mund, John and James, daughter Sarah Whedbee, son James and 
Henry Flury Exrs. Test, John Leary, Wm. Simons. 

Noreom Frederick, Chowan, Oct. 27th, 1795; Dec. Term 1795. 
Wife Deborah, sons Charles and Benjamin, sons Frederick and Jo- 
seph, daughters Mary Hoskins, Sarah Howcott, and Elizabeth Beas- 
ley, daughter Martha ISTorcom, Richard Benbury Exr. Test, Rich- 
ard Garrett, Samuel Smith. 

ISTorcom, Charles, Chowan, Jan'y 2nd, 1806. Brother Frederick, 
all my brothers and sisters, Brother Frederick Exr. Test, Richard 
Benbury, Fred'k Creecy. 

ISTorcom, Edmund, Chowan. Son Joseph, daughters Elizabeth 
and Sarah ISTorcom, brothers James and John ISTorcom and James 
Sutton Exrs. Test, Fred'k ISTorcom, Matthew Whiteman. 

ISTorcom, Frederick, Chowan, Feb'y 27th, 1812; March Term 
1812. Wife Penelope, sons Joseph and Fred'k, son William, daugh- 
ters Elizabeth and Penelope, Fred'k Creecy, James Hoskins and 
Benjamin ISTorcom Exrs. and Gdns. to my children. Test, Thomas 
Vail, Thos. Whedbee. 

ISTorcom, John, Chowan, Augt. 7th, 1813. Wife Elizabeth, sons 
John and William, daughters Susan Ann and Sarah Elizabeith, 
brother James ISTorcom and Edward Wood Exrs. Test, W. Middle- 
ton and Issac Feltison. 

Norcom, Ben, Edenton, Ap'l 9th, 1813; June Term 1813. Wife 
Frances,Jno. M. Roberts Exrs. Test, Sally Beasley, Henry Ashbume. 


Abstract of Wills. 15 

Kiel, Honoire, Chowan, May 1st, 1803 ; Dec. Term 1812. Wife 
Peggy Exx., all my children, four daughters Lydia, Kesiah, Xancy 
and Sylvia, daughter Elizabeth Harrell, wife Silvia Parker, and 
her son John Parker Exrs. Codicil Oct. 10th, 1810. Test, Miles 
Welch, Penny Fullenton. 

Xixon, Robert, Chowan, Augt. 22, 1836. Son Robert, wife Lovy, 
son Hosea Exr. Test, John Asbell, Hy. C. Hurdell. 

Xixon, John, Chowan, May Term 1838. Wife Absilla, daugh- 
ter Julia Kinyon, sons Job and David, daughters Nancy, Ceny, Eliza, 
and Absilla Xixon, Samuel Xixon Exr. Test, Wm. Hurdle, Reu- 
ben Hurdle. 

Orendell, Edward, Chowan, Jan'y 6th, 1764. Son Job, wife, 
son Job and Rich'd Rogers Exrs. Test, Cornelius Leary, Rich'd 
Rogers, Joseph Johnson. 

O'Xeal, Peter, Chowan, May 19th, 1803 ; June Term 1S03. Wife 
Ivesia, daughters Katharine and Elender, sons Charles and Tully ; 
wife and Wm. Roberts Exrs. Test, James Jones, Edmund Jones. 

Penrice, Erancis, Chowan, Xov. 11th, 1760; Xov. Court 1760. 
Wife Sarah, my children, viz : Thomas, William, Sarah, Edmund, 
Erancis, Joseph and Mary, John Wilkins and Thomas Ming (son of 
Joseph), James Gardner to go to England and sell the Lands and 
Houses there, one half the proceeds to the children of James Gard- 
ner, Job Charlton, Joseph Blount and John Harlow Exrs. Test, 
Henderson Standin, John Taylor, Thos. Blount, Jos. Butler. 

Penrice, Samuel, Perquimans, March 19th, 1783. Wife Eliza- 
beth, wif e and Christopher Collins Exrs. Test Chris. Collins, Jno. 
Parker, James Skinner. 

Penrice, Elizabeth, Chowan, Dec. 22nd, 1785. Cousin Joseph 
Morrison, cousin Lemuel Sutton, Elizabeth Stuart, Chr. Collins 
and Elizabeth Stuart Exrs. Test, Andrew Donaldson, Robert Moore. 

Palmer, Benjamin, Pasquotank Co., March 17th, 1761 ; April 
Court 1768. Sons Joseph, Robert and Thomas, wife, daughters 
Sarah and Mary Ann, (wife, son Robert and Andrew Miller Exrs. 
Test, John Cartwright, Charles Ash. 

Price, James, Chowan, July 29th, 1788. Children Thomas and 
John Price, Elizabeth Thompson and Sarah Brinkley, wife Eliza- 
beth, sons Myles and Xoah, (wife Rich'd Hoskins and Jno. Blount 
Exrs.) Test, Richard Hoskins, John Blount. 

Price, Xoah, Chowan, May 13th, 1791. Sister Sarah Brinkley, 
Xancy, Sarah, Jeremiah, Fanny, Elizabeth, Docton, Mills, John and 
Jas. Price, Rebeccah and Henry Thompson, Jeremiah Fleetwood and 
Thos. Price Exrs. Test, Mason Miller, Xathl Howcott, Wm. Jones. 

Price, James, Chowan, Jan'y 4th, 1786. Wife, daughter Treasy 
sons Samuel, Mills, John and James, daughter Elizabeth, wife Mary, 

16 Abstract of Wills. 

(James Price, Michael Payne and John Price Exrs.) Test, James 
Punch, Miles Price, James Price. 

Pophelston, Samuel, Chowan, Apl. 19th, 1789. Wife Esther, 
sons John and Hardy, daughter Sarah, son John Exr. Test, Nath'l 
Howcott, Wm. Jones, R. Small. 

Pettyjohn, Thomas, Chowan, July 11th, 1767. Wife Frances, 
sons Thos., Jno. and Abraham, daughters Sarah and Frances, if child 
in esse, wife Exx. Test, Thos. Burkett, Nath'l Ming, Wm. Benhite. 

Pettijohn, Abraham, Chowan, Sept. 25th, 1818. Wife Susannah, 
my heirs John, Jr., Isaac, Abner, Jacob and James Pettijohn, son 
William, son Abraham, son Isaac Exr. Test, Miehsel Wilder, John 

Pettijohn, Abraham, ■ Edenton. Feb'y 27th, 1817; March Term 
1817. Wife Frances, my children, Joseph B. Skinner and Henry 
King Exrs. Test, James Wills. Joseph Manning. 

Pettijohn, Job, Chowan, Oct. 80th, 1822; June Term 1824. Wife 
Elizabeth, daughters Frances, Sarah, Elizabeth, Rachel, Mary Ann 
and Rosanah Mariah Pettijohn, son James Lawrence Pettijohn^ grand 
sons Augustus P. and Richard T. Rea, (wife, and daughters Exxs.) 
Test, Myles Everett, Blanchev Everett, Martha Rea. 

Pettijohn Elizabeth Chowan, July 28th, 1S42; Nov. Term 1844. 
Son James L. Pettijohn, daughters Fanny, Sarah, Elizabeth and 
Rachel, daughters Fanny Sarah and Elizabeth Exxs. Test, Ma- 
lachi Haughton, Wm. E. Bond. 

Pettijohn, John, March 9, 1832. Wife Nancy, daughter Polly 
Rea, son John's children, son Lemuel, grand-daughter Mary Wilder, 
grand-son Oliver Wilder, grand-son John Pettijohn, Robert Bartie 
and Delight Nixon Exrs. Test, Wm. Clements, Delight Nixon. 

Pettijohn, Frances, Chowan, Sept, 29th, 1845; Nov. Term 1845. 
Brother James Lawrence Pettijohn, sisters Elizabeth Haughton, 
Sarah and Rachel Pettijohn, my brother and sisters Elizabeth and 
Sarah Exrs. Test, Thos. H. Leary, Martha Skinner. 

Pettijohn, James L., Chowan, Oct 19th, 1846; Augt. Term 1849. 
My sisters Sarah and Rachel Pettijohn sister, Elizabeth Haughton, 
sisters Sarah and Elizabeth Exxs. Test, Thos. H. Leary, Isaac K. 

Pettijohn, Sarah, June 4th, 1855; Nov. Term 1855. Sister 
Elizabeth Haughton, Yeopini Baptist Church $20 annually, Ameri- 
can Bible Union Society $100, niece Mary E. S. Harrell, Benjamin 
Hatch and sister Elizabeth Haughton Exrs. Test, Thomas Waff, 
Jos. T. Waff. 

Perkins, Ichabod, Edenton; a Mariner; Dec. 31st, 1780. One 
third of my estate to Frances Glass, mother Charity Kearby (wife 
of Thomas), sister Mercer Kerby, in Dartmouth, Rhode Island. 

Abstract of Wills. 17 

Samuel Black Exr. Test, Thos. Clarkson, Elizabeth Clarkson. 

Perkins, Robert, Chowan, Dec. 9th, 1809; March Term 1810. 
Son Joshua, daughters Nancy Clements, Deborah Blackstone, Pollv 
King, Sally and Dorothy Perkins, John Nixon and William Mid- 
dleton Exrs. Test, Pr. Hartmus. 

Pursell, William, Chowan, Nov. 27th, 1778. Mother Catharine 
Pursell of Philadelphia, Penn., Rev. Daniel Earl Exr. Test, Sam- 
uel Swann. 

Perry, Samuel, Feb'y 16th, 1760; March Term 1760. Wife Su- 
sannah, sons Samuel, Amos and Mordecai, daughters Ann, Leah and 
Grace Perry, wife Exx. Test, Nicholas Stalling?, Wm. Kelly. 

Perry, Amos, Chowan, JanY 3rd, 1804. Son Amos, wife Eliza- 
beth, daughter Senah Hurdle, daughter Treasy Perry, Thomas Cope- 
land and Job Winslow Exrs. Test, Solomon Perry, Noah Perry. 

Perry, Hester, Chowan, May 12th, 1850; Nov. Term 1850. Sons 
Starkey, John and Wm. Perry, daughter Charlotte Halsey, daugh- 
ter Winford Ashley. Test, Riddick Mansfield. 

'Perry, Samuel, Chowan, Jan'y 1st, 1842. Wife Christian, son 
Willis, daughter Miley Perry, daughter Feriby Byrum. Test, 
Obed Winslow, Thomas E. Winslow. 

Price, Dockton, Chowan, Augt. 8, 1815; Sept. Term 1815. Wife 
Kancy, son Thomas, uncle Wm. Jones, Church at Ballard's Bridge. 
Test, Josiah McKeel. 

Parker, Thomas, Chowan, Augt. 23rd, 1762. Son Thomas, chil- 
dren, Priseilla, Sarah, Abraham, Absalom, Judeth, Ruth, Zilpah, 
Thomas and Margaret, daughter Priseilla and Jethro Benton Exrs. 
Test, Wm. Parker, James Parker, Jacob Norfleet, Jas. Harriss. 

Parker, Nathan, Chowan, 9th 9th mo., 1795; June Term 1797. 
Wife Sarah, daughter Rachel Wooten, son-in-law Arthur Wooten, 
daughter Sarah Elliott, my land in Northampton bought of Char- 
les Counsel, son Jonathan Parker's daughters Leah and Miriam, 
daughter Lydia Elliott, Jonathan Wooten (son of Rachel), grand- 
sons Jonathan and Nathan Wooten, wife Sarah, brother Job and 
Cousin Joseph Parker Exrs. Test, Joseph Scott, Joseph Scott, Jr. 

Parker, Joseph, Chowan, Dec. 28th, 1764. Brother Job Parker. 
Test, Wm. Copeland, Nathan Parker, Josiah Copeland. 

Parker, Peter, Chowan, 1785. Sons Elisha, Petgrf and Seth, 
daughter Rodith Parker, sons Willis and Isaac, daughter Sele Par- 
ker, Jacob Jordan and son Peter Exrs. Test, Meredith. 

Mariam Johnson. 

Parker, Samuel, Chowan, Oct. 2nd, 1810; March Term 1811. 
Son John, daughters Lydia, Kesiah, Nancy and Silvia, daughter 
Elizabeth Harrell, wife Silvia and son John Exrs. Test, Miles 
Welch, Penny Fullenton. 2 

18 Abstract of Wills. 

Parker, Job, Chowan, 11th day 2nd month, 1812; Dec. Term 
1812. Son Joseph, wife Isabel, son Job, son Elias T. Parker, son 
Jacob N. Parker, daughters Pharabee Granberry, Peninah Moore, 
Isabel and Martha Parker, (wife, Joseph Moore, Joseph Parker and 
Thomas Granberry Exrs.) Test, Wm. Baines, John Parish. 

Parker, Seth, Sr., Chowan, Augt. 24th, 1820; Dec. Term 1820. 
Wife Elizabeth, son Jesse, daughters Elizabeth and Mary, son Na- 
thaniel, children Seth and Sarah Parker, son Jesse and brother Wil- 
lis Parker Exrs. Test, Absalom H. Pritchard, Charles O'Neal. 

Parker, Elisha, Chowan, Jan'y 4th,, 1828; June- Term 1830. 
Wife Elizabeth, children Jacob, Elizabeth, Sarah and Peter Par- 
ker, son Job, son Peter, son Jacob and Charles E. Johnson Exrs. 
Test, Wm. Privett, Sam'l Privett. 

Parker, Jacob, Chowan, Jan'y 12th, 1842; Eeb'y Term 1842. 
Wife Harriet E., son George, my children, daughter Ann Mariah, 
Josiah T. Granberry Exr. Test, John Bush, James T. Cannon. 

Parker Willis, Chowan, Dec. 30th; 1842. Wife Elizabeth, son 
Jol'n, daughters Mary Jones, Sarah and Elizabeth Parker, son John 
Exr. Test, Thomas Satterfield, Jesse Parker. 

Parish, John, Chowan, May 16th, 1772. Wife Pethiah, sons Jo- 
seph and Edward, son John, daughter Elizabeth, daughters Pethiah 
Gooding and Mary Backus. Test, James Price, Wm. Eloyd. 

Parish, Nathan, Chowan, Dec. 13th, 1813; March Term 1818. 
Nephew Nathan Parish, nephew Alexander Parish, brother James 
Parish Exr. Test, John White, Josiah Backus. 

Parish, James, Oct. 22nd, 1825; Dec. Term 1825. Sons Alexan- 
der, Nathan and William, daughters Martha and Mary, son Charl- 
ton, Stephen Skinner Exr. Test, Hance Jordan, Jacob Parker. 

Pollock, Cullen, Bertie county, July 14th, 1795 ; Dec. Term 1795. 
Wife Ann Booth Pollock, my heirs and Executors, Thomas and 
George Pollock, nephew Thomas, nephew George Pollock, wife, 
Sam'l Johnston, James Iredell and nephews Exrs. Test, Jona 
Basor, Michael Capehart. 

Powell, Robert, Chowan, April 1st, 1773. Son Jacob, grand- 
daughter Rachel Duke, son-in-law Moses Speight and wife Felicia 
(my daughter) sons Shadrach and Daniel, son Jacob Exr. Test. 
Pleasant Jordan, Cader Powell. 

Penney, William, Chowan, Dec. 6th, 1766. Daughter Elizabeth 
Weston, wife, Zachariah Webb Exr. Test, John Beasley, Fred'k 

Parks, Samuel, Chowan, Eeb'y 24th, 1760; Dec. Term 1769. 
Wife Elizabeth, sons John and Daniel, son Samuel, daughters Mary 
and Elizabeth. Test, E. Cummings, Nathan Parker, Jeremiah 

Abstract of Wills. 19 

Padgett, John, Chowan, Oct. 21st, 1806; Dec. Term 1806. Wife 
Mary, Mary Ann Thompson (wife of William), Penny and Eliza- 
beth Norfleet (daughters of Abraham), Penny Halsey (daughter of 
JVI.alachi), George White, Jr., (son of George), Abraham Norfleet, 
Exr. Test, William Baines, Leah Boyce. 

Paxton, Eichard, Chowan, June 23rd, 1824; Dec. Term 1824. 
Son Richard all my estate in county Dover, Ireland, daughter Eliza- 
beth, brother James Paxton of Rathfryland, sister Elizabeth Ann 
McKee, wife of John of Monahan Co., Castle Bloyney, and Abigail 
Davidson (wife of David) of Rathfryland all of Ireland; Wm. 
Righton, Exr. Test, Lem'l Hoskins, Mai. Haughton. 

Proctor, John, Edenton, April 11th, 1834; May Term 1834. Wife 
Mary, son Joseph Proctor, wife Exx. Test, Thos. Hathaway, Thos. 

Pettijohn, John, Chowan, March 9th, 1832. Wife Nancy, daugh- 
ter Polly Rea, son John's children, son Lemuel, grand-daughter 
Mary Wilder, grand-son Oliver Wilder, grand-son John Pettijohn 
("son of James), Robert Bartie and Delight Nixon Exrs. Test, Wm. 
Clements, Delight Nixon. 

Pritchard Hannah, Edenton, March 7th, 1834. Dr. James Nor- 
com and his son James, Dr. James Norcom Exr. Test, J. W. Little- 
john, Thos. S. Hoskins. 

Privett, Samuel, Chowan, June 3rd, 1838; Nov. Term 1838. 
Wife Elizabeth, children Mary, Martha, Harriet and Elizabeth, son 
John, Peter Parker Exr. Test, John B. Webb, James Bunch. 

Page, Dr. Matthew, Edenton, wife Henrietta Elizabeth, daughter 
Anne Collins Page; Pagebrook my paternal residence in Virginia I 
give to son Herbert Henry Page, brother John Evelyn Page will 
assist my wife as her counsellor. Feb'y 16th, 1853 ; Nov. Term 
1853. (Holograph W T ill.) 

Rice, John, Chowan, Jan'y 17th, 1764. Wife Elizabeth, son John 
brother David Rice, William and James Rice (sons of brother Wil- 
liam Rice, dec'd), brother David Rice Exr. Test, James Pasker, 
Sam'l Harrell, James Hodges. 

Rhoda, Peter, Chowan, March 13th, 1778. Wife Mary, daugh- 
ters Elizabeth and Ann Rhoda, wife and David Welch Exrs. Test, 
Wm. Halsey, John Rhoda, Wm. Hays. 

Rountree" Charles, Chowan, Oct. 7th, 1760. Eldest son Thomas, 
6on Charles, daughters Christen and Rachel, grandsons Cador Hun- 
ter and Charles Freeman, wife Judeth, sons Charles and Thomas 
Exrs. Test, James Sumner, Thos. Rountree, Amos Hobbs. 

Russell, George, Edenton, Apl. 7th, 1781. Wife Elizabeth, Thos. 
Clarkson, Elizabeth Forbes, John Scribner. Test, Thos. Clarkson, 
Eliza Mary Clarkson. 

Rieusset, John of Hays, Chowan Co., N. C, July 18th, 1763. "I 


20 Abstract of Wills. 

require no funeral sermon to be preached, but let the Clergyman be 
complimented as if done, few characters will bear commenting on." 
Executors to settle my accounts as Collector of the Port of Roanoke, 
brother David Rieusset of Jamaica, all my property in Eustace street 
and Dirty Lane, City of Dublin, Ireland, Samuel Horner of Dublin, 
nephew John Rieusset, niece Elizabeth Rieusset, brother David mv 
plantation called Hayse, John Williamson (son of Capt. Xatkaniel 
and wife Mary) of Beston,, Xew England, my house keeper Mrs. 
Ann Lewis, Margaret Creighton, Peter Caila and his sister Jane 
Caila, John Jones (son of Adam), of Bath Town, my old friend 
John Campbell a gold ring of two guineas value, as a token of mv 
friendship I have long bore him. I retain the same sentiments for 
him but could not encumber him with any of my affairs, sensible of 
his having sufficient of his own to employ his attention, Dr. John 
Craven, brother David, Samuel Horner (of Dublin), Col. John Har- 
vey (of Perquimans), Joseph Hewes and Samuel Swift Exrs. Test, 
Wjm. Lowther, J. Craven. 

Roberts, Charles, Chowan, July 19tl\, 1766. Wife Elizabeth, 
sons William and Liles, 'plantation formerly Wm. Liles,' daughter 
Elizabeth, son James and Willis, child in esse, wife and son Wil- 
liam Exrs. Test, James Bond, David Humphrey. William Bond. 

Roberts, William, Dec. 19th, 1794, Chowan. ' Wife Elizabeth, 
daughter Elizabeth Williams, daughter Penelope Noreoni, grand- 
daughter Elizabeth Hoskins, son William, whom I appoint mv Exr. 

Roberts, William, Chowan, Xov. 12th, 1804; Dec. Term" 1807. 
Wife Mary, daughter Elisa Juliet Roberts, sons William Bennett 
and John Boyd Roberts, wife and John Boyd Exrs. Test, Wm. A. 
Littlejohn, D. McDonald. 

Roberts, Charles, Edenton, March 5th, 1807. Wife Ann. chil- 
dren Richard, Elizabeth, Charles, Catharine, John and Baker, Ed- 
mund Hoskins, Will Roberts and Baker Hoskins Exrs. Test, Rich- 
ard Hoskins, H. Hoskins. 

Roberts, James, Chowan, Jan'y 17th, 1825; March Term 1825. 
Wife Christian, son James, Henry Skinner Exr. and Guardian to 
son James. Test, Barnaby Nixon, Sam'l Riddick. 

Roberts, William Bennett, Chowan, Oct. 11th, 1835 ; Xov. Term 
1835. Sister Mary B. Roberts, Wife Sarah L. Roberts, children 
James Wills and Sarah Bennett Roberts, W. D. Rascoe and James 
Wills Exrs. Test, Malachi Haughton, Thos. S. Hoskins. 

Roberts, James L., Chowan, Jan'y 11th, 1854. Sophia Jones. 
Frances Bacchus, Elizabeth wife of Cullen Jones, Cullen Jones, 
Mary Jones, Josiah Jones, Martha Skinner, Henry Skinner, Mary 
and James Skinner, Mary wife of Josiah Jones, Eliza Roberts (wife 
of Wm.) Daniel, Sarah and John Trotman, Asbury Turner, Thomas 

Abstract of "Wills. 21 

Ashley, James C. Skinner, W. B. Skinner, Margaret Standin, Mar- 
garet White, Eich'd Dillard Exr. Test, The-s. Evans, John J. Bush. 

Eobinson, John, Chowan, Oct 5th, 1756. Wife Elizabeth, son 
John, grandsons John and William Eobinson, Edward Halsey Exr. 
Test, John Lewis, John Lewis, Jr., William Lewis. 

Eobinson, Jonathan, Chowan, Jan'y 30th, 1817. Wife and all 
my children. March Term 1817. Test, jSTath'l C. Bissell. 

Eandal, Erancis, late .of Baray le Moriah in Charrollois, Bur- 
gundy, France, but now of Edenton. Chowan Co., 1ST. C, -April 19th, 
1795. "I acknowledge to have been baptized in the Barish of St. 
Nicholas of Baray in Burgundy, as a Eoman Catholic in which re- 
ligion I declare to have lived and hope to dye." My store built on 
Mr. jNTatli'l Allen's lot, be sold and debts paid. John Armistead. I 
have a wife and four children whom I love tenderly. I therefore 
bequeath them all my estate, one fifth to wife Margaret, balance to 
children Erancis, Juliet, Eanny and Joseph, Stephen Cabarrus Exr. 
Test, Jno. Beasley, Henry Eelbeck, Jere Gallop, Wm. Eombough, 
A. Cabarrus. 

Eombough, John, Edenton, Feb'y 17th, 1784 Mother Catharine 
Eombough, brother William, wife Sarah Eombough. Test, Nehe- 
miah Bateman, Chas. Bettigrew. 

Eombough, Catharine, Edenton, Eeb'y 5th, 1787. Son William, 
grand-daughters Elizabeth and Ann Eombough, son William Exr. 
Test, Jno. Horniblow. 

Eombough, John, Chowan, Feb'y 22nd, 1773. W T ife Catharine, 
son John, daughter Elizabeth, son William, son Thomas, John Horni- 
blow's two children, John and Elizabeth Horniblow, Abraham Nor- 
fleet and son John Exrs. Test, Geo. Gray. March Term 1778. 

Eombough, William, Edenton, Xov. ISth, 1807 ; Sept. Term 1808. 
Wife Martha, daughter Sarah, son William, daughters Elizabeth 
and Ann, Benjamin Bissell and Edmund Hoskins Exrs. Test, Ba- 
ker Hoskins, James Horniblow. 

Eamsey, Allen, Chowan, Sept. 9th, 1799. John Bateman (son of 
ISTehemiah) children of Captain Eobert Gushing, dec'd, to the niece 
of Mr. and Mrs. Mushrow of Bortsmouth, Ya., John Mushrow, chil- 
dren of my brothers John, James, William and Willis, William T. 
Muse and Alexander Millen Exrs. Test, Fred'k Eamcke, John 

Eogerson, Sarah, Chowan, Feb'y 3rd, 1798. My two oldest chil- 
dren Sarah McGuire and Ishmael Bunch, daughter Eachel Small, 
grand-son Josiah McKeel, Amy McGuire, my son-in-law Exr. Test. 
KathT Howcott, Fred'k E. Norcom. 

Eodet, John, Chowan, Dec. 20th, 1803 ; March Term 1804. Wife 
Jean, son John, daughter Elizabeth, daughter Jean Dishon, son 


22 Abstract of Wills. 

Moses, Abraham Norfleet Exr. Test, John Parish, Abraham Nor- 

Eamcke, Frederick, Dr., Edenton, "calling to mind the uncertain- 
ty of life being at this moment called on to engage in a duel* I re- 
sign my soul to God and everlasting happiness. I leave my be- 
loved wife Elizabeth Eamcke my sole Executrix." Augt. 19th, 
1800. Probated Sept Term 1800. 

Eascoe, Jacob D., Chowan, July 13th, 1831; Jan'y, 19th, 1832. 
Brother W. D. Eascoe. Holograph will, proven by T. V. Hathaway, 
Jno. M. Jones, Thos. Waff. 

Eascoe, William D., Edenton, Nov. 5th, 1845 ; Feb'y Term 1846. 
Son Henry Edward Eascoe also Exr. Test, Malachi Haughton, 
Nazareth Leggett. 

Eea, James, Chowan, 1829. Wife Martha, son Eichard T. Eea, 
son Augustus Eea, Jeremiah M. Eea of Kentucky should have him, 
daughter Agnes P. Eea, my sons, John H. Leary Exr. Test, Thos. 
Charlton, Nathan'l J. Beasley. 

Eea, Martha, (widow of Samuel), Chowan, April 19th, 1846; 
May Term 1851. Son Christopher C. Eea's children, daughter La- 
vinia Jackson, Artemus Mansfield, grand-daughter Martha E. Maps- 
field, grand-daughter Elizabeth Jane Eea (daughter of William), 
sons William and Wiley, John L. Ferrell Exr. Test, Joseph Nor- 
com, Wm. Norcom. 

Eighton, William, Chowan, April 23rd, 1835; March 31st, 1835. 
Wife Sarah, sons William and Stark, daughters Jane Elizabeth and 
Ann Cornelia, wife Sarah, Stark Armistead and Augustus Moore 
Exrs. Test, Nat. Bond, Malachi Haughton. Codicil mentions son 
Jordan A. Wright Eighton. Test, Eichard Paxton, Chas. Creecy. 

Eiddick, Minche, Chowan, April 17th, 1848. Daughter Sarah 
Jane Eiddick, brother Michael Hobbs also Exr. Test, E. D. Simp- 
son, Mary A. Simpson. 

Eiddick, John, Chowan, Oct. 16th, 1852 ; May Term 1853. Wife 
Mary, son Job Eiddick, daughter Nancy A. (wife of Nathan Bate- 
man) son John L. Eiddick. Test, E. D. Simpson, John J. Bush. 

Eiggs, Edward L., Washington county, Augt. 14th, 1849. Josiah 
Collins Exr., brother-in-law William Kent of New York, mother 
Mrs. Abigail J. Eiggs of Newark, N. J., sister Jane Trimble and 
her children, nephew Edward C. Trimble, brother-in-law Josiah Col- 
lins, nephew Josiah Collins, Jr. Test, Isaac Van Wagner, Geo. A. 
Van Wagner, W. S. Pennington, William Kent of New York, Hen- 
rietta E. Pennington. 

*Note. — From the probate following so close on the execution of the will, it 
looks as if he was killed in the duel. Can any one inform us as to this affair of 


Abstract of Wills. 23 

Simons, John, Chowan, Apl. 2nd, 1772. Son Jacob (his grand- 
father Jacob Butler), Jacob's Aunt Sarah Butler, grand-son Charl- 
ton Simons, son Argyle, my brother's son Argyle Simons, sons Jacob 
and Argyle Exrs. Test, Joseph Creecy, John Norcom. 

Simons, John, Chowan, March 18, 1802. Wife Dorcas, daughters 
Sarah, Elizabeth and Penelope, my youngest children not mentioned ; 
son Simeon and brother William Simons Exrs. Test, E. Norcom, 
John Wilkin s. 

Simons, John, Jr., Chowan, Apl. 29th, 1803. Wife Leah, broth- 
er Edward, children of sister Sarah Elliott, uncle John Moore, (wife 
James Saunders and Townsend Elliott Exrs) Test, Willis Wilder 2 
Ann Hall. 

Simons, Simeon, Chowan, Dec. 27th, 1810; Sept Term 1822. 
Brothers Thomas and John, Martha Simons, Sally Jones, Elizabeth 
and Penelope Simons, Wm. Simons Exr. Test, William Simons. 

Symons, Penelope, Chowan, Oct. 30th, 1825; Dec. Term 1825. 
Brother Thomas Simons, brother John, sister Patsey Rea, brother 
Thomas Exr. Test, James ISTorcom. 

Sutton, Benjamin, Perquimans county, N. C, Oct. 22nd, 1772 ; 
Oct. 25th, .1772. Son Greenbury Sutton, sons Benjamin and Green- 
bury, wife, daughters Martha and Ann, brother Joseph Sutton 2 Rich- 
ard Clayton and Benj. Harvey Exrs. Test, Thos. Robinson, Thos. 
Sutton, Peter Eorcam. 

Smith, Joseph, Edenton, Jan'y 1783. Wife Elizabeth, son Robert 
Hardy Smith, firm of Bell Smith & Co., (wife, James Iredell, Nath'l 
Allen and Archibald Bell,) Exrs. Test, Jno. Boritz, Frances Hardy. 

Smith, Robert, Edenton, March 5th, 1782. Father, mother, sis- 
ter and brothers, Robert (son of brother Samuel Smith) to the sup- 
port of a public Academy that may be erected by Authority in the 
District, of Edenton £500, Josiah Collins and James Iredell Exrs. 
Test, Hu Williamson, Andrew Armstrong, Cullen Pollock. 

Smith, Rebecca, Chowan, March 29th, 1793. Daughter Mary 
Blount, whom I had before I married John Smith. Thomas Vail 
and Richard Benbury Exrs. Test, Rich'd Garrett. 

Smith, Martha, Chowan, Nbv. 20th, 1760. Son Richard Smith, 
daughter Mary Smith, youngest daughter an infant, daughter Sarah 
Hazard, James Connell, Exr. Test. Thomas Bell. 

Smith, John, Edenton, April 7th, 1784; May Term. 1784. Wife 
Rebecca, daughter Elizabeth Smith, John Smith (son of brother 
Isaac of Virginia) to my daughter 1 Doz. silver spoons marked E. S. 
brother Thorogood Smith of Va., Thorogood West, John Custus (son 
of Edmund), Elizabeth West (daughter of John) all of Accomack 
county, Va., (brothers Isaac and Thorogood Smith, Charles Johnsor. 
and Samuel Dickinson guardians to my daughter), also appoint 

24 Abstract of Wills. 

them my executors. Test, Hinchea Gilliam, Richard Haughton. 

Smith, William, Chowan, Dec. 20th, 1758; Jan'y Term 1759. 
Timothy Sullivan, also appoint him my Exr. Test, Henry Done. 

Smith, Bendicta, Chowan, March 14th, 1837. Frances P. Tred- 
well, Ann Johnson Henderson, Elizabeth Earl Johnson Henderson, 
John Cox and Samuel Kissom Exrs. Test, Margaret P. Tredwell, 
Hester K. Lee. 

Smith, Jonathan, Chowan, Sept. 9th, 1842; Aug. Term 1843. 
Wife Susannah, sons Lewis Lassiter, Robert and Charles Smith, 
daughters Nancy Smith, Nelly Miller, Eliza Bunch and Mary Mc- 
Clenny, daughter Ceney Briggs and her children Sally and Bryant 
Todd by Amos Todd, grand-children Anny Miller, Catharine and 
Susan Boiee. Test, West. Leary, Wm. Leary. 

Smith Nancy, Edenton, April 18th, 1851; May Term 1851. 
Daughters Elizabeth Kirby and Deborah Bratten, son Charlton 
Smith, daughter Martha T. Smith, Wm. R. Skinner Exr. Test, 
D. M. Wright, W. H. Wilder. 

Smith, William, Chowan, April 22nd, 1854; August Term 1854. 
Wife Penelope, son Jas. Smith's children, daughter Lavinia Myers, 
son William, daughters Elizabeth, J. and Mary J. Smith, grand-chil- 
dren Sarah P. and William J. Colipher, Bartemius Nixon Exr. 
Test, B. Nixon, Josiah Bunch. 

Smith, Charles, Chowan, May 15th, 1S55; August Term 1855. 
Wife Mary, son George Battle Smith, wife Exx. Test, R. Mans- 
field, John A. Perry. 

Schulzer, Frederick, Surgeon of Chowan county, April 28, 1769. 
Wife Charlotte Schulzer. Test, Wm. Littlejohn, Geo. Campbell, 
Arch'd Campbell. 

Soward, Francis, Edenton, July 5th, 1777. Wife Selah, daugh- 
ter Rosamund Mary Soward, sons Thomas, John and Richard, 
daughters. Williane Biggs, Priscilla Davis, Mary, Elizabeth and 
Jean Soward, wife Exx. Test, Henry Thompson, Thos. Penrice, 
Will Bateman. 

Spivey, Nathaniel, Chowan, Dec 18, 1758; April Supreme Court 
1759. Sons John and Champion, son Nathaniel, wife Martha, chil- 
di'en Mary, Martha, Elizabeth and Sarah, brother Jacob Spivey Exr. 
Test, Thos. Rountree, Elijah Spivey, Rich'd Walton. 

Spivey, Champion, Chowan, July 4th, 1787 ; Sept. Term 1797. 
Wife Sarah, son John, daughters Dorothy, Delilah and Rachel Spi- 
vey, Josiah Copeland Exr. Test, Josiah Copeland, Edward Welch. 

Spivey, Benjamin, Chowan, Oct. 11th, 1773. Sons Richard, 
Demsey and Abraham, daughters Sarah Spivey, Elizabeth Minnard 
and Margaret Spivey, James Sumner Exr. Test, Sturges Ederin- 
game, Nathan Blanshard. 


Abstract of Wilts. 25 

Spivey, Jacob, Chowan, Nov. 18th, 1776. Sons Thomas, Wil- 
liam and Abraham, sons Jesse and Jacob, daughters Ruth Walton, 
Rachel, Millicent, Emily and Ann Walton, wife Ann, sons Thomas 
and Abraham Exrs. Test, Aaron Hill, Moses Hill, Moses Blan- 

Speight, Josiah, Chowan, Nov. 25th, 1783. Cousin Josiah Free- 
man (son of Wm.), brother-in-law Everard Garrett, David Welch, 
son-in-law James Roberts, brother William Speight's orphans, cous- 
in Charity Ellis, Ellender Spooner, brother Jeremiah Speight and 
Nicholas Stallings Exrs. Test, Jacob Jordan. 

Standin, Henderson, Chowan, March 29th, 1781. Wife, sons 
Edmund, Joseph and Henderson, sons James and Lemuel, daugh- 
ters Marian, Deborah and Elizabeth, Joseph Underbill, Edmund 
Blount and son James Exrs. Test, John Clements, Wm. Holmes, 
Rebecca Cleland. 

Standin, Mary, Edenton, Sept. 24th, 1855; Eeb'y Term 1857. 
Niece Sarah J. Roberts, property bequeathed me by Benj. Hassel! 
of Alabama, I give to nephews, Robert Haughton, William C. Rob- 
erts, John Roberts and niece Florence Roberts, the latter children of 
Fred. L. Roberts, F. L. Roberts and John Cox Exrs. Test, Wm. I. 
Hunter, Jno. H. Hall. 

Sowell, Mary, Chowan, Sept 1st, 1795. Daughters Sarah, Van- 
aver and Susannah Sowell, son John, John Bond and Benj. Small 
Exrs. Test, Benj. Small, Josiah Sanderlin. 

Stallings, Elias, Chowan, March 10th, 1795. Wife Rachel, chil- 
dren Jemima, Elias and Phoebe Stallings, sons Myles, Henry and 
Nathan, daughter Millison, wife Exx. Test, Wm. Birum. 

Simpson, John, Chowan, Jan'y 6th, 1793. Wife Mary, sons 
John and Demsey, daughter Hannah Bunch, son William, wife and 
son John Exrs. Test, Evan Skinner, Sarah Skinner, Chas. Jordan. 

Simpson, John, Chowan, Sept. 25, 1795; Sept, Term ISOOl'Wifo 
Rosannah, my children, wife Exx. Test, A. Burk, Rich'd Humph- 

Simpson, William, Chowan, Sept. 24th, 1799 ; Dec. Term 1799. 
Wife Sarah, sons William, Robert and Demsey, daughters Sarah 
Simpson, Maryan Skinner and Mazy Williams, son Evan, daughter 
Lucy Parish, son Frederick, sons John and Robert, wife and Myles 
Elliott Exrs. Test, Leah Bonner, Mariam Parker. 

Simpson, Exum, Chowan, Oct. 20th, 1838; August Term 1844. 
Wife Margaret, sons George W. L. Samuel, William C, Henderson 
and Martin B. Simpson, Thomas Whedbee and wife Mary (my 
daughter), daughter Margaret Skinner (wife of William R.), 
daughter Harriet N. Simpson, son Richard D. Simpson's children, 
(wife, sons Henderson and George Exrs.) 

26 Absteact of Wills. 

Standin, Lemuel, Chowan, 1802. Wife Parthenia, sons Joseph 
and Lemuel, daughters Parthenia and Deborah, if child in esse, wife 
and Elisha JSTorfleet Exrs. 

Stallings, Martha, Chowan, Augt, 13th, 1838 ; Eeb'y Term 1839. 
Daughter Emily Jordan, son Myles Jordan, daughter Martha Bunch, 
Margaret Evans, grand-daughter Catharine Evans, daughter Mariah 
Jordan, John Boyce Exr. Test, Wm. Bratten, Daniel Hollowell. 

Streator, Thomas, Edenton, Eeb'y 10th, 1765 ; March Term 1766. 
Wife Sarah, wife's daughter Betsey Edmonson, all my children, 
Thomas Bonner and Charles Roberts Exrs. Test, James Sanders, 
Mary Bateman, Mary Bonner. 

Small, Joseph, Chowan, Feb'y 13th, 1754; January 1755. Son 
Josiah, grand-daughter Bachel Bunch, (daughter of Christie, dec'd], 
wife Ann, children Jonathan, Benjamin, Joseph, Mary and Sarah 
Small, daughters Patience Jordan and Ann Jordan my sons-in-law 
James Jordan, James Jordan, Sam'l Woodward and Shadrach 
Bunch, wife Exx. Test, Chas. Roberts. 

Small, Elizabeth, Edenton, Nov. 24th, 1813; Dec. Term 1813. 
Son William, niece Mary B. Suggs, son George K. Small, daughter 
Mary Bissell, son William and John Pophelston Exrs. Test, James 
Norcom, Phillip Milley. 

Small, Benjamin, Sr., Chowan, Jan'y 27th, 1820; March Term 
1821. Wife Mary, sons Benjamin, David, Obadiah and Hum- 
phrey Small, daughter Thamar Small, sons Joseph and William 
Small, dec'd, daughters Ann Ward, and Elizabeth Parker, son Jo- 
siah, brother Josiah, son David, daughter Mourning Newborn, grand- 
children Benjamin, Mary and John Newborn, sons Benjamin and 
Josiah Exrs. Test, Richard Hoskins, Wm. Smith. 

Small, D., Chowan, April 2nd, 1838; May Term 1838. Wife 
Martha Exx, my children. Test, Richard S. Halsev, Samuel T. 

Small, Benjamin, Jan'y 23rd, 1839; August Term 1839. Wife 
Hannah, sons Baker and John G. Small, daughters Mary Sutton and 
Penelope Small, son Alfred, daughter Esther Ann Small, son Allen, 
grand-children George, Benjamin and Penelope Burnham, Mr. Wil- 
liam Burnham, grand-children Mary and John Skinner, Mr. Wil- 
liam Skinner, Ephraim Stanton (son of James) of Perquimans r 
my Family Bible, Susan Stanton (daughter of James), sons Allen, 
Alfred and Baker Exrs. Test, Geo. M. Williams, Geo. E. Spencer. 

Skinner, Evan, Chowan, Augt. 14th, 1789. Son William John 
Skinner, sons Samuel and Richard Skinner, daughter Mary Top- 
ping, (son William John, William Jackson and brother William 
Skinner Exrs.) Test, W. Skinner, W. Jackson. 

Skinner, Richard, Chowan, Dec. 21st, 1805 ; March Term 1806. 


Abstract of Wills. 27 

Son Stephen, daughters Sarah, Elizabeth and Mary, brother Wil- 
liam Skinner Exr. Test, Sam'l Skinner, Leah Walton. 

Skinner, William John, Chowan, May 18th, 1811 ; March -Term 
1815. Sons James and Henry, wife Jerusha, wife and son James 
Exrs. Test, James Sutton, Thos. Satterfield. 

Skinner, John, Dec. 1st, 1817 ; March Term 1820. Wife Anna, 
sons John, Joseph H., Henry, son-in-law Thomas Singleton, son 
Henry, daughter Harriett Singleton, son Joseph H. Skinner and 
nephew Joseph B. Skinner Exrs. and wife Exx. Test, Geo. Whed- 
bee, Abner Welch. 

Skinner, Jerusha, Chowan, Oct. 18th, 1823; March Term 1826. 
Son Henry, son James Skinner's children, viz : John, James, Myles 
and Nancy Skinner, Henry Skinner Exr. Test, Samuel Riddick. 

Skinner, Josiah, Chowan, Sept. 24th, 1831; June Term 1832. 
Sons Lemuel and Tredwell, daughter Sally Frances. Test, Josiah 

Skinner, Lemuel, Chowan, Oct. 20th, 1833. Son Richard H. 
Skinner, wife Eliza. Test, Thos. S. Hoskins, Alex Spence. 

Skinner, Sarah (widow of Josiah), Chowan, Aug't 9th, 1834; 
Nov. Term 1S34. Daughter Sarah Frances Skinner, son Josiah 
Skinner, all my interest in estate of Samuel T. Skinner, dec'd, son 
Hardy H. Skinner, son John. Test, R. T. Hoskins, Thomas S. 

Skinner, Stephen, Chowan, Portsmouth, Va., June 16th, 1838; 
August Term 1838. Wife Jane, children Harriet Ann, S. F. and 
Ellen B. Skinner, xVugustus Moore Exr. Test, Wm. McNider. 

Skinner, Joseph Blount, Chowan, Nov. 26th, 1850; Feb'y Term 
1852. Son Tristrim L. Skinner, daughter Maria Louise Warren, 
grand-daughter Maria Louisa Warren, her uncle William D. Low- 
ther, my deceased wife Maria Louisa, my favorite body servant 
George Lowther whom I have freed and now living in Boston, his 
sister Anne, son Tristrim L. Skinner and Dr. T. D. Warren Exi-3. 
(Holograph Will.) 

Skinner, Joshua, Chowan, Aug't 25th, 1852; April 10th, 1854. 
Each of my nieces daughters of Josiah Collins Skinner, viz : Mary, 
Cornelia and Martha Skinner, nephew Tristrim L. Skinner, God- 
son Joshua (son of K". Chapman Skinner), nephew N". Chapman 
Skinner son of Josiah C. Skinner, niece of my deceased wife Mary 
L. wife of Thomas C. Manning, nephews N. Chapman Skinner and 
Tristrim L. Skinner Exrs. Test, John Cross, D. W. Andrews, Wm. 
Bennett all of Saratoga, Saratoga Co., 1ST. Y. 

Sumner, Samuel, Chowan, Oct. 2nd, 1765. Wife Patty, son Jo- 
seph John, daughter Elizabeth, all my children, my brothers and 
sisters, (wife, Elisha Hunter, John Alston (son of Joseph John), 

28 Abstract of Wills. 

Luke Sumner and Edward Arnell Exrs.) Test, John Biddick, Win. 
Battle, James Speight. 

Savage, William, Chowan, June 27th, 1780. Codicil Oct 22nd. 
1782 at Bath. Firm of Savage and Westmore, Dr. Samuel Dickin- 
son, William Flood (son of Dr. Win. Flood of Virginia, dec'd), 
Frances Batchelor (daughter of Francis), and her sister Elizabeth 
Batchelor, and brothers John and Edward Batchelor, her mother 
Frances Batchelor, Nicholas Flood (son of Dr. Wm. Flood), and 
Edward Bue, my old Glebe lands in Fairfax county, Va., between 
Colchester and Alexandria, on which the widow Patterson now lives, 
also 300 acres joining Thomas Moseley's land in Loudon county, 
Va., one tract in Culpepper county purchased from Bryan Fairfax, 
children of Prudence Tweeny, Elizabeth Clark and Lucinda O'- 
Nulla of County Down, North of Ireland, Elsy Flood now married 
to Dr. Walter Jones, I desire Wm. Flood in the future to take upon 
himself the name of William Flood Savage, Dr. Sam'l Dickinson 
,of North Carolina, Dr. Walter Jones and Wm. Flood Exrs. 

Scott, Joseph, Chowan, 2nd day 12 mo., 1800 ; March Term 1803. 
Daughter Bhoda Elliott, son Joseph, daughter Isabel, wife Peninah, 
wife and son Joseph Exrs. Test, John Parker, Nathan Ware. 

Stacey, Bachel, Chowan, Nov. 27th, 1802; Dec. Term 1802. My 
husband Robt. Stacey and all my children. Test, Thomas Bea. 

Sinkler, Elizabeth, Edenton, Feb'y 1809; March Term 1811. 
Daughter Peggy Niel, Henry Niel, Jr., grand-son William Miller, 
John W. Mode, son Jacob D. Mode, daughter Sally Crocker, daugh- 
ter Penny Miller, daughter-in-law Patsey Mode, grand-child Sophia 
Niel and Polly Niel, Henry Niel, Jacob D. Mode and Jos. Bozman 
Exrs. Test, Wm. Lane, Thos. Wills. 

Sitterson, Isaac, Chowan, Dec. 27, 1815; June Term 1817. Sons 
James and Isaac, sons Charles and Willis, son Whary, wife Molly, 
daughter Penelope, son Whary Exr. Test, John Wilder. 

Sitterson, Penelope, Chowan, Nov. 22nd, 1823 ; Dec. Term 1823. 
Brothers James, Charles, Willis and Whary, brother Whary Exr. 
Test, John Wilder, Joshua Pratt. 

Sittizen, Whary, Chowan, Oct. 10th, 1828; May Term 1834. 
Wife Elizabeth, son Alfred, daughter Deborah, Thos. H. Leary Exr. ; 
Test, Zebulon Pratt, Nathan Pratt. 

Sanders, Sarah, Chowan, Augt. 22nd, 1826; Dec. Term 1826. 
Brother William Wright, Margaret Walton. Test, Ann Walton, 
Martha Stallings. 

Satterfield, William, Chowan, Feb'y 20th, 1827; March Term 
1827. Wife Elizabeth, sons George, William I. and Henderson, 
eons Bozman and James, (wife, sons William I. and Henderson 
Exrs.) Test, Geo. Waff, Malachi Haughton. 

Abstract of Wills. 29 

Satterfield, Alfred, Chowan, Feb'y 4th, 1834; Nov. Term 1834. 
Eldest son James, son William, wife Catharine. Test, Richard Wil- 
der, James Williams. 

Satterfield, Elizabeth G., Chowan, Oct. 3rd, 1837; Augt. Term 
183S. Son James L. Satterfield, sons Edward H. and Peterson B. 
Satterfield, son Geo. W. B. Satterfield, son George Exr. Test, Thos. 
Waff, John B. Strong. 

Sawyer, Dr. Mathias E., Edenton, February, 1835 ; May Term 
1835. Son Samuel T. Sawyer, son Mathias, daughter Helen, son 
Samuel T. and Wm. Righton Exrs. Test, James Norcom, Malaehi 

Taylor, Thomas, Pasquotank, Sept. 5th, 1771; Oct. 31st, 1771. 
Son James, sons-in-law Lemuel Sawyer, John Richardson and Caleb 
Kash, daughter Peggy Nash, son William Exr. Test, Wm. Proby, 
Sarah Proby, Ann Taylor. 

Taylor, John, Chowan, Sept, 27th, 1763. Sons Luke and John, 
children of Daughter Deborah Gardner, (wife of James) of Pasquo- 
tank, wife Sarah, children Martha, Elizabeth, Sarah, Mary, Re- 
becca, Ann and Penelope Taylor, wife and sons John and Luke 
Exrs. Test, Jeremiah Haughton, Charles Haughton. 

Thompson, Henry, Chowan, Aug't 1st, 1777 ; Sept. Term 1777. 
Sons James, William and Timothy, wife Ann, daughter Deborah 
Thompson, Richard Hoskins Exr. Test, Thos. Bonner, Wm. Bate- 

Thompson, James, Chowan, Jan'y 12th, 1764. Son Henry, wife 
Deborah, sons James and Thomas, daughter Elizabeth Halsey, my 
small children. Test, Jno. Lewis, Henry Bonner. 

Thompson, William, Chowan, Feb'y 19th, 1795. Wife Sarah 
Amelia, daughters-in-law Mary and Tabitha Lawrence, Nathan and 
Bartholomew Thompson, sisters Sarah, Leah and Mason Thompson, 
wife and James Hathaway Exrs. Test, Wm. Rombough, Jno. 

Thompson, William, Chowan, July 3rd, 1822 ; Sept. Term 1822. 
Wife Lydia, daughters Mary Ann, Frances Elizabeth and Lydia 
Penelope Thompson, Thomas and William Jones Exrs. Test, Jas. 
Coffield, Thomas Chambers. 

Topping, William, Chowan, Jan'y 27th, 1773. Wife Dorothy 
Berishhord Topping, sons John and Richard, if child in esse, James 
Iredell, Jacob Hunter and Joseph Robson Exrs. Test, Josiah Cope- 
land, Job Parker, Selah Copeland. 

Topping, Samuel, Chowan, Sept. 17th, 1814; Sept. Term 1816. 
Wife Mary, sons Thomas and William, daughter Elizabeth Parker. 
Henry Riddick, grand-sons Samuel and Seth Riddick, daughter Dol- 



30 Abstract of Wills. 

lj", William Topping and Willis Parker Exrs. Test, Exum Simp- 
son, James Williams. 

Trotman, Edward, Chowan, without date. Wife Elizabeth, sons 
Demsey, Amos and Ezekiel, Henry Walton, son Thomas, my son-in- 
law, son Demsey Exr. Test, Priscilla Walton, Elizabeth Walton, 
Elisha Hunter. 

Thompson, Deborah, Chowan, Augt. 14th, 1784. - Son Thomas, 
daughter-in-law Elizabeth Thompson, grand-son James Halsey, son 
Thomas Exr. Test, Thomas Bonner, Mary Bonner. 

Twine, John, Chowan, March 2nd, 1826; June Term 1826. Wife 
Tamer, daughter Penina Jordan, daughter Elizabeth Twine, sons 
Joel, Elisha and John, daughters Esther and Sarah Twine, wife and 
sons Joel and Elisha Exrs. Test, James Asbill, James Byrum. 

Tredwell, Samuel, Edenton, July 13th, 1827; Sept. Term 1827. 
Children of the late John M. Slade, plantation in Bertie county 
known as Aberdeen, Avhere the dwelling house is, formerly belonging 
t«> Miss Jane Lenox. Wife Frances, children James I., Margaret 
P. and Frances I. Tredwell, son-in-law James Iredell Exrs. Test, 
D. McDonald, John Avery. 

Underhill, Joseph, Chowan, Oct. 10th, 1789. Wife Sarah, 
daughter Mary, mother Ann Underhill of New York, children of my 
brothers, viz: Samuel, Andrew and Thomas Underhill, children 
of James Mott and wife Mary my sister, James Iredell, Benj. White 
(of Pasquotank) and wife Exrs. Test, Clem Hall, Frances Jones. 

Vail, John, Chowan, Nov. 13th, 1765. Son Moseley Vail, daugh- 
ters Mary Rebecca, Elizabeth and Martha, Edward Vail, James 
and Frederick Blount. Test, Sam'l Dunscombe. 

Vail, Frederick, Chowan, Sept. 2nd, 1778. Mother Susannah 
Vail, brothers Edward and Thomas, nephew Edward Vail. Test, 
Chas. Haughton. 

Vail, Edward, Chowan, Nov. 29th, 1775 ; June Term 1777. Wife 
Susannah, sons Thomas and Frederick (youngest sons), sons Jere- 
miah and Edward, Charles Pettigrew and John Baptist Beasley 
Exrs. Test, Thos. Benbury, Charles Benbury, Robt. Davison. 

Valette, Francis (Merchant), Edenton, Augt. 6th, 1806; Dec. 
Term 1806. Henry Flury my stock in trade, money and debts and 
three houses on John Skinner's wharf and the shed back of the store 
on Langley's wharf I at present occupy, Henry Flury Exr. Test, 
John Little, Hen. King. 

Underhill, Joseph, Chowan, Dec. 20th, 1814; March Term 1815. 
Wife Mary, children Joseph, Ann and Harriet Underhill, Thomas 
Brownrigg their guardian, wife and Thomas Brownrigg Exrs. 
Test, Jos. H. Skinner, Agnes M. Hardy. 

Webb, Zachariah, Chowan, Feb'y 1st, 1760 ; May Term 1761. Sons 



Abstract of Wills. 31 

John, Moses and James Webb, son John Exr. Test, Zachariah 
"Webb, Jr., Samuel Webb, Jno. Berry Carver. 

Webb, Moses, Chowan, Ap'l 16th, 1779; April 17th, 1779. James 
Webb, brothers Zachariah and John Webb. Test. Eobert Donald- 
son, Mary Donaldson, Zachariah W 7 ebb, Jr. 

Webb, Zachariah, Sr., Nov. 29, 1783. Wife Mary, sons W 7 illiam 
and Zachariah, daughter Mary, daughter Rachel Webb, sons John, 
Jesse and Richard, daughter Elizabeth, John Baptist Beasley, wife 
and son John Exrs. Test, Mary Creecy, Robert Donaldson. 

Webb, Jesse, Chowan, Feb'y 1st, 1803. Mother Mary Webb, 
whom I appoint my Exr. Test, Lem'l Creecy. 

Webb, Mary, Chowan, Oct. 15th, 1811; Sept. Term 1812. Grand- 
son Thomas Webb, grand-daughter Mary Webb, my grand-children 
and daughter Mary Phelps, Jery Phelps' and John Webb's children, 
Fred'k and Nathan Creecy Exrs. Test, Wm. Rombough, .Green 

Webb, Zachariah, Edenton, Nov. 30th, 1812; Dec. Term 1812. 
Wife Sarah, children Zachariah, William and Samuel Tredwell 
Webb, sister Rachel Webb, my children by my first wife, to-wit: 
Joseph, George and Polly Webb, wife Exx. Test, Jno. Beasley, 
Mary Simons. 

Woolard, William, Chowan, May 3rd, 1762; May Court 1762. 
Daughter Sarah W'oolard, wife Mary, Jeremiah Frazier, Thomas 
Beasley, sister Mary Hopkins, Mary and George Beasley (children 
of John) grand-daughters Carrie and Millie Payne, Wilson Blount, 
wife and son-in-law John Beasley Exrs. Test, J. Halsey, Thos. 
Benbury, Wilson Blount. 

Woollard, Mary, Chowan, Nov. 17th, 1788. Son John Beasley, 
daughter Mary Bunch, grand-children Ann, Jeremiah and Richard 
Frazier (children of Jeremiah), grand-son Francis Beasley (son of 
John), grand-daughter Mary Vail, grand-daughter Sarah Roberts, 
grand-daughter Sarah Beasley, grand-son John Frazier (son of 
Jeremiah), sons John Beasley and Jeremiah Frazier Exrs. Test, 
Sam'l Chesson, Jno. Phelps. 

Wallace, Mary, Chowan, Oct. 27th, 1792. Son William Col- 
trane, son William and Josiah Collins Exrs. Test, Sarah Cotton, 
Alex Miller. 

Ward, Thomas, Chowan, May 20th, 1793. Sons Lu|odovick, 
Jeremiah, Frederick, Josiah and Shadrach, daughters Ruth, Edith 
and Elizabeth W T ard, wife, Jacob Jordan and son Frederick Exrs. 
Test, Nicholas Stallings, John Ward, Isaac Ward. 

Ward, Thomas, Chowan, Feb'y 19th, 1772. Wife Mary, daugh- 
ter Fanny W 7 arburton, daughters Penelope McNider and Rachel Wil- 
der, son Thomas, grand-sons James McNider, Francis Wilder and 

32 Abstract of Wills. 

Thomas Standin, grand-daughter Mary Harloe, daughter Mary 
Wilkinson, grand-daughter Eosemy Dawson, son-in-law Michael 
Wilder, son-in-laAV Thomas McNadefr and Michael Wilder Exrs. 
Test, Andrew Ivnok, James McConnall, Jacob Simons. 

Ward, James, Chowan, Nov. 20th, 1785. Wife Mary, son James, 
daughters Elizabeth, Silvey and Judah Ward and Millicent Taylor, 
wife and son James Exrs. Test, Nicholas Stallings, Seth Ward. 

Ward, Thomas, Chowan, March 6th, 1785. "Wife Mary, son 
James, daughters Elizabeth, Silvey and Judah Ward and Millicent 
Tavlor, wife and son James Exrs. Test, Nicholas Stallings, Seth 

Ward, Thomas, Chowan, March 6th, 1798. Grand-daughter 
Milley Ward, grand-son James Ward, children William, Humphrey 
Ephraim, Deborah Ward and Ann Goodwin, sons William and 
Humphrey Exrs. Test, Nicholas Stallings. 

Ward, Eachel, Chowan, Jan'y 25th, 1792. Grand-daughter Fere- 
he Ward, son Denby, daughter Eachel Thurston, son Joseph, son- 
in-law Samuel Ward, daughter-in-law Elizabeth Burgess, Nicholas 
Stallings Exrs. Test, Humphrey Ward. 

Ward, Humphrey, Chowan, March 8th, 1821; September Term 
1821. Wife Absala, son Allen, daughters Lovey Spivey, Mary 
Gregory and Deborah Eountree. Son Baker, daughter Christian 
Ward, son Allen Exr. Test, Abel Eogerson, Geo. Sutton. 

Ward, William, Chowan, Jan'y 16th, 1826. Wife Sarah, sons 
Noah, Micajah Ward (and his son William) I. Humphrey (his son 
Trotman Ward), daughter Sarah Ward, grand-children Sarah, Mary, 
Timothy and Alfred White, their father John White, daughters 
Sarah Birum, Elvy Perry, Thamar Boyee, Eachel Boyce, Esther 
and Leah Ward. Test, Wm. Birum, Moses Hollowell. 

Ward v William, Chowan, Aug't 13th, 1829. Wife Jemima, 
sons Henry and William, daughters Lucretia, Sally, Eachel and 
Emily Ward, son Henry Exr. Test, Isaac Birum, Wm. Birum, Sr. 

Ward, Aaron, Chowan, Jan'y 8th, 1832; March Term 1832. 
Wife Leah, son Elisha, grand-son Elijah Ward, daughters Lydia 
Ward and Treasy Modlin, daughter Matilda Ward, son Thomas 
Humphrey Ward Exr. Test, Israel Winslow, Thos. Bogue. 

Ward, Margaret, Chowan, Oct. 15th, 1833. Willis Smith son of 
brother Thomas Smith, dec'd, brother John Smith's estate, Thos. 
Copeland, Sr. Exr. Test, Elisha Copeland, Thos. Copeland, Jr. 

Ward, Shadrick, Chowan, March 8th, 1839. My wife's son Hil- 
ary Ward, grand-son Elijah Ward, daughters Esther Jordan and 
Jemima Ward, daughter Cortney Ward, wife Eachel, grand-daugh- 

Abstract of Wills. 33 

ter Charlotte Ward, daughter Penina Ward, son David Exr. Test, 
Abram Twine, Moses Hollowell. 

Ward, Jeremiah, Chowan, Aug't 26th, 1846; Nov. Term 1850. 
Wife Jemima, daughter Michiel Bunch, daughters Charity. and Je- 
mima Ward, daughter Isabel Hobbs, daughter Mary Forehand and 
her children Elizabeth, Calvin, Cornelius and Thomas Forehand, 
Humphrey Ward Exr. Test, B. F. Welch, Hamilton Hobbs. 

Ward, Jonathan, Chowan, Jan'v 5th, 1854; Feb'y Term 1854. 
Wife Sarah, sons A. C, T. E., Hardy, J. A. and W. G. Ward, Elisha 
Harrell and Sarah Byrum, son Allen C. Ward Exr. Test, W. D. 
White, Joseph Bratten. 

Wilson, William, Chowan, April 1st, 1771. Wife Sarah, daugh- 
ters Sarah Humphrey, Priscilla Egerton, Susannah Champion and 
Elizabeth Baker, daughter Lucy Halsey, grand-son Wilson New- 
born, son-in-law Michael Wilder, James Baker and Thomas Hoskins 
Exrs. Test, Abel Miller, Joseph Champion, Isaac Lewis. 

Wells, George, Dr., Chowan, May 3rd, 1767. Wife Mariam, 
brother Bichard Wells, my silver hilted sword and tomahawk, young- 
er brother Thomas Wells by my father's side my medical Books, &c, 
said wife and father-in-law William Boyd Exrs. Test, George Wal- 
ton, William Topping. 

Walton, Timothy, Chowan, Dee. 18th, 1770. Sons Timothy and 
John Benbury Walton, daughter Selah, James Freeman, Wm. Wal- 
ters and Thomas Benbury Exrs. Test, Sam'l Dickinson, Wm. Free- 
man, Jonathan Tryer, Wm. Benbury. 

Walton, Palatiah, Chowan, Nov. 6th, 1776. Wife Priscilla, 
daughters Millicent and Christian Walton, daiighters Sarah and 
Zilpha Spivey, brother Thomas Walton and Jacob Hunter Exrs. 
Test, Wm. Walton, Moses Blanchard, Kachel Walton. 

Walton, William, Chowan, Nov. 20th, 1771. Sons Timothy. Wil- 
liam and John, daughters Sarah Walton, Rachel Garrett, Ann and 
Celia Walton, sons Thomas, Isaac and James, wife, Rachel, sons 
Timothy and William Exrs. Test, Palatiah Walton, Chas. Roun- 
tree, James Freeman, John Agar. 

Walton, Sarah, Chowan, June 23rd, 1761. Son Richard, daugh- 
ter Christian Hill, daughter Sarah, sons Thomas, William and John, 
sons Thomas and John Walton Exrs. Test, Kesiah Taylor, Rich- 
ard Garrett. 

Walton, William, Chowan, Dec. 24th, 1760. Sons Palatiah, 
Henry and Edmund, daughters Mary Walton, Matthew Hobbs, Ju- 
dah Perry and Sarah Blanchard, daughter Elizabeth Walton, sons 
Richard and Thomas, son Henry and Capt. William Walton Exrs. 
Test, Josiah Granberry, John Hunter, Wm. Walton. 


34 Abstract of Wills. 

Walton, John, Chowan, Dec. Term 1798. Brother Timothy Wal- 
ton and son Thomas Exrs., my wife and children. Test, Richard 

Walton, George, Chowan, June 27th, 1826; Sept, Term 1826. 
Wife Isabel, son George, F. Walton, daughters Peninah P., Mary S., 
Isabel and Sarah S. C. Walton, son George and Job Parker. Test, 
Patrick Powell, Joseph Cannon. 

Walton, Treasy, Chowan, Feb'y 20th, 1841. Son Abraham Twine, 
grand-children James, Anna, Treacy and Abraham Twine. Test, 
Humphrey Ward, Wrighton Ward. 

Wood, John, Chowan, Nov. 13th, 1767. Daughter Elizabeth, 
son Seth, my father Richard Wood, wife Judeth Exx. Test, Jere- 
miah Cannon, James By rum. 

Wood, Seth, Chowan, May 19th, 1814. Wife Sarah, sons John 
and Riddick Wood, son Joseph, Josiah Griffin, wife and Hardy 
Wood Exrs. Test, Harden Ward, Jonathan Ward. 

. Wood, Sarah, Chowan, Dec. 7th, 1830. Sister Mary Ward, Wil- 
lis Smith, Thomas Copeland, Sr., Exr. Test, Elisha Copeland, Jo- 
seph Copeland. 

Wood, Richard, Chowan, May 18th, 1837; August Term 1837. 
Sons Allen and Jordan M. Wood, daughter Betsey, grand-son Jo- 
seph Allen Douglas. 

Wilkins, William, Chowan, May 2nd, 1773. Sons Joseph and 
William, wife Sarah, daughter Elizabeth Liles (wife of William), 
son James, son Anthony, wife and sons Joseph and William Exrs. 
Test, Jer. Haughton, Luke Taylor, John Taylor. 

Wilkins, George, Chowan, Aug't 24th, 1803. Daughters Rebecca 
and Elizabeth Wilkins, Will Simons Exr. Test, E. Norcom, Simeon 

Wilkins, Sarah (widow of William), Chowan, Feb'y 6th, 1802; 
June Term 1802. Grand-son Geo. Wilkins (son of Joseph dec'd), 
grand-daughter Mary Liles, son William, daughter Eliabeth Liles, 
grand-son George Wilkins Exr. Test, E. Norcom, Eliz Taylor. 

Wiggins, Thomas, Chowan, Jan'y 7th, 1760. Son Willis, daugh- 
ter Christiana, son James, brother James Wiggins, wife Christiana, 
son Willis and Edward Arnell Exrs. Test, Stergiss Ederingame. 

Williams, Hatten, Chowan, March 8th, 1779. Wife Ann, son 
Willis, daughters Elizabeth, Mildred and Mary, daughters Nancy 
and Fanny, Deborah Thompson, wife Wm. Jones and Wm. Roberts 
Exrs. Test, Thomas Bonner, David Humphreys. 

Williams, Ann, Chowan, Ap'l 7th, 1792. Daughters Mary Fleet- 
wood, Fanny Boulton, Mildred Thompson and Fannie Bonner, 
daughter Mildred Thompson, daughter Fanny Boulton, grand-son 
Benjamin Boulton, grand-daughter Fanny Bonner, grand-daughter 


>. Abstract of Wills. - - - . .-+• 35 

/^ Anny Bolton, son William Williams, Jeremiah Fleetwood and Wm. 
> Wilkins Exrs. Test, John Fife, Eliz Fife. 

Williams, John, Sr., Edenton, (without date). Daughter Eliza- 
beth Crissy, Anna Wilson. Test, Sam'l Smith, Dominic Mouca, 
Isaiah Burdick. 

Williams, William E., Chowan, Dec. 7th, 1809; Sept. Term 1809. 
Mother Elizabeth Hankins, sisters Mary and Caroline Hankins, 
mother Exx. Test, Jno. Beasley, Jno. Dickinson. 

Williams, James, Chowan, April 23rd, 1828; Sept. Term 1828. 
Wife, son John, property coming to me from Wm. Hixes' estate to 
be sold, Wm. Jackson Exr. Test, Reuben Lassiter, Monica Hobbs. 

Worth, Joseph, Edenton, jNTov. 27th, 1775. My father William 
Worth, sisters Xancy and Ruth Worth, Joseph Hewes Exr. Test, 
Robert Smith. 

White, Thomas, Chowan, Nov. 7th, 1786. Sister Mary Creecy, 
neighbor Matthew Whiteman, William, Nathan and Lemuel Creecy, 
EJizabeth Moore, Job, John and William Leary, John, Thomas, Job, 
William and Mary Charlton, Lemuel Creecy, Job Leary, John and 
Thos. Charlton Exrs. Test, Thos. Benbury, James Yeomans. 

White, Luke, Chowan, Nov. 17th, 1770. Wife Sarah, Luke 
White, Sr., Solomon White, Stephen, James and Jacob White, Abi- 
gail Ambrose, Rebecca McGuire, son John White, daughters Eliza- 
beth Dishon and Sarah Copeland, Augustine Dishon and John Cope- 
land Exrs. Test, Dan'l Earl, John Gregorie, Wm. Barnes. 

White, Silas, Chowan, March 22nd, 1796. Son Jesse, daughter 
Absilla, wife Judah, sons William and Silas, Nicholas Stallings Exr. 
Test, Joel Byrum, Luke Hollowell. 

White, Judah, Chowan, Jan'y 29th, 1798; March Term 1798. 
Sister Barsheba Person, sister Millicent Griffin, cousin Gilla Griffin, 
Sarah Byrum, cousin Eliz Person, cousin Ruth Person, cousins Ed- 
ward, Searley and Thamer Welch, daughter-in-law Absilla Griffin, 
son-in-law William White, Thamer Byrum, Joel Byrum and Nicho- 
las Stallings Exrs. Test, Josiah Ward, Luke Hollowell. 

White, Silas, Chowan, Feb'y 1st, 1841. Sons Moses W. White, 
John, Henry, Silas, Jacob and Jordan, wife Elizabeth, daughters 
Mary Forehand, Christian Goodwin and Elizabeth White. Test, 
Elisha Twine, Elisha Griffin. 

White, Elizabeth, Chowan, Feb'y Court 1846. Son Moses, my 
father Moses Hobbs, daughters Charity and Elizabeth White, sons 
Silas, Jacob and Jordan, son Moses Exr. Test, R. T. Paine, Jas. 
I. Cannon. 

White, Benjamin, Chowan, June 10th, 1846. Son Thomas, 
daughter Mary Costen. There is property I may inherit from John 
Mears of England, son Thomas Exr. Test, Jno. Bush, A. Small. 

36 Abstract of Wills. 

White, William, Chowan, Jan'y 27th, 1846 ; August Term 1849, 
Wife Trecy, sons William D. and Alfred P. White, daughter Eliza- 
beth Twine (wife of Joel), daughter Trecy Twine (wife of Elisha), 
daughter Abscilla Blanchard, daughters Sarah White, Martha White 
and Isabel M. White, daughter Mary White, son Win. D. White Exr. 
Test, Baker F. Welch, Thos. Satterfield. 

White, Alex. W., Chowan, Oct. 15th, 1847; Nov. Term 1S49. 
Wife Sarah, daughter Caroline E. Bonner (wife of James), daugh- 
ter Sarah C. White, son Peter F. White, wife Exx. Test, Thos. V. 
Hathaway, T. S. Hoskins. 

White, George, July 1853, Chowan. James Baker, grand-sons 
Isaiah White and Martin White, grand-daughter Mary Harrold, 
children Abram, John, Noah and Penelope White, Milly Haste, 
son Noah Exr. Test, Benj. P. Small, H. Starr. 

White, Thomas, Chowan, Augt. 13th, 1801; March Term 1802. 
Wife Charity, sons Josiah, Benjamin and Thomas,- daughters Mary 
and Esther White, Edward Haughton Exr. Test, Wm. Gregory, 
Eli Bartie. 

Winslow, Joseph, Chowan, Dec. 9th, 1765. Son Job, Israel and 
Jesse, brother Israel Winslow, wife Elizabeth, (wife, John Hollowell, 
Joseph Perry and William Lilly Exrs.) Test, Joseph Stallings, Si- 
mon Stallings. 

Winslow, William, Chowan, 24, 3rd mo., 1806 ; June Term 1806. 
Wife Pleasant, daughters Liddy, Mary and Elizabeth, sons Obed., 
Jacob, Francis, William, John and Josiah, (Caleb Winslow, Restore 
Lamb, Jacob Winslow and Joseph Copeland Exrs.) Test, Josiah 
Copeland, Caleb Winslow. 

Winslow, Job, Chowan, Sept. 30th, 1830; August Term 1839. 
Sons Joseph, William H. and Israel, wife Mary, grand-son Job Wins- 
low (son of Joseph), son Joseph and Reuben Hurdle Exrs. 

Winslow, Jacob, Chowan, 2nd 3rd month, 1857 ; June Term 1857. 
Robert Sexton, nephews Thomas E. Winslow and John L. Winslow, 
Jacob Brinn Birum (son of Edwin), nephew Benjamin C. Winslow, 
nieces Elizabeth Copeland and Lydia L. Winslow, niece Mary J. 
Winslow, Caleb Pritchard, Josiah P. Winslow, Wm. F. Winslow, 
Benj. C. Winslow, Lydia Hobbs, nephew John L. Winslow and 
Timothy A. Winslow Exrs. Test, Barnabas Nixon, James Chappie. 

Warbutton, William, Dec. Term 1799; Oct. 1st, 1799. Wife 
Suckey, also my Exx. Test, Henry Flury, Douglas Chapman, Wil- 
liam Farriss. 

Welch, Michael, Chowan, Augt. 6th, 1768. Wife Judah, niece 
Sarah Rountree, nephew Edward Welch, wife and Jacob Jordan 
Exrs. Test, Lem'l Colley, Jos. Small, Thos. Rountree. 

Welch, David, Chowan, Jan'y 1st, 1783. Sons Isaac, Demsey 


Abstkact of Wills. 37 

and Lemuel, wife Margaret, sons David and Jacob, all my children, 
wife and son Isaac Exrs. Test, Hardy Hurdle, Jonathan Jordan. 

Welch, Isaac, Chowan, Nov. 12th, 1806. Wife Sarah. Test, 
Henry Halsey, Rachel Champion, Rachel Spivey. Dec. Court 1806. 

Welch, Samuel, Chowan, April 1st, 1815 ; Sept Term 1815. Son 
Jesse, daughter Lucinda, son Wesley Spivey, wife Milly and Miles 
Welch Exrs. Test, James Evans. 

Welch, Abner, Chowan, June 15th, 1825; Sept. Term 1825. 
Brother-in-law Robert A. Taylor, brothers Willis Welch and Wil- 
liam Welch, sisters Christian and Rachel Welch, brother William 
Welsh Exr. Test, J. W. Littlejohn, Wm. Littlejohn. 

Welch, Edward, Chowan, July 15th, 1827; Sept. Term 1827. 
Daughter Lilly Stallings, son Edward, daughter Thamar Taylor, 
sons Miles and William, daughter Sally Taylor, daughters Rachel 
Ming, Christian Welch, son Willis, wife Rachel, grand-children, 
Christian, Winford and Elizabeth Taylor, sons Miles and William 
Exrs. Test, David Welch, Baker Welch. 

Welch, Myles, Chowan, Dec. 20th, 1836. Wife Sarah, sons Ba- 
ker F. Welch, Drew, Gaston and Dorsey, daughter Louisa and Sa- 
rah Welch, Elizabeth and Sarah M. Simpson, all the negroes I sent 
to daughter Penny Simpson, now in the possession of Henderson 
Simpson, sons Baker, Drew and Gaston Welch Exrs. Testj Wm. 
Deans, H. W. Gillem, H. H. Eure. 

Welch, Sarah, Chowan, Sept, 2nd, 1840. Sons Dorsey, Drew and 
Gaston, sons-in-law William H. Welch and Asa G. Hofler, son Baker 
E. Welch Exr. Test, Wm. Deans, N P. Deans. 

Wallis, John, Chowan, Nov. 26th, 1771. Eldest son Miles, 
youngest son William, wife Elizabeth, James Sumner Exr. 

Wynants, Penelope, Chowan, Nov. 16th, 1804. Daughter Eliza- 
beth Sinkler, grand-daughter Elizabeth Billups, Hester Wynants, 
Margaret Haughton. Test, James Ward, Elizabeth Taylor. 

Waff, Thomas, Edenton, April 8th, 1803. Son George, wife Sa- 
rah, son Thomas, daughter Elizabeth, sons John and Edward, child 
in esse, wife and Elisha Norfleet Exrs. Test, James Satterfield, 
Wm. Satterfield. 

Whedbee, John W., Chowan, April 25th, 1803. Wife and child 
or children. Test, Richard Benbury, Richard Hoskins. 

Whedbee, Mary, Chowan, Sept. 23rd, 1807; Sept Term 1811. Son 
Richard, Mrs. Mary Benbury, whom I also appoint my Exx. Test, 
John Skinner, Amelia Harriss. 

Wilder, John, Chowan, Nov. 8th, 1806. Daughter Rachel Wil- 
der, son Richard, brother Michael, brother Nathaniel, daughter Re- 
becca, brother Francis and Stephen Cabarrus Exrs. My 
worthy neighbor Cabarrus, to whom I could trust the whole world, 


38 Abstract of Wills. 

in his honesty will never fail in giving you his friendly advice, for I 
do not expect he will qualify to the will, but do request him to at- 
tend with you here to examine and see how my old fellow does man- 
age his Business for the benefit of my poor dear children without 
father or mother, but I hope in God Almighty you will both befriend 
them, Oh! my heart will burst here at the recital of these words. 
Pardon my weakness. 

Wilder, Willis, Chowan, Oct. 31st, 1818. Brothers Thomas and 
Charles, James R. Creecy and Miles Wilder Exrs. Test, James 
Simons, Balph P. Costain. 

Wilder, Richard, May 16th, 1843. Son Thomas C. Wilder, 
daughter Sarah E. Wilder, sister Rachel, Thomas V. Hathaway Exr. 
Test, Alex. W. White, P. F. White. 

Wilder, Augustus F., Chowan, Dec. 18th, 1850; Feb'y Term 
1851. Mother Sarah Long. Test, Benjamin H. Webb, Edward 
Johnson, Sr. 

.Woodward, Edward, Chowan, Jan'y 6th, 1822 ; M'ch Term 1822. 
Wife Mariam, daughter Elizabeth Hudson, daughter Dolly, son 
Jethro's four children, Elizabeth, Fanny, Edward and Sally Ann 
Woodward, daughter Sarah, daughter Ann Haste, Uriah Hudson 
Exrs. Test, Jacob Parker, Sam'l Privitt. 

Woodard, Ginney, Chowan, May 4th, 1824; Sept, Term 1824. 
Daughter Polly Privitt and her children, daughter Elizabeth Coch- 
ran (wife of Thomas), son-in-law Thomas Cochrane, Wm. Walton 
Ex. Test, Absalom H. Pritchard, Seth Burroughs. 

Wilder, Thomas, Chowan, April 7th, 1827; June Term 1827. 
Wife Sarah, son Augustus Frederick, Wm. C. Roberts, Joseph H. 
Saunders Exr., brother Charles Wilder. Test, Wm. C. Roberts, Jo- 
seph Bagley. 

Willis, James, Edenton, June 27th, 1836; Sept. Term 1836. I 
desire to be buried between my former wives, I desire my present 
wife to take care of her sister Eliza jSTorfleet and nephews James and 
William Norfleet and furnish Ann ISTorfieet, Eliza Norfleet and 
Mary McDowall each with a suit of mourning to wear after my fu- 
neral. Wife Sarah M. Wills Exx. Test, John Avery, Jos. H. 

Wills, Henry, Edenton, Feb'y 23rd, 1826; Sept. Term 1826. 
Wife Ann, daughters Mary Louisa Wills, Catharine White and 
Sarah L. Roberts, sons Henry and James, wife Ann and son James 
Exrs. Test, James Bozman, Lorenzo S. Webb. 

Wright, William, Chowan, July 4th, 1839. Sons James and Wil- 
liam, children Miles Wright, Margaret Walton, Humphrey Wright, 
Townsend Wright and Edmund Wright. Test, Richard T. Brown- 

Abstract of Wills. 


Wright, Humphrey, Chowan, Jan'y 30th, 1850. Brothers James, 
and Edmund, brother James Exr. Test, William Bratten, George 
M. Williams. 

Wright, John, Chowan, March 4th, 1857. Wife Corisand Wright, 
Paul Bunch Exr. Test, Eichard Dillard, D. V. Etheridge. 


(Compiled from the originals recorded in the office of the Clerk 
of the Superior Court of Gates Co., at Gatesville, N. C.) 

Allen, Sarah, Sept. 22nd, 1794; Nov, Term 1794. Cousins 
Jethro, Ered and Miles Williams, sister Alee Williams and her 
daughter Elizabeth Williams, Wm. Cleaves Exr. Test, Geo. Wil- 
liams. (Gates Co.) 

Arnold, John, (Gates Co.), Oct. 7th, 1823; Feb'y Court 1824. 
Wife Sarah, daughters Pleasant Benton, Mary Benton and Elizabeth 
Arnold, widow Sarah Arnold, grand-sons Riddick, John and Seth 
Arnold, David Riddick and Seth Benton Exrs.. Test, Abraham 
]V1 organ. 

Arline, Jesse, Jan'y 24, 1838; Nov. Court 1842. Son John, 
daughters Nancy and Mary Collins, daughters Margaret Brothers, 
Jane Rebecca Arline and Charity Arline, wife, son James. (Gates 

Alphin, James, (Gates Co.), Nov. 12, 1857; Feb'y Term 1858. 
Alice Lassiter grand-daughter of my wife Elizabeth, whom I appoint 
my Exx. Test, R. Z. Rawls, Seth R. Norfleet. 

Alphin, Jacob, (Gates Co.), Sept. 8, 1858; Nov. Term 1858. 
Wife Fannie M. Alphin, Kosciusko Morgan of Harris Co., Texas, 
wife Exx. Test, S. W. Worrell, J. C. Pearce. 

Alphin, John, Aug't 15th, 1859; Nov. Term 1865. Wife Leah, 
sons William, John and James, grand-children Frances and John 
Hinton, daughter Elizabeth, son-in-law W. B. S. Riddick, daughters 
Nancy and Emily. Test, W. E. Costen, D. A. Jordan. 

Brinkley, Mary, (Perquimans Co.), Nov. 5th, 1776; Feb'y Court 
1781. Sons Peter and John Brinkley, daughter Isabel Griffin, 
grand-sons Thomas, James and Peter Brinkley, grand-daughter 
Penelope Brinkley, grand-daughters Isabel Griffin, Ruth Tiler, Mary 
Gregory and Penelope Brinkley, son John and grand-daughter Pene- 
lope Brinkley Exrs. Test, Lewis Jones, Ann Babb, John Riddick. 

Brinkley, John, (Gates Co.), Nov. 18, 1785; Feb'y Court 1786. 
Sons David, Jacob, Simeon and Elisha, uncle John, wife, daughter 


40 Abstract of Wills, 

Hetty, son Jacob Exr. Test, John Brinkley, Spenee Brinkley, Jos. 

Brinkley, Joseph, Oct. 7, 1790 ; May Court 1801. Grand-son 
James Brinkley, son of Spencer, grand-daughter Susannah Brinkley, 
Joseph Eiddick Exr. Test, Thos. Trotman, Alstly Trotmanj Sally 
Brinkley. (Gates Co.) 

Brinkley, William, Sr., Gates' Co., March 24, 1816 ; May Court 
1816. Son Thomas, daughters Sinthy, Peggy, Milly and Agatha 
Brinkley, Wm. Brothers Exr. Test, Sally Brinkley, Pleasant 
Brinklej . 

Brinkley, Sally, (Gates Co.), Augt. 6, 1817; Augt. Court 1817. 
Polly Briggs, Treasy Walton, daughter Nancy Markum, Wm. Brink- 
ley's children, Moses Speight's children, Treasy Walton's children, 
Poliy Briggs children, Thomas Brinkley, George A. Harvey and 
Wm. Barnes Exrs. Test, Hy Hudgins, Eliz Barnes. 

Brinkley, Simeon, (Gates Co.), Dec. 6th, 1827; Feb'y Court 
1828. Wife Levina, son John, daughter Christian Barnes, grand- 
children Mary C. Barnes, Ann Elizabeth Barnes, Thomas Barnes, 
Charles Barnes, Caroline Barnes, Cathron Barnes and Deborah 
Barnes, daughters Esther Eiddick, Sophia Stallings and Priscilla 
Brinkley, son Timothy, James Morgan Exr. Test, Jesse Matthews, 
Jethro Brinkley. 

Brinkley, Lavinia, (Gates Co.), June 20, 1839; Nov. Court 1839. 
Daughter Christian Barnes, grand-daughter Mary D. Brinkley, 
grand-son Charles J. Brinkley, grand-children Jane, James and 
Jackson Barnes, Jno. C. Gordon Exr. Test, Demsey Vann, Eid- 
dick Jones. 

Brinkley, James, (Gates Co.), May 10, 1842; Augt. Court 1842. 
Wife Sabery, children of Quinton H. Trotman, Elvey Pearce, Whit- 
mell Stallings Exr. Test, Jet Eiddick,' Timothy Brinkley. 

Barcliff, Wm. Barnes, Gates Co., Nov. 1796; Nov. Court 1796. 
Uncle James Barnes, William Sumner Barnes, uncle Thos. Barnes. 
Test, John Eiddick, Ann Ellis. 

Ballard, Jethro, (Gates Co.). Wife Elizabeth, sons Thomas, 
and Eichard H. Ballard, my six children, Martha, Elizabeth, Ju- 
ley and Lucinda Ballard, wife and brother Kedar Ballard Exrs. 
Test, Jethro Sumner, Kedar Ballard, Miles Benton. 

Ballard, Eichard L., (Gates County), July 20, 1850—1850. Sons 
Eobert, Henry, Charles, Edward and Stephen Decatur Ballard, 
daughters Martha Elizabeth and Ann Maria Ballard, sons Eobert and 
Charles Exrs. (Holograph will.) 

Baker, William, Sr., Gates County, March 10, 1853. Wife Ju- 
deth, son Richard Baker, daughters Margaret and Ann Baker, brother 

Abstract of Wills. 41 

Lawrence Baker, Isaac Pipkin, Henry Lee and Joseph Eiddick, 
Exrs. Test, Mills Lewis, Jno. Warren, Isaac Parker. 

Benton, Thomas, son of Miles, 2508 Richmond St., Philadelphia, 

Baker, Lawrence, Gates County, September 6, 1805 ; November 
Court, 1807. Wife Anna Maria, son John Burgess Baker, Richard 
Baker son of my brother William Baker, dec'd, daughter Elizabeth 
Harvey, wife of Colonel Joseph Harvey, daughters Agatha, Anna 
Maria and Martha Susanna Baker, son Simmons James Baker and 
James B. Baker, Exrs. 

Baker, Anna Maria, Gates County, February 19, 3 808; August 
Court, 1808. Son John Burgess Baker, daughters Anna Maria and 
Martba Susanna Baker, daughter-in-law Agatha Baker, Anna Maria 
Matilda Baker (daughter of Dr. S. J. Baker), Elizabeth Baker Har- 
vey (daughter of Colonel Joseph Harvey), daughter Martha S. 
Baker, my three children Jno. B., and Anna Maria and Martha S. 
Baker, son J. B. Baker and William Harvey, Exrs. Test. Mary 

Baker, John B., Gates County, Jan'y 20, 1837. Wife Mary W. 
Baker, children Richard, Susan Jane and Lawrence Baker, Jos. Gor- 
don and son Wm. J. Baker, Exrs. Test, Lassiter Riddick, John 

Baker, Blake, April 14, 1855; August Term, 1855. Sons Marma- 
duke and Levi, grand-daughters Ann 1ST. and Sarah J. Baker, wife 
Charity, sons Blake, Samuel and John Baker, daughters Elizabeth 
Benton and Margaret Humphleet, god-sons John A. and Samuel 
Daughtie, son James B. Baker, sons Blake and James B. Baker, Exrs. 
Test, Henry Willey, Arthur Willey. 

Baker, Harrison, Gates County, March 2, 1865 ; November Term 
1866. Wife Mary Ann, sons Richard Henry and John H. Baker, 
wife, Exx. Test, E. J. Parker, Edwin Smith. 

Barnes, Benjamin, Gates County, September 8, 1809 ; November 
Court, 1809. Sons John, Benjamin and Isaac, children John, Eliz- 
abeth B., Benjamin, Isaac, Charity, Milly and Peggy Barnes, Isaac 
Pipkin, Jr., and brother Richard Barnes, Exrs. Test, John Odom, 
Edward Vann, Luten Lewis. " 

Barnes, James, Gates County, September 4, 1809 ; August Court, 
1811. Sons John and James, wife Elizabeth, sons Joseph, Benja- 
min and Wm. Sumner Barnes, daughter Patsey Palin Barnes, daugh- 
ter Elizabeth Barries. Test, Benjamin Newsom, Moses Speight 

Barnes, Thomas, Gates County, February 16, 1815; February 
Court, 1815. Wife Priscilla, son Jesse, daughter Mary Gatling, 
daughter Peggy Barnes, son Thomas, son Richard, daughters Sally 
and Martha Barnes, son Jesse and Isaac Pipkin Exrs. Test, Henry 
Goodman, E. B. Gatling. 



42 Abstract of Wills. 

*Barnes, Elizabeth, Gates County, March 17, 1824; February- 
Court, 1826. Son Joseph J. Barnes, daughter Elizabeth 1ST. Barnes, 
daughter Martha P. Harvey, Jos. Gordon and son Joseph Exrs. 

Barnes, Christian, Gates County, April 23, 1856 ; August Term, 
1856. Sons Jackson and James, grand-daughters Catharine and 
Louisa Brinkley, my heirs, Thomas, Charles, James, Jackson, Cath- 
arine (wife of B. II. Hill), Elizabeth (wife of John Jones), and 
children of Chas. Brinkley, Henry A. Morgan Exr. Test, Jordan 
Parker, Wm. Taylor. 

Barnes, Jackson, Gates County, December 3, 1859 ; February 
Term 1860. Sisters Catharine Hill and Mary Brinkley's children, 
viz: Catharine, Mills, Archibald and Louisa Ann, brothers Thos. 
Barnes and Charles Barnes, sister Caroline Jones, brother James 
Barnes, friend John Jones and wife Elizabeth, Jno. Jones Exr. 
Test, J. S. Harrell, G. B. Williams. 

Bond,Dempsey, January 28, 17S8 ; February Court 1788. Thos. 
Hpfler, sons Elisha Hance Bond and Bichard Bond (son of Wil- 
liam), sons Demsey and Thomas, daughters Nancy and Selah Bond, 
wife Bachel, all my children, Bobert Biddick, Bichard Bond, John 
B. Walton and Thomas Hunter Exrs. Test, Jas. Walton, Easter 
Walton, Mary Bond. (Gates County.) 

Bond, Bichard, Sr., Gates County, February 12, 1793 ; November 
Court 1795. Sons Bichard and William, grand-children, Hare, 
Henry, James and Lewis Bond and Jerusa Skinner, daughters Sarah 
Lassiter and Millicent Jones, grand-children Bond Minchew, Sarah 
Hort,on, Mary Spivey, Judah Williams, Chloe Haise, and Theresa 
Minchew, daughters Judith Blanchard and Jerusha Allen, daughter 
Christian Smith, sons William and Bichard Exrs. Test, James 
Gregory, David Bice, Isaac Costen. 

Bond, Thomas, Gates County, January 16, 1819 ; May Court 
1819. Wife Nancy, daughters Elizabeth G, Esther W. and Mary 
P. Bond, Henry Bond Exr. Test, Demsy Bond, Bobert Biddick, 
Bichard Bond. 

Bond, Bichard, Sr., Gates County, September 11, 1823; Febru- 
ary Court 1825. Son Henry, daughters Mary Hinton, Sally Har- 
rell, grand-daughter Mary Harrell, grand-son David Harrell, sons 
John and James, daughter Margaret, Henry Bond and son-in-law 
Wm. Hinton Exrs. Test, B. Blanchard, W. Blanchard, J. Walton. 

Bond, Ann, Gates County, January 14, 1845 ; February Court 
1845. Daughter Mary Jane Parker Bond, father Thomas Bond, 
daughters Elenor Susan Jones and Esther Hunter Jones (her hus- 
band Archibald Jones), sister Mary Brothers, Henry Bond Exrs. 
Test, Jno. Walton, James Hinton. 

*Note. — Elizabeth Barnes was the daughter of Martha Alston, who married 
Meroney, Pattie Alston was the daughter of Jos. John Alston of Halifax Co ,N.C. 

Abstract of Wills. 43 

Bond, Henry, Gates County, August 25, 1847; August Term 
1847. Wife Anne, sons Richard H. L., John Bond, James F. Bond 
and Willis R. Bond, Mills Roberts guardian, Mills Roberts and Wil- 
lis R. Bond Exrs. Test, Benj. Brown, James Blancbard. 

*Bond, R. H. L., Gates County, June 25, 1867 ; August Term 
1867. My family, uncle Mills Roberts Exr. Test, W. P. Roberts, 
M. L. Eure. 

Burgess, Elizabeth, Gates County, September 10, 1819 ; May 
Court 1821. Grand-sons John, William, James and Elisha Boyce, 
Stephen Eure Exr. Test, Abr. Cross, John Sparkman. 

Benton, Jacob, Gates County, September 11, 1823; November 
Court 1823. Sister Nancy Matthews, brother-in-law Benton Jones, 
brother-indaw Charles King, sister Mary Benton, brother David Ben- 
ton, sister Ividy Benton, sister Elizabeth Benton, brother David 
Benton Exr. Test, John Morgan, J no. Benton. 

Benton, Mary, Gates County, June 26, 1828; August Court 1828. 
Niece Mary Matthews (daughter of Etheldred, dec'd), sister Chris- 
tian Benton, sister Ann Matthews, sister Judeth Jones, sister Eliza- 
beth Riddiek, brother David Benton Exrs. Test, Demsy Knight. 

Benton, Seth, Gates County, October 11, 1831 ; May Court 1832. 
Wife Mary, sons James, Jacob, Abraham and Jordan Benton, daugh- 
ters Maria, Martha and Jane Benton, sons James and Abraham Exrs. 
Test, Wm. W. Stedman, James Morgan. 

Benton, David, Gates County, October 1, 1840; November Court 
1840. Whitmel Jones, Joshua Jones, wife Catharine, Jordan Par- 
ker, Jesse Wiggins, Judith Jones, James Mannning (son of Willough- 
by), Jesse Wiggins Exr. Test, E. R. Morgan, Seth Morgan. 

Benton, William, Gates County, June 6, 1845 ; November Term 
1845. Wife Fanny C, daughter Sinthy Benton, son Henry, daughter 
Martha Peal, daughters Nancy, Ducey and Jane Benton, Benj. San- 
ders Exr. Test, B. Goodman, W. Hudgins, Timothy Marsh. 

Benton, Mary, Gates County, February 19, 1846; February Term 
1847. Sons Abraham and Jacob, daughter Martha (wife of James 
Porter), daughter Jane Benton (wife of Seth Benton), son Jordan 
Benton, Barnes Goodman Exr. Test, Benj. A. Sanders, Jesse B. 

Benton, Henry, Gates County, August 20, 1863 ; November Term 
1863. Wife Martha, sons James H., Samuel R., William W., Jesse 
and Elisha Benton, son Joseph J. Benton, daughters Mary Elizabeth, 
Harriet E. Georgeanna and Lucinda Benton, son James H. Benton 
Exr. Test, J. A. Knight, Jacob Taylor. 

Blanchard, Absley, Gates County, April 24, 1820 ; February Court 

Note.— R. H. L. Bond married Anna Hoskins, daughter of Charles Hoskins, 
Esq., of Edenton, N. C. 


44 Abstract of Wills. 

1829. Sons Abner and Washington, daughters Nancy and Eose, 
husband John Blanchard Exr. Test, T. H. Melvin, Kinchon 

Bagley, Jacob, of Perquimans County, November 3, 1788; Feb- 
ruary Court 1789. Father Samuel Bagley, sons Docton, Henry and 
Trotman, wife Selah, brother William Bagley, father-in-law Amos 
Trotman, Thomas Hunter and Kedah Hill Exrs. Test, Thomas 
. Trotman, John Hobbs, Mary Hill. 

Briggs, Moses, Gates County, 1816; May Court' 1826. Wife 
Thamer, Joseph Riddick (son of my executor), daughter Elizabeth 
Riddick, daughter Mary Harrell, son-in-law Abraham Harrell, grand- 
sons Moses B., John W, Willis and Asa Harrell, grand-daughters 
Mary and Rebecca Harrell, Mary Griffin (daughter of my wife), 
Christian Overman (daughter of my wife), Abraham Harrell and 
Joseph Riddick Exrs. Test, Jos. Gordon, Wm. Harrell. 

Briggs, Andrew, Gates County, August 19, 1858 ; August Term 
1864. Ellen Jones (daughter of Marmaduke Jones), my brothers 
and sisters, brother Allen Briggs' children. Test, Thos. E. Powell, 
Sam'l J. Lowther. 

Brooks, Francis, January 7, 1837 ; May Court 1837. Niece Cath- 
arine Brooks. Test, Mills Piland, Elisha B. Harrell. 

Brooks, William, Gates County., June 18, 1836 ; May Court 1837. 
Sister Francis Brooks, daughter Catherine Brooks, grand-son George 
A. W. Brooks, grand-son Joseph I. Brooks (son of my daughter Eliza 
Brooks, dec'd), daughter Sarah Nicholson, son W. C. Brooks, 
daughter Sarah, son, Jesse G. Brooks, son, W. C. Brooks Exr. 

Brooks, Joseph, Gates County, August 15, 1851 ; May Term 1853. 
Wife Sarah Ann Brooks, all my children, James, Joseph, Sally Ann, 
William Harvey, Elizabeth Frances, Lydia Margaret and George 
Exum Brooks, John Walton Exr. Test, Jacob Spivey, Alfred 

Boothe, James, Gates County, November 2, 1839 ; February Court 

1841. Son William, daughter Polly Ann Boothe, sons Henning and 
Jeremiah, son William Exr. Test, Wm. L. Boothe, Elvey Rus 1 - 

Boothe, Wm. L. Gates County, March 22, 1860; August Term 
1860. Daughter Elizabeth I. Howell, her husband David Howell, 
daughters Margaret A. and Mary L. Boothe, daughter Martha S. 
Boothe, son Wm. H. Boothe, wife Sarah, John R. Cross Exr. Test, 
Elisha Parker, Richard D. Briscoe. 

Brown, James, Gates County, August 24, 1838 ; May Court 

1842. Wife Clotilda. Test, Wm. L. Boothe, Peter Piland. 
Brown, Jesse, Gates County, February 17, 1847 ; February Term 

1847. Wife Martha Ann, daughters Celia Amanda, Martha Eliza- 
beth, Margaret Ann and Lucy Hedding Brown, sons Levi B., 




Abstract of Wills. 45 

Eskridge, Jesse Norfleet and Thomas Crowder Brown, wife Exs. 
Test, W. G. Daughtry, John Waller. 

Blades, Abraham, Gates County, October 10, 1843; February 
Term 1847. Wife Annes, son William. Test, Miles Gatling, Nich- 
olas Wade. 

Bunch, Willis, Gates County, September 17, 1845 ; August Term 
1848. Wife Margaret, sons Elisha and Ephraim, Jacob 1ST. Bunch 
and wife Sarah, daughters Penina Forehand, Sarah Hobbs and Eliz- 
abeth Winslow, sons Willis, William and Isaac, son Ephraim Exr. 
Test, Gray Hobbs, Azer Hollowell. 

Britton, James, Gates County, February 2, 1854; February Term 
1854. Wife Henrietta, infant child James, Osker Britton, Edward 
E. Harrell Exr. Test, L. D. Ballard, E. H. Ellis. 

Brothers, Eufus Sumpter, Gates County, February 1, 1861 ; May 
Term 1861. To be buried in either Green Mount or Mt. Olivet ceme- 
tery, Baltimore, Md., friend Charles E. King, mother Martha Broth- 
ers, my wife Martha I. Brothers, mother Exr. (Holograph will.) 

Brothers, Sarah, Gates County, March 22, 1867; November Term 
1867. Children Elizabeth J. Howell, Margaret A. Brinkley, Mary 
L. Brothers, Martha S. Barkley and William H. Brothers, Elisha 
Parker Exr. Test, Javan F. Brinkley, Jos. F. Brinkley. 

Benbury, James E., Gates County, April 24, 1864; April Term 
1863. Brother Eichard B. Benbury. Test, Thomas B. Walton, 
Jno. Eoberts. 

Cross, Mary, (wife of Abel), Gates County, October 30, 1792; 
August Court 1793. All my children, husband Abel Cross. 

Cross, Cyprian, Gates County, December 13, 1809 ; February Term 
1810. Wife Christian, sons Eiddick, Abraham and Jesse E. Cross, 
daughter Priscilla Lewis' children Betsey, Phillip and Nancy, 
daughters Nancy Vann, Elizabeth Vann, and Salley Cross, son Tay- 
lor Cross, John Vann Exr. Test, Jas. Usher, Jas. Williams, Wm, 
L. Smith. 

Cross, Hardy, Gates County, July 13, 1813 ; February Court 1816. 
daughter Ann Cross, son John, daughter Mary Smith, grand-sons 
Hardy Parker and Joseph Parker (sons of Charity Parker), son 
Hardy, daughters Susan Smith, Celah Eley, Prudence Barnes, Eliz- 
abeth Daughtry and Catharine Cross, sons Hardy and Samuel Exrs. 
Test, John Hare, Wm. Cross, Benj. Odom. 

Cross, David, Gates County, December 6, 1819 ; November Term 
1823. Sons Willis and David, brother Abel, daughter Martha Cross, 
Ann Cross (daughter of Abel), Abraham and Taylor Cross. Test, 
Etheldred Matthews, John Vann. 

Cross, Christian, Gates County, September 23, 1826 ; May Court 
1828. Daughter Nancy Vann, grand-daughters Nancy Jenkins and 
Elizabeth Speight, daughter-in-law Charity Cross, grand-daughter 

46 Abstract of Wills. 

Margaret Jane Cross (daughter of Taylor Cross), son-in-law John 
Vann Exr. Test, Willis Cross, Richard Curl. 

Cross, David, Gates County, January 2, 1829 : February Court 
1830. Sister Martha Eure, wife Mary, Mills Eure Exr. Test, A. 
M. Beeman, John Beeraan. 

Cross, Abraham, Gates County, May 13, 1830 ; May Court 1830. 
Wife Mary M. Cross, son Cyprian, daughters Harriet Norfleet, 
Louisa Cross and Mary G. Cross, Lemuel G. Darden, son Cyprian 
Exr. Test, Dempsey Griffith, John Vann. 

Cross, Sarah,' January 23, 1846; February Term 1853. Sons 
Richard, Henry and Hardy Cross, daughter Parnielia S. Williams 
(wife of Henry Williams), son William Cross, daughter Mar}' Wil- 
liams, son John P. Cross, daughter Margaret Lee Cross, son Hardy 
Exr. Test, Francis Duke, Wm. Lee. (Gates County.) 

Cross, Etheldred, Gates County, April 17, 1854; November Term 
1858. Daughter Frances Story and her children, son-in-law James 
B. Story, wife Charity, Riddick Gatling Exr. Test, Wm. L. Broth- 
ers, Sally A. Odom. 

Cross, Willis, Gates County, June 15, 1S50; May Term 1859. 
Sons James, Elijah and John R. Cross, daughter Martha, daughters 
Nancy Lawrence and Caroline Howell, son Wm. H. Cross Exr. 
Test, Wm. L. Boothe, Elizabeth I. Boothe. 

Cross, Emily, June 25, 1859 ; May Term, 1863. Husband Elisha 
Cross, my former husband S. E. Parker, dec'd, son Harrison Cross. 
Test, J. M. H. Lee, Wm. H. Lee. (Gates County.) 

Cross, Riddick, March 2, 1865; November Term 1866. Wife 
Sarah Eliza, daughter Laura, son Elbert, son Roswell, Thos. E. Cross 
Exr. Test, Sarah E. Smith, Augustus Wolfiey. 

Cowper, Louisa, Gates County, January 16, 1S04; May Court 

1804. Sons Thomas, John and Willis Cowper, grand-daughter 
Louisa Cowper, Ann Granberry (daughter of Josiah Granberry), 
son Willis Exr. Test, Joshua Small, Parker Jones. 

Cowper, William F., Gates County, August 23, 1849; November 
Term 1849. Sisters Claudia and Sarah Cowper, Henry M. Daugh- 
try Exr. Test, Joseph Gatling, 0. B. Savage. 

Carter, Moore, Gates County, Decembber 29, 1800; May Court 

1805. Daughters Elizabeth, Molly and Polly Carter, son Lewis, 
wife Elizabeth, son Lewis Exr. Test, Geo. Williams, Wm. Brooks. 

Carter, William, Gates County, November 14, 1S23 ; February 
Court 1824. Daughter Mary Harrell, son Thomas M. Carter, 
daughter Elizabeth Nixon, son W. R. Carter, daughter Mary B. Car- 
ter, Henry Pugh and Joseph Gordon Exrs. Test, Jos. Granberry, 
Henry Willey. 

Carter, Alex., Gates County, February 10, 1824; February Court 
1824. Wife Penelope, brothers James and Henry, sister Nancy 


• Abstract of Witls. 47 


Carter, brother Kindred Carter, wife Exx. ' Test, Mills Eure, Eborn 

Collins, Abel L., Gates County, December 29, 1857; probate not 
dated. Nephew James Benjamin Collins, wife Theresa Exx. Test, 
Isaac Williams, W. L. Bootlie. . 

Dunn, Sarah, Gates Co., April 10, 1779 ; Feb'y Court 1786. Hus- 
band George Dunn, daughter Catharine King, niece Sarah Skinner 
(daughter of Jesse Skinner), Geo. Dunn and Catharine King Exrs. 

Duke, James, Gates Co., Oct. 2d, 1807; May Court 1808. Brother 
Josiah Duke, friends John and Daniel Duke Exrs. Test, Geo. A. 
Harvey, Thos. Bice, Isaac Phelps. 

Daughtrey, W. G, Gates Co.. March 16, 1852; May Term 1852. 
Brother Henry M. Daughtrey, and his present wife Penina. and their 
children, wife Lavinia, all my children, daughter Mary Elizabeth, 
Biddick Gatling and brother Henrv Mills Daughtrey Exrs ; also son 
William Mills Daughtrey. Test, Rebecca S. Wolfley, W. F. Bid- 

Daughtrey, Lavinia, Gates Co., Dec. 9, 1853; Feb'y Term 1854. 
Brother James L. Gatling, I bequeath $200 to aid in building an 
Episcopal church in Gates ville, already commenced, brothers Wm. J. 
and George W. Gatling Exrs. Test, John Boothe, N. F. Riddick. 

Doik, Elizabeth, Gates Co., Sept. 16, 1864 ; Nov. Term 1865. Sis- 
ter Martha (wife of Peter M. Warren), cousins Henry C. Eure and 
Owen II. Eure (sons of my niece Martha J. Eure), Henry L. Eure 
Exr. . 

Ellis, John, Gates Co., Nov. 8, 1810; Feb'y Court 1811. Wife 
Mary, son Marmaduke Norfleet Ellis, daughter Elizabeth Biddick 
Ellis, Sarah Norfleet Ellis. Test, Thos. W. Ballard, Jno. Brothers, 
Jacob S. Powell. 

Freeman, William, Gates Co., April 17, 1781 ; Aug't Court 1781. 
Son John, grand-son William Freeman (son of Joshua), sons Moses, 
King, James and William, daughter Sarah Haise, grand-son Reuben 
Hinton, daughter Susanna Spruell, grand-son William Perry, son-in- 
law Josiah Perry, daughter Mary Ward, wife Christian. Test, 
Lemuel Taylor, Nath'l Taylor, Christian Oiitlaw. 

Freeman, Joseph, Gates Co., Sept. 9, 1842 ; Nov. Court. 1842. Son 
John, Darice Freeman's estate, daughters Polly, Elizabeth, Nancy, 
Martha and Harriet, son John Exr. Test, Wm. Lee, Francis Duke. 

Freeman, James T., Gates Co., Jan'y 26, 1840 ; Feb'y Court 1843. 
Sons James Hunter Freeman and John William Freeman, daughters 
Margaret Irene and Julia Ann Freeman, John Walton Exr. Test, 
Sam'l Ward, S. F. Freeman. 

Fullington, Thomas, Gates Co., March 14, 1785 ; May Court 1785. 
Wife Judith, son Mathias, daughters Mary Morgan, Kachel Speight, 
Sarah Harris, Elizabeth Paretree and Millicent Brinkley, grand- 


48 Abstract of Wills. . 

daughters Elizabeth, Polly and Treasy Pierce, wife, Abner Harrell, 
Sr., and Jacob Gordon Exrs. Test, Seth Eason, J. Lassiter. 

Eelton, Mary, Gates Co., July 12, 1784 ; Nov. Court 1785. Nephew 
Seley Smith, Eobert Smith (son of Seley), Levi Smith (son of Seley) 
nephew John Thomas Exr. Test, Isaac Miller, James Pruden, Wm, 

Felton, Jane, Gates Co., Nov. 13, 1839 ; Nov. Term 1850. Grand- 
sons William and James Harrell, heirs of my deceased daughter Eliz- 
abeth Harrell, sons William, John E., Shadrack R., Noah and Mica- 
jah Felton, daughter Ann Welch, son David Fisher Felton, daughter 
Louisa Hare, son Samuel F., sons John R and David Fisher Felton 
Exrs. Test, David Riddick, Willis F. Riddick. 

Felton, Penina, Gates Co., March 14, 1855; Feb'y Term 1859. 
Daughters Patsey Harrell and Selia Eure, son-in-law Zachariah Eure 
Exr. Test, Wash Harrell, Ervin Harrell. 

Felton, David F, Gates Co., Dec. 31, 1856 ; Nov. Term 1865. My 
four children, viz : Eliza. Ann, Noah B, John M. and Lavinia Felton, 
Noah Felton's wife Jane, son, John M. Felton and Miles Gatling 
Exrs. Test, W. II. Riddick, W. F. Riddick. 

Fields, Mills R., Gates Co., May 4, 1833; Feb'y Court 1834. 
Wife Levina,, grand-sons Mills Fields and Mills Vann, daughter 
Julia Vann's children, son Reuben H. Fields, Richard, John K. and 
Lemuel K. Fields, grand-daughter Elizabeth Fields (daughter of 
Frederick), Daniel Fields, Levi Rogers and Isaac Willis Exrs. Test, 
Jenneter Williams, II. G. Williams. 

Garrett, James, Sr., Gates Co., March 6, 1781 ; May Court 1781. 
Wife Ruth, daughter Nancy, Edward Riddick (son of my friend 
Kedar), by brothers and sisters Thomas Garrett, Elizabeth Riddick, 
Deborah Hoffler, Rachel Outlaw, Leah Garrett, Mary Garrett and 
Christian Garrett, brother Thomas Garrett, Kedar Riddick and 
George Williams Exrs. Test, Robt. Parker, Willis Parker^ Jane 

Goodman, William, Gates Co., Nov. 3, 1780; May Court 1782. 
Sons Henry, William and John, daughters Mary King, Elizabeth 
Kittrell, Charity Holland, William and Henry Goodman Exrs. 
Test, Wm. Hughes, Ann Benton, Mary Cross. 

Goodman, Henry, Gates Co., April 5, 1778; May Court 1783. 
Sons William and Joel, my relative Betsey Bathey, daughter of my 
grand-daughter Charity Gatlin (wife of William), my eight children, 
viz: Ann Bethey, William, Rose Brown, Henry Goodman, Timothy 
Goodman, Sarah Bethey, Joel Goodman and Sarah Pipkin, son Joel 
Exr. Test, Jno. Bethey, Wm. Goodman, Jr., W. G. Goodman. 

Goodman, Joel, Gates Co., May 4, 1795 ; Aug't Term 1795. Sis- 
ter Mary, brothers Cpyrian and William Exrs. Test, Rich'd R. 
Smith, Wm. Colling, Wm. Goodman. 

Abstract of Wills. 49 

Goodman, Henry, Gates Co., March 31, 1817. Son William, 
daughter Martha S., son Demsey, their mother Lucretia Goodman, 
her father's estate, my children by my first wife Mary Pipkin, viz : 
William Goodman, Penelope Parker, Wm. Goodman and Jane Pip- 
kin Exrs. Test, Wm. Lee, Jos. Freeman. 

Goodman, Mary, Gates Co., Aug't 27, 1823; Nov. Court 1823. 
Daughters Elizabeth and Edith, son Wm. H., grand-son W. G. Daugh- 
trey, my children Peninah Cross, Lemuel, Elizabeth, Wm. H, Jincy 
Lawrence, and Edith Goodman, Lemuel Gordon Exr. Test, Wm. 
Goodman, Martha Copeland. 

Goodman, William, Gates Co., Oct, 4, 1839; Nov. Term 1841. 
Wife Charity, son Jethro D. Goodman, daughter Edith Creecy, and 
her husband Charles Creecy, son Jethro Exr. Test, D. Williams, 
Hardy Cross. 

Goodman, Mary, Gates Co., May 12, 1847. Grand-son Samuel 
E. Harrell, grand-daughter Mary S. Bond, grand-son Jos. N. Harrell, 
grand-son Isaac R. Hunter, grand-daughter Ann C. Goodman, my 
great-grand-daughter Ann C. Goodman, grand-daughter Sarah Ann 
Heathquet, grand-son Wiley Goodman Eiddick, Sam'l P. Harrell 
and Willis R. Bond who married my grand-daughters Exrs. Test, 
T. H. Lassiter, Wm. Beaman, R. K. Speed. 

Goodman, Barnes, Gates Co., Jan'y 7, 1862; Nov. Term 1863. 
Wife Harriet E., sons William T., John C, and James H. Goodman, 
daughter Sarah (wife of Wm. B. Smith ), Sarah E. Goodwin (wife 
of Jesse B. Goodwin), also Jane's sons William B. and Benj. W. G., 
daughters Almeda P., Catharine W. and Mary B. Goodman, sons 
William T. and John C. Goodman Exrs. Test, John D. Pipkin, 
Wilev Wiffsins. 

Gregory, John, Gates Co., March 26, 1782; May Court 1784. 
Brothers Thomas and James Gregory, sister Nancy Granberry, broth- 
ers Thomas, William and James Gregory Exrs. Test, Josiah Gran- 
bury, will executed at Eden ton, N. C. 

Gregory, Richard B., Gates Co., April 16, 1825 ; Aug't Court 1825. 
Wife Jane A. Gregory, children Richard L, Mary Ann, Frances Eliz- 
abeth Gregory, Francis D. Charlton of Suffolk, Va., land in Glouces- 
ter Co., Va., Dr. John B. Baker and Jos. Gordon Exrs. 

Gordon, Joel, Gates Co., Jan'y 31, 1786 ; Aug't Court 1786. Sons 
James, Henry, John, Timothy and David, daughters Sarah and Mary, 
sons Joel and Cyprian, wife Annes, sons James and John Exrs. 
Test, Jno. Bathey, Jas. Lang, Wm. Goodman. 

Gordon, John, Gates Co., June 8, 1787 ; Feb'y Term 1793. Son 
Jacob, my children Judith, Penny, Geane, Rachel, David and Beck, 
son Benjamin, brother George Gordon, daughter Sarah Norfleet, wife 

50 Abstract of Wills. 

Mary. Test, Charles Powell, Tho. Williams, Eliza Walton. 

Gordon, Jacob, Gates Co., Sept. 22, 1817; Feb'y Court 1820. 
Wife Barsheba, grand-daughters Sophia Hunter and Armesia Boz- 
man, grand-son Jno. O. Hunter, sons James and George, daughter 
Elizabeth Harvey, son Joseph, daughter Esther Butts, son Jacob K". 
Gordon, daughter Wanney Granberry, my three grand-children So- 
phia, Armesia and John Hunter, children of my daughter Mary Hun- 
ter, dec'd, son Joseph Exr. Test, Wm. Brothers, Jno. Alphin. 

Gordon, John C, Gates Co., Dec. 5, 1858; May Term 1861. 
Daughter Mary E. Disbrow, and her son Chas. H. Disbrow, daughters 
Patience B. Kellogg, Barsheba Lassiter and Martha S. Gordon, grand- 
son John Gordon, son of Geo. B. Gordon, daughter Caroline F. Gor- 
don, grand-son William Gordon (son of Geo. B. Gordon), daughter 
Isa Gordon, sons-in-law Martin Kellogg and Timothy H. Lassiter 
Exrs. (Holograph will.) 

Gordon, C. F., Gates Co., May 21, 1861; August Term 1861. 
Sister Martha S. Gordon, Timothy H. Lassiter Exr. Test, Mary E. 
Williams, Samuel J. Lowther, Mary E. Lassiter. 

Gooding, Ann, Gates., Feb'y 1, 1805 ; Feb'y Court 1805. Jane, 
Abigail, Nancy, William, Mary, Elizabeth, Trot and Riddick Beas- 
ley, Mary Beasley, daughter of Mary Beasley, Barsheba Beasley, 
daughters Rachel and Mary, Cyprian Cross Exr. Test, Jno. Vann, 
Bethey Boyce. 

Gatling, William, Gates Co., April 26, 1788 ; Feb'y Term 1791. 
Sons John, William and Edward, grand-son Edward Gatling (son of 
John), daughter Mary Waters, grand-son Miles Gatling (son of 
John), son George, daughter Sarah Winborn, my wife. Test, Jos. 
Speight, Henry Speight, Anna Speight. 

Gatling, William, Gates Co., March 8, 1808 ; May Court 1808.« 
Wife Selah, daughter Elizabeth Bond, grand-daughter Charity Har- 
rell, grand-son Etheldred Boyd Gatling, sons William and James 
Catling's son William, Wm. Goodmon, Sr., Isaac Pipkin, Jr.^ Exrs. 
Test, Henry Goodman, Charity Goodman, Barsha Sumner. 

Gatling, Etheldred Boyd, Gates Co., Nov. 14, 1825 ; Feb'y Court 
1826. Sons John B. and Richard B. Gatling, William Gatling, 
daughters Emily B., Elizabeth B., Mary Jane, Martha B. and Har- 
riet B. Gatling, Isaac Pipkin and Lewis Eure Exrs. Test, Lem'l 
Goodman, Wm. Goodman. 

Gatling, Mary, Gates Co., Nov. 10, 1825 ; May Court 1826. Son 
William, sister Ann Gatling, sons John and Riddick Gatling, daugh- 
ters Martha Sumner and Ann Riddick, son Riddick Exr. Test, Jesse 

Gatling, Ann, Gates Co., Sept. 11, 1852 ; Nov. Term 1852. Sons 
Authur, Joseph and Miles, daughter Zilla, son Miles Exr. Test, O. 
B. Savage, John Brady, Jr. 


Abstkact of Wills. 51 

Gatling, Mary E., Gates Co., Oct. 23, 1861; May Term 1862. 
Daughter Sallie Ann Gatling, all my heirs. 

Graham, Ebenezer, Gates Co., June 16, 1795; May Court 1809. 
Son John Baker Graham, brother-in-law Henry Baker of Scotland 
Neck, Halifax County, 1ST. C, Lawrence Baker Exr. Test, John 
Baker, Hy. Hudgins. 

Granberry, Nancy, Gates Co., July 30, 1836 ; Aug't Court 1836. 
Daughters Bathsheba and Elizabeth, son George Gordon, John C. 
Gordon Exr. Test, Jos. Gordon, Elizabeth 1ST. Harvey. 

Gilliam, Henry, Gates Co., March 27, 1835; Feb'y Court 181-3. 
Wife Elizabeth Gilliam, children Henry A., Mary C., Martha F., 
Thos. H. and George Gilliam, sister Martha Parker, son John B. Gil- 
liam, Augustus Moore and wife Exrs. 

Gwinn, John, March 22, 1843 ; May Court 1843. Wife Threasy, 
son William, daughter Sally Gwinn, daughters Martha Jones and 
Milly Barr, sons David, Joseph and William, daughters Mary, Eliz- 
abeth and Nancy. Jesse Wiggins Exr. Test, Thos A. Small, 
Daniel Powell. 

Hill, Henry, Gates Co., Jan'y 4, 1780; Feb'y Court 1781. Son 
Henry, land binding on Seasbrook Hinton's, sons Himbreck, David 
and Clement, daughters Charity Bobins and Mary Nichols, wife 
Mary, Henry Hill and Thomas Hunter Exrs. Test, Thos. Hunter, 
Robert Taylor, Martha Harrell. 

Hill, Guy, Gates Co., March 6, 1787; Aug't Term 1787. Son 
John, daughter Elizabeth, wife Mary, brother-in-law Kich'd Bond 
and Moses Mill Exrs. Test, Kader Hill, Henry Walton, Micajan 

Hill, Himrick, Gates Co., July 7, 1802; Feb'y Court 1809. Wife 
Penelope, son Kedar, daughter Leah, wife and John Hare Exrs. 
Test, John Hare, Mary Nichols. 

Hill, Ann, Gates Co., Nov. 16, 1847; May Term 1852. Step- 
daughter Caroline Mary Hill, sister Elizabeth Bichardson, Edward 
R. Hunter Exr. Test, Wm. I. Hunter, Isaac R. Hunter, Sr. 

Hill, Asa, Gates Co., April 6, 1859 ; May Term 1859. Wife Su- 
san, son James B. Hill, daughter Philopena Harrell, son Charles, 
daughters Sarah M. Hill and Mary A. Hill. Test, John E. Hill, D. 

Hill, Bobert R., Gates Co., July 1, 1862 ; Nov. Term 1862. Wife 
Catharine, daughters Sarah C. Hill and Catharine Hill, son John R. 
Hill, son-in-law Wm. G. Williams, his wife and daughter Jane Rebec- 
ca, daughter Marv Ann Hill, son Patrick H. Hill, John R. Hill, W. 
G. Williams and" Sam'l K Harrell Exrs. Test, Elisha Williams, 
Martin Kellogg. 

Hunter, Alee, Gates Co., April 12, 1781 ; Aug't Court 1781. Sons 
William, Theophilus and John, daughter Mary, Thos. Walton and son 

52 Abstract of Wills. 

Win. Hunter Exrs. Test Sarah Walton, Mary Hunter Elisha Hunter. 

Hunter, Jacob, Gates Co., Feb'y 5, 1780 ; Nov. Court 1784. Wife 
Sarah, all my children, Isaac, Leah, Eiddick and Elizabeth, son-in- 
law Seth Eiddick and son Isaac Hunter Exrs. Test, Jno. Hodges, 
Wm. Freeman, Abram Harrell. 

Hunter, Elisha, Gates Co., May 2, 1786; Aug't Court 1786. 
Daughter Sele Hunter, wife Ann, grand-daughter Ann Lay (daugh- 
ter of Amos Freeman), son Thomas Hunter and Joseph Eiddick 
Exrs. Test, John Gordon, Sarah Hunter, Sam'l Hunter. 

Hunter, Thomas, Gates Co., Sept. 19, 1797; Feb'y Court 1798. 
Sons Elisha and Isaac, daughters Ann and Christian Hunter, son 
Elisha, Isaac Hunter, James Gregory and Jos. Eiddick Exrs. Test, 
Wm. Carter, George Outlaw. 

Hunter, William, Gates Co., March 24, 1813; May Court 1813. 
Wife Christian, son John, daughter Leah, sons Timothy and Elisha, 
daughter Julia, Job Winslow and Timothy Freeman Exrs.. Leah, 
Timothy and Elisha are the grand-children of Ezekiel Trotman. 
Test, J. Eiddick, James Phelps. 

Hunter, Isaac, Gates Co., Oct. 15, 1816; Nov. Court 1816. Son 
Isaac Eiddick Hunter, wife Mary, son Jacob, Benjamin Hunter, 
Sophia Hunter, Sarah Ednah Adaline Hunter, son John Omugg 
Hunter, daughter Armesia Hunter, son Edward E. Hunter, James 
Lassiter, Edward E. Hunter and Isaac E. Hunter Exm Test, John 
T. Weaver, W. W. Stedman. 

Hunter, Mary, Gates Co., Jan'y 23, 1838; Aug't Court 1838. 
Son Jacob Benjamin, daughter Sarah E. Eiddick, son-in-law Willis 
F. Eiddick. 

Hunter, Edward E., Gates Co., Feb'y 13, 1857; August Term 
1857. Daughter Mary Eliza, son Edward E., and his four children, 
Samuel Watts, Mary Eliza Frances, Martha Jane and Edward Moore 
White Hunter, sons William I. Hunter and Willis M. Hunter, son 
Henry H. Hunter, daughter Sophia C. Hunter, grand-sons Joseph 
Mullen and Henry Hunter Mullen, son James B. Hunter, wife Mary 
Eliza, sons Willis M., Henry H. and James B. Hunter Exrs. Test, 
Sam'l Harrell, Isaac E. Hunter. 

Hare, Mary (widow of Edward), Gates Co., Sept. 22, 1780 ; Feb'y 
Court 1788. Son John, grand-son Duke Hare, daughter Ann Scott, 
John Miller, grand-daughter Margaret Scott, heirs of my daughter 
Christian West, daughter Mary Burgess, heirs of my son Bryan Hare, 
son John and Thomas Hare Exrs. 

Hare, Moses, Jr., Feb'y 11, 1794; May Court 1794. Sons Sim- 
mons Hare Jones, Winston Hare Jones and Moses H. Jones, daughter 
Jennie Hare, Jethro Sumner and Simmons Hare Jones Exrs. Test, 
Andrew Matthews, David Benton. 

Hare, Moses, Gates Co., April 12, 1793 ; Aug't Court 1794. Wife 

Abstract of Wills. 53 

Honore, sons Moses, Joseph and John, son Elisha, daughter Bridget 
Small, my wife. Test, K. Ballard, David Jones. 

Hare, Elisha, Gates Co., Jan'y 13th, 1805; Feb'y Court 1808. 
Wife Esther, sons Jesse, Jacob and Thomas, daughters Elizabeth, 
Jane and Eebecca Hare, wife Exx. Test, Edward Parker, Crissy 

Hare, John, Gates Co., Oct. 16th, 1819; Nov. Court 1819. Wife 
Rosanna, sons Edward, Elisha, John, Kedah and James, daughter 
Elizabeth Morris, John Walton and D. Walton Exrs. 

Hare, Joseph, Gates Co., May 23rd, 1822; Feb'y Court 1825. 
Wife Edith, all my children, wife Exx. Test, James Benton, John 
Hare, Bryan Hare. 

Hinton, William, Gates Co., Oct. 27, 1796; Nov. Court 1796. 
Wife Mary, daughter Elizabeth Thompson, sons Noah and William, 
(Sam'l Harrell, Isaac Hunter, Lewis Thompson and Noah Thomp- 
son Exrs. Test, John Robbins, Isaac Rhoads, Mourning Seeman. 

"Hinton, William, Sr., Gates Co., Jan'y 1st, 1806; Feb'y Court 
1S06. Wife Priscilla, daughter Elizabeth Foster and Sally Hin- 
ton, son William, son John Exr. Test, Thos. Hofier, Elizabeth 

Hinton, Sarah, Gates Co., Dec. 28, 1824; May Court 1825. Cous- 
ins Mary Cooper and Anne Bond, George Sutton Exr. Test, Noah 

Hinton, Reuben, Gates Co., March 28, 1837 ; Augt. Court 1837. 
Wife Penelope, son Reuben Gordon Hinton, daughters Angelina 
find Susan Caroline Hinton, daughter Sarah Parker, grand-daughter 
Sarah Eliz Carver and her father eL^b-Qai'ver, Henry Gilliam Exr. 
Test, Benj. Savage, Henry Booth. 

Hinton, Thomas, Oct. 11, 1844; Nov. Court 1844. Wife Eliza, , 
William Thomas Hinton infant child of Jacob Hinton, sister Eliza- 
beth Hinton (wife of Noah Hinton), Jacob Hunter Exr. 

Hinton, Noah, Gates Co., Augt. 30, 1849; Nov. Term 1849. Wife 
Elizabeth, sons Robert and Jacob, daughters Emily Felton and Ar- 
mesia Jackson, son Jacob Exr. Test, Mills Roberts, James Hinton. 

Hinton, Penelope, Gates Co., Augt. 29, 1843 ; May Term 1850. 
Daughters Sarah Parker, Angelina Hinton and Susan Hinton, sons 
Gordon, Noah and James Hinton (orphans of James Hinton), son 
Gordon Exr. Test, Willis F. Riddick, John Boothe, James Ham- 

Hinton, John, Gates Co., Jan'y 10, 1854; Nov. Term 1857. Wife 
Dorothy, son John W. Hinton, daughter Margaret Freeman and all 
her children, grand-sons R. H. L. Bond and James F. Bond sons of 
my daughter Ann Wiley, who was formerly wife of Henry Bond, 
grand-son Oliver H. Odom and Richard B. Odom, daughter Ann 

— ^~ 

54 Abstract of Wills. 

Wiley, daughter Julia Nowell and her children, son John W. Hin- 
ton and grand-son Joseph Nowell Exrs. Test, John Walton, James 
E. Hoffler. 

Hinton, Margaret, Gates Co., Oct. 4, 1859. Nuncupative 2 Jesse 
Jones, Henry Pearce and wife, Rainey and Mary Trevathan, "prop- 
erty to be equally divided between my husband's children." John 
Walton, Exr. 

Harrell, Peters, Gates Co., June 29, 1802 ; August Court 1802. 
Wife Pleasant, son Peter, daughters Annis, Nancy, Judith, Pene- 
lope, Mary, Pleasant and Elizabeth, grand-sons Peter and Hilery 
Eure, Mills Eure Exr. Test, Sam'l Taylor, Peter Harrell. 

Harrell, Isaac, Gates Co., March 20, 1805; Nov. Court 1805. 
Sons David and Noah, daughter Leah, grand-son John Lewis (son 
of my daughter Leah Hinton), daughters Edith Groves, Rhoda Par- 
ker, Leoner Dare, grand-children Christian Jones, Absilla and Thom- 
as Trotman (children of daughter Christian Trotman) wife Judith, 
son Isaac Exr. Test, Charles W. Harvey, John Granberry, Hy 

Harrell, Christian, Jan'y 12th, 1795. Uncles Samuel and Demp- 
sey Harrell, mother Mary Harrell, aunt Sarah Piland, Martha and 
Ruth Piland. Test, Edward Piland, Susan Piland. 

Harrell, Thomas, Gates Co., March 22d, 1808 ; May Court 1808. 
Wife Ann, sons Elijah and Elisha, daughters Edy, Rebecca, ' Mary 
and Milley, sons Elijah and Elisha Exrs. Test, Sanders Carter, 
John Eure. 

Harrell, Abraham, Gates Co., March 18, 1799 ; August Court 
1810. Son David, daughters Winea Moran and Fanny Alphin, sons 
Theophilus, Charles and Abraham, wife Mary. Test, David Rice, 
John Miller, W. Creecy. 

Harrell, Samuel, Gates County, Feb'y 13, 1811 ; May Court 1811. 
Wife Sally, three youngest sons' Willis, Andrew and Isaac, five 
youngest children Henry, Willis, Andrew, Elizabeth and Isaac, son 
William, daughter Mary, sons Noah, Abner and James, son Joseph, 
daughter Nancy, sons William and Noah Exrs. Test, John Gordon, 
Charles W. Harvey. 

Harrell, Demsey, Gates Co., Oct. 15, 1808; Eeb'y Court 1812. 
Sons Thomas and George, daughter Elizabeth Harrell, wife Mary, 
George Harrell and Mills Eure Exrs. Test, David Harrell, Elisha 
Parker, Wm. Crafford. 

Harrell, Thomas, Gates county, Jan'y 8, 1824; Feb'y Court 1824. 
Brothers Elisha and Josiah Harrell, sister Penny Piland, brother 
Elijah Harrell, cousin Elisha Harrell Exr. Test, A. Beeman, Jessp 

Harrell, Josiah, Gates county, Nov. 10, 1823 ; Feb'y Court 1825. 


Abstract of Wills. 


Wife Judeth, sons William and Samuel, daughter Arcada Jones, son 
William Exr. Test, Mills Eure, George Harrell, wife's Judeth's chil- 

Harrell, Judeth, Gates county, Jan'y 27, 1833 ; Feb'y Term 1833. 
Son Euarven Harrell, heirs of Peters Harrell, dec'd, Abraham Par- 
ker Exr. Test, Mills Eure, Nathan Smith, Elizabeth Taylor. 

Harrel, Mary, Gates county, July 18, 1834; Feb'y Term 1834. 
Son William Henry Harrell, Abraham Pruden Exr. Test, Thos. 
Hoggard, Wiley Carter. 

Harrell, William, Gates county, Dec. 26, 1833; 'Nov. Court 1834. 
Wife Elizabeth, sons William H., James A., son William, Joseph 
Gordon, sons William H. and James A. Harrell Exrs. Test, Mar- 
maduke Norfleet, Jos. Gordon. 

Harrell, Jesse, Gates county, Apl. 19, 1837; Augt. Court 1837. 
Sons Thomas and Kobert H, wife Ledy, daughters Elizabeth and 
Ann Harrell, son James. Test, Jesse Piland, Boon Eure. 

Harrell, Elisha, Gates Co., Feb'y 16, 1837; Nov. Court 1840. 
Wife Penelope, daughters Penelope Harrell, Ludah Savage and Ce- 
lia Harrell, sons Jethro and Peter, daughter Elizabeth Taylor, 
grand-son Charles Eure, grand-daughters Elizabeth and Celia Eure, 
grand-children John and Patsey Harrell, son Jethro and W. L. 
Boothe Exrs. Test, Demsey Parker, Mills Sparkman. 

Harrell, Penelope, Gates County, February 1, 1842 ; May Court 
1842. Grand-daughter Celia Eure, daughters Penelope Harrell, 
Ludah Savage and Celia Harrell's son Peter Exr. Test, Wm. L. 
Boothe, John M. Mathews. 

Harrell, Jethro, Gates Co., June 29, 1837 ; May Term 1S47. Wife 
Nancy, daughters Mary Hare, Martha and Emily Harrell. Test, 
Wm. P. Jones, James Smith. 

Harrell, Noah, Gates Co., July 1st, 1848 ; Feb'y Term 1S49. Son 
Sam'l R. Harrell, daughter Mary S. Bond, her three children by El- 
bert H. Eiddick, (Wm. Harvey Riddick, Willie Goodman Riddick 
and David Elbert. Riddick) son James N. Harrell, daughter Ann C. 
Goodman, sons Sam'l R. and James N. Riddick Exrs. Test, Solo- 
mon Rountree, Henry Speight. 

Harrell, Willis W., Gates county, Sept. 15, 1857; Feb'y Term 
1S58. Wife Louise, Abner Harrell (youngest son of William Nor- 
fleet Harrell) youngest daughter Mary Louisa Harrell, sons Edward 
R. Harrell and Noah Harrell, daughter Martha 0. Hill, son Edward 
P. and James Noah Harrell Exrs. Test, Wm. L. Reed, Riddick 

Harrell, Nancy, Gates County, July 13, 1858 ; August Term 1858. 
Sister Elizabeth Briggs, Dempsey Jones, Nancy Jones, Allen Smith, 
William Smith, sister Eliz Briggs Exx. Test, Evan Parker, J. F. 

56 Abstract of Wills. 

Harrell, Nathan, Gates County, March 12, 1860 ; August Term 
1860. Wife Celia, children of my sister Martha Eure and her hus- 
band Daniel Eure, wife and John E. Cross Exrs. Test, W. L. 
Boothe, Tamar Cross. 

Harrell, Isaac, Gates County, November 20, 1861 ; August Term 
1862. Wife, daughters Martha Louisa Harrell, and Mary Ann Hill, 
my children Mills Eoberts, Florence Meliam, Dinah Margaret Hor- 
tense, Isaac and Samuel, wife and Joshua S. Whedbee Exrs. 

Harrell, Samuel R., Gates County, April 5, 1864; August Term 
1864. Wife Mary Elizabeth, daughter Sarah Augusta Harrell, son 
William Preston Harrell, son Samuel Bascom Harrell, daughter 
Mary Catharine, sons James Abner Harrell, Charles Noah Harrell, 
Edward E. Harrell, Claudius Willett Harrell and Emmett Eugene 
Harrell, Elizabeth Estelle Harrell, child in esse, Henry A. Morgan, 
William Prescott Harrell and Samuel B. Harrell Exrs. Test, Cos- 
ten Jordan, John E. Hill. 

JLarrell, Isaac, Gates County, November 15, 1806; November 
Court 1806. Brother Noah Harrell. Test, Samuel Harrell, Henry 

Hines, Moses, Gates County, January 25, 1803 ; November Court 
1804. Wife Ruth, daughter Rachel Ellis Hines, Aaron Smith, 
Judeth Wilkins, daughter Elizabeth Phelps, Kedar Parker Exr. 
Test, Jesse B. Benton, Kedar Parker. 

Harvey, Sarah, Gates County, March 14, 1816; May Court 1816. 
Chas. W. Harvey, brother Thomas Riddick, mother Elizabeth Min- 
chew, Joseph and John Riddick (sons of brother Thomas), Micajah 
and Lassiter Riddick (sons of brother Edward Riddick), son Rob- 
ert Riddick, daughter Mary E. Riddick, brother James Riddick, 
Chas. W. Harvey and James Lassiter Exrs. 

Harvey, George A., Gates County, August 20, 1820; February 
Court 1824. Wife Elizabeth, my children, Mary Ann Gordon Har- 
vey, William Edward N. Harvey, Jacob John Harvey and George 
Gordon Harvey, wife, Geo. Gordon, Joseph Gordon and Jacob N. 
Gordon Exrs. Test, Noah Harrell, Daniel Duke. 

Harvey, William M., Gates County, May 23, 1818; May Court 
1827. Margaret Ann Baker Harvey, William Benjamin Harvey, 
Richard Marmaduke Norfleet Harvey, John Mallory Harvey, Louisa 
Virginia Harvey, wife Ann N. Harvey Exx. Test, Benj. Wynne, 
Charles Vann, John B. Baker Adm'r. 

Haslet, Fletcher, Gates County, September 28, 1838; November 
Court 1838. Brother John Haslet, my brothers and sisters, wife 
Mary, Isaac S. Harrell Exr. Test, Jas. T. Freeman, John Hinton. 

Haslet, John H, Gates County, October 19, 1855 ; February Term 
1856. Wife Liddy, daughter Martha A. Williams, son John F. Has- 

Abstract of Wills. 57 

let, Isaac Williams and Jno. F. Haslet Exrs. Test, Thos. Pearce, 
Wm. K. Babb. 

Hoskins, Margaret, Gates County, August 26, 1832; November 
Court 1838. Daughter Lydia Ann Eiddick, grand-son Henry Au- 
gustus Eiddick, grand-daughter Cassandra Eiddick, my grand-chil- 
dren, Eichard Edgar, Chas. Cunningham, Margaret Amelia, Eva- 
lina and Angelina Virginia Eiddick (children of my daughter Lydia 
Ann Eiddick), John Eobberts Exr. Test, Hy Gilliam, Jos. I. 
Barnes, T. Saunders. 

Howell, Miles, Gates County, July 24, 1839; February Court 
1840. Sons James E. and Dempsey W. Howell, daughters Cherry 
M. J., Mary Frances, and Georgeanna Howell, daughter Martha 
Eliza Howell, Edward Howell of Edward, Peter Eure. 

Hudgins, Humphrey, Gates County, December 23, 1822 ; Febru- 
ary Court 1823. Sons John P., Josiah J., Jesse, William, Levin and 
Joel, daughters Elizabeth Hudgins, Amelia Eawls, Louisa Pugh, 
Sally Hudgins, grand-daughters Elizabeth Savage and Mary Ann 
Savage, grand-son Humphrey D. Savage, daughter Eosa Walton, sons 
William and Joel Hudgins Exrs. Test, Eichard Smith, Jno. Mat- 
thews. He came to Gates from Gloucester County, Va. 

Hudgins, Mary, Gates County, June 12, 1841 ; February Term 
1850. Daughters Amelia Eountree and Lovicey Worrell, grand- 
daughter Emily Caroline Eoimtree, son-in-law Solomon Eountree 
Exr. Test, 0. B. Savage, W. G. Daughtrey. 

Hudgins, Mary, Gates County, December 8, 1847 ; August Term 
1863. Son Warner Pugh Hudgins, daughter Sally Ann Blanchard 
(her husband James Blanchard), grand-son John Benbury Eawls 
(son of my deceased daughter Esther Elizabeth Eawls), son Warner 
Pugh Hudgins Exr. Test, John Walton, John E. Walton. 

Hunter, Mary Eliza, Gates County, July 5, 1861 ; May Term 
1862. Brothers Edward E., William I., J. Beverly, and Henry 
Holmes Hunter, nephew Henry H. Mullen, nephew Edward Hunter 
(son of Willis M. Hunter), sister Sophia Carolina Hines, brother-in- 
law Thomas C. Hines Exr. Test, Isaac A. Harrell, Samuel E. Har- 

Jenkins, Winborn, Gates County, January 17, 1813; May Court 
1815. Son Isaac H. Jenkins, wife Nancy, son John C. Jenkins, son 
Willis W. Jenkins, Jethro A. Jenkins, Henry Wiley and Isaac H. 
Jenkins Exrs. Test, Kedar Parker, Wm. Goodman of H. 

Jones, Frederick, Gates County, August 20, 1838 ;• November 
Court 1838. Sons Ezekiel, Archibald, Alfred and M. Jones, daugh- 
ters Elizabeth, Almena Jones and Elizabeth Fields (daughter of F. 
Fields), son Ezekiel and Thos. Eiddick Exrs. Test, Eichard H. 
Parker, Ira Z. Hunter. 

King, Solomon, Gates County. Wife Abigail, grand-sons Solomon 

58 Abstract of Wills. 

King Goodman, William Goodman, Elisha Porter, Demsey King 
Sumner,and Solomon King Valentine, grand-son Nathaniel Tynes 
land in Edgecombe County, grand-daughter Mary Goodman, daughter 
Eliza Tynes, son-in-law Thomas Tynes, daughters Abigail Porter, 
Martha Sumner and Abigail Valentine, Rebecca King Valentine 
(wife, David Darden, John Lee, son-in-law Jethro Sumner, and 
Henry Goodman Exrs. Test, Wm. Goodman, Jas. Gatling, Jane 
Sanders. (No date, but about 1785.) 

King, Henry, Gates County, January 23, 1782 ; November Court 
1782. Wife Mary, sons William and John, daughters Elizabeth, 
Mary and Sarah, wife and brother Solomon Exrs. Test, Henry 
King, George Dunn, Francis Speight, Abigail King. 

King, Simon, Gates County, October 3, 1817; February Court 
1818. Daughter Christian, sons John, William, Swain and Nor- 
man, wife Maiy, brother Norman King and Joseph Eiddick Exrs. 
Test, Wm. King, Henry King. 

• King, William, Gates County, July 27, 1831 ; May Court 1832. 
Wife Harriet, daughter Mary, Jesse Hobbs Exr. Test, Mary King, 
Amos Hobbs. 

King, John, Gates County, August 7, 1849 ; November Term 
1849. Wife Sarah, my children, viz: Ann, Hamilton, John, Sarah 
Elizabeth and Mary, Thos. Riddick Exr. Test, C. A. Eiddick, Jas. 
C. King. 

Kittrell, George, Gates County, September 10, 1832 ; November 
Court 1832. Wife Hilly, children Mary, Sarah, Elizabeth, Mildred, 
John, Maria, Leah and Anna Kittrell, wife Milly and Daniel Wil- 
liams Exrs. Test, Levi Rogers, Jethro Wiley, Dempsey Goodman. 

Kittrell, Elizabeth, Gntes County, April 14, 1823; May Court 
1823. Son George Kittrell, daughter Elizabeth Fields, grand-chil- 
dren Enos Scarbrough, Elizabeth Williams. William Moore, daughter 
Mary Willey, heirs of my son William Kittrell, heirs of my deceased 
daughters Sar^h Williams and Charity Williams, son George Exr. 
Test, Dempsey Goodman, William Cleaves. 

Knight, Brinkley, Gates County, June 1852 ; August Term 1852. 
Wife Esther, eldest son John A. Knight, sons Thos. G., Dempsey and 
Wesley, daughters Elizabeth Brothers, Mary Jones, Hester Ann 
Knight and Peggy Ann Furlington, grand-daughters Virginia Brink- 
ley and Pleasant Knight, sons John Thomas and William, sonWm. W. 
Knight, Thos. C. Hines Exr. Test, Jordan Parker, Joshua Jones. 

Knight, Thomas J., Gates County, December 18, 1852 ; February 
Term 1853. Brothers John A. and William W. Knight, my father's 
first children and grand-children, sister Hester Ann L John A. Knight 
Exr. Test, Thos.. P. Cherry, Joshua Jones. 

Knight, Esther, Gates County, September 4, 1861 ; August Term 
1862. Son John A. Knight, son Wm. W. Knight, daughter Hester 


Abstract of Wills. 


Ann Benton, Lincard Martin Knight, sons John and William Knight 
Exrs. Test, Thos. C. Hines, Thos. Benton. 

Lawrence, Rachel, Gates County, August 14, 1791; February 
Court 1792. Husband Michael Lawrence, Judith Baby, Christopher 
Riddick Exr. 

Lewis, William, Gates County, January 14, 1796 ; February Court 
1796. Son John, wife Leah, brother-in-law Noah Harrell Exr., all 
my children. Test, Levin Duer, John Roberts. 

Lewis, Phillip, Gates County, March 24, 1793 ; February Court 
1800. Wife Elizabeth, brothers Luke, Mills, John and Luton 
Lewis, mother Sarah Lewis, brother Eff Lewis, David Lewis, sister 
Molly Lewis. Test, I. Pipkin, Benj. Barnes, Thos. Barnes. 

Lewis, Luton, Gates County, October 22, 1807 ; August Court 
1811. Wife Peggy, sons Elvey and Luton, brother Phillip, son Phil- 
lip, daughters Elizabeth, Nancy and Priscilla Lewis, child in esse. 
Test, Jos. Speight, Eff Lewis. 

Lewis, John, Gates County, October 2, 1812 ; February Court 
1815. Wife Polly, sons Exum and John, daughters Celia, Sally 
and Peggy. Test, Whitmell Eure, E. H. Eure. 

Lewis Luton, Gates County, April 29, 1815 ; August Court 1815, 
Uncle Benjamin Odom, grand-father John Smith, uncle Jno. Smith. 
Test, James Boothe, John Smith, Jesse Arline. 

Lewis, Molley, Gates County, October 6, 1821; February Court 
1822. Brother Eff Lewis, Elvey Lewis and his daughter Emiline 
Lewis, Elvey Lewis Exr. Test, Ira, Richard and Asa Odom. 

Lewis, Mary Gates County, No date. Probated 1850. Son 
John Lewis, son John Wolfey, all my heirs, nephew 1 )r. If enry Wil- 
ley Exr. Test, R. Gatling, Wm. Gatling. 

Lank, Thomas, Gates County, December 28, 1828 ; February Court 
1829. Wife Zilpha, Robert I. Parker, Rachel S. Parker,' Collen 
Morgan, Thos. Morgan and Abraham Morgan, Timothy Walton Exr. 

Lewis, David, Gates County, June 12, 1830; August Court 1833. 
Grand-sons John H. and David C. Cross, my grand-children, the chil- 
dren of daughter Penelope Cross, dec'd, Nancy Smith, Priscilla 
Ward, Elizabeth and Mary Cross, son Blake Lewis, David C. Cross 
Exr., grand-mother. Test, Jno. B. Baker, Wm. H. Savage. . 

Lee, Mary, Gates County, December 1, 1836. Daughter Elizabeth 
Eure (wife of Samuel), daughter Mary Valentine (wife of Solo- 
mon), grand-children Henry L. Eure, Mills Eure, Emma L. Cart- 
wright (wife of James Cartwright), Armesia Everett (wife of John 
Everett), and Mary Ann Eure, my sons and daughters, William Lee, 
Richard H. Lee, John R. Lee, Margaret Williams (wife of Jonathan 
Williams), Sarah Cross (wife of John Cross dec'd), Charity Good- 
man, (wife of William Goodman), Ann Vaugban (wife of Joseph 
Vaughan), Martha Vaugban (wife of John B. Vaughan), grand-son 

60 Abstract of Wills. 

Lee Goodman, sons William and John Lee Exrs. Test, Edward 
Howell. Jno. B. Marsh. 

Lee, Titus G., Gates Countv, August 24, 1864; February Term 
1866. Wife Mary A. Lee and Mills H. Eure Exrs. Test, 0. B. 
Savage, N". T. Biddick. 

Lee, John, Gates County, November 13, 1865; May Term 1866. 
Wife Mildred, daughters Margaret, Ginney, Martha and Lucy Lee, 
daughter Frances Carter aud Emma Powell, grand-son Braxton B. 
Lee, son Richard Lee, daughter Margaret Lee Exx. Test, Bobert H. 
Ballard, H. C. Willey. 

Mathias, William, Gates County, December 8, 179S : February 
Court 1799. Wife Penelope, sons John, Elisha and William, my 
other three sons, son John and Kedar Ballard Exrs. 

Meroney, Martha, Gates County, September 9, 1814; February 
Court 1815. Daughters Elizabeth Barnes, Peggy Steadman, Eliza- 
beth Riddick, Nancy Furguson, Rachel Morgan, Fanny Benton and 
Cynthia Powell, grand-son Gideon Powell, grand-daughter Catharine 
Powell, Robert Riddick and Jacob S. Powell Exrs. Test, Edwin 
Ballard, Jno. Granbury. (Daughter of Joseph John Alston, of Hal- 
ifax County, N C.) 

Mitchell, Richard, Gates Co., May 15, 1819 ; Feb'y Court 1820. 
Esther Mitchell thro' Wm. McDonald in 1788, my plantation to be 
sold containing 400 acres, net proceeds of sale on a credit of twelve 
or 18 months,, the purchaser to give bond with approved security to 
the President and Directors of the Bank of Edenton, for the sole 
purpose of building a brick wall around the Church-yard at Edenton, 
the Commissioners in charge of said work to give bond and security 
for their performance and carrying on said work to the President & 
Directors of said Bank at Edenton. J as. Sumner my father-in law, 
Aaron Ward, Duncan McDonald son of William McDonald lots jS"os. 
106, 107 & 108 in Edenton, also one of the lots of Jno. Hartford. 
To the Chairman of the Court of Gates Co., or his successor in office, 
2 acres whereon the Warwick Chapel now stands for the use of said 
Chapel & for a buryal ground. Burton Hathaway in Tyrrell Co., 
K". G, "three yallow negroes" after the death of my wife Esther 
Mitchell, named Tom, Fanny & Aggy, for his own family's use for a 
term of ten years and after that the said Burton Hathaway to protect 
them, but never to return to John Mitchell or any of his heirs. 
Elizabeth Horniblow, Hannah Pritchard & Sarah Morgan, of Eden- 
ton, $25 each; Zilpha Powell daughter of Moses Blanchard $25; 
that poor old creature Selah Mansfield $25 to build her a better 
house. All the balance of my estate to my wife Esther Mitchell & 
her heir John Mitchell, Timothy Hunter of Bertie Co., Wm. Barks- 
dale of Halifax county, Timothy Walton & Timothy Walton, Jr., 
sole Executors. I recommend to John Mitchell to be more careful 


Abstract of Wills. 61 

iD his policy, industry & own preservation. I am owing nearly 
nothing and the estate nearly clear of debt. I never had no meaning 
nor intent in the world to do my family any injury * * * * 
If I have erred, May God of His infinite Mercy, forgive me. There 
is a duplicate of this will left in the Branch Bank at Edenton. Test, 
John Walton, Thos. Leak, Jno. L. Billups. 

John Mitchell qualified as Administrator and gave bond in sum 
of £5,000. 

March, John, Gates Co., May 2nd, 1821; May Court 1821. Wife 
Mary, sons John Barnard & Timothy Andrew March, daughter Mar- 
tha Ann Hall ; provided she stays witb her mother-in-law, Mary 
March, wife Exx. Test, Lewis Eure, Nathaniel Eure. 

Morgan, Charity, Gates Co., Nov. 14, 1817; May Court 1825. 
Grand-son Joshua Jones, grand-children Emily Small and James 
Small, son James Morgan Exr. Test, Abraham Benton, Seth Ben- 

Matthews, John W., Gates Co., March 2d, 1833 ; May Court 1833. 
Sons Matthew and Arthur, daughters Matilda and Nancy; Holland 
Bailey, son John, James Morgan Exr. Test, Etheldred Matthews. 

Matthews, John, Gates Co., April 13th, 1836; Nov. Court 1836. 
Wife Sarah, sons Anthony and Thomas, James Savage Exr. Test, 
Levi Beaman, Andrew Johnson. 

Matthews, William A., Gates Co., Dec. 29, 1845; Feb'y Term 
1849. Son Seth D. Matthews, daughter Penelope, son Jesse S. 
Matthews, daughter Mildred Johnson, son Wm. E. Matthews, grand- 
daughter Emeline Lee, son John M. Matthews, son William E. Mat- 
thews, son John and Wm. E., Exrs. Test, B. Matthews, Eich'd 

Morgan, Seth R., Gates Co., Dec. 12th, 1865 ; Nov. Term 1866. 
Daughters Margaret Ann and Sarah Virginia, son James E. Morgan, 
son Henry A. Morgan, son George T. Morgan, son John W. Morgan, 
daughter Sarah V. Morgan. 

Morgan, James, Gates Co., Jan'y 15th, 1838; Feb'y Court 1838. 
Wife Elizabeth, son John, daughters Caroline and Ann Elizabeth, 
all my children, John C. Gordon Exr. Test, Richard H. Parker, 
Humphrey Parker. 

Morgan, Mathews, Gates Co., Sept. 25th, 1827 ; Feb'y Court 1832. 
Daughters Mary Holland, Rutha Page, Nancy Brit^t and Sarah 
Copeland, grand-son George Thos. Copeland, son-in-law Exr. Test, 
Joel Hudgins, Wm. W. Riddick. 

Miltear, Mildred, Gates Co., March 4, 1843. George Rufus and 
James Lewis Williams, Melon Rogers (wife of James), Margaret 
Williams (wife of John W.). Test, David Riddick, Elizabeth 

62 Abstract of Wills. 

Moor, William K, Gates Co., Xov. 24th, 1847 ; May Term 1850. 
Wife Martha, all my children, Edwin Smith Exr. Test, Wm. J. 
Spiers, Thos. Mathias. 

Moore, George A., Gates Co., June 20, 1855 ; Nov. 13th, 1855. 
Wife Cornelia, son Willie C. Moore, firm of Sanders & Moore at 
Somerton, Va., my brothers and sisters, wife Exx. Test, Edwin 
Smith, E. H. Saunders. 

Moore, William J., Feb'y 24, 1864; May Term 1864. Thomas 
Riddick, sister Martha Eliza Moore, M. Effa Smith (daughter of 
Edwin Smith), Thomas Crowder Kittrell (son of my friend John 
Kittrell), sister Marietta Moore, Edwin Smith Exr. Test, Isaac 
Williams, Blake Baker. 

Minor, William, Gates Co., Augt. 3rd, 1857. Probate not dated. 
Xepkew James Benjamin Collins, wife Theresa Exx. Test, Isaac 
Williams, Wm. L. Booth e. 

Xorfleet, Jacob, Gates Co., Dec. 12th, 1778; Augt. Court 1780. 
Wife Elizabeth, son Kinchen Xorfleet, daughters Esther Xorfleet, 
Elizabeth and Pleasant Lawrence, wife, son Kinchen and brother 
Abraham Xorfleet Exrs. Test, Willis Wiggins, Kesiah Knight. 

Xorfleet, James, March 19th, 1796; May Court 1796. 'Wife 
Sarah, daughter Philisia, Mary, Elizabeth and Sarah Xoi'fleet (wife, 
Jethro Ballard and Kedar Ballard. Exrs.) Test, Jethro Ballard, 
Kincben Xorfleet, Mary Bountree. 

Xorfleet, Kinchen, Gates Co., Jan'y 23rd, 1849; Augt. Term 
1849. Sons Marmaduke, Seth and James J. Xorfleet, son John R. 
Xorfleet, daughters Xancy Jordan and Susan B. Walton. Test, 
Allen Smith, James Rawls. 

Xichols, Jonathan, Gates Co., May 10, 1800; May Court 1801. 
Wife Mary, daughter Mary Pearce. Test, John Hare, Nathaniel 

Xurney, Mary, Gates Co., April 27, 1831; May Court 1845. 
Mary Tempe and David Xurney. 

Outlaw, James, Eeb'y 1st, 1796; Feb'y Court 1796. Son David 
Outlaw, brother George Outlaw, (Seth Rountree, George Outlaw 
and Isaac Costen Exrs.) My brothers' and sister's children. 

Outlaw, George, Gates Co.," June 19th, 1801; Nov. Court 1801. 
Son George, sons-in-law Seth Rountree and Isaac Costen, wife Sa- 
rah, sons-in-law Harden Hurdle, Jonathan Jordan and Charles Pow- 
ell, daughter Xancy Outlaw, grand-son David Outlaw (son of James, 
dec'd.) (Geo. Outlaw, Seth Rountree and Isaac Costen Exrs.) Test, 
Jo. Riddick, Rich'd Mitchell, Nath'l Taylor. 

Outlaw, Jacob, Gates Co., Jan'y 31st, 1808 ; Feb'y Court 1808. 
Wife Rachel, sons John, Thomas and George, daughters Elizabeth 
Blanchard, Deborah, Nancy and Ketey Outlaw, Rachel and John 


Abstract of Wills. 63 

Outlaw Exrs. Test, Thos. Freeman, Hance Hofler, James Free- 

Outlaw, John, Gates Co., Oct. 29th, 1823; Nov. Court 1823. 
Wife Margaret, children Sarah, Julia, Jacob and Eachel, David 
Outlaw Exr. Test, John Homer Patrick Powell. 

Parker, Daniel, Gates County, November 30, 1780. Grand-son 
Daniel (son of Luke Parker), sons Demsey, Isaac and Robert, 
daughters Sarah Horton and Ruth Riddick, wife Mary, grand-son 
William Griffin (son of daughter Judah Griffin), my three sons 
Exrs., grand-son Willis Chitrel (son of daughter Mary Chitrel). 
Test, Elisha Parker, Thos. Fryer, Peter Parker, Jacob Sumner. 

Parker, William, Sr., Gates County, October 28, 178S ; May 
Court 1789. Wife Elizabeth, sons John, William, Kedar and Wil- 
lis, daughters Treacy and Polly, Umphrey and James Parker, Hugh 
Griffin Parker, (wife, son William and brother Amos Parker Exrs. 
Test, Kader Parker, Willie Parker, Abraham Vincent. 

•Parke-, Joseph, Gates County, July 21, 1789 ; August Term 1789. 
Wife Catren sons Joseph Parker, John, Cader and James, daugh- 
ters Polly, Elizabeth, Isancy and Pussa Parker, Sarah Jones. Test, 
John Robbins, Sr., Jno. Robbins, Jr. 

Parker, Francis, Gates County, April 6, 1791; August Court 
1791. Wife Febury, sons Wilday and Miles, all my children, Wm. 
Goodman Exr. 

Parker, Elisha, Gates County, July 26, 1793; February Court 
1791. Son Peter, daughters Elizabeth Eason and Mary Griffin, 
sons John and Jesse, daughter Peggy Parker, son Elisha, daughters 
Christian and Nancy, grand-son John Griffin, wife Esther, sons John 
and Elisha Exrs. Test, John Parker, Daniel Parker, Pa. Haggerty. 

Parker, Elizabeth, Gates County, September 19, 1799; February 
Court 1800. Brother Isaac Parker, Jr., and his daughter Mary Par- 
ker, cousin James Parker Exr. Test, Wm. Baker, Judith Baker. 

Parker, Jesse, Gates County, September 12, 1800; November 
Court 1800. My wife and two children. Test, R. Hunter, Hardy 

Parker, Rosanna, Gates County, October 22, 1793; November 
Court 1800. Son James, daughter Sarah Brinkley, grand-son 
Simon Parker, son-in-law John West, son James Exr. Test, Jethro 
Sumner, John Saunders. 

Parker, Isaac, Sr., April 8. 1S02 ; August Court 1802. Sons Jon- 
athan, Daniel and Samuel, daughters Mary and Sarah, children Ann 
Williams, Zechariah Parker and Isaac Parker, Isaac Pipkin and son 
Isaac Exrs. Test, Wm. Baker, Demsey Williams, Jr. 

Parker, Elisha, Gates County, September 3, 1806 ; November 
Court 1806. Wife Peggy, daughters Elizabeth Pipkin and Polly 


64 Abstract of Wills. 

Lee Parker, Jonathan Rogers and Hilary Willey Exrs. Test, Dan- 
iel Parker, Pa. Haggerty. 

Parker, Mary, Gates County, September 16, 1S06 ; November 
Court 1806. Brother Jonathan Parker, Axum Parker, sister Sarah 
Parker, brother Isaac Parker, Jonathan an,d Isaac Parker Exrs. 
Test, Mary Parker, Hy Willey. 

Parker, Ferebee, Gates County, November 4, 1807 ; November 
Court 1807. Son Miles, daughters Abigail, Bethany, Edith and 
Sally Parker, Wm. Goodman and Isaac Pipkin Exrs. Test, William 
Goodman of Jacob, Joseph Saunders, Amos Dilday. 

Parker, Demsey, Gatas County, May 6, 1808; February Court 
1808. Son Miles, daughter Edith Vann, heirs of my son Bobert 
Parker, Hillary Willey and Miles Parker Exrs. Test, Jonathan 
Parker, Isaac Parker, George Allen, Jr. 

Parker, Joseph, Gates County, February 25, 1820; November 
Court 1820. Son David, wife Rhoda, son James, wife and son David 
Exr. Test, B. Parker, Sally Lewis. 

' Parker, Bobert, Gates County, November 5, 1822 ; January 10, 
1823; August Court 1823. Nephew James Brown, Abraham Par- 
ker, Ezekiel Lassiter, Mary Cross, niece Elizabeth Parker, Louisa 
Parker, Eliza Parker (wife of Peter), nephew Willis Brown, Pris- 
cilla Hayes and Nancy Bond heirs of Abraham Parker, dec'd, half- 
brother Bichard Parker, Elizabeth Bullock heirs of Wm. Parker, 
Mary Evans, Abraham Parker and James Brown Exrs. Test, H. 

Parker, John, Gates County, January 4, 1825 ; February Court 
1825. Daughters Nancy and Martha, oldest son Isaac, grand-son 
Nathaniel Parker, son-in-law John Cleaves. Test, Clement Hill, 
Henry Joclin, G. Hofler. 

Parker, Thomas, Gates County, April 16, 1825 ; August Court 
1825. Daughter Margaret, grand-sons Jordan Parker and Alfred 
Parker, daughters Ruth Brinkley and Elizabeth Minor, grand-daugh- 
ter Margaret Ann Ballard, daughters Ann Ballard, Mary Odom, 
Margaret Parker and Sarah Brinkley, Demsey Wright, Jonas Mor- 
gan and John C. Gordon Exrs. Test, James B. Arnold, Thos. Duke. 

Parker, William, Gates County, May 2, 1835; February Term 
1835. Wife Martha, all my heirs equally in my estate. Test, Jesse 
P. Wiggins, John Benton. 

Parker, Beuben, Gates County, November 26, 1835; February 
Court 1836. Wife Judeth, son Seth, daughters Sophia, Martha, 
Nancy and Cynthia Parker, brother Adam W. Parker Exr. Test, 
W. L. Boothe, D. Sparkman. 

Parker, Daniel, Gates County, April 24, 1834; August Court 
1837. Sister Mary Parker's sons Abraham, Luke, David and Elvey- 

Abstract of Wills. 


las Parker, her daughter Nancy Parker, Kedar Parker Exr. Test, 
Jesse Savage, Kedar Parker. 

Parker, Kedar, Gates County, July 15, 1829 ; August Court 1837. 
Sons John, Abraham and Ira, son David Parker's daughters Thaney 
and Christian, daughter Elizabeth Norsworthy. Test, Jno. H. Has- 
let, Wm. Babb. 

Parker, Abram W., Gates County, June 10, 1S3T; November 
Court 1847. Wife Mary Exx. All my children, wife Exx. 

Parker, Miles, Gates County, May 26, 1848 ; August Term 1848. 
Wife Mary, my children, Henry G. Williams Exr. Test, Samuel E. 
Smith. Wm. Simpson. 

Parker, Kindred, Gates County, December 31, IS 51; November 
Court 1S52. Daughter Nancy Lawrence, wife Priseilla,. son John 
W. Parker, son Hardy W. Parker, daughter Sarah Babb, son John F. 
Parker, daughters Penelope Burgess, Mary Howell and Elizabeth 
Parker, son Isaac, the Rogers children of my daughter Penelope Bur- 
gass, sons John F. and Hardy W. Parker Exrs. Test, Wm. L. Booth, 
Riddick Cross. 

Parker, Mary, Gates County, May 8, 1856 ; August Term 1856. 
Youngest daughter Sarah, daughter Mary, Louisa and Margaret 
(wife of Wiley Parker), son Thomas Jordan Parker Exr. Test, 
Seth Benton, John Porter. 

Parker, Abram, Gates County, September 22, 1859; August Term 
1860. Elder son Thomas, daughter Martha Brinkley (wife of 
Daniel), sons John and Richard E. Parker, daughter Mary A. Par- 
ker, son John Exr. Test, B. Goodman, Wm. Y. Goodman. 

*Parker, Hardy W., Gates County, now in Confederate Army, No- 
vember 20, 1861 ; August Term 1862. Mother Priseilla Parker, also 
my Exx. Test, Jet. Clark, R. C. Smith. 

Parker, Wm. T., Gates County, February 1, 1855 : February Term 

1864. Wife Christian E. Parker and all my children. Test, Ann 
E. Rountree, Wm. G. Williams. 

Parker, Penelope, Gates County, May 8, 1862 ; November Term 

1865. Sons Reuben and William, daughter Mary Jane Baker, son 
Jethro Parker, daughter Fannie Parker, son Jethro Exr. Test, H. 
Willey, Jno. Kittrell. 

Parker, Priseilla, Gates County; probated May Term 1866. 
Sarah Eliza Parker, daughter Mary Lee (wife of Titus J. Lee), chil- 
dren of Elizabeth Parker, wife of Seth Parker, Mills H. Eure Exr. 
Test, Jas. E. Everett, Aug. Wolfiey. 

Pugh, Henry, Gates County, December 7, 1832 ; February Term 

Note. — Like many others, he went but never returned. He now awaits the final 
roll call. 


Abstract of Wills. 

1833. Wife Ann, all my children, son William E. Pugh, son-in-law 
John O. Hunter Exr. Test, David Duke, Nancy Speight. 

Phelps, James, Gates County, April 25, 1794; August Term 1794. 
Wife Ruthey, sons James, Luten King Phelps, Kinchen and Henry 
Phelps, sons Mica j ah, William and Jesse Phelps, daughters Leah 
Briggs, Sallie Coffield and Elizabeth Butler, Humphrey Hudgins 
and James Pruden Exrs. Test, Luodovick Pruden, Jacob Pruden, 
-Wm. Godwin. 

Phelps, Judah, Gates County, June 5, 1806 ; February Court 1809. 
Pleasant Speight, Jeremiah Peal, Wm. Harris, Sarah Phelps, Ruth 
Duke, Rachel Duke, Polly Lam, Samuel Phelps, Elizabeth Phelps, 
Polly Hudgins, Joanna Savage, Humphrey Hudgins, Louisa 
Hudgins, Kinchen Norfleet, Humphrey Hudgins Exr. Test, Jno. 
P. Hudgins, Josiah I. Hudgins, Jesse Hudgins. 

Phelps, James, Gates County, September 6, 1832; May Court 

1834. Wife Christian, George Carter Exr. Test, James Lassiter, 
Jonathan Lassiter. 

Phelps, Gideon, Gates County, November 5, 1838 ; November 
Term 1854. Andrew Johnson heir and Executor. Test, George 
Costen, Margaret Ann Riddick. 

Pearce, Christopher, Gates County, January 12, 1798 ; February 
Court 1801. Sons Isaac and William, wife Dorcas, grand-daughter 
Polly Pearce, daughters Sarah Delaney and Rachel Boyce, Isaac 
Pearce Exr. Test, Jo. Riddick, Fred'k Jones, John Davis. 

Pearce, Jacob, Gates County, October 31, 1802 ; November Court 
1802. Daughters Seneth Davis and Absella Nickson, grand-daugh- 
ter Seneth Pearce (daughter of David), sons Daniel, Joseph and 
Arthur, daughter Ann Pearce, Isaac Pearce and Jos. Riddick Exrs. 
Test, Wm. Pearce, Solomon Eason. 

Pearce, Abraham, Gates County, December 26, 1832 ; February 
Term 1834. Millicent and Milley Pearce, Joseph Riddick Exr. 
Test, Andrew Briggs, Allen Briggs. 

Pearce, Isaac, Gates County, October 10, 1822 ; November Court 
1834. Wife Judah, daughters Seneth, Parthenia, Elizabeth and 
Sophia Pearce, and Elizabeth Speight, heirs of Treacy Benton and 
Marv Green, Joseph Gordon Exr. Test, Joshua Alphin, Henry 


Pearce, William, Gates County, December 6, 1841 ; August Court 
1842. Wife Nicey, sons Jacob and James, daughter Sophia, other 
children have had their share, Timothy Walton Exr. Test, Robt. 
H. McCaulley, Miles Brown. 

Pearce, Aaron, Gates County, August 8, 1845 ; May Term 1849. 
Sons Isaac, Thomas and James, wife Mina, daughter Mary, son 
James Exr. Test, Simon Walters, Margaret A. Walters. 

Abstract of Wills. 


Pearce Isaac E., Gates County, May 30, 1861; May Term 1863. 
Finn of Bond, Riddick & Pearce to. dissolve, James Costen Exr., 
sister Ann, M. R. Pearce. Test, S. W. Worrell. 

Pruden, James, Gates County, February 22, 1816; November 
Court 1S23. Wife Esther, heirs of Nathaniel Pruden dec'd, Rachel 
Rice (grand-daughter of Abraham Pruden), all my children, sons 
David and John Exrs. 

Pruden, Esther, Gates County, December 8, 1823; February 
Court 1824. Son David, Esther Bryce, Celia Pruden, Oliva Pru- 
den, grand-son Luodovick Matthews, grand-children Mary Rice, 
James Matthews, Luodovick Matthews and John Matthews, David' 
Riddick Exr. Test, A. C. Morgan, Willie Riddick. 

Powell, Daniel, Gates County, August 27, 1825 ; February Court 
1826. Son Kedar, daughter Christian Hofler, son James, Daughters 
Mary and Sally, son Jacob, Jno. Walton Exr. Test, Starkey Trot- 
man, James Hinton. 

'Powell, Jacob S., Gates County, November 3, 1816; November 
Court 1S16. Wife Cynthia, my four children (wife Chas. W. Har- 
vey, Win. W. Stedman and Benj. Pollard Exrs. Test, John Polsom, 
Robert Powell. 

Powell, James, Gates County, November 30, 1861 ; February 
Term 1862. Sons Warren, Isaac and Richard, daughter Mary Eliz- 
abeth Tooley, wife Emily E. Williams and son Warren Exrs. 

Pipkin, Isaac, Gates County, December 12, 1837 ; February Court 
1839. Wife Mary, son John D., grand-sons James and Isaac, daugh- 
ter Martha, son John D., contemplates marriage in Mrs. Penelope 
Perkins family in Virginia, daughter Martha Smith, son John D. 
Exr. Test, R. K. Speed, Dempsey S. Goodman. 

Porter, James, Gates County, January 12, 1853 ; February Term 
1853. Wife, little children, Jesse, John, Elizabeth, Mary and 
Sarah, H. A. Morgan Exrs. Test, John Porter, Miles Parker. 

Peal, Martha, Gates Co., Dec. 23rd. 1859; Fall Term 1860. 
Daughters Mary Jane and Ann Elizabeth Peal, sons Charles and 
John Abner Peal, daughter Martha Louisa Arnold (wife of Rich- 
ard), son William Peal. 

Peal, William, Gates Co., July 27, 1864; August Term 1864. 
Cousin James H. Benton, my brothers and sisters, my wife, John A. 
Knight Exr. Test, Wiley Parker, Jas. H. Benbury. 

Rountree, Thomas, Gates Co., April 18th, 1781; May Court 1781. 
Son Seth, daughters Christian, Leah, Rachel, Lavinia, Priscilla and 
Peniah Rountree, (brother Charles Rountree, Thos. Hunter and 
James Freeman Exrs. Test, Simon Stallings, John Barretts, Jas. 
Outlav, Luke Sumner. 

Rountree, Seth, Gates Co., Jan'y 18, 1808; Feb'y Court 1808. 

68 Abstract op Wills. 

Wife Selah, sons Noah, James and Seth, daughters Elizabeth,. Poll J" 
and Layer, sons Thomas, Isaac Costen and George Outlaw Exrs. 

Rountree, Charles, Gates Co., Jan'y 3rd, 1815; Feb'y Court 1816. 
Wife Christian, John Benton (son of Miles), his brother Charles 
Benton, (James T. Freeman, Timothy Walton, Sr., and Jr., Exrs.) 
Test, Mills Hill, Whitmill Stallinga. 

Rountree, Abner, Gates Co., Oct. 18, 1816; Nov. Court 1816. 
Daughter Nancy, youngest son Solomon, Robert Simons, son Sim- 
eon, son-in-law Robert Rountree, Treacy Harrell (daughter of Enos 
Harrell), Wm. Riddick and Robt. Rountree Exrs. 

Rountree, Thomas, Gates Co., Augt, 31st, 1832; Augt. Court 
1832. Son Quinton Robeson, nieces Belinda and Matilda Bagley, 
(daughters of Trotman Bagley, dec'd), daughter Nancy Roberson, 
brother Seth Washington Rountree Exr. Test, J. Walton, Robert 

Rountree, Jason, Gates Co., Dec. 23rd, 1840; May Court 1841. 
Daughters Martha and Louisa, Simmons Rountree Exr f Test, 
Solomon Rountree, Dempsey Harrell. 

Rountree, Seth W., Gates Co. Without date, about 1865. Chil- 
dren, Seth, Penina, George, Sealey, Harriet, Ida, Thomas Bragg, 
James and William, daughter Margaret A. Riddick, son Thomas B. 
Rountree, son Seth Exr. Test, J. W. Hinton, James Rountree. 

Riddick, Kedar, Gates Co., Nov. 3rd, 1784; Feb'y Court 1785. 
Sons Thomas, Edward and James daughter Sarah, wife Elizabeth 
and Christopher Riddick Exrs. Test, Chas. Riddick, John Walton. 

Riddick, James, Gates Co., Jan'y 8th, 1786; May Court 1786. 
Wife Sarah, nephew Wm. Wright Riddick, cousin Robert, (son of 
Micajah Riddick), Judah Minchew, Clevy Minchew, cousin Wm. 
Goodman (son of Sister Mary), Teny Minchew, Sarah Blanchard, 
Penelope Bird, children of brother Kedar, my sister Sarah and 
Mary Riddick, wife and Christopher Riddick Exrs. Test Seth 
Riddick, James Hays. 

Riddick, Christopher, Gates Co., May Court 1798. Wife Sarah, 
sons Mills, Henry, Lemuel and James Riddick, son Wm. Wright 
Riddick, daughter Mary Gatling (wife of James), daughter Ann 
(wife of Miles Gatling), daughter Penelope Gatling and Zilla Rid- 
dick, son Wm. Wright Riddick and James Gatling Exrs. Test, 
Mary Cleaves, Lawrence Baker. 

Riddick, Nathaniel, Gates Co., Jan'y 12th, 1797; Nov. Court 
1799. Mother Mary Riddick, brother David Riddick, sister Eliza 
Carter, brother Mills Riddick, Isaac Hunter and Jos. Gordon Exrs. 
Test, W. Woodley, David Harrell. 

Riddick, Robert, Gates Co., Jan'y 26, 1806; Feb'y Court 1806. 

Abstract of Wills. 


Sons Robert, Willis and James, (Seth Willis and William Riddick 
Exrs. Test, Jethro Miltear, Palatiah Blanchard, D. Blanchard. 

Riddick, Mary, Gates Co., July 13th, 1807 ; Feb'y Court 1808. 
Grand-daughter Mary (daughter of David) and wife Jane Elizabeth 
Riddick, grand-children Thos. Mills Carter, Elizabeth Ann Carter 
and Wm. Riddick Carter (children of William and Elizabeth Carter, 
my daughter), Joseph Riddick and Samuel Harrell Exrs. Test, J. 
Wheeler, Levin Duer. 

Riddick, Micajah, Gates Co., Nov. 11th, 1804; Nov. Court 1804. 
Sons Micajah, Robert, Jethro and David, Aaron Pearce, grand-chil- 
dren, Riddick, Nancy, Micajah, Jane, Robert and Elizabeth Pearce, 
daughters Jane Eelton, Ann Morgan, Ruth Riddick and Elizabeth 
Pearce, Micajah and David Riddick Exrs. Test, Hv Hud^ins, H. 
Willey, Wm. Kittrell. 

Riddick, Leah, Gates Co., Dec. 29th, 1816; Feb'y Court 1817. 
Brothers Demsey Costen and Isaac Costen, Elizabeth Gordon, Peggy 
and Henry Lassiter, James Lassiter, Isaac Costen Exr. Test, James 
Costen, Eliz Costen. 

Riddick, Joseph, Gates Co., July 24th, 1818 ; Nov. Court 1818. 
Wife Ann, son Reuben, grand-son Kedah Riddick, Isaiah Riddick, 
son Nathan, Mills Hill, Langley Billups, Solomon Eason. Jesse Ro- 
gerson, seven children Reuben, Isaiah, Arthur, Hannah Rogerson, 
Esther Billups, Avis Eason and Mabel Hill. Test, John Moran, 
Reuben Nixon, Daniel Riddick, Willis Riddick. 

Riddick, Ann, Gates Co., Jan'y 24th, 1820; May Court 1824. 
Children Reuben, Isaiah, Nathan, Hannah Rogerson, Esther Billups, 
.Avis Eason and Mabel Hill, grand-son Joseph Riddick Exr. Test, 
Nathan Ward, Marv Stallings. 

Riddick, Micajah, Gates Co., Feb'y 28th, 1832 ; May Court 1832. 
Micajah (son of Lemuel Riddick), Harriet (daughter of Lemuel), 
"half-brother Lemuel Riddick, mother Rutha Riddick, brother Lassi- 
ter Riddick Exr. Test, II. Gilliam, J. R. Riddick, Abraham Par- 

Riddick, Josiah, Sr., Gates Co., Sept. 16th, 1838; Augt. Court 
1839. Son Josiah Henry Riddick, brother Mills Riddick, friends 
W. S. Riddick and. Robt. A. Riddick (son of Mills), nephew Josiah 
Riddick, Jr., Dr. W. S. Riddick, brother Mills Riddick Exr. Test, 
Nathan Smith, Nath'l Boothe, Iragah Langston, Benj. Wilkins, 
Abram Norfleet, Miles Lassiter. 

Riddick, Isaiah, Gates Co., March 16, 1839; Nov. Court 1840. 
Sons Kadah and Daniel, son Willis, daughters Nancy Stallings, 
Elizabeth Riddick, Peggy Jones, grand-children Eliabeth Stallings, 
Elvey Pearce, David Riddick and Henry Riddick, son Daniel Exr. 
Test, John Riddick, James Riddick. 


70 Abstract of Wills. 

*Biddick, Robert Gates Co., June 27th, 1840 ; Feb'y Court 1845. 
Wife Elizabeth, sons Henry and Benjamin F. Riddick, daughter 
Emily McGwin, sons James A., David and Henry Eiddick, daugh- 
ter Louisa Hunter, son James A. Eiddick Exr. 

Eiddick, Nathan, Gates Co., March 4, 1845 ; Augt. Court 1845. 
"Wife Mary, son Jethro H. Eiddick and his sons William, Benjamin 
and Thom'as, Bushrod Eiddick and his sons Elisha and Simon, 
daughters Eosamond Hunter and Sarah Kee, grand-daughter Joan- 
na Simpson, daughter Matilda Eiddick, son Jason ; daughters Ann 
Berry, Julia, Louisa and Mary Eiddick (son Joseph Eiddick, Quin- 
ton H. Trotman and Jesse E. Eee Exrs.) Test, Whit Stallinga, 
Abner Eason. 

Eiddick, Elizabeth, Gates Co., March 8, 1845 ; May Term 1847. 
Daughter Nancy Gatling and her children, daughter Elizabeth Hays 
and her children, daughter Julia A. Benbury and her children, her 
present husband Eichard W. Benburv, son Joseph Eiddick, son John 
Exr. Test, W. L. Boothe, W. F. .Cowper. 

Eiddick, David, Gates Co., Sept. 2nd, 1848; Feb'y 16, 1849; 
May Term 1849. Wife Mary, my three grand-sons (son of Elbert 
H. Eiddick, dec'd) to-wit William Henry, William Goodman and 
David Elbert Eiddick, son Willie. Test, Nath'l Doughtie, David F. 

Eiddick, Willis, Gates Co., April 11th, 1850; May Term 1850, 
Wife Synthia, sons Joel, Jacob, Daniel and Eeuben, all my children. 
Test, Zachariah Nixon. 

Eiddick, John, Gates Co., Sept. 26, 1850 ; Nov. Court 1850. My 
afflicted daughter Mary, my children Thomas S., Laura, Eoscoe, Wil- 
liam, Frances, Eufus, Joseph and Mary, Wm. J. Baker Exr. Testy 
Henry L. Eure, Eebecca S. Wolfley. 

Eiddick, Christian, Gates Co., July 22d, 1849 ; August Term 
1859. Son James M. Eiddick, daughter Eozilla Eiddick, son Thom- 
as D. Eiddick, daughter Christian E. Eiddick, son Isaac S. Eiddick, 
Joseph Eiddick Exr. Test, Eeuben Eiddick, Joseph Eiddick. 

Eiddick, Docton, Gates Co., June 24th, 1857; Feb'y Term 1861. 
Wife Isabella, son Nathaniel J. Eiddick, daughters Emily E. Eoun- 
tree and Christian A. Carter, son Nathaniel J. Eiddick Exr. Test, 
Thomas E. Fowell, Geo. Costen. 

Eiddick, James G, Gates Co., April 18th, 1863 ; May Term 1863. 

Note — Robert Riddick married Elizabeth Meroney daughter of Martha Alston, 
and Henry Meroney, Martha Alston was the daughter of Joseph John Alston 
of Halifax county, N. C, and granddaughter of John Alston who patented lands 1 
on which Gatesville, N. <\, is built. Son Henry Riddick mentioned in the wilt 
was the father of Rev. C. B. Riddick, D. D.. of lone, California, and Rev. Jos. H." 
Riddick of the Virginia Annual Conference, M. E. Church, South. 

Abstract of Wills. 71 

Nephew Lemuel Riddick, niece Margaret Riddick, brother Henry 
Riddick, Riddick Gatling for my niece Emeline Smith (wife of Jo- 
seph Smith), niece Caroline (wife of Thomas E. Hayes) and Isa- 
dora Hayes (widow of Jacob), nephew Lamartine Riddick, niece 
Zilla Gatling, cousin Elizabeth Hayes (wife of Willis R. Hayes), 
nephew Lemuel Riddick Exr. Test, Willis R. Hays, John R. Wal- 

Riddick, James R, Gates Co., Nov. 16th, 1865; Feb'y Term 1866. 
Wife Caroline, son Wm. T. Riddick and his wife Emma, son Chris- 
topher, C. Riddick, son-in-law Thomas Bryant, Allen Smith special 
Guardian to son Christopher, and my Exr. Test, Henry Carter, 
Allen Smith, John C. Wolfey. 

Ross, John, Gates Co., Sept. 20, 1781. Daughter Susannah Ross, 
grand-son Ezekiel Ross, son Solomon, wife Bethany, daughters Sa- 
rah Ross and Mary Piland, wife and son-in-law Thomas Piland 
Exr. Test, Henry Dillday, John Brady. 

• Roberts, Jonathan, Gates Co., Oct. 5th, 1785; Feb'y Court 1803. 
Daughter Mary Roberts, sons John and Elisha, wife Christian, 
daughters Nancy, Lida and Seley Roberts, Demsey Bond, Thos. Hun- 
ter and Joseph Riddick Exrs. Test, Jethro Miltear,Mary Mil- 

Roberts, John, Gates Co., March 8th, 1843 ; August Court 1846. 
Sons Miles and Mills, daughter Eliza H. Riddick (wife of Willie Rid- 
dick), daughter Susan Walton (late wife of John Walton) grand- 
children John Robert Walton, Emeline Walton and Thomas Ben- 
bury Walton, son Mills Exr. Test, J. R. Riddick, John W. Hinton. 

Rice, Jxidith, Gates Co., May 31st, 1806; Feb'y Court 1808. 
Grand-sons James R. Creecy and William Creecy, daughter Eliza- 
beth Creecy, grand-daughter Sally Creecy (daughter of Sally Creecy) 
daughter Agnes Creecy, William and Nathan Creecy Exrs. 

Rogers, Phillip, Gates Co., Oct. 18th, 1820; August Court 1821. 
Sons Mills, Levi and Etheldred, daughters Betsey Rogers, Mary 
Byrd, Martha Rogers and Mary Rogers, grand-children David and 
Henry Goodman and Elijah, Betsey and Martha Williams. Test : 
W. Smith, Jonathan Rogers, Elisha Rogers. 

Rogers, Jonathan, Gates Co., Feb'y 20, 1828 ; Augt, Court 1830. 
Wife Elizabeth, sons Enos, Elisha, Robert, Jonathan, Frances and 
James, sons Enos and Robert Exrs. Test, Wm. Lee, Dempsey S. 
Goodman, Jno. Odom. 

Rogers, Levi, Gates Co., May 28, 1840 ; Feb'y Term 1846. Wife 
Elizabeth, my children Maria, Nancy, Robert,, Elizabeth and Jona- 
than, daughter Emily (wife^of Robt. Pearce), wife Exx. Test, D. 
Wiliams, Geo. Poulson. 

Rodgers, Benjamin, Gates Co., Dec. 16th, 1823; Feb'y Court 

72 Abstract op Wills. 

1824. Sons Daniel and Timothy, son John, daughter Elizabeth, 
Lemuel Goodman Exr. Test, Lewis Eure, Sally Hedgpeth. 

Eeed, William, Rev., Gates Co., March 16th, 1856; May Term 
1859. Wife Sarah, grand-sons John F. and William H. Reed, 
Sam'l Long who married my grand-daughter Margaret Ann Reed, 
daughter Mary L. Reed (widow of Son Thomas N. Reed, dec'd) 
and their children Mary Newby Reed, John Ferrell Reed, William 
Thomas Reed, if child in esse, son Wm. L. Reed and Sam'l Long 
Exrs. Holograph Will. 

Sumner Demsey, Gates Co., Augt. 11th, 1779; Nov. Court 1779. 
Sons Demsey, Jethro, Edwin and James Baker Sumner, wife Mar- 
tha, my daughter, late wife of C'apt. James Riddick, is dead leaving 
five children, Mary wife of Dr. Thos. Peete, daughters Theresa, Leti- 
tia and Elizabeth wife of Jethro Ballard, sons Jethro and Edwin 
Exrs. Test, Jno. Benton, Rich'd Ashbury McKea, Jesse Benton. 

Sumner, James, Gates Co., May 30th, 1787; Augt. Court 1787. 
Wife Mourning, son Luke, daughters Mary Hunter, Esther Mitchell, 
Synthia Riddick and Christian Sumner, grand-son James Hunter 
(son of Timoth'y in Bertie Co., N. C), (James Jones, Jethro Bal- 
lard, David Rice and Timothy Hunter Exrs.) Test, James Nor- 
fleet, Wm. Parker, Wm. Matthews. 

Sumner, Edwin, Gates Co., June 15th, 1793 ; Nov. Court 1793. 
Son David, wife Barsheba. Test, Jethro Sumner, Ebenezer Gra- 

Sumner, John, Gates Co., Dec. 19th, 1S03 ; Nov. Court 1808. 
Wife Rebecca, brother Josiah, sisters Pattie Sumner and Lisbie Sum- 
ner, wife Exx. Test, Jo. Vallentine, Henry Hare, Jr., James Hare. 

Sumner, Charles E., Gates Co., Feb'y 24, 1829 ; May Court 1829. 
Daughters Elizabeth and Mary, my brother, wife Martha, James W. 
Riddick, wife and children not to share in my estate, brother Ben- 
jamin Sumner Exr. Test, Jethro Sumner, Aaron Pierce, Harriet 

E. Goodman. 
Sumner, Jethro, Gates Co., Oct. 5, 1831 ; Nov. Court 1833. Wife 

Elizabeth, son Charles E. Sumner dec'd, daughter-in-law Martha 
widow of son Charles E. Sumner, daughter Elizabeth, grand-daugh- 
ter Mary (daughter of son Charles E., dec'd) sons John and Benja- 
min, son Jno. V. Sumner, daughter Mary Gary and her sons John, 0. 

F. and Thos. S. Gary, daughter Martha B. Riddick (wife of Mills 
Riddick), son Benjamin Exr. Codicil revokes legacy to daughter-in- 
law Martha (widow of Son Charles E.) on account of 2nd marriage. 

Sumner, John V., Gates Co., May 12th, 1843 ; Augt. Court 1843. 
Wife Elizabeth N. Sumner, daughter Elizabeth L. A. Sumnefr, 
daughter Martha M. Sumner, wife Exx: Test, Ben B. Ballard. 

Saunders, Francis, Gates Co., Augt. 6, 1783; May Court 1785. 


Abstract of Wills. 73 

Wife Charity, daughters Mary Parker and Zilpha Knox, sons Abra- 
ham and Francis, daughter Jemima Saunders, uncle Francis Saun- 
ders, daughter Ann, son William, wife and son-in-law John Parker. 

Saunders, Sarah, Gates Co., Dec. 16th, 1803; May Court 1804. 
Sons Joseph and Henry, father Henry King, children of my daughter 
Elizabeth Crawford. Test, Jo Valentine, Sarah Butler, Joshua 

Saunders, Joseph, Gates Co., Oct. 14th, 1808 ; Nov. Court 1808. 
Daughters Polly Saunders and Patsey Sumner, Thos. Barnes Exr. 
Test, Henry Goodman, Edith Brown. 

Saunders, Margaret, Chowan Co., Jan'y 13th, 1809 ; Feb'y Court 
1809. Son-in-law John Sanders, daughters-in-law Mary Saunders, 
Cissie Brinkley and Sidney Phelps, son Thomas Saunders Exr. Test, 
Dernsey Knight, Pugh Wiggins, Jas. Benton. 

Sanders, Henry, Gates Co., July 31st, 1804; Feb'y Court 1808. 
Son Wm. Beazeley, daughters Abigail, Nancy and Polly, brother Jo- 
seph Sanders Exr. Test, J. Sumner, Jos. John Sumner. 

Sanders, Jesse, Gates Co., Augt. 8th, 1811; May Court 1813. 
Daughter Amariah, sons Lawrence, Bryan, Robert and John, 
daughters Mary Sherlock, Mary Cross, son Bray Sanders' children 
Jesse, Thomas, John and Mary Sanders, John March, daughter-in- 
law Elizabeth Sanders, Honor Parker, grandson James Sanders, 
Lawrence Sanders and Riddick Cross Exrs. Test, W. H. Speight, 
Joseph Speight, E. H. Ellis. 

Sanders, Lawrence, Gates Co., April 27th, 1815 ; August Court 
1815. Wife Martha, John Sanders (son of Benj. dec,d), Thomas 
and Mary Sanders, John Anthony March, Ely Eley, Miles Parker, 
Henry Jones, my brother's children to-wit: Bray, Bryan and Robert 
Sanders. Test, Lewis Eure, Henry Hare. 

Sanders, Thaney, Gates Co., June 12th, 1822 ; Augt Court 1822. 
Daughter Sarah Boyce, Henry Hare Exr. Test, Hy Jones, Richard 

Saunders, John, Gates Co., Oct 31st, 1836; Nov. Court 1836. 
Daughters Margaret and Nancy, Richard Henry Saunders, Corne- 
lius, Maria, William Alex, Samuel Smith, and Mary Elizabeth Saun- 
ders. Test, Sam'l Cross, Wm. Goodman. 

Saunders. John, Gates County, July 12, 1849 : August Term 
1819. Wife Rachel, James Wright Exr. Test, Thos. E. Powell, 
Daniel Brothers, Dr. Samuel J. Lowther. 

Smith, Henry, Gates County, July 10, 1786; February Court 
1787. Wife Mary, son Jonathan, daughters Dority and Mary, son 
Henry, daughter Elizabeth Allen and her daughter Barsheba Smith. 
Test, Wm. Harris, Henry Forrest, Charles Smith. 

■ ■ * 

74 Abstract of Wills. 

Smith, Samuel, Gates County, September 16, 1800; November 
Court 1800. Wife Elizabeth, daughters Treasy Matthews and Ann 
Smith, sons John and Abraham, grand-children Caty and John 
Smith, son John and brother Henry Smith Exrs. Test, By Hudgins, 
Nick Meroney, Eichard Smith. 

Smith, Elizabeth, Gates County, July 9, 1811 ; November Term 
1815. Daughter Treasy Matthews, grand-daughjt^r Catharine 
Smith, grand-son John Smith, Matthew Matthews and Eichard 
Smith Exrs. Test, John P. Hudgins, Jesse Hudgins. 

Smith, Thomas, Gates County, April 17, 1818; May Court 1820. 
Sons Eichard and Anthony, James Bond, children Eichard Smith, 
Sarah Matthews, Peggy Smith, grand-children John Smith, Lavinia 
Smith and "Nancy Smith, son Eichard Exr. Test. Josiah Hudgins, 
Wm. W. Eiddick. ■ 

Smith, Charles, Gates County, September 19, 1823; August Court 
1824. Wife Pleasant, daughter Buth, son Marmaduke, daughter 
Rosanah Hare, son James, daughter Nancy Howell, son Eiddick, 
James Hare, Edward Hare and John Trevathan, son James Exr. 

Smith, Joseph, Gates County, April 20, 1829. Sons Britton and 
Nathan, daughter Milly Umphlet, sons James and Thomas, daughter 
Elizabeth Umphlet, daughters Mary and Lavinia Smith, sons, 
Nathan and Britton Exrs. Test, Mills Eure, John Eure, Treasy 

Smith, Bobert, Gates County, October 25, 1824; November Court 
1831. Wife Frances, daughter-in-law Jane Parker, heirs of Drew 
Parker, John Harrell Exr. 

Smith, Eichard, Gates County, October 18, 1823; February Term 
1835. Wife Sarah, son Thomas, daughters Dorothy, Mildred, 
Mary and Mary Pearce, Henry Pugh and Noah Harrell Exrs. 
Test, Wm. Hudgins, Joel Hudgins. 

Speight, Joseph, Gates County, April 2, 1792 ; August Term 
1792. Wife Anne, sons Francis and Henry, grand-son Joseph Free- 
man, son John Freeman, grand-son David Freeman, grand-daughter 
Anne Freeman, grand-son Joseph Speight Dardeh, daughter Susanna 
Dunn, sons Francis and Henry Exrs. Test, Thos. Barnes, Mary 

Speight, Moses, Gates County, December 2, 1792; November 
Court. 1794. Sons Moses and Aaron, all my children. Test, Bob- 
ert Eiddick, John Eiddick, Eichard Briggs. 

Speight, Ann, Gates County, September 4, 1805 ; February Court 
1810. Daughter Pleasant Speight. Test, James Barnes, John 

Speight, Henry, Gates County, April 18, 1826; May Court 1827. 
Wife Eliza, son John, daughters Susan and Sophia Emaline Speight, 
wife Exx. Test, John Saunders, Charity Speight. 

Abstract of Wills. 75 

Speight, Ann, Gates County, August 26, 1841 ; May Court 1843. 
Grand-son Joseph Speight, grand-daughter Sophia E. Wills, Wm, 
H. Allen (son of John), Wm. T. Wills Exr. Test, E. Gatling, 
H. L. Blount, Jane Saunders, Drew X. Saunders. 

Small, John, Gates County, July 18, 1781 ; November Court 1791. 
Wife Charity, sons David, James and John, daughter Mary Gwin, 
son James and Jacob Gordon Exrs. Test, Wm. Ellis, Daniel Gwin, 
Jacob Gordon. 

Small, James, Gates County, June 13, 1800 ; November Court 
1800. Nephew Moses Hare Small, nephew Wm. Gwin, niece Mary 
Gwin, my brothers and sisters, Jethro Ballard, Thomas W. Ballard 
and Moses H. Small Exrs. Test, Jacob Gordon, Wm. Sumner, Hez- 
ekiah Jones. 

Small, James A., Gates County, August 10, 1860 ; November 
Term 1860. Wife Christian, mother Nancy Small, children Euge- 
nia Small and James Parker Small, friend James K. Costen, guar- 
dian to my children, also my Exr. Test, N. B. Doughtie, Richard 

Small, Elizabeth Christian, February 13, 1864; February Term 
1864. Sister Margaret Small, son Eugenia Small, brother Thomas 
Small, friend Mrs. Parker, cousin Hester Ann Bay, friend Mary 
Gwin, Dr. Elisha Williams Exr. Test, Annie E. Parker, Thomas A. 

Scears, Henry Ebron, Gates County, July 23, 1806 ; August 
Court 1806. Wife Barsheba, sons William, Henry, Thomas and 
Bennett, daughters Delia Hodges and Elizabeth Savage, Nancy Sears, 
Lovey Sears, Thomas Scears, Patsey Scears and Polly. Scears, Wm. 
Goodman Exr. 

Stallings, Simon, Gates County, September 27, 1800; February 
Court 1808. Sons Simon, Joseph, Timothy and Whitmell, daugh- 
ters Priscilla Stallings, Mary Stallings, Christian Stallings and 
Emily Bawls, Simon Stallings, son Joseph and Joseph Riddick Exrs. 
Test, John S. Parker, Eliza Lyons, Esther Lilly. 

Stallings, Pallitiar, Gates County, March 17, 1808 ; May Court 
1808. Daughter Polly Stallings, my brothers and sisters to wit: 
Henry Stallings, Simon, Polly, Daniel and Joseph, Joseph Riddick 
and brother Simon Stallings Exrs. Test, Asa Rogerson, Henry Stal- 

Stallings, Whitmell, Gates County, November 30, 1857 ; February 
Term 1858. Wife Mary and her daughter Frances Marion, daugh- 
ters Christian Jane and Martha Caroline, grand-son Wm. Francis 
Bynum, son-in-law W. T. Bynum and Wm. M. Daughtrey Exrs. 
Test, John C. Trotman, Wm. H. Manning. 

Stallings, Frusey, Gates County, March 28, 1857; November 

76 Abstract or Wills. 

Term 1860. Son Joseph A. Forbes, daughters Susan Hurdle and 
Mary Wiggins, grand-children Frusey M. Stallings, Jerry Matthews 
and John A. Forbes, James O. Wright Exr. Test, Whit Stallings, 
Martha E. Matthews. 

Sutton, George, Gates County, May 24, 1827 ; August Court 1827. 
Grand-children Granberry, Richard, Ann and Sarah (children of 
my son John dec'd), sons Samuel and George, daughter Sarah 
Blanchard, son Joseph, daughter Mary Ann and Caroline Matilda 
Sutton, daughters Martha Barcliff and Mary Ann Sutton, son John 
and John Walton Exrs. Test, Henry Bond, Benbury Walton. 

Savage, Jesse, Gates County, November 17, 1834 ; November 
Court 1834. Wife Sarah, sons James, Jesse M., John and Benja- 
min, daughters Sarah Matthews and Mary Savage, brother John 
Savage Exr. Test, Caleb Savage, Oliver Harrell. 

Savage, Pry or, Gates County, 1836 ; February Court 1838. Wife 
Margaret, daughter Elizabeth BrOwn,sons John P. Savage and Cordy 
Y» Savage, daughter Margaret Jane Drew, sons Oliver H. Savage and 
Oren B. Savage, Thomas Saunders Exr. Test, Simonds Rountree, 
Elisha Parker. 

Savage, Caleb, Gates County, January 1, 1859 ; August Term 
1862. Son Robert M. Savage, grand-daughter Sarah Eure, daugh- 
ter of Mills H. Eure, her brother Caleb M. Eure, daughter Margaret 
Ann Freeman and Sarah L. Eure, sons William, Jesse (son Robert 
M. Savage), Edwin Smith and son William J. Savage Exrs. Test, 
Isaac Williams, Robt. Rogers. 

Savage, Sarah, Gates County, May 23, 1850; August Term 1865. 
Wm. Jesse Savage, John C. Savage, Francis A. Parker, Wiley Wig- 
gins. Test, Benj. Saunders, B. Goodman. 

Spencer, T. S., Gates County, March 29, 1848; August Term 
1849. Mother Peninah Epps.. 

Sparkman, Lucretia, Gates Co., Dec. 1st, 1856; May Term 1857. 
Daughter Sarah Boothe, son Dempsey, grand-daughter Mary Lucre- 
tia Boothe, son William, son Mills's children, grand-children, Penina 
Landing (daughter of Taylor), Elizabeth Crawford (wife of Isaac), 
and her daughters by 1st husband, to-wit: Taylor Harrell and 
Caroline Virginia Harrell, son-in-law Wm. L. Boothe Exr. Test, 
Jno. R. Cross, Richard D. Briscoe. 

Thomas, Stephen, Gates Co., Jan'y 15th, 1787 ; May Court 1787. 
Sister Rachel Woodward, brother Jacob Thomas Exr. Test, Mica- 
jah Blanchard, Wm. Felton. 

Trotman, Quinton H, Rev., Gates Co., April 20, 1862; Feb'y 
Term 1862. Son John C, son-in-law George T. Harrell, his wife 
my daughter Jane, wife Eliza, children Grizzell McDonald, Sarah 
Frances, Alex Campbell and Napoleon Bonaparte Trotman, my 


Abstract of Wills. 


mother, son John C. Trotman Exr. Test, Richard H. Riddick, 
John Pearce. 

Taylor, Robert, Gates Co., July 23rd, 1861. I give to my moth- 
er Nancy Taylor, all of my property that I have now, if I never 
come back again, after paying off all my debts that I now owe, but if 
I come back I will claim it again. Robert Taylor to Nancy Taylor. 
1 have wrote this that she might not suffer until she does spend all 
that I had. This I give free to my mother in case of death. I 
trust that nobody will try to take anything from you, but I hope 
God will provide for you while I am gone to fight for our rights that 
God has given us. Robert Taylor, (Seal). 

Feb'y Court 1862. This holograph will was proven in Court by 
oaths of John R. Hill and Esther Taylor. Ordered probated. 

Vann, William, Gates Co., May 21st, 1788; Augt. Court 1789. 
Wife Rachel, Jesse Vann, (wife, Jesse Vann and son William Exr. 
< Vann, Darkis, Gates Co., Oct. 21st, 1793; Nov. Court 1793. Cous- 
in Luke Langston, sister Ann Langston, Judah Langston, Cader 
Odom, Isaac Langston's daughter Mary, Isaac Langston, Demsey 
Langston, Mary Mariner, Elizabeth Odom, Jemima Brayshear, Luke 
and Isaac Langston Exrs. Test, Lewis Sparkman, Chas. Rookes. 

Walters, James Bray, Gates Co., Feb'y .2, 1784; May Court 1784. 
Father William Walters, Jesse Williamson, mother Susannah Wal- 
ters, wife Elizabeth my father Exr. Test, Peter Parker, Daniel 
Horton, Isaac Walters. 

Walters, Isaac, Gates Co., Jan'y 8, 1801 ; Feb'y Court 1801. Wife 
Elizabeth, all my children, son Isaac Exr. Test, Jethro Sumner, 
Elisha Parker. 

Walters, William, Gates Co., March 18, 1803 ; August Trm 1803. 
Wife Sarah, sons William and Bray, Sarah Smith (wife of John), 
Jethro Sumner and Bray Baker Exrs. Test, John Babb, Winborne 

Walters, Elizabeth, Gates Co., Oct. 16th, 1807; Nov. Court 1807. 
Daughter Maria Walters, son John Swan Parker, James Bray Wal- 
ters (son of my daughter), my children Anne Jenkins, Sarah Odom, 
Mary Babb, Dolly Barr, Isaac Walters, Susanna Odom, Pleasant 
Smith and Mina Walters, (John Swann Parker, Isaac Walters and 
Washington Smith Exrs. Test, Kedar Parker, Jesse Savage. 

Walters, Jacob, Gates Co., Oct. 28th, ; Nov. 2 Court, 1794. 

Wife Mary, sons Brian and Hezekiah, daughters Sarah Layfield arid 
Edith Walters, son Jacob, Milly Holland. Test, Robert Darden, 
Pusher Warren. 

Walters, Isaac, Gates Co., Dec. 12th, 1815; Feb'y. Court 1816. 
Wife Priscilla, all my children, Hilary Willey and George Kittrell 
Exrs. Test, Aaron Pearce, John C. Jenkins. 

78 Abstract of Wills. 

Walters, Lewis, Gates Co., Augt. 25th, 1832; Nov. Court 1832. 
Nancy and Milly Miltear, grand-daughter Margaret Ann Welch, 
daughter Sarah Smith (wife of Richard), daughter Maggett (wife 
of Nicholas Maggett). Test, David Riddick, Jno. Harrell, Elbert H. 

Walters, Thomas, Gates Co., Dec. 6th, 1787 ; Feb'y Court 1788. 
Son Miles, Liddy Spivey, all my children (brother Henry Walton, 
Benj. Goodman, Samuel Harrell and Moses Hill Exrs.) 

Walton, Henry, Sr., Nov. 15th, 1818; May Court 1S20. Wife 
Gilley, daughters Nancy Walton, Absella Welch, grand-children, 
Isaac Henry Berwin and Christian Berwin, son Jacob, daughter Em- 
ily Hobbs, son-in-law Shadrach Stallings, son Henry Walton, Jr., 
grand-son Elisha Walton, Wm. Birum, Henry Walton, Jr., Exr. 
Test, James Baker, Richard Bird, Sr. 

Walton, Jacob, Gates Co., Sept. 19th, 1825; May Court 1825. 
Wife Leah, daughter Mary, sons Jesse and Henry. Test, Nath 
Ri/ldick, Thomas Davis. 

Walton, John Benbury, Gates Co., Jan'y 15th, 1829 ; May Court 
1829. Son Timothy, daughter Mary Hudgins, son Benbury Wal- 
ton, daughter Nancy Riddick, son John, (sons Timothy, John and 
Benbury Walton Exrs.) Test, Timothy Hayes, Richard Hayes. 

Warren, Edward, Gates Co., April 1st, 1789; May Court 1789. 
Wife Mary, son William, children Ruth, John, Robert, William, 
Elizabeth and Mary Warren, sons John and William Exrs. Test, 
Esther Langston, Wm. Warren, John Lewis. 

Warren, William Gates Co., Dec. 19th, 1796; Eeb'y Court 1797. 
Mother Mary Warren, my brothers and sisters, brother John War- 
ren's daughter Mary, John Parker and Phillip Lewis Exr. Test, 
Thos. Barnes, Henrv Speight, Isaac Costen. 

Williams, Samuel", Gates Co., April 11th, 1789; July Term 1792. 
Son Hatten, daughters Anice and Vance, sons Hezekiah, Hardy and 
Jonathan, wife Mary, all my children, viz: Dempsey, Ann Boyce, 
George, Naomy Parker, Miney Rooks, Mary, Samuel, Arthur, Anice, 
grand-son Bray Warren, sons Samuel and Hatten Exrs. Test, Jon- 
athan Williams, Milley Williams, Moses Kittrell. 

Williams, Moses, Gates Co., Oct. 4, 1795; Feb'y Court 1796. 
Wife Dorothy, brother William, sister Elizabeth Slaven, dec'd, Chris- 
tian Williams, wife and Henry Smith Exrs. Test, Jonathan Smith, 
Thomas Smith, Arthur Smith. 

Williams, Dempsey, Gates Co., May 9th, 1804 ; May Court 1804. 
Wife, sons James, Jason, Reuben, Charles and Thomas, daughter 
Mary, son Anson, daughter Peggy, Col. Wm. Goodman and Hilary 
Willey Exrs. Test, Jonathan Williams, Patrick Haggerty. 

Williams, George, Sr., Gates Co., April 8th, 1809 ; Augt. Court 


Abstract of Wills. 79 

1815. Wife Mary, son Enoch, daughters Nancy and Peggy, sons 
Jethro, James and Seth, daughter Patsey Harrell, grand-children 
Benjamin, Mack Henry and Patsey Williams, grand-son George 
Harrell, Humphrey Hudgins Exr. Test, Asa Harrell, Abraham 
Beaman, Lucretia Beaman. 

Williams, Jonathan, Gates Co., Jan'y 19th, 1815; Feb'y Court 

1816. Wife, grand-children Henry G, Sally and Daniel (children 
of son Elisha), son Jonathan, Lilly Williams Denisey, grand-chil- 
dren (heirs of son Demsey), son George, daughters Priscilla and 
Mary, daughters Milly Arline, Mary Parker and Elizabeth Bogers, 
sons Jonathan and George Exrs. Test, Jonathan Bogers, Bichard 

Williams, Ann, Gates Co., May 22d, 1820; Nov. Court 1822. 
Daughters Silvey Williams and Pplly' Phelps, sons Arthur and 
George Williams. Test, Wm. W. Biddick. 

Williams, Mary, Gates Co., Nov. 9th, 1816; Feb'y Court 1817. 
Daughters Nancy and Eeggy Williams, grand-son Bobert W. Wil- 
liams, Enoch Williams Exr. Test, James Williams, Nathan Cul- 

Williams, Lavender, Gates Co., Dec. 3rd, 1847 ; May Term 1848. 
Ann M. Daughtie (daughter of William and wife Ann), Dempsey 
Parker and wife Penelope and their children Beuben, William, Jane, 
Margaret, Jethro and Lavinia Parker, son-in-law Lemuel K. Fields, 
nephew John Williams, niece Mary Parker (wife of Miles), Crissy 
Hayes (wife of William W.), John Williams Exr. Test, D. Wil- 
liams, Mary Field. 

Williams, Jonathan, Gates Co., Feb'y 2nd, 1856; May Term 
1856. Sons Isaac and John, daughters Charity Everett and Edith 
Duke, son-in-law W. H., Cross, daughters Sally Williams and Martha 
Eason, sons Isaac and John Exrs. Test, William Henry Lee, D. 

Williams, James, Gates Co., Nov. 22nd, 1854. Probate without 
date. Grand-son Bichard Jordan, grand-children of Demsey Jones 
(son of John and Elizabeth), James Eure (daughter of Mills) daugh- 
ter Susan Jordan (wife of James), children of my daughter now 
deceased, (wife of Gilbert Saunders), friend Jane Bebecca Harrell, 
son-in-law James Jordan of Hertford Co., Exr. Test. J. A. Ander- 
son, B. H. Shields, Abram Smith, David Howell. 

White, John, Gates Co., March 9th, 1792 ; May Court 1792. Wife 
Elizabeth, my mother, George White (brother Joshua White's son), 
brothers Thomas, George and Joshua White, John White and wife 
Exrs. Test, Jarvis Outlaw, George Outlaw. 

White, Thomas, Gates Co., March 31st, 1809; Nov. Court 1813. 
Wife Mary, sons Jeremiah, William and John, daughters Buth Ward 


Abstract of Wills. 

and Charity Spivey, wife and son Jeremiah Exrs. Test, David 
Copeland, Nath'l Taylor, Jos. Taylor. 

Wiggins, Bridget, Gates Co., June 7th, 1797 ; Feb'y Court 1798. 
Daughter Judith Wiggins and her daughter Edith Wiggins, David 
Rice Exr. Test, Hezekiah Jones, Chloe Jones. 

Wiggins, Ambrose, Gates Co., July 6th, 1805; August Court 
1805. Brother Pugh Wiggins, mother Mary Wiggins, brothers 
Thomas and Jacob Wiggins, Demsey Knight Exr. 

Wiggins, Jesse, Gates Co., Sept." 5th, 1823; May Court 1826. 
Sons Jesse and Willis, Theresa Wiggins (widow of James dec'd), 
her children John, Mary, Margaret, Jesse, Martha and Elizabeth 
Wiggins, grand-son John Wiggins, daughters Sarah Powell, Nancy 
and Peggy Wiggins, Elizabeth Parker my grand-daughter, grand- 
sons John W. and Jesse Parker, grand-daughter Mary Duke, grand- 
sons Jesse Wiggins and Wm. Powell, sons Jesse and Willis Exrs. 
Test, George Kittrell, Wm. Parker, Robert Parker. 

•Wiggins, John, Gates Co., May 30, 1838 ; Nov. Court 1839. Wife 
Mary, sons John and James, brother Jesse Wiggins, property from 
Simon and Peter Brinkley's estate, Col. Jesse Wiggins Exr. Test, 
Wm. Hudgins, John P. Benton. 

Willey, Hilary, Gates Co., March- 11th, 1837; May Court 183S 
Wife Mary, my children Jethro, John and Henry, Rachel Cross, Sal 
ly Morgan and Penina Goodman, sons John and Henry Exrs. Test 
J. Williams, H. G. Williams. 

Willey, John, Sr., Gates Co., March 15th, 1862 ; May Term 1864 
Wife Peninah, son Henry C. Willey, daughter Mary E. Hinton 
grand-daughter Caroline Willey Taylor, son Hilery, John and Ben 
jamin Franklin Willey, daughters Emily Gatling Willey and Peni 
nah Willey, son James Gatling Bragg Willey, sons Hilery and John 
Willey Jr., Exrs. (Holograph Will. 

Worrell, John, Gates Co., Dec. 14th, 1855; Ftb'y Term 1856. 
Wife Nancy, grand-son Levi Worrell, grand-children Levi Worrell, 
Mary Hayes, Ann Savage, Margaret Russell, Sarah Worrell and 
George Worrell, Henry L. Eure Exr. Test, Richard W. Benbury, 
W. F. Riddick. 

Indictments. 81 


(From Court Records at Edenton, N. C. ) 

These indictments have been mentioned in Histories of North 
Carolina hut only in a general way as this paper contains all of the 
Court details it will be interesting to the reader. 
North Carolina S. S. : 

Att a General Court held for the sd Province at the Court House 
at Queen Anne's Creek in Chowan Precinct the 28 July, 1719 & con- 
tinued to the 1st day of Augt. following. Court met and adjourned 
till to-morrow Morning 8 O'clock, July 29th, 1719. The Court 
mett according to adjournment, present Fred'k Jones Chief Justice, 
John Blount, Jno. Hardy, Tho. Miller, Thos. Harvey & Jno. Wor- 
ley Esqs. 

Coll. Edward Moseley and Maurice Moore appeared and moved 
this Court yt their appearance might be recorded to save them & their 
Bail & it was accordingly recorded. They also moved yt their 
Recognizances might be Discharged for Errors in the Commitm't; 
whereby they stand committed & for error in the Recognizances for 
their appearance. The Court over Ruled the Errors and ordered 
yt the Recognizances be continued till the third day of the Court, 
being the day for the Crown business. 

July 30, 1719. Upon the return of the Grand Jury, they Present 
the following Indictm't to the Court. 
North Carolina S. S. : 
To the Honble. Fred'k Jones, Esq., Chief Justice & to the rest of the 

Justices for holding the General Court for the Province of North 

Carolina : 

The Jurors for our Sovereign Lord the King upon their oath ; do 
present that the seven and twentieth day of December, 1718, 
Edward Moseley of Chowan Precinct, in the County of Albemarle 
in the Province afsd: did maliciously intending & imagining Chas. 
Eden, Esq., the Governor, Commander-in-Chief & Admiral of the 
Province afsd into the hatred & evil opinion of all his Maj't's good , 
& faithful Subjects ye Inhabitants of the Province to bring the good 
governm't diligent and just administration of the said Eden as 
Governor into contempt, to Detract, Asperse & Contemn with words 
and stir up Debates, Strifes, Differences, Seditions, Discord and 
Dissentions within ye Province to the Endangering the Destruction 
and Subvertion of the good Governm't thereof & to the ruin and Dis- 



turbance of the King's Peace at * Sandy Point in Chowan Precinct 
afsd advisedly and with malicious & seditious intent agst the said 
Charles Eden ye Governor. He the sd Edward Moseley Did Malic- 
iously, openly, contemptuously and opprobiously in the presence of 
Divers his Maj't's good and faithful subjects, Inhabitants within ye 
Province, speak, publish, utter & declare these false, malicious, scan- 
dalous, opprobious & seditious words and speeches following, viz : 
Yt you (one John Blount, Esq., a Justice of the Peace, then & there 
being present) should be concerned in so foolish & frivolous a busi- 
ness but 'tis like their Proceedings (the sd Chas. Eden ye Governor, 
Fred'k Jones, Esq., ye Chief Justice of ye Province & other Magis- 
trates & good & faithful subjects of our Lord the King there being 
with the sd Govern'r removing him the sd Moseley & others who had 
unlawfully taken into their possession ye Records of this Province 
the Journals of the Council, the Colony seal, the Secretary's Office 
and the papers thereto belonging) and they (the sd Govern'r, Chief 
Justice & others with him again meaning) could easily procure arms 
now to come & Disturb quiett & honest men, himself & others who 
had so possessed themselves of the Records & office, (wch meaning) 
but could not (tho such a number would have done) raise them to 
destroy Thach (one Edward Thach formerly a Pirate meaning) but 
instead of that he (the sd Honble Meaning) was suffered to do his 
Villianies; My Commitm't is illegal (meaning his being yn in cus- 
tody by the command of the sd Governor). It is like ye Commands 
of a German Prince I (himself again meaning) hope to see the Gov- 
ernor (the sd Charles Eden again, meaning) who has so illegally 
committed me a Prisoner himself soon in Irons & sent home to an- 
swer what he has done here and I (himself again meaning) will en- 
deavor to blacken his Character (the Governor again meaning) as 
much as it is in my power and then if his further malitious & Sedi- 
tious intent to stir up the people & to procure ye disturbance & Ruin 
of the Kings Peace proceeded appealing the people & By Standers 
in these other seditious words & Speeches. Is not ye a hard case the 
Liberty & Property of the subject taken away by these illegal pro- 
ceedings & you are as liable to have yours destroyed as ours now 
are, To the great Scandal & Defamation of him the said Charles 
Eden, Governor of yr Province & the Governmt therof, to the mov- 
ing & inctem't of Discord & Sedition within ye Province & Danger 
of the Subversion of the Laws & Constitution of ye Province against 
ye Peace & in contempt of our Lord the King yt now is his Crown 

Note— Sandy Point where the secretary's office was located at the time of its 
seizure, is 7 miles from the town of Edenton In Chowan county It lies immedi- 
ately upon Albemarle Sound and is at present owned by H. G. Wood, Esq. 

Indictments. 83 

Dignity, &c, and contrary to the form of {he Statute in such cases 
made & Provided. DAX'L RICHARDSON, Due. Kege. 

Upon return of the Grand Jury Indictment in the case between 
our Sovereign Lord, the King agt Coll. Edward Moseley, the Ques- 
tion was asked by the sd Moseley's Councill how many of the Jury 
were agreed in the Indictm't, the foreman answered all. Coll! 
Edwd Moseley informed ye Court yt he was very credibly informed 
yt Sundry Reputable Persons in Divers parts of the Country to ye 
number of thirty were summoned by the Marshall of the Severall 
Precincts to serve as Grand Jurymen for the body of ys Governm't 
the greatest part of them attended but by some Practices as the sd 
Moseley suggests there was but sixteen returned. It's therefore, moved 
by him yt ye Court would admit him to produce Persons to make 
proof of the summons of Sundry Grand Jurymen that were sum- 
moned & not returned altho they were present in Court or yt the 
Officers might be called & Examined on oath touching the Summons 
& Return. 

The Court were of opinion yt Mr. Moseley might call any Evi- 
dence to prove any ill practice in the Marshall or any other of the 
officers but he not doing yt & there not appearing any anything in 
ys matter contrary to the constant method & Practice in ys Court for 
Summoning & Impannelling Grand Jurys & Jurys and the Officers 
of ys Court being upon their oaths & in their places. It is the 
opinion of ye Court that they ought not upon ys motion & sugges- 
tion to be sworn now & examined whether they had been Guilty of 
any Evill Practice in this matter. 

Whereupon the Court ordered the Indictment to be read which 
was accordingly read and then the said Edwd Moseley moved that 
he might have time till the next Court to answer the sd indictmt 
And the sd Moseley making oath that he had evidences which he be- 
lieved material who were out of the Governmt. Ordd yt the Tryall be 
referred till the next Court and also yt the sd Moseley enter into 
bond with security to appear the 3d day of the next Genl Court, &c, 
which is further ordd yt the said Moseley Plead to-morrow. 

Coll. Edwd Moseley & Maj. Thos. Luten as surety entered into 
bonds in the sum of 100£ each for the appearance of sd Moseley at 
the next term of the Court. 

July 31st, 1719. The Grand Jury present ye following Indictmt. 
North Carolin, S.S. : 

To the Honble Fred'k Jones, Chief Justice & to the rest of the Jus- 
tices for holding the General Court for the Precinct of North 

Carolina : 

The Jurors for our Soverign Lord the King upon their oath Do 

84 Indictments. 

Present ye Maurice Moore, Esq., Thomas Livten, Jr., Joseph Moore 
Laborer & Edwd Moseley, Esq., all of Chowan Precinct in the Coun- 
ty of Albemarle afsd and Henry Clayton of Perquimans Precinct 
in the County & Province afsd Gentlemen, on the six and twentieth 
day of December, 1718, at Sandy Point in Chowan Precinct afsd 
with force and arms into a certain Dwelling house yn in the possession 
of John Lovick, Depty Secretary of & for ys Province wherein the 
Records of ye Province, the Journals of ye Council the Colony Seal 
were then being the Secretary's office, Are., Xaval Officer for the Dis- 
trict of Roanoke, were then kept did unlawfully enter & the said 
house did fasten & nail up & him the sd John Lovick from the posses- 
sion of the sd House, Records, Journal, Seal & Offices with like 
force & Arms did by the space of twenty hours Riotously hold & 
Keep against the Peace of our Soverign Lord the King yt which is 
his Crown & Dignity & against the fame of the Laws in such Cases 
made and provided. 


To which Indictment (being read) they plead not guilty. 

Coll. Edward Moseley and Maurice Moore gave bond in the sum 
of 100£ each to answer sd Indictmt. Thomas Luten surety for Coll. 
Moseley & Thomas Swann for Col. Maurice Moore, Henry Clayton 
& Thomas Luten, Jr., also appeared and gave bond in the sum of 
100£. Thos. Betterly surety for Henry Clayton and Thomas & 
Henry Bonner surety for Thos. Luten, Jr. 

Att a General Court held for the Province at the Court House at 
Queen Anne's Creek in Chowan Precinct the 29th 8ber (Oct.), 1719, 
Present Fred'k Jones, Esq., Chief Justice, Jno. Blount, Jno. Wor- 
ley, Jno. Palin, Jno. Hardy, Thos. Pollock, & Maj. Robert West, 

Coll. Edwd Moseley, Maurice Moore, Thomas Luten, Jr., and 
Henry Clayton being bound by Recognizance to appear at this Court 
to answer indictments found against them by the Grand Jury last 
Court, made their appearance. Ordered that they make their ap- 
pearance to-morrow morning at 10 O'clock. 

Friday, 8ber 30th, 1719. Court met according to adjournment- 
Present as before. 

Daniel Richardson, Esq., Attr Genl, comes to prosecute an In- 
dictm't found by the Grand Jury last Court agt Coll. Edward Mose- 
ley in these words, &c. (See Indictment heretofore given in full.) 
and as by the sd Indictment there upon record doth appear, to which 
he then Pleaded sd Pleas being lost or Imbezzled cannot be had, but 
the Court being assured the said Pleas was not Guilty, saving to him- 
self all Lawfull advantage & putting himself upon the Country for 



Tryall & which said Pleas was Joyned by the Atty Genl afsd to 
which he the said Moseley was this day Called & appeared according 
to order yesterday & moved the Court's opinion whether he was Regu- 
larly here in Court this day. To which the Court's opinion is that 
he the sd Moseley is regularly here in Court this day. 

Whereupon, the said Edward Moseley Desires the Court to con- 
sider whether the entry made this day of the Plea to this Indictment 
is the same plea he delivered in writing the last Court succeeding 
to their order & which was Joyned & subscribed by the Atty Gen'll 
for the sd Edwd Moseley saith. "It contained more than a bare not 
guilty for it contained a Protestation & Saving to himself all advan- 
tages of Exception to the whole Proceedings of this case" & Desires 
the sd Pleas my be referred to which being impossible. It is the Re- 
solve & opinion of this Court that the prosecution of his Majies Suit 
ought not to fale for want of the Plea put into the last Genii Court 
bv the sd Moseley which hath Either been lost or Imbezzled by the 
Clerk but as the Court is well satisfied that the pleas was Genl. Issue 
not Guilty. Saving to the sd Moseley all lawfull advantages they 
ought to proceed on his Tryall, whereupon it was commanded the 
Marshall that he call A: cause to come twelve, &c, and these came 
viz : James Castellow. Edward Carter, Thos. Blitchenden, Lewis 
Skinner, John Jennett, Rt. Patterson, George Turnage, Moses Hill, 
Jno. Bentley, Thos. Elliott, Rich'd Wilson & Edwd Wingate who 
being sworn say Wee of the Jury find Edward Moseley Guilty of 
Speaking the words contained in the Indictment according to the In- 
dictment if the Law be for our Soverign Lord the King then we find 
bim the sd Edwd Moseley guilty : but if the law be for the sd Mose- 
ley then we find him not guilty. 

Whereupon the Council for our sd Lord ye King moved the Court 
to assign the time when the matter of Law shall be argued & this 
Court has appointed to-morrow being Saturday the 31st of ys In- 
stant Ten of the Clock 

And upon motion of the Attorney Genii Ordered that the sd Ed- 
ward Moseley be continued upon the same Recognizance by which 
he stood bound in the above suit for scandalous words till to-morrow 
the 31st of this Inst 10 O'clk. 

Coll. Edwd Moseley. Col. Maurice Moore, Thos. Luten, Jr., and 
Henry Clayton being called to answer the Indic'tmt found agt them 
made their appearance k were continued upon the same Recognizance 
till to-morrow 10 of the clock being the 31st of this Instant, Satur- 
day 8ber, 1719. The Court met according to adjournment. 

Present as before. Read the orders of the Court. 

Upon Mr. Edwd Moseley troubling the Court with several un- 
necessary questions It is Resolved by the Court that they will not 

86 Indictments. 

stuff ye "Records with his motions but that he shall have full liberty 
to plead everything that is pertinent to his Tryall. 

And now here at this day comes the Councill for our Sovereign 
Lord the King, Pltff, & Edwd Moseley, Deft., according to the time 
assigned by the Court for arguing the matter of Law in the suit 
Depending between the Pit & Deft afsd and the same being fully ll 
Argued & Debated on both sides the Court adjourned for half an 
hour to consider thereon. 

The Court mett according to adjournment. 

And this Court having advised with themselves & well & duly 
considered the arguments on both sides and the verdict of the Jury 
last night do find & adjudge the Law is for our Sovereign Lord the 
King Pit. 

The Attorney Genl moved for Sentence. 

And thereupon the Court take time untill Monday morning next 
10 O'Clock to consider of the Sentence, and the sd Moseley as well 
as* the others in the other Indictment were called and their Recog- 
nizance continued untill the same time. 

Monday, Nov. 2nd, 1719. The Court met according to adjourn- 
ment. Present as before. 

Coll. Edward Moseley being called to answer the Indictment 
found against him for scandalous words, &c, made his appearance 
according to the order of this Court Saturday last. And the At- 
torney Genii moved for sentence upon the Indictment upon wch he 
had by the Court & Jury been found guilty. 

And it being asked the sd Moseley if he had anything to say in 
stay of the sd sentence answered that he would not trouble the Court 
any further but submitt himself to ym upon which the Court ad- 
journed for half an hour to advise & consider thereon. The Court 
mett according to adjournment. And this Court having well & Duly 
considered the Indictmt throughout the Evidence proceeded in the 
whole Tryall. The Verdict of the Jury found thereon and the Ar- 
guments both on behalf of the King & upon Edward Moseley, Esq., 
Deft., have adjudged the Law to be with the King. It is therefore 
considered & adjudged by the Court That the sd Edward Moseley, 
Esq., pay a fine of 100£ & be incapable of bearing any office or place 
of Trust in this Governmt for three years & give Bond with sufficient 
security in the sum of 200£ for his good behaviour a year & a day 
& that he be taken into Custody untill he perform the same. 

Daniel Richardson, Esq., comes to prosecute an Indictment agt 
Maurice Moore, Esq., Thos. Luten, Jr., Esq., Edward Moseley, Esq., 
all of Chowan Precinct, Albemarle County, & Henry Clayton, Gent 
of Perquimans Precinct in the county afsd and saith as in & by th'. 
ed Indictment remaining upon Record doth appear become bound 

Indictments. 87 

by recognizance to appear this Court & being called bad leave to 
erase out the word (not) which accordingly they did and pleaded 
guilty to the said Indictment and threw themselves upon the Mercy 
of the Court. Whereupon the Court takes time till to-morrow morn- 
ing to consider thereon, and then adjourned till to-morrow 10 O'clk. 

Tuesday, ]STov. 3rd, 1719. The Court mett according to adjourn- 
mt. Present as before except Fred'k Jones, Chief Justice. 

And the Court having considered the Indictment with regard to 
ye Severall agravations of the Persons therein mentioned & the sd 
Persons Pleas & throwing themselves upon the Mercy of the Court 
have ordered and give judgment that the sd Coll. Maurice Moore 
pay a fine of 5£ & Mr. Thos. Luten, Jr., a fine of 20 shillings & that 
each of ym give bond with sufficient security in the sum of 20£ for 
their good behaviour till the next Genii Court and ye Coll. Edwd 
Moseley & Mr. Henry Clayton pay a fine of five shillings each and 
that they all be taken into Custody untill they have performed the 

North Carolina Ss. : 

Att a Genii Court held for the sd Province at yr Genii Court 
House at Queen Anne's Creek in Chowan Precinct the 28th Mch., 
1721. Present Jno. Worley. The Court adjourned till to-morrow 
morning 8 O'clock. 

Wednesday ye 29th Mch, 1721. The Court mett according to 
adjournment. Present The Honble Fred'k Jones, Chief Justice, 
Jno. Blount, Thos. Miller, Jno. Worley & Thos. Pollock, Esqs., Jus- 

The following order of Council being read is ord'd to be Entd. 

Att a Council held April 4, 1720, Mr. Chief Justice Jones hav- 
ing made a motion to ys Board representing yt Severall person^ In- 
habitants of ys Governmt are Injured & putt to very great hardship 
& difficulty by reason of Coll. Edwd Moseley his Suspension from 
Pleading, he having undertaken their business & having their papers 
in his hands. Whereupon ys Board unanimously agreed that the 
said Moseley might have liberty to plead & speak to such matters only 
as he can make appear to Mr. Chief Justice he was actually retained 
in before the sentence passed upon him by the Genl Court held in 
October, 1719. 

Friday 31st Mch, 1721. Court mett according to adjournment. 

Present Honble Fred'k Jones, Chief Justice, Jno. Blount, Tho=. 
Miller, Jno. Worley & Thos. Pollock, Justices. 

Coll. Edward Moseley made the following motion, viz: 

Edwd Moseley sheweth That a prosecution was commenced agt 
him in his Maj'es name for speaking Sundry words as appears by 

88 Indictments. 

the Grand Jury at the Genii Court held in Chowan Precinct in July, 
1719. Upon which Prosecution Judmt was passed agst the sd Ed- 
ward Moseley at the Genii Court held in October, 1719, in which 
Prosecution & Judgnit and the proceedings thereupon Error mani- 
fest has intervened. 

The sd Moseley therefore humbly Prays That upon this his Mo- 
tion a day may be assigned by this Court Pursuant to an Act of As- 
sembly Intitled an Act concernig Appeals & Writts of Error for rhe 
hearing the Errors at the next Court and that a day may be appoint- 
ed for the sd Edward Moseley to file his errors, in the meantime 
whereupon the Chief Justice & Thos. Pollock take lime to advise till 
the next Court, whether his motion be within the meaning of the 
Law. Justices Blount & Worley reject the motion as not within 
the meaning of the Act. Mr. Justice Miller was absent. 

Court adjourned till the next Court in course. 




(Original in Court House at Edenton, N. C. 
North Carolina Ss. By the Honble the Govr and Councill. 

Whereas by an Act of Assembly Intituled an Act Relating to the 
Biennial and other Assemblys and Regulating Elections and Mem- 
bers inter alia. It is enacted that the Burgesses for the Biennial 
Assembly shall meet and Sitt the first Monday in November ensue- 
ing each Election at the same place the Assembly last satt Except 
the Pallatine Court shall by their Proclamacon Twenty dayes be- 
fore their meeting appoint some other place. * 

And Forasmuch as for divers Reasons and Inconveniences to us 
known this present Biennial Assembly cannot meet and sett at the 
same place they last satt at. 

We therefore by this Proclamacon do Give Notice to al persons 
Concerned herein that this present Assembly is appointed and We 
do hereby appoint the same to meet and sett at the house of Col. 
Jno. Hecklefield in Little River on the aforesaid Monday in No- 

Given under our hands and the Seale of the Colony this 12 day of 
September in the Fourth Year of the Reign of our Sovereign Lord 
King George &c. Anno Dom 1717. God save the King. 

Charles Eden, 
Fred'k Jones, 
Fras Foster, 
Wm. Reed. 
T. Knight, Sect'y. 
[Locus Sigilli.] 

Abstract of Marriage Bonds. 89 


(From originals in office of the Clerk of the Superior Court at Edenton, N. C, 

with names of sureties.) 

Miller, Solomon and Sarah Copeland. Jan'y 16th. 

McClenny, : and Mary Smith. April 23rd. 

Parish, Edmund and Melunca Simpson. May 17th. 
Parish, Eichard and Nelly Bacchus. October 25th. 
Phelps, William and Eliza Luton. Xov. 11th. James Phelps. 
Perry, Orrister and Nancy Dail. Dec. 21st. Joshua Dail. 
Eoberts, Frederick L. and Sarah Jane Pophelston. July 19th. 
.Smith, Amos and Mary Boyce. Jan'y 1st. Elijah Smith. 
Skinner, Job and Elizabeth Ann Jordan. March 23rd. 
Spivey, Jacob and Peninah Goodwin. July 21st. 
Smith, Alfred and Temperance J. Chambers. October 16. 
Skinner, James B. and Martha Hartmus. Dec. 13th. 
Woodward, Nathaniel and Emily Elliott. March 14th. 
White, John and Axey Hollowell. Xov. 20th. Silas White. 


Ashley, Josiah and Judith Haste. April 20th. Henry Morgan. 
Ashley, Miles and Winney Perry. May 4th. Isaac Cail. 
Birum, James I. and Elizabeth Forehand. Feb'y 13*th. 
Byrum, Isaac J. and Easter Hollowell. March 13th. 
Byrum, Edwin and Mary Hollowell. April 6th. James Boyce. 
Butts, Willam E. and Mary Jane Elliott. 

Boyce, Benjamin and Levinia Walker. May 6th. Jos. Norcom. 
Birum, William and Eli Asbell. Augt. 19th. Humphrey Birum. 
Bacchus, Thomas and Prudence Bunch. Augt. 23rd. 
Brooks, Joseph and Elizabeth Goodwin. September 3rd. 
Bunch, Josiah and Tamar Asbell. Nov. 1st. Humphrey Birum. 
Davenport, Eichard and Elsey Chatman. Feb'y 12th. 
Elliott, Elisha and Ann Elliott, Dec. 4th. Nath'l Hathaway. 
Felton E. E. and Mary A. Fitt. June 20. Micajah J. Bunch. 
Floyd, William and Sarah Morgan. June 29th. Halsey Floyd. 
Fife, Charles and Martha Proctor. Jiily 17th. Moses D. Hare. 
Goodwin, Eichard and Christian Ward. Augt. 20th. 
Goodwin, Sanford E. and Penelope Small. March 27th. 
Halsey, Isaac and Harriet Woodward. Feby 6th. 
Hurdle. Lemuel and Susan Goodwin. March 16th. 


Abstract of Marriage Bonds. 

Jordan, John E. and Sarah Cochrane. May 29th. 
Jackson, Samuel and Frances Taylor. Sept. 10th. 
Jordan, Theophilus and Eliza Dail. Nov. 28th. Julius B. Dail. 
Kirby, Samuel H. and Lucinda C. Benton. Nov. 26th. 
Miller, Smith and Temperance Ward. Jany 22nd. 
Morgan, Hardy and Elizabeth Munds. March 9th. 
Mallory, William S. and Mary D. Hoskins. March 19th. 
Manning, Bichard H. and Lydia S. Howett. Nov. 28th. 
Morris, John and Eliza Stallings. Dec. 23rd. Benj. Gregory. 
Nixon, Bobert and Frances Smith. June 12th. Nath'l Bond, Jr. 
Ferry, Willis and Ashley Smith. March 9th. William Bush. 
Parish, Joshua and Milley Green. Nov. 1st. Jas. Bobinson. 
Biddick, Thomas E. and Ann B. Carter. Jan'y 28th. 
Smith, Henry and Martha P. Files. Feb'y 16th. Alfred Smith. 
Skinner, James C. and Elmira Ward. Augt. 20th. 
Ward, William and Sarah Fane. July 8th. James Boyce. 
.Walker, Manuel and Mary B. Nixson. Oct. 8th. 
Winslow, Job and Clarkey Spivey. Nov. 1st. Elisha Bunch. 
Ward, Allen and Juliana Winslow. 

Bonsai, John and Elizabeth D. Skinner. Jan'y 7th. 
Bunch, Paul and Charity Hudgins. Jan'y 21st. Wm. Bush. 
Beasley, Nathaniel I. and Emily Norcom. June 23rd. 
Blount, Edmund C. and Mary E. Whedbee. June 7th. 
Bond, Henry A. and Margaret G. Manning. Dec. 31st. 
Elliott, Willis J. and Sarah Bateman. Dec. 15th. William Bea. 
Gregory, Mathias and Penelope Jordan. July 23rtl. 
Halsey, Femuel B. and Eliza A. Blount, Jan'y 20th. 
Hoffler, Asa G. and Sarah Welch. May 3rd. Noah P. Deanes. 
*Hathaway, Burton W. and Sarah A. Bent (2nd wife). May 14. 
H. E. Bascoe. 

Hardy, Jackson and Fucy Ann Bullock. Oct. 26th. 

Jones, John and Mary Jordan. Feb'y 14th. Josiah H. Jones, 

Jones, Enoch and Martha Ann Waff. July 14. Henry Martin. 

Futon, Noah and Martha Cabarrus. Jan'y 25th. 

Fong, Henry A. and Sarah Elliott. April 1st. Henry Scott. 

Feary, William and Mary Eliz Taylor. May 26th. Wm. Deanes. 

Noxon, Bobert M and Mary Small. Dec. 22nd. 

Privett, William and Elizabeth Freeman. March 5th. 

Paiker, John and Peninah Grifb'n. Oct. 26tL Cader Piercy. 

Bea, Christopher C. and Mary Frances Nixon. Nov. 21st. 

Skinner, Augustus and Martha Taylor. Feb'y 5th. 

* Father and Mother of the Editor of the Register. 

Abstract of Marriage Bonds. 91 

Standin, William H. and Elizabeth B. Littlejohn. April 2nd. 
Wm. A. Littlejohn. 

Smith, William and Mary Newbern. Augt. 11th. 
Whiteman, Richard and Mary Sitterson. January 20th. 
Wood, Jordan M. and Elizabeth Felton. Feb'y 25th. 
Warren, Dr. Thomas D. and Penelope J. D. Skinner. March 12. 
White, George Sr., and Temperance Baker. July 20. Wm. Bush. 
Williams, William and Sophia Topping. Nov. 9. Willis Evans. 


Asbell, William and Jane Harrell. May 27th. Job Parker. 
Brooks, Josiah H. and Mary P. Gorham. June 29th. 
Barclift, John H. and Penelope Waff. July 29th. 
Bunch, Nathaniel and Rebecca Eloyd. Sept. 28th. 
Blanchard Easton and Absala White. Oct. 9th. Jos. Brooks. 
Bunch, Willis and Michel Ward. Nov. 30th. Thos. Forehand, Jr. 
•Blanchard, Jesse and Elizabeth A. Blanchard. Dec. 27th. 
Cameron, John W. and Elizabeth A. Smith. Oct. 5th. 
Dail, Elisha and Achsa Mitchell. Dec. 24th. Dan'l Hollowell. 
Forehand, Joel and Ann Dail. July 28th. Daniel Hollowell. 
Goodwin, Harvey P. and Elizabeth Mary Evans. January 9th. 
Goodwin, John A. and Martha L. Small. Augt. 11th. 
Hurdle, Henry and Elizabeth Elliott. March 3rd. 
Hudson Joseph and Sarah Twine. April 23rd. 
Hare, Moses D. and Elizabeth Moore. June 16th. 
Hudgins, Thomas W. and Lavinia M. Small. Dec. 14th. 
Harris, Joseph and Sarah Burruss. Dec. 2Sth. J^icob Bass. 
Jordan, Cader and Eliza Chappell. Jan'y 27th. 
Kirby, Isaiah and Corasand Elliott. April 1. Willis J. Elliott. 
Martin, "Henry and Ann Catharine Chambers. Feb'y 18. 
Moore, Charlton and Sena Winslow. April 6th. Asa Blanchard. 
Norfleet, Rev. William J. and Eliza P. Howett. Dec. 2nd. 
Perry, John and Mary Bunch. Feb'y. 8th. Wm. Jordan. 
Riddick, Jethro and Elizabeth J. Jones. Jan'y 19th. 
Roberts, John W. and Mary S. B. Haughton. July 27th. 
Simpson, William and Elizabeth Hurdle. April 8th. 
Sanderlin, Nathaniel and Jane Whaley. April 24th. 
Small, Elisha C. and Mary Bond. July 9th. Richard Wilder. 
Topping, Samuel and Milley Parish. Nov. 10. John Williams. 
Virnelson, James and Milley Green. Sept. 16th. Chas. Smith. 
Waff, George W. and Susan Ann Elliott. March 2nd. 
Walker, Thomas and Elizabeth Stone. Sept. 30th. 

Ashley, Benbury and Eliza Halsey. July 6th. 

92 Abstract of Marriage Bonds. 

Byrum, Joseph J. and Elizabeth Privett. Jan'y 8th. 

Bateman, Nathan and Nancy Riddick. March 18th. 

Briggs, Henry and Zenith Todd. April 11th. B. W. Hathaway. 

Bazemore, Malachi and Penelope Sampson. Nov. 16th. 

Caddy, James and Sarah Canaday. Dec. 28th. Thos. Jones. 

Cochrane, Thomas, Jr., and Clarissa E. Benton. September 20. 

Eerrell, John L. and Martha Bartie. Nov. 27th. 

Harrell, James N. and Ann Goodwin. Jan'y 17th. 

Harrison, Thomas A. and Louisa M. Collins. Dec. Sth. W. C. 

Kail, Isaac and Nancy Smith. Jan'y 10th. Charles Smith. 

Leary, John L. and Harriett A. Skinner, July 15th. 

Miller, Solomon and Thusey Belch. Jan'y 17. John B. Small. 

Paxton, Richard and Elizabeth C. Benbury. June 18th. H. A. 

Riddick, Joseph E. and Margaret E. Harvey. Oct. 25th. 
' Swain, Thomas and Martha Mann. May 12th. Wiliam Kirby. 

Snowden, Rev. William E. and Harriet Skinner. August 1st. 
Yelverton Read. 

Small, Baker D. and Rosina Hudgins. Oct. 21th. 

Turner, Asbury and Sophia Jordan. February 9th. 

Webb, James, Jr., and Sarah Frances Cheshire. Feb. 17th. 

White, Henry and Peninah Boyce. Feb'y 7th. William White. 

White, James and Sarah White. Feb'y 7th. R. R. Felton. 

Wiggins, William and Celia Blanchard. Oct. 11th. 

White, Gabriel and Ann Hudson. Dec. 23rd. Samuel Lane. 



Ainesley, Asa and Margaret Wynn. Feb'y 20th. Tully Daven- 

Bass, Arassiha (Horatio) and Cassandra Nixon. Jan'y 2nd. 

Cruthers, Wilson and Sarah Dail. March 25th. 

Coffield, Henry and Ann Bacchus. Dec. 9th. John Bush. 

Davenport, Ephraim and Mary E. Speight. Feb'y 24th. 

Elliott, William B. and Mary Jollift'e. Jan'y 16. Moses Burke. 

Elliott, Elisha and Sarah L. "Elliott. Feb'y 21. J. R. Lemmett. 

Ed^s, Joseph and Harriet Carliles. Feb'y 14th. Willis Elliott. 

Hare, Burrell and Ann Perkins. Jan'y 17th. Wm. Kirby. 

Hurdle, Charles and Penelope Ming. Jan'y 17th. 

Halsey, Samuel and Mary Munds. May 31st. Benbury Ashley. 

Jacobs, Solomon and Elizabeth Coffield. May 25th. 

Jordan, John and Charity Woodward. Nov. 21st. 

Kirby, William and Elizabeth Smith. May 11th. 

Long", Thomas B. and Elizabeth M. Bartee. Janunr, 25th. 

Abstract of Marriage Bonds. 93 

Mixson, Charles W. and Anna Maria Underhill. Feb'y 23rd. 

Newbold, James and Mary Elizabeth Bonner. December 27th. 

Parrish, Joshua and Mahaia Simpson. July 6th. 

Parish, Stephen and Lucinda Roberts. Nov. 1st. 

Stafford, John and Mary Wood. Feb'y 7th. Wm. Bush. 

Stafford, William and Susan Wood. May 25th. James White. 

Shepard, William B. and Ann D. Collins. May 25th. W. 0. 

Sutton, Samuel and Elizabeth Ann Mixson. Sept. 4th. 

White, Josiah and Susan Hurdle. January 25th. Washington 

Warren, Dr. Thos. D. and Margaret L. Coffield. May 31st. R. 
T. Paine. 


Birum, Humphrey and Mary Ward. Jan'y 2nd. William C. 

Bratten, John and Deborah Smith. May 16th. Willis Elliott. 

Boushall, John and Deborah F. Gaskins. Dec. 12. Chas. Mc- 

Coffield, William and Margaret Simpson. January ISth. Benj. 

Cannon, James Iredell and Harriet E. Baker. Augt. 24th. Ed- 
ward Brown. 

Dixon, George B. and Mary B. McDonald. March 13th. Cas- 
per W. Norcom. 

Dixon, Alexander and Corisand McDonald. July 4th. Casper 
W. Norcom. » 

Forehand, Thomas, Sr., and Catharine Hollowell, Jan'y 6. Jno. 

Godfrey, Joseph G. and Margaret M. Haughton. Jany 29th. 
Chas. G. Haughton. 

Goodwin, Miles and Elizabeth Cochrane. Nov. 22nd. 

Hurdle, Seth and Mary Winslow. Jany 17th. Robt. Stallings. 

Hatfield, James and Naomi Spruell. Jan'y 24th. Hezekiah Ar- 

Hines, Benjamin A. and Elizabeth Chapman. March 27. Jno. 

Hammond, Henry George and Harriet Ann Swinson. Apl. 28th. 
John W. Cameron. 

Hall, William T. and Mary Smith. Dec. 26th. Jesse Williamson. 

Moore, Edward and Lucy Ann Moore. Dec. 17. Chas. S. Moore. 

Manning, Dr. Joseph and Emily L. Cleveland. October 22nd. 
Thos. C. Manning. 

Parker, Samuel T. and Lydia Kail. May 1st. Jas. C. Bond. 

94 Abstract of Marriage Bonds. 

Perry, Allen H. and Margaret Ann Bush. May 13th. Miles 

Parish, James and Margaret Mitchell. Nov. 8th. James L. 

Pierce, John and Lydia Hobbs. Nov. 29th. C. L. McNider. 

Simmons, John W. and Mariam Jordan. Jan'y 11. Zachariah 

Speed, Dr. Bufus K. and Elizabeth M. Jones. Feb'y 13. Thos. 
G. H aught on. 

Small, Humphrey and Elizabeth Floyd. April 9th. Jeremiah 

Todd, William H. and Susannah Smith. Dec. 9. Smith Miller. 

Ward, David and Mary Moore. Feb'y 7th. Moses W. White. 

Wbite, Moses and Sarah Ward. Dec. 15th. William King. 

Wilson, James and Catharine Boyce. July 25th. Jas. C. Bond. 

Winslow, Jos. H. and Maria Hurdle. Feb. 7th. 


Brown, Benjamin and Cynthia Harrell. Jan'y 1st. John H. Jones. 

Byrum, Henderson H. and Elizabeth Burruss. Augt. 26. Gid- 
eon Byrum. 

Bunch, Thomas and Sophia Mood. Nov. 5. John C. Fleetwood. 

Bonner, James and Caroline E. White. Nov. 17th. P. F. White. 

Bonner, Abraham and Harriet Ann Simpson. November 29th. 
John Bonner. 

Clayton, Addison W. and Elizabeth Bond. Feb'y 1st. W. H. 
Wilder. % 

Featherstone, Edward (of Amelia Co., Va.) and Mary H. Howett. 
Apl. 23rd. R. H. Manning. 

Goodwin, Stephen and Judy Boyce. July 14th. Theophilus 

Gordon, George and Mary G. Standley. Dec. 3rd. 

Hobbs, Henry and Elizabeth Smith. Jan'y 8th. Abner Hollo- 

Harrell, John and Margaret A. Miller. January 9th. Samuel 

Hatfield, Charles and Deborah Pratt. Apl. 15. Whitaker Myers. 

Hinton, Peter W. and Sarah J. Right on. July 21st. N. Leggett. 

Halsey, Cullen A. and Charlotte Perry. Augt. 28th. 

Hackney, Henry and Caroline Lawrence. Sept. 12. Wm. H. Todd. 
" Hinton, John W. and Martha J. Small. Dec. 16th. Thomas W. 

Jones, James and Sarah Harriss. July 24th. R. R. Felton. 

Jordan, Willis H. and Sarah Halsey. Oct. 3rd. Arasha Bass. 

Abstract of Marriage Bo^ds. 95 

Jordan, Joseph J. and Elizabeth Ann Clements. Dec. 9th. Jas. 
C. Bond. 

Morris, John and Harriet Ward. Dec. 17th. Drew Welch. 

Norfleet, James E. and Nancy Hill. April 15. Richard Wyatt. 

Perry, Willis and Elizabeth Ward. Feb'y 12th. Allen C. Ward. 

Pearce, William and Martha Nixon. Augt. 15. Henry Byrnm. 

Small, Malachi H. and Eliabeth Ward. June 4. John D. Small. 

Sansberry, Charles and Rebecca Bagley. Oct. 3. William McCoy. 

Ward, Wellington and Asbilley Gregory. June 20. Jas. C. Bond. 

Wilson, Henry and Nancy Veazey. May 13th. Elijah Smith. 

Ward, Trotman H. and Charity White. July 22. Henry W. 

Williams, William and Julia Hill. Sept. 3rd. Jos. B. Newby. 

Wyatt, Richard and Eliza M. Norfleet. Dec. 23rd. Thomas B. 


Alexander, James and Mary Hall. March 10. Asa Ainesley: 

Asbell, James and Martha Ann Twine. June 19th. William 

Baker, Andrew and Elizabeth Brinn. May 4th. Harvey P. 

Bonner, John and Sarah E. Waff. May 6th. Jos. T. Waff. 

Bunch, Harvey and Nancy Parks. July 22nd. Henry White. 

Bunch, Josiah and Ruth Nixon. July 26th. Horatio Bass. 

Bond, George and Harriet F. Parker. Sept. 10th. 

Coffield, John and Grissell Bunch. Feb'y 23. Cullen Mitchell. 

Costen, James K. and Mary White. May 16. Rizfop Rawls. 

Culipher, James C. and Sally Ann Smith. July 30th. Abram 
Culifer. . 

Floyd, Jeremiah and Temperance Smith. Oct. 22. Sam'l Eshon. 

Griffin, Exum and Leah Goodwin. Nov. 2nd. Leah Perry. 

Halsey, Samuel and Lydia Roberts. May 5. Samuel Topping. 

Jackson, James S. and Sarah Sansberry. June 4th. Augustus 
A. Skinner. 

Kehoe, Richard and Penelope Bazemore. Nov. 2. Enoch Jones. 

Legget, William and Mary Ann Ashley. Dec. 22. Miles Leggett. 

Messmore, Daniel and Mary Matilda Norcom. April 16th. Geo. 

Mitchell, Henry and Martha Jones. Oct. 14. Jeremiah Floyd. 

Miller, William and Mary Dail. Dec. 31st. Thos. I. Miller. 

Pratt, Joshua and Margaret Johnson. Augt. 22nd. John L. 

Smith, Zachariah and Harriet Hofler. Augt. 14. William Bush. 

Smith, Charles and Mary Bond. Dec. 3rd. Stephen Smith. 

96 Abstract of Marriage Bonds. 

Taylor, William and Matilda Pratt. July 4th. Joseph Taylor. 
Thompson, John and Hester King Lee. July 18th. John Cox. 
Winslow, John L. and Harriet P. Winslow. Oct, 14th. Allen 
C. Ward. 



Avery, Joseph and Sarah S. Harvey. Dec. 27th. John Bush. 

Byrum, Isaac, Jr., and Mary Copeland. Jan'y 19. Joseph Cope- 

Byrum, James W. and Anna I. Asbill. July 21st. Wrighton 

Bockover, Benjamin T. and Sarah E. Hathaway. October 27th. 
Chas. R. Hankins. 

Byrum, Francis and Elizabeth Halsey. Nov. 11. Bryant Bur'ross. 

Copeland Timothy and Elizabeth Veazey. January 30. Isaac 
Byrum, Jr. 

Citizen, Charlton and Lewey Spruell. May 27. Joseph Taylor 

•Evans, Josiah and Martha Perry. Jan'y 26. Harvey Goodwin. 

Hendrix, John F. and Catharine Sanderlin. Dec. 29th. Thos. 
S. Hoskins. 

Haste, Abner and Achsah Ward. May 20th. Tredwell Bunch. 

Halsey, Samuel and Elizabeth Chappell. July 5. Edwin Evans. 

Halsey, Baker and Sarah Parker. Nov. 18th. Josiah H. Jones. 

Mitchell, Lewis and Jemima Griffin. Jan'y 15th. Alfred Boyce. 

McNair, Edmund D. and Elizabeth Ann Cheshire. February 11. 
A. H. McNair. 

Nixon, Andrew and Lovey Nixon. Dec. 1st. Horatio Bass. 

Price, George and Maria L. Haughton. March 31. Hi E. Rascoe. 

Perry, Harvey and Emily Perry. May 30th. Miles Goodwin. 

Perkins, Martin C. S. and Corasand Kirby. Dec. 29th. John 
J. Maurice. 

Spruell, Joseph and Mary Ann Phelps. April 10. Jas. H. Spruell. 

Saunders, Willis N. and Elizabeth Coffield. May 4th. Mark D. 

Skinner, Myles and Sarah Jordan. June 8. Jordan D. Elliott. 

Skinner, John and Elizabeth Halsey. Dec. 6th. T. L. Skinner. 

Twine, Joel and Sarah Jordan. Oct. 2nd. Nathaniel Griffin. 

Waff, Joseph T. and Elizabeth A. Benbury. Feby 9th. Chas. 
W. Benbury. 

Williams, John and Mary Rea. May 11th. H. E. Rascoe. 


Bunch, Newby and Elizabeth Burke. Jan'y 19. Josiah Coffield. 
Bunch, Micajah and Harriet Byrum. Jan'y 29th. Fred'k Bunch. 

Abstract of Marriage Bonds. 


Boyce, William and Christian Hollowell. Feb'y 14th. William 

Bond, Henry and Elizabeth Hudson. April 11th. Thomas W. 

Burke, James W. and Martella Johnson. July 13th. James D. 

Boyce, Baker F. and Harriet Jordan. August 8th. Daniel 

Gopeland, Joseph Jr., and Susan Boyce. Jan'y 12th. Elijah 

Creecy, William F. and Sarah E. Brinkley. March 9th. James 
E. Norfleet 

Cannon, Caltern C. and Martha Winslow. Dec. 12th. James 
I. Cannon. 

Denson, John B. and Elizabeth M. Boushall. Feb'y 7th. James 
C. Bond. 

.Evans, Josiah and Lavinia Newberne. September 7. Jeremiah 

Foxwell, Thomas L. and Rebecca K. Boushall. May 25. Joshua 
T. McCoy. 

Hendricks, Josiah and Sarah Holloway. April 12th. Josiah 

Hudson, John W. and Sarah Frances Dolby. Oct, 17th. Thos. 
W. Hudgins. 

Jordan, Thomas and Harriet McClenny. March 11th. James 

Jones, Albert G. and jSTelly Miller. April 27th. Jesse Parker. 

Manning, Thomas C. and Mary Blair. Jan'y 18th* Tippoo S. 

McClenny, Jesse and Elizabeth Jordan. March 23. B. Xixon. 

Moore, Charles S. and Martha L. Goodwin. June 27th. Sam'l 
T. Bond. 

Miller, Reuben and Lavinia Coffield. Sept. 21. Wm. H. Todd. 

Moore, Jackson and Mary Ann Copeland. Oct. 27th. Charlton 

Munroe, Patrick M. C. and Elizabeth Satterfield. December 19. 
James Bonner. 

Nixon, John and Caroline Rudolph. Oct, 2nd. jST. S. Perkins. 

Perry, Alfred and Rachel Wood. March 30th. Jno. A. Busby. 

Parks, Elisha and Milly Modlin. May 8th. Francis Modlin. 

Parish, Richard and Pheriby Bunch. May 24. John Churchill. 

Riley, William Charles and Martha Harrell. Dec. 14th. T. J. 


'98 Abstract of Markiage Bonds. 

Reed, Thomas N. and Mary Ferrell. Feb'y 24. Thos. B. Long. 

Smith, Willis and Mary Lane. Feb'y 23rd. John K. Smith. 

Spivey, Jesse and Cynthia Hobbs. April 15th. Moses W. White. 

Smith, Stephen and Nancy Jordan. Sept. Sth. Charles Smith. 

Trotman, Ezekiel and Elizabeth Blanchard. Nov. 24th. Josiah 
Ii. Blanchard. 

White, George and Mary Hollowell. Jan'y 12. Elijah Harrell. 

White, Josiah and Martha White. Feb'y 9th. Moses W. White. 

Williams, Nathaniel and Frances Churchill. March 15. Wm. 

Walker, Emanuel and Naomi Hatfield. March 17th. 

White, Silas and Mary Ann Byruni. April 13. Henry White. 

Wilson, Samuel P. and Sarah Ann Smith. Oct. 19th. James 
C. Bond. 

Wilder, Henry and Harriet Stanton. Nov. 29. A. W. Clayton. 

Welch, Diorsey and Emily Welch. Nov. 29th. Wm. Cofiield. 


Burke, William and Susan Smith. Jan'y 18th. Charles E. 

Burrows, Bryant and Nancy James. Feb'y 24. Frances Byrum. 

Burk, John and Harriet Privett. June 4th. Josiah Coffield. 

Byrum, Jesse W. and Sarah A. Ward. Augt. 23. Allen C. Ward. 

Baker, Richard B. and Nancy Johnson. Nov. 13. W. C. Wood. 

Caddy, John and Lovey Ward. Nov. 21st. John L. Bratten. 

Evans, Stark B. and Esther Hobbs. Jan'y 16th. W. H. Elliott. 

Eason, George and Sarah Jordan. Feb'y 11th. Thomas L. Hol- 

Foxwell, Thomas L. and Mary C. Gaskins. July 5th. Jesse A. 

Goodwin, Gabriel and Lydia Chappell. May 3. Ambrose Perry. 

Morris, Eason A. and Sarah Hedricks. March 8th. William 

Munds, William and Harriet Ann Munds. Nov. 13th. Alex G. 

Moore, Joseph M. and Martha A. W. Howcott. Dec. 4th. Jas. 
C. Bond. 

Parish, James and Leah Hobbs. March 21st. James Parish. 

Pritchett, James and Mary B. Harvey. May 26th. James Nor- 
com, Jr. 

Privett, William, and Harriet Smith. Dec. 26th. Willis Jordan. 

Parker, Newborn and Elizabeth Small. Dec. 24. Jesse Parker. 
• Roberts, James L. and Elizabeth Simpson. March 17th. Chas. 
E. Robinson. 

Abstract of Marriage Bonds. 


Stacey, Stephen B. and Nancy Davenport. March 31st. Stephen 
B. Stacey. 

Saunders, Bev. John M. and Sarah A. Thorpe. May 3rd. Bev. 
W. H. Wheelwright. 

Smith, Isaac and Mary Hobbs. Augt. 18th. Wm. H. Todd. 

Smith, James and Emma Harris. Sept. 18. Francis A. Harris. 

Webb, Moses W. and Agnes F. Eea. April 24th. T. M. Nixon. 


Butler, Starkey and Harriet Newborn. Feb'y 14th. William H. 

Byrum, Jacob and Bachel Copeland. May 7. Thos. S. Hoskins. 

Bland, Theodorick J. and Mrs. Julia A. Miskell, May 15th. J. 
IT. Floyd. 

Brat-ten, William and Penelope Floyd. May 23rd. Bichard 

* Cullifer, Benjamin and Judith Ashley. April 10th. Starkey 

Copeland, Thomas J. and Bachel Ward. Nov. 28th. Henry B. 

Evans, Zachariah and Penelope Goodwin. Jan'y 1st. Jeremiah 

Felton, William and Sesson J. Bartee. March 2nd. Joseph S. 

Goodwin, William and Mary White. Dec. 24. Jeremiah Evans. 

Goodwin, James and Sophia Jordan. Jan'y 1st. Bichard Wood- 
ward. « 

Hunter, William C. and Mary M. Whedbee. August 27. E. 
S. Hunter. 

Harris, James and Penelope Eliz Ashley. Nov. 2. Myles Ashley. 

Jones, John M. and Martha Ann Jones. June 27th. Jos. S. 

Miller, Jonathan S. and Leah Copeland. Jan'v 24th. Wm. H. 

Munds, Lemuel and Mrs. Tempey Savage. June 4. Chas. Smith. 

McClenny, Henry and Bosa Jane Savage. Sept. 24. Jas. Bas*>. 

Outlaw, David and Charity Goodwin. Sept. 19. Jas. C. Bond. 

Perry, Turner and Balinda Deanes. Feb'y 19th. Thos. Coch- 
rine, Jr. 

Pickett, James T. and E. J. Haughton. July 18th. W. A. Lit- 
tle John. 

Phelps, William and Hester Canaday. Oct, 31. Jas. Wilson. 

Kobinson, Charles E. and Martha Swain. Jan'y 26th. Jesse A. 



Spivey, Allen and Sarah J. Blanchard. April 10th. Jesse W, 

Spivey, Baker and Cynthia Ward. Nov. 29th. Jas. C. Bond. 

Trotman, Elisha and Ann Eliza Hagarthy. July 28. Chas. S« 

Ward, Righton and Sally Ann Byrum. Feb'y 12th. Andrew 

White, Thomas and Esther Hudgins. Jan'y 14th. James L- 




(Original in Court House at Edenton.) 


Publick Court House dr. £ s d 

Pd Capt. Lee in Specie 20£ 50 per cent makes. .£30 

3 Horses & hired man carting, &c 15 

Feb'y 25. Paid Capt. Fortce,, Carpenter in bills 20 

Mar. 17. Paid Capt. Lee, ye ball of his acct 13 10 

Nails at Sundry times, cost in Boston. 

500— 20d, 


500— lOd, of Abban. 


2000— 8d 


1000— 6d, 


6500-^d, 4 "6 

£1 9s 3d 

£3 17s 3 

50 from Boston £1 18s 7| — £5 15 10£ 

Cent per cent in lieu Specie £ 1.1 

Augt. 24. Paid Fortce in bills 30 

Sept. 2. Paid Do - 30 

2000 Nails pd Mr. Bray, in Specie 1. 8x2 2 

Pd Jno. Marks, pr Pay for shingles in bills .... 3 
Oyster Shells for ceiling & plaistering pd Paine . . 5 
Feby 18. 2000-4d from Boston£ 9s . 

1900— 6d 10s 6d 

500— lOd 6s 

500— 20d 10s 

11 9 




50 per cent 

£1 15s 6d 

17s 9d- 

-£2 13 3 

Ownership of Roanoke Island in 1609. 101 

Cent per cent in lieu of Specie £ 5 6 6 

Pd Mr. Lee 70 

2000 Nails of Mr. Harvey 3d. Specie 4 10 

500 Nails of Mr. Vail 15 

Nails of Mr. Vail 2d 5 6 

Nails, Mr. Bray, Specie £1 8s 2 16 

Pd Mr. Lee the full" ball of his acct. for Plank 48 15 

Commissions for paying 279£ 9s 9d. at 3 per cent 8 8 

£287 17 9 


Col. Hastings 10£, C. Gale & E. Moseley 10£. 20£ 

Mr. Tookes 5£, From Assembly 100£ -105£ 

Accounted for Last Assembly 91£ 1 5 

Nails returned Fortee as per his acct 3 3 -£219 4 5 

' Bal. due E. Moseley £ 68 13 4 

Errors Excepted. 

E. Moseley. 
Mch. 9th, 1719. 

The Court House was used for the first time in Nov., 1718, and 
stood on the same lot occupied at present by the beautiful Brick 
Structure fronting "Edenton Bay." 


Governor Sam'l Stevens died in 1669, leaving the Island to his 
wife, who in 1670 married Sir Wm. Berkley, Governor of Virginia, 
among the papers in the Court House, at Edenton, N. C, appear 
the following showing some of the transfers made of the property 
since that date, the first of which is a deed from Governor Berkley 
to Joshua Lamb, of Roxbury, Mass., and reads as follows: 
"To All Christian People. To whom these Preseuts shall come, 

Greeting : 

Know ye that I Sir William Berkeley Knt Captain General and 
Chief Governor of Virginia and one of the Proprietors of Carolina 
& Albemarle send Greeting, Know yee that I the said William Berke- 
ley for and in consideration of the sum of One Hundred pounds 
Sterling to me in hand already paid or secured to be paid have Bar- 
gained, sold, agreed, alienated, enfeoffed, and confirmed and by these 
presents Do fully Clearly and absolutely bargain sett Alienate en- 
feoffe and confirm unto Joshua Lamb of New England, Merchant, 


Ownership of Roanoke Island in 1669. 

the whole Island of Roanoke Scituate and Being in the County of 
Albemarle in the Province of Carolina, Together with is thereon 
standing Growing or being with all the Profits privileges and ad- 
vantages, thereunto belonging, or in any wise appertaining and also 
all the Cattle hoggs and other Stock with the Marishes houses and 
Buildings thereon, he the said Joshua Lamb, To have and to Hold 
the premises and every part and parcell thereof to him his heirs, 
Executors, Administrators and Assigns forever free from any Lett 
hindrance or molestation of me the said Sir William Berkeley or 
any other person or persons Whatsoever, And I do hereby further 
Authorize and Impower the said Joshua Lamb his heirs Executors 
Administrators & Assigns to enter upon and possess himself of all 
and Every of the premises and to oust Eject and Expell any person 
or persons whatsoever pretending any right, Title or Interest there- 
unto. In witness whereof I have hereunto set my hand and seal 
this Seventeenth Day of April, 1676. 

William Berkeley (Seal). 
Signed Sealed and Delivered in 

the presence of James Bray. 

Darby Maguire, John Culpepper. 

This 20th Day of December, 1676, p me Paul Latham Clerk Cout. 
John Culpepper this 19th December, 1677, that he was present & 
saw Sr. Wm. Berkeley sign & seal the above mentioned Deed to which 
his name is Subscribed as a witness. Taken before us Simon Brad- 
street, Edward Tyng assistants p Isa Addington Cler. 

A true copy as is entered with the Records of Deeds for the Coun- 
ty of Suffolk (Mass) Libre 13, folio, 180, &c. ; Examined p John 
Ballentine Regr. 

(Next follows the deed from Joshua Lamb of Roxbury, Mass , to Nicholas Paige 
of Boston, Mass., for one Moiety of Island, as follows :) 

To all Christian People To whom these presents shall come 
Joshua Lamb of Roxbury, in the County of Suffolk in New England 
Merchant, sendeth Greeting Know ye That I the said Joshua Lamb 
for and in consideration of the sum of One hundred and fifty pounds 
sterling by the value thereof received at and before the Ensealing 
hereof Do by these presents fully Clearly and absolutely give grant 
bargain sell assign Set over and confirm unto Nicholas 
Paige of Boston in the County above sd Merchant one Moiety or a 
full half part of that his Island called Roanock situate and being 
in the County of Albemarle in the Province of Carolina which he 
lately purchased of Sr. William Berkeley one of the Proprietors of 
Carolina and Albemarle according to a Deed or writing for the same 

Ownership of Roanoke Island in -1669. 103 

under his hand and seal bearing date the 17th of April, 1676, with 
one half part of the Marishes houses and buildings and what is there- 
on standing growing or being as also the half part of all Cattle 
Hoggs and other Stock upon the same and all profits privileges and 
advantages thereto belonging or in any wise appertaining with a full 
and good estate right Title & Interest of and into the same so 
I the said Lamb have from Sr. Wm. Berkeley and no otherwise. 

To Have and to Hold the above bargained premises and Every 
part and parcell thereof unto him the said Nicholas Paige his heirs 
Execrs and Assigns, To his and their sole use benefit and behoof 
forever free from any Lett hindrance or Molestation from me the sd 
Joshua Lamb my heirs, Executors, Admrs or any other person or 
persons whatsoever from by or under me by my Means Title, Con- 
sent or procurement. In Witness whereof I the said Joshua Lamb 
have hereunto put my hand and seal this nineteenth day of Septem- 
ber in the 29th year of his Majesties Eeign Annoy Domini 1677. 
Signed, Sealed & Delivered in 

presence of us Joshua Lamb,, (Signeth.). 

Rowland Butler, 

Isa Addington. 

This instrumeint was acknowledged by Joshua Lamb to be his Act 
& Deed the 19 Sept., 1677. Before me 

Simon Bradstreet, Assist. 
A true copy as is entered with the Records of Deeds for the County 
of Suffolk Lib 10 folio 180. 

Exam'd p John Ballentine Regr. 


In the name of God Amen, I Nicholas Paige sometime of Ply- 
mouth in England, Merchant, & Anna Paige his wife being both of 
us through Gods kindness at Present in Health & in perfect memory 
& good understanding Do make & appoint this to be our last Will & 
Testament in manner & form following vizt. : 

Impr We do give & bequest our precious Souls to God that Gave 
them us in full assurance of Salvation by Jesus Christ our alone 
Saviour & Redeemer, & our bodys to decent Christian burial in full 
assurance of Resurrection both of our Souls & bodys by the Virtue, 
power & merits of Christ's death & Resurrection to Eternal' Glory 
both of our Souls & bodys at the Great & General Day of Judgment 
when both Soul & body shall be Reunited again together. 


104 Ownership of Roanoke Island in 1669. 

First we do order and appoint that all our Just Debts & Funeral 
Charges be duly paid. 

Item. We give to the poor of Boston twenty pounds to be in mon- 
ey or as money in three months after our Death. 

Item we give and bequeath unto Mr. Nicholas Pridex of Barba- 
does if then Living & if dead then to his eldest son or any child of his 
that may be then Living Three Score Pounds Money to be paid with- 
in twelve months after our deaths. 

Item We give & bequeath unto Mrs. Sarah Gerrish wife of Lieut. 
John Gerrish & to her heirs one hundred & fifty pounds to be piad in 
money in Twelve Months after our Deaths. 

Item. We give unto Mrs. Mary Rovock our well beloved Kins- 
woman Thirty pounds money or as money to be paid in Twelve 
months after our deaths if she be then alive & if dead then the same 
to be divided equally between Mr. John Danforth Minister at Dor- 
chester & Mr. Samuel Danforth Minister of Taunton, Mrs. Mary 
Bromfield and Mr. Abial Fitch as a token of our Love. 

Item. We give & bequeath unto Mr. John Rogers Minister ten 
pounds Money, &c. 

Item. We give unto Mrs. Margaret Leveret Ten Pounds money, 
&c., also our Coach with all its harness, &c, in case of her death then 
to her eldest child by Mr. Leveret then living, &c. 

We give & bequeath unto Mrs. ISTancy Wade wife of Mr. Nathaniel 
Wade Eight Pounds money, &c. 

Item we give to Mrs. Elizabeth Wade of Mystick, now widow 
Wade if then Living, five pounds money as a token of our Love. 

Item. We Give to Mrs. Anna Whitmor formerly Anna Pearce, 
five pounds money. 

Item. We give to the Reverend Benjamin Woodbridge & to the 
Rev. Mr. Timothy Woodbridge five pounds a piece in money. 

Item. We give to the Rev. John Wigglesworth Minister of Mai- 
den six pounds money & the Rev. Mr. Samuel Willard misister at 
Boston six pounds money. 

Item. We give unto Gapt. Jno. Wilson of Brantrey five pounds 

Item. We give and bequeath unto Mrs. Ann Dudley now second 
daughter to the Honble Gov. Joseph Dudley fifty pounds money, &c. 

Item. We Give and bequeath unto the two Daughters of our 
Sister Eliza Hobbs now living in Crookhorn, England, Margaret & 
Eliza Hobbs, Twenty Pounds a piece in money, &c. 

Item, We give unto our sister Margaret Forgeson now living in 
Marteneco twenty pounds money. 

Item, We give unto Ellenor Owen three pounds money. 

Item, We give unto Mr. Josiah Woolcot eldest child, grand child 

Ownership of Roanoke Island in 1669. 105 

to Mr. John Freeke six pounds in money to buy a small piece of 

Item, We do give & bequeath unto our cousin John Gerrish & 
Sarah his boy Jethro for to live with him & her untill he is thirty 
years of age which he will be the twentieth day of February, 1725 
and at that time the boy is to be free for himself «v, we do pray our 
Cousin Gerrish for to teach the boy his trade perfectly & then when 
he is free for himself which will be in the year 1725 we do give & 
bequeath to him five pounds money. 

Item. We do give & bequeath to all our negroes three pounds a 
piece in money or as money. 

Item. That in case I Xicholas Paige do Dye before my beloved 
wife then I do make k appoint her to be whole & sole Executrix of 
this my last will & Testament during her life & she is to enjoy the 
whole Estate so long as she liveth & at the death of my beloved wife 
then we do both of us with our consent make nominate & hereby do 
make & appoint our beloved Kinswoman Mrs. Martha Hobbs to be 
our whole & sole Exer'x to us both of this our Last will & Testament 
& do hereby Give & bequeath unto her our Execx all our Estate Real 
k Personal. This farm we now live on at Romney Marsh & the 
Farm William Owen now liveth on which is besides the Farm John 
Chamberlin liveth on which we have Given unto Mr. Paul Dudley. 
Also we give & bequeath unto her our Exec'x all our houses & 
Lands lying & being in Boston & all our Debts due to us here & 
elsewhere to her & to her Heirs forever, She satisfying & paying all 
our Just Debts & Legacys by us owing & by this present Will Dis- 
posed of. But in case that this our Execx Mrs. Martha Hobbs 
should have no children or dye without children then in that Case 
our will is that her husband shall enjoy the Estate during his Life 
& at his death we do" hereby will & bequeath the whole Estate of 
housing & Lands both in Boston Town & Romney Marsh unto our 
cousin William Paige now in London in England & to his Heirs 
forever & Lastly we do hereby nominate & appoint & Desire our good 
friends his Excellency Joseph Dudley our new Honored Gov'r & 
Coll. Xathaniel Thomas for to be our Overseers of ibis our Last Will 
& Testament humbly beseeching them that they will be pleased for 
to be helpful in Advising & Guiding our Exec'x in Ordering & 
Governing the whole Estate Real & Personal in behalf & for the 
Good of our Exec'x Inabling her the better to pay & satisfy all our 
Just Debts & Legacys. To whom we do Give & bequeath as a 
Pledge of our Real Love fifty pounds a piece in money & we do 
further & earnestly request of our Honored overseers for to advise 
& Councill this our Exec'x in her marriage with any person that 
she may marry with all we do hereby leave it as a Solemn Charge 

106 Ownership of Roanoke Island in 1669. 

upon her & as our Dying request that she do take your advice there- 
in & be very careful how she doth dispose of herself in marriage & 
that she match unto a Good Family & with one yt feareth God that 
so neither the nors of air an Estate be not thrown away in her match 
& In Testimony whereof we do acknowlege & Declare this to be our 
Last Will & Testament hereby declaring all others to be void & of no 
force & for evidence of the same we set our hands & Seals in Rom- 
ney Marsh, the fourteenth day of April, 1703, & in the Second year 
of the Reign of Queen Anne, &c. 

Nicholas Paige, & a Seal. 
Anna Paige, & a Seat 
Signed Sealed & Published by 

the within written Nicholas Paige, Esq., 
& Dame Anna, his wife, to be their 
Last will & Testament in the presence 

' John Leverett, 
William Dudley, 
Stephen North, 
Thomas Harwood. Exam'd. 
A true copy as of Record p. John Boydell Reg. 

John Boydell, Reg. 
Capt. Nathan'll Oliver and Mrs. Martha Hobbs were married by 
the Rev'd Mr. Eben'r Pendleton Minist'r, Novemb'r the 30th, 1709. 
A true Copy as Entred in the Registry of Marriages for the Town 
of Boston. 

Attest, Sam'l Checkley, To\vn Clerk. 
Boston, Jan'y 16th, 1727. 



To all People to whom this present Deed of Sale shall come, 
Nathaniel Oliver of Boston in the County of Suffolk & Province 
of the Massachusetts Bay in New England Merch't & Martha his 
wife Sole Execut'x of the last Will arid Testament of Coll. Nicholas 
Paige late of Romney Marsh within the Township of Boston afore- 
sd, Esq., Dec'd, & Residuary Legatee in the said Will named send 
Greeting: Whereas many other things in the said Will contained 
One moiety or full half part of the Island called Roanoke situate 


Ownership of Roanoke Island in 3 669. 107 

& being in the County of Albemarle in the Province of Carolina is 
by the said Nicholas Paige given & bequeathed unto the said Martha 
wch the said Nicholas Paige bought of Joshua Lamb, who purchas- 
ed of Sir Wm. Berkeley one of the Proprietors of Carolina & Albe- 
marle as by a deed for the same from Sir William Berkeley to the 
said Lamb bearing date the 14 April, 1676. May appear Now 
Enow ye that We the said Nathaniel Oliver & Martha Oliver for 
& in consideration of the sum of Two Hundred & forty Pounds in 
money to us in hand at and before the Ensealing & delivering hereof 
well & truly paid by Oliver Noyes of Boston aforesaid, Esqr., The 
Receipt whereof we hereby acknowledge & thereof acquit & dis- 
charge the said Oliver Noyes his heirs & assigns for Ever, Have giv- 
en, granted, bargained & sold released, enfeoffed conveyed & con- 
firmed & by these Presents do fully & Absolutely give, grant, bar- 
gain, sell, release, enfeoffe, convey & confirm unto the said Oliver 
Noyes his Heirs & Assigns for Ever all that our afore recited Moy- 
ety or Half Part of the Island Roanoke aforesaid together with 
one Half Part of the Marishes Houses & Buildings and what is 
thereon standing, growing & being as also the Half part of all Cattle 
Hogs & other stock &c, To Have and to Hold, &c. 

And the said Nathaniel & Martha Oliver have hereunto set our 
hands & seals this 30th day of December, 1719. 

Nathaniel Oliveb, & a Seal, 
Martha Oliver, & a Seal. 
Signed, Sealed & Delivered in 

presence of us, Peter Oliver, Robt. Roe. 

Rec'd on the day of the date above of Oliver Noyes, Esq., Two 
hundred & forty pounds being ye full consideration within expressed. 

p Nath'l Oliver. 
Suffolk, Ss., Boston, Jan'y 22nd, 1719. The above named Na- 
thaniel & Martha Oliver personally appearing acknowledged the 
afore within Instrum't, to be their full act & deed. Before me 
Dan'l Oliver Just. Pac. 

Examined p J. Willard, Sect'y. 
A true copy from the Records in the Secretary's Office in Boston. 

Examined p J. Willard, Sect'y. 

On April 4, 1721. Samuel Sewall Commissioned by His Excel- 
lency Samuel Shute, Esq., Governor of Massachusetts Bay in New 
England issued letters of administration to Katharine Noyes of 
Boston upon the Estate of her deceased husband Oliver Noyes, Cer- 
tified by John Boydell, Regt. 

On Aprft 12, 1721. Jonathan Belcher qualified as Guardian of 


St. Paul's Church Edenton, N. C. 

Sarah Noyes a minor aged about 11 yrs, Anna Noyes a minor aged 
about 12 years, children of Oliver Noyes of Boston, Certificate 
signed by Samuel Sewall & certified to by John Boy dell, Reg'r. 

Then follows a Power of Attorney from Katharine Noyes to Col. 
Edward Moseley dated Jan'y 8, 1727, witnessed by Jona Belcher, 
fr Richard Hubard, attested by Samuel Tyley Not' Pub', also anoth- 
er Power of Attorney from Jona Belcher to Col. Edward Moseley 
bearing the same date £z witnessed by Katharine Noyes and Rich'd 
Hubbard, attested by Sam'l Tyley Not' Pub', to take charge of their 
interest and estate consisting of one moiety or half part of Roanoke 
Island. (In No. 2 of the Register page 306, will be found other 
interesting items relating to Roanoke Island, for 1764 in the 2nd 
item read 1704, the former was a typographical error.) 

So much interest centres in Roanoke Island as the first white 
settlement in America, (antedating that of James Town in Virginia 
bv about twenty years and that at Plymouth, Mass., by about thirty 
three years) and being the birthplace of Virginia Dare the first 
white child born on American soil, we have thought any early re- 
cords referring to the Island would be interesting to our readers. 
Not only to North Carolinians, but as well to all Americans where 
soever they may be found. Virginia Dare was the daughter of 
Ananias Dare and his wife Ellenor daughter of GTov. White, 
the Executive of the Colony. Roanoke Island is a historic spot, all 
our history begins there, it is the centre of interest from a historical 












£ s. d. 

Paid to Cook for bringing over Boards 6 

6th. To do for 215 Bushels of Shells cl-6 18 7 6 

10. To monev for clearing Lotts. . . . 12 

6. To Do in part for Bricks 100 

26. To Do 100 

4. Do to Mr. Bonner 36 

2d. Pd. Do 28 JL5 

" Capt. Cozier for \ Ton of Iron 95 

1st. Pd. for 112 Bushels of Shells cl-6 8 8 

2. Pd for 200 Do cl-8 16 13 4 

13. Pd for 129 do & 10 S for a hand 10 4 

To 191 Do & getting them ashore 14 7 6 

To 675 Do cl-6 & getting them ashore 3. 7. 6. 54 

St. Paul's Church Edenton, N. C. 


25. To 150 Do & bringing them ashore 11 5 

30. To 53 Do 3 19 6 

July 6. To 100 Do cl-6 12 16 6 

IS. To 269 Do cl-6 20 2 6 

Augt. 9th. To 141 Do c 10 11 

To Capt'n Tumbull for scaffolding Rope. ... 1 16 

Sept. 19th. To Cook for Scaffolding Rope 3 00 

Pd Mr. Richards for a hogshead to fetch water 1 

Oct. 10. To Mr. Paget for Hyde for Scaffolding 6 

To 2 hydes found myself for do 3 

To Hackett in part for 293 br. Shells 11 

13. To 275 bs Shells 20 12 6 

21. To 286 Do 21 9 

]STov. 23. To Hackett for Shells 10 

Dec. 5. To the Bricklayer 561 

To 3^ Days 2 negroes work omitted 3 10 

* To money pd for the Gabb'd work on the East 

end window 20 

To Mr. Sherwyn for **** Expenses in agree- 
ing witih Cookman 20 

Pd to Potter by Beef & Davis for bringing over 

plank 20 

To money pd Potter by him 37 

To Robinson for Hodirons 6 

" Trotter for Carting 10 15 

" Shells omitted 3 00 

1317 12 4 


Of Wm. Smith £100, Maxwell £50, Mr. Hope 

25£ £175 00 

Of Mr. Richards 25£, Mr. Payne 50£, Mr. 

Trotter 20£ 95 

Mr. Maney 10£, Col. Scarborough 10£, Col. 

Hill 20£ 40 

Capt'n Gale 50£, Mr. Thos. Blount 30£, Dr. 

Blackall 16£ 13s Od 96 13 

Ross 10£, Mr. Anderson 15£, Mr. Mont- 
gomery 35£ 60 

Of the Parish 195£ 195 

To several sums I am to pay to such people as 
are indebted to ye Church, viz: Trotter, 


Letter From Thomas Garrett. 

Mr. Paget, Mr. Jones, Mr. Moseley, Jno. 

Wynns, Dr. Blackall, amounting to 94 

My own subscription 100 

By more Parish money to Baker 205 

By Trotter's Carting 20 15 

" Forster 100 0-1317 12 4 

'"■ Bryan 10 0-1191 8 

Balance 126 4 4 

The above is a copy of a paper found in the records of St. Paul's 
Parish, Edenton, X. C., and relates to the money received and dis- 
bursed for the building of St. Paul's Church commenced May 10, 
1736 and ready for Divine Worship April 10, 1760. The above 
account embraces only the items for the years 1736 & 1737, and 
amounts to about $6,600. There are expenditures for the other 22 
years to give the total cost of the Church, these have not yet come 
to .light. It is to be regretted that no name attaches to the paper, 
to designate the name of the Treasurer, or Commissioners in charge 
of the building. 


(Original in the Court House at Edenton ) 

October the CL7, 1706. 
Hostrble Sr : I thought to a beane ye bearer myself butt not being 
well at present having a could I thought going from home might in- 
crease it theire fore I send my Son to give ye acounte about the In- 
dians they weare gon to Meaherin Towne no men at the Cabins 
uppon Lewis Williams Land. I tould them to get together all the 
Indians and I would tell them my business then and I warned them 
of Lewis Williams his land and to be gon with theire Towne and 
Cabins outher wise they must expectt to be forced of if they did not 
be gon by the twenty day of this Instant making them senseable 
the meaning plane of this warning, making them sensable the *** 
and danger they would bring upon them selves if they did not 
hasten a way by the time limited. And after a long Consultation 
a mongst them-selves Theire Answer it would Ruin them to Re- 
move now. All Indians is a going a great way of a hunting now 
is the time a year to gett skins be sides they must shell theire towne 
be for they can remove it and bark will not strip now they can not 
Break up theire cabins, again neather have Anny land to go tow 

Petition to Grand Court. Ill 

for tie great towne is full they say but this winter they will pro- 
vide them selves with land and Remove all they have by the Spring 
thear of Lewis Williams land; they desire to have liberty 
till the Spring but if they can not have the liberty the Inglis 
may work this winter upon the land only, they are very dutifull 
they will receave great damidges by reason theire Towne and Cab- 
ins lieth all open they desired that we might make no lise of them 
for they heard some doth make a great many lise of them they did 
not give a mis be having word to Anny body but were very civell 
and kinde more Resons then I doe hear express for their not re- 
moving this winter. 

Your humble Servant to command, 


"At a Councill helde at ye house of Capt. Jno. Hecklefield on 
Little River ye 5th day of Nov., 1706. Present Honble. Wm. Glov- 
er,, Esq., Thomas Pollock, Sam'l Swann, Rd Sanderson, Jno. 
Ardene, Francis Forster, Esq., Lord Deputies. 

Upon Petition of Meherrin Indians praying they may have time 
till ye Spring to remove their corne & effects. Ordered that they 
may have to ye last of March to remove their effects to the other side 
of Meherrin River and no longer." 


(Original in Court House at Edenton, N. C.) 

North Carolina March ye 26, 1713. 
To the Honb Grand Corte and ye Gentt her Majist, Justices Ther 

setting. The Honble Pertision of your Loyall subjects Humbly 


That your partisioners Having business depending in ye Generall 
Cort, that is to be held ye Last of this month & we are forst to keep 
in Close garrasons for fere of ye Ingons & darst not leave our fame- 
lies To cume to Courte, we Humbly Begg yt what business Is there 
in Court against any of us may Ly tell the next Court & yt no 
advantage may be Taken Against any of us nor our Securities nor 
ye Marshall for we are very rady & willing to give our attendance 
as soon as we dare to Leave our families which We Hope will be 
Before ye Next Court. We hope yt your Honners will Consider 


Assembly Items. 

what danger we are in at this Present time and your pertesiners is 
ever in Duty Bound to pray. 

John Mixon, 
William Johnson, 
Archabell Hartle, 
Ambrose McCoy, Senr. 
Affidavit relating to the Indians. 170T-8. 

In and abt ye month of September, 1707. I being yn att Pamti- 
cough & Archibald Holmes Coming yn on board my Sloop wth 
Sev'll others told me yt they expected ye Indians every day to come 
& Cutt their throats & yt they had no pson to head ym or Else they 
would goe & secure all ye Pamtieough Indians & yt the ye sd Holmes 
made severell reflecting words on Maj. Gale wch ye sd Deponent 
does not now remember and further saith nott, 

Robt. Kingham. 
Capt. et Jurat Quarto, 
.Febry Ano Dom 1707-8. 
Before me, 

W. Glover. 


A Proclamation for dissolving this Present Assembly and the 
Speedy calling of another. 
No. Carolina Ss. By the Honble Dep'ty Governor &*Councill. 

Whereas Severall of the Members of this present Assembly which 
mett at ye house of Capt. Jno. Hecklefield in Little Kiver the fifth 
of November Last pursuant to an Act of Assembly and by proroga- 
tion continued to the fifteenth day of Jan'y next. After many re- 
peated affronts Manifest Contempts and Deceits refused to Qualify 
themselves by taking such Oaths as might make them Capable of 
doeing the Country Business to the great loss of tyme the very great 
and unnecessary charge of the Publick and to the great Grievance 
of the Publick Creditors for Prevention whereof Wee have thought 
fitt to dissolve this Present Assembly and Wee doe by this our 
Proclamation dissolve the same accordingly. 

And Wee hereby make Known to all the Inhabitants of this Col- 
lony that wee have Jurisdiction for the Issuing out of Writs in our 
Course of Law for the Calling of a Xew Assembly which shall be- 
gin and be holden at the Home of Capt. Jno. Hecklefield in Little 
River on the one & twentieth day of June next. Given under our 

Assembly Items. 


hands and the seal of the Colony this third day of December Ano 

Domi, 1705. 

Samuel Swann, Thomas Cary, 

John Arderne, Thomas Pollock, 

Edward Moseley. 


North Carolina Ss. By the Honble the Governor and Council. 

Whereas the Present Assembly stands adjourned to Monday the 
4th of August, wee doe hereby Publish arid Declare that the sd 
Assembly shall be further adjourned to Tuesday the first day of 
November and we doe hereby further declare that the sd Assembly 
shall on the sd first of November be held and set for the dispatch of 
Divers Affairs, and all the Members of the Lower House are hereby 
, required and commanded to give their attendance accordingly. Given 
under our hands and the Seal of the Collony this 30th day of July 
in the fourth yeare of the Reign of our Sovereign Lord King George 
Anno Domi., (1717). 
God save the King. 

Fred Jones, Charles Eden, 

Tho. Pollock, Richard Sanderson, 

Wm. Reed. Fran. Foster, 

J. Lovick, Sect'y. 


(Original in Court House Edenton.) 

Mr. Akter Wohkman, July 24, 1094. 

To my visit & 1 dose pill Anodyne at 

July 25th To 1 Dose phisick & 1 dose pill Anodine at 

26 " 1 Emetic & 1 one pill Anodyne at 

27 My attendance at 

28 1 Dose physick & 1 dose pill Anodine at 

29 1 emett & 1 pill Anodine at 

30 1 dose pill Anodine at 

Aug 14 Several glisters administered at night 

" 1 pill Anodine 

2 3 doses pills Anodine at 

To 8 days attendance at 10s per day 

8 My visit at Mr. Jno. Godfreys, Jalep & attend. . . 
Sep 26 My visit at Madam Clark's .' 

Jora King, M. D. 
Arthur Workman lived at Little River Perquimans Precinct. 


















£9 13 


Tonnage Duties, &c 



— ~ __„^. . — ,-«.-■- ,-i©,-iOO'-"-' i-i 




I— I 



M = 

*^ o 

CO £ 

1 2 

Q. c3 

;> 2 

O 5 

-< -3 C 
GO -™ 

W o 

»— i >-' 







:*" ^?ic^dicdd "d o id o cd t- ^ £ ?>i o © 

- OiJ0^TTCOi-HCOiX^r l "'*CC-*!MOT' H CO CO 

T. — C — 4> in 

S 4) cS ci MS 


= T3 O >- Jr 'S 


~ £5 apsa 

si . oa. 

ft Joo? 


oao- : o 
o c c-O-s o 


33 .2 co t> M 53 


-a ■ o-S c ; 





5Z = « n.g 
0) B.8.8 SJX" 


>, ci 

5 e,< 

■- a 

U H! p-s <j c^ .2 ' 

B.o^ ft S 

O oj fcn ft i 


-OJ ftb — .S ao?ooK 

3=g x c^H>Ti = 


aS.^S c - £ e^-e 


03 eJ ,- O > c Or; S °.C 

^ ~ "T _= rrt en fl ^ Q .~ — 

, — ,83 UJ — 


PI t- i 



lO lO lO 

-^aooooicoo— • - ; 

03 " 

J -*r -|£ IN CT5 <M W 


03 H 

The Bonner Family. 115 


Early in the Eighteenth Century, there came to Beaufort County, 
N. C, three brothers surnamed Bonner, their Christian names be- 
ing Thomas, James and William. They came directly from the 
State of Maryland where they had sojourned possibly some years, 
having emigrated from England. William settled in some adjoin- 
ing or not far distant county, not yet definitely ascertained. James 
settled the Town of Washington in Beaufort Co., N. C* which be- 
fore its charter was known as Pea Town. He died unmarried and 
was buried on his premises, the spot being on what is now the south 
portion of Main Street just East of Bonner Street ; when Main 
Street was extended beyond and just East of Bonner St., his re- 
mains were removed to the extreme South west corner of the present 
Episcopal Church yard and cornered by Main and Bonner Streets. 
The inscription plate has been displaced from the flat stone over his 
jemains hence we have no accurate date. 

Thomas located on what he named Bonner Hill one mile North of 
the Town his brother settled and the estate composed miles of pas- 
ture and timber lands. 

His remains lie interred at the old family burying ground, prob- 
ably selected by himself, it is less than a stone's throw from his 
dwelling-house and is located on that part of Bonner Hill known 
.as the Sycamore where the Smallwoods now live. We copy the in- 
scription on the stone wdiich marks his resting place: 

"Beneath this stone lies the body of Thomas BonnSr, Esq., 
who departed this life 7th of April, 1765, aged 75 yrs." 

He was Sheriff of Beaufort Co., in 1759. He married Abigail 
! ; who bore him the following children : 

(A) Henry, (B) Thomas, (C) Elizabeth, (D) Sarah md 

Bryan, (E) Abigail md Simon Jones, (F) Mary md John Harvey, 
(CO Ann md Edward Salter, (H) James (Col.) md Mary Snrde. 

A. Children of Henry Bonner who married the daughter of Col. 
John Snode. (He was in 1776 Major of a North Carolina Regi- 
ment in active service for the Independence of his Country. His 
will was executed in 1779. He is buried at the Sycamore, but no 
tomb marks his grave) — his children are as follows : 

(a) Mary md Newman, 2nd Carraway, (b) Wil- 
liam, (c) Henry Snode, (d) Patience born Sept. 27, 1763, md Chas. 
Cook, died Sept. 27, 1823, (e) James, (f) Ann, (g) Edward, (h) 
Elizabeth Snode. 

(8) Col. James Bonner son of Thomas & Abigail his wife was 

116 The Bonner Family. 

Colonel of the Beaufort Co., Regiment in 1775 (Wheeler's History 
of N. C. page 29). The town of Washington was laid off on his 
farm, (Book B p. 515 Beaufort Becords). He married Mary Snode. 
His will was executed in 1782 & mentions following children : 

(1) John horn Sept, 15th, 1746. On his tomb at Windmill Point 
we find the following, "Perpetuate the memory of Capt. John Bon- 
ner title derived from his services as Mariner both on his own and 
country's account. He was born in the town of Washington, jST. O, 
15 Sept., 1740, and after an illness of seven weeks expired in his 
perfect senses 6th Dec, 1788. Erected by his brother James Bon- 
ner (II) and lies interred at the feet of his maternal grand-father." 
His will mentions his brothers James, Henry and Joseph Bonner, 
nephews Joseph and Wilson Blount and nephew James Foreman. 
He was a member of the State Senate in 1786 and 7. 

(2) Sarah md Joseph Blount. 

(3) James II born 1753 md Nov. 29, 1770 Sarah Wilson. Will 
executed 1791. 

(4) Elizabeth born July 1st, 1755, md Caleb Foreman Dec. 11th, 
1782, died Feb'y 2nd, 1806. Caleb Foreman was Clerk of Hyde 
County in 1783. He is buried in Spady's Old Field on Pungo Creek. 
The following is taken from his tombstone: "In Memory of Caleb 
Foreman who was born the 23rd Feb'y, 1751 and died the 18th of 
Feb'y 1790. He was a Lieutenant in the Revolutionary War in 
Eighth Regiment K C. Troops." 

(5) Samuel died without issue. 

(6) Mary no record. 

(7) Henry md Miriam Young. He and his brother 1 sold a num- 
ber of lots in Washington, N". C. 

(8) Joseph md Mary . His will was executed Dec. 15, 1805. 

He had no issue, but gave his property after the death of his wife 
to John Y. and Joseph Bonner, his brother Henry's children. He 
was a seafaring man. 

9. Willis no record. 

(10) Ann no record. 

(11) Wilson born March 14, 1760. The following is found in 
Col. James Bonner's Bible: "Wilson Bonner son of James Bonner 
& Mary his wife died on the 6 Nov., 1777, in. latitude 35.25 North, 
Long 72 W. which happened by his falling from the topsail yard of 
the Brig Commerce overboard and was drowned. Aged 17 yrs, 7 
mos & 22 days. The above is here recorded by his brother John 
Bonner who was Master of said Brig." 

The Bible is in the possession of Mrs. Sallie Mayhew, Roanoke, 

B. Thomas Bonner, Jr., son of Thomas Bonner and wife Abi- 

The Bonner Family. 


gail was Lieutenant-Colonel in the war of the Revolution md Sarah 
: • He died before 1787. His children are as follows: 

(1) Benjamin, ancestor of the Hyde Co. branch of the family. (B 
6 ; p. 150 Beaufort County records). 

(2) Sarah, born May 30th, 1759, md 1st Henry Norman, 2nd 
John Marriner Sept. 2, 1804 & died Oct. 1822. 

(3) Eobert S. md Mary Young. He died before 1818. 

(4) Abigail md Charles Cook, Jr. 

(5) Barbara born 1770 Washington, N. C, md 1st Major F. 

Bowler 1800, 2nd Brown. " She died at Cincinnati, Ohio, 

Augt, 22nd, 1850, where she lies interred. The name Major is a 
Christian name not a title. 

Children of Major F. Bowler and Barbara Bonner: 

(1) Sarah Louisa Bowler born Sept. 5th, 1801. (2) Robert Bon- 
ner Bowler born Providence, R. I., Dec. 8, 1803. There was no issue 
by the 2nd marriage. Robert Bonner Bowler md at Cincinnati Ohio, 
Oct. 20, 1842, Susan Louisa Pendleton daughter of Nathaniel Pen- 
dleton of Cincinnati,. Children (1) George Pendleton Bowler born 
Cincinnati, Ohio, Feb'y 22d, 1S46, died in Paris, France, Mch 23d, 
1878. (2) Robeirt Bonner Bowler born Cincinnati Jan'y 17th, 
1856. (3) Louisa Foote Bowler born Cincinnati Mch 27th, 1861. 
Three other children died in infancy their names were Nathaniel 
Pendleton Bowler born Cincinnati, Ohio, died July 15, 1843 ; Jesse 
Hunt Bowler born Cincinnati, Ohio July 31st, 1848 died May 28, 
1850; Jane Hunt Bowler born at Cincinnati, Ohio, about 1850, 
died April 2nd, 1856. 

George Pendleton Bowler md Oct. 15th, 1867 in Paris, France, 
May Williamson daughter of George T. Williamson and Jane Tay- 
lor Williamson, of Cinn., Ohio. Their children are Robert Pendle- 
ton born July 25, 1871. George Pendlton Bowler born Sept. 2.1, 
1878. Address, New York. 

Robert Bonner Bowler md in London, England, Augt. 8th, 1877, 
Alice Bernard Williamson, daughter of George T. Williamson and 
Jane Taylor Williamson, of Cincinnati, Ohio. Children (1) Robert 
Bonner Bowler, Jr., born Cincinnati, Ohio, Oct. 4th, 18S0j (2) 
Jane Taylor Bowler, born Little Boar's Head, N. H., Aug. 17th, 
1882; Alice Bowler, born Washington, D. C, Feb'y 21st, 1894; 
Louisa Foote Bowler md in Berlin, Germany, John C. Livingston, 
of New York, Child Louise Alida. 

Sarah Louisa Bowler, born Sept, 5th, 1801, married Oct. 22d, 
1818, Ezra Foote, died Sept. 12, 1888. Mr. Foote died Augt. 28, 
1887. Their children were (1) Mary Ann, born Sept. 14th, 1819, 
died March 31st, 1899; (2) Charles Bowler, born Sept. 10th, 1821; 
(3) Caroline Amelia, born Oct. 12th, 1823, died; (4) Sarah Louisa, 


The Bonner Family. 

bom April 26, 1826, died Oct. 3, 1826; (5) Edward Augustus, bora 
Oct. 22, 1827, died Dec. 8, 1878; (6) Sarah Louisa, born Jan. "23, 
1830, died Jan. 25, 1831; (7) Kobert B., born June 4, 1832, died 
Nov. 11, 1867. 

Mary Ann Foote, born Sept, 14, 1819, md Rev. Henry Tullidge r 
Sept. 17, 1845, died Mcb. 31st, 1899; Dr. Tullidge died Mch. 18th, 
1897. Of their children seven died in infancy; those now living 
are (1) Edward Kilbourne, born Aug. 14, 1854; (2) Sarah Foote, 
bom Feb. 16, I860; (3) George Bowler, born Feb. 16, 1860. 

Edward Kilbourne Tullidge, born Augt. 14th, 1854, md Elizabeth 
Muhlenburg Irwin, of Phila., Pa., July 16th, 1884. Xo issue. 
Their address is The Rev. and Mrs. Edward K. Tullidge, 924 Wal- 
nut St., Phila., Pa. 

George Bowler Tullidge, born Feb'y 16th, 1860, md Katharine 
O'Donnell, of Phila., Jan. 4, 1887. They have had six children j 
two died in infancy. Those living are (1) Mary Louisa, born Xov. 
20th, 1887; (2) Edward Kilbourne, born Sept. 3, 1890; (3) Mar- 
garet Agnes, born Aug. 17, 1892; (4) Katharine Bulkley, born Dec, 
25, 1S95. Address, Dr. & Mrs. George B. Tullidge, X. E. Cor. 54th 
St. k Lansdowne Ave., West, Phila., Pa. Miss Sarah F. Tullidge's 
present address is Care of Charles B. Foote, 2535 Moorman Avenue, 
Walnut Hills, Cincinnati, Ohio. 

Charles Bowler Foote, born Sept. 10, 1821, Md Sarah Ewing 
Hall, of Cincinnati, Apl. 3, 1851. Their children were (1) Mary 
Posey, born Apl. 12, 1S52; (2) James Hall, born Feb'y 19, 1854 J 

(3) Edward Kilbourne, born Mch. 4, 1857; (4) Charles Bowler, 
born June 11, 1859; (5) William Whiteman, born J fin. 4, 1862, 
died July 23, 1873; (6) Fanny Hall, born Mch. 28, I1864, died 
Feb. 9, 1865; (7) Louisa Bowler, born Apl. 3, 1866; (8) Roger, 
born Aug. 10, 1869, died Apl. 12, 1870. 

Caroline Amelia Foote (2nd daughter of Ezra and Louisa Bowler 
Foote), born in Middle Haddam, Conn., Oct. 12, 1823, md to Ed- 
ward Kilbourne, of Iowa, July 26, 1843, died in X. Y. City, Xov, 
12, 18S2. Children (1) Louisa Bowler Kilbourne, born at Fort 
Madison, Iowa, Xov. 6, 1845, md Dr. Edwin A. Kilbourne, of Elgin, 
111., Jan'y 17, 1872 ; (Dr. K. died at Elgin, Feb. 26th, 1890) J 
(2) Charles Foote Kilbourne, born at Keokuk, Iowa, Jan. 28 f 
1848, died in 1851; (3) Henry Wells Kilbourne, born at Keokuk, 
Iowa, June 2, 1851, md Mary Haight, of Peekskill, X. Y., July 
27, 1870. Has had four children and resides in Brooklyn, X. Y. ; 

(4) Edward Foote Kilbourne, bom at Keokuk, Iowa, April 4, 1853, 
died in 1854; (5) Mary Tullidge Kilbourne, born at Keokuk, 
Iowa, Aug. 6, 1855, md Dr. Eldorus DeMotte Tyon, of Peekskill, 
X. Y, June 17, 1880. Resides at Peekskill. Xo children; (6 & 

The Bonner Family. 119 

7) Alfred Lewis and Arthur Foote Kilbourne, born at Keokuk, 
Iowa, Jan. 5, 1858. Alfred L. resides in Brooklyn, N. Y., and is 
unmarried. Arthur md Ella Donahower, of St. Peter, Minn., and 
resides at Bochester, Minn., where he is Medical Supt. of the State 
Insane Hospital. He has two children. 

(8) Caroline Foote Kilbourne, born at Keokuk, Iowa, May 23 y 
1862, md Frank A. Kellogg, of K Y. City, and resides there. 

Louisa Bowler Kilbourne (wife of Dr. Edwin A. Kilbourne). 
Children (1) Jennie Louise Kilbourne, born in Elgin, 111., May IS, 
1873, md Charles H. Dutro, of Chicago, June 21, 1892. Besides 
in Milwaukee, Wis.; (2) Walter Foote Kilbourne, born at Elgin, 
111., Oct. 10, 1874, is unmarried and resides in Chicago; (3) Edwin 
Dearborn Kilbourne, born at Elgin, 111., June 6, 1877, md Alberta 
I. Marshall, June 8, 1899. Is a Physician and resides in Chicago. 
Has one child Janet Louise, born in Chicago, June 2, 1900. 

Henry Wells Kilbourne, md Mary Haight, July 27, 1870. Chil- 
dren (1) Daniel Haight Kilbourne, born in Peekskill, X. Y., May 
22, 1871, died in July, 1878; (2) Annie Louise Kilbourne, born at 
Peekskill, X. Y., in 1872, died in 1876; (3) Lucy Allen Kilbourne, 
born in Kew York City, June 12, 1878, md Edward Larrabee, in 
Aug., 1898, and had one child, Eldorus DeMotte, who died when only 

a few months old; (-1) Dorothy Kilbourne, born . She is 

now about twelve years old. 

Edward Kilbourne Foote, 2nd Son of Charles Bowler and Sarah 
Hall Foote, was born March 4, 1S57. He was married in St. An- 
drews Church, Aberdeen, Scotland, Aug. 30, 1886, to Margaret 
Knight Ingram, daughter of John Ingram, Surgeon of ©Idmeldrum, 
Scotland. Their only child, Reginald Charles Ingram, was born in 
Venice, Italy, Sept. 28, 1889, and died and was buried there in 
1890. Mr. & Mrs. E. Kilbourne Foote are both artists and live 
abroad. Their present address is Poste Restante, Venice, Italy. 

Charles Bowler Foote, Jr., (3rd son of Charles Bowler and Sarah 
Hall Foote), was born June 11, 1859, md Mollie Williams, of Cin- 
cinnati, Feb. 6, 1889. They have four children (1) Eleanor Wil- 
liams, born May 31, 1890; (2) Ellis Burdette, born June 17, 1892; 
(3) Nathaniel, born Oct. 20, 1894; (4) Mary Ellis, born Sep. 17, 
1899. Addresses, Mr. and Mrs. Charles B. Foote, Miss Mary P. 
Foote, Miss Louisa B. Foote, James II. Foote all same address, 
2535 Moorman Avenue, Walnut Hills, Cincinnati, Ohio. Mr. and 
Mrs. Charles B. Foote, Jr., 1343 Burdette Avenue, Walnut Hills, 
Cincinnati, Ohio. 

Caroline Amelia Foote, born Oct. 12, 1823, md Edward Kil- 
bourne, July 26, 1843. Addresses of three of their children, Mrs. 
Louisa B. Kilbourne, Kimbark Avenue, Chicago, Illinois; Mrs. E. 


The Edenton Tea Party. 

D. M. Lyon, Peekskill, 1ST. Y. ; Dr. Arthur F. Kilbourne, Rochester, 

Edward Augustus Foote, born Oct. 22d, 1827, md Sarah A. Bow- 
ler in Prov., R. I., July 16, 1861, died Dec. 8, 1878. Their chil- 
dren were (1) Edward Bowler, bom Ap'l 30, 1862; (2) Robert 
Bonner Bowler, born Mch, 15, 1867; (3) Edward Augustus, born 
Jan. 1, 1869; (4) Susan Louisa Bowler, born Oct. 22, 1870; (5) 
Amy Lee, born July 10, 1872; (6) Roger Lee, born June 25, 1874; 
(7) Alice Bradford, born Jan. 25, 1876; two children died in in- 
fancy. Addresses, Mrs. Sarah Bowler Foote, Henry B. Foote, Su- 
san L. B. Foote, Amy Lee Foote, Alice Bradford Foote, Xo. 2628 
Blackberry St., East Walnut Hills, Cincinnati, Ohio. Rev. R. B. 
B. Foote, South Centre St., Terre Haute, Ind. Edward A Foote 
and Roger L. Foote, Williamson Building, Cleveland, Ohio. 

Robert Bonner Foote, born June 4, 1832, md Louisa Foote Bow- 
ler, of Providence, R. L, April 30, 1861, died iS T ov. 11, 1867; 
Their children were Daniel Bowler, born Oct. 8, 1862; Eliza 
Bowler, born June 11, 1867; other two children died in in- 
Eliza Bowler, born June 11, 1867; other two children died in in- 
fancy. Address, Mrs. R. B. Foote, 1115 Yale Avenue, Walnut Hills, 
Cincinnati, Ohio. 

Carroway and wife Mary nee Bonner are the ancestors 

of the Burbanks of Washington, 1ST. C. 

(to be coxttnued.) 


Was held Oct. 25th, 1774, it was composed of fifty-two of the 
Ladies of Edenton and vicinity, that such a gathering actually oc- 
curred, is clearly proven by the following extract of a letter from 
Arthur P. Iredell, of London, to his brother James Iredell, of 
Edenton, ]S T . C. The letter is dated 

London, Queen's Square, Jan. 31st, 1775, and says 
#*■* #*# •*-:<•■* "What do you think ? Pray are you become pa- 
triotic ? 7 se^ by the newspapers, the Edenton ladies have signal- 
ized themselves by their protest against tea-drinking. The name of 
Johnston I see among others ; are any of my Sister's relations pa- 
triotic heroines ?- Is there a female Congress at Edenton too ? I 
hope not for we Englishmen are afraid of the Male Congress, but 
if the Ladies, who have ever, since the Amazonian era, been esteem- 
ed the most formidable enemies, if they, I say, should attack us, the 
most fatal Consequence is to be dreaded, So dexterous in the 
handling of a dart, each wound they give is mortal ; Whilst we so 
unhappily formed by nature, the more we strive to conquer them. 

The Edenton Tea Party. 121 

the more we are conquered ! The Edenton ladies, Conscious, I sup- 
pose, of this Superiority on their side, by former experience, are 
•willing, I imagine, to crush us into atoms, by their omnipotency; 
the only security on our side, to prevent the impending ruin, that I 
can perceive, is the probability that there are but few places in 
America which possess so much female Artillery as Edenton. Pray 
let me know all the particulars when you favor me with a letter." 
(Life and Correspondence of James Iredell Vol. I pages 230-1.) 

This letter is dated just three months and seven days after the 
meeting. As sail-vessels only existed at that time, from Eden- 
ton to London required sometimes two or more months, to compass 
the journey across the Atlantic. We could not well establish the 
fact, by better testimony, save a copy of some newspaper published 
about that date, containing the resolutions and names of the par- 

Again some years afterwards, Lt. W. T. Muse of the U. S. Navy 
was in the Port of Mahon, Island of Minorca, and discovered in a 
shop tbere, a painting on glass, purporting to be a caricature of 
The "Edenton Tea Party." Some of the faces were so well develop- 
ed in the picture that they were easily recognized. Lt. Muse pur- 
chased the picture, and on his return to Edenton, presented it to the 
ladies of the town, the writer remembers to have seen it in his 
youth quite often, in one of the offices of the Court House in Eden- 
ton, where it remained for a number of years, by some accident it 
was broken, but the fragments were preserved, and a few years since 
our highly esteemed townsman Dr. Richard Dillard, secured them, 
placed them together, and at his own expense, had the picture re- 
produced on canvas, by a competent artist, and piesented it to the 
North Carolina State Library where it can be seen. 

The meeting was held at the house of Mrs. Elizabeth King, in 
the town of Edenton, X. C. Mrs. King then lived in a house facing 
to the East on the "Old Court House Square," the old structure was 
razed about fifteen years ago, to give place to a more modern build- 
ing, we regret the town did not purchase it, and retain it as a sou- 
venir of the event. The full text of the resolutions passed at this 
meeting, seem to have been lost, diligent search has been made, we 
regret without success, to find them, the only fragment that has been 
preserved appears in Wheeler's History of North Carolina, Vol. II, 
page 90, and is as follows : 

Edemton, North Carolina, 

25th Oct., 1774. 

"As we cannot be indifferent on any occasion that appears to affect 
the peace and happiness of our Country, and as it has been thought 
necessary for the public good to enter into several particular resolves 


The Edenton Tea Party. 

by a meeting of the members of the deputies from the whole prov- 
ince, it is a duty we owe, not only to our near and dear relations, and 
connections but to ourselves, who are essentially interested in their 
welfare, to do everything as far as lies in our power to testify our 
sincere adherence to the same; we therefore do accordingly sub- 
scribe this paper as a witness of our fixed intention and solemn de- 

"Signed by Fifty-six Ladies." 

Wheeler says fifty-six ladies but the correct number is fifty-two. 
Only five of these fifty-two were positively and definitely known 
until a very short time since, the list had been lost; many days and 
hours have been spent, in the attempt to rescue it from its grave of 
oblivion, and all hope of ever finding it, had about vanished, when 
3o! a message from Durham, N". C, brought the welcome intelligence 
of its recovery. Capt. J. Beverly Hunter, of the Durham Recorder, 
who^e ancestress — Charlotte Hunter, was one of the number compos- 
ing the party, is entitled to the credit for having snatched from ob- 
livion the names of these highly patriotic and noble ladies. Their 
names appear as follows: 

Mrs. Penelope Barker, Presd't; Mrs. Elizabeth King, Vice- 
Presd't, and Mrs. Winnefred Hoskins, Secretary ; Miss Isabella 
Johnston, Mrs. Sarah Valentine, Fanny Morgan, Mrs. Sarah Little- 
john, Ann Blount Little, Margaret Bond, Ann Grandy, Mary Muse, 
Frances Johnston, Hannah Iredell, Jean Blair, Margaret McKenzie ; 
Sophia Gallop, Maria Louise Skinner, Benedicta Smith, Clara Cot- 
ton, Cornelia Manning, Adelaide Knox, Cora Norfleet, Mary Swann, 
Amelia Cofh'n, Sallie Hathaway, Edney Koulhac, Amelia Rice, 
Elizabeth Roberts, Charlotte Hunter, Penelope Hill, Betsey Walton, 
Jane Hinton, Mariah Beasley, Nellie Blair, Ann Hathaway, Lucy 
Bonner, Helen Miller, Peggy Cox, Mary Satterfield, Penelope 
Brownrigg, Eliza Standing, Phyllis White, Caroline Pophelstone, 
Lydia Willis, Lucy Thompson, Hester Cross, Susan Jones, Chloe 
Bozman, Delia Pollock, Sarah Benbury, Priscilla Duckenfield, Mary 

The scroll on the painting clearly indicates by the words inscribed 
on it, that these ladies passed resolutions discarding the use of tea 
and other articles, upon which an unjust and oppressive tax had been 
levied by the British Government. 

The event has been so elegantly and gracefully portrayed by the 
gifted pen of our distinguished and talented friend, Dr. Richard 
Dillard. A. M., of Edenton, 1ST. C, that we hesitate to let our foot- 
steps fall along the literary path he has so recently trod, his article 
has become one of the series of "The Booklet" published by the 

The Edenton Tea Party. 123 

Daughters of the Revolution at Raleigh, ]ST. 0.', from whom the se- 
ries can be obtained, and as the object of the publication is to secure 
the necessary funds to erect a suitable monument in the City of 
Raleigh, to perpetuate the memory of this event, as well as the mem- 
ory of the noble women of the "Old North State," whose patriotism 
placed so bright a page in their country's history, we shall confine 
ourselves to the task of preparing for our readers, as far as it can 
be gathered, a short sketch and history of the individuals com- 
posing the party, together with their ancestry and descendants. 

To do this successfully requires the hearty co-operation of the 
families interested, we therefore earnestly entreat the descendants 
of these ladies to prepare and furnish us with as full and complete 
data as they may or can secure of their families, including the ances- 
tors of the ladies as well as all of their descendants, of whom they 
have accurate knowledge. 

As we have all of the information that can be obtained of Mrs. 
Sarah Valentine, we commence our task with her name. 

Mrs. Saeah Valentine. 

was the wife of * Alexander Valentine, who first appears in Edenton 
about 1770, from whence he came does not appear, but is supposed 
to have been a descendant of Thomas Valentine of Boston, Mass., 
nor as yet have we been able to supply the name of his wife Mrs. 
Sarah Valentine, (Mrs. Valentine md 2nd George Morgan, he is 
buried in St. Paul's Churchyard, Edenton, N. C, and we think his 
wife sleeps at his side.) Issue by the 1st marriage (1) Joyce Val- 
entine md Small. Issiie, Joyce Valentine Small md Jo- 
seph Mardre. No issue. She died a few years since and is interred 
in Beaver Hill Cemetery. 

(2) Elizabeth Valentine became in 1796 the 2nd wife of James 
Hathaway, Sr. Issue, (A) Thomas Valentine Hathaway, who for 
many years prior to his death was Clerk of the Court of Chowan 
County and a "Local" Minister in the M. E. Church, South. He 
married Oct. 10th, 1822, Caroline E. R. Hankins (daughter of 
Thos. Hankins and wife Miss Roberts), they both died the same yveek 
in March 1849 and are buried in St. Paul Cemetery, Edenton, N. C. 
They left one daughter, Sarah Elizabeth, married 1847, Benjamin 
T. Bockover, a native of Neyv Jersey, who settled in Edenton in 1844 ; 
they removed to Norfolk in 1853, where Mrs. Sarah E. Bockover died 
in 1867, and is interred in the Cemetery at Norfolk, Va. ; her hus- 
band is still living in Norfolk with his 2nd wife Miss Lizzie Taylor. 
Issue by the 1st marriage. 
* Alexander and James Valentine appear in Hertford Co., N. C, in 1760. 

124 The Edenton Tea Party. 

(a) Sarah Caroline, born in Edenton, N. C : , md M. Gordon, of 
Norfolk, Va. Issue, Terry Gordon md Grace Goodenow, of Bangor, 
Me. They live in Brambleton Ward, Norfolk, Va. 

(b) Mary Jane, born in Edenton, 1ST. C, md Kobert B. Toy, of 
Norfolk, Va., and removed to Atlanta, Ga., where they now live on 
Forest Avenue. Issue (1) Mary Ethel Toy md Chas. Healey, of 
Atlanta. No issue. (2) Eogers B. Toy, of Atlanta; (3) Bockover 
Toy, of Atlanta. 

(c) Lela Isadore Bockover died young. 

(d) Emma Eunice Bockover, born in Norfolk, Va., md Thomas 
C Gale, of Norfolk, Va. Issue, (1) Sarah Gale died youngj (2) 
Cecil Gale died young; (3) Frank Gale died young; (4) Hector 
Jason Gale; (5) James Leslie Gale; (6) Emma Eunice Gale, all 
living in Norfolk, Va. 

(e) George Etta Belle Bockover md William Bead Butcher, of 
New York. Issue, (1) John Henry Butcher; (2) William Bead 
Butcher, Jr., all living in Norfolk, Va. 

(f) Elizabeth Hathaway Bockover md Ira Mowery, of New Jer- 
sey. Issue, (1) Elizabeth Mowery; (2) Florence Cecil Mowery, 
all living in Nutley, N. J. . 

(g) Florence Dudley Bockover md Cecil Percey Poole, of Eliza- 
beth City, N. C. No issue, living in New York City. 

(h) Benjamin T. Bockover, Jr., "died unmarried. 

(i) George Hathaway Bockover died in infancy. 

(B) Nancy Hathaway, 2nd child of James Hathaway, Sr., and 
wife Elizabeth Valentine, died in infancy. 

Thomas Valentine Hathaway is buried in St. PauFs Cemetery, 
Edenton, N. G, and his daughter Mrs. B. T. Bockover, is buried 
in the Cemetery at Norfolk, Va. 

Mrs. Elizabeth Hathaway widow of James Hathaway, Sr., md 
2nd Thomas Brownrigg (his 3d wife). No issiie. 

Susan Jones. 

The only record we can find of her, we copy from the stone at the 
head of her grave in St. Paul's Cemetery, Edenton, N. C. The 
epitaph reads thus : "In memory of Susan Jones, a native of Phila- 
delphia, who departed this life the 28th Sept., 1817. Aged 72 yrs. 
f> mos. & 4 days. 

"Here below a stranger sleeps awhile, to rise once more," 
Perhaps some of our readers may be able to give us some record of 
her. We would be glad to have it. 

(To be Continued.) 


Soldiers of the N. C. Continental Line. 125 


FIRST REGIMENT— Thomas Clark, Colonel. 

Adams. Niper, pt, Dixon's Co., died July 27, 1777. Enlisted 3 years. 
Adcock, George, pt., Reid's Co., died August 21, 1778. Enlisted 2 1-2 years. 
Adkin^, David, sergt., Boman's Co., November, 1777. Discharged. 
Arogline, Cornelius, pt., Dixon's Co., died July, 1777. Enlisted 3 years. 
Allen, Jesse, sergt., Childs' Co., enlisted April 16, 1776 — pc. June '78 Sergt. 


Armstrong, William, Lt. Hogg's Co., enlisted 1777, Capt. 29 Aug., 1777. 
Apperson, William pt., Brown's Co., 13 June, disc. March 16, '79. 

SECOND REGIMENT— Alexander Martin, Colonel. 

Adams, Lanier, pt., William's Co., enlisted '77. Omitted Jan. 1778. 
Alderson, Simon, pt. Vail's Co., enlisted '77, Sergt. May 20, 1779, prisoner 

June 1, 1779. 
Alexander, Joseph, pt., Fenner's Co., enlisted April '77. Deserted 1 Jan, 1780. 
Alexander, William, mus., Fenner's Co., enlisted 1777, pt., Sept. '77. 
Alexander, William, Allen's Co.. enlisted 1777, died March 14, 1778. 
Allen, Charles, capt, Allen's Co., enlisted 1777. omitted Jan, 1, 1778. 
Allen, William, Allen, s Co., enlisted 1777, died Jan. 7, '78. 
Ambrose, David, Allen's Co., enlisted 1777 pt. April '78, mus. in 1781. 
Armstrong, John, Capt., enlisted Sept. 1, '75, Major Oct. 4, '77, 4th Reg.. 

THIRD REGIMENT— Jethro Sumner, Colonel. 

Acock, Moses, pt, Turner's Co., enlisted '77, died May '78. 
Acock. Robt, pt., Turner's Co., enlisted April 20, '76, discharged Nov. 10, '78. 
Ayed, Benj., pt, Turner's Co., enlisted May 11, '76, discharged Nov. 10, "78. 
Ammis, James, pt., Granberry's Co., enlisted May 25, '76, discharged Nov. 10, 

Angel, Benj., pt., Emmet's Co., discharged March, '78. 
Ashton, Wm., Lt-Col., enlisted April 16, '76, resigned Oct. 25, '76. 

FOURTH REGIMENT— Thomas Polk, Colonel. 

Alexander, Charles, Lt., Williams Co., enlisted 1777, omitted January '78. 
Andrews, Abiel, Lewis' Co., enlisted 1777, omitted January '78. 
Anderson, James, Dr. Major, enlisted Jan. 25, '77, died June 12, 1778. 
Armstrong, John, Major, enlisted Oct. 4, '77, Lt-Col. July 17, '82. 
Atkins, James, Chaplain, enlisted April 5, '77, resigned Aug. 10, '77. 

FIFTH REGIMMENT— Edward Buncombe, Colonel. 

Abbitt, Ezekiel, Mus., Alderson's Co., enlisted 1776, omitted Jan'y 1778. 
Alberton, Henry, pt., Enloe's Co., enlisted 1777, deserted Feb'y 29, 1780. 
Alderson, Simon, Capt, Enloe's Co., enlisted April 16, '76, omitted Sept. '77. 
Aldridge, Joseph, pt, Alderson's Co., enlisted Dec. 18, '76, discharged May 

20, '79. 
Allen, Thomas, 2d Lt, Stedman's Co., enlisted 1777. 
Allen, John, Lt., Caswell's Co., enlisted Oct '76, omitted Jan. '78. 
Allen, Walter, Ens., Blount's Co., enlisted March 28, '77, Lieut. Oct. 4, '77. 

omitted Jan. '78. 
Allison, Achis, pt, Darnal's Co., enlisted 1777, pris. June 1, 1779, mus. Nov. '79. 
Ammons, Jordan, Caswell's Co., enlisted April 20, '77, for war. 
Angel, Thomas, pt., Caswell's Co., enlisted May 12, '77, pris. June 1, '79, mus. 

Nov. '79. 
Anderson, James, pt, Caswell's Co., enlisted 1777, died Nov. 14, 1777. 

126 Soldiers of the N. C. Continental Line. 

Anderson, Thomas, mus., Caswell's Co., enlisted Dec. 18, '76, pt. Jan. '78. 
Anderson, Wilson, Corp., Enloe's Co., enlisted 1777, died March 15, '78. 
Anderson, John, pt, Enloe's Co., enlisted 1777, deserted Feb'y 29, .'80. 
Armstrong, Thomas, 1 Lt, William's Co., enlisted April 16, '76, Capt. Oct. 

25, : 77, prisoner. 
Arnold, Arthur, pt., Blount's Co., omitted Feb. '78. 
Arthur, L. John^pt., Caswell's Co., enlisted March 27, '77, Corp. '79. 
Atkins, Benj., pt., Blount's Co., enlisted 1777, omitted June '78. 

SIXTH REGIMENT— Gideon Lamb, Colonel. 

Adams, Ezekiel, pt., Donoho's Co., enlisted Jan. 26, '77, dstd. Aug. 25, '77. 
Adkinson, John, Corp., White's Co., enlisted April 24, '76, pt. June '78, omd. 

Nov. '78. 
Alexander, Levy, pt., Donoho's Co., enlisted 1777, died Aug. 1777. 
Arthur, William, Sergt., Taylor's Co., enlisted 1777, dstd Aug. 25, '77. 
Ash, B. John, Major, Jan. 26, '77, Lt.-Col. Nov. 2, '78. 
Armstrong, Andrew, Lt. McRee's Co., enlisted Sept. 19. '76, om'd Dec. '77. 

SEVENTH REGIMENT— James Hogun, Colonel. 

Alexander, Benj., pt., Walker's Co., enlisted '77, dischd Feb. 27, '80. 
Alsworth, Joseph, pt, Walker's Co., enlisted '77, destd Sept. 17, '77. 
Ames, John, pt, McGlauhan's Co., enlisted '77, died Nov. 15, '77. 
Ames, Thomas, pt., McGlauhan's Co., enlisted Feb. 1, '77, dest'd Feb. 12, '79. 
Anderson, William, pt, McGlauhan's Co., enlisted 1777, dest'd April '77. 
Archer, Dempsey, Ely's Co., enlisted Nov. '77, omd Feb. -14, '78. 

EIGHTH REGIMENT— James Armstrong, Colonel. 

Armstrong, Col. James, enlisted Nov. 26, '76, retired Jan. 1781. 

NINTH REGIMENT— John Williams, Colonel. 

Ammons, James, pt., Wade's Co., enlisted May 10. '77, omt'd July '79. 
Anthony, James, pt., Rice's Co., enlisted May 4, '77. 
Arbunckle, John, pt, McCrary's Co., enlisted 1777, dest'd Dec. 2, '77. 
Austin, Absolom, pt., McCrary's Co., enlisted 1777, died March 7, '78. 
Avery, James, pt., McCrary's Co.. enlisted 1777, dst'd Dec. 28, '77. 

TENTH REGIMENT— Abraham Shepard, Colonel. 

Abbott, John, pt., Quinn's Co., enlisted June, 24, '79. 

Abute, John, pt., Lytle's Co. 

Abbott, John, mus., Hogg's Co., July 20, '78, 9 mos. 

Abbott, John, Sergt., Yarborough's Co., enlisted 1781. Time out April 22, 

Aaronheart, John, pt. Brevard's Co., enlisted 1781. Left service April 28, '82. 
Acock, Samuel, pt., Carter's Co., enlisted April 1781. Time out April 25, '82. 
Adcock, Joshua, pt, Wilson's Co., enlisted May 6, '77, for 3 years. 
Adcock, John, pt., Wilson's Co., enlisted May 6. '77, for 3 years. 
Adams, Arthur, pt, Shepard's Co., enlisted Aug. 12, '77, for 3 years. 
Adams, John, Sergt., Hearne's Co., enlisted July 5, '77, pt. June '78. 
Adkins, Thomas, pt, Gregory's Co., May 22, '77, for 3 years. 
Adkins, Benj., pt., enlisted Dec. 10, '77, for 3 years. 
Adams, Phillip pt, Montfort's Co., enlisted July 20, '78, 9 mos. 
Addleman, John, pt, Ballard's Co., enlisted 1779 for 3 years. 
Adkerson, Rich'd, pt, enlisted 1779 for 9 mos. 
Adams, Wm., pt., McRee's Co., enlisted June 6, '81, for 12 mos. 
Addams, Phillip, pt, Raiford's Co., enlisted May 2, '81. Time out 2 May, '82. 
Adams, Zach'l, pt. Lytle's Co., enlisted '82. 

Adams, David, pt.. Lytle's Co., enlisted June 6, '81. Time out June 6, '82. 
Adams, William, pt, Brevard's Co., enlisted 1781, left service May 1, '82. 
Aderson, Thomas, pt, Brevard's Co., enlisted 1781, left service May 28, '82. 


Soldiers of the N. C. Continental Line. 


Aderson, Geo., pt., Brevard's Co., enlisted 1781, left service April 12, '82. 

Addleman, Jno., pt., Hall's Co., enlisted 1781, left service Sept. 29, '82. 

Adkins. Richard, pt., Yarborough's Co., enlisted 1781, time out June 17, '82. 

Adkison, Rich'd, pt, Carter's Co., enlisted April 1781, died Oct. 18, 1781. 

Addleman, Daniel, Corp., Coleman's Co., enlisted Auril 15, '81, for 12 mos. 

Adkinson, Joel, pt., Hadley's Co., enlisted Aug. 1, '82, lor 18 mos. 

Adkison, John, pt., VanNoy's Co., enlisted May 26, '77, muse. June 1778. 

Adams, Wm., pt., Bacot's Co., enlisted 1782, died May 28, 1783. 

Adams, James, pt., Sharp's Co., enlisted 1782 for 18 mos. 

Adkins, Sam'l, pt., Sharp's Co., enlisted 1782 for 18 mos. 

Adcock, Edmund, pt., Brevaids Co., enlisted 1782, died June 7, 1783. 

Akins, Gideon, muse, Ballard's Co., enlisted June 16, '78, for war. 

Airs, Pat, p'-., McRee's Co., April 28, '81. 

Airs, Ezek., pt., Hall's Co., enlis.ed 1781, left service April 21, '82. 

Akins. Gideon, muse, Yarborou:.h's Co.. enlisted 1781, lime out April 1, '82. 

Alcock, Wm., pt., Stevenson's Co., enlisted Aug. 31, '77, dst'd Jan. 20, '78. 

Albertson, Caleb, pt.. Moore's Co., enlisted May 10, '77, omt'd Jan. '78. 

Allen, Joseph, Sergt., enlisted July 3, '77, Lieut. March 31, '82. 

Allen, Thomas, Corp'l, Baker's Co., enlisted July 20, '78 for 9 mos. 

Allen, Hardy, pt, Ballard's Co., enlisted July 20, '78, for 9 mos. 

Allen, Joseph, pt., Quin's Co., enlisted 1779, for 9 mos. 

Allen, Wm., pt., enlisted 1779 for 9 mos. 

Allen, James, pt., Raiford's Co., enlisted April 25, '81, dich'd Feb. 14, '82. 

Allen, Arthur, pt., Lytle's Co., enlisted April 12, '81, dest'd July 7, '82. 

Allen. Walter, Sergt, Sharp's Co. 

Allen, Elijah, pt., Jones' Co., enlisted Dec. 1781 for 12 mos. 

Allen, Jona, pt., Jones' Co.. enlisted Feb. 1, '82. 

Allen, Michael, pt., Brevard's Co., enlisted 1782, dest'd June 18, 1783. 

Allen, Joseph, pt., Evans' Co., enlisted 1782 for 18 mos. 

Alsbrook, Amos, pt, Montford's Co., enlisted July 20, '78, for 9 mos. 

Albridge, Thomas, pt., Quin's Co., enlisted July 20, '78 for 9 mos. 

Altman, Garret, pt, Bradley's Co., enlisted July 20, '78, for 9 mos. 

Aldridge, Gess, pt., Bradley's Co., enlisted July 20, '78, for 9 mos. 

Alexander, John., pt., Ballard's Co., enlisted 1779 for 9 mos. 

Alexander, Wrn., Ensn., enlisted May 10, '81. 

Alsbrooks.Wm., pt, McRee's Co., enlisted April 28, '81, left service 28 Apl. '82. 

Alsbrcoks, Jesse., Corp'l, Raiford's Co., enlisted 25 April, 81. Time out. 

Alexander, Anthony, pt., Bailey's Co., enlisted April 3, '81, left service April 

3, '82. 
Alexander, Ezek'l, pt.. Hall's Co., enlisted March 1, '82, 12 mos. 
Alexander, Benj., pt., Hall's Co., enlisted March 1, '82, 12 mos. 
Alsbrook.Clavborn, pt. Bacott's Co., enlisted 1782 for 18 mos. 
Alison, Peter, pt., Raiford's Co., enlisted 1782 for 18 mos. 
Albrooks, Wm., pt, Raiford's Co., enlisted 1782 for 18 mos. 
Aldridge, Francis, pt, Sharp's Co., enlisted 1782 for 18 mos. 
Albritton. Matthew, pt., Evans' Co., enlisted 1782, dest'd April 20, 1783. 
Albright, John, pt, Evans' Co., enlisted 1782. 
Amesley, James, pt., enlisted 1782. 

Ammons, Thos., pt, Montford's Co., enlisted July 20, '78, for 9 mos. 
Ammons, Mark, pt., Lytle's Co., enlisted April 12, '81, dest'd July 5, 1782. 
Amos, John, pt., Rhodes' Co., enlisted 1781. Time out April 12 1782. 
Anderson, Wm., pt., Blount's Co., enlisted July 20, '78, Sergt. Oct. 25, '78. 
Anderson, Isaac, pt., Ballard's Co., enlisted 1779, for 9 mos. 
Anderson, George, pt, Quin's Co., enlisted 1779. 

Anderson, John, pt., McRee's Co., enlisted April 28, '81, for 12 mos. 
Anderson, Robt, pt, Armstrong's Co., enlisted 1781, left service May 

22 '82 
Antony, John, Corp., Ballard's Co., enlisted June 22, '79, for war. 
Andrews. Isaac, pt., Blount's Co., enlisted June 5, '79, for war. 

128 Soldiers of the N. C. Continental Line. 

Andrews, Joseph, pt, Walton's Co., enlisted April 25, '81. Time out April 

1, 1782. 
Andrews, Alford, Corp., Armstrong's Co., enlisted 1781, disch'd March 27, '82. 
Angel, Thos., pt., Evans' Co., enlisted 1782 for 18 mos. 
Arnold, John, pt, Stevenson's Co., enlisted April 21, '77, omt'd Jan. '78. 
Armstrong, Benj., pt., Hall's Co., enlisted 1781, dest'd April, 1 '82. 
Arnold, Wm., pt., Carter's Co., enlisted April 1781. Time out April 25, '82. 
Arnold, David, pt., Lt.-Col. 

Arnold, Aaion., pt., Hall's Co. , enlisted April 1, '82, for 12 mos. 
Arrington, John, pt., Jones' Co., enlisted March 1, '82. 
Art ers, Stephen, pt., Hall's Co., enlisted 1781. Time out Nov. 21, '82. 
Archdeacon, Rich'd, pt., Rhodes' Co., enlisted Aug. 1, 1782, for 18 mos. 
Artis, John, pt., Hall's Co., enlisted 1781. Left service Nov. 1, '82. 
Asbett, James, pt., Blount's Co. 
Ashley, John, Sergt. Major, enlisted May 5, '81. 

Askins, John, pt., Doherty's Co., enlisted May '81. Time out May 25, '82. 
Aspley, John, Sergt., Donoho's Co., enlisted May 5, '81. Left service May 

5, '82. 
Ashlock, Jesse, pt., Dixon's Co., enlisted May 15, '81. Left service May 21, '82. 
Ashe, Samuel, Lt, Hall's Co., enlisted Jan. 23, '81, discharged Jan. 1, 1783. 
Ash, Charles, pt., Bacott's Co., enlisted 1782, for 18 mos. 
Atkins, Benj., Sergt., Bacott's Co., enlisted 1782 for 18 mos. 
Atki son, James, pt., Bacott's Co., enlisted 1782 for 18 mos. 
Attwood, John, Brevard's Co., enlisted 1782 for 18 mos. 

Avent, James, pt., Brevard's Co., enlisted May 15, '76, discharged Nov. 10, '78. 
Avarret, Thomas, Sergt., Childs' Co., enlisted July 20, '78, died Nov. 28, '78. 
Avery, Geo., pt., Bacott's Co., enlisted 1782 for 18 mos. 
Avery, Isom, Brevard's Co., enlisted 1782 for 18 mos. 
Axum, Phillip, pt., Ballard's Co., enlisted July 20, '78, for 9 mos. 
Axum, Elijah, pt, Mills' Co., enlisted Feb. 7, 1782, for 12 mos. 


Bradley, Richard P., Mr., March 5, '77, omt'd June '78. 
Brown, John, Capt, April 26, '77, omt'd June '78. 
Brannon. Chris n, pt., Brown's Co., 1777, war, Corp'l '78 omt'd. 
Bryley, Charles, pt, Brown's Co., killed Sept. 17, '77. 
Bagnall, John, pt, Brown's Co., 1777, omt'd Feb. '78. » 

Burrow Wyley, pt., Tatum's Co., 1777, Corp'l March '78, pt. July '78. 
Barnard, Peter, Dixon's Co., dst'd 14 Sept., '78, dst'd Sept. 14, '78. 
Bowman, Joshua, Capt. Sept. 18, '76, killed March 30, '80. 
Bowlin, Jeremiah, pt., Rolston's Co.. dest'd Aug. 4, '77. 
Bowlin, Baxter, pt., Rolston's Co., Nov. '77, omt'd Jan. '78. 
Boyd, Adam J., Advt, Oct. '77, omitted Nov. '77. 
Brown, Wm., pt, Tatum's Co., Sept. 1, '77, for 3 years or war. 
Barco, Willis, pt., Dixon's Co., Sept. 23, '77, died Nov. '78. 
Bryan, Randle, pt, Bowman's Co., Oct. 1, '76, omt'd Nov. '79. 
Bradley, Rich'd, Corp'l, Reid's Co., Aug. 9, '77. 
Burgess, Isaac, pt., Sharp's Co., Aug. 15, '77, died July 10, '78. 
Blythe, Sam'l, 1 Lt., Bowman's Co., Feb. 5, 77, resigned Apl. 16, '78. 
Baker, Peter, 2 Lt., Bowman's Co., Feb. 8, '77. 
Bell, John, mus., Bowman's Co., 1777, pc. June, '78. 
Blue, Neil, pt., Bowman's Co., 1777, Corp'l July 1, '79, dest'd Dec. 7, '79. 
Barnes, Britton, pt Bowman's Co., 1777, omt'd Sep. '79, dest'd. 
Berry, John, pt., Bowman's Co., 1777, omt'd Sep. '77, dest'd. 
Bozar, Thomas, pt, Thompson's Co., 1777 for war. 
Brown, Collins, pt, Dixon's Co., 1777, died April 14, '78. 
Barler, Wm., pt., Dixon's Co., 1777 pris. April 14, '79, mus. Nov. '79. 
Bailey, Wm. H., Sergt, Hogg's Co., Nov. 5, '76, 3 years, pt. Oct. 22, '77., Sergt. 
March 21, '79, omt'd Nov. '79. 


i .: 

Governor Burrington's Tyranny. 129 

Brown, Thomas, Sergt., Hogg's Co., Aug. 1, '76, 3 years, pt. May '78, omt'd 

March '79. 
Bowman, Robt., pt., Dixon's Co., for war. Deserted in '76. 
Blake, William, pt., Ralston's Co,, Sergt. Oct. '77, pt. May '78, Corp'l Nov. 

'78, Ser. 10 Feb., '80. 
Batey, Hugh, pt., Rolston's Co., Corp. Nov. '77, died Aug. 6 ,'78. 

(To be continued.) 


North Carolina Ss. July General Court 1732. 

Petit John Bapt. Ashe, Esq., came into Court, and gave the Court 
to understand, that Edw'd Moseley, Esq., stood committed Prisoner 
in ye Common Gaol at Edenton, Wherefore the said John Bap't 
Ashe as a friend of the said Edward Moseley prayed this Court to 
grant his Majesties Writ of Hab. Corp. for bringing the sd Edward 
Moseley into the Court now sitting with the cause of his commit- 
ment which is granted and Issued in these words, vizt. : North 
Carolin Ss. George the Second by the Grace of God, King of Great 
Britain, &c, To the Provost Marshal of the sd Province his deputy 
or other Keeper of the Gaol of Edenton, Greeting: Wee command 
you that the body of Edward Moseley, Esq., in our sd Prison (as it 
is said) you have Immediately on the Receipt hereof together with 
the cause of his commitment before our Chief Justice k his Assis- 
tants of the General Court now sitting for the sd Province at the 
Court House in Edenton to do & receive as Our said Justices shall 
thereon in that part then & there consider. Witness, John Pal in, 
Esq,. Our Chief Justice, this 4th day of August Anno*Dom. 1732. 

Signed, John Palix, Cf. Just, 

Whereupon the Marshall brought the body of the sd Edward 
Moseley into Court and made the following Return in these words, 
vizt.: North Carolina Ss: August the 4, 1732. I hav herewith 
the body of Edward Moseley, Esq., committed about half an hour 
since to prison by verbal command of his Excellency, George Bar- 
rington, Esq., Governor and Commander in Chiefe of this Province 
for some crime unknown to me, having as yet no witnesses in writing- 
so can Return no further cause of his detention the Governor De- 
claring he would Grant a Mittimus in due time. 

pr William Mackey, D. P. M. 

And the Court upon mature consideration theron had, are unan- 
imously of opinion that there appears no sufficient cause for the de- 
tention of the sd Edward Moseley, Wherefore it is here by the Court 
Considered and ordered that the said Edw'd Moseley be discharged 
from the said Confinement and be forthwith set at liberty. 

130 Act of Assembly. 


(Original in Court House at Edenton, N. C. 

Whereas the Rt. Honble Phillip Ludwell, Esq., Governor and 
Capt. Generall of Carolina hath offered Severall Honble Contribu- 
tions towards the Building Churches, Court Houses and Prison for 
wch we are very thankfuli and willing to comply soe far as we are 
by reason of other emergent burdens ***. 

Be it Enacted by the Pat and Lords Proprietors by and with the 
advice and consent of this present Grand Assembly and the Author- 
ity thereof that forty-six pounds be levied upon the Publick the 
ensuing year towards such public buildings to be disposed of at the 
discretion of the Rt. Honble the Governor and honble Councill and 
that yearly such advancement may be made for the carrying on of 
the work as ability of the Country will permit. 

Caleb Calloway, Speaker. 

This assented to provided the Building of a Publick Corte House 
& Prison gose. 

Daniel Akehurst, Sec't'y. 

And that the Secretary and Thos. Harvie & Wm. Wilkinson, 
Deputy, be assignated to agree with workmen to take the care of the 
building of Corte house sixty feet long, twenty wide and nine -| foot 
pith the Prison to be thirty foot long to be in to Rooms. The 
Corte house to have to Rooms and an entry of ten foot a standing 
case into the Entry to chambers on Chambers to make a Se's office the 
other for the Clerk of the Assembly a ten foot bench on one side of 
the Corte house the chamber to be sealed. 

(Without date but prior to 1706). Wm. Wilkinson was dead in 


As some discussion has been elicited by a statement made 
to the effect that Ocracock took its name from an expression "0 
Crow Cock," made by Teach the pirate during the engagement with 
Lieut. Maynard, the following paper found in the Court House 
at Edenton, 1ST. O, settles the fact that the Island bore the name 
"Ocacock" in 1716 two years before the Capture of the pirate which 
occurred in 1718, it is published simply to settle the above question, 
as it is not pleasant to think that any place in North Carolina was 


The Name Ocracock. 131 

fi.amed from any expression uttered by any person so desperate and 
notoriously wicked as Teach. It cannot be stated whether the r in 
the name was accidentally dropped or substituted afterwards. 

No. Carolina Ss. The Inquisition for our Sovereign Lord ye 
King Indented and taken upon the Sand Banckes called Ocacock 
Island, the 30th day of December, 1716. And in the Third Year 
of ye Reign' of our Sovereign Lord George by the Grace of God, 
King of Great Britain, &c. Upon the oaths of Messrs. Obediah 
Rich, William Johnson, Archibald Hartley, Nathaniel Curtis, Ja- 
cob Perkins, Moses Rainer, John Whitmarsh, Walter Clark, Isaack 
Chabonas, Robt. Potter, Edmond Rich, Jno. Aires, before Christo- 
pher Gale Chief Justice, who upon view of the body of Thomas 
Johnson late of the prec't of Currituck, planter, & upon examina- 
tion of Capt'n John Norton brother-in-law to the sd Johnson & 
upon knowledge of the Major part of themselves of the manner how, 
the means whereby & the time when the sd Thomas Johnson came 
by his Death, who Impaneled & sworn, say, That on the day pre- 
ceding the date hereof, Capt. Jno. Norton and the Dec'd Thos. John- 
son went out a hunting together. That the said Norton following 
upon the foot of a Deer & perceiving something to move in the Thick 
bushes & concluding it to be his game fired his gun at it, By wch 
Shot ye sd Johnson was by misadvantage off the sd Norton wounded 
in several parts of his body of wch wounds he instantly died. 

In testimony whereof the said Chf Justice & Jurors have hereunto 
interchangably sett their hands & seals, the day & year first above 
written. C. Gale, Chf Justice. 

Jn. Whitemarsh (Seal), Obadiah Rich (Seal),* Walter 

Clark (Seal), Wm. Johnson (Seal), Isacck Chabonas 

(Seal), Arch Hartley (Seal), Robt. Potter (Seal), Nath. 

Curtis (Seal), Edmon Rich (Seal), Jacob Perkins (Seal), 

Jn Aires (Seal), Moses Rainer (Seal). 


At a Council held at the Council Chamber at Edenton, N. O, 
the 17th day of July Anno Dom. 1725. Present: Sir Richard 
Everard Barrot Governor & Commander in Chief, Wm. Reed, 
Chris'r Gale, John Lovick, Edw'd Moseley, Era's Foster, Thos. Pol- 
lock, Thos. Harvey, John Palin & Henry Clayton, Esqs., Members 
of the Council. 

Whereas the true and Absolute Lords Proprietors by their Com- 
mission under their hands & great Seal of this Province to Chris- 


Indictment vs. Thos. Baylye. 

topher Gale, Chief Justice, have impowered and directed the Gov- 
ernor & Council to Nominate and choose two persons of Abel Skill 
in the Law to be assistants to the Chief Justice, who when so ap- 
pointed are in sd Commission Constituted and appointed by the 
True and Absolute Lords Proprietors. This Board doth therefore 
in pursuance and according to the direction of the said Commission 
unanimously choose and name Edmond Gale & Cullen Pollock, Esqs. 7 
to be assistants to the said Chief Justice. 

J. Lovick, Sect'y. 

North Carolina Ss. The Examination of George Allen of Eden- 
ton in Chowan precinct Gent taken on oath before me Christopher 
Gale, Esq., Chief Justice of the said Province. 

This Examinant sayeth that on Sunday the 21st of this instante 
Novem'r he being at the house of Sir Eichard Everard, Baronett, 
Gover'r, &e, of the said Province in Edenton aforesaid about twelve 
of the Clock Mr. Thomas Bayley came there & informed the Gover- 
nor that the people were waiting to hear Divine Service from him, 
the said Bailey and desired the Governor to let him have the Key 
of the Court House to perform it there, Whereupon Sr. Richard 
ask't by whose appointment the people were mett to which the sd 
Bailey answered, that he had given them notice of his intentions to 
preach there and advised Sr. Rich'd to let him have the Key for if 
he did not the Door would be broke open. And upon the Governor for- 
bidding him or any other person to break. open the door at his perill 
or to preach, he made answer it should be done and he would preach. 

Geo. Aleen. 
Taken & sworn to before me this 

21st Nov., 1725. C .Gale, C. J. 


Whereas Information is this day made upon oath before me that 
Thomas Baylye, Clerk, a person of very ill fame without any leave 
from the Minister resident or Incumbent or the Church Wardens or 
Vestry of the Eastern parish of Chowan Precinct and contrary to the 
express commands of the Honble the Governor did Convene a num- 
ber of People to hear him preach and having been refused the Key 
of the Court House the said Baylye with Severall others in Company 
did after an unlawfull and riotous manner break open the Door of 

Lee's Miles, Washington Co., N. C. 


the Genl. Court House in Edenton within the parish aforesaid where 
the records of the General Corte and the Journals of the Assembly 
are kept to the great indangering of the said Eecords and against the 
peace of our Sovereign Lord the King, &c. 

These are therefore to require & Command you in his Majesty's 
name to apprehend the said Thomas Bay lye (if to be found within 
this Government) and forthwith to bring him before me at Edenton 
aforesaid to make answer to the premises and to be dealt withall 
according to Law herein & you are not to f aile at Yo'r perill. 

Given under my hand & seale at Edenton aforesaid 
this 21st day of November Anno Dom. 1725. 
C. Gale, C. J. (Seal.) 

To the Provost Marshell or his Deputy or 

any Constable — 

Thos Baylye entered into bond with George Burrington as Surety 
for 50£ sterling for his appearance at the next term of the Gen'l Court 
to be held at Edenton the last Tuesday in March next. 


N. Carolina. To the Honble ye Chief Justice & ye Rest of ye 

Justices for ye General Court. 

The Petiton of Will Downing, sheweth that whereas by the Last 
Will of Mr. Thomas Blount, late of this province he did give & ap- 
point Three Acres of land to be taken out of a Tract of Land then 
in his possession known by the name of the Middle Plantation for 
ye use of a *Mill on ye Sd tract and to be contiguous with ye said 
Mill, and your Honble Petitioner (having since bought ye said tract 
of Land and ye said three acres having not yet been surveyed or sett 
apart from ye sd Tract) humbly prayeth yt an order of this Honble 
Court may be granted him for ye Surveying & setting apart ye sd 
three Acres of Land according to ye said Will for ye use of ye said 
Mill and as little to ye prejudice of ye Sd Tract of Land as possible, 
and your Honble Petitioner as in duty shall ever pray, &c. 

W. Downing. 

October ye 31st, 1727. 

*This mill was in existence prior to 1706, it was founded by Thomas Blount, 
whose widow Mrs. Mary Blount married Thomas Lee, hence the name "Lee's 
Mills," after the death of Mrs. Mary Blount Lee, Thomas Lee married the widow 
of William Downing. 

134 Contract for Building a Court House. 


Know all men by these presents that I Robert Peyton of the pre- 
cinct of Currituck in the County of Albemarle and in ye Province 
of North Carolina, Doe owe and stand Justly Indebted to ye prect 
Court of Carotuck there heirs and successors in tbe full and Just 
sum of 140£ Good and Lawfull Money of this province to which 
paymt well and truly to be made and Don I Bind my Selfe my heirs- 
Executors,- administrators to the said Prect. Court there heirs, &c. 
Sealed with my Seal and dated this 22nd Dav of Aprill Anno Dom. 

The condition of this obligation is such that whereas the precinct 
Court of Carotuck agreed with the above Bound Robt. Peyton to 
Build for ye prect a Court House of Thirty foot in Length,. 
Eighteen foot in weadth, with a fashionable overfitt fram'd work 
standing upon Sedar Blocks, ye Roof to be Shingl'd with Sypress 
Shingells, ye Sides and Ends with Boards Twelve foot of the flore 
to be Raised two foot from ye Ground with plank, Two Bars on ye 
said flore from side to side two foot and a half asunder and all yt 
part of the house to be seal'd workmanlike Judges Cheare Bench 
and Clarkes Table the upper flower plain'd Joynted and Crose Lade 
the fraime of ye House to be plain'd and made Smooth with Stares 
from flow to flow with Sash Winders and not to be less than Eight 
foot Pitch. Now if the above Robt. Peyton, his heirs, &c, shall 
well and Truly Build and finish the above said Court House i» 
every particular according to ye above Dementions By the Last Day 
of March next that then this obligation to be voide and of noe effect 
Else to remain in full force, power and virtue, &c. The day and 
year above written. 

Robt. Peyton. 

Benj Peyton, j 

Isaac Benson, | — -Justices. 

Thomas Davies, ! 

Robt. Peyton removed to Bath County and was there in 1725, 
when a suit was brought by the Justices of Coratuck against him 
for damages in regard to the failure to follow specifications in 


Abstract of Conveyances. 



(From Book C, No. 1, Register of Deeds Office of Chowan Co., N. C.) 

John Pettiver, to Henry Norman; Apl. 10, 1721. Tract of land 
adjoining John Davenport. Test, Edmund Chamberlayne, Thos. 
Wynns, Joseph Sprnell. 

John Pettiver, to Richard Davenport (son of John). Deed of 
Gift for 150 acres adjoining that sold to Henry Norman; Apl. 16, 

Edmund Porter, to William Stuart; Jan'y 20, 1718-9. 100 
acres called Bluff Point. Test, Joshua Porter, James Ward, John 

John Wilkey, to James Long; Sept, 22, 1711. 640 acres S. side 
Chowan River, between Wilkin's Swamp and Mr. James Long. Test, 
John Worley, James Hooper, William Millhouse. 

Leonard Loften, to Jacob Blount; April 11, 1715. Assignment 

of a Patent for 165 acres land dated 19, 1712. Test, James 

Long, Thomas Long. 

Nicholas Sessome, to John Mitchell; Jan'y 17, 1718. 100 acres 
adjoining land of George Winn and Wicacon Creek: Jan'y 17, 1718. 
Test, Wm. Crawford, Thos. Mann. 

Benjamin Blount and wife Elizabeth, to Jacob Blount; July 20, 
1719. 606 acres called Rich Neck, on Kendreek's Creek. Test, 
Nath'l Everett, Mary Everett. 

Nicholas Sessome, to John Williams. 80 acres at^ the mouth of 
the Black Haw Branch ; July 20, 1719. 

William Braswell, to Richard Grills; Oct. 22, 1728. 300 acres 
West side Meherrin River. Test, Robert Hicks, John Dew. 

Robert Wilson, to John Pricklove and Abraham Sanders. As- 
signment of a Patent. Test, Robert Hicks. 

Richard Whedbee, to Joshua Bateman. Assignment deed for 
250 acres East side Scuppernong River; Nov. 18, 1717. Test, 
Ahram Jennett, John Newman. 

Thomas Bray, to Caleb Stephens. Assignment of a Patent ;8ber 
28, 1718. Test, Sam'l Woodward. 

Godfrey Spruell, Jr., to James Singleton; July 30, 1717. As- 
signment of a Patent. Test, Sam'l Spruell. 

John Byrd to Samuel Jordan, July 25, 1719. 640 acres as per 
Patent dated 8ber, 1717. Test, Thos. Sutton, John Crombie. 

Solomon Jordan, to brother Roger Snell ; Deed of Gift; July 25, 
1719. 100 acres between lines of John Byrd and Joseph Skettle- 
thorpe. Test, Jno. Byrd, Thomas Suton, Katharine Jordan. 


Abstbact of Conveyances. 

Solomon Jordan to John Byrd ; July 29, 1719. Tract of land 
on Casia River. Test, Roger Snell, Thomas Sutton, John Crombie. 

Nicholas Sessome to James Boon ; 8 ber 13, 1718. 100 acres join- 
ing upon lines of William Hooker. Test, Wm. Crawford, Joseph 

Benton Ephroditus, of Nansernond Co., Va., to Thomas Spight, 
of Perquimans; Oct. 20, 1712. 311 acres adjoining John White. 
Test, John Sutton, Wm. Thompson, John Pettion, Daniel Halsey. 

Thomas Giles, of Isle of Wight Co., Va., to Thomas Bray; Dec. 
21, 1714. Tract of land called Mt Pleasant. Patented Sept. 25, 
1663. Patent issued by Gov. Berkeley, of Va., and all lands there- 
unto appertaining called Woodards. Test, James Lilse, Alice Mun- 
day, James Farlee. 

Same to James Farlow and Lewis Bryan. Power of Attorney to 
acknowledge above deed to Thomas Bray; Dec. 22, 1714. Test, 
Francis Pridgeon, James Liles. 

lodged to them Patent for 640 acres on Casia River; Feb. >18, 1714. 
54t) acres on Chowan River called Pridgeon's Point, at the mouth of 
Indian Town Creek, as per Patent of the same. Test, John Smith, 
John Hale, Lewis Mague, Jas. Flemming. 

Edward Moseley, to John Henry, of Pocamoke, Maryland. As- 
signment of a Patent; Nov. 16, 1714. Test, Tobias Knight, John 

Same to Same 
Volzen; Nov. 10, 1714. Test 

Mary Lawson, to Col. Thomas Pollock; April 20, 1714. Tract 
of land on Scuppernong River, where Mr. Hardy now lives, and 
tract adjoining with all stock thereon. Test, Thomas *Bray 2 John 
Hardy, John Nairn. 

Grant to William Duckingfield ; Mch. 5, 1706. Assignment to 
John Pettiver. 

George Bromley, to Thomas Cook. Tract of land in Chowan; 
Feb. 10, 1723. Test, Charles Bell, Jno. Ismay, Wm. Badham. 

John Plowman, to Sam'l Edwards; Feb. 8, 1714. 120 acres on 
Casia River. Test, Lawrence Sarson, Wm. Jones ; also acknow- 
ledged to them Patent for 640 acres on Casia River; Feb. 18, 1714. 

John Early and wife Mary to Peter Parker; June 18, 1714. 200 
acres on Wicacon Creek. Test, Wm. Crawford, Katharine Craw- 

Edward Bryan to John Bryan; 8ber 6, 1714. Tract of land on 
West side Chowan River, part of a Patent to Thomas Mann joining 
upon land of widow Barnes. Test, Robt, Harris. 

Henry Bradley and wife Katharine to Edward Bryan; 8ber 9, 
1784. Tract of land on West side of Chowan River, adjoining 

Assignment of a Patent for 640 acres at Heran 
T. Knight, Jno. Lovick. 

Abstract of Conveyances. 


line on the River part of a plantation where he now lives. Test, 
Jno. Bryan, J. Bryan. 

David Atkinson and wife Elizabeth to Wm. Jones ; Jan. 14, 1714- 
5. 320 acres east side Bockyhock Creek. Test, Martin, Fred Ba- 
zor, Jno. Nairn. 

Henry Baker to Thomas Bray, Bower of Attorney; March 7th, 
1714. Test, Jno. Thackeray, James Cross, Bichard Malpas. 

William Pagett to John Bray; Feb. 22, 17<14. Belinquishes title 
to tract of land at mouth of Woodward Creek. Test, Wm. Maule, 
Geo. Turneger. 

John Davenport, of Scuppernong, to Thos. Gaylord, of Scupper- 
nong. 42 acres on Deep Creek at the head of Spruell's Bay. April, 

James Long and wife Ann to Joshua Turner. 100 acres called 
River Neck. July 17, 1719. 

John Harlowe to Edmund Gale; Jan. 3, 1726-7. 187 acres ad- 
joining land formerly Bobt. Windley, Edw'd Smithwick and Edvv'd 
Moseley. Test, Jos. Young, Wm. Badham. 

Jacob Privett to John Charlton; Dec. 11, 1726. Assignment of 
a deed. Test, Bobert Hicks, Jean Bonner. 

Elizabeth Long to James Long; July, 1719. Test, Jno. Worley, 
John Blount. 

James Berry and wife Patience to John Perry, all of Nansemond 
Co., Va. ; July 28, 1719. 210 acres in Middle Swamp, that runs 
out of Bennett's Creek, granted to Daniel Bugh in 1707. Test, 
Moses Hill, Jacob Berry, Thomas Bountree. 

Bobert Lanier and wife Sarah to Isaac Zehendon ; July 22, 1715. 
100 acres on Wicaoon Creek. Test, George Winns, John Thomas. 

Solomon, Jordan and wife Katharine to Joseph Skittlethorpe ; 
Sept. 2, 1718. 100 acres beginning at Abel Johnson and John But- 
lers corner tree, &c. Test, James Winwright, John Crombie. 

Francis Johnson and wife Elizabeth to Dr. Godfrey Spruell ; 
Feb. 27, 1717. 100 acres west side Scuppernong Biver. Test, J. 
Watkins, Ann Spruell. 

Sarah Smith to Thomas Bray; July 15, 1719. 150 acres on 
Wicacon Creek. Test, Abram Blewlitt, John Bamsey, John Saw- 

James Blount and wife Elizabeth to John Swain; Jan. 28, 1719. 
300 acres on South Shore, butting upon Wilkinson's land. Test, 
John Worley, Thomas Long. 

Edward Bierce, of Bath, to John Walker. 530 acres on South 
side Chowan Sound binding on Kendreeks Creek and Deep Bun. 
Apl. 6, 1719. Test, Zilpah Blount, James Coleman, John Edwards. 

John Smith to Thomas Bray; Feb. 22, 1714. Assignment of a 

138 Abstract of Conveyances. 

Patent for 600 acres. Test, Daniel Halsey, Ann Smithj Wm. 

Thomas Luten, Jr., to Francis Branch; Oct. 15, 1713. 238 acres 
on North west side Mattacomack Creek. Test, Thos. Luten, Eobert 

John Slocumb, of Bath, to Henry Bonner; Nov. 5, 1714. 200 
acres on North side Mattacomack Creek. Test, Robt. Hicks, Charles 

Thomas Bonner and wife Elizabeth, of Nansemond Co., Va., to 
Samuel Patchett; Oct. 18, 1714. 50 acres N. W. side of Mattaco- 
mack known as Thomas Bonner's tract." Test, Thos. Yates, Jno. 

Jno. Banks, of Perquimans, to John Urmstone Clerk. Registered 
May 2, 1715. 300 acres butting to the Southward on Albemarle 
Sound, to the Eastward land of Wm. Benbury, westward lands of Col" 
Wm. Wilkinson. . . 

' Lazarus Thomas and wife Mary to Thomas Sturges ; Apl. 16. 
1715. 100 acres adjoining Lane Martin and the Horse Swamp. 
Test, Wm. Mixon, Richard Williamson. 

Same to same; Apl. 16, 1715. 100 acres South side Chowan 
River adjoining lands of John Thomas and Horse Swamp. 

Martha Williams to her father Lewis Williams. Power of Atty 
to acknowledge deed for 120 acres to Robert Lanier, sold by Anthony 
Williams and wife Martha to said Lanier; Apl. 16, 1715. Test, 
Wm. Mixon, Lazarus Thomas. 

Daniel Smith and wife Asia to Thomas Bale; Apl. 10, 1715. 
200 acres on Cushoke Creek. * 

Isaac Lewis to John Council; Apl. 17, 1715. Assignment of a 

Edward Taylor and wife Ann to Wm. Keel; Apl. 17, 1715. 200 
acres on Wicacon Creek. Test, Wm. Crawford, John Council. 

Ellinor Merritt to Wm. Mixon. Power of Attorney to acknow- 
ledge deed to Rich'd Barefield for land sold by my husband Charles 
Merritt and Peter Evans to said Barefield, 280 acres on Deep branch. 
Test, Wm. Mixon, Peter Evans. 

Same to same to acknowledge deed to James Peake, of Boston, 
Executed by my husband Charles Merritt for 130 acres on South 
side of Chowan River, at ye mouth of Deep Branch; Apl. 16, .'1715. 
Test, Peter Evans, Richard Barefield. 

Richard Burtonshall to John Yates. Assignment of a Survey 
and plot for 134 acres ; Oct. 26, 1714. Test, Wm. Wilkinson, Sarah 

Peter Evans to Edward Howard; Apl. 19, 1715. Tract of land 

. %r.r .'.TM^-«»>7»i.' i-.-.-«p--.r- 

Abstract of Conveyances. 


on West side Chowan River, at Deep Creek. Test, Wm. Crawford, 
Edy Hardy. 

William Hardy and wife Edith to John Hassell; Jan. 29, 1714. 
100 acres on Scuppernong River at Rider's Creek. Test, Wm. Wil- 
kinson, Edw'd Burrell, Edith Hardy, her brother Robt. Fewox to 
acknowledge deed. 

John Miner and wife Elizabeth of Nansemond Co., Va., and Pe- 
ter Evans to Michael Dorman; Feb. 15, 1714-5. 100 acres at 
Bear Creek. 

Thomas Bray to Orlando Champion; Xov. -1, 1721. Assignment 
of a Deed. Test, Adam Cockburne. 

William Collins and wife Mary of Nansemond Co., Va., to Mary 
Braswell, 8ber 21, 1721. 190 acres on North side Meherrin River. 
Test, Martha Williams. 

• John Thompson, of New York City, to James Hodgson; Jan. 9, 
1721. 204 acres. Patent issued to Chas. Barber, lying on Casia 
River. Patent dated' Mch., 1720. Test, Henry Speller, Samuel 
Denham, Jonathan Fierson. 

Charles Barber and wife Elizabeth to John Thompson ; Jan. 8, 
1721. 132 acres at mouth of Isaac's Creek running into Casia 
River. Test, Henry Speller, John Freeman, Millard Thorpe. 

Henry Haughton to John Blount; 'Nov. 9, 1721. 25 acres bought 
of my brother Wm. Haughton and contained in his Patent. Test, 
Thos. and Chas. Haughton, Robert Wicks. 

John Herrington and wife Elizabeth to Edward Williams; July 
12, 1721. Tract of land on Kendreek's Creek. Test, Wm. Latti- 
more, Wm. Swinson, Peter Stancele. 

Wm. Skoiles to Luke Meazle; Mch 24, 1721 
for 140 acres at the head of a creek, north side Morattuck River. 

Bazil Sanderson, of Antiqua, to Wm. Hill, of Antiqua; June 1, 
1721. Tract of land sold by Edmund Porter to Edw'd Moseley, 
where his mother Mary lived, also plantation where his father John 
Porter formerly dwelt lying near to Bluff Point. 86 acres bought 
of Wm. Haughton lying back of said lands, said Moseley assigned 
them to Jno. Lovick and he sold to said Sanderson. Test, Roger 
Adams, Thos. Lillie, Gilbert Fleming. 

William Hill to John Lovick and Henry Clayton. Power of 
Atty; June 21, 1721. Test, Roger Adams, Thos Lillie. 

William Havett and wife Mary, widow of Thos. Clark to Thomas 
Harvey, of Perquimans Co., Power of Attorney to bring suit for 
his wife's third interest in Thos. Clark's Estate; May 26, 1721. 
Test, James Ward, James Chesson, Ann Chesson. 

John Hassell to his son Edward Hassell; Apl. 6, 1722. 600 acres 

Assignment Patent 




140 Absteact of Conveyances. 

except 50 acres sold Sam'l Wilkinson, and 300 sold Joseph Cannon. 
Test, Thos. Urmstone, Jno. Halton. 

Wm. Duckingfield to the Church Wardens and rest of the Vestry 
of the South-west Parish, do give and grant them 52 acres land, lying 
on the North-west side of Ducking Run, Beginning at the first 
small branch below the Nots bridge or mill dam on Ducking Run 
and running up the run so far as it runs into ye woods, so that it 
may be laid unto a Geometrical Square, to hold all the land (except 
two acres adjoining the mill-dam to be for the use of a mill to be laid 
out in a Geometrical Square) to them and their successors forever, 
for a Glebe or for building a * Church or Chappell and whatever uses 
the Vestry and their successors may think convenient for promoting 
the true worship of God; Oct. 17, 1721. Test, Samuel Warren, 
James Ward, Thomas West. 

Joseph Xowell to Robert Fullerton. 175 acres land on Tindal 
Swamp; April 4, 1722. Test, Thos. Luten, Jr. 
. John Gray to Wm. Drew, of Surry Co., Va., May 22, 1721. 460 
acres on South side Morattuck River, beginning at John Gray's 
corner , &c. Test, Wm. Maule, Wm. Gray. 

John Hamilton to John Gray; Augt. 7, 1721. 460 acres on 
South side Morattuck river, beginning at Jno. Gray's corner. Test, 
Wm. Maule, Wm. Gray, Wm. Comrie. 

Same to same. 500 acres South side Morattuck River beginning 
at an Elm on the River side adjoining land of Arthur Davis ; July 
7, 1721. 

Wm. Gray to James Turner; Dec. 19, 1721. 320 acres on South 
side of Morattuck River, on Goose Meadow, adjoining Jands of John 
Bryan; Dec. 19, 1721. Test, John Gray, Wm. Comrie, B. Hatcher. 

William Gray to John Bryan. 320 acres South side Moratuck 
River, beginning at a paw-paw gum John Nairns corner on the 
River, Dec. 18, 1721. 

Joseph Coleson to Isaac Price; Augt. 19, 1721. 100 acres on 
North side Morattuck River. Test, Win. Gray, John Gray. 

Benj. Foreman and wife Verity to Geo. Williams; May 4, 1722. 
320 acres one half the tract I now live on. Test, Wm. Maule, Wm. 

Richard Milton to the same; Apl. 4, 1722. 640 acres on 1ST. E. 
side Morattuck River. Test, Wm.- Maule, Wm. Comrie. 

Robert Lang to Gideon Gibson; May 8> 1722. 540 acres on S. 
W. side Morattuck River and Quinse Creek. Test, Wm. Maule, 
Wm. Comrie, John Gray. 

*This Chapel was built at what is now called "Chapel Bridge" within one mile 
of Merry Hill. Bertie County, N. C. The foundations of the old mill spoken of 
in the deed are still to be seen. 

' *~* —,--:,-.;, -,,.- -, 

Abstact of Conveyances. 


Frederick Jones to Edward Moseley; April, 10, 1722. 400 acres 
on Kendreek's Creek, bought of John Walker. Test, Sarah Stewart, 
Roger Hazard, Jno. Anesley. 

Edward Moore and wife Margaret to James Corre, 8ber 13, 1722. 
50 acres adjoining land of Martin Gardner. Test, Patrick Can- 
nedy, Wm. Jones. 

John Cook to John Rasberry ; Aug. 12, 1720. Assignment of Pa- 
tent for 312 acres called "Gilly Cranky." Test, Jno. Crombie, Thos. 
Ball, John Rasberry assigns same to Jno. Williams; Mch, 7. 1722. 

Frances Smith to John Aires; Dec. 1, 1720. Assignment Patent 
for 92 acres on Yoppim River. Assignment dated Dec. 23, 1720. 
Test, Edw'd Standing, Thomas Pierce. 

John Cook to Thomas Hardy; Feb. 19, 1721-2. 157 acres ad- 
joining lands of John Holbrook. Test, Jno. Crombie, John Byrd, 
Roger Snell. 

Robert Hicks to John Jernigan ; Aug. 6, 1719. Assignment Pa- 
tent for 600 acres on Cattawasky Meadows. Deed dated July 17, 
1722. Test, James Wood, Wm. Badham. 

Same to same; Oct. 6, 1719. 500 acres adjoining above. Deed 
dated July 17, 1722. 

Henry Speller to Wm. Lattimer; Mch. 21, 1721. 175 acres on 
North side Morttuck River known as Berry's plantation in Flaiser's 
Neck. Test, Sam'l Stancele, Robt. Bale. 

John Dickinson to Thomas Hart, of Surry Co., Va. ; July 12, 
•1722. 300 acres adjoining land of Richard Melton, known as the 

James Parker to Wm. Eason ; July 12, 1722. Illegible. 

James Parker & wife Sarah to Henry Emanson ; May, 1721. 300 
acres on Flagg Run. 

Charles Pate to Thomas Rogers; May 14, 1719. 100 acres for- 
merly Edw'd Berry's on North side Morattuck River. Test, Wm. 
Latimore, Elizabeth Lattimore. 

Robert West and wife Frances to Thos. Yeates ; July 23, 1722. 
640 acres a Patent dated 8ber 19, 1716. 

Lydia Turner to Edward Wingate; Mch 28, 1722. Power of 
Atty to sell 100 acres on Tindall Swamp to Sam'l Pagett. Test, 
Wm. Willson, Wm. Badham. 

John Jones to Samuel Pagett; 8ber 19, 1721. Assignment of a 
Patent dated Jan. 3, 1690. Test. Robt. Hicks, Adam Cockburne. 

John Yelverton and wife Elizabeth to Henry West; July 18, 
1722. 50 acres adjoining lands of John Nairn. Test, Wm. Jones, 
Wm. Eason. 

Thomas Power, Jr., assigns Patent to Samuel Warner; May 1, 
1722. Test, Samuel Standing. 

142 Abstract or Conveyances. 

James Singleton to John Davenport; Jan'y 28, 1720-1. 180 
acres West side Cuscopening River. Test, Sam'l Spruell : Jos. 

John Petti ver to Henry Bonner. 263 acres on Rockyhock Creek. 
Date of Deed Augt. 4, 1722 ; Date of Patent Feb. 18, 1714-5. Test, 
Robt. Hicks, James Palin. 

John Nairn and wife Mary to James Collins ; July 18, 1722. 
100 acres on South side Morattuck River. Test, John Bryan, John 
Canhedy, Daniel McDaniel. 

Same to Daniel McDaniel. 200 acres adjoining land of Wm. 

Jno. Sessions to John Gardner; July 4, 1722. Assignment of a 
Patent for 350 acres on North side Swift's Creek and South side 
Morattuck River; dated Apl. 1, 1720. Test, Wm. Lattimore, Eliza- 
beth Lattimore. 

James Parker and wife Sarah to Henry West. Tract of land ad- 
joining land of Jno. Nairn and Wm. Eason. 

John Yelverton and wife Elizabeth to Robert West ; July 18, 1722. 

John Nairn and wife Mary to Owen McDaniel ; 100 acres. 

Thomas Busbe to John Page. 320 acres part of a Patent for 
640 acres on North side Morattuck River, joining land of James 
Blount. Test, George Williamson, Thos. Bonner. 

Thos. Long assigns Patent for 380 acres land on South side Morat- 
tuck River dated Mch 15, 1715, by Wm. Rodes. Assignment dated 
May 19, 1722. Test, Wm. Rodes, Thos. Evans. 

John Walker to Thos Bele; Aug. 1, 1722. 420 acres South side 
Chowan Sound on Kendreek's Creek and Deep Run.* Test, Jno. 
Davis, Joshua Porter, Patrick Ogilby. 

Godfrey Spruell, of Scuppernong, to Matt. Kaswell; Mch. 14, 
1720-1. 500 acres West side Scupernong River, adjoining lands 
of John Hopkins called Hawtree Branch. Test, Samuel Spruell, 
Joseph Spruell. 

Beal Brown to Christian King, of Nansemond Co., Va. ; July 30, 
1722. Test, Edward Jenkins, Jno. Nairn. 

William Maule to Henry Baker ; April 1, 1720. 130 acres west 
side Chowan River, adjoining land of James Boon, part of a 
Patent. Test, Robt. Forster, H. Clayton, Jno. Lovick, Thos. Bray, 
Roger Hazard. 

Nath'l Halsey and wife Jean to Benjamin McKinne; Mch. 16, 
1720-1. 50 acres South side Morattuck River and south of Mi- 
chael's Meadows. Test, John Gray, Rd. Jackson, Gideon Giboney. 

Bartholomew McKinnie, Deed of Gift to his son-in-law Isaac 
Ricks. 100 acres formerly granted to Nath'l Holley, called "Nap- 

Abstract of Conveyances. 


kin's Work"; Mch. 28, 1722. Test, Barnaby McKinne, Jr., Rd. 

Barth Chavers to Richard Jackson; Mch. 30, 1722. 100 acres 
west side Morattuck Swamp. Test, Isaac Ricks, Barnabe McKinne. 

Nath'l Holley and wife Jean, to Rd. Jackson; Apl. 1, 1713. 100 
acres South side Moratuck River part of Patent to Wm. Brown for 
640 acres. Test, Barnaby McKinne, Isaac Ricks. 1722. 

Wm. Jones and wife Ann to Richard Jackson; Jan'y 5, 1721. 
120 acres South side Morattuck River. Test, Barna McKinne, B. 
McKinne, Jr. 

Wm. Ledbetter to John Bowin ; March, 1721. 610 acres South 
side Morattuck River, adjoining land of John Smith. Test, Barna 
McKinne, B. McKinne, Jr. 

William Murphy to Barnabe McKinne, Jr. ; Mch. 27, 1722. 530 
acres South side Moratuck River, adjoining land of Arthur Davis. 
Test, Isaac Ricks, Rd. Jackson. 

Arthur, Davis to Barnabe McKinne; 1722. 350 acres South 
side Morattuck River. Patent granted to me Aug. 5, 1720. Test, 
Isaac Ricks, Rd. Jackson. 

David Comings and wife Frances to Alex Bone; Apl. 21, 1722. 
190 acres part of a patent for 340 acres on South side Morattuck 
River; patent dated Mch. 5, 1719. Test, Barnabe McKinne, Jr., 
Richard Jackson. 

Same to Wm. Frost; Apl. 21, 1722. 50 acres part of same 
patent. Test, Barne McKinne, Jr., Rd. Jackson. 

William Sharp to William Downing; Augt. 10, 1722. Tract of 
land called Woodwards adjoining lands of Lewis Williams, John 

Smith, McLendon, Mount Pleasant; 2000 acres on Chowan 

River, Weecacon and Woodward's Creeks. Test, Patrick Maule, 
Geo. Durant, Sam'l Swann, Edw'd Moseley. 

Robt. Riddick to Sam'l Woodward. Tract of land North Shore 
oi Chowan River Patented by Thos. Gilbert, 
ond, Jos. Young. 

John Davis and wife Mary to James Peek, 
lands of Dennis Maclenden and Michael Hill; Apl. 16, 1722. 
Wm. Crawford, Katharine Crawford. 

Edward Champion, brother of Orlando Champion, to Henderson 
Luten, received title by will of his father Edward Champion, 1ST. E. 
part of his father's tract of land on 1ST. E. side Mattacomack Creek. 
55 acres; Apl. 18, 1722. Test, Thos. Spiers. 

Edward Howard and wife Mary to James Howard; Apl. 19, 1722. 
300 acres on Ahotsky Marsh and Black Walnut Branch, surveyed by 
Geo. Gladstain. Test, Jno. Rasberry, John Walsh. 

James Maglohan to John Welsh; Jan. 25, 1721-2. 150 acres, 

Test, Clement Ham- 

500 acres adjoining 

144 Abstract of Conveyances. 

S. E. side Blind Neck Branch; patent granted to James Fleiry; 
Augt. 29, 1714. Test, John Champion, George Turnidge. 

Same to Francis Ellis; Apl. 16, 1722. 490 acres on Indian Town 
Creek and Mossy Swamp, patented for John Jackson and by him 
sold to Sam'l Bozman, and by Bozman to John Arline, it being a 
release from Bobert Hicks. Test, John Barker, John Barker, Jr. 
Cornelius Harnett to Christopher Gale. Tract of land recently 
bought of John Nairn on Queen Anne's Creek; 120 acres; bounded 
to the .North on said Creek, East by the land where Edward Wingate 
now lives and west by land of Wm. Coward; Apl. 7, 1722. Test, 
Wm. Erilie, Sam'l Swann, Edw'd Moseley. 

Thomas Stubbs and wife Mary to Nath'l Everett. 100 acres 
near Morattuek bridge, adjoining lands of Benjamin Blount and 
Zachariah Girkin ; Apl. 14, 1722. Test, Wm. Bodes, Cornelius Cal- 

Nath'l Everett to Thomas Stubbs; Apl. 16, 1722. 100 acres near 
Morattuek Bridge. Test, Wm. Bodes, Cornelius Callihan. 

Timothy Truelove to George Clark; Sept. 17, 1728. Assignment 
of a Batent for 400 acres dated 8ber 19, 1716. Test, Wm. Bad- 
ham, Clement Hammond. 

James Williams to Jonathan Taylor; Feb'y 22, 1720-1. 300 
acres South side Quitsna, on Morattuck Biver, patented in name 
J as. Williamson. Test, Bich'd Baley, Thos. Taylor. 

William Eason to Farlow Ogmier, of Nansemond Co., Va., Deed 
of Gift for Tract of Land, adjoining land of James Blount, pa- 
tented by me in 1721. Test, Wm. Jones, Jas. Barker; July 12, 1722. 
Matthew Casswell, of Alligator, to George Whedbee.; Jan. 19, 
1719-20. 150 acres North side Alligator Creek, adjoining Voss' 
plantation on one side and Wm. Casswell on the other. Test, Cor- 
nelius Fitzpatrick, Joseph Winship. 

William Wilkinson to Edward Bhelps; 8ber 5, 1716. 100 acres 
East side Seuppernong Biver called the Broad Neck. • Test, Derby 
Bhelps, Jas. Wattkins, James Smith. 

Thomas Garrett and wife Thomazin to John Goodwin ; July 10, 
1722. 110 acres South side Warwick Swamp. Test, Thos. Garrett, 
Sr., John Baner. 

Same to John Brinkley, of Nansemond Co., Va. 150 acres S. E. 
side Warwick Swamp; July 16, 1722. Test, John Goodwin, Ed- 
ward Wood. 

John Goodin and wife Mary to John Freeman. 50 acres North 
side Warwick Swamp; July 16, 1722. Test, Thomas Garrett, Sr., 
Thos. Garrett, Jr. 

John Goodin and wife Mary to John Rainer, July 16, 1722. 50 
acres S. Side Warwick Swamp. 

Abstract of Conveyances. -'145 

Edward Outlaw to Win. Devilling-; Mch. 28, 1720. 75 acres 
North Side Warwick Swamp. Test, John Gooding, Edw'd Wood, 
Edw'd Burke. 

John Gatling to John Edwards; June 22, 1722. 258 acres on 
Morattuck, South side of Welch's Creek. 

Peter West and wife Priscilla to Mary Williams. Deed for land, 
8ber, 26, 1722. Test, Sam'l Smith, Win. Moore. 

Richard McGuire to Matt White; Apl. 2, 1722. 100 acres on 
Indian Creek. Test, John Jordan, John Parker. 

Richard Skinner, of Perquimans, to my son-indaw Matthew 
Gums. 100 acres in Perquimans, bounded by lands of James Thig- 
pen and Joseph ]S T ewby; Aug. 4, 1722. Test, Robt. Hicks, Esther 

Sam'l Clark to Cornelius Leary; Jan. 18, 1721. Tract of land 
where my father lately dwelt, on South side Yawpim River. Test, 
Jas. Springer, Rich'd Leary. 

• George Winn to John Mitchell; July 9, 1722. 200 acres ad- 
joining Wm. Hooker. Test, Wm. Crawford, Wm. Barnes. 

George Hughes to Thos. Jernigan, (both of JSTansemond Co., Va.). 
100 acres part of a patent granted me. (Date Aug. 9, 1718.) j 8ber 
13, 1722. Test, Jno. Hewes, Rt. Hicks. 

Thos. Jernigan to Geo. Hewes ; 8ber 13, 1722. 340 acres patented 
by said Jernigan Feb'y 22, 1719. Test, John Hews, R'd Taylor, 
Robt. Hicks. 

Richard Berryman to John Lassiter; July 10, 1722. Assignment 
of a Patent for 100 acres dated Jan. 19, 1715-6. Test, Rt. Hicks, 
Jno. Parker. , 

Same to John Lassiter; July 10, 1722. 200 acres, also 100 acres, 
patent assigned, dated Jan. 19, 1716-6. 

Same to Same. 200 acres patented Aug. 6, 1719. 

John Walker, of Bath, to Thomas Bell. .Tract of Land South 
side Kendreek's Creek. 

Thomas Speight and wife Mary to Jacob Hinton. Tract of land 
in Chowan. Test, Isaac Hunter, Wm. Davis. 

Jane Spivey, of Nansemond Co., Va., to Isaac Hinton, Jr., of 
Same County. Tract of land on Meherrin Swamp, adjoining land 
of Nicholas Hunter ; Mch 26, 1722. 

John Gatling, of Bath, to Jno. Edwards and Jno. Worley. Pow- 
er of Attorney; 8ber 30, 1722. Test/Lewis Johnson, Ann Golding. 

John Edwards and wife Zilpah, to John Powell, Mariner; 8ber 
30, 1722. Tract of land bequeathed to my wife Zilpah by will of 
Mary Blount, in pursuance of will of Zilpah's father Thomas Blount, 




being the half part of said tract; 8ber 30, 1722. Test, John Por- 

ter. John Swinson, Wm. Downing 

Jacob Lewis to Peter West; 8ber 21, 1722. Tract of land in 
Cow Hall Pocosin. Patent to me for 640 acres, Dec. 3, 1720. Test, 
Sarah Smith, Wm. Moore. 

Jacob Lewis to Thomas Spiers. Power of Attorney to acknow- 
ledge deed; Sber 21, 1722. 


(From the Records of Albemarle County at Edenton, N. C.) 

Honble Fred'k Jones was Chief Justice 1717-8, 9, 20 and 21. 

Col. Wm. Wilkinson was 62 yrs old in 1705. (Affidavit.) 

Jane Pike, Adm'x of Patrick McGregor, suit vs. John Palin and 
Nath'l Chevin, Exrs. of Africa Hicks. (1718). 

In 1714 Col. Wm. Reed and Rich'd Sanderson were the largest 
property owners in Currituck Precinct. 
North Carolina Ss. Chas. Eden, Governor: 

These may certify that Mr. William Charlton, Sr., has been in the 
Country's Service by my order as Interpreter to the Indians Twelve 
days. Given under my hand at Chowan, April the 13th, 1721. 

Charles Eden". 
To Mr. Thos. West, Treasurer, 

For Chowan Precinct to pay. 

Rev. Ebenezer Taylor died on his way from Pampticoe to Core 
Sound, so says a letter written to Gov. Chas. Eden, Feb. 22, 1720, by 
Richard Rustull ; he was in company with Daniel McDaniel & Son 
and a negro named Jack, the weather was extremely cold; he is bur- 
ied on a Sand hill on the South west end of Cedar Island. He died 
in a canoe refusing to go on shore with the others ; he had quite a 
large sum of money on his person, which after his death disappeared. 
McDaniel however showed that he delivered it and his other effects 
to other parties. 

A General Court was held for the Province of ]ST. Carolina at the 
General Court House att Queen Anne's Creek in Chowan Precinct, 
July 25, 1721. Present Hon. Fred'k Jones, Chief Justice, Jno. 
Blount, Rob't West, Thos. Pollock, Jr., Esqrs., Justices. 

Mrs. Frederick Jones, wife of the Chief Justice, died in March, 
1719. So stated at the Court of Oyer and Terminer held at the 
Court House in Chowan Precinct Mch. 31st, 1719. "Chief Justice 
Fred'k Jones absent on account of the death of his Lady." Signed, 
Jno. Blount, Jno. Palin, Jno. Hardy. 

A "General Court of Pleas and Oyer & Terminer & Gen'l Gaol 

Miscellaneous Items. 


.Delivery" was held at the house of Capt. Richard Sanderson on 
Little Eiver on Tuesday the 27th day of Mch., 1716. Present, Chr. 
Gale, Chief Justice, Capt. Eichard Sanderson, Thos. Miller, Grif- 
fith Jones, Jno. Worley, Robert West. 

Robert Hicks was appointed Clerk of this Court and took the 
oaths of office prescribed by law. 

"Thomas Swann produced a license from ye Honble Governor to 
Plead as an Attorney in any Court of Record in ye Government, took 
and subscribed the oaths required by law." 

Thursday the 27th. The reading and publishing of the Laws of 
this Government was finished. 

Richard Pickering and Emarita Maria, his wife, proved an ac- 
count vs. the Estate of Peter Colin, dec'd. 

"Att a Court of Oyer & Terminer held at the Court House in 
Chowan Precinct 28th 8ber, 1718. Present, Jno. Blount, Thos. 
Harvey, Jno. Worley, Jno. Hardy. 

• "A letter from the Honble Governor from Bath-Town wherein is 
signified that a great number of Indians near Bath Town have al- 
ready taken some captors & threaten the rest of the Inhabitants with 
Destruction is read in Court upon which is ord'd, That the Court 
be adjourned till the next Court in course to wch Court all business 
is continued and accordingly it is adjourned." 

Commission of Gov. Chas. Eden to members of the Court as fol- 
lows : Christopher Gale, Chief Justice, John Blount, Thomas Mill- 
er, John Pettiver, Anthony Hatch, John Porter, Nicholas Crisp, 
Godfrey Spruell and Griffin Jones, Assistants. (Dec. 3rd, 1714). 
Court held at the house of Anthony Dawson for Precinct of Perqui- 
mans, July 8th, 1701. 

A General Court was held at the house of Capt. Thomas Lee, Julv 
29, 1712. Present, Maj. Chr. Gale, Chief Justice, Fra. Delamare, 
Capt. Thomas Relf, Thomas Garrett, Esq., Justices. 

William Benbury's will was proved by oath of Henry Bonner. 
Robert Buckner Clerk Court in 1712. 

Her Majesty's ship Garland was driven ashore at Coratuck Inlet 
Nov. 28, 1709. Capt Isaac Cooke was Commander. Salvage bill 
was 101£ 5s. lid. 

A General Court was held at the Court House on Queen Anne's 
Creek Oct. 31st, 1721. Present: Jno. Blount, Jno. Worley and 
Robert West, Justices. Only one civil suit was tried, two defend- 
ants found guilty of stealing a ram were ordered to receive 31 lashes 
on their bare backs and one more on the next morning. (We pre- 
sume the one more was for good measure). 

Jno. Hecklefield Guardian of Ann Mackey in 1717. 
' Pasquotank Pr : "These are to Certify that ye Oldest Record in 

148 Miscellaneous Items. 

the Clerks office for ye Prect. afsd for acknowledgments of Land 
bears date ye 7th day of January, 1689 Given my hand ye 31st 
day of March Ano Domi, 1713." " R. Xorris, Clk. Court. 

Mary, wife of Wm. Jennings, came from St. Mary's County, Md., 
to North Carolina. She was here present Dec. 23rd, 1692. Col. 
Wm. Wilkinson was from the same place. 

A Court was held at the house of James Thickpen on Perquimans 
Kiver April 8, 1707. Present: The Justices. Jno. Norcom's suit 
vs. Wm. Haughton was settled. 

John Blount aged 34 years or thereabouts made affidavit 6th of 
9ber, 1705, to contract between Col. Wm. Wilkinson and Aaron 

Katharine Bonner had a suit with ISTath'l Chevin in 1705. 
A printed bond appears from Francis Casswell, of Alligator Riv- 
er, to Christopher Gale, of Bath Town, dated August 1st, 1711. 
Test, Henry Bonner, Jos. Oliver. "4£ .10s for two full Gaged bids 
of Pork at Col. Boyd's house." 

A General Court of the Colony holden at the house of Capt. Jno. 
Hecklefield, Oct. 28th, 1712. Present, Maj. Chr. Gale, Fra. Del- 
amere, Thos. Relf, Esq., Justices. 

Mary Hobbs granted administration on Estate of David Wharton, 
of Bath County. 

Obadiah Hare & Avife Ann acknowledged deed tc Jno. Lewis. 
Margaret Slatter Spence exhibited Inventory Est Gilbert Smyth. 
John Slocumb & wife Admrs of James Blount, dec'd. (1715). 
John Blount, Jr., 38 years old in 1715. 

A General Court was held for ye Province at the hottee of Capt. 
Rich'd Sanderson on Little River, Jan'y 26, 1715. Present, Hon. 
Chris. Gale, Chief Justice, Jno. Porter, Thos. Miller, Antho. Hatch 
and Nicholas Crisp, Esqrs., Associates. 

Elizabeth Long widow & Exx. of James Long, 1715. 
Thomas Baker Armistead, June 12, 1772. Master Schr. Sally 
bound for Barbadoes. Wm. Armistead Surety. 
Wm. Bell, Treasurer Currituck Precinct in 1714. 
Thomas Harris' will Augt.lst, 1665, mentions wife Diana Exx k 
heir. Witness Robert West, Sr., Robert West, Jr., widow Diana 
Eorster left one son John Harris who had several children, all of 
whom died except the daughter, who married Nathaniel Nicholson. 
Harris settled at Muddy Creek. 

Wm. Godfrey aged 50 years in 1708. 

A General Court was held at the house of Col. Jno. Hecklefield 
Oct. 31st, 1704. Present, Wm. Glover, Thos. Symons, Jno. Blount. 
Richard Davenport 66 years of age in 1708. 

Miscellaneous Items. 


Edward Bonwick, Attorney General in 17-14, and for some years 

John Middleton 34 vears of age. Master of Sloop Pennsylvania. 
(April 22, 1714.) 

Elizabeth Goodlett, widow otherwise called Elizabeth Swann, Exx. 
of the last will and testament of Maj. Sam'l Swann. (No date.) 

Thomas Averit, surety with John Porter on Bond dated Augt. 9, 
1713. Mentions Averit's Landing in Perquiman'? Precinct. 

A General Court was held at the house of Capt. Jno. Hecklefleld 
July 23rd, 1711. Present, Maj. Chris. Gale, Thos. Miller, Capt. 
Jno. Pettiver, Antho. Hatch. Also Oct. 26, 1714. Present, Maj. 
Chris. Gale, Thos. Miller, Jno. Porter, Nicholas Crisp and 

Dan'l Richardson qualified at this Court as Att'y General. 

Charles Hopton and Grace Beasley were married by consent of 
her mother in Virginia March 3rd, 1720-1. 
• William Maule, Surveyor General in 1715. 

Michael Kearney, of Va., suit vs. Arnold Hopkins (1719). 

A General Court for the Province was held at the house of Capt. 
Richard Sanderson Mch. 29th, 1715. Present, Christopher Gale, 
Chief Justice, Jno. Porter, Antho. Hatch, Thos. Harvey and Thos. 
Miller. Death of Thomas Peterson (an Attorney; was announced. 

Margaret Smith, Admx., Sam'l Slocumb 1715. 

William Collins 19 years old in 1716. 

A General Court for the Province was held at the Court House in 
Edenton, July, 1722. Present, Chris. Gale, Esq., Chief Justice. 
A new Commission from ye Lords Proprietors appointing Jno. Pa- 
lin, Robert West, Jno. Worley, Edmund Gale, Adam Cockburn, 
Henry Clayton, Jno. Solley, Jno. Cotton, Cullen Pollock, Barnaby 
McKinne, Justices, was read.* 

Thos. Avery overseer of the road over Ballard's bridge in Chowan 
in 1722. 

Wm. Wallis Guardian of Robert whose father died in 1712. (Pas- 
quotank 1715.) 

John Pettiver married Ann late widow of Isaac Wilson (1716). 

Anthony Hatch Treasurer of the Province in 1722. 

Ezekiel Weeks appears in the Province in 1717 and Joseph Hall 
in 1715. 

Ann Mackey, an infant, by her Guardian, Jno. Porter enters 
suit vs. John Clark (1718). 

Michael Kearney in Province of N. C. in 1720. 

Edmund Kearney assignee of Timothy Bloodworth, of Nanse- 
mond Oo., Va., July Court 1719 vs. Epaphroditus Benton and 
Thomas Jernegan, Nansemond Court, Va. 

150 Miscellaneous Items. 

Wm. Wyn and Dorothy Wyn, of Bath Co., (1717), suit vs. 

A General Court was held at the House of Capt. John Hecklefield 
March 20, 1708. Present, Chr. Gale, Chief Justice, John Blount, 
Francis De La Mare, Wm. Barkliff, assistants. 

Petition of Joseph Sanderson states that Sarah Bell, Keziah Bell 
and Ann Bell were orphans of William Bell, Sr., of Currituck, 
and that Benjamin Peyton was the administrator of said Bell, Wm, 
Little Attorney for Petitioner. (1713). 

Thomas Holmes appeared in a suit in Court (1713). 

Joseph Jordan and Filia Christian, his wife, were subpcened as 
witnesses in case of Emanuel Jordan vs. Ann Hendley. (1713-4). 

Mary Lawson, widow and Exx. of James Fewox (1713). 

Kichard Rose G'd'n of Sarah Rose 1714. 

A General Court was held at the house of Capt. Thos. Lee, March 

John Pirkins appears in Currituck in 1714. 

•Suit of Wm. Duckingfield, Assignee of Dame Catharine Hvde vs. 
Henry King (1713). 

John Hardy at a Court held Oct. 7, 1695, proved his rights for 
importation of himself. Charity Hardy, William Hardy, Mary Har- 
dy, John Hardy, Jr., Thomas Hardy and Jacob Hardy, Nath'l Chev- 
in Clk Court. 

Francis Roimtree and George Laceter lived on the borders of Vir- 
ginia in 1703. 

April 1696. Timothy Clare proves rights for himself, wife Eliza- 

Jane Byer proves her rights, Self, Richard Byers, Laurence No- 
gall, Jane Byer, Robert Boge, Wm. Boge, Margaret Boge, Wm. 
Moore, Jas. Loadman. 

Chas. McDaniel proves his rights, ' himself , wife Elizabeth, Jno. 
Stepney Clk Coiirt. 

Jno. Steward was dead in 1694. Inventory estate returned. 

A General Court was held at Capt. Jno. Hecklefield's March 13, 
1714. Present, Chr. Gale, Fras. Delamare, Thos. Miller, Jno. Pet- 
tiver, Esqs., Justices. 

Hugh McGregory & Africa his wife (1695). 

Margaret Pell, Exr. and relict of John Pell in Currituck, Sept. 
21st, 1699, executes deed to Azricom Parker. 

Patrick Henley married Sarah Culpepper widow of John. Hen- 
ley was dead Feb'y 24, 1695, and his widow Sarah married Matthew 
Pritchard of Pasquotank. 

A Court for the Precinct of Pasouotank was held at the house of 
Mrs. Margaret Peterson widow, Oct. 21st, 1701. Present Henry- 
White, Jeremiah Symons, Wm. Relf, Justices. 


Miscellaneous Items. 


A Court was held at the house of Capt. Barrow in Bath 1st Mon- 
day in July, 1705. Present, Wm. Barrow, James Leigh, Edmund 
Pearce, Lionel Beading and John Wilson, Jr., Justices. Suit of 
Nicholas Tyler vs. William Brice was tried. 

John Henderson was appointed Collector of ye Quit Bents, Nov. 
7th, 1701. 

Samuel Spruill, Joseph Spruill and John Swain petition Honble 
Ered'k Jones, Chief Justice, not to be taken from their limits to work 
on the South Lancaster road as there are about 15 or 16 Tythables 
within the limits of South Lancaster. 

July 18, 1713. Thomas Cary, of Warwick Co., Va., in an affi- 
davit states his age to be 43 or thereabouts, Miles Cary, the elder, 
same date 42 years or thereabouts. The depositions relate to the 
sale of a negro named Stephen by Ann Akehurst to Miles Carey, Jr., 
Elizabeth Carey aged 34 yrs went to dwell at the house of Daniel 
Akehurst in 1695. John Smith of York Co., aged 30 yrs., deposi- 
tion taken at the house of Mr. James Bates. Certificate of Alex 
Spotswood, Governor of Va., Certifying that Wm. Cole was a Jus- 
tice for Warwick Co., Va., and that Bichard Bland was a Justice for 
York Co., July 18th, 1713. 

A General Court was holden ye last day of November 1690. Pres- 
ent, Honble Deputy Governor Daniel Akehurst. Francis Tomes, 
Benj. Laker, Sam'l Swann, Capt. Dawson, Major Lillington. 

Thos. Stephens and wife Jane acknowledged deed for land sold to 
Benj. Laker on Castleton Creek. 

Major Swann Att'y for Col. Ludwell to prosecute Suit vs. Execu- 
tors of Seth Sothel for rents of 4,000 acres of land ior four years 
due by Act of Assembly. Jury found that Seth Sothel held 4,000 
acres land at Salmon Creek. (Now owned by Dr. W. B. Capehart 
and his sisters.) 

Appraisers appointed for Estate of Thomas Hunt. 

Evan Jones proves his rights for importation, himself twice, wife 
twice, Evan Jones, Sr., James Jones, Uphrasia Jones, Eliz Hollo- 

A General Court was held for Province of North Carolina 
July 29th, 1707, att the house of Capt. Jno. Hecklefield on Little 
Biver. Present Maj. Chr. Gale and Mr. John Blount, Justices, 
James Minge qualified as a Justice and Erancis Delamare a Justice 
appeared next day. 

Invoice of goods consigned to John Pettiver in York Biver, Va., 
per Bobert Starkey in 9ber, 1699. Thos. Peterson, Atty for Daniel 
Zachary, of Boston, New England, who consigned the goods. 

James Thigpen proves his rights, Self, wife, sons James and John 


Miscellaneous Items. 

Wm. Haughton, son of Thomas Haughton, petitions for administra- 
tion Est. of his father. 

Col. Robert Quarry Surveyor Generall of His M a jest's Customs 
in America Commissioned Jno. Falconer Commissioner of Customs 
in North Carolina (November 1706). 

Thomas Harvey chose Jno. Ardene as his Gdn (1706). 

Edward Hyde, Governor, N. Chevin, Wm. Eeed and Thos. Peter- 
son Councillors Commissioned Christopher Gale, Jno. Blount, Fras. 
Delamare, Eich'd Sanderson, Thos. Relfe and Thos. Garrett mem- 
bers of the Generall Court 12th day of 1712. 

Will of Cornelius Tully Augt. 3d, 170S; July 19, 1709. Curri- 
tuck. Wife Jane, daughter Mary, son Thomas. Test, Wm. Cart- 
wright, Mary Clarke, Vallentine Row. 

John Pettiver married Ann widow of Henry Norman who left 
son Henry and daughter Mary Norman. 

Jno. Worley appointed Overseer of the Highway from Mrs. Long's 
on. the South Shore to the Flatt Swamp. Jno. Worley desired a 
road cut from Paw paw Neck to Kendreeks Creek. Ordered, Augt. 

;. 1716. 

March 28, 1702. Benjamin Blanchard, John Campbell, Thos. 
Spivey, Francis Rountree, Robt. Rountree, Robert Lassiter, George 
Lassiter and Nicholas Stallings lived on Bennett's and Gar- 
rett's Creek in Chowan (now Gates Co). They had a dispute with 
the Chowan Indians who had their hunting quarters upon some of 
their land. 

The Indians occupied about 11,000 acres of land between Ben- 
nett & Catharine Creek, granted by the Government. , 

A road was ordered cleared between Coratuck and Pasquotank 
Rivers, the Inhabitants of Pasquotank to maintain it to the Indian 
Town House and those of Coratuck to continue it to Mr. Brays 

"A true account of ye length of every bridge from ye back land- 
ing att Scuppernong to Mrs. Long's landing in South langister. 
Ye outlett Swamp ye first swamp next ye back landing In Scupper- 
nong is 94 yards : ye Rede branch is 9 yards ; ye Inden Swamp is 
225 yards; ye Pine Branch is 18 yards; ye Cypress Swamp is 65 
yards; ye forked branch is 20 yards; ye deep branch is 14 yards; 
ye flatt swamp is 195 yards; ye deep swamp- is 125 yards; ye thick 
Swamp is 80 yds; ye Crooked Poppella Swamp 212 yards; ye last 
grate Swamp is 85 yards; ye two Last branches i? 22 yards. Ye 
whole 1154 yards. To ye truth here of wee ye Subscribers are 
ready to give in upon oath yt there is yt and rather more. 

Robert Fewox. 
Joseph Spruell. 

Petition of Emanuel Low. 


These are ye names of every male on the road (above) John Dav- 
enport, Rich'd Davenport, Hen. Norman, Ro. Fewcx, Sam'l Spruell 
2, Godfrey Spruell 2, Joseph Spruell, 2, La Alexander, 
Cut Phelps, Matt Casswell, Sani'l Hopkins, Tho. Winn, Will 
Tarkinton, Chas. Craddoek, Jon. Swain 2, Jose Fisher; There 
is three more but they are going away Jno. Hopkins to ye banks 
Jone Bateman to Pampillico and Will West I cannot tell wheare, 
ye names of ye Inhabitants on ye East side of Seuppernong River 
An Alexander, Ben Alexander, Jos. Alexander, Josh Alexander, Jon 
Jennett, Sr., Jon. Jennett, Jos. Canings, Jon. Hassell, Sr., Ed. Has- 
sell, John Hassell, — Bateman, Josh Ward. 

Account of ye males yt is to work on ye three miles District in 
South Lancaster, Jacob Blount, James Long, Mrs. Long's son, Tho. 
Long, Tho. Hakings, James Smith, Jon Swain, Jon. Brown, James 
Hakings, Jon. Worley, Jr., Capt. Worley 2 slaves, Ro. Weston, Laz. 
Turner, Tho. Steely," Jon Voleway. (1706). 

"Att a Court holden for the Prect of Corotuck the 12 day of July 
Anno Dom 1720. Present, Cor'l Wm. Reed, Mr. Sam'l S^ann, Mr. 
Thos. Taylor, Mr. Wm. Nicholson, Mr. Wm. Bell, Mr. J' hn Wood- 
house, Mr. Wm. Poyner. J. Wicker, Clk Court. 

Another Court was held for the same Precinct 1 1th day of Octo 
ber, 1720. The same officers present. 


(Original in Court House at Edenton N. C. ) 

No. Carolina Ss. To the Honble the Justices of the G-enerall Court 

Yr. Petition'r Sheweth: 

That standing Committed for the Crimes of Treason and Re- 
bellion your Petition'r prays that he may be brought to Tryall this 
Court being the second Court since yr Petition'r was committed or 
that yr Petition'r may be discharged as is provided by ye Act of Par- 
liam't commonly called ye Habeas Corpus Act, And your Petition'r 
as in duty bound shall pray. 

Eman Low. 

154 Queries and Answers. 


A lady of Henderson, N. C, wishes Joyner information. The I 
Dawson and Joyner Crest is the same in all "English Crest Books," : 
Thomas Joyner, of Halifax Co., N. C, married Alice Blount, Was I 
Matthew Joyner the father of Thomas ? They were people of means. 
Also maiden name of Gen'l Isaac Gregory's wife. The same ladv 
writes that Hutchings Burton came from Wales, England, and set- 
tled on James River, Va. He married Tabitha Minge of a distin- 
guished family. They had five children, John, Robert, Noel, Minge, 
and Hutchings. * Col. Robert was an officer in rhe Revolutionary 
War. He removed to Williamsboro, Granville, Co., N. C, and 
married Agatha Williams only child of Judge John Williams, for 
whom the town was named. Minge Burton mcl Elizabeth Ridley. 
The children of Horace Burton (son of Robert) still reside at the 
Burton homestead. 

Also desired the maiden name of the mother of Alice Bell, who 
married Eli Harris. It is the impression of the writer that Alice 
was the daughter, of Col. Thomas Whitmell, of Bertie Co., N. C, 
who married Elizabeth West, daughter of Thomas West and wife 
Martha Blount. Mrs. Eli Harris had a son named Blount Harris, 
also another named West Harris. Also the maiden name of the 
mother of Mary Williams Harris, who married Phillip Alston (son 
of Phillip Alston and Winnefred Whitmell). Also information of 
the Watsons of "Colonial times," who settled in N. C. 

Robert Walton emigrated from England in 1682 with Wm. Penn. 

His son Robert, of Prince Edward Co., Va., married Francis . 

Issue, Robert Walton of Prince Edward Co., Va., married Sally 
Hughes (daughter of Jesse Hughes, a Huguenot from France to 
Va., he lived on Hughes Creek, on James River, above Richmond, 
and Sally Tarleton of English birth). Issue, George Walton one of 
the signers of the Declaration of Independence from Georgia. (Con- 
tributed by C. L. Pullen, Esq., New Orleans, La.) 

A lady of Philadelphia asks for information of the Waltons, of 
Virginia, particularly those of Goochland and New Kent Counties 
prior to the Revolution. 

Wanted the ancestors of John Moseley Bihford, of Northampton 
Co., N. C, with a view of finding the connection between him and 
William Moseley, of Princess Anne Co., Va. Also the Ancestry of 
Benjamin Parker of Charles City Co., Va., who married Nanov Bin- 
ford, sister or niece of John Moseley Binford above. The appear- 
ances are that he is descended from Edward Moseley by his first wife, 
Sarah Woodson. 

Queries and Answers. 155 

Information desired of William Wallace of the Waxhaw settle- 
ment in Mecklenbburg Co., N. C. Cornwallis designated this settle- 
ment as the "Hornet's Nest." William was the son of James. Wil- 
lam's son Jesse moved to East Tennessee. Any items relating to 
either will be appreciated by a lady in Atlanta, Ga. 

Penelope Brownrigg, one of the Edenton Tea Party, was either 
the wife or daughter of George Brownrigg, which ? Who can give 
us her name before marriage if the wife, or name of whom she mar- 
ried if his daughter, with the names of her children ? 

Geo. A. Moriarty, Jr., of Newport, R. I., wants information of the 
ancestors of Joseph Moseley ; his mother's name was Elizabeth — ■ — , 
of Nixonton, 1ST. C. Joseph was born at Lexington, Va., in 1760, 
removed to Salem, Mass., and married there in 1782, Elizabeth 
Crowninshield, of Salem. 

Wanted authentic list of children of William and Elizabeth (Lewis) 
Kennon, of Va. By tradition they were (1) Wm. Kennon who went 
to>K\ C, was a signer of the Mecklenburg Declaration of Indepen- 
dence; married Priscilla Willis, who after his death md Wm. Blow- 
er, of Wilmington, N". C. (2) Richard Kennon (Wheeler's History 
of N. C, mentions a Richard Kennon of Chatham Co.) (3) Charles 
Kennon md Mary Lewis. (4) John Kennon md Elizabeth Wood- 
son Feb. 11, 1789, and their daughter Elizabeth Woodson Kennon was 
born in Granville Co., N. C, 1783, md David Lindsey White. (5) 
Mary Kennon md Thomas Harrison. (6) Elizabeth md John 
Lewis. In particular for proof in Court, documentary evidence, the 
John mentioned above who md Elizabeth Woodson, was the son of 
this Wm. and Elizabeth (Lewis) Kennon. Please address answer 
to Mrs. John B. Clotworthy, Aiken, S. C. 

Isaac Carter, of Bertie Co., !N". C, had issue (1) Isaac Carter. 
Issue, 1 Josiah Carter md Miss Holloman, (2) Hugh Carter, 

(3) Wylie Carter, (4) Isaac Carter, (5) James Carter.' 

Miss Hollomon lived in Hertford Co., N. C, wishes to know if any 
of the above were in the Rev. War. One Isaac Carter served in 
Capt. Robert Farmers Co., 2nd N. G commanded by Col. John Pat- 
ton, at White Plains Sept. 9th, 1778. * Enlisted Sept. 1st, 1777 for 
3 yrs, sick at Springfield; (2) Isaac Carter was in Capt. Clement 
Hall's Co. 2nd K C, at White Plains, Sept. 9th, 1778. (3) James 
Carter private in Capt. Elisha Rhodes' Co., 1st N. C. Militia, com- 
manded by Col. Samuel Jacobs Rev. War, his pay commenced May 
29th, 1780. Gates County, (N. C. Col. Rec. Vol. XVI page 1031). 

(4) Isaac Carter in Capt. Walsh's Co., 8 K C. Cont. Line, 1st 
Sept. 1777, discharged Feb'y 20th, 1780, Col. James Armstrong. 

(5) Isaac Carter, private Stephenson's Co. 10th Reg., 1ST. C. Cont. 
Line, Col. Abraham Shepard, Enlisted Mch. 1st, 1777, for 3 yrs, 

156 Queries and Answers. 

deserted June 13th, 1783. (6) Isaac Carter private Capt. Bailey's 
Co. 10th Eeg. N. C. Cont. Line; Enlisted May 25th, 1781, for 12 
mos., left the service May 25, 1782. (7) Isaac Carter private Capt. 
Evans Co., 10th Eeg. N". C. C. Line, Enlisted Dec. 1st, 1782, for 18 
mos., deserted June 11, 1783. 

Moor Carter bought land from John Dickinson in Bertie, now 
Hertford Co., Oct. 10th, 1720, near Junction of Meherrin River 
and Potecasy Creek ; his heirs were as follows, Jacob Carter, Isaac 
Carter, at least one daughter; Joseph Carter also bought land in 
same vicinity from John Dickinson. Deed of Gift, Feb'y 8, 1725, 
and Augt. 11, 1725. 

James Carter bought and sold land from 1737 to 1739 in the same 
locality, and as planter is named as of Va., in one deed. Edmund 
Carter bought land at or near the same place. Jane Carter took a 
bond to save harmless and indemnify her from all and every part of 
the estate of Patience O'Quin, grand-daughter of Moor Carter, dec'd, 
dated May 1st, 1751. Think Jane was the daughter of Moor Carter 
and mother of Patience. 

Isaac Carter conveys land in 1751, adjoining Moor Carter and 
partly in Northampton Co. Edward Carter and wife Margaret con- 
vey land to their Daughters Margaret Sicken and Marv Bent in 
1751. John, Benjamin, Edward, William, Samuel, Joseph, James 
and Lewis Carter all appear upon Bertie records from 1725 to -1805. 
Also Isaac, James Carter md Treecy Tailing, Dec. 31st, 1802, 
Lewis Carter md Nancy Holland June 27, 1795. Samuel Carter 
md Elizabeth Holley May 14th, 1779. Who can assist us with the 
records of this family ? .. 

Thomas Blount's will recorded in Edgecombe Co. ; probated in 
1812 mentions as follows: Thomas H. Blount, Ann B. Toole, Mary 
B. Miller and Wm. Blount's heirs. 

Mary S. Blount's will 1822, mentions John W. Epps, Martha B. 
Epps, Spencer D. Cotten, Margaret Cotten, Col. Hutchings, G. Bur- 
ton, wife Sally W., Moses Mordecai, Mrs. Julia R. Snead. 

John G. Blount's will 1828 mentions wife Sally Lee Blount. 
Thomas Blount's will, wife Jacky S. Blount, nephew John Gray 
Blount, son of John Gray Blount, nephew Thomas Harvey Blount, 
son of John Gray Blount. 

The following Blounts are also mentioned in the Edgecombe Records, 
Patience and Mary Blount (1769), John G. Blount and Thomas 
Blount (1780 and 1789), William Blount (1759), Louisa Blount 

A lady in Mobile, Ala., desires the ancestry of Fred'k Fisher, of 
Rowan Co., N. C. Also his service in the Rev. War. His son Geo. 

Queries and Answers. 


Fisher removed to Sullivan Co., Tenn. ; his daughter Eosina md 
James Lyons, of Ala. ' 

James Eice Creecy md 1st, Penelope Benbury daughter of Genl. 
Eichard Benbury and wife Penelope Creecy; issue, Thomas, Eice, 
William, Clinton and Corisand md George B. Nixon. He md 2nd 
Henrietta Burke Wilson, of Baltimore, Md. Issue Corisanne died 
in her 4th year, Charles Eaton Creecy, Edward Wilson Creecy, 
Daniel Webster Creecy and Penelope Benbury Creecy, all are dead 
except Charles E. and Edward W. Creecy. 

William Harrell md Mary Harrell (1st cousins) children of Wil- 
liam and John Harrell, they had a brother Hardy. An ancestor of 
theirs was Hardy Harrell called grand-sire Harrell. They were from 
Eastern IST. C. but a branch of the family removed to S. C. They 
were connected with Mrs. Washington's family supposed to be 
through the Foxes. William and Mary had one child Agnes who md 
Jno. Lackland Mcintosh, of Mcintosh, Ga. 2nd md George Augustus 
Smith reputed to be the grand-son of the Earl of Stanhope, his moth- 
er was Martha Sweeting (both of London), Adaline Smith md Henry 
Carr Hornaday and had issue, (1) Xina, (2) Annie, (3) A son. 
All the information possible desired of this family. 

Isaiah Hornaday was born in County Antrim, Ireland. He md 
Susannah Carr born in 1774, presumably in Eandolph Co. Susan- 
nah was the daughter of William A. Carr. She had a sister Patsey. 
Lands were entered in Chatham Co., X. C, by Christopher, Chris- 
tian, Lewis and John Hornaday. Ezekiel Hornaday was the son of 
Isaiah, not the one the lady desires to find; the former went to In- 
diana about 1800. Who can aid us in finding the other* Ezekiel ? 

Wanted information of Col. Green Hill, of Bute Co., now Frank- 
lin. His ancestors ; whom he married and the nanu. of his children. 
Also Col. Nicholas Long and Lawrence Tool. 

William E. Hill was born in Duplin Co., Feb. 3, 1829 ; died April 
9, 1900. He was the son of Genl. William L. Hill and wife Ann 
Dudley born Dec. 28, 1785; died Feb. 7, 1860. Wm. L. Hill was 
the son of Thomas Hill and Frances Smith. He came from Bruns- 
wick Co., Va., Sept. 12, 1783, was residing in Duplin county, "N. C, 
when he rec'd a deed to a large patent of land from his father Wm. 
Hill of Brunswick Co., Va. Test, Eichard Moore, Miles Williams, 
Joseph Hill. It has been understood that Joseph Hill was the broth- 
er of Thomas. Frances Smith wife of Thomas Hill is said to have 
been from Maryland and was a woman of great wealth and promi- 
nence there. She was the 2nd wife of Thomas Hill ; his 1st wife 
is reported to have been Elizabeth Allen of same place in Virginia. 
It is also believed that Wm. Hill the father of Thomas, was the son 


Queries and Answers. 

of Robert Hill, grand-father of the late Genl. A. P. Hill, of Culpep- 
er Co., Va. Ann Dudley was the sister of Genl. E. S., Bishop Dud- 
ley and daughter of Col. Christopher Dudley, who was a member of 
the N. C. Legislature as far back as 1793, and a ship owner in Ons- 
low Co., N. C. Would be glad to find his will also further informa- 
tion of his family. 

Frances Diana Faison daughter of Henry Faison and Sallie 
Thompson. Henry Faison's will was proved at Oct, Term 1788. 
Duplin County Court. Heni^y Faison was the youngest son of 
James Faison of Northampton Co., 1ST. C, and brother of Elias. 
James and Dickson Faison. Dickson Faison lived in Northamp- 
ton and was the ancestor of the late Col. Paul Faison. Henry's 
father James Faison's will partly lost, he died about 1750 in 
Northampton Co., N. C. James Faison came from Southampton 
Co., Va., and is believed to be a grand-son of Henry Faison Von Dov- 
erack, a French Huguenot to whom a patent of naturalization was 
granted by the Virginia Assembly in Sept., 1673, the original will of 
said Von Doverack is in existence. He died Feb'y 26, 1693. Sallie 
Thompson, Frances Faison's mother was the grand-daughter of 
Elias Faison, the brother of Henry and son of Old James Faison. 
Said Sallie Thompson was the daughter of Wm. Thompson of Samp- 
son Co., X. C. Wanted services of Henry and Elias Faison during 
the Rev. War. Elias was called Capt. Elias Faison because of ser- 
vice in that war. Also of Wm. Thompson, Christopher Dudley, 
Thomas Hill and his father Wm. Hill. 

Wm. Cain md Elizabeth . Issue, Wm. Cain md Sally 

Alston, (daughter of James Alston and Christian* Lillington). 
She md 1st Sir Thomas Dudley; Issue, John Alston Dudley, issue 
by Wm. Cain, Anna Lillington Cain born Mch 17, 1797 ; died Nov. 
7, 1877, (Orange Co). John and Mary, son James md Martha 

Genl. Alfred Austell (son of William Austell and wife Jane Wil- 
kins of Spartanburg District, S. C.,) who was the son of William 
Austell and wife Amelia who came from the Yadkin District in N. 
C. The family is of Cornwall, England. The town of St. Austell 
is a thriving village and the ruins of the Castle built by Wm. de 
Austell, Sheriff of Cornwall under Edward III are still standing. 
The male line of the family has been extinct in England nearly 200 
years (1720). There are however female representatives, among 
them Lady Molesworth, of Kenegie, and Lady Trevellyan. The lady 
who enquires for information of Wm. Austell and wife Amelia says 
her g. g. grand-father buried himself in the wilds of the Yadkin Dis- 
trict on account of his fondness for adventure. There were brothers 
of my grand-father who removed to Spartanburg, S. C. Can any 


Queries and Answers 


one assist us, in securing the maiden name of Win. Austell's wife 
Amelia, &c. ? 

Ezekiel Cloud died in 1851 ; 90 years of age. He had three broth- 
ers, Xoah, Eeuben, and'one who moved to S. C. They had patents 
for large landed estates in Craven Co., S. C. Xoah Cloud, a grand- 
son of Xoah Cloud, was met by a relative in Atlanta, Ga., some years 
before the war. Judge John Cloud of the 8th Judicial District is 
of this family. Please give us light on the family if you have it. 

Abram Hill, of Wake Co., INT. C, was the son of Abraham Hill, 
of Chowan Co. He moved from Chowan Co., about 1768 to Ra- 
leigh X. C. He married in Chowan Co., Christian Walton, (daugh- 
ter of Thomas and Sarah) as appears from the following Deed of 
Gift recorded in Book H, No. 1, page 189, at Edenton, 1ST. C. 
''From Thomas Walton to his son-in-law Abraham Hill Jr., and wife 
Christian (my daughter), Augt. 3, 1757. Test, Chas. Rountree, 
Hardy Hunter, Thomas Rountree. Any one having knowledge of 
the descendants of Abraham Hill and wife Christian Walton will 
kindly communicate with the Editor of the Register. 

Information is desired of Moses Tyson's ancestors and descend- 
ants. He lived in Pitt Co., X. C. ; is said to have married Miss 

Sherrod, and Aaron (one of his seven sons) went to S. C. 

We have a Mason Tison, grand-son of John Mason. It is more than 
probable that Mason Tison is of the same family. Kindly throw a 
few cheerful rays of light on this family. Also of the Sherrod's and 
Sheffield families. 

A lady of Sauk Centre, Minn., desires information of the York 
family of X. Carolina. Dr. Tyre York was probably of the same 
family. Please come to our help, and assist us in finding this fam- 
ily for the lady. 

Wanted the maiden name of Sarah Walton, wife of Thomas Wal- 
ton, of Chowan Co. Erom what part of Virginia did Thomas emi- 
grate to X. C. ? 

Col. Wm. Tunstall who md Betsey Barker was the son of Col. 
Richard Tunstall and wife Ann Hill, and brother of Richard Tuns- 
tall, Jr., of King and Queen Co., Va. Richard (the g. g. father of 
Dr. Alex Tunstall of Xorfolk, Va.,) md Catharine Brooks, of Manti- 
pike, Va. c 

Benjamin Whitfield md , whom ? Matthew Whitfield had 

two children (1) Elizabeth md John Smith in 1708, -{2) William 
md Elizabeth Goodman, of Chowan (late Gates Co.) in 1713. Their 
daughter Edith born 1717 md Col. Sam Smith. Was Benjamin the 
son of Matthew? 



(Original in I ourt House at Edenton, N. C. ) 

Boston, May 5th, 1713. 
Capt. John *Worley, j 

Sr, I reed yours by Capt. Jenkins with the Cask of Skins which 
1 have sold & herewith have sent you acct of the sailes of them with 
Byall & Yorks Beceit for what I paid them on your acct. You writ 
-me for Negroes by Jenkins but I have not sent you any for negroes 
according to your direction are not to be bought here under forty five 
or fifty pounds which prizes think will not doe. Nither have I 
Effects enough to purchase above one third of one at that price there- 
fore deseir you would give me orders what to make you Beturns in 
which shall be ready to doe by the first opportunity. Mychall Paco- 
net comes in this Vessel with Byall & is bound for Pamplico of whom 
you must get the Effects of the goods you sent by him for I never 
Becd any of them they were in such a bad condition and if you can 
meet with him you may get your pay now for he hath the Effects 
with him all being from ye humble Servt. Jonathan Mountfoet. 
To Capt. *John Worley, 
Living at Chowan in the County of Albemarle, Att North Carolina. 



(Original in Court House at Edenton, N. C. ) 
Pasquotank Precinct : To Honble President & Councill. 

The Honble Petition of Thomas Belf & Bichard Mardron Church 
Wardens in behalf of themselves & the Best of. the Vestry and In- 
habitants of the Parish of Pasquotank in the precinct aforesaid 
Humbly sheweth unto yor Honors. 

That some years since his Excellency Francis Nicholson, Esq.. 
late Governor of Virginia, was graciously pleased to give small sums 
of money for and towards the finishing of Churches and the same 
was deposited in the hands of the late Honble President of this Gov- 
ernment Henderson Walker, Esq., amongst which Tenn pounds Ster- 
ling was given to the Parish aforesaid and the parish tho' they have 
often demanded the said sum of Tenn pounds sterl. have never re- 
ceived one farthing of the same. 

May it therefore please ye Honors to grant ye Petitioners an order 
for the sd sum of Tenn pounds ster. in the hands of the Honble Ed- 
ward Moseley, Esq., who married Ann, the widow and Ex'trix of 
the sd late Honble Henderson Walker Esq., dee'd, and yor petitioners 
as in duty Bound. Shall ever pray, &c, 

Thos Belf, Bich'd Mardron. 
* John Worley lived in that part of Chowan afterwards Tyrrel county 



April, 1901 

J. R. B. HATHAWAY, Editor and 
Financial Agent, Edenton, N. C. J- <* 

No. 2. 



The Edenton Tea Party, (Continued) 1G3 

The Bonner Family, (Continued) 171 

Soldiers of the N. C. Continental Line, (Continued)- 170 

Whale Fishing in North' Carolina Waters 187 

Letter prom E. Mosely to A. Scarborough 189 

Table of Rates for Ordinaries, 1742-1740 189 

Prison Bounds in 1747. Old Court House. &c, 191 

Petition of Inhabitants of Matchapungo 193 

Licence of Rev. Paul Palmer to Preach 195 

Col. Ludwell's Order 196 

An Act of Assembly, 1689 197 

Petition from Protestant Dissenters 19S 

Relating to Bertie Court House, 1741 199 

A.Major's Commission, 1701 202 

Accounts in 1691) and 1742 203 

War Declared Against Core and Nynee Indians 204 

Oath of Allegiance in 1777 205 

Rules of Practice in Courts Adopted in 1709 200 

Suit for Damages — Witchcraft Charged 207 

Affidavits Relating to Loyalists and Tories 208 

Articles of Peace with the Tuscarora Indians 218 

Proclamation by Gov. Cary , 220 

From the Gov. of S. C. to the Gov. of N. C 222 

Address From the House of Burgesses 223 

An Act Regulating Quit Rents 224 

Bond of Commissioners Buiijjing Court House 225 

Abstract of Marriage Bonds of Chowan County _)$£)\ '227 

Relating to the Revolutionary War 234 

An Act for Ascertaining Boundary Lines 255 

Division of Estates 250 

An Act of Assembly 275 

Abstract of Conveyances 283 

Miscellaneous Items 290 

Queries and Answers ^ 300 

Abstract of Marriage Bonds, Bertie County 314 

Vol. II. 

APRIL, 1901. 

No. 2. 




J. R. B. HATHAWAY, Editor and Financial Agent, 

" Like leaves on trees the race of man is found, 
Now green in youth, now withering on the ground : 
Another race the following Spring supplies; 
They rise successive, and successive fall: 
So generations in their course decay; 
So flourish these when those are passed away. 

— Pope's Translation Homer's Iliad. 


Vol. II. 

April, 1901, 

No.. 2. 


(Original in Court House at Edenton, N. C.) 

Mrs. Hannah Iredell was the daughter of Samuel Johnston and 
\viifel Helen Scryrngeioure, and sister of Gov. Samuel Johnston; 
Samuel Johnston, Sr., was the son of John Johnston and Helen 
Boucher, of Stapleton, NT. B. She md. July 18, 1773, James 
Iredell, born at Lewes, England, Oct, 5, 1751 ; at the early age of 

"Rev. Francis Iredell, of Dublin, who md. Eleanor McCartney niece of 
Judge McCartney, of King's Bona, Ireland, 1st Cousin of Sir George Mc- 
Cartney, General of Bengali, 1785, and Ambassador to China, with the title of 
Earl, 1792. She had a sister Isabella died in 1765. Her brothers James and 
Charles were merchants, the former of Bristol, the latter of Dublin. Charles 
md. a daughter of James McCulloch, of Grogan, and left one daughter Mar- 
garet McCartney. The Rev. Francis Iredell and wife Eleanor, had issue two 
sons, Thomas Iredell, a planter in Tarroca, died without issue, and Francis, 
Merchant of Bristol, md. Margaret McCulloch Augt. 1, 1750; issue James 
born Oct. 5, 1751, Charles, Francis, Arthur and Thomas born*L761. Margaret 
McCulloch was a lineal descendant of Sir Cullo O'Neil first Laird of Myrton, 
Scotland, and a son of the Clane boys, Ireland. In the early part of the 
14th Century, the Irish took up arms to throw off the British Yoke, and 
called on Robert De Bruce, King of Scotland, to assist. He sent his broth- 
er Edward with 6,000 men. Cullo O'Neil was made a Captain of Horse. They 
drove the English out of Ulster. The English being re-enforced surprised 
Edward De Bruce near Dundolk, here Edward was slain by Malpers, Capt. 
Cullo O'Neil slew Malpers and brought off the sword of Edward, and made 
a successful retreat to King Robert De Bruce's Army. Capt. O'Niel was 
Knighted by the King, who made him his standard bearer, Sect'y of State 
and gave him the lands of Myrton — the rendendo being "a rose for the King 
to smell at when he came to Myrton." Sir Cullo O'Neil died in 1331. Myr- 
ton descended to his eldest son Sir Godfrey who assumed the surname Mc- 
Cullo. It was held in this name until 1524, when Sir Alexander McCullo died 
without male issue, and his son-in-law Henry McCulloch who had married 
his daughter Margaret, became heir to Myrton. The charter was renewed 
1st by James I, then. by Queen Mary, and held by Simeon, William and 
Alexander McCulloch until 1643, when he died and was succeeded by his 
son "William of Brandelston, who left sons James of Grogan and Henry of 
Brandelston. Margaret McCulloch, wife of Francis Iredell and daughter of 
James McCulloch and wife Mary Ferguson, grand-daughter of James Mc- 
Culloch of Grogan. ("From a Geneological History by Col. Cadwallader 


The Edenton Tea Party. 

17, Mr. Iredell became Deputy Collector of the Port of Edenton, 
N. C. from which he entered the practice of law, and soon became 
a leader among his profession, was Attorney General of North Caro- 
lina in 1779 and was appointed by George Washington, in 1790, 
an Associate Justice of the Supreme Court of the United States. 
Mr. Iredell was one of the leading spirits among the Whigs. He 
early espoused their cause and wrote many strong articles in support 
of their claims, he was thoroughly imbued with the spirit of liberty, 
and opposed every measure tainted in the slightest degree with op- 
pression. His maxim was, "Law without liberty is oppression, while 
liberty without law is anarchy." His Life and Correspondence by 
McRee contains a full history of his life, both private and public. 
Many of his charges to the juries of the Courts over which he pre- 
sided are rendered in full, and contain the fundamental principles 
upon which the National Government was founded. He died at 

Edenton, 1ST. C, , 1799. His wife Hannah 'survived 

him until 1826, when she passed from among the living, to sleep 
with her ancestors and beside her husband in tha Johnston burial 
lot at Hayes, near Edenton. Issue 

1. Annie Isabella, born 1785, died 1816. She never married, 

2. Helen died single. 

3. James Iredell born at Edenton, JST. C, Nov. 2, 1788, married 
June 6, 1815 Frances Johnston Tredwell (daughter of Samuel Tred- 
well and wife Helen Scrymgeoure Blair, daughter of George Blair 
and wife Jean Duncan Johnston, (sister of Gov. Samuel Johnston), 
Mrs. Helen S. Tredwell was born in 1763 and died in 1802. Mr, 
Iredell was a member of the House of Commons from Edenton in 
1816, 1817, 1818, 1819, 1820, 1823, 1824, 1825, 1826 and 1827, 
Speaker of the House 1817-18. Judge of the Superior Court 1819. 
Governor of the State 1827 and U. S. Senator from North Carolina 
in 1828. He resigned in 1831 and returned to the practice of bis 
profession. He resided for many years in the city of Raleigh, N. 
C, and died in Edenton in 1855 at the house of his kinsman, Rev, 
Samuel Iredell Johnston, D. D., while on a visit to his relatives in 
Chowan County. He died in the house where he was bom and is 
buried at Hayes. Issue 

A. Annie Isabella Iredell born at Edenton, N. C, Apl. 10, 1816, 
married Jan'y 5, 1836, Cadwallader Jones. She died at Columbia, 
S. C, Jan'y 4, 1897. 

Francis Lenox Iredell, md Dr. Charles E. Johnson, (his 2nd 



KT. C 

Penelope Iredell md Griffith I. McRee. 

Helen Blair Iredell died unmarried Dec. 12, 1888. 

Jane Moore Iredell md Thomas D. Meares, of Wilmington, 


The Edenton Tea Party. 


F. James Johnston Iredell, Major C. S. A. killed at battle of 
Chancellorsville, Va. 

G. Samuel Tredwell Iredell died unmarried. 

H. Margaret Tredwell Iredell nid Hon. Wm. M. Shipp, Judge 
of the Superior Court. 

1. Campbell Tredwell Iredell md Mary Johnson, Captain in C. 
S. A. and was killed at Gettysburg. 

J. Cadwallader Jones Iredell md Martha Southgate. He was 
a Captain in Hampton's Legion of S. C, C. S. A. 

Children of Annie Isabella Iredell and Cadwallader Jones 
Frances Tredwell Jones b. Feb. 5, 1S37, md. Oct, 14, 1856. 
George Erwin son of John Erwin and wife Eliza Margaret Chad- 
wick. Issue (a) John Erwin b. Mch. 26, -1858, md. Sept. 20, 1883, 
Mollie Griffin Wilkins; issue (h.) George Erwin, (2) Margaret 
Adams Erwin, (3) Kichard Wilkins Erwin, (b) Annie Erwin b. 
Apl. 6, 1860 md. Dec. 27, 1883, Alphonso L. Stollenwerck, (c & d) 
Frances and George died young, (e) Margaret Erwin b. Apl. 6, 
1865 md. Henry Watson Parisb. She died Nov. 23, 1895. Issue 
(a) Annie Erwin Parish b. Aug. 11, 1890 died Nov. 1, 1897, (b) 
Henry Parish b. Nov. 9, 1892 died in infancy, (f ) Rebecca Frances 
Erwin born Sept. 9, 1868 md. Madison Jones (son of Madison 
Jones and wife Alice McLean). Issue (1) Margaret King Jones, 
(2) Frances Iredell Jones, (3) George Erwin Jones, (4) Alice Jones, 
(g) Ethel Erwin born Nov. 6, 1S72 md. Dec. 29, -1897, Leonidas 
Bryan Sledge. Issue, Leonidas Bryan Sledge, Jr., Nov. 6, 1898, 
fh) Cadwallader Erwin born July 21, 1875 md. Feb. 3, 1897, Ida 
Vernon Seawell (daughter of Charles Seawell and w*ife Louisa Ra- 

2. Eebecca Cadwallader Jones, died young. 

3. Capt. Iredell Jones b. Feb. 8, 1842, at Hillsboro, N. C, md. 
1st Nov. 4, 1869, Ellen, daughter of Gov. James H. Adams t of S. 
C. She died Aug. 31, 1873. Issue (a) Lillian Jones born Aug. 

4, 1870, md. Oct. 28, 1896, Dr. Frank W. Butler (son of Gen. M. C. 
Butler and wife Maria, daughter of Gov. Pickens, of S. C.) (b) 
Iredell Jones born Feb. 25, 1873. Capt. Iredell Jones md 2nd Nov. 
22, 1882, Laura Ella (daughter of William Preston MacMahon and 
Laura Chaffee). She died Mch 13, 1887. Issue (c) Willie Jones 
born Aug. 12, 1885, died Jan'y 8, 1887, (d) Chaffee Jones born Mch. 
10, 1887. Capt. Iredell Jones was 2nd Lieut. S. C. College Co., 
was at the surrender of Fort Sumter, Apl. 12, 1861, entered the C. 

5. Army as a private in the Washington Light Infantry June, 1861, 
and was wounded at 1st Manassas. He became 1st Lieut, and com- 
manded a section of a battery in Fort Sumter ; he served throughout 
the entire war; in 1880 was a member of the S. C. Legislature. His 
present address is Rock Hill, S. C. 


The Edenton Tea Party. 

4. Capt. Cachvallader Jones, Jr., born Dec. 3, 1843 md. Feb. 3, 
1871, Emily Skinner Johnson (daughter of Dr. Chas. E... Johnson 
and wife Emily Skinner. She died Nov. 17, 1880. Issue (a) 
Charles Johnson Jones born Dec. 3, 1871, died in infancy, (b) Eanny 
Erwin Jones born Sept. 4, 4874 md. 1899, Frank Avery Cobbs (son 
of Rev. Richard H. Cobbs and wife Frances Avery), (c) Mary 
Campbell Jones born Aug. 9, 1876. Capt. Jones enlisted in the 
Washington Artillery in June 1861, at Richmond, was later trans- 
ferred to the 12th S. C. Reg'. C. S. A. and was promoted to the Cap- 
taincy of Co. H. ; he passed through 27 battles, being wounded once 
in the engagements around Petersburg, Va. ; his present address is 
Greensboro, Ala. 

5. Allen Jones born Aug. 23, 1846, md. Oct. 15, 1874, Augusta 
H. Porcher, born Aug. 30, 1852, (daughter of Aug. H. Porcher and 
wife Eliza Maria DnBose. Issue, (a) Marion Porcher Jones born 
at Rock Hill, S. C, Sept. 5, 1875, "died June 1, 1887, (b) Annie 
Iredell Jones, born March 12, 1877 md. Apl. 25, 1899, Geo. R. 
Rembert (c) Helen Iredell Jones born Dec. 30, 1878, (d) Jane 
Du Bose Jones born Aug. 27, 1880 ; (e) Cadwallader Jones born 
July 24, 1882, (f ) Augusta Porcher Jones born Aug. 30, 1885. (g) 
Allen Jones, born Feb. 22, 1887, (h) Robin Jones born Dec. 5 t 1889, 
in Columbia, S. C, (i) Theodore Marion Jones b. Apl. 1, 1895. He 
entered the Civil War as a private in Co. H. 12th S. C. Reg. C. S. 
A., when 16 years old, was wounded in one of the battles in Va., in 
1888 he moved from South Carolina, and is now Secretary and 
Treasurer of the Lexington M'f'g Co., and the Saxe Gotha Mills, 
President and Treasurer of the Palmetto Mills and Secretary and 
Treasurer of the Carolina Land and Investment Co. 

6. Gen'l Johnston Jones born Sept. 26, 1848 md. June 26, 1873, 
Bettie Watters Miller (daughter of Thos. C. and Annie Davis Miller, 
of Wilmington, X. C.) for quite a number of years he was Adjutant 
General of North Carolina. He is now living in California and is 
engaged in the practice of law. At the age of 15, he went as a mem- 
ber of the Arsenal Cadets, into the war, and continued to its close 
at Greensboro, N. C. 

7. Willie Jones, Cashier Carolina National Bank of Columbia, 
S. C, (was Col. of the 2nd S. C. Regiment in Cuba, during the Span- 
ish-American War.) md. May 20, 1886, Annie Reaux Caldwell 
(daughter of John D. Caldwell and wife Lucy C. Davis, daughter 
of Henry Davis, John Caldwell was President of the S. C. Rail 
Road) ; issue (a) Caldwell Jones born Apl. 24, 1887 (b) Lucy 
Reaux Jones born Sept. 3, 1891, died young; (c) Annie Reaux 
Jones born July 13, 1894. 

8. Annie Isabella Jones born Nov. 10, 1852, md. Dec. 15 t 1875, 


The Edenton Tea Party. 


Dr. Thomas C. Kobertson born Aug. 22, 1849 (son of Dr. Thomas 
T. Robertson, of Fairfield Co., S. C, and wife Sarah Palmer Cou- 
turier). Issue, (a) Annie Isabella Kobertson bom Sept. 29, 1876, 
(b) Allen Jones Robertson b. Dec. 31, 1877, died June 25, 1887. 

9. ITalcott Pride Jones born Feb'y 14, 1855. 

10. Helen Iredell Jones born July 17, 1858, md. Oct. 15, 1879, 
John Strieker Coles, Jr., born Jan'y 21, 1856 (son of Capt. J. S. 
Coles and wife Eliza Pickens, daughter of Gov. E. W. Pickens and 
wife Margaret Eliza Simkins) ; issue, (a) Selima Strieker Coles 
born July 9, 1880, (b) Annie Cadwallader Jones Coles born Aug. 
4, 1882, (c) Cadwallader Jones Coles born Jan. 17, 1885, (d) 
Strieker Coles born Aug. 27, 1888, (e) Marion Coles born Sept. 7, 
1891, (f ) Eliza Pickens Coles, born Nov. 6, 1S95, (g) Helen Iredell 
Coles born Apl. 22, 1899. 

B. Children of Frances Lenox Iredell md Apl. 10, 1849, Dr. 
Charles Earl Johnson, Surgeon General of N. C, during the Civil 
War (son of Charles E. Johnson, of Chowan Co., 1ST. C, and wife 
Ann Taylor of Franklin Co., 1ST. C, and grand-son of Charles John- 
son and wife Elizabeth Earl, daughter of Rev. Daniel Earl and wife 
Charity . They lived at Bandon in Chowan Co., on the Cho- 
wan River, at one of the loveliest and most attractive situations in 
Eastern North Carolina). 

1. Frances Iredell Johnson born Mch. 11, 1S50, md. Dec. 5, 
1882, Dr. Peter E. Hines, of Raleigh, X. C, (son of Richard Hines 
and wife Ann E. Spruell.) 

2. Charles Earl Johnson born Aug. 13, 1851, md. Dec. 7, 1876, 
Mary Ellis Wilson (daughter of Harvey Wilson, Attorney at Law, 
Charlotte, N. C). Issue, (a) Marv Wilson Johnson born Nov. 

22, 1877, (b) Charles Earl Johnson born Aug. 10, 1878, died Aug;. 
9. 1880, (c) Frances Lenox Johnson born Oct. 27, 1880, died Dec. 
14, 1881, (d) Charles Earl Johnson born Sept. 22, 1883, (e) Jo- 
sephine Harvey Johnson born Oct. 23, 1882, died June 8, 1884, (f) 
Fanny Hines Johnson born Dec. 25, 1887. 

3. James Iredell Johnson, born Nov. 2, 1854 md. Jan. 11, 1885, 
Rebecca Miirray; issue (a) James Iredell Johnson- 'born Nov. 1, 
1887, (b) Carson Murray Johnson born Feb'y 11, 1890, died Aug:. 
11, 1892, (c) Elizabeth Murray Johnson born Oct. 13, 1893, (d) 
Lenox Johnson born Aug. 31, 1895, (e) Earl Johnson born Nov. 

23, 1897. 

4. Helen Blair Johnson born Oct. 11, 
Ree (son of Griffith McRee). Issue, (a) 

1S56, md. James I. Mc- 
Frances Johnson McRee 

born Feb. 15, 1889, (b) James Iredell McRee born Oct. 2, 1«90, 
(c) Fergus McRee born Aug. 30, 1892, (d) Charles Earl John- 
son McRee born Mch. 7, 1894, died Feb'y 6, 1S95, (e) Johnson 


The Edenton Tea Party. 

McRee born Oct. 30, 1895, (f) William McEee born Aug. 6, 1897 
(g) Griffith John McRee born Aug. 2, 1899. 

5. Samuel Iredell Johnson born March 30, 1869.* 

0. Children of Penelope Johnston Iredell and her husband Grif- 
fith J. McRee, Atty-at-Law, Wilmington, K C. 

1. Eliza Ann McRee, born Oct. 5, 1843, died Oct. 1862. 

2. Griffith John McRee, born July 26, 1847, died Nov. 4, 1862. 

3. Frances Iredell McRee, born Aug. 6, 1849, living in St. 
Louis, Mo., unmarried. 

4. Mary Hill McRee, born Sept. 9, 1850, died Sept. 11, 1854. 

5. James Iredell McRee, born Mch. 25, 1854, md. Helen Blair 
Johnson (cousins). P. O. address Richmond, Va. 

6. Annie Isabella McRee, born Nov. 9, 1856, died March 8, 

7. Penelope Johnston McRee, born March 4, 1859 md. John 
Dawson Smith, of Fayetteville, 1ST. C, their present address is Bon- 
ham, Texas. Issue, (a) Margaret. Smith, (b) Penelope Smith, (c) 
Griffith Smith, (d) Frank Smith, (e) McRee Smith, (f) Drewry 
Smith (g) Iredell Smith, (h) Gardner Smith, (i) Frances Smith. 

8. William McRee bom Oct. 5, 1860. P. O. address St. Louis, 

D. Helen Blair Iredell died unmarried Dec. 12, 1888. 

E. Children of Jane Moore Iredell and Thomas D. Meares of 
Wilmington, N. C. 

1. Mary Owen Meares, died in youth. 

2. Thomas Davis Meares md. Jane Young. Issue, (a) Mary 
Fremont Meares (b) Celestina Meares (died), (c) Jane Young 
Meares, (d) Thomas Davis Meares, (e) Richard Langdon Meares. 

3. William Belvidere Meares, drowned on a steamboat excur- 

• 4. Frances Iredell Meares md. William H. Green. Issue, (a) 
Frances Meares Green, (b) William Henry Green (died), (c) Thos. 
Meares Green, (d) Charles Frederick Meares, (e) Jane Iredell. 
Meares, (f) Mary Owen Meares. 

5. Katharine Meares md. George N. Harris. Issue, (a) Jane 
Meares Harris, (b) Caroline Brown Harris, (c) Katharine Meares 

Dr. Chas. E. Johnson md. 1st Emily Skinner (daughter of Charles Worth 
Skinner and wife Mary Creecy,) her grand-father was Joshua Skinner md. 
Maitha Ann Blount daughter of Charles Worth Blount born 1721, md. 1744 
Mary Clayton. Chas. Worth Blount was tho son of John Blount md 1695 
Elizabeth Davis (daughter of John and Mary Davis and grand-daughter of 
John Burton, died 1687, of Henrico Co., Va., John Blount was the son of James 
Blount, who came into Chowan Co., from Isle of Wight Co., Va., in 1669 and 
settled at Mulberry Hill on the Albemarle Sound, about six miles from 
Edenton, N. C.j. Issue (1) Mary Johnson md. Campbell T. Iredell. (2) 
Elizabeth Earl Johnson md. William Jones, Att'y-at-Law, Asheville, N. C. 
(3) Emily Skinner Johnson md. Capt. Cadwallader Jones, of Greensboro, Ala. 

The Edenton Tea Party. 


Harris, (d) Thomas Brown Harris (died), (e) Frances Green Har- 
ris, (f) Meares Harris, (g) Margaret Iredell Harris, (h) Eobert 
Conley Harrie (died), (i) Esther Exurn Harris, (j) Eleanor Harris, 
(k) George Harris. 

6. Jane Iredell Meares md. William A. Williams. Issue, (a) 
Jane Meares Williams, (b) William Arthur Williams (died), (c) 
Sarah Forbes Williams, (d) Isabel Williams, (e) Frank Lenox Wil- 
liams, (f) Helen Iredell Williams, (g) Eobert Marshall Williams, 
(h) Katharine Davis Wiliams. 

7. James Iredell Meares md. Josephine Folger. Issue, (a) 
Harriet Folger (died), (b) George Folger, (c) Jane Iredell Folger. 

8. Hannah Johnson Meares died young. 
Frank Lenox Meares. 


Margaret Iredell Meares. 

A. killed in battle of 

Eliza Walker Meares. 
James Johnston Iredell, Major C. S. 
Chancellorsville, Va. 

G. Samuel Tredwell Iredell died unmarried. 

H. Margaret Tredwell Iredell md. Nov. 6, 1872, Hon. William 
M. * Shipp, Judge of the Superior Court of X. C. Judge Shipp 
died June 28, 1890. Issue, (a) Frances Johnston Shipp died an 
infant, (b) Mary Preston Shipp. 

I. Capt. Campbell Tredwell Iredell md. Mary Johnson, daugh- 
ter of Dr. Chas. E. Johnson and his 1st wife Emily Skinner. No 
issue; he was killed at Gettysburg, C. S. A. 

J. Capt. Cadwallader Jones Iredell, of Hampton's, Legion of S. 
C, md. Martha Southgate. Issue, (a) James Iredell. Capt. Ire- 
dell was twice wounded during the war ; P. O. address Norf oik, Va. 

Miss Isabella Johxstox 
was the sister of Mrs. Hannah Iredell had the same ancestry, but had 
no descendants as she never married. At the time of her death 
she was affianced to Joseph Hewes. She sleeps with her family 
a t Hayes, near Edenton, N. G. ; her grave by some means, has never 
been marked by any stone or monument. 

Mr. Hewes to whom she was engaged never recovered from the 
shock, caused by the death of this excellent lady. He went into a 
decline and gradually wasted away until death renewed the bonds 
which had been severed by his stroke. 

Joseph Hewes was born in New Jersey about the year 1730 ; he 

♦Hon. Wm. M. Shipp was twice married, his 1st wife was Kate Cameron 
daughter of Judge Cameron, of Florida; issue (a) Anna Cnmeron Shipp, (b) 
William Ewen Shipp, Graduate of West Point and Lieut in the U. S. Army; 
he fell at the gallant charge made at San Juan City during the Spanish-Amer- 
ican War; he married Margaret daughter of Dr. Fabius Busbee, of Raleigh, 
N. C, and left two sons (a) William Ewen Shipp, (b) Fabius Busbee Shipp, 
(c) Bartlett Shipp, Attorney-at-Law, (d) Kate Cameron Shipp. 

170 The Edenton Tea Party. 

first appears in Edenton in 1755, where he embarked in mercantile 
life with Charles Worth Blount and George Blair under the firm 
name of Blount, Hewes & Co., afterwards the firm became Hewes 
and Smith. He represented the town of Edenton in the Assembly 
in 1774 and 1775. He was elected a member of the Continental 
Congress in 1774, and served his adopted State in that position. In I 
April, 1776, he was appointed by the Provincial Congress, at Hali- 
fax, jST. C, together with William Hooper and John Penn delegates 
to the Continental Congress, at Philadelphia, and was present at 
the birth of the Republic, affixing his name to the Declaration of In- 
dependence on July 4, 1776. He served until 1777, and was again 
elected to Congress in 1779-80, and died during his term of office 
ISTov. 10, 1779 and was buried in Philadelphia; his funeral was at- 
tended by Congress (who wore the usual badge of mourning for 30 
days), officers of the Government, French Minister and Suite togeth- 
er with a large concourse of people. Wheeler in his History of 
K". C, Vol. II, page 94, says he was buried in Christ's Church, Phila. 
A statement has been made in some of the papers of Xorth Carolina, 
that Mr. Hewes was buried with the Johnston family at Hayes, this 
is an error, which perhaps arose from the fact that another "Signer 
of the Declaration of Independence, Justice James Wilson, of Penn- 
sylvania, who died while on a visit to his colljeague Associate Justice 
of the U. S. Supreme Court, James Iredell, and was interred in the 
Johnston family burial lot at Hayes, where his remains now rest in 
an unmarked grave. It would be eminently commendable for the peo- 
ple of North Carolina, to locate if possible the exact spot in Phila- 
delphia where Mr. *Hewes' remains were interred, and place above 
them a suitable shaft to perpetuate the memory of so distinguished 
a citizen and statesman. It is true he has written his name, 'Hvhere 
time can never afface it," and needs no monument to tell posterity of 
his glorious deeds, yet we would honor ourselves, and inspire the 
emulation of his noble example, by those of the present and succeed- 
ing generations, by this act of our high regard and remembrance. 
Who will undertake the work? 

(To be Continued.) 

♦Joseph Hewes was the blather of Mrs. Sarah Allen, mother of Col. 
Nathaniel Allen, who married Mary Granberry. Issue Mary Granberry Allen 
married May 21, 1811, r,t Edenton, N. C, Rev. Pleasant Thurman. 'Issue, 
Hon. Allen Granberry Thurman of Columbus, Ohio, Gov. Bill Allen, of the 
same State, was the half uncle of U. S. Senator Allen G. Thurman. 


The Bonner Family. 




Henry Snode Bonner (son of Henry Bonner) died about 1310, 
and is buried at the "Sycamores" without a grave-stone. He was a 
member of the State Senate from Beaufort Co., 1800, 1, 2 and 3 ; 
he married Mary Heather Burbage, of Maryland, who bore him the 

following children, (1) John, (2) Pauline md. 1st, Little, 2nd 

Thomas Smallwood, (3) Portia born Mch 1st, 1802 md. Samuel 
Smallwood; she died Feb'y 6th, 1831; (4) Patsey, (5) Roana, (6) 
Patience, (7) Henry Green, (8) Octavia. 

James Bonner II and wife Sarah (nee Wilson) had the following 
children (1) Winnefred born Mch. 10th, 1772 died Oct. 23rd, 1776. 

(2) Annie md Jonathan Marsh, (Gov. Daniel G. Fowle was a grand- 
son of Daniel Marsh, brother of Jonathan. The great Xew England 
poetess Sarah Helen Whitman, of Providence, R. I., who was plight- 
ed to Edgar A. Poe was the daughter of Ann, a sister of said Jona- 
than Marsh) (3) Xathan Willson md Sarah Will son. He was a 
member of the State Senate in 1804. (4) Sarah md 1st Henry 
Ellyson, 2nd Dr. William Magimpsey, who removed South with his 

James Bonner II and his brother John Bonner had the Town of 
Washington, X. C, incorporated in 1782. The Act bears the title 
as follows, "An Act for establishing a town on the lands formerly 
belonging to Col. James Bonner at the forks of Tar River in the 
County of Beaufort." At the session of the Legislature in 1783, 
the following private Act was passed, "An Act to encourage John 
and James Bonner, Jr., of Beaufort Co., to clear and make a road 
through the great swamp and marsh on the southside of Pamlico 
River, opposite to the town of Washington." James Bonner, Jr., 
was a member of the House of Commons -from Beaufort Co., in 1792. 

Children of Lieut. Caleb Foreman, W. C, Cont. Line and wife 
Elizabeth nee Bonner, daughter of Col. -James Bonner, (1). Polly B. 
born Oct. 24, 1783, md Capt. Ryly ; they removed Xorth after their 
marriage. (2) Elizabeth born Dec. 1st, 1785, died Xov. 22nd, 
1807. She is buried in "Spady's Old Field" beside her father, 

(3) James Bonner born Dec. 1st, 1785 died at 21. (4) Rebecca 
born Dec. 25th, 1787, md Samuel Clark and died July, 19th, 1838. 

Henry Bonner and wife Miriam, nee Young had two sons, (Mrs. 
Miriam Bonner md. 2nd Wm. Vines.) (1) John Young born May 
2nd, 1795, md. Jan'v 27th, 1816, Elizabeth Smith. He married 
2nd July 31st, 1823," C. G. I. Trippe. He died Sept. 22nd 2 1845. 
John Young Bonner was captured during the war of 1812, carried 
to England and confined in Dartmouth prison. (2) Joseph Bonner 

. •'': 

172 The Bonner Family. 

born Jan'y 10th, 1798 md. May 30th, 1822, Sallie Ann Crawford, : 
died May 4th, 1876. 

Children of Joseph Blount and wife Sarah (daughter of Col. 
James Bonner), (1) Joseph md. Elizabeth White, (2) Wilson, (3) 
Sarah md Sam'l Hodges Sept. 21st, 1793. (4) Mary Ann md 
1st Hinton, 2nd Balph Potts, died Nov. 16th, 1806. 

Children of Samuel Smallwood and wife Portia nee Bonner (1) 
John Waller b. Aug. 6th, 1826 md. Emily B. Lucas, Nov. 24th, 
1852. (2) Sarah Paulina md. James H. Williams in 1848. 

John Waller Smallwood and wife Emily B. nee Lucas, P. 0. 
Washington, N. C, had issue (1) Portia Bonner born Sept. 12th, 
1833 md George L. Whitley Oct. 1st, 1873. (2) John b. Mch. 19th, 

■ , died Oct. 9th, 1856. (3) Sallie b. mch. 6th, 1857, md. S. E. 

Biggs, June 16th, 1880. P. O. Williamston, N. C. (4) Mary b. 
Nov. 25th, 1838. P. O. Washington, N. C. (5) Samuel b. Aug. 
145th, 1860, P. O. Washington, N. C. (6) William Henry b. Nov. 
5th. 1864, in Alaska. (7) Charles b. Mch. 2nd, 1868 ; P. O. Wash- 
ington, N. C. (8) John Bruce b. Sept, 24th, 1869, (In Mexico.) 

(9) Emily Lucas b. May 13th, 1872, died July 16th, 1872. (10.) 
Thomas Bonner b. Aug. 12th, 1873 died Dec. 27th, 1894. (11). 
Eobert b. Dec. 23rd, 1875, died Oct. 20th, 1890. (12). Paulina 
Bonner b. Dec. 14th, 1877. P. O. Washington, N. C. 

Children of George L. Whitley and wife Portia Bonner nee Small- 
wood. P. O. Williamston, N. C. (1) Marina Eiddick born Aug. 
8th, 1874; P. O. Washington, N. C. (2) Emily Lucas b. Oct. 
22nd, 1875; P. O. Williamston, N. C. (3) John Smallwood b. 
Mch. 17th, 1877; P. O. Eichmond, Va. (4) Laura Latham b. May 
26th, 1878. (5) Samuel Crisp, b. Nov. 23rd, 1879, died May 8th, 

1880. (6) George Llewellyn, b. May 12th, 1881. (7) Mary 
Smallwood, b. Nov. 26th, 1882. (8) Jesse Stuart, b. Sept, 15th, 
18S5. (9) Sue Walton, b. July 13th, 1889, died Mch. 31st, 1890. 

(10) Charles Bruce, b. June 25th, 1892. 
Children of S. E. Biggs and wife Sallie nee Smallwood. P. O. 

Williamston, N. C. (1) Warren Henry, b. May 1.7th, 1881. (2) 
Samuel Eomulus, b. June 6th, 1883. (3) Nannie, b. Mch, 14th, 
1885. (4) John William, b. Mch. 24th, 1887. (5) Penelope, b. 
Dec. 16th, 1891. (7) Thomas Bonner, b. Oct. 2nd, 1895, died Mch. 
31st* 1896. (8) Charles Smallwood, b. Mch. 16th, 1897. (9) 
Ellen, b. June 20th, 1899, died April 25th, 1900. 

Children of James H. Williams and wife Sarah Paulina {nee 
Smallwood). (1) John Smallwood, b, Mch. 15th, 1849, died Sept. 
7th, 1857. (2) Mary Bonner b. Sept. 28th, 1854, md. Sept. 1st, 

1881, John H. Hatton, died June 14th, 1889. (3) Arthur T., b. 
July 5th, 186S. (4) Sallie Smallwood, b. April 20th, 1871. 



The Bonner Family. 173 

Children of John H. Iiatton and wife Mary Bonner nee Williams. 
(1) Mary Bonner, b. Augt, 8th, 1884. (2) John, b. May 21st, 

Children of Little and wife Panama daughter of Henry 

Snode Bonner. (1) Martha md. Bespass. Mrs. Little md. 

2nd Thomas Smallwood and had several children. are not 
known, except Julia Octavia, who died Sept. 20th, 1886. 

Joseph Blount II md. Elizabeth (nee While). Issue Caroline 
who md William Woodard, issue (1) Augustus, (2) Mary Louisa, 

who removed West. (3) Caroline md 1st Waddell, 2nd 

McCarron; they removed, to New York. 

Children of Samuel Hodges and wife Sarah nee Blount, (1) Sal- 
lie Bonner, b. Sept. 14th, 1793, md. Benjamin Williams Dec. 16th, 
1813. (2) Wilson Blount,' b. Aug. 21st, 1795, md. Maria Cook Ma- 
riner, Oct 10th, 1816, died Nov' 16th, 1871. (3) Mary Ann, b. 
Mcji. 27th, 1798, md. John Latham, June 20th, 1821, died May 2nd, 

Children of Benjamin Williams and wife Sallie Bonner, nee 
Hodges, (1) James Henry md. Mary Frances Tooley. (2) Mar- 
garet Jane md. Bannister Midgette. (3) Mary Ann, b. Feb'y 10th, 
1818, md. Henry Lucas, June, 1838. 

Children of James Henry Williams and wife Mary Frances nee 
Tooley. (1) Margaret Jane md James Foyles, (2) Mary md. Benj. 
Hodges, (3) Samuel Hodges md Bettie Morgan. 

Children of Bannister Midgette and wife Margaret Jane nee Wil- 
liams, daughter of Benj. Williams; (1) Sallie. 

Children of Wilson Blount Hodges and wife Maria Cbok, nee Ma- 
riner, (1) Jano Lorraine, b. July 14, 1817, died Jan. 11th, 1818. (2) 
Sallie Ann, b. Feb'y 14th, 1819, md. Samuel Clarke, Feb'y 12th, 
1840. (3) John Clarke, b. Mch, 6th, 1821, died Oct. 11th, 1822. 
(4) Maria Louisa, b. June 16th, 1825, died July 16th, 1828. (5) 
Joseph Blount, b. Mch 1st, 1823, md. Martha Frances Chesson, Apl. 
12th, 1854, died July 17th, 1866. (6) George Washington, b. Feb. 
22nd, 1827, md. Sarah B. Moore Oct. 1860, died Augt. 31st, 1879. 
(7) David Treman, b. Feb. 1st, 18—, died Feb'y 24th, 1828, (8) 
Virginia Maria, b. Mch 23rd, 1830, died Jan. 1st, 1870. (9) Ben- 
jamin Foreman, b. Sept. 5th, 1832, died Feb'y 6th, 1836. (10) 
Wilson Blount, b. Augt. 14th, 1836, died Mch, 19th, 1866. He was 
in Capt. Joe. Myers' Co. during the Civil War. 

Children of Samuel Clarke and wife Sallie Ann {nee Hodges), 
(1) Samuel Hodges, b. Feb. 15th, 1841, died June 12th, 1842. (2) 
Maria Louisa, b. Nov. 17th, 1842, died Augt. 18th, 1863. (3) Ed- 
ward, b. Jan. 27th, 1845, md. 1st Florence M. Gibbs, Mch, 22nd, 
1869, 2nd Clara B. Hoyt Dec. 7th, 1880, he died Feb. 10th, 1898. 
(4) Bebecca Foreman, b. Dec. 29th, 1849, md Adolphus Overton, 


The Bonner Family. 

Apl. 15th, 1877, died Sept. 18th, 1892. (5) Sallie Mariner, b. Nov. 
4th, 1852, mcl. B. F. D. Johnston, Nov. 15th, 1876. (6) Samuel 
Wilson, b. May 10th, 1855, md. Mary Francis Windley, Dec. 7th, 
1881. (7) Jennie, (8) Virginia Hodges Dallzell b. July 14th, 
3 847, died Oct. 19th. 1869. 

Children of Edward Clarke and wife Florence Mary, nee Gibbs, 
-(1) Francis Moore b. July 29th, 1870, md. Eumeda Mann, Jan. 
20th, 1896. (2) Isabella, b. Dec. 14th, 1872. (3) Edward Boy- 
den, b. Dec. 9th, 1875. (4) Seth Gibbs, b. Mch. 13th, 1879. 

Children of Francis Moore Clarke and wife Eumeda nee Mann. 
(1) Florence, b. Dec. 13th, 1896. (2) Francis Mann, b. Oct. 10th, 

Children of Adolphus Overton and wife Bebecca Foreman, nee 
Clarke (1) Virginia Bierson, b. Jan. 27th, 1878, died May 30th, 
1878. (2) Sallie Clarke, b. April 27th, 18S3. (3) Annie Eliza- 
beth, b. Aug. 9th, 1885. (4) Franklin, b. Feb'y 1st, 1888. (5) 
Florence May, b. May 27th, 1SS0 died Oct. 25th,"l881. 

Children of Samuel Wilson Clarke and wife Mary Frances nee 
Windley. F. O. 301 West Brambleton, Norfolk, Va. (1) Sam- 
uel Edward, b. Oct, 25th, 1882, died Dee. 7th, 1S82. (2) Mary 

Wilson, b. Sept. 21st, 1884. (3) Samuel Wilson, b. 


(5) Wilson Blount, b. 
Jan. 23rd, 1866, died 

May 18th, 1896 

Children of Joseph Blount and wife Martha Frances nee Chesson. 
(1) William Andrew, b. Mch. 20th, 1S53, md. Maggie Bell, (2) Su- 
san Louisa b. June 15th, 1S57 md. John Blount, (3) Maria Cook, 
b. Nov. 13th, 1859, died June 23rd, 1860. (4) Virginia Wilson, 
b. Apl. 22nd, 1861, died July 11th, 1866. 
May 2nd, 1863. (6) Margaret Joseph, b, 
Oct. 18th, 1866. 

Children of George Washington Hodges and wife Sarah nee Moore, 

(1) Mary born 1S62 md. W. M. Moore. (2) , 

(3) Sallie born 1861 md. Isaac Yeomans. 

Children of W. M. Moore and wife Mary, nee Hodges. (1) Mary 
Bell, (2) Mildred Hodges, (3) William Muse. 

Children of Henry Clark and wife Sallie nee Blount, widow of 
Samuel Hodges, (l) Henry Joseph Blount md Matilda Clark, (2) 
Frances Louisa b. Nov., 1819, md Thomas Blount. 

Children of John Latham and wife Marv Ann nee Hodges. (1) 
Sallie Elizabeth, b. Mch. 10th, 1822. (2)' Mary Williams, b. Sept 
16th, 1823. (3) Samuel Hodges, b. Oct. 6th, 1825, died Oct. 18th, 
1827. (4) John Frederick, b. Jan. 30th, 1828, died Sept., 1854 
(5) Charles Henry, b. Mch., 1830, md. Julia Ellison. He was in 
C. S. A. (6) George Augustus, b. 1834. (7) Mary Williams md. 
Jonathan Havens April, 1860. 


The Bonner Family. 


Children of B. F. D. Johnston and wife Sallie Marriner nee 
Clarke. (1) Benjamin Clarke, h. Jan. 24th, 187S. 

Children of William Andrew Hodges and wife Maggie nee Bell. 
(1) Nannie Lou. 

Wilson Blount Hodges (2nd son of Joseph B. Hodges) and wife 
have two children. 

John Blount and wife Susan Louisa nee Hodges, have one child 
named Edward. 

Children of Isaac Yeomans and wife Sallie nee Hodges. (1) 
George Hodges, (2) Isaac Cole. 

Children of James Salter Blount and wife Lorraine McClure nee 

. (1) Thomas md. Frances Louisa Clarke. (2) Sarah 

Eliza md. Cawthorne; their children live in Warrenton, N. 

C. (3) Susan Salter md. Fred Grist. 

Children of Thomas Blount and wife Frances Louisa nee Clarke, 
(J.) James Salter, b. Sept. 6th, 1842, removed to Kentucky, (2) Sal- 
lie Bonner md. Asa John Smith April 24th, 1864. (3) Laura md. 
Dr. Stephen Sparrow, removed to Arkansas, no issue. (4) Frances 
b. 1854, md. William Smith, (live at New Bern, N. C.) (5) Mary 

Latham md Edwards (in Florida), Asa John Smith and 

wife Sallie Bonner nee Blount have had 2 sons and a daughter. 

Children of Fred Grist and wife Susan Salter nee Blount. (1) 
Hattie. (2) Fred. 

Children of Henry Lucas and wife Mary Ann, nee Williams. (1) 
Wilson Hodges, b. Feb'y 1S42, md. Martha Boper in 1870. Was a 
Captain in C. S. A. (2) Mary b. Nov. 1849, md. Isaiah Carter. 

Children of Wilson Hodges Lucas and wife Martha^ nee , 

(1) Lillian, (2) Kose, (3) David, (4) Sallie. 

Children of Isaiah Carter and wife Mary nee Lucas, (1) Charles 
md Laura Midgette, (2) Annie, (3) Jesse Lucas, (4) Isaiah, (5) 
Preston, (6) Sallie. 

Children of Balph Potts and wife Mary nee Blount. (1) Dr. 
John Potts, (2) Sallie md. James Hooker. Issue Joseph. (3) 
Annie md Eev. Jarvis Buxton. (P. 0. address Asherille, N C.) Is- 
sue (1) Eev. Jarvis, (P. O. Asheville, N. C.), (2) Judge Ealph Potts 

died Nov. 6, 1900, (3) Mary Frances md. Ludlow, P. O. 

Fayetteville, N. C. 

Children of Hinton and wife Mary Ann (widow of Ealph 

Potts. (1) Joseph Blount Hinton. 

Isaiah Bespass and wife Mary Ann {nee Hinton) had a daughter 
Mary E. md. Capt. Win. T. Farrow. Issue a daughter. 

Charles Cook and wife Abigail nee Blount had a daughter, Sallie 
b. Augt 24th, 1778, md. 1st Eichard Jasper, died June 1799. 2nd 
John Mariner who died Sept. 20th, 1800. Mrs. Mariner died Feb'y 


The Bonner Family. 

8th, 1803. Issue by Kichard Jasper (1) Henry Norman, b. Augt. 
17th, 1796, md. Frances Eobadoe. (2) Sallie Lorraine, b. June, 
1798 md. June 5th, 1816, Lewis Blount. She died Jan. 15th, 1866! 
Issue by John Mariner, (3) Maria Cook born Apl. 23rd, 1801, md. 
Oct. 10th, 1819 Wilson Blount Hodges. The following records are 
taken from some leaves in the possession of Mrs. Maria Cook Hodges. 

Sarab Bonner daughter of Thomas and Sarah Bonner was born 

May 30th, 1759. Charles Cook, Sr., and Hannah Simons md \ 

Hannah Simons Cook died June 18th, 1791, aged 70 years, 2 months, 
21 days. Cbarles Cook, Jr., md. Abigail Bonner. He died June 
15th 1802, aged 51 years, 3 mos. and 20 days. 

Sally Cook daughter of Charles and Abigail was born Augt. 24th 
1778. John Mariner (son of John and Tabitha Mariner) was born 
Jan. 18th, 1767. 

Children of Lewis Blount and wife Sarah Lorraine nee Jasper. 
(1) Sarah Maria, b. May, 1817 md. Daniel Reid nephew of S. R. 
Fowle, (2) Richard Henry Jasper b. 1820 md. Sarah Fuller. He 
died Nov. 1892. 

Children of Daniel Reid and wife Sarah Maria, nee Blount. (1) 
Dr. Lewis Henry md Lillian West, live at Atlanta, Ga. (2) Lor- 
raine md. Henry Miller, P. O. Raleigh, N. C. (3) Sarah Blount 

md Brown. P. O. Goldsboro, N. C. (4) William killed 

at Battle of Bentonsville. (5) Rev. Daniel died in 1896. 

Lewis Henry Reid and wife Lillian nee West had one daughter 
Lillian md Weddell issue one son. 

Henry Miller and wife Lorraine nee Reid have one daughter. 

Children of Richard Henry Jasper Blount and wife Sarah nee 
Fuller . (1) Kate born 1848 md. William Hanks. (2) Sarah md 
R. D. Blacknall, (Durham, N. C.) (3) Lewis md Miss Wilkinson 
(Atlanta, Ga.) 

Children of Henry Norman Jasper and wife Frances R. nee Ro- 
badoe. (1) Sarah md. William Hanks, (Durham, 1ST. C.) ( 
Henry Norman removed to the West. (3) Charles, (4) Susannah 

md. Suggs, of Edgecombe Co., N. C. (5) Fannie md. 


Robert S. Bonner and wife Mary nee Young, (daughter of John 
Young and Hannah born Dec. 4th, 1773, half sister of Miriam 
Young born Aug. 20th, 1779, who was a daughter of John Young 
and wife. Dorcas. Issue Hannah N., married Matthew Shaw. Is- 
sue (a) Mary Catharine, dead, (b) Matthew b. 1844. dead. (3) 
Robert Bonner b. Mar. 20th, 1842 md. Eliza T. Bonner, on June 
21st, 1881. He was in C. S. Army. (4) William, b. Mar. 2 1840, 
md. Bettie Moore in 1868. He was in C. S. A. (5) Elizabeth b. 
1833, md. Sam'l L. Oarraway, 1854, (P. O. Montgomery, Ala.,) 

'■<■ ■;'■ 


The Boxner Family. 177 , 

(6) Helen born 1836 md. 1866, J. J. Whitehurst, reside at Tarboro, 
N. C.) (7) Laura b. 1838, dead. 

Children of William W. Shaw and wife Bettie nee Moore (1) 
Katharine md. , (2) Percy. 

Children of Robert Bonner Shaw and wife B liza Trippe nee Bon- 
ner. (1) Lyndon Young born Nov. 1st, 1882, (2) Hannah Bonner 
born March 21st, 1884. (3) Eliza Trippe, born May 6th. 1886. 
(4) Mary Elizabeth born September 10th, 1890. (5) Helen b. 
Augt. 20th, 1895. (6) David Thomas b. Nov., 1900. 

Children of John Young Bonner and 1st wife Elizabeth (widow 
of Capt. Thos. Smith, nee Bryan.) (1) Charles William b. June 
18th, 1817 md. Caroline P. Reclditt May 25th, 1840. He died Julv 
9th, 1899. (2) Joseph Henry b. May 11th, 1819, died April 10th, 
1836. (3) John Brvan b. Dec. 6th, 1821 md. Mary E. Trippe May 
14th, 1846; He died" April 30th, 1871. 

Children of John Young Bonner and 2nd wife. Clarissa G. I. nee 
Trippe. (4) Bryan Trippe, b. Dec. 17th, 1821- md. May 17th, 
1851, Clarissa S. Trippe. He was a Lieut, in the C. S. A. (5) 
Thomas Harvey Blount b. Dec. 9, 1827, died July 1st, 1828. (6) 
Miriam Young b. May 6th, 1829. (7) Ann Bryan b. Sept. 24th, 
1831, md. Joseph Bonner Brvan. (8) Elizabeth . (9) Henry b. 
Dec. 2nd, 1839, md 1st Sarah A. Guilford May 7th, 1868. 2nd, 
Rebecca Florence Guilford, April 15th, 1883. 

Children of Joseph Bonner and wife Sallie Ann {nee Crawford), 
(1) Charles Gushing b. June 4th, 1823, md Carolina GraVj Nov. 
20th, 1850, he died Oct. 4th, 1871. (2) Caroline Crawford^b. Oct. 
14th, 1825 md. Dr. John F. Tompkins, Nov. 26th 1846. (3) 
Henry D. b. Nov. 9th, 1827, died Nov. 1st, 1828. (4 J Dr. William 
Vines, b. Feb. 15th, 1830, md Cora S. Farrow, July 25th, 1865; he 
was a surgeon in the C. S. Army. (5) Dr. Thomas Pasteur, b. Feb. 
26th, 1837, md Emily Crawford, Oct, 23rd, 1866, died Aug. 25th, 
1899. Surgeon in C. S. A. (6) Joseph Young b. May 15th, 1840, 
md. Nancy Olivia Eborn Oct. 26th, 1866. 

Children of Charles William Bonner and wife Caroline Pasteur 
nee Redditt, (1) Marv Pearce, b. Oct. 31st, 1841, died Oct. 24th, 
1845. (2) Clarisa G. I., b. Sept. 7th, 1845, md Joseph Bonner 
Bryan Nov. 26th, 1868, died Dec. 6th, 1897. (3) Elizabeth' Bryan, 
b. Sept, 7th, 1845, md. Carney John Bryan, Oct. 26th, 1870. (4) 
John Bryan b. March 21st, 1847 md. Fannie Montague Hooker, 
May 1st, 1873; he was assassinated Nov. 23rd, 1895. He was a 
private in Co. B. 40th Regt. N. C. State Troops, C. S. A. (5) 
Miriam Young b. March 1st, 1849, md. J. R. Best, Oct. 18th, 1871, 
died Nov. 11th, 1875. (6) Caroline Pasteur, b. April 15th, 1852. 

(7) Edward Pasteur, b. Feb. 4th, 1855, md. Annie T. Fizzell, Feb'y 


178 The Bonner Family. 

11th, 1896. (8) Ella, b. July 23rd, 1858, md. Leon De Castro Bon- 
ner, Nov. 5th, 1884. (9) Mary, b. Aug., 1861, died Sept. 22nd, 1867. 
(10) Virginia, b. Mar. 30th, 1864, md. Walter Montague Hooker, 
Oct. 31st, 1883. 

Children of John Bryan Bonner and wife Mary E., nee Trippe. 
(1) John Young, b. July 10th, 1847, md. Cornelia Hooker, April 
28th, 1874, he died Eeb'y 25th, 1875. Private 40th Reg. N. 0. 
State Troops C. S. A. (2) Joseph Trippe, b. Feb. 22nd, 1849, died 
Sept, 29th, 1849. (3) Charles William, b. July 11th, 1850, md. 1st 
Josephine B. Dupree Apl. 24th, 1873, 2nd David A. Styron, Mar. 
27th, 1884. (4) Sarah Elizabeth b. Sep. 16th. 1852, md. David 
D. Dupree Dec. 20th, 1876. (5) Robert Trippe, b. Oct. 7th, 1854, 
md. Rebecca Trippe, Mar. 13th, 1881. (6) Leon De Castro, b. 
May 12th, 1857, md. Nov. 5th, 1S84, Ella Bonner. (7) Thurston 
Wilcoxen, b. Jan. 31st, 1859, md. Blanche Ernul, 1SS2. (8) Eliza 
Trippe, b. Feb. 21st, 1861, md. Robert Bonner Shaw, June 21, 1881. 
(9) Malcolm b. May 21, 1863. 

Children of Bryan Trippe Bonner and wife Clarissa nee Trippe. 
(1) Sallie Trippe b. Sep. 27th, 1852, md. Ben. H. Thompson, Apl. 
23rd, 1874. (2) Ann Bryan b. May 27th, 1851, md. George A. 
Litchfield Nov. 28th, 1876. (3 Susan Lane b. May 4th, 1856, 
md. L. C. Litchfield, Jan. 7th, 1880. (4) Willie b. Sep. 11th, 
1858. (5) George Irving, b. June 8th, 1860, md. Cora M. Ross, 
Jan. 22nd, 1885. (6) Joseph Tripp b. June, 12th. 1862, died Sep. 
8th, 1871. (7) Bryan Trippe b. Dec. 3rd, 1864, md. C. J. Swin- 
dell Apl. 25th, 1894. (8) Clarisa Sparrow b. Sept. 4th, 1873. (9) 
Jessie Bryan b. Nov. 26th, 1868 md. C. G. Midyett, Deo, 20th, 1899. 
no) Henry b. Oct. 30th, 1866, died Aug. 19th, 1S68. (11) Red- 
den Lewis Mvers b. Nov. 20th, 1874, md. Lida Katharine Roberts, 
Jan. 3rd, 1900. 

Children of Henrv Bonner and 1st wife Sarah A., nee Guilford. 

(1) Mary b. Mar. 8th, 1869, md. Thos. C. Butt Dec. 17th, 1890. 

(2) Ida b. Julv 12th, 1870 md. Lee T. Thompson, Nov. 19th. 1900. 

(3) Henry b. Feb. 23rd, 1S72, died Sep. 22nd, IS95. (4) Sarah 
A., b. Dec. 13th, 1S73, died Nov. 21st, 1893. (5) Joseph R, b. 
Mar. 31st, 1876, died Jan. 1, 1887. (6) A. Glenham, b. Dec. 20th, 
1878 md. Kate Stillev in 1901. (7) Charles W., b. Feb. 3rd, 1880, 
died Sept. 19th, 1886. (8) W. Eugene b. Nov. 24th, 1881, died 
June 10th, 18S2. Issue bv 2nd wife Rebecca Florence nee Guil- 
ford. (9) John Young b. "Jan. 29th, 1884. (10.) Clarissa G. I., 
b. Jan. 28, 1888. (11) W. Grady b. Dec. 30th, 1889. (12 J. 
Archbell, b. June 15th, 1891. (13) Ella b. Dec. 17th, 1893. (14) 
Fitzhugh Lee, b. May 5th, 1894. 

( To be Continued. ) 


Soldiers of the N. C. Continental Line. 




SECOND REGIMENT— Alexander Martin, Colonel. 

Babb, Josh, Armstrong's Co., enl. June 19, '76, 3 yrs, Muse. Apl., 78, pt. 
June, '78. 

Bailey, Josh, pt. Vail's Co., Dec. 1, '76, 3 yrs, Sergt. July, '79, Dis. Feb. 

16, '80. 

Barnes, James, pt. Armstrong's Co., 1776, W. Sergt. Aug. '77, pt. July, '78. 
Dstd Oct. 25, '78. 

Bateman, Jona, pt. Vail's Co., 1777, W. died Apl. 7, '78. 

Bates, Fred'k, pt. Hall's Co., 1777. 

Baxter, Sam'l, Sergt. William's Co., Nov. 22, '76. Pt. Jan. '78, Pris. June 
1, J79, Corpl Nov. '79, Mus. Sergt. Jan., '82. 

Best, Thomas, pt. Allen's Co., 1777, W. Destd Feb. 17, '80. 
s . Bell, Benj., Corpl. Hall's Co. 1777. Died Apl. 17, '78. 

Beal, John, Pt. Martin's Co. 1777. Died May 16, '78. 

Berry, Solomon, Sergt. Gee's Co., 1777. Pt. Jan. 31, '80. 

Berry, John, pt. Gee's Co. 1777. Corp'l Dec, '78, Sergt. Nov., '79, pt. Feb. 
10, '80. 

Beaman, Jereh, pt. Gee's Co. 1777. War. 

Bogle, Arch'd, Sergt. Allen's Co., for war. 

Bone, Jas., Corp'l, Allen's Co., Jan. 15, '77, 3 yrs W. Pt. Jan. '78, died June 

17, 1783. 

Barows, Jno. pt. Fennor's Co., 1777. Omtd Apl. '78. 

Bosen, Jacob, Sergt., Martin's Co., Nov. 29, '76, for War. 

Brutus, , pt. William's Co. Omtd Jan., 1778. 

Bruce, Thomas, Pt. William's Co. Omtd Jan., 1778. 

Bryan, Wm, Mus. Allen's Co., 1777. W. Pt. June, '78. 

Branch, Job., Corp'l Martin's Co., 1776. Pt. June '78, Disc. Jan. 29, '80. 

Bright, Chas., pt. Martin's Co., Aug. 7, '77, Corp'l Nov., 78, Sergt. Feb. 
21, '79. 

Brown Joseph, pt. Gee's Co., Nov. 9, '76, Mus. Corpl. for War Sept., '82. 

Bull, Michael, Mus. William's Co., for 3 yrs. Pt. Jan., '78, Dead Jan., '79. 

Budd, Sam'l Lt. Allen's Co. Ditto June, '78, pris. Sep. 8, '81, Capt, De- 
ranged, Jan. 1, '83. 

Bullock, Balaam, pt. Gee's Co., 1777 for war, pris. June 1, '79, Mus, Nov. '79. 

Buford, Wm., 2 Lt. Vail's Co., May 15, '77. Resigned Aug., '77. 

THIRD REGIMENT— Jethro Sumner, Colonel. 

Brewster, Lott, Lieut. Col. Oct. 25, '77. Resigned Men 15, '78. 

Ballard, Keedar, Lt. Emet's Co., Apl. 16, '76, Capt. Nov., *77; P. M. Oct. 1, 
'79; pris. May 12, '80; deranged Jan. 1, '83. 

Brinkley, Wm., Capt. , 1776. Omtd Jan., '78. 

Bradley, Jas. Capt., Apl. 16, '77. Omtd June, '78. 

Bradley, Gee, Lt. Eaton's Co., Capt. Sept. 19, '78, pris. May 12, '80. De- 
ranged Jan. 1, '83. 

Barrow, Jas., Drum. Eaton's Co., 1777. Drum Major Sep., '77. Omtd 
Sep., '78. 

Bartholomew, Jno., pt., Turner's Co., Apl. 20, '76. Disch. Oct., '78. 

Bailey, Lewis, pt. Granburry's Co., Apl. 10, '76. Disch. Oct., '78. 

180 Soldiers of the N. C. Continental Line. 

Baker, Norris, pt. Eaton's Co., Apl. 18, '76, Disc. Nov. 30, '78, Joined Feb 
20, '80. 

Bargoner, Jno., pt. Emmet's Co. 1776. Disc. Nov. 10, '78. 

Bennet, Thomas, pt. Turner's Co., May 8, '76 Sergt. Oct. 25, '78. Corpl 
June 78, Disc Nov. 10, '78. 

Bennett, Moses, pt. Eaton's Co. Dischgd Nov. 10, '78. 

Benton, Keedar, pt. Emmett's Co., Apl. 16, '76, Disc. Oct. 16, '78. 

Benton, Jesse, Sergt. Emmett's Co., May, 11, '76. Omtd Oct., '77. 

Bilberry, Nath'l, pt. Granburry's Co., Apl. 20 '76. Dis. Oct., '78. 

Blanchet, Jno., Music, Emmet's Co., Oct. 11, '76. Mustered 2nd Reg. Mch. 
27, for war. 

Bradley, Rich'd, p Mr. , 1777. See him in 1st Regiment. 

Bridges, Benj., pt. Turner's Co., Apl. 20, '76, Disch'd Oct., '78. 

Brandon, Wm, pt. Turner's Co., May 1, '77 Omtd Jan., '78. 

Butts, Jona, Sergt, Granburry's Co., 1776. Dis. Oct. 17, '77. 

Butts, Jacob, Sergt., Granburry's Co., 1776, Dis. Oct. 17, '77. 

Butts, Job., Corpl. Granburry's Co., Apl. 10, '76, Dis. Oct. '78. 

Bugg, Wm., pt. Emmett's Co., May 25, '76, Dis. Nov. 10, '78. 

FOURTH REGIMENT— Thos. Polk, Colonel. 

Baker, Thomas, pt. Nelson's Co., Feb. 14, '77, Dsd. Dec. 10, '79. 

Barksdale, Henry, Sergt. Lewis Co., Apl. 20, '76. Corpl. June, '78. Sergt. 
Nov. 10, '78. Dis. May 1, '79. 

Barrow, John, pt. Lewis' Co., Apl. 20, '76. Disc. Nov. 10, '78. 

Benton, Jesse, pt. Williams' Co., 1777. Omtd Feb., '78. 

Belew, Chas., pt., Phillips Co., May 20, '76. Sergt. Apl. '78. Omt. Dec, '78, 

Betts, Math, pt. Phillips Co., 1776. Disc. Nov. 25, '77. 

Beseley, John, Corpl. Goodman's Co., 1777, for 3 yrs. 

Bearfield Stephen, pt, Lewis' Co., 1776, 3 yrs. Died Feb. 1, '78. 

Benton, David, pt. Nelson's Co., June 15, '76. Disc. June 15, '79. 

Biddlehizer, Lewis, pt. Smith's Co., June 17, '77. Disc. Feb., '79. 

Bird, Moses, Muse, Lewis' Co., 1776. Omtd. Jan., '78. 

Bishop, Chris., Mus. William's Co., 1777. Disc. Nov. 8, "77. 

Bollentine, Jas., Sergt., Maj., Apl. 20, '77. Omitted Jan., '78. 

Bootle, Thos., pt. Phillip's Co., May 20, '76. W. Destd Oct. 26, '77, Mus. 
Feb., '78, Disc. May 26, '79. » 

Bonny, Gideon, Corpl. Goodman's Co., 1777, for 3 yrs. 

Boggs, John, pt. Goodman's Co., July 15, '76, 3 yrs. Dis July 15, '79. 

Boggs, Ezekiel pt. Goodman's Co., July 26, '76, 3 yrs. Dis. July 25, '79. 

Boon, Joseph, pt. Lewis Co., 1776. Omtd Jan., '78. 

Boyes, Jesse, pt. Lewis' Co., Apl. 22, '76. Disc. Nov. 10, '78. 

Bracher, Sam'l pt. William's Co., 1777, Disc. Nov., '77. 

Brown, Joseph, pt. Phillips' Co.,. Apl. 4 '77, 3 yrs. Dsd Sept. 10, '78. 

Brevard, Alex., Lt, Goodman's Co., Dec. 9, '76. Capt Oct. 20, '80. De- 
ranged Jan. 1, '83. 

Bayly, Wm., pt. Harris' Co., 1776. Time out Oct. 31, 1777. 

Bryan, John, pt. Lewis' Co., July 4, '76, 3 yrs. Sergt. Nov, 1, '77, pt. Apl. 
'78. Omtd Jan., '79. 

Brown, Peter, pt. Smith's Co., 1776, 3 yrs. Omtd May, '78. 

Bradley, Jas., pt., Nelson's Co., 1777, 3 yrs. Dischg May, '79. 

Bush, Chany, pt. Goodman's Co., 1777, 3 yrs. Died Jan. 2, '78. 

Burges, Geo., pt. Goodman's Co., Jan. 1, '77, 3 yrs. Disc. Jan. 28, '80. 

Burges, Peter, pt. Goodman's Co., Jan. 1, '77, 3 yrs. Destd Feb. 3, '80. 

Burtson Jesse, pt Harris Co., 1776. Time out Oct. 31, '77. 

Burns, Jno. Sergt. Smith's Co., May 20, '76. Pt. June, '78. Sergt. Nov. 10, 
'78. Destd Dec. 25, '79. 

Bullock, Thomas, Sergt Nelson's Co., 1777, 3 yrs omtd Feb., '78.' 

Bullock, Martin, Corpl. Nelson's Co., Feb. 20, '77, 3 yrs. Pt. June '78, 
Dest'd Dec. '78. 

Soldiers of the N. C. Continental Line. 


FIFTH REGIMENT— Edward Buncombe, Colonel. 

Buncombe, Edw'd, Col., Apl. 15, '76. Pris'r Oct. 4, '77. Omitted Jan., '78. 

Boyd, Adam, Chaplain, Oct. 1, '77. Omitted June '78, Mustd in '79. 

Barns, Wm, pt, Stedman's Co. 1777, for the war. 

Banks, Wm., pt. Stedman's Co., 1777. Corpl. Nov. 10, '78. De s t'd Apl. 1, '79. 

Bailey, Benj., 2 Lt. William's Co., Oct. 1, '76, Capt. Sept. 8, '81, Deranged 
Jan. 1, '83. 

Baker, John, Pt. Enloe's Co., 1777. for W. Destd Mch, 15, '77. 

Benson, Bailey, pt. Caswell's Co., Dec. 18, '77, 3 yrs. Disc. Feb. 8, '80. 

Belch, Phillip, pt. Darnall's Co., 1777, 3 yrs, died Nov. 21, '77. 

Benham, Drury, Corpl. Enloes Co., Dec. 16, '76, 3y W. Sergt. Sep., '77, 
pt. June, '78, Corp., Miay 15, '79, Sergt. July 25, '79. 

Blount, Thomas, 1 Lt. Stedman's Co., Apl. 28, '77. Omitted Jan., '78. 

Blount, Reading, Capt. Apl. 16, '76, Major, 1782. 

Blocksom, Sovrain; pt. Enloes Co., Nov. 29, '76, 3 yrs, Disc. Jan. 30, '80. 

Blount, Jas., pt. Alderson's Co., 1777. Disc. Oct. 6, '77. 

Blake, Chris., pt. Alderson's Co., 1777, 3 yrs, died Apl. 30, '78. 
Blurton, Henry, Sergt., Coleman's Co., 1777. 2 1-2 yrs. Omitted Jan., '78. 

Blurton, Edw'd, pt. Coleman's Co., 1777, 2 1-2 yrs. Omtd Jan. '78. 

Bowers, Wm., pt. Stedman's Co., 1777. W. Dead June, '78. 

Boon, Whylis, pL, Williams' Co., 1777, 2 1-2 yrs. Omtd Feb., '78. 

Bond, Richard, pt. Blount's Co., 2 1-2. Omitted Feb., '78. 

Brownley, Robert, Corpl. Stedman's Co., 1777. W. Sergt. Nov., '78. 

Braboy, Jacob, pt. William's Co., May 9, '76, 2 1-2 yrs. Disc. Nov. 10, '78. 

Brooks, Asa, Sergt. Caswell's Co., 1777. 3 yrs. Qr. Mr. Sergt. Jan. '78. 
Died Jan. 3, '78. 

Bradley, Sam'l, pt., Blount's Co., 3 yrs. Omtd June, '78. 

Broom, Mason, pt. Blount's Co., Apl. 2, 76, 2 1-2 yrs, Disc. Oct. '78. 

Brown, Thomas, pt. Blount's Co. for War. 

Brown, David, pi. Darnal's Co. 1777. W, disc. Apl., 1778. 

Brand, John. pt. Darnal's Co., 1777, 2 1-2 yrs. Dest'd Aug. '77. 

Brady, James, pt. Coleman'si Co., 1777. 2 1-2 yrs. Corpl. Sep., '77. 

Burk, Jacob, pt. Stedman's Co., 1777. W. 

Burtonshell, Joshua, pt. 1777. 3 yrs. Destd. Nov., '77. 

Burnet, David, pt. Blount's Co., W. Omtd. Feb, '78. 

Burgess, Absalom, Sergt., Darnals Co., 1777. W. Pris'r June 1, '79, Must'd 
Nov., '79. 

Bullock, John, pt. Enloe's Co., Apl. 20, '76, 2 1-2 yrs. Disc. Nov. 10, '78. 

Butler, Ohareys, pt. Enloe's Co., Apl. 20, '76, 2 1-2 yrs, Disc. Nov. 10, '78. 

SIXTH REGIMENT — Gideon Lamb, Colonel. 

Barker, Jesse, pt. Donoho's Co., 1777. W. Destd. Aug., '77. 

Barker, Dan'l, pt. Donoho's Co., 1777. W. Destd Aug. '77. , 

Barns, Hez'k, pt. Donoho's Co., Apl. 16, '76, 2 1-2 yrs, Corpl, Sept., '77. Disc. 
Nov. 10, '78. 

BakerWm., pt., White's Co., Jan. 26, '76. 3 yrs, Disc. Apl. 1, '79. 

Berry, Robt., pt. Doherty's Co., 1777. W. Omtd July, '79. 

Belsire, Thos., pt. Doherty's Co., May 1, '76. W. Missing Oct. 4, '77. 
Must'd July, '78. 

Beasnant, Jos., Sergt. Donoho's Co., 1777, 2 1-2 yrs. Omtd. Jan., '78. 

Blount, Jno., pt. Doherty's Co., for War, Dead Jan. 24, '78. 

Blanks Nich., pt. Doherty's Co., May 2, '76. W. Disc. Nov. 10, '78. 

Brannon, Jas., pt. White's Co., Apl. 15, '76, 3 yrs, Sergt. Nov. '77, pt. Sept. 
'78. Disc. May 17, '79 

Brown, James, pt. White's Co., May 8, '76, 3 yrs, disc. May 10, '79. 

Brantly, John, pt. Doherty's Co., May 1, '76, 3 yrs. Disc. Nov. '78. 

Brees Thos. pt. Child's Co., May 2, '77. Corpl. Feb., '78, pt. June, '78. 

Burns', Sterrel, pt. Donoho's Co., 1777. W. Dstd. Aug., '77. 

Burges, Jos., pt. Donoho's Co., 1777. Dead Aug., '77. 


Soldiers of the N. C. Continental Line. 

Burnsides, David, Sergt., Doherty's Co., Omt'd Jan., '78. 

Boyd, John, Sergt. McRee's Co.. 1777 Pc. June '77, Sergt. Nov., '79. 

SEVENTH REGIMENT— James Hogun, Colonel. 

Barker, Jas.,.pt. Brickell's Co., 1777. W. Dstd. July, '77. 

Baker, Jno. Lt. Walker's Co., Nov. 28, '76. Capt. to July, '77. P. Mr. 
June, '78. Omtd. '79. 

Barho, Thos., Corpl. Poynter's Co., Jan. 10, '77, 3 yrs. Pt. Jan., r 78. Corp'l 
June, '78, Dstd Dec. 11, '79. 

Barlow, Chris., pt. Poynter's Co., Dec. 19, '76, 3 yrs. Omtd Feb., '78. 

Bartley, Henry, pt. Poynter's Co., Mar. 13, '77, 3 yrs Ditto. 

Beeks, Wm, Sergt. Maj., 1777 Adjt. Dec, 1777. Omtd. Jan., '78. 

Bennett, Jas., pt. Dawson's Co., 1777, 3 yrs. Dead July, '77. 

Bennett, Jas., pt. Walker's Co., 1777, 3 yrs. Died Jan. 26, '78. 

Billops, Thos., Muse. McGlauhan's Co., Mar. 11, '77, '3 yrs. 

Bryan, John, Muse. McGlauhan's Co., 1777, 3 yrs. Destd Aug., '77. 

Bryan, John, pt. Walker's Co., 1777. Dstd. Sept. 17, '77. 

Brewster, Lott, Maj., Nov. 24, '76, Lt. Col. Oct. 25, '77, 3rd Reg. 

Brickell, Mathias Sergt. Maj., Dec, '77. Omtd Jan., '78. 

Brickell, Thos., Capt, Nov. 28, '76. Omtd Jan., '78. 

Brickell, Matt., Sergt. Brickell's Co., Dec. 8, '76, 3 yrs., Jan., '78. 

Erewer, Benj., pt. Dawson's Co., 1777. Dead Oct. 15, '77. 

Bryant, John, Sergt. Brickell's Co., Jan. 28, '77. Omtd Oct., '77. 

Branton, Eph'm, pt. Brickell's Co., 1777. W. Corpl. Oct., '77. Died Mch, 
12, '78. 

Brown, Benj., Corpl. Walker's Co., 1777, 3 yrs. Died Feb., '78. 

Brown, Thos., pt. Dawson's Co:, 1777, 3 yrs. Dstd Apl., '77. 

Bryan, Benj., Ensn. McGlauhan's Co., Apl. 27, '77. Omtd. Nov., '77. 

Burnham, Jesse, pt. Brickell's Co., 1777. W. Destd. Apl., '77. 

Bush, Wm., pt. Brickell's Co., 1777. W. Destd. Apl. '77. 

EIGHTH REGIMENT— James Armstrong, Colonel. 

Bencham, Hodges, Sergt. Tartanson's Co. 1777 3 yrs. Dead Mch. 30. 'IS. 

Blackleach, Thos., Sergt. Walsh's Co., 1777. Pt. Jan., '78. Omtd Feb., '78 

Boyce, Seth, pt. Welch's Co., 1777. Died Oct. 5, '77. % 

Boon, Wm., pt. Walsh's Co., Jan. 1, '77, 3 yrs. 

Boothe, John, pt. Raiford's Co., Feb. 19, '77, 3 yrs. Omtd Feb., '78. 

Bourk, Chs., pt. Raiford's Co., May 27, '77, 3 yrs. Pris. June 2, '79. Mustd 
Nov.. '79. 

Bryant, Wm., Sergt. Walsh's Co., 1777. W\. Pt. Apl., '78. 

Broadbent, Rich'd, pt. Walsh's Co., 1777, 3 yrs. Dstd 'Feb. 11, '79. 

Bradsher, Jno., pt. Walsh's Co., Feb. 19, '77, 3 yrs. Died Jan. 28, '78. 

Bush, Wm., Ens. Tartanson's Co., Apl. 10, '77, 1 Lt. Aug. 15, '77; Adj. May 
12, '81. 

Bush, Jno., Lt. Walsh's Co., Feb'y 8, '77, Adjt. Aug. 2, '77. Omtd Jan., '78, 

Bunday, James, pt. Tartanson's Co., Mch. 13, '77, 3 yrs. Corpl June, '78. 

Bullock, Moses, pt Tartanson's Co., 1777. Omtd Sep., '77. 

Bullock, Jno., pt. Tartanson's Co., 1777. Ditto. 

NINTH REGIMENT— John Williams, Colonel. 

Bay, And'w, Sergt. Maj., May 1, '77. W. Omtd Jan., '78. 

Bayne, John, pt. McCrory's Co., July 9, '77, 3 yrs. Omtd Feb., '79. 

Barlow, Robt, pt. Wade's Co., 1777. Died Mch. 12, '78. 

Beck, Fred'k, pt. Cook's Co.. 1777. Dstd Oct. 10, '77. 

Black, John, pt. McCrory's Co., 1777. W. Dstd Nov., '77. 

Blalock, Wm., pt. Wade's Co., 1777. Dstd Aug. 6, '77. 

Bond, Elisha, pt., Cook's Co., Jan. 1, '77, 3 yrs. Disc. Jan. 27, '80. 

Bond, Thomas, pt. Cook's Co., 1777, 3 yrs. Died Dec. 13, '77. 

Brown, Morgan, Lt. Cook's Co., Nov. 28, '76. Resigned Oct. 12, '77. 

Soldiers of the N. C. Continental Line. 


Brown, David, pt. Cook's Co., Jan. 8, '77. Killed or taken Oct. 4 '77. Misd 
July, '78, died Nov. 18, '78. 

Brown, Wm., pt. McCrory's Co., Sep. 1, '76, 3 yrs. 

Britnal, Jas., pt. Cook's Co., Mar. 28, '77. 

Bruce, George, pt. Cook's Co., Mar. 15, '77. 

Britton Jas., pt. Cook's Co., Dec. 1, '76, 3 yrs. Disc. Feb. 1, '80. 

Britton, Phillip, Muse. Wade's Co., Dec. 3, '76, 3 yrs. Pt. June, '78; Disc. 
Jan. 27, '80. 

Brevard, John, Lt. Wade's Co., Nov. 28, '76. Omtd Jan., '78. 

Brandon, Thos., pt. Brevard's Co., Jan. 12, '77, 3 yrs. Disc. Jan. '27, '80 

Bullock, Daniel, Lt. Cook's Co., Mar. 23, '77. Omtd. Jan., '78. 

Bullock, Dan'l, pt. Cook's Co., Mar. 23, '77. Corpl. Nov., '77. Sergt. Jan. 
'78, pt. June 78. Omtd Nov. '79. 

TENTH REGIMENT— Abraham Shepard, Colonel. 

Corp. Shepard's Co., May 4, '77. Pt. June, '78. Dstd 
June 20, '77. Pris. June 1, '79. Musd. 


ntd June, '78. 

'79. Re-Enl. 


Barfield, Marmask 
Sep. 17, '78. 

Barfield, James, pt. Shepard's Co. 
Nov., '79. 

Bates, Luke, pt. Shepard's Co., Apl. 27, '77, 3 yrs. 

Bass, Ezdras, pt. Shepard's Co., Apl. 22, '77. Omtd June, '78. 
■ Bateman, Peter, pt. Shepard's Co., July 12, '77. Omtd June, 
Nov. '79. 

Badget, Sam'l., pt. Stevenson's Co., Aug. 24, '77. Dstd Jan. 20 

Ballentine, Malachi, pt. Jarvis Co., June 2, '77, 3 yrs. W. Mus. Mch. 8 

Barco, Jno., Muse. Gregory's Co., May 24, '77, 3 yrs. Pt. June, '78. 

Barco, Leaman, pt. Gregory's Co., June 9, '77, 3 yrs. ,Corpl. Apl., '82. 

Barber Wm, Lt. Moore's Co., Apl. 19, '77. Omtd. June, '78. 

Bartie, John, pt. Moore's Co., Aug. 5, '77, 3 yrs. Dstd Jan. 1, '83. 

Ballentine, Alexr., pt. W. Sergt. May, '79; pt. Jan., '80. 

Barrow, Jas., pt., May 10, '76, 2 1-2 yrs. Disc. Nov. 10. '78. 

Baker, Wm., pt. Omtd. Feb., '79. 

Barco, Wyllis, pt, Dec. 17th, '77, 3 yrs. 

Bagley, Isaac, Corp'l Hogg's Co., July 20, '78, 9 mos. 

Badgette, Jesse, Corpl. Lt. Col. Com., July 20, '78, 9 mos. 

Bass, Council, Muse. Lt. Col. Com., July 20, '78, 9 mos. « 

Battis, John, pt. Lt. Col. Com., July 20, '79, 9 mos. 

Bass, Uriah, pt. Lt. Col. Com., July 20, '78, 9 mos. 

Baker, Enos, pt. Baker's Co., July 20, '78, 9 mos. 

Bailey, Robert, pt. Baker Co., July 20, '78, 9 mos. 

Buckingham, Wm., pt. Baker's Co., July 20, '78, 9 mos. 

Baker, Wm., Muse, Blount's Co., July 20, '78, 9 mos. 

Barber, Jno., pt. Blount's Co., July 20, '78, 9 mos. 

Baney, Lyon, pt. Ballard's Co., July 20, '78, 9 mos. Omtd Oct., '78. 

Barbere, Isaac, pt. Ballard's Co., July 20, '78, 9 mos. 

Barrow, Dan'l, pt. Bradley's Co., July 20, '78, 9 mos. 

Bateman, Nary, pt. Child's Co., July 20, '78, 9 mos. 

Barnhill, Henry, pt. Child's Co., July 20, '78, 9 mos. 

Bailey, Wm., Corpl. Bradley's Co.. June 30, '79, 18 mos. 

Bass, Moses, pt. Bradley's Co., July 5, '79. W. Destd Sep., '79. 

Basket, Wm., pt. Montford's Co., June 15, '79, 18 mos. 

Bation,' David, pt. Montford's Co.. May 20, 79. W. Dstd Sep., '79. 

Barber, Wm., pt. Ballard's Co., June 29, '79, 3 yrs. 

Bates, Edwd., pt. Ballard's Co., June 29, '79, 3 yrs. 

Barnes, Thos., pt. Quinn's Co., May 24, '79, 18 mos. Corpl., '80. 

Bass., Aaron, pt. Quinn's Co.. June 24 '79, 18 mos. Dstd Dec, '79. 

Baggote, Allen, pt. Quinn's Co., June 5th. '79. Omtd Oct, '79. 

Barnes, Wm., pt. Quinn's Co., June 24, '79. W. 

Bagley, Natnan, pt. Blount's Co.. Aug. 5, '79. W. Dstd. Oct, '79 

Bailey, Wm., pt, 1779, 9 mos. Dstd Sept " 



184 Soldiers of the N. C. Continental Line. 

Barnet, Jno. or Jas., pt. June 1, '81. Left Service June 1, '82. 

Bass, Dred, pt. Raiford's Co., May 18, '81. Trans. Aug., '81, to the Legion. 

Baker, John, pt. Donoho's Co., May 25, '81, 12 mos. Time out. 

Bass, Hardy, pt. Donoho's Co., June 14 '81 12 mos. Time out. 

Bailey, Stephen, pt. Donoho's Co., June, '81, 12 mos, Do. 

Bass, Rich'd, pt. Donoho's Co., May 18, '81, 3 yrs. Omtd '81. 

Barrott, Joseph, pt. Donoho's Co., June 14, '81 12 mos. Dstd, Musd, July 
19, '81. 

Baker, Benj., pt. Dixon's Co., Apl. 15, '81, 12 mos. Left Serv. Apl. 25, '82. 
- Ballard, Dudley, pt. Lytle's Co., Apl 12, '81, 1 yr. Left Serv. Apl. 12, '82. 

Bates, James, pt. Sharp's Co. Apl. 15, '81, 1 yr. Left serv. Apl. 15, '82. 

Baggett, John, pt. Sharp's Co., Apl. 5, '81, 1 yr. Left serv. Apl. 5, '82. 

Baggett, Drew, Muse. Dixon's Co., 12 mos., no dbt. Left serv. Apl. 5, '82. 

Barnhill, James, pt. Lytle's Co., 12 mos. no dbt. Left serv. June 10, '82. 

Bailey, John, pt. Doherty's Co., 12 mos., no dbt. Mustd Jan. '82. 

Barker, Jos., p*. Doherty's Co., 12 mo., '81, no date. Time out May 25, '82. 

Barnhill, David, pt. Doherty's Co., 12 mo., no dbt. Time out May 25, '82. 

Bable, John, pt. Armstrong's Co. W. Mustd Jan., '82. 

Ball, Hosea, Sergt. Bailey's Co., May 17, '81, 12 mos. Left serv. May 17, '82. 

Baxter, Wm. pt. Bailey's Co., Apl. 12, '81, 12 mos. Left serv. Apl. 12, '82. 

Bachus, Wm. pt. Hall's Co., 1781, 12 mos Left serv Aug. 1, '82. 

Burko, Jno. pt. Hall's Co., 1781, 12 mos. Left serv. July 10, '82. 

Ballard, Lewis, Corpl. Yarborrow's Co., 1781.12 mos. Left serv. Apl. 22, '82. 

Baker Jas., pt. Yarborrow's Co, 1781, 12 mos. Left serv Apl. 22, '82. 

Banks. Wm., pt. Yarborrow's Co., 1781, 12 mos. Left serv. Apl. 1, '82. 

Ballard, Wyatt, pt. Carter's Co., 1781, 12 mos. 

Baker, Isaac, pt. Jones' Co., Oct. 1, '81, 12 mos.. 

Bailee, John, pt. Mills' Co., Feb'y 7, '82 12 mos. Time out Jan.. 7, '82. 

Bailey, Rich'd pt. Jones Co., Jan. 1, '81, 12 mos. 

Banks, Jas., pt. Baileys Co., Sept. 13, '82, 18 mos. 

Baker, Dempsey, pt. Bailey's Co., Sep. 10, '82, 18 mos. Dstd June 21, 1783. 

Ballard, Joal, Corpl. Hadley's Co., Aug. 1, '82, 18 mos. 

Bachus, Josh, pt. Hadley's Co., Aug. 1, '82, 18 mos. 

Baxley, Josh, pt. Hadley's Co., Aug. 1, '82, or Backsley. Died June 6, '83. 

Baker, John, pt. Hadley's Co., Aug. 1, '82, 18 mos. 

Bakot, Peter, Capt. Hadley's Co., Sep. 8, '81. % 

Batstaff Fred'k, pt. Bacot's Co., 1782, 18 mos. 

Barrer, Moses, pt. Bacot's Co., 1782, 18 mos. 

Barnett, Sion, Corpl., Carter's Co., 1782, 18 mos. 

Bagwell, John, pt, Carter's Co, 1782 18 mos. 

Bateman, Wm., pt. Raiford's Co., 1782, 18 mos. 

Baldwin, Edwd., pt. Brevard's Co., 1782, 18 mos. 

Baxter, Thos., pt. Brevard's Co., 1782, 18 mos. 

Bailey, Josh, pt., Evan's Co., 1782, 18 mos. Omtd Jan. '83, transfd. 

Barns, Moses, pt. Evan's Co., 1782. 

Baker, Josh, pt. Bacot's Co. Musd Dec, '83, died June 18, '83. 

Baker, Josh, pt. Sharp's Co.. Nov. 10, '78, 9 mos. 

Backus Josh, pt. Armstrong's, May 25, '78, 3 yrs. Musd June, '79. 

Bailey. Isaac, pt. Sharp's Co., 3 yrs. Musd Feb., '79. Destd Apl. 22, '79. 

Bennett, Jacob, pt. Jarvis Co., Sept. .8, '77, 3 yrs. 

Bennett, Benjamin, pt. Jarvis Co., June 16, '77, 3 yrs. Omtd June, '78. 

Berry, Amos. pt. Joined Jan. 10, '78, died Apl. 10, '78. 

Beavens, Geo. pt. Montford's Co., 1778. 

Benton, Edom, pt., Hogg's Co., July 20. '78, 9 mos. Died Nov. 7, '78. 

Bell Elias, pt. Baker's Co.. July 20, '78, 9 mos. 

Bennell, Neheh., pt. Bradley's Co., July 20, '78, 9 mos. 

Bennett Wm., pt. Bradley's Co., July 20, '78, 9 mos. 

Beach Robt, pt. Child's Co., July 20, '78, 9 mos. 

Bennett, Wm., pt. Child's Co., July 20, '78, 9 mos. 

Beeney Jos., pt. Montford's Co., June 1, '79, 18 mos. Omtd Oct. '79. 


Soldiers of the N. C. Continental Line. 185 

Bennett, Sol., pt. Ballard's Co., June 29, '79, 18 mos. Dstd Aug. 5, '79. 

Beaver, John, Corpl. Blount's Co., Mar. 1, '79, 9 mos. Disc. Dec. 1, '79. 

Beasley, Saml, pt. Blount's Co., May 20, '77, 3 yrs. 

Bell, Robt. Ens. Raiford's Co., May 18, '81. Lieut. Sept. 8, '81. 

Bell, Geo., pt. McRee's Co., Apl. 25, '81, 12 mos. Left Serv. Apl. 25, '82. 

Bennett, Reuben, pt. Raiford's Co., May 5, '81, 12 mos. Served time out. 

Bexley, James pt. Sharp's Co., Apl. 5, '81, 12 mos. Left Serv. Apl. 5, '82. 

Bert, John, pt. Doherty's Co., 12 mos., '81, no dbt. Left serv. May 25, '82. 

Benton, John, pt. Rhodes Co., 12 mos., '81, no dbt. Disc. Feb. 17, '82. 

Benton, Josh, pt. Doherty's Co., 12 mos., '81, no dbt. Do. May 25, '82. 

Beverhouse, Abm. June 81, 12 mos. Left serv. June 26, '82. 

Beeseley, Wm., Corpl. Bailey's Co., May 17, '81, 12 mos. Time out May 17, 
'82. | 

Berry, Jas., pt. Brevard's Co., 1781. Left serv. Apl. 25, '82. 

Bell, Josiah, pt. Hall's Co., 1781, 12 mos. Left serv. July 10, '82. 

Bentley. Thos., pt. 1781, 12 mos. Left serv. Apl. 1, '82. 

Bealy, Arc'h, pt. Yarborrow's Co., 1781, 12 mos. Left serv. June 17, '82. 

Benton, Nathan, pt. Jones Co., Jan. 1, 82, 12 mos. 

Betts, Wm.. pt. Jones Co., Mar. 6, '82, 12 mos. • f 

Beesley, Wm., pt. Jones Co., Jan. 2, '82, 12 mos. 
.Betts Matthias, pt. Jones Co., Sep. 14, '81, 12 mos. 

Bell, Wm., pt. Coleman's Co., May 15, '81, 12 mos. Re. Enl. Aug. 1, '82, for 
12 months. 

Bell, Sam'l pt. Coleman's Co., Feb. 7, '82, 12 mos. i 

Bell, Jas., Corpl. Hadley's Co., Aug. 1, '82, 18 mos. 

Berry, Jas., pt. Carter's Co., 1782, 18 mos. Dstd Dec. 25 '82. 

Benton, Dempsey, pt. Raiford's Co., 1782, 18 mos. 

Bennett, John, pt. Raiford's Co., 1782, 18 mos. Dstd June. 11, '83. 

Berry, Caleb, pt. 1779, 3 yrs. 

Beasley, Sam'l, pt. Medaria's Co., 9 mo3. Musd. Jan., '79. 

Berry, Caleb, pt. Medaria's Co., 3 yrs. Mustd Jan., '79. 

Bedo, John. pt. Medaria's Co., 3 yrs. Mustd. Feb., '79. 

Belew, John, pt. Lytle's Co., 1782, 18 mos. 

Bird. Hardy, pt. Shepard's Co., July 1, '77, 3 yrs. Pris. June 1, '79. Mustd 
Nov., '79. 

Bissell, Enos, pt., Sept. 10, '77. » 

Bishop, Mioses, Sergt., Colonel's, July 20, '78, 9 mos. 

Bird, Benjamin, pt. Ballard's Co., July 20, '78, 9 mos. Omtd Oct., '78. 

Biby, Thos., pt. Ballard's Co., June 29 '79, 9 mos. Disc. Dec. 1, '79. 

Bird, Jacob, pt. McRee's Co., Apl. 28, '81 Dstd June 18, '81. 

Billings, Abm., pt. McRee's Co., Apl. 28, '81. Dstd July 13, '81. 

Billups, Thos.. Muse. Raiford's Co., Apl. 15, '81. Left serv. Apl. 15, '82. 

Bibby, Absalom, pt. Dixon's Co., May 18, '81, 12 mos Left serv. May 21, '82. 

Binumf Wm., pt. Lytle's Co., Apl. 12, '81. Left serv. Apl. 12, '82. 

Bishop, Wm., pt. Armstrong's Co., 12 mos., '81. Left Serv. Dec. 1, '82. 

Billups, Rich'd, pt. Yarborrow's Co., 1781. Left serv. Apl. 22, '82. 

Bibby, Sol., pt. Yarborrow's Co., 1781. Omtd Apl. 1, '82. |j 

Bibber, Dan'l pt. Carter's Co., June 6, '81, 12 mo. Time out June 6, '82. 

Bingham, John, pt. Sharp's Co., 1782, 18 mos. 

Bido John, pt. Dstd Sept., 1779. 

Bird, Moses, Muse. Taylor's Co., 2 1-2 yrs. Musd Jan., 1779. 

Birgay, Wm., pt. Taylor's Co., 2 1-2 yrs. Musd Jan., 1779. 

Black, Martin, pL Stevenson's Co., May 16, '77, 3 yrs. 

Blanchet, Thos., Sergt. Vanoy's Co., June 21, '77, 3 yrs; pt June, '78. 

Blanchett, Fred'k Muse. Vanoy's Co., Aug. 20, '77, 3 yrs. 

Blackley E. Surgeon's Mt, April 20, '78. Omtd. Aug., '78. ! 

Blango, Moses, pt. Hogg's Co., July 20, '78, 9 mos. . | 

Blango, Benj., pt. Hogg's Co., July 20, '78, 9 mos. j 

Blunt, Thomas, pt. Hogg's Co., July 20, '78, 9 mos. 

Blanchets, Jas., pt. Blount's Co., July 20, '78, 9 mos. 

186 Soldiers of the N. C. Continental Line. • ■ 

■ I 

Blackwell, Jas., pt. Bradley's Co., July 20, '78, 9 mos. • 

Blythe, Jos., Sergt., Child's Co., July 2, "79. 

Blount, Thos, pt. Ballard's Co., June 29, '79, 18 mos. 

Blount, Edmond, pt. Dixon's Co., Apl. 15, '81, 12 mos. Omtd, '81. 

Blount, Benj., pt., Sharp's Co., Apl. 15, '81, 12 mos. Left Serv. Apl. 15, '82 

Blount, Thomas, pt. Doherty's Co., 12 mos., '81, no d'bt. Time out Mar 
25, '81. ' ; 

Blackstone, Henry, Muse. Lytle's Co., June 20, '80, 12 mos. 

Bletcher, Jacob, pt. Armstrong's Co., 12 m., '81, no dbt. Left Serv Dec 
23, '82. 

Blanchard, Micaja, pt. Hall's Co., 1781, 12 mos. Left Serv. Aug. 1, '82. 

Blackstone, Henry, pt. Coleman's Co., Apl. 1, '82, 12 m. Mustd Sep 1 '82 

Blount, Fred'k, pt. Hall's Co., July 15, *82. War. 

Black, Jas., pt. Bailey's Co., Sep. 1, '82, 12 mo. 

Black, Giren, pt. Bailey's Co., Aug. 1, '82, 12 mos. 

Black, Guin, pt. Bacot's Co., 1782, 18 mos. 

Black, George, Sergt. Lytle.s Co., 1782, 18 mos. Dstd, Dec. 10, '82. 

Black, Jas., pt. Lytle's Co., 1782 18 mos. 

Black, Martin, pt. Evan's Co., 1782, 18 mos. 

Blamer, John, Corp'l. Evan's Co., 1782, 18 mos., died June 13, '83. 

Blount, Warren, Sergt. Sharp's Co., Nov. 10, '78, 9 mos. 

Boyd, John, pt. Stevenson's Co., June 14, '77, died Mch. 22, '78; 3 yrs. 
* Boyd, Wm, pt. Stevenson's Co., June 14, '77, 3 yrs. 

Boswell, Wm. Sergt. Moore's Co., June 11, '77, 3 yrs. Pt. June, '78. Corpl. 
Oct, '78. 

Boyce, Arthur, Q. M. Sergt, June '78, Sergt. June, '79. Dstd Dec. 2, '79. 

Bogart, Tunis, pt. Fenner's Co, Mar. 1, '79. W. 

Bootey, Candol, pt. Quinn's Co, July 20, '78, 9 mos. 

Boyd, James, pt. Lt. Col, July 20 '78 9 mos. Musd Mch, '80. 

Boyd, Sam'l pt. Lt. Col, July 20, '78, 9 mos. 

Boon, Elisha, pt. Baker's Co, July 20, '78, 9 mos. 

Boon, Lewis, pt. Blount's Co, July 20, '78, 9 mos. 

Boon, David, pt. Ballard's Co, July 20, '78, 9 mos. 

Boon, James, pt. Bradley's Co, July 20, '78, 9 mos. 

Bolton, Richard, Sergt. Ballard's Co, July 20, 78, 9 mos. 

Bozman, Ethelredge, pt. Ballard's Co, July 20, '78, 9 mos. Omtd Oct, '78. 

Bozman, Jesse, pt. Ballard's Co, July 20, '78, 9 mos. Omtd. Oct, '78. 

Boyd, Joseph, Corpl. Bradley's Co, July 20 '78, 9 mos. 

Bowers, Giles, pt. Bradley's Co, July 20, '78, 9 mos. Dstd Oct, '78. 

Boston, Chrisn, pt. McRee's Co, Apl. 28, '81, 12 mos. Left Serv. Apl. 28, 

Boston, Andrew, pt. McRee's Co, Apl. 28, '81, 12 mos. Left. Serv. April 
28, 1782. 

Booling, Wm, pt. Donoho's Co, June 14, '81, 12 mos. Omtd '81. • 

Boon, Elisha, pt. Dixon's Co, May 4, '81, 12 mo. Time out May 4, '82. 

Bonner, Wm, Corpl. Sharp's Co, Apl. 15, '81, 12 mos. Omtd '81. 

Bowers, Sol, pt. Sharp's Co.; Apl. 5, '81, 12 mo. Left Serv. Apl. 15, '82. 

Boyce, John, pt. Sharp's Co, 1781, 3 yrs. Died July 25, '82. 

Boyce, Dempsey, Capt. Armstrong's Co, 12 mo, '81, no dbt. Time out 
Nov. 1, *82. 

Boyce, Wm, pt. Armstrong's Co.. 12 m, '81. no dbt. Left serv. Oct. 1, '82: 

Boon, David, pt. Lytle's Co, 12 m, '81. Time out May 19, '82. 

Boyd, Benj, pt. Rhodes Co, 12 m, '81. Disc. Jan. 23, '82. 

Bolton, Benj, pt. Armstrong's Co, 12 m, '81. Left Serv. Dec. 1, 1782. 

(To be continued.) 

Whale Fishing in North Carolina. 



North Carolina. 

To the Honble Christopher Gale, Esq., Chief Justice and the rest 
of the Assistant Justices of the Gen'l Court to be held at Edenton the 
last Tuesday in October, 1727. 

The information and complaint of William Little, Esq., Att'y 
Gen'l and Receiver in behalf of his Exc'll'y John Lord Carteret, 
Palatine, and the rest of the true & Absolute Lords Proprietors of 
Carolina, sheweth that, 

Whereas his Roy all Majesty King- Charles the Second of blessed 
memory heretofore King of England, Scotland, France & Ireland, 
in the 17th year of his Reign by Royal! Charter under the great 
seale duly ratifyed did give, grant & confirm unto Edward Earle of 
Clarendon, George Duke of Albemarle, William Earle of Craven, 
John Lord Berkley, Anthony Lord Ashley, Sr. George Carteret, 
St. John Colleton and Sir Wm. Berkley & assign* a certain Tract 
of Land Territory or Province within his said Majesty's Dominions 
extending from Corratuck Inlet or' Gulet near Virginia on the North 
& Southerly unto the latitude of 29 degress of North latitude inclusive 
near the Gulf or Cape of Florida together with all waters, Harbores, 
Bays & the fishing for all sorts of Whales, Sturgeon, & all other Royal 
Fishes in the Sea, Bays, lnletts & Rivers within the premises and the 
fish therein, taken together with the Royalty of the Sea upon the Coast 
within the limits aforesaid and also in and by the sayd Charter did 
incorporate, create and constitute them the sayd Edward Earle of 
Clarendon, &c, their Heirs and Assigns to be the true* and absolute 
Lords and proprietors of the said province or Territory, and all other 
the premises (saving always the faith, allegiance and Sovereign Do- 
minion due to his said Roy all Majesty, his Heirs and Successor.) 
All which hath constantly since been held possessed and enjoy'd by 
the said Lords Proprietors, their Heirs and Assigns, by the name and 
style of the Palatine and the rest of the true & absolute Lords Pro- 
prietors of Carolina. And the sayd Attorney in the behalf as afore- 
said. Sheweth that his Excell'y the Palatine and the rest of the true 
and absolute Lords Proprietors of Carolina for encouraging the whale 
fishing in their sayd Province have for a long time granted publick 
leave & ljycenco to the Inhabitants of other Governments to take, kill 
& save whales and all other Royall fish in any of the Bays, Seas or 
Coasts within their sayd Limits and Dominion yielding and paying 
annually to them the sayd Palatine and the rest of the true and Ab- 
solute Lords & Proprietors of Carolina or their Receivers for them 
one tenth part of the Oyle or Blubber and finn or Whalebone com- 
monly so called by them so taken, killed and saved and the sayd At- 
torney Gen'l further sheweth that upon the encouragem't & lycence 


Whale Fishing in North Carolina. 

so given as aforesaid, Sundry Inhabitants of Xew England and else- 
where as well as the Inhabitants of this government for severall 
years past in divers Crews or Companys in Ships or Sloops have 
come into Ports and Harbours of this Government, the Masters 
whereof by proper permits and Lycences have landed their respective 
Companys or Boats Crews of Men, with their Boats, tackle, stores 
and utensils to follows the sayd imploy of Whaling and have killed, 
taken and saved sundry whales on the Coast of the Government and 
thereof made considerable quantities of Oyle and Bone and have 
constantly payd the tenth part thereof annually as aforesaid yet 
nevertheless so it is that in the year of our Lord 1725, on or about 
the month of December Josiah Doty, Master of a Sloop or Ship with 
a great Company of men and Severall Boats with Tackle & stores 
under his care, charge and conduct did enter his sayd Vessell & 
stores in Port Beaufort within this Government by virtue of the 
afQresaid Toleration or lyeence was permitted to unlode his sayd 
Company with their Boats, Stores and Utensils to go on the sayd 
employ of Whaling on the Sea Coasts of this Government for the 
winter Season of the sayd year who during the sayd season did kill, 
take and save a great number of Whales in the Bays, Shoar or Sea 
Coast of this Government and thereof did save and make the quan- 
tity of three hundred barrel^ of Oyle and one thousand weight of 
whalebone yet nevertheless the said Josiah Doty did not pay and ren- 
der nor cause to be divided, payd and rendered to the said Palatine 
and the rest of ye true & absolute Lords Proprietors nor their Re- 
ceiver the sayd Tenth part of the said Oyle and Bone, but the whole 
thereof in the said Vessell and other Vessels did carr}* and Trans- 
port out of this Government and doth still deny & refuse the said 
Tenth part of said Oyle and Bone by them gott as aforesaid to pay 
and render altho' he hath been often thereto required to the damage 
of his Excell'y John Lord Carteret Palatine & the rest of the trite & 
absolute Lords Proprietors of Carolina five hundred pounds and 
thereon the sayd Attorney in their behalf as aforesaid commandeth 
suit and prays process and judgment thereon for the said damages 
and costs. 



WM. LITTLE, Attornev Con't Precinct. 
W. Badham, Clerk Cur. Gen'l. 

': ' • -■:• 



Letter from Edwd. Moseley to Aug. Scarbrough. 189 


Chowan, March 12, 1712. ' 

Sir : With this by Wm. Cartwright I send you the list of claims 
for your Precinct — But the money in Publick Bills of Credit not 
holding out as was expected — It is concluded by the Comm'ers for 
Issuing them out but half the Claims now, excepting the So. Caro- 
lina List, Maj. Gales' expedition to So. Carolina, for drawing the 
bills of Credit, & Capt. Ilecklefield which are agreed to be paid off 
entirely — for paym't of Mr. Knight's & Mr. Foster's Claims I have 
drawn out a distinct parcel of Bills, which I am to give them. I 
send you 292£ in Bills proportionable for ye four yearly payments 
sealed up with the same seal as this is. 

You are to remember that you pay nobody above half of their claim 
and that must be so proportioned that he have a part of each year's 
bills and not one to have the first years bills & another ye last years. 
But if it so happen that it must be proportioned to pay one man his 
Claims by himself I believe it were better to Joyn so many together 
as may be convenient and that will bear a proportion. And some- 
times where the sum is small & will not admitt of a bill for each year 
then to give a bill either of the second or third year for as I said 
before to give one the first and another ye last will be hard measure 
to some. 

I have thus ventured to give a small acct. how I intend to manage 
it in my precinct believing it may give you some light towards Dis- 
tributing them in yours, I remain Sir, » 

Yours very humble Servt., 

To Mr. Augustin Scarborough, Treasurer 

of Pasquotank Prect. per Mr. Cartwright. 


North Carolina, July Court, 1742. 

Chowan County — Ss. 

Present His Majesty's Justices. 

These may certify that the following is a true copy of the Rates 
ordered to be taken by the Ordinary Keepers in this County for the 
several Articles under mentioned, viz: £ s d 

Rum per Gallon and so in proportion 2 10 

Madeira, Vidona and other wine per Quart & so in proportion 15 

One Quart of Flip with ^pint of Rum on it 4 

Carolina Cyder per quart 1 

Northern Do " do 2 


Table of Rates for Ordinaries. 

Strong Malt Beer of America 3 

Do of Great Britain per Quart 7 6 

A Quart of Punch with Loaf Sugar, lime juice and half pint 

of Bum 7 6 

Dyet of fresh meat, Bread and Small Beer 5 

Lodging per night 2 6 

Gallon of Oats or Corn 2 6 

Pasturage for a horse 24 hours 13 

Claret per botjtle , 1 5 

A Pint of Punch with Brown Sugar 5 

A Breakfast 5 

British Ale & Beer bottled & wired in Great Britain 12 6 

By order, ' JAS. CRAVEN, Clk. Cur. 


North Carolina, July Chowan Court 1746. 

Chowan County — Ss. 

Present His Majesty's Justices. 

It was then and there ordered, That the Several Ordinary Keepers 
lake out a Copy of ye following Rates and Keep the same up ac- 
cording to Law, viz as each is to take and receive for. £ s d 

Maderia wine p Quart & so in proportion 12 6 

Yidonia Wine p Quart & so in proportion 10 

Carolina Cyder per Quart 2 6 

Northern Cyder per Quart 5 

Strong Malt Beer of America p Quart or bottle 5 

A diet of fresh meat, wheat Bread & small Beer 6 

Lodging p. night 2 6 

A Gallon of Oats or Corn 2 6 

Pasturage or stabling a horse p. night 1 5 

Claret p. bottle 1 5 

A Breakfast 5 

Rum p. gallon & so in proportion 2 10 

A Quart of Flip with half pint of Rum on it 5 

Strong Malt Beer or Porter of Great Britain, Quart or bottle 7 6 
A Quart of Punch with Loaf Sugar, Lime Juice & ^ Pint 

Rum 7 6 

A Quart of Punch with Brown Sugar 5 

British Ale or Beer Bottled or wired in Great Britain. ... 10 

N. B. If any person or persons presume to take any higher or 
greater price for Liquors than above rated, on complaint and proof 
thereof made before any two Justices of ye peace within the said 
County, shall forfeit their Lycences and further be Lyable to the 
Penalties by Law prescribed. 

By order. JAS. CRAVEN, Clk. Cur. 

Prison Bounds in 1747. 



(Original in Court 

House at Bdenton 

, N. 





14 j 15 

16; Prison. 

















7 j 8 




" State of North Carolina, 

Chowan County: — Ss. 
In Obedience to an Order of Chowan County Court appointing 
us the Subscribers to lay off the Prison Bounds in Edenton, we have 
according to the Directions of the said Court laid off the same, as 
appears by the above plan, and which Bounds is contained within the 
black line as appears by the said plan. 

Given under our hands the 26th day of October, Anno Domi, 1747. 


N. B. — The Court House lots makes 1 acre. 

The Et & Wt street 1 do and 3340 foot. 

The 22 Lots \ deep makes 3J do and 7260 foot. 

The 25 foot at each corner \ deep 11000 foot. 

Which is 180 foot short of six acres 

5| acres 

21600 foot. 

for 21.780 foot is half an acre 21.780 

The odd feet is so trifling that it would not 
extend above \ part of a foot each way." 

Erom the above valuable paper we are not only informed as to 
the Prison Bounds allowed Debtors and persons charged with minor 
offences, but it also contains the location of the first Court House 
built in the Colony and used for the first time Nov. 18, 17'18, from 
the above diagram it is absolutely settled that it stood on the South 
side of King Street, facing the present building built some time 
after 1747. The prison seems to have stood where the Court JHouse 


Prison Bounds in 1747. 

now stands, the Court House referred to in the diagram was a wood- 
en structure to which Col. Wm. Byrd in his Westorer Mss. referred 
in 1729, as having the appearance of a "common tobacco barn." 
We do not know when the present Court House was erected, but 
incline to the opinion that it was between 1767 and 1775. 

There was in 1747, on the Court House lots, "a building to hold 
the Assembly in" called ''The Councill Chamber." From an order 
issued by the Chowan County Court, July Court 1744, directed to 
Mr. James Craven and Dr. Abraham Blackall, to lay off four acres 
at the corners, it appears that the first Legislative Building in North 
Carolina, stood on the North side of King Street," close on the back 
side of the new prison so far as the Council Chamber and Prison lots, 
&c. (See Vol. 1, No. 3, page 453, N. C. Hist, and General Keg- 

A "Public Warehouse" had been built on the Court House lots, 
but nothing has appeared so far to indicate its exact location, possi- 
bly it was erected at the foot of the lots, next to the water, for con- 
venience in transferring the goods stored therein to vessels for ship- 
ment, we may, as in the above instance, stumble upon some record 
yet, that will show the spot where it served the public. 

■'-■■ < 




THIS BILL of Five Pounds shall be current in all payment 

in North Carolina according to an Act of Assembly made Novem. 
27th, 1729. 

Wm. Downing. J. Loyick, 

, — *— % . Cullen Pollock. 

■ < SEAL > 

Thos. Swann. 


Endorsed on the back by Rebecca Smith and Thomas Harlo. 

The above is an exact copy of a 5 pound note found in the Court 
House at Edenton, N. C. It was fiat money but answered every 
purpose as it was taken for taxes and as reports show, when paid 
over to the Collectors, was destroyed by a committee for that pur- 

Petition of Inhabitants of Matchapungo. 



To the Honorable Eobert Daniel, Esq., Deputy Govern'r, and the 
rest of the Honorable Members in Counsel. 

The humble Petition of the Inhabitants of Matchapungo. May- 
it please your honours. 

Wee whose names are hereunto subscribed do humbly address, yr 
honours not only in behalf of ourselves the subscribers, but of all 
the Inhabitants of this place most humbly praying that some speedy 
and effectual method may be taken for restraining the Insolency 
and continued abuse of the Matchapungo Indians by killing and 
destroying our hoggs and beating one of our neighbours for endeav- 
oring to prevent the same as likewise the threatening to take our lives 
away for discovery of these there Villanies to prevent wh King- 
Charles in his own person (whether out of policy to see how wee 
would report it or out of Keal Kindness to us wee knew not) came 
down in the night to give us **** since wh and in this instant they 
continue unpardonably insolent both in there speeches and actions. 
In all things rather showing a desire to a War with us than a peace, 
and here accordingly settled themselves nigh a Wildernesse where 
upon the least Intimation they can easily repair without being pur- 

Wherefore these things being taken for trouble, as we are ready to 
prove, Do therefore hope and confidently beleave that your honours, 
will find it part of yor Christian duty to see us defended from 
these barbarous heathen, and that wee may not live in such dayly 
Jeopardy of our lives. Wee likewise return our most humble and 
unfeigned thanks to the Honourable Governr for his kind and 
affectitonate Lett'r by wch encouragement wee are emboldened to 
give yor honours this further information not doubting but to ob- 
tain relief e by such ways as your honours shall think fitt to prescribe 
and yor Petitioners as in duty bound will ever pray. 

Nicholas Daw, Charles Smith, John Britt, 
Richard Batchlear, Simon Poscue, Henry Slaid, 
Richard Jeffries, James Welch, Robert Malones, 
Henry Eborn, Roger Mountearg, Wm. Winn. 


Mr. Barro, this is to give you some understanding that Samuel 
Slockum hath Receaved that the Indians do intend for to Cut. us all 
of wich has put a bundance of people in a very great fright wich is 
so much that they are for leaving the Country arount, which a upon 
I sent for him and examined him upon oath, wich is as follows. No 


Relating to the Indians, 1703. 

more at present but our loves to you and yours, and to brother Joseph. 
I am your friend and Servt. 

to command, 


October ye 20, 1703. 

Samuel Slockum did declare before me upon oath, that there was 
a Indian named Wehuna did ask him whether the English did intend 
to make war or no and he said no, and the Indian sade that we do"; 
under stand that you do intend for to make war with us by Severall 
of our Indians, ware upon he saide the Indians are now fully Re- 
solved for to make trial of it for to see which is the ardiest, and Sam- 
uel Slockum saith that several others Indians has told him that 
thare is 2 pertiqlar towns dos intend for to make war and that one 
and all are agreed for it except 3 Indians, men if the Garde 2 towns 
wich are very much against it, but as for any of the other towns as 
jet are not agree as vet to make war with the English and further 
this Deponent saith 'not. LYOXELL READING. 

So if you think fitt so carry this in with you and give his honer 

account of it. 

[This affidavit was made in Bath county and refers to the Indians in this section 
who were very troublesome, we have as yet to find any evidence of the slightest 
trouble with any of the Indians on the North side of the Albemarle Sound, or 
East of the Chowan River, from the first there seems to have prevailed the most 
friendly relations between them and the whites. — Editor.] 

Pamlico in North Carolina, Eeb. 29, 1703-4. 
To ye Honble ye Gov'r and Counsell wee whose names are und'r- 
written doe Hum present to your Honrs. 

That wee have great reason to believe yt ye neighbouring towns 
of ye Tuscororah Indians are of late dissatisfied with ye Inhabitants 
of this place and severall actions and discourses of ye bare-river In- 
dians and more than ordinary familiarity of late yt is between them 
and ye Tuscororas Indians is to believe yt they are Indeavouring to 
persuade them yt ye English here desires a war against them *** 
-*#* #** j£ y 0r jj onor (j oes no t speedily take sum Care in ye matter ; 
wee may receive sum prejudice from them the wch wee suppose 
might be prevented and yt sum of ye Chiefs of ye Indians would 
•come in to yor Honrs if you would speedily please to send a good 
Interpreter here with orders what to doe and such of us yor Honrs 
shall apoint are ready to goe with such an Interpreter, Wee pray yt 
yor Honrs will take some speedy care in ye promises for our preser- 
vation as to goe without shall soon not one remain. 
Yr. Hum. Servts., 

Lyonell Reading, Richard Smith, Nicholas 

Tyler, Thos. Dereham, Levi Truewhitt, Win, 

Brite, Isum Legge, Wm. Powell, Edward Gat- 

lin, Thos. Pierce. 

Letter from John Egan to Col. James Blount. 195 

(Original in Court House at Edenton, N. C.) 

North Carolina. 

Permission is hereby granted to Paul Palmer of Edenton a Pro- 
testant Minister to Teach or preach the word of God in any part of 
the said Province (he having qualified himself as such) pursuant to 
the directions of an Act of Parliament made in the first year of King 
William and Queen Mary Intitled an "Act for Tolerating Protestant 

Given under my hand at Edenton the 4th day of October Anno 
Pom. 1738. 

(Not signed.) 

Paul Palmer was one of Seven Baptists who organized the first 
Baptist Congregation in North Carolina, they met at the house of 
Wm. Burgess at the head of Raymond Creek in Camden Co., N. C, 
and Sept. 5, 1727, applied to the Court of Pasquotank Co., to have 
the house of Wm. Burgess registered as their place of "Religious 
Worship." We have been informed upon reliable authority that 
Wm. Burgess lived near the site of Shiloh, Camden Co., N. C. 

The above paper is endorsed on the back "To be Registered for 
Paul Palmer." 


Mrs. Parsons, Apl. the 2nd, 1779. 

Dear Colonel, I am very much surprised at the delay of these 
men that you should have sent over to me. I have been here now a 
whole week and not a man yett. I am much afraid you leave it to 
Some Body Else to Doe; — while you Doe you never will gett them 
to gether for the are a sett of lazy Raskalls that hate to leave the fire 
side. You promised me you would turn out in search of them yr self 
for if you Doe not you never will get them together. All the troops on 
this side is a marching every day, the last of them is gone this Day 
for Kingston. Consider Colonel I am a poor young fellow and am 
all this time at my own expence in a tavern. I can't afford it any 
longer and hope you will take my case into Consideration. Pray 
Sir if you can't gett anney more men pray Lett me Know that I 
may if you think proper sett off without anny. 

Yr. Humble Servt., 

To James Blount, Esq., 

Col. of the Militia in Chowan. 

196 Petition of the Inhabitants of Little Eiver. 


"Whereas ye Lords & Absolute Proprietors of Carolina having 
granted by a deed under their hands and Great Seale of their Pro- 
vince bearing date the 1st day of May, 1668 that ye Inhabitants of 
Albemarle should hold their Lands of them upon the same termes 
and Condishons that Lands weer then held at in Virginia. This is 
to give notice that all persons whoe Proves their rights may have 
warrants out of the Secretaryes office to the Surveyor and Pattens 
Granted in pursuance of the said deed to be taken out the next meet- 
ing of the Assembly and soe from time to time as they shall have 
their Lands Surveyed. Given under my hand and Seale this 20th 
day of November, 1693. 

To. Maj. Alex. Lillington, 

High Sheriff of Albemarle County, who is hereby ordered to pub- 
lish this in Pascotank precinct. 




"The Humble Petition & Adres of ye Inhabitants of ye uper part 
of Littel River in Perquimans Precinct Showeth that thy petition- 
ers have made a Convenient Rode from this Paquimans to this River 
and have labored much upon it made many bridges and one very 
long good one over ye sd Littell River, and have injoyeYl our labor 
this 15 years but now some persons that lives lower down ye sd River 
that never did much work upon Any rode, have patitioned ye precinct 
Gourte for an Order & obtained it to make a bridge Lower 
down & to Alter ye Rode & Comand us to work upon it so that we 
must be forsed to ceep two Rodes which will bee such A hardship 
Apon us that we are not able to Comply with do therefore beg ye the 
honble the Gen'l Court to do us that Justis to reverse that order and 
if they will have an other Rode & bridg let them doe it as we have 
done ourselves and each Party maintain their own Rode. We sub- 
scribe our Selves ye King's good subjects ye Lords Proprietors Ser- 
vants free born Englishman and ye honors faithfull friends, ye 
15th 5th mo., 1721. 

Thos. bosell, Wm. bbsell, Edward Modlin, An- 
drew Reed, Sam'l Nicholson, Nathaniel Albord- 
son, Christofor Nicholson, Zachariah Nixon, 
Michs Morpell, Thomas Montique, Jeames hi- 

An Act of Assembly. 



North Carolina, Ss. 

The Examination of John Richard, of Edenton, in Chowan Pre- 
cinct being of full age and sworn on the holy Evangelists. 

"Sayth that or on about the twenty-fifth day of January last, he 
the said Examinant being at the house of Col. William Maule on the 
West Shore comonly called "Maule's Haven" in discourse with one 
Mary Gilbert a servant or house-keeper to tbe said Maule, she told 
this Examinant that in the morning of the same day sbe heard Thos. 
Spires, Deputy Marshall drink to Mr. Burringtou's restoration as 
Govern'r and at the same time he said that he made no doubt but that 
he would be restored to the Governmt again and also that wisht he 
would or words to that purpose." 

Taken and sworn to this 

5 day of February, 1725. 

before me, W. Badham, Just. Pac. 





(Original in Court House at Edenton, N. C,) 

Whereas to ye disturbance of ye peace of this County by Sundry 
persons in their meetings and merriments Cast forth sundry oppro- 
bious words against ye late Gove'r Lord Sothell as well as against ye 
late transactions of this County wch may prove very prejudicial; 
and for ye better Establishing of Unity & tranquility amongst ye 
inhabitants here of be it enacted by ye Palatine, &c. 

That if any person or persons whatsoever Residing between this 
County shall revile, utter publish declare or cast forth any opprobious 
language against any person concerning ye late Transactions of this 
County whereby to cause animosities and disaffection amongst any 
of ye Inhabitants of this County all such so offending shall upon due 
proof suffer on month's Imprisonment without bail or maniprize or 
be amersed at ye pleasure of ye Court. 

The Lords Deputies at ye making this Act was Speaker Jno. Nix- 
son Burgess; Capt, Henderson Walker, Jon. Lewis, Jon Wingate, 
Tho. Pollock, Jon Pilpott, Tho. Jarvis, Coll. Will Wilkinson, Rich'd 
Sanderson, Thos. Miller, Jon. Hunt. 

198 Petition from Protestant Dissenters. 


The County of Chowan their account of 5 shillings Levey for the 
year 1743 for Erecting a Magazine. £ s d £ s d 

By 1126 Tithables for the sd year c 5s 281 10 

To my Commission 6 p. cent 16 17 10 

To 150 lbs fine Gun powder c 20s 150 0. 

To 600 lbs Bullets and Swan Shott @ 112 10 

To Bal due to this account 2 2 2 

281 10 281 10 

Oct the 20th this day appeared before me Peter Payne and made 
oath on the Holy Evangelists of Almighty God that the above account 
of Taxables for the year 1743 is just and true & that does not know 
of any more but insolvents. JOS. ANDERSON. 




"North Carolina Ss. To the Honourable John Montgomery, Esq., 
Chief Justice of this Province. 

The Humble Pet. of several Protestant Dissenters within the 
afores'd Province. 

We your Honours, Petitioners Protestant dissenters, Inhabitants 
of Bay River and Nuse River humbly shew that we your honour's 
petitioners have been often interrupted & finally debarred meeting 
together in Bath County for want of a Registered Meeting-house in 
said County,, as the Law directs. 

Therefore in order for accomplishing the same, we addressed the 
County Court held in Bath in June last with our humble petition 
for a house at Bay River to be Registered for our Publick Worship, 
which although the law allows us that priviledge yet it was Refused. 
Therefore as Children to a father, for Relief, so we come to your 
hon'our, humbly praying that your honour would be graciously pleas- 
ed to treat ©ur petition k grant us the house of Mi. Robert Spring 
& the house of Mr. Nathaniel Draper at Flea Point formerly be- 
longing to Mr. Amos Cutrel, that we may have the sd houses Regis- 
tered for places of public Worship ; it being a Reasonable request 
agreeable to the Laws of the Land. We doubt not but your honour 
will in Justice grant us our Request, your honour's compliance here- 
in shall be thankfully acknowledged by your honour's poor peti- 
tioners & very humble Servants, and in duty bound will ever pray, 
April 25th, 1742. Signed, John Pearce, Lazarus Pearce, James 
Jones, Benjamin Fullpher, Joship Fullfer, Wm. Fulpher, Nathan'l 
Draper, Thomas Lewis, Nicholas Purefor, Thos. Fulpher, Wm. Rob- 
inson, Jno. Jacob Grinder, Samuel Willis, Geo. Graham, Robert 
Spring, Amos Cutrell, Jno. Jacob Hoover, Jno. West, Josiah Harte, 
John Church, Abraham Warren, Lamuel Harvy, James Purser. 

Proceedings Relating to Court House. 



North Carolina, 

Bertie County, Ss. At a Court began and held for said County 
at the Court House on Timber Branch on Tuesday the Tenth day of 
November Anno Domini 1741. Present, Peter West, Will'm Cath- 
cart, Needham Bryant, Esqrs, &c. 

Persuant to an Act of Assembly Entituled An Act for Erecting the 
upper part of Bertie County into a county by the Name of North- 
ampton County and for regulating the Limits Between Society Par- 
ish and the Northwest Parish of Bertie and for removing the 
seat of Bertie County Court. Impowering the Court to settle orders 
and Methods for erecting a sufficient Court House, prison and stocks 
in such place as to them shall seem most Convenient. 

The Court doth on Muture deliberation order and adjudge that 
t-J* South side of Stony Creek, at the Plantation of Joseph Barradial 
be and is hereby declared to be the most fit and convenient place for 
Errecting the said Edifices and it is further hereby ordered that a 
Court House of the Demensions of Thirty-Two feet Long and Twen- 
ty-four feet wide and a Scemi Circle and other ways in proportion, 
also a Substantial prison of the Dimensions of Twenty-four feet long 
and Twelve feet wide; also a Sufficient pair of Stocks, be forthwith 
Built at the place aforesaid and that Collo. Benjamin Hill, Mr. 
Thomas Hansford & Col. Peter West or any Two of them, be and 
hereby appointed Commissioners to agree with any Person or Persons 
to Perform the said work in the most effectual manner, and to pur- 
chase Two acres of Land in the place aforesaid for the uses aforesaid. 
And it is further Ordered that the Sheriff Collect from every Tvth- 
able in this County, the sum of Two Shillings proclamation money 
and pay the same deducting Commissions into the Hands of the said 
Commissioners for the uses aforesaid. 

North Carolina, 

Bertie County, Ss. At a Court began and held for said. County, 
at the Court House on Timber Branch on Tuesday the Ninth day of 
February Anno Domini 1741, (think it should be 1741-2). Present 
William Cathcart, Peter West, Needham Bryan, John Harrell r 
Thomas Whitmell, James McDowall & James Castellaw, Esqrs., &c. 

Read this day the Petition of Sundry Inhabitants of this County, 
showing that the Petitioners are Informed that ut the Last Session 
of the General Assembly of this Province An act was passed, by 
which the County of Bertie was Devided and made Two Countys r 
the one of which to retain the name of Bertie and the other to be 
Called Northampton. That by the said Law the Petitioners are In- 
formed that the Justices of the Respective Oountys were Impowered 


Proceedings Relating to Court House. 

to appoint, a Place within each County for Building a Court House 
Prison, &c, and to lay a Tax on the Inhabitants for Defraying the 
Expence of Building the same. That a Commission Avas made out 
by His Excellency the Governor in Consequence of the said Law 
wherein Sundry Gent named in the Commission were apointed Jus- 
tices for this County, but that by some accident the said Commission 
come up to last November Court without the seal of the Colony so 
that the Gent, therein appointed Justices as aforesaid Could not be 
Quallifyed nor Impowered to Act in the Premises. That the Peti- 
tioners humbly conceive as the Case happened, the Place where the 
Court House, &c, should be built could not be Settled till the Jus- 
tices appointed in a New Commission for Bertie should be Qualli- 
fyed. That the Petitioners are informed that Notwithstanding the 
said Law Impowered the Justices of Each Respective Court to ap- 
point the Place for Building a Court house, &c, as aforesaid (the 
said new Commission not being compleated as aforesaid) a very 
small number of the Gent, who were Justices of the County of Bertie 
before the said Law was passed did at the Last November Court 
make an order for appointing a place where the Court house, &c, 
should be built in this County and Laid a Tax on the Inhabitants 
for Defraying the Expence of Building the said Court House, &c. 
Whereas the Petitioners Humbly Conceive that the aforesaid Gent, 
had no Lawfull Power to make such an Order nor could they Receive 
any Authority for so doing as the Petitioners Conceive from the 
Reasonable Construction of the said Law. That the Petitioners 
humbly Conceive. the Place. appointed by the aforesaid Gent, is very 
inconvenient to a Great JMajority of the Inhabitants of this County, 
so that should the said order be Executed much the greater part of 
this County would be injured thereby. The Petitioners therefore 
humbly pray the Court to take the Premises into their Consideration 
and present the great inconveniency that might otherwise arise from 
the aforesaid Order made as aforesaid in such manner as to the 
Court shall seem Convenient, &c. T. Barker, &c. 

Whereupon it is Considered and adjudged by the Court here that 
this Court have power to hear the said Petition and the same is re- 
fer'd till to morrow for Consideration. 

And now (to-wit the 11th day of Feb'y, 1741) the Court (to-wit 
as before) taking into Consideration the Petition of Sundry Inhabi- 
tants of this County, relating to the Errecting of a Court House, &c. 
It is ordered that the Last Court's Order for building the Court 
house, &c, be reversed, from which order William Cathcart & Peter 
West, Esqs., Dissented. 

And it is further Considered by the Court (Except the Dissenters 
aforesaid). That near Red bud Branch is the most proper place' 
for building a Court House, prison & stocks. And it is ordered that 



Proceedings Relating to Cottet House. 201 

James Castellaw, Thomas Whitmell and John Harrell, Esqs., or any 
two of them be and they are hereby appointed Co mm issioners to 
Contract with Workmen to build the said Court House, Prison & 
stocks at the Place aforesaid and to purchase Two acres of Land at 
the Place aforesaid for the use aforesaid. And that the said Court 
House be of the Denientions of thirty-two feet Long and Twenty- 
four feet wide and a Scemi Circle and a prison of the Demention9 
of Twenty-four feet Long and twelve feet wide and other ways in 
proportion. And that Publick advertisements be sett up for the 
undertaking said work and that a Levy of Two Shillings proclama- 
tion money for each Tythable in this County be Collected by the 
Sheriff and paid into the hands of the Comm'rs aforesaid (deducting 
Commissions) for the uses aforesaid. But that no collection be made 
of the said Tax for the uses aforesaid till the time appointed by Law 
for Payment of Publick Taxes. And Thomas Jones attorney for 
William Cathcart and Peter West Justices of the Last Court and 
Benjamin Hill, Peter West and Thomas Hansford Commissioners 
appointed by the last Court for erecting a Court House, &c, at 
Stony Creek, Prayed an Appeal from the Last order to the General 

The Court taking the former motion into Consideration Conceive 
that no such appeal can be Granted, because when the order of No- 
vember Court was obtained, Capt. Needham Bryan one of the Gent, 
of that Court Publicly declared that he Never gave his Consent to 
Errecting a Court House at Stony Creek, but that his Design in 
Signing the Docketts was that all other Publick affairs % might not b? 
kept undone, and is now of the same opinion for which Reasons the 
said appeal is Rejected. 

Bertie County, Ss. Certified under my hand & seal the 25th day 
of October Anno Domini, 1742. 

(Seal) JOHN WYNNS, Clk. 

North Carolina, Ss. 

George the Second by the Grace of God, King of Great Britain, &c. 
To the Keepers of our Peace and our Justices assigned to hear and 
Determine Divers Trespassers and other Malfessances in the County 
of Bertie & to every of them. Greeting: 

We willing for Certain Cause to be Certified of all and sin- 
gular the orders, Decrees or Judgments of whatsoever Kind against 
the Statutes of our Kingdom of England or of the acts of Assembly 
of our said province, Relating to the settling or fixing a place for the 
New Court House to be built at for the said County of Bertie. 

Do command you and every of you that all the orders Decrees or 
Judgments aforesaid v/ith all things touching the same by whatsoever 
name, the same is named you send before our Chief Justice and his 

202 A Majors Commission 1702. 

Associates at our next General Court to be held for our said province 
at the Court House in Edenton on the Last Tuesday in July next 
under your S^als or the Seals of one of you Together with this writ 
that we may cause to be further done thereupon what of Ei<jht and 
according to the Laws and Customs of England and this Province 
we shall see fit to be Done. 

Witness, John Montgomery, Esq., our Chief Justice of our Pro- 
vince at Edenton the 22 dav of April Anno Domini 1742. 


North Carolina, Ss. By the Honble Landgrave Robt. Daniel, Esq. r 
Lieutenant Generally Vice Admirall & Deputy Governor of North 

J, out of the Confidence and trust I have in the Integrity, Loyalty,. 
Care, Courage and good Conduct of your (name illegible) Doe 
hereby Commissionate, Constitute and appoint you (name illegible) 
Major of a Regiment of foot Soldiers belonging to the Honble Collnll 
(name illegible faded out) to be raised within that part of the Prov- 
ince of Carolina that lyes to the Northward of the: Town or settle- 
ment of the Nation of Indians called *Keeahwees whereof you are 
to take a list of their names and return a coppy of the same to me 
and see they have sufficient armes and Ammunition for service ac- 
cording to law whenever they shall be soe required to serve for the 
defense and peace of that part of the province aforesd. You are 
duly according to Law and as often as you find Conveni*ency to exer- 
cise them in Armes according to Military Discipline and true rules 
of Warr Commanding and requiring all inferior Officers and Soldiers 
to yield you due obedience and in case any meeting, rebellion, In- 
surrection, Conspiracy or Sedition is discovered to you you are 
thereupon to raise what force you think fitt in that part of the Pro- 
vince aforesd for suppressing it and apprehending the Delinquents 
and for the better effecting thereof (if occasion should soe happen) 
and you are with such fortce to take all advantages and opnortuni- 
tyes to oppose, fight, kill, seize and take them and make report there- 
of to me with all speed and you are to observe all orders, rules and 
directions as you shall from time to time receive from me yor Governr 
and Commander-in-Chief or from yor Superior Officers. This to 
continue untill I shall signify my pleasure to the Contrary. 

Given under my hand and Seale in the Second year of his Ma- 
jesty's Reigne Anno Domini (date gone). 

Signature (faded out). 

*The Keeahwees is a tribe of Indians which we have not heretofore found 
among the Indian tribes. Where were they located? 

;. : 

An Account in 1699 Showing Prices of Goods. 203 


Brampton To Jno. Lennox, Dr. 

Hay ye 18th, 1742. To 2 Bushels of wheat £ 1 5 

To making Jacket & Britches Little Caesar 12 6 

To Sambo Jacket & Britches 12 6 

Old Caesar a Shirt made 12 6 

French Ceasar 12 6 

Little Ceasar 2 10 

Jack, Jessy, Dublin & Sambo, each 2 10 

Old Bess, Blind Bess, Aba, Jeny & Nancy 3 2 6 

To 6 Shirts for ve children 5s each 110 

11 10 

Brompton Plantation was the home of Gov. Gabriel Johnston, the 
account is evidently for making Clothes for his negroes, it was so 
typical of the "old plantation days," the Editor could not resist its 


Sept. 11th, 1699. Thos. Houghton, Dr. £. s. d 

To 1 pr wo Wortsed Stockings 10 04 08 

To 1 Carolina Hatt 00 13 00 . 

To 1 pr Blanketts 01 08 00 

To 1 pr French falls ,00 06 00 

To 2 lb powder & 10 lbs shot 00 06 00 

To 16 yds blew Lynn 00 16 00 

To 1 Doz Spoons 00 04 00 

To 4f yards of Garlix 00 11 10£ 

To Smale Gimblett 00 00 03 

To 2 m 8d Nailes & 2 m 6d do 01 05 00 

To 50 40d Nailes .00 01 08 

To 1 bead tick wt boulst 01 12 00 

To 7ds bro; white Cotten 01 01 00 

To 7 yds dow lase 08. 01 00 , 

To 1 pr hose 00 01 00 

To * lb Pepper 00 01 09 

To 2 lb. powder & 8 lb Shott 00 05 08 

To 1 grit & 1 Sauspan - 00 01 07 

10 01 03^ 
P. me. 


204 Sloop Dubarlus Seized in 1698. 

INDIANS, 1703. 

"I have resolved and declared the sd Nations of Core Nynee to be 
publiek Enemies to all her Majesties Subjects. 

And for ye carrying on of the sd Warr to the Destruction of the 
said Core & Nynee Indyans The Honble Deputy Governor is en- 
trusted by the Honble the Lds proprietors Deputys to use such means' 
& methods as his Hon. shall think expedient & most necessary by 
raising such men in armes & in pressing such Sloops, boats & Canoes 
with provision & other necessaryes as his Honr shall think fitt & 

This paper is torn at the bottom so that we could not give the two 
lines at the beginning but the figures 1703 remain plain. 


IN 1698. 

"Whereas ye Sloop Dubarlus plantation built Robert Starkey 
Master hath lately arrived from Bostown in New England into this 
Governmt of North Carolina and now riding in Albemarle river or 
sound in ye precinct of Chowan and hath laden on board her and 
imported from Bostown aforesd a parcel or parcels U"ropian goods 
as by her Corkquetts appears and it being contrary to an Act of 
Parliament made and in yt case provided in ye fifteenth year of ye 
Reign of King Charles ye Second together wth Severall other acts to 
ye same purpose providded which forbids ye Importation of any 
Goods of ye product of Urope into any of his Majesties plantations 
or Collonys Except in ye same bottom wch they were transported 
out of Urope in wee there fore yr subscribers doe on ye behalf of our 
Sovereign Lord ye King; ye Honble ye Deputy Govern'r or Comdr 
in Chief of this Country and allso on our own behalf as In formers 
make this Information unto you ye Honble Thomas Harvey, Esq., 
and Depty Govr of this place yt ye sd Sloop and Goods is by ye act 
before declared seisable Craving yt ye same may be proceeded against 
as ye law in yt case provides as witness our hands this 17th day of 
Aprill Ano Do 1698. 


The vessel above was lying at Anchor between Sandy Point and 
Bluff Point on Albemarle Sound. Europe seems then to have been 
Spelled Urope. 


The Oath of Allegiance in 1777. 



State of North Carolina, 

Chowan County. — At a County Court and Sessions of the 
Peace begun and held the 17th day of June A. D., 1777. 
Present the Worshipful Justices. 

It was then Ordered that the Clerk of the said Court, take a copy 
of an oath appointed by an Act of Assembly setting forth what shall 
be misprison of Treason and Crimes against the State and that every 
Person who came into Court and took the Oath should subscribe their 
names thereto, the before mentioned Oath is as follows: "I will bear 
Faithfull and true Allegiance to the State of North Carolina and 
will to the utmost of my Power, Support, Maintain and defend, the 
Independent Government thereof, against George the 3rd, Xing of 
Great Britain and his successors and the attempts of any other Per- 
son, Prince, Power, State or Potentate, who by secret Arts, treason 
and Conspiracies or by open Force shall attempt to Subject the same, 
and will in every respect conduct myself as a peacefull orderly subject 
and that I will disclose and make known to the Governor, some mem- 
ber of the Council of State or some Justice of the Peace all treasons. 
Conspiracies and attempts committed or intended against the State 
that shall come to my knowledge, So help me God. A true copy. 

JAMES BLOUNT (Clerk Court). 

Signed by Sam'l Johnston, James Iredell, John Smith, Josiah Col- 
lins, Jos. Granberry, Thomas Browne, Will Cummings, Alex Black. 

Most of the above signatures seem to be those who were members 
of the Bar and Court. Josiah Collins was Judge of the Admiralty 

A similar Oath appears signed by the following Citizens of Eden- 
ton, N. C, and vicinity, viz: Nath'l Allen, (grand-father of Hon. 
Allen G. Thurman of Columbus, Ohio, and father of Gov. William 
Allen, of Ohio), J. Blount, Jacob Boyce, Geo. Gray, John Egan, Thos. 
Palmer, John Elliff, Uriah Sinkler, Thos. Wm. Thompson, Henry 
Bond, Jos. Whedbee, John Corprew, Steward Ward, Ivy Perdy, John 

, James Palmer, John Leeming, Absalom Luten, Ed Watkins, 

James Carter, Sam'l Spencer, John Vance, Wm. Smith Waff, Benj. 
Purshall, George Stocken, John Blackburn, Arch'd Freny, Samuel 
Thomas, Wm. Stewart, James Carr, Abraham Elberson, David Law- 
rence, John Frazel, Reuben Lawrence, Samuel Casey, James Smith, 
Robt. Egan, Firdy McDonald, John Beady, John Barclay, John 
Smith, Lott Brewster, Samuel Browne, Charles Johnson, Wm. Lit- 
tlejohn, James Cole, Lemuel Blount, Jos. Eelbeck, Jr., Michael 


Rules of Practice in Courts. 

Payne, Wm. Cummings appeared and presented Certificates from 
J as. Iredell, Esq., H. Mashen, John Wardall, John Mushrow, John 
Rombough, Jno. Belote, Jno. Cunningham, George Russell, Joseph 
Stevenson, Daniel Johnston, James Luten, James Matthews, Charles 
Pettigrew (ancestor of Gen'l James Johnston Pettigrew C. S. Army, 
who was killed in the retreat from Gettysburg), John Hoskins, Wm. ; 
Kearby, H. Williamson, (member of Congress from X. C. in 1782 
and member of the Constitutional Committee which formed the Fed- 
eral Constitution in 1787. His name appears to that instrument.) 
Wm. Bateman, Peter Squier, Wm. Bennett, John Bennett, Alex 
Valentine (husband of Sarah Valentine of the Tea Party) Henry 
O'Neil, Wm. Henderson, Wm. Hartshorne, Abraham E. Lott, Thos. 
Bissell, Wm. Gardner, Benjamin Foy, John Twine, John Etheridge, 
Edward Walker, John Charlton, John Clements, John Nicholls, John 
Mare, Willis Langley, Jos. Westmore (certificate from Chris Neil 
Clk. of Craven County), James Webb, Jr., Henry Cheshire, Thomas 
Thigpen, Jr., John Edey, Phillip Pratt, Nehemiah Bateman, Steph- 
en Miles, Reuben Eairchild, John Bateman, Sam'l Mitchell, John 
Wilkinson, Jacob Butler, Ste Cabarrus, John Wyllie, Alex Black 
(took the oath in my presence before Thomas Benbury, Esq.. S. D.)j 
Robert Hardy and Robert Smith (took the oath in my hearing S. ])."), 
Robert Patterson. 
State of North Carolina Ss. 

The above and foregoing is a list of Persons who have taken the 
oath annexted or affirmation as the Law of this State requires, certified 
by me this 23d day of June, 1778. 



Rules of Court and Proceedings to be observed in the Severall 
Courts by all Persons in this Province to commence from this the 
fifth day of Aprill in the Eighth year of the Reigne of our Sovereign 
Lady Anne Queen of Great Britaine & Anno Dom., 1709. 

"1. Upon a writt of Capias taken out the Copy of theDeclaration 
shall goe wth it and if the Marshall returne a Cepi Corpus the Dft 
shall file his plea in the office at Least thirty days after serving the 
writt and Declaration. The Judgmt by nihil dicit. 

2. If returne be made persuant to the Act of Assembly entituled 
arrest of Persons absconding the Deft, shall appear the next Court 
after the attachmt shall be there Granted agt his Estate. 

3. And if he do nott putt in his plea in thirty days after attach- 
ment executed Judgment shall pass by nihil Dicit. 

4. The Marshall att the time of serving the writt and Declara- 

- , i 


Suit for Damages. 


tion or attachmt and Declaration shall endorse the time when he 
serves the same. 

5. If the Deft, pleads Generally the Issue is joyned. 

6. If ye Deft pleads specially the Pltff shall reply or demurr in 
Twenty days after the Plea or a non Prociquitor to be Entered and 
Execution issued for cost and Ten days be allowed between Replica- 
tion, Rejoynder, &c, Demurrer or Joyner in Demurrer, &c. 

7. An Issue of Law or fact shall be perfected Ten dayes before 
sitting of the Court. But if the time will not permit the Process 
and proceedings shall not abate but continue in order to ye fitting 
up the Issue for the next Court. 

8. The Clarke shall perfect a List or Docquett of all the Causes to 
be tryed every Court and shall Insert the Issue and cause the same 
to be delivered to the first Commissioners in the Generall Court within 
forty miles of the Office at least Tenn days before the Court and if 
that Commissioner cannot attend, it is to be returned to the Court 
by the hands of the Marshall or Deputy who is obliged to convey the 
same to ye Commissioners. 

9. All persons admitted as Attorneys shall, before they appear 
in any business in Court or defending any suit from and after ye 
next General Court to be held within ye Governmt in July next, 
have the oaths administered to them." 


Ann vs. Sarah . "A plea of the case upon defam- 
ation, that where as the Pltffs have at all times well behaved them- 
selves & been of good repute amongst all her Ma jest Liege people 
& never were Supporters orConscious of Witchcraft, which the Deft. 

Sarah , well knowing yet of her malice minding & intending 

to lessen the credit & reputation of the Pltff. & thereby intending to 
bring the Pltff Anne under the penalty of the Statute in such cases 
made and provided, in the month of February last past at the house 
of Cornelius Lerry, late dec'd in this Government, utter and pro- 
nounce these false scandalous words of -the Pltff in the audience & 
hearing of Divers her Matie liege people to-wit : You (meaning the 
Pltf Anne) are a witch & I'll prove it by which false scandalous & 
malicious words the Pltffs in their Name, fame & reputason say they 
are damnified Two hundred pounds sterling for which they have 
brought their action & humbly crave judgment of the Honble Court 
for the same & costs of Sute and they shall pray ever." 

The paper is not dated but was between 1702 and 1712 from the 
names of the parties mentioned, which the writer has intentionally 

208 Affidavits Relating to Loyalists and Tories. 


We copy from the originals in a package of papers in the Court 
House at Edenton, N. C, marked "Affidavits respecting the Tories 
during the Revolution" the following items. We give them just as 
they are names and all. We have refrained from publishing any 
items where persons were charged with infractions of the "Criminal 
Law," but political opinions and acts constitute the history of a 
country in an eminently high degree, and certain information which 
the public have a right to know and of which they should be informed. 
We copy from the originals. 

Affidavit of William Hyman. 

"William Hyman being sworn on the Holy Evangelists of Al- 
mighty God, Deposeth as follows (to-wit) that James Sharard asked 
him if he could keep a secret and after awhile he took a Book and 
put it into this Deponent's hand & he the said Sharad said to this 
deponent you shall keep this close & not reveal it to any but such as 
I shall Teach you, then he the Sharard read the Constitution, & this 
Dept. objected to some articles in sd Constitution but swore as fol- 
lows (to-wit) that he this Dept. should Defend & protect all 
drafted, Distres'd or opprest persons or them that are called 
Tories as we think ourselves fully able and if the King conquered 
the Country that we shall save our Estates & that the said Sharard 
told him that it would be necessary for each man to provide himself 
with half a pound of powder & Lead and this Dept. further sayth 
that the Scheme was to drop it being discovered and this Dept. fur- 
ther sayth that Sharard informed that Luallen had used many En- 
deavors before he brought him in the scheme & that Mr. Sharard. had 
Represented the State Oath to this Dept. in a very Dredfull light con- 
trary to what he now finds it & further this Dept. sayeth not. 

Sworn to before me the 

4th July, 1777. 
John Everett. 

Affidavit of Benjamin Harrison. 

Tyrrell County. 

July 16th, 1777. Benjamin Harrison, son of Thomas being 
brought before us Justices for the County aforesaid being duly sworn 
on the Holy Evangelists of Almighty God deposeth & saith that at his 
Father's house Daniel Legate asked him if he would swear to keep a 
secret, which he this deponent agreed to & Legate swore him, & then 
read the Constiution to him, which he wanted this Deponent to swear 

Affidavits Relating to Loyalists and Tories. 


to, but this Deponent objected as he could not read it himself, then as 
an inducement to this Deponent to take the second Oath he mentioned 
that several Considerable People were concerned in it particularly 
Stewart, Sherrard, Lewhellen & Hays in Martin County, Wm. Brim- 
age, Peleg Balote & one Brogden in Bertie, beside some people in 
this County. Upon this Deponent refusing to stand by & support 
the Constitution, the said Legate then requested him to take an Oath 
to keep it Secret which this Deponent Did. The said Legate read to 
him a third Oath the purport of which was that under any injunc- 
tions of inviolable seerecy that they would protect any persons, 
being Draughted or pressed to go to War against there will, that they 
should not be suffered to go but should be relieved there was several 
other matters in the Oath which this Deponent cannot recollect & 
this Deponent further saith that he heard Legate say that he General 
How had a hint of matters carrying on by the Assoceators before that 

This Deponent further saith that he refused to take the third Oath 
& then Legate swore him again to secrecy. This Deponent further 
saith that Legate informed him that William Brimmage was swore 
as a Senior Warden & further this Deponent saith not. 


Benjamin Harrison Principal 100£. 

Jonathan Davies Security 100£ for appearance at the next Court 
of Oyer & Terminer to be held at Edenton. 

Sworn & acknowledged before us 

Arch'd Corrie, J. P., 
Chas. Johnson. » 

Affidavit of William Durrance. 
Tyrrell Co. 

July 14-, 1777. William Durrance Came before us Justices as- 
signed to keep the Peace in said County and being duly sworn upon 
the Holy Evangelists of Almighty God Deposeth & Sayeth that on or 
about the First day of July inst. that, Dan'l Leggett came to him th Q 
said William Durrance to his own house, and in the light of said Day 
Called the said Durrance out, and ask'd him if he was willing to stand 
up for the Protestant Religion, when said Durrance reply'd he was, 
Leggett told him that before he could let him into the affair he must 
swear to keep it secret, but said Durrance Refus'd to swear till he 
knew what he was to swear to, upon which they parted & said Dur- 
rance saw Leggett no more untill they met at Wheat Reaping at Jon- 
athan Davis's in said County, when said Durrance was induced by 
persuasion & the example of others who were there & then swore to 
Take the Oath which was administered to him by said Leggett, the 

210 Affidavits Relating to Loyalists and Tories. 

purport of which was to stand by a Constitution which he then showed 
io him & not Divulge the same while the Society subsisted and further 
this Deponent sayeth not. 



William Durrance Principal bound 100£. 
- John Everet, son of Tbomas, security 100£. 

That the above Durrance shall appear at the first Court of Oyer 
& Terminer to be held for the District of Edenton. 
Sworn and acknowledged before us. 

Arch'd Corrie, J. P., 
Chas. Johnson. 

Affidavit of James Harrison. 
Tyrrell County. 

'July 14, 1777. James Harrison came before us Justices for the 
County aforesaid, & being duly sworn on the Holy Evangelists of 
Almighty God Deposeth & saith that about a fortnight ago he met 
with Daniel Legate upon a Path going to Thomas Harrison, that the 
said Legate read to him a paper which he called a religious Consti- 
tution, he then asked him if he would swear to stand to that Consti- 
tution, Harrison agreed to it, Legate then swore him to stand to it 
so long as the Society lasted & further this deponent saith not. 


James Harrison Principle bound for 100£. 
Clement Crook Security for 50£. 

The above James Harrison to appear at the Court of Oyer & Ter- 
miner to be held at Edenton for the District against Daniel Legate 
if taken. 

Sworn & acknowledged before us. 

Arch'd Corrie, J. P., 
Chas. Johnson. 

July 16, 1777. James Harrison being again called on to give a 
further Testimony & being duly sworn on the Holy Evarigelists of Al- 
mighty God Deposeth and Saith, that the first oath that he took was 
administered to him by Thomas Harrison (son of John). This 
Deponent further saith that being at Thos. Harrison's Sd Plantation, 
he was in company with Daniel Legate, when he heard him say that 
General Howe was to befriend him and such as him, Legate said 


Affidavits Relating to Loyalists and Tories. 


that they were to oppose a Draught likewise that he expected the Mag- 
azine at Halifax was to be taken possession of, he likewise told this 
Deponent that a certain James Hays was a Principal man in the 
Association & rode about the country to prevail on people to join." 




Sworn before us. 

Arch'd Corrie, J. P., 
Chas. Johnson. 

Affidavit of Thomas Harrison. 

"Tyrrell Co., 

July 14, 1777. Thomas Harrison (son of John) came before us, 
Justices for the County aforesaid & being duly sworn on the Holy 
Evangelists of Almighty God Deposeth & Saith that Daniel Legate 
came to him about a fornight ago in his Cornfield & asked him if he 
would join a Constitution to support their religion to which Harrison 
agreed if there was no harm in it, Legate, then swore him to be true to 
the Constitution, Legate likewise told Harrison that fourteen mem- 
bers of the Assembly had agreed to introduce Poppery & in particular 
mentioned Wylie Jones & Whitmell Hill being forward in doing it 
& further saith not. 



Sworn before us. * 

Arch'd Oorrie, J. P., 
Chas. Johnson. 

July 14, 1777. Thomas Harrison (son of John") being again call- 
ed on to give a further Testimony declareth & saith that the last or 
third oath administered by Daniel Legett mentioned that they were 
to oppose a draught & protect deserters, the people of Martin & Pitt 
were to go & take possession of the Magazine at Hallifax to secure the 
Arms and Ammunition for what purpose he cannot tell. That the 
Society extended from this County to New Georgia, that it expected 
General Howe was by this time acquainted with their Constitution. 
Leggett likewise informed him that about half of the 5th Regiment 
of Continental Forces raised in this State were Friends to their Cause, 

that James Sherrard, Lewhellen & James Hays were the 

principals concerned in Martin County, he says he likewise thinks 
Legett informed him that Samuel Black was one of their Society. 
Leggett likewise informed him that the above James Hays of Martin 



Affidavits Relating to Loyalists and Tories. 

travelled some thousand Miles endeavoring to get as many people to 
Associate as possible. This Deponent saith that he was present when 
James Harrison took the third Oath & he believes all that were con- 
cerned took the third oath. 



Affidavit of Thomas Harrison. 

Tyrrell County, 

July 14, 1777. This Day Thomas Harrison, Senr., came before 
us Justices for the County aforesaid & made oath on the Holy Evan- 
gelists of Almighty God & Deposeth & Sayeth that about the 1st July 
last Daniel Legate took him into his own Garden & asked him if he 
had not heard that some of the leading men of the Country wanted 
to introduce the Roman Religion, he told me he had heard the report, 
on which Legate asked him if he was willing to stand by the Protes- 
tant religion, he answered he would, he (Legate) asked him if he could 
keep a Secret, Harrison told him he could. Legate then said he must 
first swear before he could tell, Harrison told him he could keep it 
without if there was not any harm, Legate said he would not inform 
him without first Swearing. Harrison then agreed to Swear. Le- 
gate then swore him on the Prayer book to the following effect, not 
to reveel what he should disclose to him. He then showed him a 
form of a religious Constiution, in which Harrison thought there 
was no harm. Legate then swore him again to stand by the Consti- 
tution as long as the Society lasted & further this Deponent saith not, 


Sworn before us. 

Arc'h'd Corrie, J. P., 
Chas. Johnson. 

A second affidavit to be referred to. 

Thomas Harrison, Senr., being called upon to Give a further Testi- 
mony Declareth and sayeth that on Friday the fourth inst. He was at 
his son's Wheat Field when William Brimage, Esq., of Bertie Coun- 
ty came there & called this Deponent to come to him, when he ask'd 
this Deponent where Leggett was, when this Deponent answered he 
did not know but he might be at his House. Upon which the said 
Brimage and this Deponent went to the House where they found said 
Leggett when the said Brimage called Daniel Leggett out and a little 
time afterwards called out this Deponent when all three, that is to 

>• ! 


Affidavits Relating to Loyalists and Tories. 213 

say the said Brimage Leggett & this Deponent went into the Woods 
adjacent to the House of this Deponent where the said Daniel Leggett 
administered the oaths i: the said Brimage took the oaths of secrecy 
&- for opposing Draughts, <S:c., which were administered to the mem- 
bers of this Conspiracy. Immediately after which the said Leggett 
& this Deponent went to his son's Wheatfield & the said Brimage 
went back to the House of this Deponent where he had left his horse 
to get him & directly followed the said Leggett & this Deponent back 
to said Wheatfield and at the corner of the Fence of said Field met 
'Mr. Sam'l Black, of this County, when the said Brimage & Black call- 
ed to said Leggett & this Deponent who went to them & soon after the 
said Brimage, Black, Leggett & this Deponent went together into the 
Woods joining said Field, when the aforesaid Oaths were adminis- 
tered by said Leggett &. taken by said Black, then the said Leggett 
proposed to said Brimage to act as Senior Warden for this Society in 
Bertie County, which the said Brimage complied with & was sworn 
into said office by said Leggett, which office of Senior Warden this 
Deponent understood i: believed to be for the Purpose of Gaining & 
Swearing in members to this Association & Conspiracy In the county 
of Bertie which office said Leggett Performed in this County and 
further this Deponent sayeth that at the time & plaec where Sam'l 
Black took said oaths John Stewart of Martin County was present, 
but did not then take the oaths tho this Deponent believes he had be- 
fore taken them as none were suffered to be Present at the Swearing 
of any Members but such as were before sworn in members of this As- 
sociation and conspiracy and more especially as the said Stewart came 
at first with said Brimage to his sons wheatfield and went from thence 
with the said Brimage k this Deponent to the House of this Deponent 
and from thence with said Leggett, Brimage & this Deponent into the 
Woods adjacent to the House of this Deponent and was there present 
when said Brimage took the oaths aforesaid as well as afterwards when 
the said Black took the oaths aforesaid and further this Deponent 
sayeth that upon the said Brimages being sworn in to act as Sen'r 
Warden in Bertie County for the Purposes aforesaid the said Brim- 
age ask'd the said Daniel Leggett for a copy of their Constitution and 
also for a copy of the oaths aforesaid to enable him to Act in his office 
of Sen'r Warden, which copys said Leggett promised to send to him 
the said Brimage but said Black would call for them next morning 
& would take Care of them & send or deliver them to said Brimmagej 
and he accordingly came the next morning to the House of this de- 
ponent whereby said Leggett's order they were delivered Folded tip 

214 Affidavits Relating to Loyalists and Tories. 

by this deponent to said Black and Further this Deponent sayeth not, 

Sworn before us Justices assigned to keep 
the Peace for said County the day and year 
first above written. 

Chas. Johnson, 
Arch'd Corrie, J. P., 
Robt. Davison, 
Thos. Mackey. 

The above Thos. Harrison, Senr, being admitted as Evidence for 
the State he acknowledges himself bound in the sum of 150£ current 
money for his appearance at next Court of Oyer & Terminer to be 
held for the District of Edenton. 

Affidavit of James Harrison, Jr. 
Tyrrell County, 

July 15, 1777. James Harrison (son of James Harrison) came 
before us Justices assigned to keep the Peace for said County who 
being duly sworn on the Holy Evangelists of Almighty God Deposeth 
and sayeth that about a Fortnight ago being in Thomas Harrisons- 
Cornfield Daniel Leggett swore him to secrecy & gave him the first 
Token or Word of this Society & then Swore him again & gave the 
second Token & Word. The Purport of the second Oath was to keep 
the Senior Wardens name secret which was his the said Leggetts and 
further this Deponent saith not. 

Sworn before us. * 

Arch'd Corrie, J. P., 
Chas. Johnson. 

Affidavit of Bird Land. 
Tyrrell County, - - 

July 16, 1777. Bird Land was brought before us Justices as- 
signed to keep the Peace for this county who being duly sworn on ths 
Holy Evangelists of Almighty God deposeth & saith that being at 
Jonathan Davises Wheat Reaping John Garrett & Daniel Legate 
come there from John Stewarts & told this Deponent & Severall oth- 
ers that if they swore to Secrecy he would tell them something, but 
this deponent objected unless McGarrett would join them upon which 
Garrett agreed and put his hand on the Book with him when he was 
swore to Secrecy & the Constitution & further this deponent saith not. 



Affidavits Eelating to Loyalists and Tories. 215 

Bird Land Principal 100£. 
Isham Webb Security 100£. 
for appearance at the next Court of Oyer & Terminer to be held at 

Sworn and acknowledged before us. 

Arch'd Corrie, J. P., 
Chas. Johnson. 

Affidavit of Thomas Stubbs, Senr. 

Tyrrell County, 

July 14, 1777. This day came before us Justices, &c, Thomas 
Stubbs, Senr., & being sworn, &c, deposeth & saith that Thomas Har- 
rison (son of John) met him on the road about a fortnight agoe & 
the said Thomas Stubbs having heard of this Association used every 
persuasive means to dissuade the said Thomas Harrison from being 
concerned in the same & the said Thomas Harrison signified to him 
or supposed that if there was a Junction from this all the way to 
JSTew Georgia might not they be able to do something & supposed that 
if a Petition was sent to lie General Howe would he not befriend 
them & know his friends from his foes & that the said Harrison wish- 
ed he had never been born as there would be a world of Blood shed 
and further this Deponent saveth not. 


Sworn before us 

Arch'd Corrie, J. P., 
Chas. Johnson. 

Affidavit of Michael Ward. 
Bertie County, ■ , 

July 9th, 1777. This day Michael Ward was brought before the 
Subscribers suspicioned of being concerned in a Treasonable Conspir- 
acy agt this State who being duly sworn doth say tome time past he 
was sworn to secrecy by Absalom Leggett who give him some signs, 
<Src, how to know the Brethren bye, &c, & tell'd him he must appear 
before Daniel Leggett (his son) for further Instruction, that some 
time after went with John Garrett, of Tyrrell Co., to Peleg Belotes 
where he was again sworn by sd Daniel Leggett (John Garrett being 
present when sworn) and was privy to the plott, that Garrett told 
this Deponent he would not take the State Oath, that this Clubb was 
to oppose a Draught in this Province & stand up for the King, and to 
protect all Deserters and further Saith not. 

Sworn the day above before his 

Thos. Pugh, MICHAEL X WABD. 

Peter Clifton. - mark. 



216 Affidavits Relating to Loyalists and Tories. 

Affidavit of John Stewart. 
Martin County, 

July 19, 1777. John Stewart being called upon to give evidence 
of a certain Religious Society, &c, declareth & sayet-h that on or 
about the 1st of this instant he this Deponent going to Tar River on 
Business, on his return was informed that Daniel Leggett had been 
to his house & informed the Deponent's wife that lie Daniel Leggett 
wanted to see this Deponent on Business k desired he might come 
down to Thomas Harrison, Senr., on his return the second or third 
day after this Deponent came home he went to the house of Thomas 
Harrison, Senr., where this Deponent saw Daniel Leggett when the 
sd Deponent was called out of Doors by sd Leggett. He began his 
Discourse by saying that we was like to have a great fall in our Re- 
ligion as the sd Leggett understood that sundry of the Members of 
Congress had damned the Being of a God & thought it would be very 
Necessary for the people of the Country to form themselves into a 
Society for the support of Religion, then he the said Daniel Leggett 
pulled out a paper & read something all of which this Deponent Does 
not remember but that it related principally to religion after reading 
some time he the said Daniel Leggett, asked the Deponent how he 
liked it, he the Deponent answered he liked it well enough. He this 
Deponent sayeth that the said Leggett told him that some of the 
Members of Congress was in it and that some of the Justices of Mar- 
tin County was members in the sd Society & particularly mentioned 
Jas. Sherrod and that they intended to have Ministers in the Society 
after it grew a little older, this Deponent told the said Leggett if 
they would have ministers he would freely subscribe five pounds to 
it. Then he said Leg-get tendered this Deponent an Oath which this 
Deponent refused to take as he said he intended out of the county in 
a short time did not choose to be concerned in any Society, the said 
Deponent mentioned he was going to Mr. Sam'l Black's for an Au"" 
the said Leggett asked this Deponent if Mr. Samuel Black would not 
make a good Member, this Deponent answered he thought he would, 
then the said Daniel Leggett desired the said Deponent to inform 
Mr. Black of the sd Society which he this Deponent said he would 
but the said Leggett told this Deponent there was a token to be learnt 
before the said Black must be sent, & that this Deponent must swear 
him to secrecy of said Leggett' s name when the said Leggett Learnt 
this Deponent for that purpose. Then this Deponent went to Mr. 
Black's & Did as the said Leggett had learnt him on which Mr. Black 
told this Deponent he would go to said Leggett; a few days after the 
said Samuel Black came to this Deponent's house & brought with him 
Mr. Wm. Brimage,- the sd Black told this Deponent that he had 



Committee of Secrecy and Correspondence. 217 

brought Mr. Brimage to get informed of the Society which this de- 
ponent had mentioned to said Black, when he this Deponent told him 
he knew neither head nor tail of it; but that he this Deponent was 
going down to Colo. Stevens Lees in the morning if they would stay 
at his house that night he would call with him in the morning at Har- 
rison's to see Leggett after swearing Brimmage not to mention Leg- 
getts name as before ordered by said Leggett upon which this De- 
ponent, Black & Brimmage set off. Black calling at Jonathan Da- 
vises, this Deponent & Brimmage kept on to Harrison's house where 
they found sd Leggett : The sd Leggett, Brimmage & Thos. Harris- 
son went a little way into the wood while this Deponent went to cut 
a whip, after coming up to Mr. Brimmage, he Mr. Brimmage and 
this Deponent went on to the Road where they met with Mr. Sam'l 
Black coming where he this Deponent left. Mr. Black & Mr. 
Brimmage proceeded to Colo. Stevens Lees, the next day, on this 
Deponents return he met with sd Black at Capt. Everetts Muster 
when this Deponent asked said Mr. Sam'l Black how he liked the 
paper Mr. Black asked this Deponent if he had thought anything 
more of it & this Deponent told him he had not upon which the said 
Black told this Deponent that he had read it twice and that he did 
not like it the last time as he thought he could Discover something 
that might mean Bad on it and that he had an Intention to declare 
it. This Deponent told him if he thought anything Bad was meant, 
he might disclose it upon which this Deponent & said Samuel Black 
parted & further this Deponent saveth not. 


( To be Continued. ) 

March 17th, 1776. 
(Original in Court House at Edenton, N. C.) 

Ambrose Knox, Esquire, came into the Committee and gave them 
to understand that Thomas Durant and Company of the Island of 
Sainta Croix merchants had consigned to him a Sloop called the 
Two Brothers Commanded by Sanford Thompson. The Vessel be- 
ing Danish property with a cargo of which the following are the 
contents. That is to say Sixteen Kegs of Gun Powder, seven Hogs- 
heads of Muscovado Sugars, One Hogshead of Rum, Six pieces of 
Russia Duck, one piece of German Osnaburgs, one Bagg Pepper, 
Three Iron Cannon, a Barrel of Coffee and one Barrel of Gun 

In the whole it appears to us that this Vessel has imported five 

218 Articles of Peace. 

hundred and Seventy-two and one half pounds of gun powder and 
the above Cannon for the General Cause. 

On the above premises, We think it a duty to admit the said Sand- 
ford Thompson Commander of the said Sloop to Land her Cargoe r 
and as we are not the Proper Committee to Value the aforesaid Pow- 
der & Cannon, We therefore humbly submitt that matter to the Gen- 
eral Convention to be held at Halifax on the Second day of April 

Observations, Thomas and Christopher Durant are partners. 

The Keggs are very large and I should believe they will contain, 
each of them 30 pounds on weight. 

Have our Committee of the County a Eight to give him leave to 
Load, to value the Powder & Cannon ? In the Invoice they're priced. 

How is the man to proceed to get his money ? 

What Commodities may he take on board ? 



(Original in Court House at Edenton, N. C.) 

1. That there be a firm, perpetual and invioble peace to continue 
so long as Sun and Moon endure between all and every the Inhabi- 
tants and people of North Carolina and all the nation and people of 
the Tuscaroroe Indian. 

2. That if any occasione should fall out that there may be as- 
soon as conveniently can be a meeting of the greatt n\en appointed 
to settle itt friendly and amicably. 

3. Thatt iff any Servant or Servants, Slave or Slaves come among 
the Tuscaroroe Indians Thatt they Forthwith with all Expedition 
and diligence apprehend him or them and bring them in and what 
arms or goods they shall have with them to some of the great men of the 
English who shall be oblieidged to give them a Match coat or the 
Value for their trouble. 

4. Iff any Englishman of this Government shall injure or 
wrong any of the Tuscaroroe Indians upon complaint and proofe to 
the Great Men of this Government the Englishmen shall be ordered 
to make satisfaction to him or them injured according to Law. 

5. Iff any Tuscaroroe Indians shall steall, purloine or doe any 
other injury to the English not exceeding the value of twoe or three 
skins then the sd Indian being brought befor some greatt man of the 
English and proofe mad of itt he shall order the Indian to make 
present satisfaction to the person injured which if he doe nott he 
shall order him to have lashes. 

6. If any Tuscoraroe Indian shall kill any of the English or 


Articles of Peace. 


Steall or robe more than the Value of the 3 skins above mentioned 
or doe any injury to any of the English that shall deserve death or 
Banishment to be broughtt before any great man of the English he 
shall be secured untill notice given unto some of the great men of the 
Tuscaroroes thatt they may come in iff they please att his Tryall to 
see that no prejudice may come in to him: But iff the Indian or 
Indians hath done sutch as above mentioned should make his escape 
among the Tusooraroe Indians Thereupon notice given to the greatt 
men of the Tuscoraroe Indians they shall be obleigded to send him in 
to the English to have his tryal according to law. 

7. Thatt no Tuscoraroe Indian or Indians settle any quarters 
on the 1ST. West side of Morattuck River. 

8. That no Tuscoraroe Indian or Indians hav<; any Cabins or 
quarters within half a dayes travell of any English plantation nor 
burne the woods within the bounds above mentioned & any English 
plantation itt being a great injury to ther stock. 

"9. Whereas the Tuscoraroe Indians many tymes leave pauns and 
pledges with the English for the paymentt or skins whitch they prom- 
ise to bring in so many and doe nott performe may be in many dayes 
after the tyme appointed which may occasion much difference where- 
for itt is agreed that iff any Tuscaroroe Indians who leave pauns doe 
nott bring in the skins to redeem them att the day shall bee, he shall 
loose his pawne and the English may dispose of them after as they 

Lastly, That they be always a friendly and amicable correspon- 
dence between the said English and Tuscoraroe Indians. 

Also itt is agreed tb at iff the Tuscoraroes have any \tars wth any 
other nation of Indians the English of this Government (on notice 
being given) shall not assist that other natione wth men, powder or 
Shott or any other wise and also it is agreed that iff the English of 
this Governmt shall have wars, with any other natione of the In- 
dians. The Greatt men of the Tuscaroroes (on notice given them) 
shall call home all ther Indians (iff any be with that natione) and give 
no manner of assistance to the sd nationes. Butt if required by the 
Government here shall assist the English against the Indians the 
Government here giving them reasonable Satisfaction for ther tyme." 

The above paper appears among the items relating to the Assemblv 
it is without date and not signed. Presume it was a draft of the 
Articles agreed upon between the English and Tuscaroras. 

220 An Act Relating to Justices. 


North Carolina, Ss. By the Honfole Depty Govern'r t Councill. 

A Proclamation. 
Wherein the Rt. Honble Sr. Nathaniel Johnson by a Commission 
& Instrument directed to Honble Thomas Cary, Esq., hath Consti- 
tuted & appointed him the sd Thomas Cary, Esq., Deputy Governr 
Lieutenant Generall & Vice Admirall of this Province. 

To prevent all Failure in the Administration of Justice & that all 
processes in Law pleas & plaints of which nature soever may have 
their leg-all Course Wee Doe by this Proclamation Declare That all 
persons of Office & Trust within this Governmt shall continue in 
their respective Stations till the Honble Deputy Governr's pleasures 
be further known. 

Given under the seal of the Colony the 21st day of March Anno 
Dmi 1704-5. Anno Quarto Anno Regina Angliecr. 
' W. Glover. THOS. CARY, 



(Original in Court House at Edenton, N. C.) 
An Act to Enforce Justices of the Severall County s <$; Precinct 
Courts in this Governmt to take the oath & discharge their office in 
the Commission. 

Be it enacted by his Excellency the Pallatine and fixe rest of the 
true & absolute Lords & proprietors by & with the advise and Consent 
of the present Grand Assembly & the Authority thereof And itt is 
hereby Enacted that what person soever shall be Commissionated 
Justice of the Peace for the General Court, County or Precinct Court 
in this Government and being sumoned by the Provost Marshall or 
Deputy or Deputys shall refuse to take the Oaths apointed by Law 
& act as Justice in any of the General, County or precinct Courts in 
this Governmt as aforesaid Itt shall be in the power of the Quorum 
of each & every respective General, County & Precinct Court to Im- 
pose & Lay a fine upon every person of the same Court to which ye sd 
partyes are Commissionated, refusing in manner aforesd such fine 
or penalty as they the Quoram of such of each <v every respective 
Court aforesd shal think fitt & Convenient & them to committ to 
prison till the sd Fyne be payd or other Complyance made and if 
there be not a Quoram in any one of the sd Courts that shall accept 
of the Commission & take the Oaths aforesd itt shall be in the power 
of the Governor's Councill for the time being to lay such Fyne or 

Petition for a Clerk. 


penalty upon them as they shall think fitt & Convenient & Commit 
the sd person to prison untill paymt be made of the aforesd fyne or 
other Complyance. 

(This paper is without date.) 


Mr. Snoden — Pray come to me with all speed to Mr. Penrice's 
wth the Ritt for Members for Coratnck and what Pattions you have 
signed with Wm. Reed for gett nothing. I am waiting for vou. 

Yrs, S. NORTEN. 

On the bottom of the paper appears the following: 

"Wm. Bell Entered all that Island Situate, lying and bein^- in 
Coratuck County called or known by the name of Bell Island con- 
taining 530 acres or thereabouts. Wm. Bell entered a plantaiton 
scituate and being in Coratuck where John Bell now lives containing 
300 acres." 

S. Norten was Clk of the Court, and we presume was behind in 
his work for the Court, the members for Coratuck referred to the 
Members of the Assembly and "Pattions" to patents of land. The 
note is without date but was written about 1715. 


Corotuck, November ye 9th, 1706. 
Sr. Mr. Edward Taylor ye present Clark for this place hath de- 
serted his office and with Drawn him self hence or other his private 
affairs to the greevance of ye people and great obstruction of Busi- 
ness to that office Relating, for Remedy where of Could not But think 
it our Duty to your Selfe and Precinct to offer ye Same to your Con- 
sideration, not Doubting your Rediness to Remove the Malady or 
Grevance by Deputing Som Capable descreat person to supply the 
present defect, and presuming not any person more capable hath yett 
offered, do with Submission Recommend Mr. Jos. Wicker to your 
thoughts, whome we believe a person quallified for the undertaking 
and suppose his preferment here in will give as General Sattisf action 
to the Inhabitants heare as in particuler it Doth to Sr. 
Your Humbe Servts to Com'd, 

And Mr. Jos. Wicker got the apointment as Clerk of the Precinct 
Court.— (Editor.) 

222 From the Governor of South Carolina. 



(Old Style). 

May it please yr Honr. 

Having not ye Conveniency of passage omecliately to South Caro- 
lina I have made use of this way by Bermuda to dispatch to your 
hour ye Inclosed letter & Papers from ye Rt. Honble ye Lord of 
his Majestys Privy Councell relating to ye division & deliverance 
of his Majesty from a barbarous Conspiracy of Popish & Invasion 
from France for wch he issued proclamation for a publick Thanks- 
giving on ye 17th of June next, ye other letter concerning to his 
Majestyes Customs k an act past in Scotland having relation to a 
leter & Instructions from Comissr of his Majesties Customs wch is 
not come to hand but nevertheless I shall take all ye Care I can in 
that matter here is alsoe inclosed a letter from his Excel his Majesties 
Governr, &c, of Virginia, wherein your Hon may See wt claim it 
made to Crow Island & by Consequence to most of ye land on ye 
north of ye sound to wch we retained ye answer wch was all we 
could doe having not soe much as a Copy of their Lordships Grant 
in this Government to defend ourselves wth and our weakness in 
that matter is very well known in Virginia soe that I believe it will 
be very necessary yt their Lordship have Speedy acct of it. 

May it please your Honr we have great reason to wish for yr 
Honrs arrival here, we have continued to adjourn ye Assembly by 
proclamation by reason of your honrs absence and ye ill use made 
of ye first adjournmt giving cause to believe yt ye like if not worse 
will be made of ye 2d & 3d, it is now adjourned to the 1st of Octo- 
ber. Then it will be necessary for the Assembly to sett for discharg- 
ing ye Publick Charge of the County and if your honr be not present 
or at best special instructions from ye Honor to satisfy ye Inhabi- 
tants, paticularly in ye assurance of their land. I doubt very much 
wee shall not be able to keep this Governmt in peace any longer for 
there does not want those that put ye people in fear that they shall 
not have patents for their land at all. Likewise I desire your 
Honr as a thing at this time very necessary to procure an authentic 
Copy of their Lordsps Grant if it be in South Carolina, ye public 
discourse that is in Virginia of this Country being in that Governmt 
ye country name yt ye foreign there give it may much animate all 
contented psons here upon expectatason of protection from thence. 
I desire your Honr alsoe if your Honr cant come to send full In- 
structions of ye qt rent in ye Comoditye. of ye Country for price last 
settled viz of porke at one penny & tobacco 3 farthings p pound is soe 
ill taken that ye country will not continue it except yr Honr presence 





Address from the House of Burgesses. 


here may prevail upon them. There doe appear great animosity 
in the Country already and If things will be worse, when, I crave 
leave once againe to your Honr to hasten your coming if possible 
ye peace of the Country very much depends upon it and ye Interest 
of ye proprietors much more I heartily pray for yr Honrs Health and 
Speedy arrival here and am yr Honrs 

Humble & bounden Servt., 
The Governor to Gov. Archdale briefed on the back of the paper. 
It is neither signed nor dated, and does not say a word about the 
time between . 


Loving and kind friend Seth Sothel and Governor my kind love & 
remembrance unto thee. These are to desire thee to Enter for me 
four hundred and twenty acres of land adjoining to my head line 
and running along the Survey. Sir for my Mill and as thee didest 
tell me that I need not be so hurry to by rites untell I had spoken 
againe with Thee therefoure I have bought none, hoping that thee 
will furnish me with cites and if thee doest I shall make thee satis- 
faction. So having no more to trouble thee withall I rest thy loving 
friend in the truth. 


This paper antedates 1689, as Seth Sothel died in that year. 


To the Honble the Deputy Governor, Esq., & CounciJl : 

May it please yor Honors House or Board which requires all mes- 
sages sent from this house to ye Honors should be signed by the 
Speaker We humbly conceive to be an Evading of the Privileges of 
this House and being contrary to all former practices of this House 
which usually has been done by the Clerk of thy House wherefore 
we humbly address yor Honors that all message coming from this 
House may be signed as formerly. Sent by Capi. Sanders, Wm. 

Signed by Wm. Wilkinson, Speaker, Thomas Blount, John Blount, 
Edw'd Smithwick, John Ardene, Gabriel Newby, Isaac Willson, 
Caleb Calloway, Timothy Cleave, Samuel Nicholson, W. Barrow, 
Thos. Peirce, Thomas Symons, Jeremyah Symons, Caleb Bundy. 
Augtn Scarborough, Jno. Hawkins, Rich'd Sanderson, Thos. Tay- 
ler, Ben Tulle, Wm. Bateman, Richard Cominfort." 

Without date but evidently about 1703, as it is signed by Col. 
Wm. Wilkinson as Speaker, and the succeeding paper is also signed 
in 1703 by Co. Wilkinson as Speaker of the House of Burgesses. 

224 Regulating Payment of Quit Rents. 


An Act to ascertain the manner of paying of Quit Rents which are 
or shall become Due to the true & absolute Lords Proprietors. 

Be it Enacted by his , Excellency the Pallatine and the rest of 
the true & absolute Lords Proprietors by & with the advise and Con- 
sent of this present Grand Assembly & the Authority thereof. 

And it is hereby Enacted that the Quitt Rents of all the lands 
in this Government shall be made in these following commodity es to 
wit in Silver or good Merchantable Pork or Tallow att the Rate 
ascertained in the Act of Assembly; and be it further enacted that 
the Inhabitants of Each & Every precinct & County in this Govern- 
ment are & shall be hereby obliged to pay the aforesd Rents Due to 
the Lords Proprietors on or before the 10th day of December yearly 
in such place in Each & Every respective River in this Government 
as the Governor shall appoint. 

'In the upper house Read the first time & past, By order Friday 
ye 12th of November, 1703. Tho. Snoden, CI. of ye Assembly. 
Saturday 13th. Read the first time in the house of Burgesses & 
past wth the Amendment desired as to the friends on the Backside. 

WM. WILKINSON, Speaker. 

In the upper House read ye Second time & past with ye Amend- 
ment. By order Monday ye 15th of November, 1703. Tho. Snoden 
CI. of ye Assembly. 

Endorsed on the back is the following: 

Fresh Pork p hundred. 

Pickeled & Barrelld Pork att p Barrel!. 

Tallow at 4d p lb. 

Tobacco att 8 s 4d per Cwt. 

WM. WILKINSON, Speaker. 

This Bill read the second time in the House of Burgesses and 
past wth the Amendments aforesaid and wth this provided that this 
Bill shall Determine att the end of two years or the next Biennial 
Parliamt. Bv order of the House. 

WM. WILKINSON, Speaker. 

In the Upper House. Read the third time wth ye amendment 
and proviso, Friday ye 19th. By order, Thos. Snoden, Ck of ye 

Ordered to be Engrossed. 

Friday 19. Read the third time & past wth Amendment & past 
by order of the House. 

WM. WILKINSON, Speaker. 

--TT— ^,— -- 

Bond of Commissioners Building Court House. 225 


Att a Grand Assembly held at the House of (paper gone to the 
folding) Hecklefield in the precinct of Perquimans Begun on Mon- 
day the Eleventh day of October Anno Dom 1708. 

In the Upper House. 

Prest the Honble Thomas Cary, Esq., Presidt & Commander-in 
Chief of North Carolina, the Honorble John Porter, Francis Foster, 
Gabriel Newby, John Hawkins. 

In the House of Burgesses : 

Edward Moseley Speaker. 

Mr. Nicholas Crisp, Mr. Stephen Swaine, Mr. James Beasley, 
Mr. Thos. Clark, Mr. Isaac Wilson, Mr. Tim Cleave, Mr. Thos. 
Pearce, Mr. Sam'l Nicholson, Mr. John Barrow, Mr. Corns Jones r 
Mr. Robert Morgan, Mr. John Norton, Mr. Caleb Bundy, Mr. Augn 
Scarborough, Mr. Joseph Wicker, Mr. Benj. Tulle, Mr. William 
Nicholson, Mr. John Hodgson, Mr. Wm. Stafford, Capt. Collogum 
Ward, Mr. Geo. Birkenhead, Capt. Wm. Barrow, Capt. Emanuel 
Cleaves, Mr. Levi Truewhitt, Mr. Wm. Hancock. 

These following Acts am Ratified. 

We regret that this is all we can find relating to this session of the 
Assembly in the Court House at Eden ton. 




North Carolina, Sss. Know all men by these presents that we 
Cullen Pollock, Joseph Hewes, Thomas Nash, Edward Vail and 
William Lowther Trustees & Directors for building and erecting a 
good & convenient Court House and Sufficient Prison for' the use 
of the District of Edenton are held and firmly bound unto his Ex- 
cellency Wm. Tryon, Esq., Governor and Commander-in-Chief in and 
over the province afsd in the sum of Two Thousand pounds procla- 
mation money to be paid to the said William Tryon, Esq., and his 
successors Governors of the said Province to which payment well 
and truly to be made. We bind ourselves and each of us, our & 
each of our Heirs, Executors & Administrators Justly & severally 

firmly by these presents Sealed with our seals and dated this 

day of , in the year of our Lord 1767. 

The Condition of the obligation is such that if the above bound 
Cullen Pollock, Joseph Hewes, Thomas Nash, Edwin Vail & Wil- 
liam Lowther shall well & faithfully discharge the several Trusts 

226 Bond of Commissioners Building Court House. 

in them reposed by An Act of Assembly intituled an Act for erecting 
a Court House and prison for the use of the District of Edenton and 
do and shall from time to time and at all times when they shall be 
called upon lay a Just state of their transaction as Trustees as afsd 
before the Assembly or such Committee as shall be appointed to 
settle & adjust the public accounts, then the above obligation to be 
void, otherwise to remain in full force & virtue. 

THOS. NASH, (Seal.) 
ED WD VAIL, (Seal.) 
Sealed & Delivered In presence of Tho. Jones. 

given for the Disbursement of the 
Erection of the Court House and 
prison for the District of Edenton, and is we think without doubt 
the same building located on King Street in the Town of Edenton, 
IS". O, now used as a Court House. We have carefully searched the 
records of the Courts of Chowan County for some Evidence of the 
time of its Completion and use, but have found nothing except the 
above bond, from which we infer the work was ordered by the As- 
sembly of the State, and an account of the acts of the Commissioner 
will probably be found in the Secretary of State's office at Raleigh, 
N. O, and only there. The building in its Architecture and Con- 
struction, stands as a monument to the skill and ability of those 
who planned and erected this Most Substantial and eloquent public 

The above Bond is evidently 
money to be paid out for the 


Abstract of Marriage- Bonds. 




(From originals in office of the Clerk of the Superior Court at Edenton, N. C., 
with names of Sureties. ) 

Bunch, James E. and Elizabeth White. Feb. 3. Thos. J. White. 
Bryant, Lewis and Harriet Corbett. Apl. 23. Jno. Newborn. 
Bateman, Andrew J. and Elizabeth Beasley. July 7. 
Bunch, William and Christian Goodwin. Sept. 30. Fred'k Bunch. 
Brinkley, Myles C. and Mary E. Goodwin. Dec. 13. ' , 
Bush, Elisha T. and Sarah M. Bush. Dec. 19. Jere Evans 
Douglas, William and Sarah Ann Goodman. May 2. W. H. Wilder. 
Eason, George and Mary Copeland. Feb'y 18: Thos. Hollowell. 
Evans, Albert and Mary Ann Elliott. Mch. 26. Jos. S. Cannon. 
Elliott, Vachel and Lydia Elliott, Aug. 20. Jos. B. Thach. 
Goodman, James and Sarah Fife. July 17. Elliott Floyd. 
Harris, Francis and Ann Bateman. Jan'y 16. Nath'l Bunch. 
Harrell, Wm. B. and Ann J. Battle. Mch 3. H. Simpson. 
Haste, Abner and Mary Jones. Nov. 6. Wm Previtt, Jr. 
Hollowell, Wm. and Christian Boyce. Dec. 9. Ephraim Bunch. 
Jordan Norfleet and Nancy Jane Boyce. Jan. 21. Baker Boyce. 
Jordan, Thomas M. and Mary Boyce. Oct. 29. 
Lane, Jesse and Margaret Jordan. Sept. 4. Wm. N. Pearce. 
Newborn, Hunter and Penelope Llews. Apl. 2. W. H. Wilder. 
Pratt, Nathan and Mary Walker. Feb'y 7. Charlton Sitterson. 
Phelps, Leonard and Jane Kail. Jan'y 14. J. W. Hathaway. 
Perry, John and Elizabeth Nixon. July 6. Myles Ashley. 
Kice, Freeman and Sarah Smith. Jan'y 21. James Bass. 
Skinner, William and Peninah Dail. Aug. 7. Wm. Bratton. 
Spivey, Timothy and Zillah Blanchard. Sept. 19. E. H. Tooly. 
Steele, John and Eliza Boyce. Dec. 10. Francis Byrum. 
Skinner, Joshua C. and Mary U. Leary. Dec. 15. E. C. Hines. 
Taylor, Joseph and Lucinda Speight. Feb. 5. Job Skinner. . 
Ward, Quinton and Margaret Forehand. Nov. 12. 
Ward, Andrew and Miley Forehand. Dec. 20. Wrighton Ward. 

Byrum, James and Elizabeth. Jan'y 8. Francis Byrum. 


Abstract of Marriage Bonds. 

Boyce, William and Elizabeth — : . Jan. 12. Amos Perry. 

Culpeper, Thomas and Emily W. Rafferty. Feb. 5. 

Chappell, Isaac B. and Eliza Mitchell. Feb'y 19. 

Copeland Phoenas and Jane E. Lane. Feb'y 23. Wm. D. White. 

Dail, Henry and Elizabeth Ashley. Mch. 2. Jos. Asbill, Jr. 

Goodwin, John and Achsia Halsey. Jan'y 22, Timothy Mitchell. 

Chaplin, William G. and Martha Skinner. July 1. 

Goodwin, Exnm and Priscilla Bunch. Oct. 9. Wm. Bunch. 

Hill, James W. and Mary Blanchard. Jan. 21. Jas. R. Darden. 

Hollowell, Jordan and Mary Parish. Feb. 23. 

Hendricks, Thomas and Esther Bagley. May 8. Wm. Spruell. 

Hollowell, Luke and Eliz Forehand. July 22. Ephraim Bunch. 

Harris, Josiah and Ellen Byrum. Sept. 9. Jesse Bunch. 

^Kennedy, William J. and Mrs. Eliza M. Clark. 

Lane, Elisha and Janette Chappell. Jan. 6. Francis Smith. 

Lane, Samuel C. and Mary Ann R. Lane. Feb'y 4. 

Lashley, John T. and Martha White. Mch. 31. Jos. G. Godfrey. 

Myers, Henry and Lavinia Smith. Sept. 22. Micajah Bunch. 

Persse, Anthony. B. and Margaret Dean. 'Nov. 25. 

Rea, Wiley W. and Mary L. Noxon. July 15. 

Stullifer, Rufus and Ritta Owens. Jan'y 6. Chas. Smith. 

Sitterson, Alfred and Frances A. Allen. May 27. Jos. S. Jones. 

Skinner, John and Lavinia W. Skinner. Nov. 2. 

Wilson, William and Eliza Harrell. Feb. 5. Jno. H. Jones. 

Wilson, Henry and Elizabeth Copeland. Feb'y 5. Moses Hobbs. 

Boyce, Henry and Priscilla Griffin. Feb. 21. Jesse J. Griffin. 
Chappell, Jonathan and Mary Elizabeth Roberts. Feb'y 2. 
Evans, Jeremiah and Agathy Ann Trotman. Mch. 19. 
Edwards, Rev. F. M. and Francis L. Bland. Dec. 21. 
Gregory, 'Thomas and Elizabeth Hoskins. Mch. 16. 
Goodwin, John E. and Mary Ann Perry. Apl. 4. C. E. Robinson. 
Harris, Abram and Lydia Jones. ' Mch. 24. Wm. Bunch. 
Harrell, John Wilson and Mary Haughton. Nov. 9. 
Hobbs, Hamilton and Lydia Byrum. Aug. 10. Starkey B. Evans. 
Hollowell, Quinton and Martha Ann Roberts. Jan'y 19. 
Jones, Henderson- and Mary Savage. June 8. Jesse Bunch. 
Jones Whitmell and Margaret Bird. July 20. Jas. Wilson. 
Kenedy, William and Margaret White. Mch. 30. C. C. Rea. ' 
Morris, Miles and Louisa Lane. Mch. 9. F. E. Simpson. 
Munds, William and Apphia Jordan. Feb. 9. Wm. N. Pearce. 

* There is a legacy awaiting the heirs of Wm. J. Kennedy in Pennsylvania. — 
Write to the Editor of The Register for information. His wife was the daughr 
ter of Fred'k Greenwood, of Edenton, N. C. 


Abstract of Marriage Bonds. 


Norcom, Abner and Margaret Hoskins. Oct. 12. Jas. Norcom. 
Owens, Henry and Milly Jordan. Mch. 18. J no. W. Cullifer. 
Parker, Seth B. and Emily Hobbs. May 25. Isaac Moran. 
Perry, John A. and Elizabeth Bond. Feb. 21. Chas. Smith. 
Smith, Stephen and Nancy Harris. May 3. Phenias Copeland. 
Spruell, T. C. and Elizabeth Wynri. June 7. Jos. S. Jones. 
Simpson, Newton A. and Deborah Norcom. Dec. 7. J. S. Jones. 
Selden, John A., Jr., and Penelope L. Benbury. Nov. 15. 
Williams, Willis A. and Harriet P. Leary. Dec. 13. 
Womble, Thos. J. and Sarah F. Best. May 5. J. G. Godfrey. 
White, Jesse and Sarah Boyce. Jan'y 5. Jas. N. Floyd. 

Cullens, Nathan L. and Mary Benbury. May 4. J. S. Jones. 
Copeland and Bachel Jordan. Oct. 25. Tim Copeland. 
Elliott, A. E. and Juliana B. Harvey. Feb. 13. Wm. C. Wood. 
Hedricks, Wm. S. and Martha Pratt. Jan'y 17. E. A. Morris. 
Nowell, Jos. W. and Harriet E. Cannon. Feb. 23. B. F. Welch. 
Parish, Alfred and Mary Hedrick. Mch. 14. Benj. Jones. 
Peters, Stephen T. and Jane Warren. June 22. Edward Warren. 
Saunders, Calvin and Martha Bunch. Feb'y 25. 
Sitterson, Alfred S. and Sarah A. Sitterson. Apl. 13. 
Syme, John and Ann Cornelia De Coin. Oct. 11. Rich'd Paxton. 
Wilder, Thomas C. and Mary E. Bockover. Feb'y 9. 
Whitmore, D. T. and Mrs. Elizabeth J. Jordan. June 14. 
Williams, John B. and Elizabeth Byrum. July 21. 

Asbill, Elisha and Martha Ann Asbill. Jan'y 3. Jfto. B. Wright. 
Asbill, James and Hepsabeth Boyce. June 8. Baker F. Boyce. 
Boyce, William and Hannah Dail. May 21. Julius Dail. 
Burrows, Briant and Nancy Jones. May 25. Freeman Rice. 
Bunch, Jesse and Sophia Jones. June 6. Wm. Perry. 
Bunch, Lemuel and Mary Jones. July 9. C. E. Robinson: , 
Blount, William C. and Penelope Chambers. July 19. 
Byrum, William and Martha Jane Harrell. Oct. 23. Wm. Perry. 
Boyce, Thomas and Sophia Williams. Dec. 26. Jesse J. Griffin. 
Flovd. Jeremiah and Miriam Bunch. Apl. 26. N. S. Perkins. 
Gaskins, Wm. A. and Lydia L. Bunch. Jan'y 22. P. F. White. 
Green, Samuel and Mary Evans. Jan'y 25. Quinton Hollowell. 
Hobbs, Quinton and Elyy Ward. Oct. 25. George Eason. 
Jordan, Nathan C. and Sarah Frances Walton . Nov. 28. 
Jennings, John and Ellen McCoy. July 25. J. A. Wbodard. 
Jollie, H. G. and Margaret B. Lowther. Sept. 6. Wm. Norcom. 
Jordan, William H. and Jane Lane. Sept. 19. J. N. Floyd. 
Mitchell, Timothy and Ann Eliza Trotman. Apl. 24. 


Abstract of Marriage Bonds. 

Miller, Augustine and Penelope Smith. Sept. 11. 

Moore, Nath'l H. and Mary O'M. Bruer. Dec. 5. 

Miller, Jonathan and Miley Todd. Dec. 26. Albert G. Jones. 

Starnes, James W. and Sarah Ann Lane. June 16. 

Winslow Reuben and Elizabeth Winslow. Jan. 13. 

Welch, Drew and Eliza Ward. Oct. 16. Daniel N. Ward. 

Bateman, Hamilton C. and Harriet Whitmore. Feb'y 26. 
Burke, Richard C. and Sarah F. Small. Sept. 23. Moses Burke. 
Blanchard, Josiah and Martha Winslow. Nov. 3. 
Brinkley, Martin L. and Elizabeth A. Blanchard. Dec. 2. 
Chappell, Harvey and Mary Simpson. Feb. 7. 
Copeland, Joseph and Elizabeth Winslow. Dec. 23. 
Clements, William and Mary Sansberry. Nov. 11. R. S. Pratt. 
Daniel, Watson L. and Priscilla A. Gregory. Oct. 13. 
Halsey, Samuel and Maria Ann HalsCy. Oct. 31. 
Harrell, Jno. H. and Elizabeth Smith. Dec. 30. 
Jackson, Jos. C. and Mary Jane Taylor. Sept. 27. S. W. Taylor 
Lane, Henry and Elizabeth Miller. July 9. Tim Coffield. 
Overman, Joseph and Melissa Griffin. Feb'y 26. 
Parker, N N. and Sarah Webb. April 17.' Levi Thorne. 
Roberts, Stephen W. and Elizabeth 1ST. Haynes. Apl. 28. 
Righton, Stark A. and Susan A. Moore. Nov. 19. E. C. Hines. 
Small, Richard and Jane Small. June 10. Jno. C. Badham. 
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Wilson, Thomas and Nancy E: Bass. Nov. 3. Jess*e Bunch. 
White, Henry H. and Alethia Gaskins. Nov. 12. 
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White, Jordan and Virginia Williams. Dec. 9. 
Welch, Baker F: and Sarah M. Simpson. Dec. 
Wright, John B. and Corisand Bunch. Dec. 30. 

Bunch, Perry and Martha Williams. March 1 
Byrum, Wm. C. and Tamar Ward. May 16. 
Bond, Alex H. and Sarah R. Simpson. May 23. 
Bunch, Nehemiah and Lucretia Ellis. Julv 21 

Wm. M. Ward, 
John J. Bunch, 


Elliott Floyd. 
Isaac Byrum. 
A. W. Clayton. 
Perry Bunch. 

Bush, John J. and Ann Wright. Oct. 12. Elisha T. Bush. 
Bond, R. H. L. and Annie A, Hoskins. Sept. 27. T. W. Hudgins. 
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Dempsey, Elijah and Sally White. Jan'y 12. Simon Cull-ifer. 
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Abstract of Marriage Bonds. 


Elliott, Ameziah and Jane Jordan. June 18. Thos. Jordan. 
Green, Sam'l and Mary Evans. Jan'y 25. 
Galloway, George W. and Mattie L. Mixon. Nov. 12. 
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Abstract of Marriage Bonds. 

Leary, West R. and Adaline Smith. Dec. 25: Wm. Perry. 
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Swank, K M. and Harriet S. Carter. Jan'y 1st. 

Abstract of Marriage Bonds. 


Feb'y 10. 

1st. Jos. T. Waff. 

2. Joel Hyman. 

Simpson, John B. and Elizabeth Ann jSTorcom. Feb'y 8. 

Sharp, John and Anna Maria Simpson. Mch. 19. J. N". Floyd 

Sutton, Stark A. and Henrietta Moore. May 31. 

Shannonhouse, W. E. and Adelaide Thach. Aug. 16. 

Worseley, James A. and Mary A. E. Ming. 

"Waff, William W. and Anna Wright. Mch 

Weston, B. F. and E. A. Whitmore. June 


Blount, William C. and Fenelope M. Leary. T. F. Smith. 

Bunch, Wm. 3ST. and Susan M. Brinkley. Feb'y 13. 

Bunch, Jas. L., Dr. and Martha A. jSTorcom. Apl. 17. 

Boushall, Benj. F. and Mrs. Adaline J. Henry. May 9. 

Bunch, Jos. E. and Marina Ward. May 14. John J. Bush. 

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.Copeland, Andrew and Anna Maria Jordan. Oct. 18. 

Duke, James H. and Betty V. Lawrence. Aug. 21. 

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•Gilliam, Julian and Elizabeth Hoskins. Dec. 12. Geo. Gilliam. 
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Haste, Abner and Nancy Burrows. Jan. 28. Jacob E. Privitt. 

Harrell, Josiah and Mary Jane Halsey. Sept 

Harrell, Wm. II. and Margaret Boyce. Oct. 10. 

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Peel, George and Virginia Burton. Oct. 31. Chas. Leary. 

Peel, Joseph and Henrietta Liles. June 4. Jas. Smith. 

Parish, Wm. E. and Ellen A. Bond. Dec. 29. J. D. Parish. 

Eogerson, Jesse W. and Martha Bland. Aug. 13. J. M. Jones, Jr. 

Eichardson B.' A. and Lavinia P. Smith. ISTov. 21. Jas. H. Bell. 

Small, Baker D. and Mary E. Smith. Jan'y 7. Jacob E. Privett. 

Sutton, LaFayette and Sarah J. Thatch. Mch. 5. T. J. Knapp. 

Skinner, Thomas and Mary E. Starnes. Mch. 14. Wm. S. Smith. 

Summerell, Dr. Thos. D. and Elizabeth J. Skinner. Dec. 12. 

Tilton, John H. and Sarah E. Dosier. Feb'y 27. Allen Brown. 

Todd, Bryant and. Martha J. Miller. July 4. Jas. Bonner. 

Thatch, Henry C. and Eliza Bunch. July 15. Jas. D. Wynn. 

Ward, Wm. M. and Harriet E. Hollowell. Feb'y 6. Silas White. 

Wright, Townsand and Margaret Harrell. Feb'y 16. Jos. Moran. 

18. M. Bunch. 
Henry Morgan. 
Gideon Byrum. 
Nov. 27. 


Relating to the Revolutionary War. 


(From the Executive Letter Book at Raleigh, N. C. ) 

Charleston, S. 0., June 25, 1777. 
Dr. Sir: 
The Marquis de la Fayette, nephew to the French Ambassador to 
the Court of Great Britain, and Baron De Kalb, who were bound to 
Phila' in order to join the army under General Washington, the for- 
mer in the Character of a Volunteer, and the latter of a General 
Officer having with several Officers and gentlemen of their suite, put 
into this port, whence they proceed by land, occasion my troubling 
you with this, to introduce them to your notice, being persuaded that 
they will receive from you, en passant, such civilities as foreingers 
of distinction may Expect. I am, &c, 

Gov. Caswell. 

Francis Brice to Gov. Caswell. 


Wilmington, June 29th, 1777. 

The Commissary's business calling Mr. Craike's attendance to some 
other part of the State, he thought proper to acquaint me with the 
Resolve of the Council for the removal of the Military Stores to 
Point Pleasant, desiring that I wd see it done. I should have re- 
ceived infinite satisfaction in being the Executor of a Resolve so 
manifestly necessary for the Security of the Stores ; the first step I 
thought shd be taken was to inform myself, if a sufficient number of 
invalids were here to constitute a proper guard. On finding there was 
not. I then applied to Captn Vance, to know if a guard could be 
procured from the Artillery, who told me the Company at that time 
(yesterday only) had so few men it was impossible for him to sup- 
ply the number necessary for the occasion, without taking away the 
sentries at the upper battery and the store where the clothing is kept. 
The only invalid being buried two days before my application. From 
these circumstances I have declined removing the stores, till your 
Excellency can point out some method by which a guard may be 
obtained, as without it the safety of them would be more precarious 
than where they now are, tho we are well informed. of three Vessels 
of force being on our bar. The defenceless state of this river, makes 



Relating to the Revolutionary War. 


the present situation of the stores very dangerous, and ought to be a 
matter of serious consideration. 
Most respectfully, I am 

Your Excellency's most Obt. H'ble Servant, 

His Excellency Richard Caswell. 

Extracts from letter of Sam'l Johnston to Dr. Thomas Burke. 

Edenton, K C, June 26, 1777. 

I have had an opportunity of seeing an experiment of the new 
Legislature, and am as little pleased with it in practice as I was for- 
merly in Theory, and am still of opinion, that your plan might, for 
ought I know, be well adapted to the government of a numerous 
cultivated people, it will by no means be attended with those Salu- 
tary ends which were in contemplation, of its framers. The few 
godd men or men of understanding and business, who had inclina- 
tion or intend to be either of the Legislative or Executive Department 
are by no means sufficient to counterbalance the fools and knaves, 
who by their low Arts have worked themselves into the good graces 
of the populace. When I tell you that I saw with indignation such 
men as G — th, R — d, T— s, P : — E — N, and your Colleague Penn, 
with a few others of the same stamp, principle leaders in both houses, 
you will not expect that any thing good or great should proceed from 
the Counsels of men of such narrow, contracted principle, supported 
by the most contemptible abilities. Hewes was supplanted of his 
seat in Congress by the most insidious acts and glaring falsehoods 
and Hooper, though no Competitor appeared to oppose him, lost a 
great number of Votes, Quince for no crime alleged against him, 
but that he was a man of fortune, was turned out of his appointment 
of Naval Officer of Port Brunswick, which was filled by a stripling. 
Persons are recommended as Judges of the Court of Oyer and Term- 
iner in this District, who are scarcely qualified to execute the most 
inconsiderable Office in the State. The one who is best qualified 
and was formerly Deputy in the Clerk's office, has two much modesty 
to act, conscious of his Incapacity. 

I give them as only a few specimens of the hopeful beginning of 
our new government, omitting to mention a number of acts, which 
in my opinion are extremely impolitic and ill judged at this time. 
The event will show whether I am mistaken. I wish to God I may 
be. I have resigned the Office of Treasurer of the Northern District 
and am succeeded by Col. Skinner, of Perquimans County, but 
though I am now out of Office and totally abstracted from all politi- 
cal concerns, it will always give me pleasure to hear from you. 


Relating to the Revolutionary War. 

Please make my compliments to Harnett, who I expect will be 
with you before this, and believe me with the most sincere respect 
and esteem, Dear Sir 

Your most obedient Servant, 


Reccommendation of Mr. Robert Turner. 


New Rem, June 30th, 1777. 

The bearer Mr. Robert Turner hath been oiyt in the service of his 
country as Captain of Marines on board the Rrig Pennsylvania Far- 
mer and hath always behaved himself well in this station, and tells me 
he hath the offer of a Lieutenancy in Col. Sheppard's Regiment, 
which if not already filled up, take the liberty of recommending him, 
to your Excellency for said Commission as I think he will fully an- 
swer the expectations of his country. 

I am your Excellencys most obedient hum Serv'ts, 

His Excellencv Richard Caswell. 


Gov. Caswell to Pres'd't Ruthledge, of S. C. 

New Rem, 3d July, 1777. 

The bearer Major De La Port, a French gentleman in the service 
of the United States of America, comes well recommended to me 
by the Governor of that State. He is on the business of recruiting, 
has been some what successful here. From his assiduity and con- 
duct I am inclined to think he will answer the purpose of his ap- 
pointment. He has enlisted six more in this place and sent them 
on to join his party in Virginia, think he may be able to raise some 
recruits from among his Country men in Charlestown for which 
place he is now setting out. 

This Sir, is to introduce him to your Excellency and I flatter my 
self he will meet with such countenance from you as his conduct and 
the importance of his employment may deserve. He calls himself 
Major but is recommended to me as Captain. 

I have the honor to be \yith greatest respect and esteem, 

Dr. Sir, yours, &e, 


Presd't Rutledge, S. Carolina. 

Eelating to the Revolutionary War. 


Gov. Caswell to John Ashe, Esq. 

Xew Bern, K C., 3d July, 1777. 
Dear Sir: 
The bearer Major De La Port a French Gentleman in the service 
of the United States of America, appointed in Virginia, has been by 
permission, some few days recruiting here and is now about to pro- 
ceed to Charles Town where he expects to raise some recruits from 
among his country men. He is apprehensive he may be short of 
Cash, and requested he may be supplied, I therefore request the 
favor of you to furnish him on account of the State of Virginia^ with 
fifty pounds this currency. I have not the least doubt but it will be 
agreeable to the General Assembly, especially as we have an acct. 
with that State for Materials furnished the Galleys building by 
them in this State, and have to acct, with them for articles sent out 
here for Muhlenberg's Regiment which have been applied to the use 
of Our Troops. I am with great respect and Esteem, 

Dr. Sir, Yours, &c, 

John .Ashe, Esq. 

J. G. Blount to Gov. Caswell. 


Contentney, July 5th, 1777. 

I was yesterday informed by Col. Robert Salter, who left Tar- 
borough that morning that Col. "William Williams was «ut there on 
some business and had received an express from Mr. Whitmel Hill 
informing him of a traitorous Conspiracy* formed mostly in Martin 
and the adjacent Counties but more or less in almost every County 
from North to South of the State. They were at some certain night 
to fall in and assassinate all the leading men. The discovery was 
made by some person whom they had lately taken up and examined/ 
and it is generally believed there are some principal persons con- 
cerned in their horrid plan. Lf so it's more than probable they are 
acquainted with the unguarded situation of the Magazine of this 
State, and will make an attempt to destroy it. I beg leave to observe 
your Excellency that I think the Artillery Company at Wilmington 
are quite in sufficient even with the greatest diligence to the task of 
guarding the two ports, Magazines, &c. . 

• His Excellency Richard Caswell. 

* If the reader will refer to the affidavits in this number of The Register re- 
lating to the Tories, he will get some idea of this Conspiracy. — Editor. 


Eeltting to the Revolutionary War. 

Jacob Blount to Gov. Caswell. 

Contentney, July 6th, 1777. 
Dear Sir: 
You will receive a letter by the bearer George from my son John 
who come from Col. Salter's last evening in forming you of a most 
bloody plan supposed to be laid by some of the enemies of America ; 
as to particulars I refer you to his letter. It doth not remain a Doubt 
with me but that there is some persons of note concerned in this hor- 
rible plan. If that should be the case, they will certainly make an 
attempt on our public magazine the first thing if it is not well guard- 
ed. I hope, Sir, you will take care of yourself. 

I should have done myself the honor to have waited on you my- 
self, but my family being all down with the flux, I could not by any 
means leave them. Mr. James Harvey is extremely ill with it. I 
dispair of his ever recovering. Mrs. Blount, Mrs. Harvey and Ned 
Baker is extremely ill with it now. Upwards of twenty of my ne- 
groes hath had it, from Sir, 

Your most obt. Servt., 

His Excellency Richard Caswell. 



Gov. P. Henry, of Virginia, to Gov. Caswell. 

Wmsburgh, July 9th, 1777. 

I beg leave to mention the case of Mr. De la Porte, ^a French Gen- 
tleman, to your Excellency. He was given to understand that sev- 
eral Frenchmen might be recruited in your State, and set out from 
hence on that business. I am sorry to hear he is so unlucky as to 
get into a quarrel, the consequences of which I hear are serious. I 
shall esteem it a favor if you'll please take notice of him and render 
him any proper assistance. 

With regard, I have the honor to be Sir, 

Your Most Obt. Servant, * • 
His Excellency Richard Caswell. 


Michael Payne to Gov. Casswell. 

Edenton, July 14, 1777. 

I rec'd pr post your letter with the Commissions, and am at a loss 
to know how to act, as you have not mentioned whether there's any- 

Relating to the Revolutionary War. 239 

thing to pay for them or not. I should take it as a very great favour 
if you would please to write me on that head, and oblige. 

Your most ohedt. hbl. Servt., 
His Excellency Richard Caswell. 

Lt. Col. Henry Irwin to Gov. Caswell. 

Tarborough, 16th July, 1777. 
Dr. Sir : 
Being extremely unwell prevent my attending at Halifax. I am 
now got some better, and would wish, your Excellency's permission 
to go all to the No'ward to join my Regiment, as I can't promise my 
self any advantage I can be of to the Army, staying here. 

I am very sorry to inform you of too many evil persons in this and 
the neighboring Counties being joined in a most wicked Conspiracy ; 
but am in hopes it may be stopped, as many have come in, and made 
all the discovery they know of. About 30 of them made an attempt 
on this place, but luckily I had about 25 men to oppose them. I 
disarmed the whole, and made many take the oath. 
I am Dear Sir, 

Your Excellency's most Obt. Servt., 

His Excellency Richard Caswell. 

Maj. J. B. Ashe to Gov. Caswell. , 

Halifax, July 18th, 1777. 
I have just now handed a return to Col. Williams, (of the 9th 
Battalion) agreeable to your Excellency's directions- to him. You 
will no doubt be astonished and wonder that such a Vast arrear can 
be due that regiment. *** ***. I haven't any news to write your 
Excellency,only that one of the Royal Bloods of France (the Marquis 
de Lafayette) recommended by Mr. Franklin, passed this a few days 
since on his way to the Grand Army. I am with due respect, 
Your Excellency's very obed't very h'ble Servant, 

J. B. ASHE. 
His Excellency Governor Caswell. 

Robert Smith to Gov. Caswell. 

Edenton, 19th July, 1777. 
I went up to Halifax the 10th of this present month, when I was 
given to believe I should have the honour of waiting on your Excel- 

240 Relating to the Revolutionary War. 

lcncy. I waited the 11th till night, when word came you would not 
be at Halifax before the 15th. I left a packet for your Excellency 
and Council, in the hands of Thomas Eaton, Esq., which, as you did 
not go to Halifax, I hope he forwarded. It concerned the Brig King 
Taminy which I have had fitted out, and she is now ready to take her 
cargo; indeed I ordered thirty Hhds of Tobacco to be put on board 
Jier, the sails overhauled, and the rigging set up. I req'd another 
person might be appointed in my room Commissioner of her, as 
there would be an impropriety in my acting as agent for the Congress 
and Corn' r for the State; especially as the Congress were to become 
Charterer, they would necessarily expect I would make the best 
bargain for them I could, and this State would have an equal right 
on their part to expect it. I mentioned that I was willing to Char- 
ter the Brig, have her valued, and on account of Congress would in- 
sure her out and back, from Kants, Bordeaux or Port L'Orient and 
execute the Charter party, with your Excellency and the Council! 
or if you thought proper to appoint some person here I could execute 
it with them. . As she now waits for your determination, the sooner 
it comes, the better. 

I have the honor to be Your Excellency's Most obed & 

Very h'ble Servt., 

Will Hooper to Gov. Caswell. 

Tinian, July 21st, 1777. 
Sir : % 

By the death of Capt. Forster who was appointed a Commissioner 
for the Washington Armed Vessel, it has become necessary that his 
place should be immediately supplied. As the Assembly have in-" 
vested the Govr & Council with a power for this purpose, it becomes 
very interesting to the public that they should exercise it without 
delay. ****** *** *** The Capt. of the Vessel informs me that 
Mr. Toomer will undertake the office of Commissioner. His char- 
acter in point of industry and integrity is unsullied, and his capacity 
in the common affairs of life good; he is not a seaman by profession, 
but upon the whole, with his other good qualities, has the best pre- 
tensions, to it of any I know here who will accept the charge. I 
have heard that Capt. Ellis is not adverse to this office, but as he 
lives 12 or 14 miles from the town, I doubt it would be attended with 
inconvenience to himself and the public. 

I am Sir, with greatest respect, : 

Your Excellency's Most obt. Servt., 


Relating to the Revolutionary War. 

Bobt. Smith to Gov. Caswell. 



Edenton, 24th July, 1777. 

The last time I had the honor of addressing your Excellency was 
on the 19th instant, in which I mentioned my having been at Halifax, 
with the intention of meeting you and your Council to conclude what 
should be done about the armed Brig King Taminy which the General 
Assembly thought proper to appoint me Commissioner for. Since 
I received the resolve of the Assembly, I have done my best to have 
her fitted ready for sea, and have put the greatest part of her Cargo, 
to- wit, Tobacco on board, but am now stopped from proceeding any 
further, as I am ordered by the Assembly to load her out on Conti- 
nental account and have her by Congress insured, and as I act for the 
secret Committee as agent, I can not with any degree of propriety, 
Value the Brig, ascertain the freight and make out a charty party. I 
therefore inclosed your Excellency the Copy of the Resolve of the 
Assembly, with the request you would either appoint one as the 
Commissioner for the King Taminy, or allow men of judgment to 
set such value on the vessel and freight for the month as you might 
think proper, and for you & the Council, I was willing to charter 
her and on account of the Congress I would insure her against all 
risque whatever. 

It's true at both times I forgot to mention, and I would rather 
avoid it now, if I could, but, the Taminy must not stay, they grumble 
enough already I mean the People. But I now will venture, should 
you and your Council not incline to Charter to me, to name Mr. Chs 
Bondfield, Mr. Josiah Collins or Mr. John Smith, as men fit to be 
appointed or any of them Com'rs for the King Taminy. I think 
they would do justice, but am not sure whether they may act, tho* 
some of them I have no doubt will, and therefore it might be well to 
name them all or any of them. Your an'sr by return of this Express 
would much oblige me. I have the honor to be Sir, 

Your obed't Servt., 


To Gov. Caswell. 


Francis Brice to Governor Caswell. 

Wilmington, July 25, 1777. 

In the death of Mr. John Forster the public have lost a warm 
friend to American liberty, and the privateer Gen'l Washington is 
left without any one to procure the necessary articles for the Ship's 

242 Relating to the Revolutionary War. 

use, except the Captain who must purchase every material at a much 
larger price than a person particularly appointed for that purpose, 
as if one was nominated, he might get a quantity of necessaries to- 
gether, which would come much more reasonable than buying out 
of the retail shops. 

I was at a loss to mention to your Excellency as a proper person, 
for the undertaking, till I recollected Mr. Robert Ellis, to whom I 
mentioned the circumstances, and he will readily accept the ap- 
pointment, should your Excellency and the Council confer it on him. 
Mr. Ellis has been accustomed to the sea from his youth & conse- 
quently pretty well acquainted with maritime affairs. I could wish 
your Excellency could order whoever is appointed, to replace the mon- 
ey advanced by Mr. Eorster since his settlement at Newbern ; If you 
should I shall take care to have the acc'ts properly attested. The war- 
rant your Excellency sent him by me I have in my possession. 

, I am vour Excellency's h'ble Servant, 


P. S. I am told Mr. Toomer will also act as Commissioner for 
the Washington, provided he was appointed. Mr. Toomer is a very 
active, stirring man, he also knows something of shipping, and I 
make no doubt but he would fill that Vacancy with Credit to himself 
and benefit to the public. I don't presume to recommend either of 
these Gent, to your Excellency. I only mention 1hem as the only 
two would undertake the business. 

Your Excellency's H'ble Servant, 


His Excellency Richard Caswell. 

Richard Peters, Secretary, to Gov. Caswell. 

War Office, July 22d, 1777. 
I am directed by the Board of War to inform you that Congress 
have taken into Continental pay as part of the Quota of Troops to be 
raised by the State of North Carolina; the Artillery Company of 
the State. You will be pleased to inform the Officers commanding 
the Company of his being received into Continental Service and that 
Congress direct him forthwith to proceed and join General Wash- 
ington. I have the honor to be vour very Obed. Serv't, 


P.- S. I have had the honor of receiving no list of officers ap- 
pointed in No. Carolina in the Continental Reg'ts with their ranks 
and dates of Commissions, as desired in a former letter. 



Relating to the Revolutionary War. 243 

Thos. Craihe to Governor Caswell. 

Halifax, July 23rd, 1777. 
I was this day preparing to send off the Powder ordered for the 
Magazines at Salisbury and Washington Districts, Col. Long having 
provided a wagon for that purpose; but from the intelligence we 
have rec'd from the Counties of Chatham, Guilford and Orange, I 
thought it necessary to consult with Col. Williams and Col. Long, 
who are of my opinion that it would be too great a risque to forward 
it till we. are better informed of the intentions of these people. I 
have had the powder all started and put in good order, and shall wait 
on your Excellency's orders by the return of the express. 

I am your Excellency's most Obed, h'ble Serv., 

His Excellency Richard Caswell. 

Gov. Caswell to Robt. Smith. 

Dobbs, 27th July, 1777. 
Dear Sir: 
Your several letters of the 19th and 24th curr't I have received, 
but cannot, without the advice of the Council, do anything respecting 
the subject matter of them. The Council is to meet at Kingston the 
4th of August next, when I will lay those letters before them, and if 
you think proper to send out then, I shall be able to inform you the 
result of the Council. I have much business on hami at present. 
You will therefore be pleased to excuse my not writing particularly 
to you and Mr. Benbury, assure yourself that every step in my power 
shall be taken to secure Mr. Brimage, and the other matters recom- 
mended in your letters shall be properly attended to by 

Dr. Sir Your Most Obe't Serv't, 

Robt. Smith, Esq. 

John Ancrum to Gov. Caswell. 

Wilmington, 27th July, 1777. 
May it please Your Excellency, 

This will be handed you by Capt. Ingram, at pres't Com'r of the 
Washington, &c. 

I have the honor to be your Excellency's Obt. Servt., 

His Excellency Richard Caswell. 

244 Kelating to the Revolutionary War. 

Gapt. John Vance to Gov. Caswell. 

Fort Forster, July 29th, 1777. 

I take this opportunity to send my return, & likewise Capt. In- 
gram's return ; I should been in myself, but I was alarmed by these 
dam rascals, the Torys. We are few in number but high in Spirits. 
I have sent your Excellency and the honorable Council a new pro- 
jected Tory pudding with the plums in one end. I hope yui 
Honour will approve of it. I have likewise sent your Honour a 
memorandum of materials wanting for the Artillery. We are very 
impatient for our paymaster, if your Excellency please to appoint 
Mr. Harry Toomer pay master of the Company ; Sir, we are at 
present destitute of a Doctor. I have got one of my own appointing 
I likewise been under of a necessity of appointing officers to keep 
Decorum in Camp, for if I had not arrived in camp just as I did 
the" Company would have been totally broke up. I have with a good 
deal of fatigue got them in good decorum once more. Money is our 
greatest object at present. I hope your Honours will approve the 
officers nominated by me, Mr. Phillip Jones 3d Lieut., Mr. John 
Cureton Vance, Jr., Lieut, fireworker. Sir, I have inclosed in the 
letter the proceedings of the Court Martial held on Mr. John Allen, 
Sir, I remain your humble Servant, 


His Excellency Richard Caswell. 

Robert Smith to Gov. Caswell. 

Edenton, 31st July, 1777. 
Dear Sir: 
Your most obliging favours of the 27th by Egan, I had the honor 
to receive yesterday and am really sorry nothing could be done about 
the Taminy as she is now fully loaded and I suffer greatly as the whole 
blame of her detention seems by the people laid to my door. It is 
with real concern I observe your Excellency will once be under the 
disagreeable necessity of turning out to restore order in your Govern- 
ment and you have my most earnest prayers for your success, nothing 
I can do shall be wanting to help bring help about so desirable an 
end. Should Col. Dauge with his men call, he shall have every 
necessary can be had for him, as well arms as provisions, and the two 
Field Pieces, but from the best information we can obtain our neigh- 
bors in Martin, upper end of Tyrrell and Bertie, are not like long to 
be quiet. We had them placed to guard the Magazine with a strong 
guard constantly kept up, the readiness of the Country as well as 

Relating to the Revolutionary War. 


the Militia of this Town to perform this service I can not omit men- 
tioning with great pleasure and with no less satisfaction. / can in- 
form your Excellency we have never yet had reason to doubt any 
person in this County, Perquimans, Pasquotank or Currituck having 
any hand in the Conspiracy at least none are yet impeached or even 
suspected. Last night Mr. Brimage was brought under guard to this 
Town from ISTew Inlet and was committed to gaol. He with one 
Smith got acquainted with a Certain Campbell, as he called himself, 
who said he was Lieut of a man of war, and were endeavoring to get 
on board of the ships at Virginia the two former were taken, the lat- 
ter stole a boat and made his escape. Smith is bound over. I would 
now send your Excellency a Copy of the depositions with proceedings 
thereon, but have really not time to have them copied. I saw some 
time ago I think about the middle of June last a letter to your Excel- 
lency from Mr. Bondfield with his resignation as Judge Associate 
of the Court of Oyer. We shall have many xmhappy devils to take 
their trial for their life next Oyer Court and as I have not seen any 
new Commission I must confess I feel myself deeply interested in 
this matter. Your Excellency will see and I dare say View the 
present situation of this Country in as deplorable a light as I do 
— an exasperated Jury and a Lay Judge, my God ! What may we 
not expect, Law should be strictly attended to, severity exercised, 
but the doors of mercy should never be shut — would a good Lawyer 
act at this time, I am convinced it would be a great means of giv- 
ing dignity to Courts, strength to the Law, and restoring imion to this 
distracted Country. Had the Assembly thought proper last time to 
have appointed Mr. Johnston he assured me then he wotfld have acted, 
on that subject I have not of late conversed with him. 
I have the Honor to be, 

Your Excellency's Most Obdt & very Hble Servt., 

To Governor Caswell. 


Robt. Smith to Gov. Caswell. 

Edenton, July 31st, 177 7. 


This letter you will receive by the hands of Mr. Millen, a Mer- 
chant of this place, he is a Gent'n for whom I have ever entertained 
a friendship and who has ever supported a good character ; but from 
the alteration of times, wants to depart the Country. He was cited 
under the Act of Assembly to appear next Court 1o take the Oath, 
and come before me and engaged he would make his appearance — 


Relating to the Revolutionary War. 

he has now a vessel almost ready to sail in which he wants to take 
bis passage, and would be glad, were it consistent with the line of 
your Excellency's duty, to have permission to do so. His Capt. one 
James Ferguson who has sailed and served, in Mr. Hewes employ 
and mine these ten years and behaved well, has been out and brought 
in salt since these disputes began, and was intended to go on the same 
errand again, hath been cited and stands in the same predicament 
with Mr. Millen. I do not know how far their case may differ from 
the others, or whether their departure might not satisfy the 
law — this I submit to your Excellency. Could they with propriety 
have liberty to depart I should be exceedingly happy. I now once 
for the whole beg your pardon for the freedoms of this morning and 
bave the honor to be 

Your Excellency's most Obed. & very Hble Servt., 

P. S. Should you have any papers from Council to forward Mr, 
Mullen* will be a safe hand. The Court's Laws are exceedingly 

Robt. Smith to Gov. Caswell. 

Edenton, 31 July, 177 Y. 
The bearer, Mr. Alexander Gelatly, I have been well acquainted 
for a number of years. He has acted here as Register, and in several 
other Capacities, in all of which he discharged his duty well and 
faithfully. He is and ever since I knew him has beeh a most in- 
offensive character, and a very useful one. He carries cer- 
tificates from the Clerk of this County for John Weir, 
Alexander Clarke, William Knight, James McClain and John Baggs 
and James Henderson who were all cited last Court to take the 
oath. They chose rather to leave the country than to do so. They; 
some of them did not come under the Act of Assembly. I believe and 
considered themselves pointed at. They are all men who have sup- 
ported very fair characters, have ever been peaceful citizens and 
borne their share of all public duties assigned them, but refused the 
oath of Government, and therefore entered into a recognizance to leave 
the country agreeable to Act of Assembly — the time is near out, and 

* Alexander Millen was not a Tory, he was however a Loyalist, and from the 
records appears as a gentleman of strict integrity and high character. He died in 
Edenton the last of April, 1807; his will is on record in the office in Edenton, and 
made numerous bequests to persons living in the Town; his relatives are men- 
tioned in the will and the major part of his estate bequeathed to them; they re- 
sided in Gloscur, North Britain. Mr. Millen is buried in St. Paul's Cemetery, ' 
Edenton. He left a legacy to the Edenton Academy. 

Relating to the Revolutionary War. 


they wait your Excellency for your permission that they may depart 
the Country. However 'different Mr. Gelatly's political opinions- 
may be from mine, I think I can answer for the integrity of his heart, 
and I do believe he acts from principle. Anything your Excellency 
can do consistent with the line of your duty to facilitate the depart- 
ure of him and the others on whose behalf he appears would be con- 
ferring a favor on your Excellency. 

Most obed. & very Hble Serv't, 

His Excellency Richard Caswell. 

Gov. Caswell to General Skinner. 

Dobbs, 6th August, 1777 
Dear Sir: 
I have this day received from the Continental Treasury for the 
use of this State three Hundred thousand dollars, and as I wish the 
Troops to be immediately paid off that they may proceed to the 
No'ward T am to request you will come out to my house in this coun- 
ty, where the money is lodged, to receive your proportion, as soon 
as you possibly can. I shall immediately send an express to Gen. 
Ashe, and imagine both you and he will be here by this day week. 

I am, &c, 


Robt. Smith to Governor Caswell. 


Edenton, 13th August, 1777. 

-The politeness of your last address I ought more fully now to 
acknowledge, had I time to do it, but as I did not before this moment 
of the Brigadier's setting out. I have not time to mention any more 
than that I am extremely distressed about the King Taminy. T 
heaven, I do not know what to do. Were she mine I would have 
burnt her long ago, rather than had the complaints on me she has- 
occasioned. For God's sake believe me. 

Genl. Skinner will inform you of the situation of Dauge. I have 
done and shall do all in my power to further his march. Your Ex- 
cellency will likewise be informed of Legate's being now . secure in 
our Gaol, &c, &c. I have the honor to be, 

Your Excellency's Most Obed. Ser'vt, 


248 Relating to the Revolutionary Wak. 

General Isaac Gregory to Governor Caswell. 

Camden County, 19th August, 1777. 
Mr. James Ferebee being apointed 2nd Major in the Camden 
Reg't of Militia, he being put over every Capt. in ihe Reg't thought 
it might be disagreeable, gave his Com'd up, and it was agreed on 
in our Court. Martial that Mr. John Gray should have that Com'n as 
being the oldest Capt. ; therefore I trouble you, if you think proper, to 
send a Commission to him. Col. Dauge will take care to bring or 
send it over. The news here is that there is two hundred sail of 
shipping in Chesapeake Bay, expected to be part of Lord Howe's 

I am Sir, with due respect, 


, President John Hancock to Gov. Caswell. 

Philadelphia, August 22d, 1777. 
Sir : 

The Congress having received intelligence from Virginia, that 
the fleet of the enemy were seen near the Capes of the Chesapeake, on 
the 15th inst., and not knowing what may be their views upon the 
Southern Coast, have come to the esteemed Resolve, earnestly recom- 
mending to you to have all the Naval and Military Stores removed, 
with the utmost expedition, to places of greater security. 

I have the pleasure to congratulate you on the success of Gen'l 
Stark, who commanded a party of two thousand mostly militia, in 
the Northern Department. For the particulars I beg leave to refer 
you to the enclosed printed account. 

I have the honor to be with greatest respect, Sir, 

Your most obed't h'ble Servt., 


Gov. Caswell to Robt. Smith. 

Dobbs, 27th July, 1777. 
Dear Sir: 
Since writing to you this morning I am induced to believe from 
information I have received from the Westward, that the Tories there 
have been some time assembling under pretence of going to Cross 
Creek to take Salt there stored, but I rather fear they will attempt 
to get possession of our Magazine at Cape Fear? Col. Williams 
with the Continental Troops which were at Halifax, are on their 
March against them, and I shall order Col. Sheppard's Battalion to 
join him, but as they are new recruits and without «rms, I must beg, 

Relating to the Revolutionary War. 249 

if you can furnish 300 stand, to send them out by Ool. Dauge's re- 
cruits, who are ordered immediately out, and also the Two Field 
Pieces Mr. Hewes had bro't in for public use, with every appendage 
thereto, and other warlike instruments you may think we shall stand 
in need of, which will not too much retard the march of their Troops. 

I am, &c, 
Robert Smith, Esq. RICHARD CASWELL. 

Joseph Blount, Roht. Smith and Chas. Bond field to Gov. Caswell. 

Edenton, X. C, Sept. 30th, 1777. 
Sir : 
It now from the following circumstances becomes -our duty to in- 
form your Excellency that the Prisoner under the condemnation of 
death and reprieved by your Excellency and your Council 'till the 
meeting of the next General Assembly, as well as many others now 
Confined in our jail charged with Criminal Offences, many of them 
have been found guilty by the grand jury for this District for Mis- 
prison of Treason, who from the ill repair the said jail is now in 
and the impossibility of making it at any rate safe, without a Guard 
may with the utmost ease make their escape, at whatever time they 
please, and bid defiance to the Laws they have violated by the deter- 
mination and verdict of their Country. Our County and Town 
have hitherto guarded the jail and Magasine which the Commanding 
Officer in concert with them thought necessary, never doubting but 
the charge would be made a general one, as equally interesting to 
the whole State. But as some Reports have lately prevailed that the 
Charges already due and arisen for keeping a guard for the purposes 
before mentioned, will not be allowed without a sanction from your 
Excellency and Council, the guard refused to. do any further duty, 
and the Magasine which is of the utmost consequence, as well as the 
jail, are now for want of a Guard exposed to the bad designs of any 
Villain. We conceive by the Constitution you have full power of 
and the ordering the Militia vested in you, we think it proper to de- 
sire of your Excellency that you would with the advice of your 
Council, give orders to the Commanding Officer of the Militia to 
order such a guard to be kept as he may think sufficient for the pr~ 
servation of the Magasine & the safe keeping the jail, and we do 
assure your Excelency that the stores at present in the Magasine in 
this Town are of too much Consequence to be neglected. 

We are your Excellency's Most Obt. Servts., 


250 Relating to the Revolutionary War. 

Sam'l Johnston to Gov. Caswell. 

Hayes, 1st October, 1777. 
Dear Sir: 

The Bearer Mr. Alexander Black, waits on your Excellency to 
procure a safe conduct for himself and some others, who are about to 
leave this State under the late Act of Assembly. I take the liberty 
to recommend them to your Excellency as men of fair character and 
inoffensive in their conduct, and therefore hope to experience your 
wanted Candour and humanity in Expediting the necessary pass- 
ports. I found myself imder a necessity of declining to act as Judge 
of the Court of Oyer. All the Bar concurred in my opinion. 

Enclosed are the Inst papers. I would have wished to have sent 
you more particular accounts, but none such are come to hand, which 
makes me fear there is nothing good for us. I tremble for Phila- 

I hope to hear by the return of the bearer, that you & your f amilv 
are perfectly recovered, be pleased to present my most respectful 
Compliments to Mrs. Caswell and be, with the greatest respect, and 
esteem Sir, 

Your Excellency's most Obt. Servant, 


Gen. Washington's Letter to Hon. John Hancock'. 

Camp at Pennibacker's Mill, 5th October, 1777. 
Having received intelligence thro' two intercepted letters, that 
Genl. Howe had detached a part of his force for the purpose of re- 
ducing Selling's Fort, and the Eorts on Delaware, I communicated 
the accounts to My General Officers, who were unanimously of the 
opinion that a favorable opportunity offered to make an attack upon 
the Troops, which were at or near Germantown. It was accordingly 
agreed that it should take place yesterday morning, and the follow- 
ing dispositions were made. The Divisions of Sullivan and "Wayne 
flanked by Conway's brigade were to enter the town by the way of 
Chestnut Hill, while Gen'l Armstrong with the Pennsylvania Militia 
should fall down by the Manatawny road by Vandering's Mill and 
get upon the Enemy's left and rear. The divisions of Green and 
Stephen's flanked by McDougall's Brigade were to enter by taking 
a circuit by way of the Lime Kiln Road at the Market House, and 
to attack their right wing, and the Militia of Maryland and Jersey, 
under Genls. Smallwood and Foreman were to march bv the Old 

Relating to the Revolutionary Wak. 251 

York road and fall upon the rear of their right. Lord Sterling with 
Nash and Maxwell's Brigade was to form a Corps-de-Reserve. We 
marched about 7 o'clock the preceding evening and Gen'l Sullivan's 
advance party drawn from Conway's Brigade attacked the Picket at 
Mount Airy on Mrs. Allen's house about sunrise the next morning 
which presently gave way, and his Main body consisting of the right 
wing following soon engaged the Light Infantry and other Troops 
encamped near the Picket which they forced from their Ground leav- 
ing their baggage. They retreated a Considerable distance having 
previously thrown a party in Mr. Chew's house, who were in a situa- 
tion not to be easily forced, and had it in their power from the win- 
dows to give us no small annoyance, and in great measure to obstruct 
our advance. 

The attack from our left Column under Gen. Green began about f 
of an hour after that upon our right, and was for some time equally 
successful, but I cannot enter upon the particulars cf what happened 
in' that quarter, as I am not informed of them with sufficient certain- 
ty & precision. The morning was extremely foggy, which prevented 
our improving the advantage we gained as well as we should other- 
wise have done — this circumstance by concealing from us the true 
situation of the enemy obliged us to act with more caution and less 
Expedition than we could have wished and gave the enemy time to 
recover from the effects of our first impression, and what was still 
more unfortunate, it served to keep our different parties in ignorance 
of each others movements and hindered their acting in concert. It 
also occasioned them to mistake one another for the enemy, which I 
believe more than anything else contributed to the misfortune which 
ensued. In the midst of the most promising appearances, when 
everything gave the most flattering hopes of Victory, the Troops be- 
gan Suddenly to retreat and entirely left the field in spite of 
every effort that could be made to rally them. Upon the whole, it 
may be said the f day was rather unfortunate than injurious. We 
sustained no material loss of men, and brought off all our Artillery 
except one piece which was dismounted. 

The Enemy are nothing better for the event, and our Troops, who 
are not in the least dispirited by it, have gained what all young Troops 
gain by being in action.' 

We have had, however several valuable officers killed and wound- 
ed, particularly the latter, Gen. Nash was among the latter and his 
life is despaired of. As soon as it is possible to obtain a return of 
our loss, I will transmit it. In justice to Gen. Sullivan and the 
whole right wing of the Army, whose conduct I had an opportunity 
of observing' as they acted immediately under my eye, I have the 

252 Relating to the Revolutionary War. 

pleasure to inform you, that both officers and men behaved with a 
degree of gallantry that did them the highest honor. 

I have the Honor to be with the greatest respect, &c. 


P. S. As I have observed, I have not received a return of our 
loss but from what Gen. Green informs me, I fear it is more consid- 
erable than I at first apprehended it to be. The Cannon mentioned 
above is said to have been brought off in a wagon. 

To Hon. John Hancock, Esq. 

Hon. J. Penn to Gov. Caswell. 

Pennsylvania, York Town, Oct. 10th, 1777. 
• On the 4th Instant about six in the morning General Washington 
attacked Genl. Howe's Army in different places, the enemy were sur- 
prised and drove everywhere for three hours. Our Troops behaved 
with great Courage, and to their honor tho' they passed thro the 
enemy's Camp where their Tents were full of Cloth and other things, 
yet none stopt to plunder, Gen'l Howe was so alarmed that it is 
said that Chester was pitched upon as the place for his army to re- 
treat to, but unfortunately at that instant two of our Columns mis- 
took each other for enemies, and both returned in such haste that 
there was no such thing as rallying the men. This was owing to a 
very great fog, that lasted until after the Battle which continued until 
nine o'clock besides there was no air to carry off the smoke of the 
Guns so that a man could not see 50 yards. 

The enemy were astonished at our retreat as they looked upon 
everything as lost with them, they give Gen'l Washington great credit 
for the manner of his attack, as they often tried but never could 
flank us, we brought away all our Cannon and nearly all our wound- 
ed. Poor Gen'l Nash was killed by a Cannon ball with his horse. 
His brigade was to act with a Corpse-de-Reserve. I believe very 
few of our troops were engaged from what I hear, and that our worthy 
Genl. was killed at a great distance by mere accident, he was highly 
esteemed in the army. It is said Col. Buncombe & Col. Erwin are 
taken prisoners by being lame tho' not wounded. Your son I am 
told is very well indeed. The above are all I can hear of that be- 
longed to North Carolina that suffered. We have no return yet 
of our killed and wounded, it is supposed to consist of about 700. 
The accounts given by different persons make the Enemy's loss to be 
very considerable, they say that near 300 wagon loads of their wound- 

Relating to the Revolutionary Wak. 


ed were sent to the Barracks of Philadelphia, and that Gen'l Howe 
refused to let the Citizens walk on the field, before the dead were 
taken care of. Gen'l Agnew is dead. Sir William Erskine wound- 
ed in the head, supposed to be since dead, and a very large number 
of others killed and wounded. As soon as we get returns, I will 
transmit them to Carolina. General Washington has had a con- 
siderable reinforcement from Virginia and elsewhere, since the Bat- 
tle. I hope he will give Howe another stroke before we lose posses- 
sion of the river Delaware, which would ruin him. Our men are 
in high Spirits on finding they can make the enemy ; s best troops run 
by attacking them with courage, and are sensible now if they had ral- 
lied or not have been surprised in the manner above mentioned, that 
Genl. Howe and his whole Army would have been ruined. Our af- 
fairs to the Northward are in a good way, I hope soon to have it in 
my power to write you that Burgoyne and his Troops are in our 
hands. Enclosed is a letter from Buchanan, Commissary Genl rela- 
tive to the Pork, you mentioned. 

Please inform Mr. Nash that I will endeavor to have proper care 
token of the Genl's effects for the benefit of his family. I wrote in 
a very great hurry to him two days ago yesterday requesting he would 
shew you the letter, must now request your Excellency would com- 
municate this to Mr. Nash. I am with due respect, 

Your Obt. Servt,, 


Since writing this letter I am told that Gen. Washington is march- 
ing towards Philadelphia, to give Genl. Howe another attack, his 
men are in high spirits, we are still in possession of the River. Miss 
Lucy Leonard a young lady lately out of the city, says the British offi- 
cers have long faces, and declare that they have not had such a drub- 
bing since Bunker Hill, that the city appears to be in mourning, the' 
cry of the Tories was that they must leave the town with Genl. Howe, 
that all the Hospitals with several empty houses could not contain 
their wounded, that Genls. Agnew, Grant, Kniphausen, and Sir 
William Erskine had died of their wounds. Your son is well. I am 
told that Genl. Nash was wounded in the beginning a great way off 
by accident, as he could not be seen. A gentleman informs he was 
so ill as to make any assistance unnecessary, and that he left him 
Mondav at the last gasp. I am yours, &c, 


Genl. Nash was buried Oct. 9, 1777. 

254 Relating to the Revolutionary War. 

Letter from Chas. Bondfield toGov. Caswell. 

Edenton, 8th Nov. 1777. 

On receiving your Excellency's Commission appointing me Com- 
missioner for fitting out armed Vessels at the Port of Edenton, I drew 
on William Skinner, Esq., Treasurer of the Northern District for 
the sum of One Thousand Pounds, which Mr. Robert Smith told me, 
I was by a Resolve of the Assembly empowered to do, as I had not at 
that time seen the Resolve, and Mr. Smith told me he had, I took it 
for granted that I was acting right. Mr. Skinner advanced the 
money on my order, since which it appeal's that I should have had a 
warrant from your Excellency on the Treasury for what money I 
should want for that purpose, as there was at that time several de- 
mands against the King Taminy and more daily accruing, and I not 
being furnished with the Resolve of the Assembly to Know in what 
manner to act, will I hope excuse me for not applying to your 
Excellency for a warrant sooner, which you will be so good as to 
give to Mr. Skinner who has my reeeipt for the money. 

I have chartered the Brig King Taminy to Messrs. Hewes and 
Smith, on account of the Congress, a copy of the Charter party and 
an account of the disbursements, I shall furnish your Excellency 
with by Mr. Hewes when he goes for New bern. 

I am your Excellency's most Obdt. Servt., 


James Blount's Letter to Gov. Caswell. 

Edenton, Dec. 3d, 1777. 
I've received your letter by express bearing date Nov. the twen- 
tieth, 1777. The contents of which shall, as far as is in my power, 
be complied with. I've a guard now of twenty-eight. My orders 
to the Captains are for thirty, but between twenty and thirty appear 
if your Excellency should think such a guard insufficient I shall be 
glad of further orders. (The Town Company is ordered to appear 
on an alarm, so that they are excused only on exigencies) without 
anything should happen more than we know of, perhaps the guard 
and Company before mentioned may be sufficient. A Dutchman from 
Maryland, has raised the price of salt, within a few days to fourteen 
dollars, which enrages the Country people in this place. There was 
a Deserter from the Fourth Regiment sent here by Mr. George Little 
from Hertford County, which he wrote was by your Excellency's 
orders (the letter was directed to Gen'l Skinner or me) therefore 

An Act fok Ascertaining Boundary Lines. 


shall be glad to know what to do with him and any others that may 
come.Genl. Skinner will show your Excellency Mr. Little's letter. 
From Sir, Your most respectful hum'l Servant, 


The foregoing letters are all taken from the Governor's letter book in the Exec- 
utive office at Kaleigh, N. C. 






I. Whereas Disputes daily arise between the Inhabitants of Tyr- 
rell, Beaufort and Edgecombe Counties, by Reason the Boundary 
Line between Tyrrell and Beaufort Counties, and between Tyrrell 
and Edgecombe Counties are not sufficiently ascertained and known ; 
by Means of which Uncertainty, the Inhabitants within the Disputed 
Bounds refuse to pay their Public and Parish Levies to any of the 
Collectors of the said Levies of Either of said Counties ; For Remedy, 

II. We pray that it may be Enacted and be it Enacted, by his 
Excellency Gabriel Johnston, Esq., Governor, &c, and it is hereby 
Enacted by the authority of the same. That each of the County Courts 
of Tyrrell, Edgecombe and Beaufort, shall appoint one* Person, who 
shall settle and run the Boundary Line between Tyrrell and Edge- 
combe Counties, and between part of Edgecombe and Beaufort Coun- 
ties in Manner following : that is to say : The said Commissioners 
shall begin at the Upper Corner Tree of Jenkin Henry's line on the 
South side of Roanoke River, and from thence, run a direct line to 
the mouth of Cheek's Mill Creek, on Tar River; and the said Com- 
missioners, as soon as the said line is finished, shall, under their 
Hands, return the Courses thereof into each of the Courts of the 
aforesaid Counties, which shall be recorded by the Clerks of the said 
Several Courts. And the said line so run, shall for ever after, be 
deemed the Boundary Line between Tyrrell and Edgecombe Counties 
and between Edgecombe and Beaufort Counties, from Tyrrell as far 
as the Tar River. 

III. And be it further Enacted, by the Authority aforesaid. That 
the Flat Swamp which heretofore, -was the Boundary of Albemarle 
and Bath Counties, shall, to the Head of the said Swamp, and from 
the head thereof, by a direct Line to the aforesaid Line between Tyr- 

256 Division of Estates. 

rell and Edgecombe Counties, for ever, be the Boundary Line between 
Tyrrel and Beaufort Counties. 

IV. And for defraying the charge of running the said Line, Be 
it further Enacted by the Authority aforesaid; That each of the 
County Courts of Beaufort, Tyrrell and Edgecombe, be, and are 
hereby empowered, to lay a Poll-Tax, not exceeding the Sum of Four 
Pence, proclamation money, per Tithable, upon the Inhabitants of 
their respective Counties, and shall cause the same to be levied in 
the same manner the Public Taxes are levied; and shall, out of the 
Money arising by the said Tax, pay and Satisfy their respective 
Commissioners, for their Trouble and Charges expended, in running 
the aforesaid Boundary Lines. And after paying and satisfying 
the Commissioners for their trouble and Charges, each County Court 
shall apply the Money remaining, if any be, to the use of the County 
when such tax is collected. 

, (Compendium of Laws by James Davis, 1752. Pages 137 and 138.) 


Arnell, Edward, 1777. William, John, Edward and Richard Ar- 
nell, Elizabeth Norfleet, Pleasant Knight, Bathsheba and Esther Ar- 

Amiss, Thomas and Wm. Gilmore, Exrs. of Alex Black, 1791. 
Heirs Augustine Willis and Wm. Alex Black. 

Allen Hugh, 1756. Jno. Lynch md. the widow. Joshua, John, 
George, Alice, Mary and Sarah Allen. 

Adams, Peter, 1741. Sarah Adams widow. John Adams. 

Briggs, Richard, 1761. Solomon, James, Richard, Moses, Zilpha 
and Christina Briggs. 

Blanchard, Benj., 1763. Widow Sarah, Uriah, Robert, Reuben 
& Absalom Blanchard, Christian Hinton, Judeth Hinton, Elizabeth 
Barnes, Bethany Bond, Milleson and Absole Blanchard. 

Blanchard Micajah, 1769. Widow, William, Micajah, Abner, 
Mary, Elizabeth and Christian Blanchard. 

Bond, Hance (prior to 1750). Widow Sarah Bond, Henry and 
Demsey Bond. 

Beasley, James, 1754. Mary Woolard mother of said James, John 
Beasley, Mary Payne (wife of Peter), Thos. Beasley. 

Benton, John, 1757. John Benton, Thomas Winborne & wife Sa- 
rah, John Hare and wife Priscilla. 

John Beasley's wife sister to the children of Geo. Liles (1754). 

Blanchard, Zilpha, widow of Aaron, James Sumner md. Mary 
one of sd Aaron's daughters. (Not dated.) 


Division of Estates. 


Blanchard, Absalom, 1758. Joseph Wimberly, Josiah, Benjamin, 
Elizabeth, Catharine, Chloe and Sarah Blanchard. . 

Bonner, Biehard, 1781. Thos. Bonner, Wm. Boberts, Sr., Liles 
Boberts, Henry Bonner, Sarah Boberts, Elizabeth Boberts, Wm. 
Boberts, Jr., Miriam and Benelope Boberts. 

Badbam, William, 1781. Mrs. Mary Badham, Mrs. Martha 
White (wife of Luke), Elizabeth Badham, Mary Badham. 

Bains, John, Colson, 1781. George Bains, Thos. Brinkley, Miss 
Ann Bains. 

Boyd, William. Miriam Boyd, John Mare, Wm. Bennett & wife. 

Bush, David, 1765. Widow, John Bush, Beter O'Neal, Josebed, 
Bachel, Michal and Sarah Bush. 

Bonner, William, 1775. Thomas, Henry and Biehard Bonner. 

Barnes, Biehard and Mary (1759). Thomas Barnes, Biehard 
Hamilton and wife Bachel Barnes, Joseph Brady and wife Lydia 
Barnes, Brudenee Barnes, Est. of Mary Barnes as above and further 
Edward Vann and wife Mary daughter of Mary Barnes,, Alex Carter 
and wife Ann (do), Abraham. Odom and wife (do), John Thompson 
and wife Sarah (do). 

Bacchus, John, 1770. Elizabeth Bacchus, Jesse Copeland, Edith 
Bacchus, Tamar and Wm. Bacchus. 

Bond, Lewis, 1762. Biehard Bond, father's and his part of his 
sister Sarah's Estate, Wm. Bond, Elizabeth Bond & John Bond. 

Butler, Christopher, 1763. Sam'l Dunscombe, Mary, Jacob and 
Sarah Butler. 

Blount, John (son of John), 1763. James, Ered'k, Elizabeth, 
Wilson, Martha and Mary Blount. * 

Byrum, Gideon, 1776. Christian Stallings, Isaac Byrum, James 
and Absalom Byrum. 

Byrum, Jonas, 1795. Beninah Hollowell, Bachel Ward and Es- 
ther Byrum. 

Baines, George, 1797. Catharine Baines (widow), Lemuel, John r 
Ann, Bebecca, Lovey and Samuel Baines. 

Blount, Edmund, widow Mary. Biehard Benbury and wife, Eliza- 
beth Blount, Ann Blount, Edmund, Biehard and Martha Blount, 
(no date). . . 

Benbury, Wm. 1796. Sarah Leary, Bachel Hare (wife of Mar- 
maduke), John Haughton and wife, Tamer and Chas Haughton. 

Blount, Edmund, 1797. Charles Blount, Sarah Benbury, Wm. 

Bond, William, 1787. Jameson, Charity, Mary and Margaret 

Brownrigg, Biehard, 1783. Sarah Brownrigg, Thomas Brown- 



Division of Estates. 

John, James, Mary and Thos. 

rigg, Mary Blackstock, John and Jane Brownrigg, Mrs. Sarah Mere- 
deth (widow of Richard B.). 

Black, Saml., 1788. Mrs. Elizabeth Cbarkson, Wm. McDonald 
in right of his wife Dorothy Black. . 

Black, Frances, 1785. Mrs. Elizabeth Clarkson, Wm. McDonald 
in right of his wife Dorothy Black. 

Bond, Richard, 1788. Mrs. Bond, Sarah, Rebecca, John and 
Richard Bond. 

Blanchard, Aaron, 1758. Widow, Aaron B., Jr.. Moses B. 
Simner and Sarah Blanchard. 

Beasley, James, 1742. Widow, 
Beasley (his children). 

Butler, Sarah (daughter of Jacob), 1754. Christopher Butler 
and Jacob Simons. 

Boyd, Mariam, orphan of Rev. John Boyd, 1752. 

Bagley, Mary, 1833. Miles Elliott and wife Frances, Jeremiah 
and Wm. Newborn, Nathan Parker, Lawrence and John Newborn, 
2-7 to Henry and Obadiah Badham.. 

Beasley, Rebecca, 1833. Elizabeth Creecy, John Beasley, Lem- 
uel Pettijohn, Valentine Beasley, Fred'k Creecy, Jacob Eason, Robt. 

Blount, Edmund, (1804). Heirs Chas. W. and Wm. Blount, Jos. 
C. Benbury and wife Sarah, Richard Benbury and wife, Edmund 
Hoskins and wife, Richard Blount and Martha Blount. Edmund, 
brother of the above named heirs died in 1804. 

Bennett, John B., brother of William, petitioned for division in 
1804. * 

Burket, Lemuel, 1808. Children, Sarah, William and King, wife 

Bains, Mary, widow of George, 1808. 

Beasley, Thomas, 1795. Martha, Elizabeth, Samuel and Joseph 
Beasley, James and Joseph Ming. 

Bunch, Julius, 1799. Solomon, Malachi and Julius Bunch, Sa- 
rah Hains, Marion, Meriam and Abigail Bunch. 

Bains, George, 1798. Widow Sarah, John, Lemuel, Ann, Cath- 
arine, Lovey and Samuel. 

Bains, Ann, 1803 & 1804. Heirs of George Bains, viz: 
Lemuel, Lavinia and Samuel Bains, James McCabe and wife. 

Bains, Sarah, 1804. Sarah, Lemuel, John, Lavinia and 
Bains, James H. McCabe and wife, Jno. Powell and wife. 

Bartie, Elizabeth (her 1st husband Thos. Charlton), 1804. Chil- 
dren Charles, William and Nancy Charlton, Edward Haughton, Eli 
Bartie, Gdn. 



Division of Estates. 


Badham, John, 1S17. Sarah Badham, Henry and John Hubhel 
6ons William and Myles Badham. 

Beasley, Martha, Admx of Thomas Beasley. 

Burke, Arnold, 1817. Elizabeth, Moses, Arnold and Elisha Burke. 

Lydia, Bennett md. Fleetwood, Susan Bennett md. 


Barnes, George, 1812. John and Lemuel Bains. 

Blount, Joseph (1810). Mrs. Ann Blount, Henderson Standin 
and wife Frances Lee Blount, Sarah E. Blount, afterwards Morgan, 
Elizabeth A. Blount (mother of Rev. Jos. Blount Cheshire, D. D., 
late of Tarboro, IS". C), Elenor Blount and Joseph Blount. 

Bush, Wm., 1807. Henry Hurdle and wife Sarah, 1-5 part 

Burket, Lem'l, 1809. Widow Sarah, children Wm., Sarah and 

Bains, George, 1802. John, Lemuel and Anne Bains children of 
George Dec'd. 

Bateman, Nehemiah and John. Ann Moseley daughter of John 
Bateman, Thos. Bateman, Sarah Ward, James, Whitmell, John and 
Wm. Bateman, Hester Vere Cropper, Thomas Vere's children, Wil- 
liam Vere's children. 

Bennett, William, 1805. Lydia Bennett; the eldest (widow), 
William Roberts and wife, John Boyd Bennett, Edward Bennett, 
Lydia Bennett, Susannah Bennett, Henry P. Bennett, Margaret and 
Sarah Bennett. 

Brinn, (1805). James Brinn, Job Chappell and wife Ann, Jesse 
White and wife Elizabeth, Sarah and Charity Brinn. 

Blanchard, Micajah, 1804. William Blanchard, Matilda Blanch- 
ard and her child Micajah Blanchard. 

Bufkin, Ralph, 1772. Widow Sarah, Edith and Elizabeth Bufkin. 

Bartie, Robert, 1811. Robert and Elizabeth Bartie and heirs of 
Arthur Bartie. 

Borritz, William, 1810. James and John Borritz. 

Bateman, John, 1808. Thomas and James Bateman, James Ward 
and wife Sarah. 

Burke, Arnold S., 1810. Henry Riddick and wife, 4 other heirs 
uot mentioned. 

Blount, Jacob, 1808. Nancy Blount and Elizabeth Blount. 

Beasley, John, 1807. George, Erancis and Robert Beasley. 

Benbury, Richard Genl., 1808. Children, Elizabeth, Mary, Pene- 
lope, Thomas and Richard Whitaker Benbury. 

Beasley, James, 1742. Widow, sons John and James, daughter 
Mary and son Thomas. 

Benbury, Wm. and Mary Bryer were married Jan'y 16, 1755. 
Miles Gale and John Benbury sureties to the bond. 


Division of Estates. 

Bateman, Nehemiah, 1791. Son John, Allen Ramsey. 

Byrum, James, 1793. Isaac Byrum, widow, Christian Stallings, 
Gideon Byrum, James and Absalom Byrum. 

Beasley, John Baptist, 1792. John Beasley, Mrs. Martha Kyan, 
Mrs. Beasley, Joseph Beasley, Mary Beasley and Frederick Beasley. 

Boulton, Jonathan, 1794. Daughters Fanny, Elizabeth and Anna 
Boulton, widow Fanny Boulton, son Benjamin Boulton. 

Blount, Lemuel, (no date). Wilbur Littlejohn, Win. Reed and 
Joseph Blount, Wm. Reed, his half brother and Wm. Littlejohn's 
wife Sarah, his half sister. 

Bond, Charity, 1791. Daughter Margaret, Miehal Gomel d gives 
her part to Margaret. 

Brinn, John, 1775. John, Joseph, Mary, Jesse, Amy, Josiah and 
Ann Brinn. 

Bonner, Ann Miss, 1774. Mrs. Thompson, Mr. Theach H, 

Byrum, Bryan, 1772. Widow Christian, Isaac, Joel, Rachel and 
Phebe Bryan. 

Blanchard, Robert, (1778.). Aaron Blanchard, Sr., Demsy and 
Aaron Blanchard, Jr., Josiah Lassiter. 

Brinn, Joseph, 1778. John Roberson and wife, Nath'l Brinn. 

Benton, Epaphroditus, 1778. Isaac, Moses, Elisha and Milliceni 
Benton, Edith Jones, Rachel Jones and Elizabeth Benton. 

Burkett, Sarah, widow of Lemuel, 1S07. 

Boyce, Leah widow of Jacob, 1795. 

Badham, William, 1793. John, William and Myles, Badham. 

Blanchard, Elizabeth widow of Micajah, Abner, Mary, Elizabeth 
and Christian Blanchard, (1772). 

Charlton, Thomas, (1792). Widow, now Mrs. Elizabeth Simons, 
his three children. 

Copeland, Josiah, 1791. Sarah Copeland, Mr. Long and wife, 
Benj. Gordon and wife. 

Oreecy, Levi, 1776. Widow Mary, William, Lemuel, Mary, Na>- 
than, Job and Elizabeth Creecy. 

Charlton Mary, widow of Charles Charlton (1808). 

Charlton, Charles and Nancy, 1808. Wm. Charlton, Robert and 
Elizabeth Bartie children of Arthur Bartie. 

Coffield, Jeremiah, 1808. Zach Evans and wife Sarah, John Cof- 
field, Jr., Solomon Bunch and wife, Nancy Coffield, Edward an4 
John Coffield, Jr. 

Charlton, Thomas, 1804. Charles, William and Nancy Charlton. 

Chappell, Josiah, 1816. Between his two heirs not named. 

Copeland, Mrs. Sarah, (1815). Among the heirs of Thos. White 

Division of Estates. 261 

as follows: Mary Hudgins, Esther Theach, Benjamin and John- 

Cheshire, Henry. Estate administered on by John Cheshire 1807, 

Cunningham, Elizabeth, widow of James, 1809. 

Copeland Willis, 1795. Xames not given. 

Cannon, Jacob, 1797. Jemima, Sarah, Joseph and Jacob Cannon. 

Copeland, John, 1788. Lydia Buckler, Peninah Avery, Charity 
Winlow, Willis Copeland, Esther Halsey, James, Jesse, Elisha and 
David Copeland. 

Charlton, Wm., 1781. Mrs. Ann Charlton, Thomas, Eliz, Sarah 
and Wm. Charlton. 

Creecy, Job, 1782. Lemuel, William, Nathan and Elizabeth 
Creecy, Mrs. Mary Creecy and John Skinner. 

Copeland, William, 176S. Widow, Josiah, Selah, Tameir and 
Sarah Copeland. 

.Campbell, John, of Lazy Hill, Bertie Co., 1ST. C, married about 
1761 Mrs. Priscilla Curie, of Hampton, Va. She had two sons, 
Dan'l Wilson Curie and William Bascoe Curie, his third wife was 
Martha , Who ? 

Costen, James, md. Sarah Bond widow of Richard, about 1743. 
Mary Bond and Lewis Bond children of Bichard. 

Collins, Richard, 17S0. Charles Johnson for his wife, son Wil- 

Chappell, Josiah, 1816. His two heirs not named.. 

Dear, Ann, widow of George (1789). 

Dickinson, Henry, 1S06. Mrs. Dickinson his mother, Dr. An- 
drew Knox and wife, John Dickinson, Penelope Dickinson. 

Docton, Jacob, 1771. Rachel Eason, Wm. -and Jacob Bagley 
(sons of Sarah Docton), Mary Hill, Elizabeth Perry, Christian Cul- 
lens, Docton Perry (son of Ruth Perry). • -. 

Dickinson, Henry and Penelope. Div. of negroes (1807). 

Endless, Abraham md. Elizabeth widow of Wm. Arkill (1757). 

Eelbeck, Henry and William, 1810; Dr. Andrew Knox and wife, 
John Dickinson and wife, Xath'l Bond and wife Penelope. 

Eelbeck, Joseph, 1807. Mrs. Dickinson, Dr. Andrew Knox and 
wife, John Dickinson, Penelope Dickinson. - 

Elliott, Ephraim, 1832. Mrs. Sarah Elliott, W. H. Elliott. 

Elliott, Stephen, 1798. Josiah Vick and wife the widow, Polly 
and Stephen Elliott. 

Eccleston, Thomas, Sr., 1794. Mis. Agnes Hathaway, widow of 
Thomas Eccleston md. 2nd Woolsey Hathaway his 2nd wife, sons 
John and Thomas Eccleston. 

Elliott, Solomon, married Rachel Gregory widow of Henry, (son 


Division of Estates. 

of Henry), Timothy Walton and wife Sarah, Matilda, Lem'l C. Greg- 
ory, Alfred M. and Solomon J. D. Elliott (1808). 

Felton, Eichard, »1792. William, Elisha, Shadrach, Noah, John, 
Cader, Ann, Chloe Perry, Sarah Thomas, heirs of Josiah Rogerson. 

Freeman, Eichard, 1764. Amos and Demsey Freeman, John Ben- 

Felton, Leah, widow of Shadrach. 

Freeman, Demsey, orphan of Richard, (1765). 

Foy, Damson, Exx. of Francis Foy, (1760). 

Frazier, Thomas, 1796. Elizabeth, Sarah, Margaret, Ann, Bar- 
sheba and Hester Frazier. 

Floyd, William. Widow and seven children not named. 

Freeman, Alexander A., 1807. 
ter Providence Freeman. 

Frazier, Jeremiah. Wm. and Ann Swain, Elizabeth Frazier and 
Wm. Gregory, Penelope Frazier, Sarah, Ada and Zilla Gregory. 

Gregory, William, 1817. Mackey Gregory, Eliz Bains, Mary 
Bains, Joshua Newborne and wife Sarah, Gdn. of Eliz Bains. 

Gardner, Henry, 1817. Mrs. Gardner, Emily Gardner and Mrs. 

Widow Elizabeth and her daugh- 

Solomon Elliott and wife, Henry and 

Elizabeth Chester. 

Gregory, Charity, 1807. 
Sarah Gregory. 

Gregory, Henry, 1808. Timothy Walton and wife Sarah, Henry 
Gregory, dec'd, his part divided between Solomon Elliott and wife 
and their three children Lemuel, Alfred and Solomon, Timothy Wal- 
ton and wife Sarah. % 

Gregory, Samuel, 1779. William, Luke, Mary, Elizabeth, De- 
borah and Eleanor Gregory. Value Est. 15,900£. 

Gregory and Wm. Holmes. Division of land between, 1801. 

Gregory, Luke, 1802. Martha Gregory and Wm. Gregory. 

Gregory, Henry, 1802. Widow md. Elliott. Children 

Charity, Henry and Sarah. 

Goodwin, Sarah, widow of Lewis, 1808. 

Gregory, Samuel, 1835. Fred'k C. Gregory, Mackey Gregory, 
Mary Lucilla Gregory, ISTath'l J. Beasley and wife. 

Goodwin, Exum, 1834. Elisha Bunch and wife Absola, Lydia. 
Susanna, Eliz and Penelope Goodwin. 

Gregory, Luke, 1745-6. Widow Sarah, Elizabeth Creecy, Mary 
and Samuel, Sarah, Deborah, Penelope, Ann and Martha Gregory. 

Gregory, Benj., 1770. Mrs. Sarah Gregory, (widow) Jenkins, 
John, Henry and James Gregory, Comfort Booth and Benjamin 

Gregory, Sarah and Deborah (daughters of Luke), 1754. Eliza- 



Division of Estates. 


beth Creecy, Mary Standin, Sam'l, Benjamin, Ann and Martha 

Goodwin, Joseph, 1763. Ruth' Goodwin (widow), Thomas, Jo- 
seph, Exum, Lewis, Ann, Ruth, Elizabeth and Mary Goodwin. 

Gordon, George, 1766. Josiah, John and George Gordon, Sarah 
Hinton, Priscilla Hinton, Susannah and Elizabeth Gordon. 

Green, Thomas, 1758. Widow, Wm. Felton, Wm. Sparkman, 
Wm., Ezelfy, Catharine, Richard and Elizabeth Green. 

Grogan, James. Acct. Sales returned 1765. 

Halsey, John, 1762. Mary Halsey, Jeremiah, Joseph, Samuel, 
Fred'k and Edward Halsey. 

Hinton, William, 1737. Elizabeth Hinton (widow), Sarah Hin- 
ton now Blanchard, John, Reuben, Jonas, Mica j ah, Noah, Charity, 
William and Mourning Hinton, (one son's name illegible). 

Hinton, John, 1763. Widow Sarah, Jobn, Rachel and Sarah 

Harloe, John, 1764. John Vail, Mary and John Harloe. 

Hodgson, John, 1783. Henry J. D. Eelbeck. 

Hodgson, Robert, 1761. Isabella, John and Thomas Hodgson. 

Hurdle, Thomas, 1770. Martin (son of Harden Hurdle), Thomas' 
(son of Joseph). 

Hawkins, Arnult, 1762. Mrs. Jane Bell, Robert and Elizabeth 

Hofler, Hance, 1774. Thomas Hoffler, Mary Garrett. 

Hunter, John, (about 1765). Widow, William, John and Mary 

Halsey, Mary, 1762. William, Jeremiah, Joseph,* Samuel, Ed- 
mund and Fred'k Halsey. 

Hinton, James, 1761. John, Jonas, Amos, Demsey and Aaron 
Hinton, Wm. and Thos. Outlaw, Richard Freeman, Wm. Wallis, 
George Outlaw, Robert Hill. 

Harrell, Benjamin, 1795. Jesse, Elizabeth, Miles and Benjamin 
Harrell, widow Ann, Hezekiah Gorham and wife, Abraham and 
James Hassell. . : ,, > r/; 

Haughton, Thomas, 1744. Widow and daughter Mary. 

Harloe, Mary (widow of John), married Benbury 1762. 

Hunter, Isaac, (1753). Elisha, Jacob, Jesse, Isaac, David. Alice 
Perry, Hannah, Riddick, Elizabeth Perry, Rachel AValton and Sarah 

Hobbs, Thomas, 1754. Mary Hobbs (widow) Thomas, John, Wil- 
liam, Guy, Amos, Barneby, Dempsey, Elisha, Moses, Ann Ward, 
Mary and Sarah Hobbs. 

Hunter, Elisha md. Anne, daughter of Thomas Walton. 


Division of Estates. 

Harloe, John, 1750. Widow, Geprge Lyles, Francis Penrice, 
Wm. Harloe, Martha Norcom, Ann Harloe, Jno. Harloe and Thos. 

Haughton, Thomas. Elizabeth (widow) nid. Butler, Mary 


Haughton, David, 1754. Widow Mary, William, Richard and 
Tamer Haughton. 

Harloe, John, widow now wife of John Vail. Mary and John 
Harloe, 1764. 

Haughton, Eliza P. widow of Thomas B. Haughton, 1832. 

Hoskins, Lemuel, 1832. Widow Elizabeth Hoskins and daughter 
Jane Jloskins. 

Hinesley, James. James Coffield, Joseph McClammy and orphan 
of John Hinesley dec'd. 

Hankins, Thomas, 1837. John G. Hankins and Sarah Elizabeth 
Hathaway (daughter of Rev. Thos.. V. and wife Caroline E. A. R. 

Haughton, Tamer widow of Charles, who left six children. Sarah 
(wife of John Leary), Rachel (wife of Marmaduke Hare), John, 
Tamer (wife of George Liles), Thomas and Charles Haughton. 

Hoskins, Nancy, widow of Samuel, 1804. 

Harrell, Elizabeth, (widow of Abraham), 1803. 

Jlorniblow, Elizabeth, widow of John, 1802. 

Halsey, Cullen, his widow Ann md. Satterfield, prior to 


Hoskins, William, 1795. Widow Sarah, Sarah Webb, Mary Si- 
mons (wife of Reuben), Elizabeth Hall (wife of William) Anne 
Luten (wife of King), Nathaniel and William Hoskins. 

Horniblow, John, 1810. Thos. Horniblow 1-5 interest. 

Hassell, Abraham, 1806. Widow Elizabeth, Nancy and Alexan- 
der Hassell. 

Halsev, Benjamin, 1805. Thos. Satterfield, Miles Halsev, James 
H. Satterfield. 

Hurdle, Hardy, 1800. Benjamin, William, Harden, Martin, Jo- 
siah, Henry; Harmon, Hurdle and Hannah Trotman. 

Hoskins, Samuel, 1803. Widow Nancy, William, Mary and 
Elizabeth Hoskins. 

Hoskins, Thomas, 1793. John Hoskins, William Jackson and 
wife, Job Leary and wife, Elizabeth Coffield's heirs. Thos. Hoskins' 

Hinton, Jacob, 1778. Children Elizabeth, Millicent, Mary, Za- 
dock, Sarah and Christian Hinton. 

Hobbs, Thomas, 1778. Henry and Edmond Hobbs. Ann Hill, 
Abigail, Judah, Esther and Pleasant Hobbs. 


Division of Estates. 265 

Halsey, Miles, widow Mary, Wm. Stewart, Mary Halsey, Heze- 
kiah Jonesj John Frizel, Malachi and Cullen Halsey. 

Hunter, James '(son of William), 1770. Mother Sarah Hunter, 
brothers and sisters John Nicholas, Hardy, Job, Timothy, Charity 
and Sarah Hunter, Priscilla Walton. 

Howcott, Mary, 1774. Widow Howcott and ISTatli'l Howcott. 

Howcott, Joseph, 1772. Widow, Nathaniel and Mary Howcott. 

Harrell, William, 1766. Henry, Abner and Ruth Harrell. 

Haughton, David, 1766. Mary and James Chew, of Va., Wil- 
liam, Richard and Tamer Haughton. 

Hurdle, Benjamin, 1808. Widow Selah, Leah and Nancy Hurdle. 

Humphries, Richard 1800. David, Thomas and Margaret 

Hoskins, Richard, 1803. Martha Rombough, Sarah Skinner wife 
of Josiah, Winnefred, Elizabeth, Fanny and Lemuel Hoskins. 

JJorniblow, John, 1813. James Noreom and wife. Joseph Horn- 

Hoskins, Sam'l, 1812. Elizabeth Hoskins md. Hogan. William 
and Mary Hoskins. 

Hurdle, Henry md. Sarah Bush widow of Wm. Bush, (1807). 

Hawkins, Jane widow of Esmarit Hawkins, came to N. C. from 
Queen Anne's Co., Md., about 1768. 

Hofler, Thomas, of Nansernond Co., Va. Wife Mary. Children 
Hance, Thomas and Mary Hofler, the latter died before she became 
of age. 

Haughton's, Thomas, widow Elizabeth md. 2nd John Penrice. 

Hannah's, Mary, mother md. 2nd Stephen Martin (1718). 

Haughton, William, his widow Mary md. Eli Griffin. 

Hubbard, Thomas, 1771. Mary, McGuire and Charity Hubbard. 

Jones, William, 1838. Luke H. White and wife Catharine, Thoa. 
C Jones, Richard C. Dennis and wife Sally, Wm. Jones. 

Jackson, William, 1808. James Jackson, Henry Hurdle and wife 
Sarah, John Felton and wife Elizabeth, Nancy, William and Rachel 

Jones, Thomas, 1793. Thomas Jones, Elizabeth Collins, Sarah 
Rogerson, William Jones, Mourning Humphries, Tamer Small, (his 

Jones, Isaiah, 1791. Widow and Richard Jon&j. 

Johnson, Christopher, 1780. Thomas Endless, Admr., William 
and Ann Johnson. 

Jameson, Bond, 1809. Kiddy Jordan nee Jameson, other two 
heirs not of age. 

Johnson, Charles, 1804. Charles Earl Johnson and Thos. Johnson. 

266 Division of Estates. 

Jordan, Joseph, 1801. Sons Jacob and Joseph, widow Mourning 
Jordan, William Jordan (son of Joseph Jordan, dee'd). 

Jones, Thomas, 1-754. Widow, Thos. Jones, heirs of John Jones, 
heirs of Catharine Luten, heirs of Mary Weston, heirs of Henry 
Jones, Martha Weston, Sarah Haughton, Jane Hearn, Lewis Jones. 

Jones, James, 1768. Elizabeth, Mary and Judeth Jones. 

Jones, John. James, John, Josiah and Judah Jones. 

Jones, Thomas, 1764. Widow Elizabeth, Mourning Humphries, 
Thomas and William Jones, Sarah and Tamer Small, Elizabeth New- 
born and Miriam Jones. 

Knox, S. P., 1833. Andrew Knox, Louisa M. Knox. 

Knight, John, 1771. Widow, James and Elizabeth Knight. 

Luten, James, (son of Solomon and Mary), died in 1766, leaving 
Mrs. Mary Luten, children Henderson, James, Absalom, King Solo- 
mon, Mary died young, and Ferebee Luten, the widow of James Mary 
Luten md. 2nd John Smith. 

Long, Ichabod, 1804. NathT Miller, William Long, Mary White, 
Josiah, Matilda and Lemuel Long. 

Lawrence, David, 1787. Widow Mrs. Sarah Amelia Lawrence 
md. 2nd Thompson. Had 3 children. Not named. 

Lewis, Anne, 1773. Isaac Lewis, James, Farrow, Sarah and 
Elijah Lewis. 

Little, Andrew (1778). Mrs. Elizabeth Little (widow), John, 
Elizabeth and Archibald Little. 

Leary, Cornelius, 1775. Cornelius William and Demsey Leary. 

Lewis, Isaac, 1779. James Farrow, Sarah and Elijaii Lewis.. 

Leary, Job, 1806. John and Job Leary, Thos. Matthias. 

Lassiter, Allen. L. D. Gaskins and wife Deborah, John Proctor 
and wife, Charlotte Welch. 

Luten, Henderson, 1744. Sarah, James, Ephraim and Hender- 
son Luten, heirs of Thomas Luten, William Bonner md. Sarah above. 

Lawrence, David, 1799. Mary Lawrence, James Wills and wife 
Tabitha, Peter Payne Lawrence. 

Leary, Cornelius, 1764. Mrs. Susannah Clear, Cornelius, Wil- 
liam and Demsey Leary. 

Liles, George, 1753. George, Sarah wife of Jno. Beasley, Ann, 
William and Elizabeth Liles. 

Lewis, John, 1766. Joseph Ming, Isaac, Elijah, Esther, Sarah 
and Anne Lewis. 

Lassiter, Moses. Millicent, Frederick, Jethro and Timothy Las- 

Leary, Cornelius, 1741. Elizabeth Leary widow, children Ann, 
.Cornelius, Mary, Richard and Thomas. 


I i 

Division of Estates. 


Leary, Thomas, 1762. Cornelius Leary, Koberl Hall, William and .wife Mary, heirs of Eichard Leary, dec'd. 

Miller, Solomon. William and Josiah representatives of Willis 
Miller, of Currituck, 1763. 

Ming, Thomas, 1769. Widow Sarah, Thomas and Sarah Ming, 
Ebenezer Leary, 

Ming, Thomas, Jr., 1772. Widow Mary, John and Richard 

Ming, Thomas, Sr., 1772. Widow Mary, children Sarah Ming, 
Thos. Ming, Elizabeth Leary sister of Ebenezer Leary. 

Ming, Thomas, 1781. Wm. Burkett, John and Eichard Ming. 

Ming, Thomas. Solomon Elliott, Joseph James, Willie and Pen- 
elope Ming. 

Miles, Stephen, 1797. Mrs. Miles, Stephen Carpenter, Jonathan 
Maulbee, Hosea Miles. 

.Mixon, Jeremiah, 1832. Joseph B. Haughton and wife Emily, 
Mary Mixon. 

Murphy, William, md. Lvdia Elliott, widow of Exum Elliott, 

McDonald, William, 1796. Duncan McDonald, Mrs. Dorothy 

McNider, Thomas, 1786. Mrs. Penelope Copeland, Thos. Mc- 
Nider, Mrs. Margaret Butler, John McNider, James McNider, Char- 
lotte McNider and Mary McMder. 

Ming, Eichard, 1802. Widow Eachel md. 2nd Eobt. Stacey, his 
other heirs not named. 

Miles, Stephen, 1808. Miriam Carpenter, Benj. Whedbee and 
wife Mary, Thomas Whedbee and wife Jehosheba. 

Matthias, Thomas, 1816. Widow Mary, Thomas, John and Fan- 
ny, Martha Ann and Elliott Matthias orphans, Thomas Toppin, Jno. 

Ming, Thomas, 1814. Sarah Butler wife of Willis, Elizabeth 
Ming, Lavinia Stacey (daughter of Eobt), Elizabeth Ming. 

Mewborn, Wilson and Mariam Fletcher were married in 1784. 

McDowall, Charles, 1739. Charles, Mary and Elizabeth Mc- 
Dowall his children, the widow Eliabeth md. Mr. Ehodes, of Tyrrell 
Co., ~N. C, daughter Elizabeth md. John White. 

Meazle, John, 1748. Widow Margaret, children John, Joseph, 
Miles, Aaron, Timothy, Jeremiah and Margaret Meazle. 

]STugin, Edward md. Sarah Wingate widow of Edward, (1750). 

Norcom, Abner, 1807. John, James and Edmund ISJbrcom, Eich- 
ard, Ann, James, Mary and Miriam Whedbee, representatives of 
Sarah Whedbee by their friend Thos. Whedbee. 

268 Division of "Estates. 

Newborn, Joshua, (without date). Mrs. Mary Newborn, daugh- 
ter Sarah Luten, son Wilson, daughters Prudence and Ann Newborn. 

Norcom, Elizabeth, widow of John, 1803. 

Norcom, Ered'k, 1797. James Hoskins and wife Mary, Charles 
Benj. and Martha Norcom. 

O'Mally, Myles, 1804. James Norfleet and wife, Ann C. 0'- 
Mally. ' 

Pollock, Cullen, Oct. 23 & 24, 1754. Widow Erances, Stevens 
I^ee, Frances Pollock, George Pollock, Mary Pollock died before 
division, Cullen Pollock died before division, Martha md. Stevens 
Lee, Frances md. Dr. Robert Lenox, Eobert West md. widow of Cul- 
len Pollock. 

Parker, Richard, 1753. Jacob, Stephen, Francis, Richard and 
Patience Parker. 

Paget, Sam'l Dr. Daughter Elizabeth md. John Hodgson, Pene- 
lope md. John Hodgson, 2nd James Craven, 3rd Thos. Barker, Sarah 
md. Jos. H. Eelbeck. Sam'l Pa°et md. Marv. 

Pagett, Samuel, 1756. Samuel, Mary and John Pagett, widow 
Mary md. Quinn, Micajah Pagett. 

Price, Thomas, 1797. Widow Miriam, Nancy, Sally, Jeremiah, 
Francis, Docton, Elizabeth and Miriam Price, Jr. 

Pierce, Thomas, 1757. Kesiah Newby, Kerenhappuck Pierce, 
Sarah Morris, Jemima Newby, Mary Nixon. 

Potter, James, 1753. Mary and Sarah Potter hij orphans, nieces 
of Wm. Hoskins. 

Perry, Samuel, 1779. Amos and Mordecai Perry, Ann Hobbs, 
Leah Goodwin & Grace Eason. 

Price, John, 1792. Orphan of James Price, Jr., Thomas and 
Job, Jeremiah Fleetwood and wife Elizabeth, Sarah Pierce formerlv 
Price, Elizabeth Parker nee Price. 

Parish, John, 1810. Widow Sarah, William, John, Miles, Demp- 
sey, Charity, Penina, David, Joseph, Amy, Ann, Sarah and Henrv 
Parish, (children). 

Perry, Roderick, 1847. John, William and Starkey Perry, Miles 
Ashley and wife, Winney, Cullen Halsey and wife Lotty. 

Patterson, Elizabeth, wife of Robert, 1787. Mrs. Montgomery 
lived next door to them. 

Payne, Peter, md. Mary Beasley daughter of James Beaslev. She 
died and Mary, the wife of Wm. Woollard her mother, admr. No 
issue by Payne. 

Purdie, Ivy, 1808. Life right of Mrs. Purdie, Jno. Pophelston 
and wife Sarah, Edward Riley and wife, Thos. Purdie. 

Rea, Samuel S., 1833. Christopher, Artenes, William and Wiley 
Rea, Lavinia Jackson. 


Division of Estates. 269 

Ross, Alexander. His widow md. about 1784 Wood, he left 

daughter Mary about one year old md. Eliab Griffin. 

Ramsey, Allen, W. T. Muse Exr., 1807. Allen's brothers John, 
James, William and Willis Ramsey had at that time 19 children. 

Rogers, Jos., 1816. Daughters Sarah Parish and Jane Woodard. 

Roberts, Willis, 1813. William C. Roberts and Sarah E. Roberts. 

Roberts, William was the Guardian of Charles Earl Johnson in 

Roberts, Willis, 1808. John Roberts (1800), Wife Elizabeth, 
children John and Sarah. 

Roberts, William, 180S. Widow £ interest. 

Roberts, James, 1807. Henry Skinner and wife Sarah, Charles 
and James Roberts. 

Roberts, Elizabeth (Estate of Jno. Roberts), 1802. Jno. B. Grif- 
fin and wife, and son John of the half blood Patsey Newby of the 
half blood, James, Charles and Sarah Roberts. 

Roberts, John, share of James Roberts' Estate 1-5 divided between 
Mr. Griffin and Wyke jSTewby's daughter (1802). 

Roberts, Charles, father of James, Willis, William & Liles, child 
in esse. 

William, Roberts, Jr., son of William, wife Elizabeth, Wyke !New- 
by md. Charity, (widow of James Roberts), Elizabeth, James and 
Sarah children of James Roberts. 

Roberts, Liles and Mariam, 1795. Heirs of Elizabeth Roberts 
widow of William, Henry Bonner, Samuel Hoskin,';, Elizabeth Wil- 
liams, William Roberts, Fred'k Norcom, Jr. 

Roberts, James, 1795. Wyke ISTewby and wife Charity, heirs of 
James Roberts. 

Rombough, Catherine. Benjamin Bissell and wife Elizabeth, 
JSancy Rombough. 

Mary, Richard's husband, Wm. Richards died in 1746. She md. 
2nd Moses Wellwood, 1752. 

Rombough, William, 1813. William and Sarah Rombough. He 
died in 1808. 

Rombough, Catharine, mother of William and grand-mother of 
Mrs. Bissell and Anne Rombough. 

Robinson, Thomas, orphans, 1756. Elizabeth, Thomas, James, 
John, Bennie and Bethany Robinson. 

Rosson, John, 1754. Widow and six children. 

Saterfield, John B., 1836. Miss Fanny Satterfield, Thomas Sat- 
teffield, Alex Spence and wife Fanny, Jas. L. Satterfield and wife 
Eliza, James and William (sons of Alfred Satterfield). 

Sumner, Josiah, Nov. 24, 1756. Received one set of Shew and 

270 Division of Estates. 

Knee buckles left me by my father at his death, in presence of my 
sister Mary Sumner. 

Slaughter, Michael, 1744. Mr. Wallace and wife the widow, and 
six children. 

Standin, Edward, 1743. Joseph Creecy and wife the widow, Hen- 
derson, Sarah, Edward and Mary Standin. 

Saunders, John, 1752. Wife Mary, children Milly, Fereby, Rob- 
ert, Thomas and Jesse, Frances and Mary Saunders Exrs., said Mary 
ind. 2nd Joseph Rooks, the children are minors. 

Skinner, Josiah, 1834. Sarah Frances Skinner, John Skinner, 
Hardy Skinner, and Josiah Skinner. (Lemuel Skinner's Estate, 
dec'd, and Est. Sarah Skinner, dec'd, included). 

Skinner, Lemuel, 1836. James L. Satterfield in right of wife 
Eliza, Richard Skinner. 

Satterfield, Alfred, 1837. James Goodwin and wife Catharine, 
James and William Satterfield. 


Skinner, Mrs. Dorothy, and William Donaldson. Division of land. 

Standing, Mary, widow of Joseph, 1800. 

Simons, Charlton, 1798. Brothers John and Edward Simons. 

Simons, Thomas, 1809. Penelope, William and Thomas. 

Standin, Henderson, 1793. Sons Joseph and Henderson. 

Spivey, Champion, 1794. John, Dorothy, Delia and Rachel 

Small, Josiah, 1792. Sarah Rogerson, Amia Small wife of Phillip 
McGuire, Reuben and Rachel, Josiah McKeel grand-son of Josiah 

Smith, Robert, 1803. Uncle of Thomas Smith, brother of Sam- 
uel, James and Isabella Smith ; Sam'l had two children Robert and 
Thomas, James unmarried, Isabella md. James Milligan, issue James 
and Rebecca, in the Kingdom of Great Britain, Castle Douglass, 

Skinner, Richard, 1817. Elizabeth and Mary Skinner. 

Standin, Henderson, 1816. Mrs. Frances Lee Standin and son 
Wm. H. Standin. 

Standin, Lemuel, Sr., 1817. Joseph, Lemuel, Parthenia and 
Deborah Standin. 

Standin, Edward, left children. Henderson, Edward, Sarah and 

Small, Joseph, left children Jonathan (since dead) Benjamin, Jo- 
seph, Martha and Mary married Jno. Luten. 

Saulsbury, William, was brother to the wife of William Ben- 
nett, Jr. 

Slaughter, Michael, left 7 daughters, Hannah, Abigail, Elizabeth, 

Division of Estates. 


Rebecca, Deborah, Nancy and other since dead. James Wallace md. 
the widow Elizabeth, Peter Payne md. Hannah. 

Satterfield, Thomas md. Ann Hoskins, daughter of John Hoskins. 

Small, Joseph, 1761. Widow, Jno. Luten for wife Mary, Benj. 
Albertson for wife Sarah. 

Small, James, 1811. Widow and orphan. 

Simpson's, Dempsey, widow Ann md. Parker. 

Simons, Argyle, 1798. John Simons, heirs of Thomas Simons, 
dec'd, William and Reuben Simons, Esther Wilkins and Elizabeth 

Simons, Jacob. John Simons, Rowson Elliott and wife Sarah, 
Edward Simons, James Saunders and wife, (the widow). 

Sumner, Jethro, (1752). Thomas, Jethro, Edward and Elizabeth 

Stepney, John, Perquimans Co., N". C, 1763. Sarah Butler wife 
of Christopher, Samuel, Mary and Elizabeth Stepney, Nancy Step- 
ney, William Stepney his part in 1754. 

Scott, James, 1762. Widow, Mary, Elizabeth, Judah and Ruth 

Speight, Isaac, 1762. Isaac Speight, Wm. Boyd, Mills Riddick. 

Smith, James, 1764. Elizabeth Smith (widow), Thomas and 
Mary Smith. 

Simpson, Dempsey, 1795. Exum and Mary Simpson, Samuel 

Taylor, John, 1765. Luke, Sarah, Martha, Elizabeth, Rebecca, 
Ann and Penelope Taylor. 

Truelove, Timothy, 1739. Widow, Breathet Trueltfve, Timothy, 
William and Samuel Truelove. 

Thompson, James, 1792. Tenry Thompson, Rebecca Boyce. 

Trotman, Henry, 1805. Timothy and Dempsey Trotman, Jacob 
Cullens and wife, Joseph Trotman. 

Trotman, Amos, 1800. Hannah Trotman, Dempsey, Henry ,_ Jo- 
siah and Timothy Trotman. 

Thompson, Henry, 1786. Francis Beasley married the daughter, 
James, William and Timothy Thompson. 

Thompson, John, 1756. Widow and son Robert Thompson. 

Underhill, Joseph, 1789. Widow Sarah, daughter Mary, Mrs. 
Underbill was the Aunt of Anne Jones. 

Valentine, Alex, died in 1782. Wife Sarah md. 2nd 1785 George 
Morgan, Elizabeth Valentine md. James Hathaway, Sr., (his 2nd 
wife) Joyce Valentine md. Small. 

Vail, Thos., 1813. Edward Vail, Mary (widow). 

Virgin, John, died unmarried, his brother James Admr. 1766. 


Division of Estates. 

Vail, Thos., 1805. 

Abner Nash Vail, Lillington, John, Mary, 
Thomas, Bonner, Charles, Edward and Fred'k Vail. 

Walton, William, 1772. Widow, Timothy, William, John, 
Thomas, Isaac and James Walton, Sarah Lassiter, Mary, Ann and 
Celia Walton. 

Walton, William. Widow, Palatiah, Henry, Edmond, Richard, 
Thomas, Mary and Elizabeth Walton. 

Walton, Timothy. Widow, Jno. Benbury Walton, Timothy Wal- 
ton, Celia Freeman, Mary and Elizabeth Walton. 

Walton, Mrs. Sarah, 1762. William and John Walton. 

Walton, Richard, 1771. Widow, James, Ellinor and Cretta 

Walton, Mary, widow of Timothy md. 2d Thomas Hunter (1770). 

Walton, Sarah and Millicent. Orphans of Palatiah, 1777. 

Walton, Palatiah, 1778. Widow, Zilpha, Christian, Sarah and 
Millicent Walton. 
'Walton, Leah, widow of John Walton, 1800. 

Welch, Rev. Miles, 1837. Widow Sarah, Gaston, Baker F., Drew, 
Dorsey, Sarah and Louisa Welch. ' 

Ward, Hardy, 1834. Jonathan and Jacob Ward, Margaret Smith. 

Wills, James, 1835. Mary L. Wills, James and Ann Wills. 

Wood, William, 1835. Jesse, Dempsev, Moses, James and Marv 

Ward, Thomas. Elizabeth, Sarah, Thomas, Lewis and Moses 
Ward, Ruth Gooding, Judeth Measles. 

White, Luke, 1778. Not named, simply states each heir so much. 

Wingate, Edward. Widow, William. Edward, Michael, Elizabeth 
and Judith Wingate. 

Wilkins, Charles. Widow, Elizabeth, John, Ann, William, Eliza- 
beth and Mary Wilkins. 

Woodly, William, 1737. Mary Woodly now Willcox, Andrew 
Woodly (minor). ' 

Whedbee, Thomazin, widow of Joseph, 1791. 

Williamson, Rebecca, had three sisters. (1) Polly Vail (unmar- 
ried), (2) Mrs. Pembruna, (3) Mrs. Fuet (1790), 

Wilder, Michael, 1794. Hannah, Miles, Willis, Nathaniel, Fran- 
ces and Michael Wilder. 

Ward, Thomas, 1784. Children of Penelope MeNider and Rach- 
el Wilder's children, Willis, John, Francis, Nath'l and Michael, 
Rachel, wife of Michael Wilder, Sr. 

Wallis, John, 1775. Widow, Miles and William Wallis. 

Wilder, Rachel, daughter of John Wilder, 1811. 

Wilkinson, Mrs. Jehoshaba, widow of George, 1806. 

Warring, Ann, Admirx. of Hamilton Warring, 1801. 

An Act of Assembly. 


White, Stephen, (1782). Six children without naming them. 

Williams, Willis, (1795). Son William, widow Elizabeth Wil- 
liams, Ann Williams, Wm. Koberts, Gdn. of William. 

Welch, William, 1837. James Harrell and wife Nancy, James 
Harrell, Amr of William Welch (infant son of William Welch) and 
Emily Welch. 

Wilder, Nath'l, 1836. Mrs. Eliz Wilder, Charles C. Taber and 
wife, Henry Wilder, E. J. Wilder, P. A. Wilder, Elizabeth Jane 

Winslow, William, 1810. Widow Pleasant Winslow, William 
By rum and wife, Mary and Elizabeth Winslow. 

Winslow, Joseph, 1782. Job, Israel and Jesse Winslow. 

Wilkins, James, 1782. Mrs. Sarah Wilkins, orphans of Anthony 
Wilkins, William Liles, Joseph and William Wilkins. 

Ward, Thomas, 1782. Widow, John, William, Henry and Cris- 
sey Ward. 

• Wilkins, Anthony, 1785. Widow md. Edward Coffield, Miles 
and Thomas Wilkins. 




I. 'Whereas Thomas Peterson, late of Albemarle County, Esq., 
died seised and possessed in his Demesne, of Fee of, in and to a certain 
Plantation or Tract of Land, lying and being in the Fork of Queen 
Anne's Creek, in Chowan Precinct, containing by Estimation, Four 
Hundred Acres, be the same more or less, butted and bounding to the 
Eastward on the Town Land and to the Westward on Slocumb's 
Creek ; and also, of, in, and to One Half Acre or Lot of Land in Bath 
Town butting and bounding to the Southward on the lot of Col. 
Ilpher Gale, and to the Northward on one of the Cross Streets ; which 
said Plantation and lot of Land, do descend unto Anna, an infant, 
the Daughter of the said Thomas ; And whereas Johanna, the Moth- 
er of the said Anna, by her Petition preferred to this Assembly, is 
very willing, for the advancement of the said Anna's Portion, to re- 
linquish her Right of Dower of, in and to the said Lands and Lot, 
provided that the same Lands and Lot may be sold, to and for the 
Use, Benefit, and Interest of the said Anna, the said Lands and Lot 
now having considerable Improvements thereon, which makes them 

274 An Act of Assembly. 

Valuable; which otherwise will be very much impaired and ruined 
before the said Anna shall come of Age; Wherefore 

II. Be it Enacted by His Excellency the Palatine and the rest 
of the true and Absolute Lords Proprietors of the Province of Caro- 
lina, by and with the Advice and Consent of the rest of the Members 
of the General Assembly, now met at Little River for the North East 
Part of the said Province, and it is hereby Enacted, by the Authority 
of the same, That the said Johanna be and she is hereby impower- 
ed, to bargain, sell, enfeoff, and transfer the said Plantation or Trac' 
of Land lying in the Fork of Queen Anne's Creek, in Chowan Pre- 
cinct, containing by estimation, Four Hundred Acres, be the same 
more or less, butting and bounding to the Eastward on the Town Land 
and to the Westward on Slocumb Creek ; also one Half Acre or Lot 
of Land in Bath Town, butting and bounding to Southward on the 
Lot of Col. Ilpher Gale and to the Northward on one of the Cross 
Streets ; or any Part or Parcel of the same, to any Person or Persons 
tl'at shall be willing to give most money for the same ; to have and to 
hold the same to such Purchase or Purchasers, his or her Heirs and 
vVssigns for ever. 

III. And for the better securing the Money, arising by such Sale 
to and for the Use, Benefit and Interest of the said Anna, her Heirs 
and Assigns, It is hereby further Enacted. That immediately at and 
upon the sale of the aforesaid Plantation or Tract of Land and 7 

' or any Part of the same, the said Anna shall stand and be seized in 
her Demesne, as of Fee, of, in and to one certain Plantation or Tract 
of Land, whereof the said Johanna is and now stands seized and pos- 
sessed of, in Perquimans Precinct, Containing, by Estimation, One 
Hundred and Seventy Acres, be the same more or less, situate. ! . > 
and being on Castleton's or Laker's Creek, butting and bounding on 
the Lands of Juliana Lakers and Richard Skinner ; to have and to 
hold the same Plantation or Tract of Land to her the said Anna, her 
Heirs and Assigns, in Fee Simple, with Condition, that if the said 
Johanna do pay the Monies arising by such Sale to the said Anna, 
at and upon her Arrival to the Age of Eighteen Years, or Day of 
Marriage, or otherwise appropriate the Monies arising by the Sale 
of the aforesaid Plantation or Tract of Land at the Fork of Queen 
Anne's Creek and Lot aforesaid, by purchasing young Female Slaves 
for the use of said Anna ; then the aforesaid Estate of the said Anna, 
of (in, and to the afore mentioned Plantation and tract of land in 
Perquimans Precinct, to be invalid and of no Force or Effect. A. 
D. 1715. (Compendium of Laws by James Davis. Edition of 1752, . 
page 40.) 


An Act of Assembly. 



I. Whereas before the late War, daily and grievous complaints of 
the Depredations and Insults of the Indians was Exhibited against 
them, by divers Persons bordering upon and residing near to the 
Habitations of the said Indians: For the Prevention of the like 
Disorders for the Time to Come, and for the cultivating a better 
Understanding with the said Indians, the want of which has been 
so injurious to the Government. 

II. Be it Enacted, kc. That whoever shall discover or find 
any Indian or Indians killing, hunting, or in Pursuit of any Horses, 
Cattle or Hogs, the Right and Property where of is in any white 
Men inhabiting within this Government, every such Person or Per- 
sons on Discovery or Sight thereof, may, and he is hereby impowered. 
to apprehend and seize every such Indian or Indians, and him or them 
so apprehended and taken to convey before some one of the Commis- 
sioners to be appointed for Indian Affairs, and for want of such, be L 
fore the next Magistrate; which said Commissioner or Magistrate 
together with the Ruler or Head Man of the Town to which such In- 
dian Delinquent may belong, is and hereby impowered to punish ev- 
ery such Delinquent in such Manner as the Nature of the Offence mdv 
f&quire, and to award Restitution to the Party injured for all Dam- 
ages by him sustained ; saving always the Right of Appeal to the 
Governor and Council, if either party shall think themselves ag- 
grieved or wronged thereby. * 

III. And be it further Enacted, kc, That if any Difference 
shall, for the fututre, arise between any white Man and Indian, con- 
cerning Trade or otherwise howsoever, every such Difference shall be 
heard, tried, and determined by such Commissioners as the Governor 
or Commander in Chief for the Time being shall appoint, together 
with the Ruler or Head Man of the Town to which the Indian belongs ; 
Saving only the Right of Appeal as herein before saved and excepted. 

IV. And whereas there is great Reason to believe, that Disputes 
concerning Land has already been of fatal Consequences to the Peace 
and welfare of this Colony; Be it further Enacted, &e. That no 
White Man shall for any consideration whatsoever, purchase or 
buy any Tract or Parcel of Land, claimed or actually in Possession 
of any Indian, without special Liberty for so doing from the Gov- 
ernor and Council first had and obtained, under the Penalty of Twen- 
ty Pounds for every Hundred Acres of Land so bargained for and 
purchased, One Half to the Informer and the other Half to him or 
them that shall sue for the same; To be recovered by Bill, Plaint 

276 An Act of Assembly. 

or Information, in any Court of Record within this Government; 
"wherein no Assign, Protection, Injunction or Wager of Law, shall 4 
be allowed or admitted of. 

V. And be it further Enacted, &c. That whatever white man 
shall defraud or take from any of the Indians his goods or shall b r 
abuse or injure his Person each and every Person so offending shall 
make full Satisfaction to the Party injured, and shall suffer such 
other Punishment as he should or ought to have done, had the Offence 
been committed to an Englishman. A. D. 1715. 

At this same sesion of the Assembly, An Act was passed for a 
Town on Roanoke Island for the Encouragement of Trade from For- 
eign Ports, it was repealed by Act Nov. 23, 1723. Chap. 12. 

Also an Act for raising Corn, to satisfy the Debt due from this 
Government to the Honourable Charles Craven, Esq., Governor of 
South Carolina and for the Subsistence of such Forces as shall be 
raised for the necessary Defence of the Frontiers of this Government. 
(We presume this debt was created on account of the Indian War 
through which the Colony had just passed, to cover the expense of the 
South Carolina troops who came to the assistance of the Colonists in 
North Carolina.) 


I. "Whereas, at the Request of Mr. John Lawson, Mr. Joel Mar- 
tin and others, a certain Tract or Parcel of Land, purchased by them, 
lying on the Old Town Creek, in Pamptico, and containing by Esti- 
mation Sixty Acres, be the same more or less, being a Part of a larger 
Tract then belonging to David Perkins, but now in the Possession, 
and of Right belonging, to Colonel Thomas Cary, and divided from 
thence by a Line of marked Trees from the Old Town Creek, to Mr. 
Barrow's line, now also the Right and Possession of the said Cary, 
was Incorporated and made a Township, by an Act of the General 
Assembly, made and ratified at the House of Captain John Heckle- 
field, the Eigth day of March Anno Domini 1705, with divers Privi- 
leges and Immunities therein, and thereby invested in the said John 
Lawson, Joel Martin and Nicholas Daw, to and for the Uses therein 
mentioned, To promote therefore the Settlement of the said Town, 
and for securing the Public Library of St. Thomas Parish, in Pamp- 
tico ; 

II. Be it Enacted, &c. That the said Land be, and it is hereby 


An Act of Assembly. 277 

henceforward invested in Mr. John Porter, Mr. Joel Martin, Mr. 
Thomas Harding and Capt. John Drinkwater, or any two of them, 
to and for the Uses aforesaid, and Declared, Confirmed and Incor- 
porated into a Township, by the name of Bath Town ; with all the 
Privileges and Immunities hereafter Expressed forever. 

III. Pursuant to which, It is hereby Enacted, That Convenient 
Places and Proportions of Land be laid out and preserved for a 
Church, a Town-house and a Market-place; and that the rest of the 
Land which is not already laid out, be forthwith laid out into Lots 
of Half an Acre each, with convenient Streets and Passages, by the 
said Trustees, or any Two of them. 

Then follows Sections IV to XVIII relating to the sale of lots, &c. 

XIX. And whereas, at the Promotion of the Reverend Doctor 
Thomas Bray, a Library hath been sent over to Bath Town, for the 
Use of the Inhabitants of the Parish of St. . Thomas, in Pamptico ; 
and it is partly feared that the Books belonging to the same will 
quickly be embezzled, damaged or lost, except a Law be provided 
for the more effectual Preservation of the same. 

XX. Be it therefore Enacted. That the said Library shall be, 
continue and remain in the Hands, Custody and Possession of a 
Library Keeper, to be elected, nominated and appointed by the Com- 
missioners hereafter by this Act appointed, or the Major Part of 
them; which said Library-keeper is, and shall be hereby bound and 
obliged, to keep and preserve the several and respective Books there- 
in, from Waste, Damage, Imbezzlement, and all other Destruction, 
(Eire, and all other unavoidable Accidents only excepted) and is 
and shall be hereby accountable for the same, and every Book there- 
of, to the Commissioners hereafter nominated; and to that End and 
Purpose, the said Library-Keeper shall pass Two Receipts for the 
Library aforesaid, one to the Commissioners hereafter named, and 
the other to the Church-Wardens of the said Parish, for the Time 
being, in which Receipts the Title of each Book shall be instituted : 
And in case all or any of the Books is or shall be found to be wasted, 
damaged or embezzled or otherwise destroyed, (except as before ex- 
cepted) the said Library-Keeper, his Heirs, Executors and Adminis- 
trators, are and shall be hereby bound and obliged to answer double 
the Value of the same; and the said Commissioners are hereby im- 
powered to sue for the same, in any Court of Record in the Province, 
by Bill, Plaint, or Information, or other Action ; wherein no Essoign, 
Protection, Injunction or Wager of Law, shall be allowed ; and that 
what thereby shall be recovered, (reasonable Charges and Expenses 
deducted) to employ and dispose of towards the Compleating and 
perfecting the aforesaid Library so wasted, endamaged, Embezzled, 


An Act of Assembly. 

or otherwise destroyed, within the Space of Twelve Months after 
such Recovery. 

XXI. And be it further Enacted, That in case of the Death or 
Removal of the said Library-Keeper, the Church-wardens of St. 
Thomas's Parish shall immediately take into their Custody. Pos- 
session and safe-Keeping, all the Books belonging to the said Library, 
and shall be answerable for the same to the Commissioners of here- 
after in this Act nominated. - ' 

XXII. And be it further Enacted. That the Church Wardens 
of St. Thomas's Parish, in Pamptico, upon receiving the Books be- 
longing to the said Library, shall compare the same with the Cata- 
logue and Receipt for the same in their Custody ; and if any of tho 
Books are wanting or damaged, they shall give an Account thereof, 
in Twenty Days at Farthest, to the Commissioners hereafter men- 
tioned, who are impowered to sue the said Library-Keeper, or in 
case of his death, his Executors or Administrators for the same; 
And in Case the said Church-wardens refuse or neglect to give such 
Account, then the said Church Wardens, their Heirs, Executors or 
Administrators and every of them, are hereby made accountable to 
the Commissioners hereafter named for all the Books belonging to 
the said Library, and contained in the Catalogue therof. 

XXIII. And be it further Enacted. That the said Commis- 
sioners, or any Five of them, within Twenty Days after such Xotice 
given, shall forthwith proceed to the Election of another Librar 
Keeper, to whose Custody and Safe Keeping the said Librarv, and 
every Book . therein contained, shall be forthwith delivered 
by the said Church Wardens, by order of the* said Com- 
missioners ; which said Library-Keeper so elected, shall con- 
tinue in the same office, unless removed by the said Commissioners, 
or the. Major Part of them (which they are, upon a just occasion, 
hereby empowered to do) or until the settlement of a Minister in 
the said Parish; which said Minister or Incumbent shall, ex-officio, 
be Library-Keeper, and shall be unanswerable for the same to the 
Commissioners aforesaid, in Manner as is by this Act directed. 

XXIV. Provided always, That the said Library shall not tr 
removed out of Bath Town other than to the Incumbent's House; 
and not thither, without Liberty first had and obtained from the 
said Commissioners, or the Major Part of them. 

XXV. That the Inhabitants of Beaufort Precinct shall have 
Liberty to borrow any Book out of the said Library, givino' a Receipt 
for the same to the Library-Keeper, for the Time being, with ;i 
Promise to return the said Book or Books, if a Folio, in Four Months 
Time ; if a Quarto, in Tavo Months Time ; if an Octavo, or under, 

Ax Act of Assembly. 279 

in One Months Time ; upon penalty of paying Three Times the Value 
of the said Book or Books, so borrowed, in Case of failure in return- 
ing the same; And the said Library-Keeper is hereby obliged to 
enter such Receipt in a Book, to be fairly kept for that Purpose, and 
upon the Return of any Book or Books so lent shall note it returned 
on the opposite side or Column of the said Book, and not Cross or 
blot the same; And in Case the Person that borrows any Book or 
Books out of the said Library, doth refuse to return the same, or 
doth damnify the said Book, upon Complaint thereof given by the 
said Library -Keeper, his Executors or Administrators, to two or 
more of the Commissioners, and by them or any Five of them, to the 
Chief Justice of the Province for the Time being, or any Two Jus- 
tices of the Peace, it shall be lawful, and the said Chief Justice, or 
any Two Justices, are hereby empowered and required, by Warrant 
of Distress, directed to any of the Constables of the said Precinct, 
to, levy Three Times the Value of such Book or Books, on the Goods 
and Chattels of the Person so refusing to deliver or damnifying the 
same ; and for want of such distress, to commit the Person to Prison, 
till Satisfaction be made to the said Library-Keeper. 

XXVI. And be it further Enacted. That the Commissioners 
hereafter named, shall make, or cause to be made, several Catalogues 
of all and singular the Books in the said Library, and the same being 
fairly written, and signed by the said Commissioners or some Five 
of them, One to be entered upon Record in the Secretary's Office of 
this Province, One to be in the Custody and for the Use of Commis- 
sioners hereafter named, under which the Library-Keeper shall sign 
a Receipt for the respective Books, One to be in the Custodv of the 
Church Wardens of St. Thomas's Parish for the Time being, under 
which the Library -Keeper shall also sign a Receipt for the respec- 
tive Books, and one to be fairly entered in a Book for that purpose 
to be kept by the Library-Keeper in the said Library, that so any 
person may know what Books are contained therein. 

XXVII. And be it further Enacted. That the Commissioners 
or any Eive of them, hereafter named, after making one exact Cata- 
logue of all and singular the respective Books in the said Library 
shall and are hereby directed, to appraise and rate each Book, "at n 
price certain in the Current Money of this Province: which appraise- 
ment shall be an established Rule to determine the Value of the said 
Books, in case any suit is brought by the said Commissioners aVainst 
any Person that shall detain or damnify any of the said Books, or 
against the Library-Keeper, his Executors or Administrators. 

XXVIII. And be it further Enacted. That the Commissioners- 
hereafter named or anv Five of them, shall, every Year, or Easter 
Monday Yearly, resort to the House where the said Library shall 

280 Aisr Act of Assembly. 

be kept, and there examine the Books thereof by the Catalogue, and 
see that there be the full number, and that they are not damaged 
or spoiled ; and therefore the Library-Keeper is hereby required, in 
lending any of the said Books out of the said Library, notwithstand- 
ing the Time usually allowed by this Act, to oblige the said Person 
to return such Books as they borrow to the said Library-Keeper Ten 
days before the said Easter Monday, Yearly, that so all and singular 
the Books belonging to the Library aforesaid, may be exposed to the 
View of the said Commissioners, the better to enable them to judge 
if they be any ways damaged or spoiled and give their order accord- 

XXIX. And be it further Enacted. That the Honourable Chas. 
Eden, Esq., present Governor, and the Governor or Commander in 
Chief for the Time being, the Members of the Council for the Time 
being, Christopher Gale, Esq., Chief Justice, and the Chief Justice 
for the time being, Tobias Knight, Esq., Secretary and the Secre- 
tary for the time being, Col. Edward Moseley, Speaker of the present 
Assembly, and the Speaker for the time being, Daniel Richardson, 
Esq., Attorney General, and the Attorney General for the time be- 
ing, the members of the Precinct Court for the Time beiner. Capt. 
Frederick Jones, Mr. John Porter, Mr. Joel Martin, Capt. John 
Drinkwater, Mr. John Clark, Mr. Patrick Maule, Mr. Thos. Worse- 
ley, Mr. Lionel Reading, Mr. James Leigh and Mr. Thomas Harding 
or any Five of them, are hereby nominated to be Commissioners and 
Trustees, for the one Inspection and Preservation of the Library 
aforesaid, and all and singular the respective Book to the same be- 
longing ; and they or any Five of them, shall have Power to com- 
mence or bring any suit or Action given by this Act. 

XXX. And in Case of the Death or Absence of any of the Com- 
missioners who are by this Act particularly by Name before ap- 
pointed, then the surviving Commissioners, or any Five of them, at 
their next Meeting after such Vacancy, are hereby fully authorised 
and empowered to make choice of another, in the Place and Stead of 
him or them who shall be dead or absented ; which said Commis- 
sioners so elected shall be invested with the same Authority, as if he 
had been before in this Act particiilarly named and appointed. 

XXXI. And be it, further Enacted, That the Commissioners 
above named or any Five of them, after having Examined the Cata- 
logue of Books, and discovered what are wanting, shall summons 
such Persons as have the said Books in their Custody, to deliver the 
same, within Twenty Days after such Notice in Writing left with 
the Person, or at his usual Place of Abode; and in case any person 
shall fail or refuse to deliver the said respective Books to the said 
Commissioners or any Five of them, are hereby required, directed 

An Act of Assembly. 


and impowered to take such Measure for the Recovery of the same, 
or treble the Value thereof, as is before by this Act prescribed 

XXXII. And be it further Enacted. That all persons that have 
borrowed, or have in their Custody, any of the Books belonging to 
the Library aforesaid, shall, on or before the next Easter Monday, 
return the same to the present Library Keeper, under the Penalty of 
the forfeiture of treble the Value of each Book not returned as afore- 
said ; the better to enable the Commissioners before named to make 
a perfect Catalogue of the Books belonging to the said Library, 
A. D. 1715. ( Compendium of Laws by James Davis, page 38, Ed. 

Erom the above Act of the Legislature, we learn the rules and reg- 
ulations of the first free public library in North Carolina, from the 
stringent laws that was passed for its management, it was probably 
for those days quite a large and valuable Library. 



Be it Enacted, &c. That the Master of every Ship or Vessel 

coming into 

this Government, Shall, within Four Days next 
after his Arrival, and before, he trade or land any Goods 
(living Creatures are excepted) enter into Bond in the Naval Office, 
with one sufficient Freeholder or well known Merchant, in the sum 
of Five Hundred Pounds with Condition, That the* said Master 
shall not carry off any Person out of this Province without a Ticket 
first had and obtained from the Naval Officer, and signed by the 
Governor or Commander in Chief, for the Time being. (Persons 
coming into this Province in the same Vessel, Women whose hus- 
bands are resident in the Country, Persons under Age and Sailors 
who have not. resided in the Government above Two Months except- 
ed) nor shall depart himself without leave, under the Penalty of 
Fifty Pcurds, One third to the Lords Proprietors, One Third to 
the Governor or Commander in Chief, and the other third to the 

IV. And be it further Enacted, &c. That no Ticket shall here- 
after be granted to any Person intending to export his or herself out 
of this Government (except as before excepted) until sufficient Se- 
curity be first given to the Naval Officer, for the Payment of all 
such Debts as the Party so intending to depart shall be chargeable 
with, and for which Actions shall be commenced within Four Months 
next after such security given; or until Certificate be first made to 


An Act of Assembly. 

the Naval-Officer, by the Clerk of the Precinct Court where the 
Party shall reside, that he hath published his Intentions to depart 
the Government by affixing a Note to the Court House Door, publicly 
to be read by all Persons, during the Sitting and Continuance of the 
Two Courts next preceding such Certificate, without being under- 
written or any Demand made to hinder his or her Departure. 

V. And be it further Enacted, &c. That in Default of so doin.°\ 
the Naval Officer shall be liable tosatisfy the Creditors of all such 
Persons who shall depart the Government, by Ticket from that office, 
provided Actions for the same be entered within Four Months after 
the Date of such Ticket so obtained; with out Security given, or Cer- 
tificate had and received from the Clerk of some Precinct Court, as 
before mentioned. 1715. (Same Laws, page 15.) 

An Act was also passed at this session of the Assembly (1715), 
for raising a Public Magazine of Ammunition, upon the Tonnage 
of all Vessels trading to this Government. 

'An Act. to encourage the building of Mills. 

The Assembly held its Session at the Court House in Chowan 
Precinct, Augt. 2, to the 20th, 1720, and at Edenton from Oct 2d 
to 19th, 1722. Bertie Precinct was incorporated during this Ses- 
sion. In 1723, Nov. 23rd, the Assembly met again in Edenton. 

Three English emigrants (brotheris) Bazil, Thomas and John 
Prather landed in Maryland in 1732. Bazil was an Episcopal Cler- 
gyman stationed at Kockville ; his youngest brother John (then 22 
yrs old) removed to Frederick Co., where he was md. in 1738. In 
1740 his only son Thomas was born. In 1771 this Thomas removed 
to 'North Carolina, (Orange Co.) .his first wife was -.Rachel Gaither 
by whom he had one son John who removed to Virginia or Tennessee 
with three daughters ; his second wife was Lena Roby, of North 
Carolina, by whom he had six sons, Thomas, Basil, Leonard, &c. ? 
and two daughters. Leonard, was the great grand-father of the 
lady making the query. Wanted the record of Thomas Prather's 
iriarriage to Lena Roby, date and county (probably Orange, Caswell 
or Alamance). Also the names of alltheir children, and where their 
descendants can be located. Was Thomas Prather a soldier in the 
Rev. War ? Did he receive a grant of land in that part of North 
Carolina which became Tennessee? Also all marriage licenses, dates, 
&c, of all Prathers which occurred in N. C. Col. John S. Prather 
was an officer in the cavalry service of the 0. S. A. and the lady's 
Uncle Hon. Warren Aiken was a Confederate States Congressman . 
Please assist us for the lady. 

: ; :f 

Abstract of Conveyances. 283 


[From Register's Office of Chowan County, Dook C, No. 1.] 

Win. Rodes, of Morattuck, to Wm. Garrett. 116 acres on west 
side Coneby Creek; June 29, 1722. Test, John Adderly, Daniel 

James Williamson, of Bertie to William Haughton. 519 acres 
near the Sound side, beginning, at ye head of Yoppim River, adjoi. 
ing land of Henry Clayton, Wm. Harris; Nov. 2, 1722. Test, Thos. 
Swaine, Wm. Benbury. 

John, Hare to Joseph Oates, of Perquimans. 125 acres near 
Bluff Point, adjoining land of James Williamson: Augt. 7, 1722. 

El liner, Sadler to her son William Sadler. 180 acres at or near 
Green Hall, left me by my husband Wm. Sadler; Apl. 10, 1722.' 
Test, Robert Hicks, Tamer Howcott. 

Henry Simes and wife Grace to Wm. Camil. 170 acres on Youra 
Swamp; Sept. 16, 1722. Test, Barnabee McKinne, Robt. Simes. 

Peter West to Robert Moore. 150 acres; Sber 26, 1722. Test, 
Thos. Spiers, Sarah Smith. 

Richard, Pickerin to Martin Cromen. 200 acres S. Side Bear 
Swamp Marsh, adjoining lands of Col. Pollock; Mch. 2, 1721-2. 
Test, Hugh Highman, Ann Abel. 

Peter West to Mary Williams. 300 acres land. : . 

James Spivey to Isaac Hunter. Test, Christian Heidelberg, Jno. 

Charles Wilkins to James Breton and wife Jane. 100 acres wh^i"* 
I now dwell; Mch. 10, 1721. Test, «am'l Warner, Wm. Stewart, 
Edwd Standing. 

Thomas Harvey to James Wimble. 640 acres S. Side Albemarle 
Sound by grant to John Vollway, dated Mch. 9th, 1717-8. Deed 
dated Mch. 29, 1733. Test, Roger Hazard, Thos. Spiers. 

John Roads to John Swaine. Assignment of a Patent; Mch. 30, 
1721. Test, Sam'l Spruell, Joseph Spruell. 

Robert Hicks to Wm. Badham. One moiety of patent dated Mch. 
4, 1721, lying on back of the Town of Edenton, binding on upper- 
most part of Peterson's land, Nicholas Crisp and Welch, 50 acred 
Apl. 4, 1723. Test, Thos. Luten, Clement Hammond. 

Jonathan Kittrell To Richard Parker, of Nansemond Co.. Va: 
50 acres part of a patent dated July 4, 1723 to said Kittrell; Mch. 
23, 1723. Test, George Spivey, James Spivey. 

Jon Jernagan to John Williams, both of Nansemond Co., Va. 

284 Abstract of Conveyances. 

100 acres part of a patent to said Jernagan, on "Wolff Pit Branch, 
adjoining land of Thomas Jernagan; Mch. 20, 1723. 

Robert Fewox and wife Martha to John Worley. Tract of land 
between lands of Sam'l Spruell and John Davenport, known as Win. 
Hardy's Island, Feb. 4, 1722. Test, Thos. Everenden, Jarvis Bal- 
lard (Tyrrell Co). 

Nath'l Gulliver to Win. Page. 60 acres on a small branch issu- 
ing out of Chowan River, adjoining land of Chas. Gavin ; Mch. 23, 
1723. Test, Dan'l Streeter, John Odom, (now Gates Co.) 

Stephen Williams to Wm. Downing; Aug. 31, 1722. 140 acres 
part of a patent, dated Aug. 28, 1714, adjoining lands of Abraham 
Blewlitt and Thomas Byrd. 

John Walker to Thos. Bale. 1120 acres on Deop Run; Dec. 30, 
1722. ' Test, Patrick Ogilby, James Long, James Hooper. 

James Ward to Joseph Ming and wife Rachel, my daughter. 10S 
acres Westward Yoppim River Bridge, also 200 acres where said 
Mi'ng now dwells; Oct. 17,1722. "Test, Jacob Butler, David 

Wm. Horton to Charles Horton. 100 acres adjacent to Yoppim 
Pocosin; Sep. 15, 1722. Test, John Blount, J. Slosser. 

Caleb Stevens and wife Margaret to John Graves. 320 acres 
adjoining land of John Wyer; Aug. 18, 1722. Test, John Arthur, 
Henry Lysle. 

John Bryan, son of Edward to John Maglohan. 640 acres N". 
side "Weecacon Creek; July 17, 1722. Test, Wm. Crawford, J. 

Phillip McGuire to John Evans. 100 acres land on Indian Creek 
adjoining land of Sam'l Pagett ; Apl. 15, 1722. Test, John Jordan, 
John Parker. 

Isaac Cardell, of Massachusetts Bay, to John Ainesley. General 
Power of Attorney; June 15, 1722. Test, Fras Newby, R. Langdon. 

Thomas Speight and wife Mary, of Perquimans, to Jacob Hunter. 
311 acres in Hogg Neck, adjoining lands of John White and War- 
wick Swamp; Mch. 5, 1723. (Now Gates Co.) 

Wm. Morris to Jasper Hardison. 100 acres lately purchased of 
John Browning, bounded by lands of Thomas Lee. Cullen Pollock 
and Welch's Creek; Jan. 7, 1722-3. ..Test, Robt. Hicks, Jno. Smi v 
(Washington Co.) 

William Crawford and wife Catharine to Wm. Bush. 120 acres 
adjoining land of Thos. McLenden and Abraham Blewlitt; 8ber 13, 

. Wm. Crawford to Jno. Bryan (son of Edward) ; July 17, 1722. 
640 acres in St. John's Neck. 

I 1 

Abstract of Conveyances. 285 

Henry Bonner to Thos. Newborn; 8ber 16, 1716. Test, Jno. 

Tredel Keefe and wife Eisner to Wm. Brasswell. 300 acres on the 
Biver (Chowan) ; Oct. 13, 1716. Test, Fras. McLenden, Wm. Craw- 

John Davison to Bichard Barnes, of Nansemond Co., Va. 100 
acres N. side of a creek, running out of Meherrin Biver, part of a 
patent to said Keefe dated Mch. 5, 1711-12. Test, Bich'd Law- 
rence, John Odom. 

Thomas Thos. Speir, Jr., son of said Thomas,' and wife 
Mary, of Nansemond Co., Va. 70 acres N. side Catharine Creek 
Swamp; 8ber 15, 1716. 

Bichard Showell did take up and Survey Apl. 10, 1702 a parcel 
of land on S. Side Sandy Bun in Chowan Brecinet 290 acres, did 
sell Nov. 13, 1703 to Wm. Stevens 100 acres said land. I Wm. 
Copeland do convey to James Fleming the remainder, 8ber 15, 1716. 
Test, Thos. Luten, Jr., Bich'd Lewis. 

James Fleming and wife Margaret to James Byrd, of Nansemond. 
Co., Va. 200 acres on Stopping Creek; Sber 15, 1716. Test, Thos. 
Luten, Jr., Henry Jernagan. 

James Turner to Thomas Kirk. 300 acres S. side Chowan Biver 
on Chinkapin Swamp; Sber 23, 1716. Test, David Atkins t Isaac 

John White and wife Sarah, to son George White. 10 acres part 
of a patent to John White in Hogg Neck, dated Aug. 30, 1714; 
Deed dated Sber 15, 1716 Test, Luke White, Luke White, Jr., John 
Goodin. * 

John White, Sr., and wife Sarah to John Ward. 140 acres in 
Hogg Neck, part of above patent; 8ber 15, 1716. Test, Jon White, 
Jr., Luke White, Jno. Gordon. 

Edward Smithwick, Jr., and wife Grace to Bobert Warburton. 
50 acres lying upon the head of Edward Smithwick's land and of 
the same tract he lives upon, part of the Smithwick and Bob't. War- 
burton land ; May 21, 1716. Test, Sarah Anderson, Francis Hobson. 

John Edwards and wife Dorcas to Edwd. Mooie. 150 acres on 
West side of Kesiah Biver; Apl. 28, 1716. Test, Wm. Jones, John 
Nairn also assigns the patent on the same day. 

(Last 12 Conveyances were taken from Book B. No. 1, loose leaves 
found after the records of Book B. had been made up. ) 

Book C, No. 1, continued. 

Baul Fhillips to Nath'l Myer. Assignment of deed; 8ber 4, 1722. 
Test, John Champion, Wm. Ashley. 

Paul Phillips (Schoolmaster) to my friend Jane Parker, widow, 


Abstract of Conveyances. 

SO acres on S. side Poplar Run, part of a patent to me for 130 acres ; 
Sep. 26 ; 1722. Test, John Champion, Mary Foxworth. 

Paul Phillips to Nathan Myer. 100 acres balance of above pat- 
ent; 8ber 4, 1722. Test, John Champion, Win. Ashley, also assigns 
the patent dated Aug. 10, 1720. 

John Arthur to Adam Cockburn, in trust for the heir at law of 
Daniel Halsey, dec'd. 100 acres on the Bridge Branch and Spiv 
Branch; Aug. 29, 1728. Test, Robt. Hicks, Thos. Paris. 

Edward Wingate and wife Ann (formerly Ann Blount) to Ed- 
mund Gale. 210 acres west branch Mattacomack Creek, given by 
will of James Blount, dec'd to his daughter Ann, (will dated Apl. 
3 6, 1712) now wife of said Wingate. Test, Christian Heidelberg, 
Jon Laport. 

John Charlton to James Privett. 500 acres on Yawpim Pocosin, 
adjoining lands of Edward Standing, 8ber 16, 1723. Test, Wm. 
Badham, Robert Forster. 

Wm. Yates to Thomas Banks. Assignment of a patent, 8ber 31. 

1723. Test, Edward Wingate, John Falconer. 

Gabriel Cosans to James Morgan, of Perquimans. 50 acres called 
the Holes land; 8ber 3, 1723. Test, J. Lovick, Wm. Badham. 

Thomas Mewborn to Edmund Gale; Apl. 22, 1724. 100 acres 
X. E. side Mattacomack Creek, or Queen Anne's Creek joining on 
hinds that were Edw'd Wingate and John Nairn's, where the said 
Mewborn did lately lived. Test, E. Moseley, Wm. Badham. 

George Bromley to Thomas Cook. 190 acres on North Shore of 
Chowan River, called the wood yards. 

Joseph Oates to John Norcomb. Assignment of deed for 125 
acres purchased of John Hare; Augt. 7, 1722; deed dated Apl. 3, 

1724. Test, Edward Howcott, Robt. Hicks. 

Catharine Carlton to James Ward. 3S acres S. side of Yoppim 
River, bought of Robert Douglas; Apl. 7, 1724. Test, Elijah Jones, 
David Butler, Susannah Austin. 

Matt Bryan to Rich'd Fullington. Part of a patent for 360 acres 
to-wit: 100 acres adjoining lands of Thos. Williams and Wm. Fallaw; 
Oct. 6, 1718. Test, Robert Hicks, Katharine Bryan. 

Henry Haughton to Benj. Simpson. 88 acres adjoining lands of 
John Blount and Henry Haughton, part of my patent for 319 acres; 
May 8, 1713. Test, E. Moseley, S. Swann, Jr. 

John Pettiver to Robert Hicks. 563 acres at mouth of Rockyhock 
Creek, patented Feb. 18, 1714-5; deed dated Aug. 29, 1723. Test, 
Constantine Luten, Thos. Paris. 

John Standiford, of Nansemond Co., Va., to Thomas Wallis. 
200 acres S. side Catharine Creek and on Warrick Swamp ; Jan. 8, 
1723-4. Test, John Keaton, John Ismay, Chas. Beele. 

. • ; 




Abstract of Conveyances. 287 

William Haughton to Win. Stuart. 100 acres adjoining land of 
Wm. Eggerton and Iron Mine Branch ; Apl. 22, 1724. Test, Sam'J 
Warner, Thos. Hoarth, Benj. Simpson. 

Lnke White to John Evans. 640 acres on S. W. side Chinkapin 
Swamp; patent granted Thos. Bray; Sber 14, 1723. Test, John 
Jordan, Christian Heidieberg. 

Wm. Egerton to James Chesson. One moiety of 300 acres, ad- 
joining Bobert Douglas' and Robt. Murray's land, on the head of 
the Creek Eork, patent dated Apl, 1723; 8ber 19, 1723. Test, D. 
Beekmen, Wm. Badham. 

Thos. Bray to John Bicards. Tract of land whereon Lawrence 
Mague lately dwelt, at the mouth of Indian Town Creek, one tract 
540 acres the other 200 acres adjoining where I purchased of Wm. 
Gordon; July 30, 1724. Test, Wm, Badham, Bobt. Hicks. 

John Bice and wife Sarah to John Burkett, Jr. 220 acres be- 
ginning at a Black Oak in Garrett's line, &c, patent granted to 
Thos. Roberts for 566 acres Nov. 11, 1720; Mch. 19, 1724. Test, 
Bich'd Boozman, Edw'd Wood. 

George Hews, Sr., to his son George Hewes, Jr. Tract of land 
formerly patented by Wade Manier, of JNTansemond Co., Va v Aug. 
16, 1716, on Honey "Pott Pocosin, 363 acres; Sep. 18, 1724. Test ? 
Fras Page, Edw'd Howcott. 

John Duckinfield to Nath'l Duckinfield. 1,000 acres in Albemarle 
County, 1ST. C. ; May 18th, 1724. Said land due to me for Sundry 
patents. Test, Whr Lane, Hercules Coyte, Edw'd Moseley. 

Thomas Matthews to my son-in-law Sam'l Byfields. 50 acres on 
Queen Anne's Creek on the back or head line of the land where I 
now live, bounded North by lands of Thos. Jones, and Morgan 
Swamp; Jan. 8, 1723-4. Test, John Crisp, John Pagett. 

Thomas, Garrett, Jr., and wife Thomasin, to John Brinkley. 230 
acres S. side Catherine Creek Swamp; 8ber 14, 1723. Test,_ Tl.os. 

Bountree, John Freeman. 

John Freeman and wife Martha to John Barnes ; Jan. 16, 1720. 
50 acres S. side Warrick Swamp. Test, Rt. Hicks, Edw'd Outlaw. 

Michael Brinkley and wife Mary to Thos. Bountree. 175 acres' 
on Warrick Swamp, adjoining land of Francis Rountree. Test. Wal- 
ter Draughon, Thos. Hobbs, Thos. Wallis; 8ber 10, 1724. 

Richard Berryman and wife Martha to John Bice. 200 acres on 
N. 'side Warwick Swamp; Mar. 31, 1724. Test, John Williamson, 
Thos. Rice. 

Thomas Bray, of New Kent Co., Va., to Wm. Badham. 500 
acres in Rockyhock Neck; July 21, 1724. Test, Wm. Daniel, Rt. 

John Rice to Richard Berryman. 100 acres formerly purchased 


Abstract of Conveyances. 

of said Berryman ; Oct. 5, 1724. Test, Eobt. Forster, Thos. Parris. 

William Fallaw to Thos. Luton. 50 acres part of 332 acres pat- 
ented by me, Mch. 30, 1721. 

Moses Foxworth and wife to John Overton, of ISTansemond Co.. 
Va. 100 acres on Hog Yard Branch and Indian Town Creek; Feb. 
14, 1723--4. Test, John Parker, Joshua Parker, John Overton. 

Edward Orrenton and wife Isla, to John Braveboy. 50 acres west 
side Darba ; Oct, 23, 1723. Test, Jos. Oates, Thos. Haughton, Chas. 

Thomas Bray of ISTew Kent Co., Va., to Bichard Whitby (Whed- 
bee) of Perquimans. 640 acres on Indian Town Creek, the land 
where James Farlow now dwelleth, being the plantation where Thos. 
Bray formerly dwelt, and formerly belonging to Thomas Pollock; 
Mch. 30, 1725. Test, Thos. Pollock, Eobt. Loyd. 

Wm. Charlton and wife Susannah to Wm. Williams. 600 acres 
adjoining Dogwood lands and lands of Charles Wilkins and Edward 
Standin ; Jan. 26, 1724-5. Test, Henry Speller, Thos. Parris. 

Richard Marsh to John Ismay, Power of Attorney ; Dec. 3, 1724. 
Test, Adam Cockburn, Thomas Croker. 

John Worley to John Jones. 100 acres on Chowan Sound, ad- 
joining land of Thomas Lee; JSTov. 5, 1724. Test, Joshua Worley. 
Jane Vollway. 

John Hicks to Wm. Cockrill. 200 acres on Indian Creek Swamp; 
Mch. 29, 1725. Test, John Jordan, Chas. Sowell. 

William Smith to Thomas Pierce. 70 acres part of 100 acres 
known as Poplar ISTeck, (other part sold to Thomas Newborn) given 
said Smith by will of his mother, Mary Smith, dec'd, (on, the Sound) : 
Mch. 19, 1723-4. Test, Thos. Mewborn. Elizabeth Burwell, Wm. 

John Ames and wife Jane to Francis Peorice. Assigns deed for 
92 acres formerly assigned to him by Frai Smith; Feb. 15, 1723-4. 
Test, Thomas Pierce, Jr., John Bennett . 

Samuel Woodward to Isaa« Williams. Assignment of deed for 
125 acres on N". side Chowan Biver, purchased of Richard Riddick; 
July 5, 1723. Test, Wm. Badham, John Fryer. 

Edward Howcott and wife Thamer to John Howcott. 200 acres 
in Bertie adjoining land of Francis Macklenden; May 18, 1724. 
Test, Rt. Hicks, John Jones. 

Henry Speller, Patience Speller and James Swain to James Ward. 
90 acres on S. side Yoppim River, formerly belonging to Stephen 
Swaine; Dec. 21, 1721. Test, Thos. Harvey, Chris. Butler. 

James Swaine to James Ward. 60 acres S. side Yoppim River ; 
May 14, 1725. Test, Wm. Pierfee, Henry Speller. 

Jerom© Armore (Armour) and Arthur Goff to Edward Moseley, 

Abstract of Conveyances. 289 

Gdn. of Elizabeth Glover (daughter of Gov. Wm. Glover) Bond for 
300£. (Mrs. Glover mother of Elizabeth, md. 2nd Tobias Kjiight.) 

John Burket and wife Elizabeth to Thomas Garrett. 220 acres 
on Foxworth and Dudley's line, part of patent to Thomas Boberts for 
1566 acres ; Nov. 11, 1720. Test, Tbos. Garrett, Sr., Jno. Gray. 

Jerome Armore to Edward Moseley, Gdn. of Elizabeth Glover 7 
Negro woman Nanny, 1724. 

Thos. Garrett, Sr., and wife Bethiah to Thos. Garrett, Jr. 400 
acres S. side Catharine Creek Swamp. Test, John Bichards, John 
Ismay. ' 

John Goodwin and wife Mary to Epapbroditus Brinkley. 450 
acres S. side Warrick Swamp; Beg. July 27, 1725. Test, Edward 

Joshua Turner to Thomas Long. Assignment of deed for land 
purchased of James Long; Mch. 9, 1724-5. Test, Wm. Gard, John 
•Thomas Long to James Wimble, assigns above deed. 

Epaphroditus Brinkley to Wm. Freeman. 150 acres S. side 
Catharine Creek Swamp; Mch. 25, 1725. Test, Jno. Gordon, Jno. 

Francis Bountree to Thomas Bountree. A water mill on Cath- 
arine Creek Swamp; January 18, 1724. Test, Wm. Hill, Aaron 

John Burkett and wife Jane to John Goodwin. 320 acres on S. 
side Warrick Swamp; July 16, 1725. Test, Epaphroditus Brinkley, 
Jno. Burkett, Jr. 

- Edmund Borter to Geo. Barrington. 90 acres bought of Wm. 
Haughton; July 20, 1725. Test, Cullen Bollock, Geo. Bollock. 

Edward Hassell to Bichard Addison. 240 acres S. side Scuper- 
nong Biver, joining lands of Edmund Bbelps ; Mch. 27, 1725. Test, 
John Batchett, Jos. Turner. 

Edward Wesson to Thos. Blitchenden. 100 acres adjoining lands 
of Jno. Burkett ; 1722. Test, John Falconer, John Brice. 

Thos. Bray, of New Kent Co., Va., to John Wallis. Tract of land 
called Sandy Foint, adjoining Luke White's land, 200 acres j July 
31, 1724. Test, Bt. Hicks, Jno. Bichards. 

William Badbam to Samuel Woodward. 500 acres boitght of 
Thos. Bray ; Aug. 2, 1725. Test, Henry Clayton, Bichard Everard. 

Wm. Fallaw to Matthew Gumbs. 100 acres N. side head of Mat- 
tacomack Creek, adjoining lands of Wm. Fallaw and Jno. Keaton ■ 
Jan. 19, 1724-5. Test, Jno. Graves, David Atkins. 

Matthew Gumbs, of Ferquimans, to John Ballard. Conveys above 
tract; Jan. 19, 1724-5. Test, John Jones, David Adkins. 

Wm. Biddick to Tnomas Johnson. 125 acres on Chowan Biver, 



290 Abstract of Conveyances. 

between land of Luke White and Charles Williams up to John Wal- 
lis; Aug. 24, 1725. Test, Thos. Beverly, Sam'l Woodward. 

Thomas Stacey to Cornelius Leary. 50 acres bounded by lands 
of John Woollard and Vines Cropley; Apl. 20, 1725. Test, Win 
Stewart, John Simons. 

Win. Stuart and wife Mary. Assign 50 acres to Thos. Stacey; 
ISov. 21, 1719. Test, John Harrison, John Hare. 

Chas. Craddock to Andrew Oliver. 100 acres West side Seupcr- 
nong River; July 15, 1725. Test, John Rogers, Matt, Casswel 1 , 
Sam'l Spruell. 

Meedia White to Christopher Heidelberg. Assigns deed for 275 
acres bought of Robt. Hicks; Jan. 19, 1724-5. Test, David Thomas, 
Rt. Hicks. 

William Coward to Thos. Garrett. Assigns deed for 200 acres 
bought of Jos. Jessup; July 28, 1724. Test, Orlando Champion. 

Jno. White, Sr., to John Pettiver. Assigns deed for 150 acres on 
Ballard's Swamp; Nov. 20, 1724-5. Test, Henry Clayton. 

Christopher Gale's receipt to Henry Clayton, Recorder General of 
1ST. O, for 3C£ for six months salary as Chief Justice ; Aug. 5, 1724. 

John Bunston's receipt to Arthur Goffe, Recorder Genl. of N. C. 
for 7G£, one and three quarter years salary. 
■ Thomas Boyd's receipt to same, as Atty Genl. 

Thomas Luten to my daughter, Mary Evans. Conveys Sandy 
Point, adjoining lands of Jeremiah Vail. 200 acres, Sarah, Mary 
and Elizabeth Evans daughters of Jonathan Evans: Nov. 12, 1725. 
Test, Elizabeth Hews, Luke Gregory. 

Thomas Luten to his son Henderson Luten. Remainder of above 
tract, including Harris' field, adjoining land of John Blount ; Nov. 
15, 1715. Test, Elizabeth Hews, Luke Gregory. 

Robert Hicks to Thomas Hoarth. Assignment deed for 264 acres 
bought of John Pettiver ; Aug. 29, 1725-6. Test, Thos. Parris, Robt, 

Orlando Champion to Thomas Jones. 20 acres on Morgan Swamp 
and Mattacomack Creek; Feb. 21, 1725. Test, Rt. Hicks, Henry 

Henry Bonner to Orlando Champion. 20 acres East side Slocumb 
Creek, on the west side of a branch called Filberd's Creek; Feb'y 21, 
1725. Test, Robt. Hicks, Thomas Jones. 

Wm. Haughton to Jacob Butler. Assignment of deed for land 
bought of J. Williamson; Feb. 20, 1725-6. Test, Jean Ames, Thos. 
Stacey, Rt. Hicks. 

John Burwell and wife Elizabeth daughter of Joseph Orsburne. 
of Janeworth, County Stafford, Great Britain, late widow and relict 
of John Herrick and niece of Thomas Guy, Stationer of London. 

Abstract of Conveyances. 291 

dec'd, by means of his decease becomes heir to 1,000£ by bis will. As- 
signs same to Edmund Porter; Sept. 16, 1725. Test, Win. Steward, 
Solomon Hews, A. Goffe. 

Phillip Maguire, of Bertie, to John Overton. 200 acres on Old 
Town Creek Swamp; Jan. 26, 1725. Test, John Byrom, Sarah By- 


John Jordan to his son Charles Jordan. 116 acres adjoining land 
of John Overton; Apl. 21, 1726. Test, John Bvrom, Mary Charj- 

Same to son Edward Jordan. 400 acres lately bought of Charles 
Sowall; Apl. 22, 1726. Test, John Byrom, Chas. Jordan. 

Wm. Haughton to Jacob Butler. Assignment of deed for land 
purchased of James Wilkinson ; Feb. 20, 1725-6. Test, Jean Ames, 
Thos. Stacey. 

William Hughes to Joseph Vann. Lease for 200 acres adjoining; 
land of Rich'd Odom and Knotty Pine Swamp (Gates Co.); July 
30, 1725. Test, Sarah Williams, Geo. Hughes, Sr. 

Same to Same. Deed of Release ; July 4, 1725. 

John Petti ver, of Perquimans, to John Ogilby. Deed of Gift for 
640 acres on the head of Scupernong River; Dec. 6, 1725. Tes f . 
John Dcugall, Ann Pcttivcv. 

John Williams, of Xansemond Co., Va., to Robert Rogers of same 
place ; Nov. 27, 1725. 100 acres part of a patent to John Jernagan ; 
Mch. 20, 1723. Test, Robert Rogers, Sr., Simon Daniel, Henry 

John Alston to William Sumner, of Xansemond Co., Va. 100 acres 
North side Bennett's Creek, part of a patent to said ^Alston ; dated 
Mch. 1, 1722. Test, John Sumner, Jas. Riddick, Jno. Sneed. 

William Sumner to George House of Upper Parish, Xansemond 
Co., Va. ; Mch. 6, 1726. 100 acres part of a patent to said Sumner 
dsted Apl. 3, 1723. Test, James Riddick, John Sumner, Joseph 

Francis Pettitt to John Stone. 50 acres adjoining lands of John 
Bennett; Dec. 31st, 1726. Test, Wm. Biggs, Wm. Smith. 

Jacob Odom to Moses Hare. 15 acres; Oct. 1, 1726. Test, John 
Pipkin, Robert Rogers, Godfrey Stancele. 

Epaphroditus Brinkley to Thomas Ward. 150 acres adjoining- 
lands of John Goodwin and Edward Wingate; Apl. 21, 1727. Test, 
John Goodin, Jno. Brinkley, Mary Goodim 

Edward Hassell to John Hassell. Plantation called Heart's V 
light, on East side Scuppernong River, 2.50 acres; June 3rd, 1725. 
(Town of Columbia, in Tyrrell Co., now. — Editor.) Test, John. 
Jennett, Anthony Alexander, Jr. 

William Fryley to James Jones ; Jan'y 18, 1724. 500 acres for- 


292 Abstract of Conveyances. 

merly surveyed by Mr. Lillington for Kichard Rose. Test, Patrick 
Maule, Edward Moseley. 

Christian Heidleberg to John Dunning. 275 acres adjoining 
land of John White; July 10, 1727. Test, John Parker, Mary Jones. 

Ann Batchelor to Matt Caswell. 100 acres on South side Albe- 
marle Sound, bounded on lands of Cuthbert Phelps on Scuppernong 
Eiver; Jan'y 11, 1726. Test, Thos. Smith, Joshua Worley. 

Solomon Alston to Francis Pugh. Assigns patent for 200 acres 
at the head of Bennett's Creek; Mch. 31, 1727. Test, Henderson 
Luten, Francis Brown. 

Thomas Lovick to John Benbury. 300 acres butting to the South 
on Albemarle Sound, East lands of Wm. Benbury, West lands lately 
in possession of President Pollock; Dec. 29, 1724. Test, Samuel 
Warren, John Harloe. 

Thomas Yates to Thomas Spires. 140 acres N". E. Side Chowan 
River, being one half tract patented by Thomas Jones and sold by 
him to David Jones and by said David to said Thomas Yates, adjoin- 
ing Tindal Swamp; Apl. 2, 1726. Test, Wm. Little, Joseph Oates. 

George Hews to William Hews; Apl. 22, 1726. Lease of 340 
acres patented Oct. 22, 1719, by Thos. Jernigan. Test, Sam'l Wil- 
liams, Thos. Jernigan. 

George Hews to his son William Hews. Deed of Release; Apl, 
22, 1725. Test, Thos. Jernigan, Sam'l Williams. 

John Stepney and wife Sarah to Francis Wells. 940 acres ad- 
joining lands of Jacob Butler; Augt. 16, 1726. Test, Richard San- 
derson, Edmund Gale. 

John Davidson and wife Mary of ISTansemond Co., Va., to John 
Gay of same place. 200 acres patented by said Davison; Meh. 1, 
1717; adjoining lands of Richard Lawrence and Cole Milliner: Sber 
1, 1725. Test, Charles King, Henry King, Jas. Cowling. 

Same to Charles King. 221 acres adjoining above tract; Aug. 
15, 1725. Test, Wm. Lee, John Hicks, Jr., John Rogers, John 

Charles Jordan to Robert Willson. 600 acres patented Mch. 9, 
1717-8, adjoining lands of James Farlow, Thos. Hicks, James Thig- 
pen; July 28, 1726. Test, John Jordan, Jos. Jordan. 

John Collins and wife Martha to James Your. 199 acres begin- 
ning at a pine i» Henry Hackley's line, calls for John Harris' line 
on West side Scratch Hall Pocosin; May 3, 1726. Test, John Mor- 
ris, Andrew Hambleton. 

Same to John JSForris. 200 acres adjoining above ; Dec. 28, 1725. 
Test, Andrew Hambleton, James Your, Martha Collins appointed 
Major John Alston her Atty to acknowledge deed. 


Abstract of Conveyances. 293 

Same to Andrew Hambleton. 100 acres adjoining above j Dec. 
10, 1725. Test, John Norris, James Your. \ 

James Biddick to Andrew Hambleton; Men. 26, 1726. 640 acres 
adjoining land of Abraham Odom. Test, Samuel Guillam, John 

Samuel Williams to Alex Oliver. 100 acres adjoining land of 
William Crawford patented by John Jernegan; Jan'y 2, 1723. Test, 
John Kittrell, Henry Baker. 

Thomas Luten to his daughter Mary Evans. 300 acres at Sandy 
Point; May 31, 1726. Test, Eobert Hicks, Henderson Luten. 

Paul Palmer to Charles Jordan, 1726. 34 acres adjoining land 
of John Jordan and John Parker. Test, Eobert Hicks, Eichard 

Epaphroditus Benton to Eichard Chappell. 200 acres in Hogg 
Neck on South side Warwick Swamp; Sber 10, 1726. Test, Wm. 
*md John Freeman. 

' Eichard Beacken, of Norfolk County, Parish of Elizabeth, to John 
Goodwin. 100 acres in Hogg Neck, Surveyed by Francis Thornton. 
Test, Francis Eountree, Edward Wesson; Jan'y 10, 1721-2. 

Samuel Woodward to Job.Meader. 200 acres on N. E. side 
Chowan Eiver, adjoining lands of John Joidan. Test, Wm. Cow- 
ard, John Jordan, Jr. 

Same to John Jordan. 200 acres on South side Chowan Eiver; 
8ber 25, 1726. Test, Job Measer, Wm. Coward. 

Eobert Wilson to Thomas Elliott. One half patent granted Chas. 
Jordan Mch. 16, 1718-9, lying next the Punch Bowl; Oct. 25, 1726. 
Test, Ealph Bowman, Mary Bowman. 

Thomas Elliott to Aaron Elliott. 100 acres part of above tract: 
Sber 25, 1726. 

James Ward to David Butler. Assigns deed for land bought of 
Cath Carleton'Apl. 17, 1724; this deed dated Dec. 5, 1724. "Test, 
Wm. Bainer, Thos. Ward.,. 

John Lovick Atty. for Fras. Hammerden, of Douraie, Kent, to 
Christopher Gale. About 130 acres adjoining to Edenton, bounded 
east by lands of Nicholas Crisp and where the said Gale now lives ; 
Mch. 25, 1727. Test, Eobt. Forster, Wm. Badham. 

Col. Thomas Harvey to.Wm. Eowden. 640 acres lying on South 
Shore of Chowan, adjoining lands of Wm. Fryerley, patented by 
Edw'd Moseley ; Aug. 1, 1727. Test, Thos. Parris, Wm. Downing". 

Charles Fortce to Fras Hammerdin. 130 acres adjoining Queen 
Anne's Town ; Sept. 27th, 1728. Test, Thos. Betterly, Jno. Falconer. 

Thomas Lovick to Thomas Penrice. My Manor plantation, 600 
acres adjoining Dogwood lands and those of Chas. Wilkins, Nov. 22, 
1727. Test, Eichard Sanderson, Thos. Betterly. 

294 Abstract of Conveyances. 

William Williams and wife Francis to Thomas Lovick. Deed for 
above land; Nov. 4, 1727. Test, Thos. Betterly, Wm. Kowdon. 

Thomas Lnten to Richard Leary. 550 acres bounded West by 
the Sound, East by lands of Gov. Thos. Pollock adjoining lands of 
James Long and Mr. Womble; Sept. 5, 1727. Test, Wm. Stewart, 
Jno. Simons, Cornelius Leary. 

George White to John Wallis. 100 acres in Rockyhock called 
Pridgeon's Point; Aug. 21, 1727. Test, Robert Hicks. 

John Richard to Thomas Holliday, of James City Co., Va. 540 
acres at the mouth of Indian Town Creek, one other tract of 200 
acres in possession of Thos. Parker adjoining. Test, Thos. Paris. 

James Wimble to John Pettiver. Assigns Patent for 640 acres 
on the head of Scuppernong River; Patent dated Augt. 3, 1723. 
Test, Thos. Parris, Susan Parris; Augt. 28, 1725. 

John Jones to Henry Bonner. 125 acres on Western branch Oi 
Mattacomack Creek; July 8, 1725. Test, Robert Hicks, Elizabeth 

Edward Moseley, Gdn. for Elizabeth Glover, to Jerome Armour. 
Negro woman named Nanny ; Jan'y 18, 1725. 

Jerome Armour to Robert Loyd. Negro woman Nanny ; Dec. •' 
1725. Test, George Burrington, James Winwright. 

Robert Douglas to David Butler. 250 acres bought by mv father 
Robt. Douglasj" dec'd, of Thomas Clark; Apl. 12, 1725. Test, timothy 
Truelove, James Bassett, James Ward. 

Aaron Blanchard to cousin Robert Blanchard. 40 acres in Me- 
herrin Neck; July 1G, 1725. Test, Henderson Luten, % Rich'd Min- 

Same to Richard Minshew, his near kinsman. 100 acres in 
Meherrin Neck; July 16, 1725. Test, Robt, Blanchard, Henderson 

John Brown, of Bertie, to Samuel Johnson, of Nansemond Co., 
Va. 286 acres adjoining land of Richard Malpus. Test, Robert 
Foster, Thos. Spiers. 

William Lilse and wife Mary to Charles Ricketts and wife Eliza- 
beth. 100 acres in Cowhall adjoining land of Nicholas Blackmanj 
Aug. 19, 1725. Test, Robt. Jeffreys, George Lilse. 

Thomas Stacey and wife Christian to Alexander Smith. Illegible. 
Test* Thomas Horton, Jno. Wattkins. (Book B. loose leaf.) 

Thos. Hawkins to Thos. Willey. 100 acres, dividing upon Thos. 
Long's line. (Book B.) 

William Crawford to John Bryan; July 17, 1722. (bal. gone). 
Test, Jno. Falconer, Wm. Jones. 

Jas. CastellaW to James Hudson. Assignment of land purchased 

Abstract of Conveyances. 


of Jacob Hardy, and by birri bought of John Crombie ; Aug. 14 r 1722. 
Test, Thos. Rains, Wm. Badharn. 

Jobn Gardner to Thomas Rogers. Assignment of a deed for land 
purchased of John Simons Mch. 15, 1722; Deed dated Oct, 7, 1722. 
Test, Wm. Latimore, James Brady. 

John Edwards to James Roberts and John Gensett. Assignment 
of a Patent for 220 acres dated Aug. 20, 1720 ; Mch. 21, 1721. Test, 
Chas. Pate, Ohas. Barber. 

Smith William and wife Ann to Richard Abel. 300 acres begin- 
ning at Adam Cockburne's corner, adjoining land of John Hardy ; 
Jan'y 26, 1721-22. Test, Lewis Davis, Geo. Cockburn. 

John Edwards and wife Dorcas to their son John Edwards, Jr. 
Assignment of deed for land bought of Samuel Edmunds ; Apl. 16, 
1716; deed dated May 28, 1722. Test, Edw. Moseley, Jas. Roberts. 

Roger Snell to Roger Bell. 200 acres on South side of branch of 
Casia River; Augt, 21, 1721. Test, John Crombie, Sam'l Ratliffe. 

Matthew Edwards to John Williams. 150 acres beginning at Jon- 
athan Stanley's corner tree; July 11, 1721. Test, John Rasberry, 
Jas. Oastellow, Wm. Badham. 

Richard Killingsworth to Michael Dorman. 180 acres on South 
side Urah Swamp, patented March 1, 1699. Deed dated July 17, 
1722. Test, James Howard, Richard Williams. 

Richard Williams to George Allen, of Va. 150 acres remainder 
of 400 acres granted John Yelverton, I reserve 100 for myself, and 
have sold Wm. Coward 150 acres; Apl. 23, 1723. Test, Robert 
Eorster, Thos. Beeman, Wm. Courie. 

John Downing to Phillip MaGuire. 
Swamp; May 11, 1723. Test, John 

William Smith and wife Rachel to Thomas Mewborn. 30 acres 

part of land known as "Hardy's Old Field," lately in possession . of 

Thos. Pierce, Jr. ; Aug. 3, 1723. Test, Sarah Fleder, Thos. Calloway. 

Henry Clayton to Joseph Alexander. Assignment of deed for 900 

acres on South side Albemarle Sound; Aug. 9, 1721. Test, Sam'l 

Phelps, Thos. Parris. 

Jonathan Bateman to Wm. Hewete. 200 acres on South side Al- 
bemarle Sound, part of a patent for 300 acres to Rich'd Burtonshall ; 
Augt. 2, 1722. Test,.Wm. Gray, Robt, Hicks. 

John Crosby and wife Lydia to Wm. Howett. Assignment patent 
for 400 acres West side Meherrin Creek; Mch. 9 r 1717-8. , Test, 
Samuel Wheatly, Josiah Bridgers, Robert Hicks. 

Wm. Kellev and wife Hannah to Edw. Wesson. 100 acres North 
side of Warrick Swamp; Jan. 20,1723. Test,Rob't K".eele,Jas. Keale. 

Joseph Hudson, of Bertie, to Samuel Pae;ett. 100 acres n^ '- 
Barrow Hole, adjoining lands of Wm. Woodley and Henrv T>-?-y- 
Augt. 29, 1723. Test, Henry Yyle, Sam'l'Warren, Robert Hicks. 

90 acres on old Town Creek 

296 Miscellaneous Items. 


(From Records of Albemarle County and Chowan County at Edenton, N. C. ) 

Timothy Yeates married widow of Peter Young about 1750. 

Samuel Bayard Captain of the Privateer Brigantine Hester cap- 
tured the Spanish Vessel called the Jupiter, Capt. John Cresicy, 
carried the vessel to Brunswick, Cape Pear, N. C, where she was 
condemned and sold. She carried 12 carriage guns and one Swivel 

gnn \ 

Richard Tilghman was Clerk of Queen Anne's County Court, 

Maryland, from 26th June, 1728 to Nov. 2nd, 1763, when he re- . 


Vote for Member of Congress in Chowan Feb'y 15, 1783, Stephen 
Cabarrus 243, William Johnston Dawson 85 ; Jan'y 28, 1791, Chas. 
Johnson 234, Hugh Williamson 93. Augt. 12, 1796 Demsey Bur- 
gess majority 149. Charles Johnston was elected to Congress in 
1801-3 to succeed David Stone resigned. / 

Commission of James Hassell as Chief Justice signed by Mat- 
thew Rowan, Governor, and Jos. Murray, Sect'y, Sept. 4, 1753. 

John Sumner, Dempsey Sumner, Thomas Walton and Richard 
Bond were appointed Justices of the Peace July 10, 1750. 

Thomas Jacocks, Master of Ship Swallow from Edemton to Bos- 
ton March 28, 1760; he married Rebecca Scolley, of Boston, Mrs. 
Dorrance, of Middleborn,' Mass., is a descendant of this marriage. 

John Van Pelt Master of Sloop Mary, Sept. 26, 1755. 

Thomas Durant Master of Sloop Lyon (1763). 

Dr. Frederick Ramcke and Capt. Samuel Butler were arrested 
Augt. 16, 1800, being about to engage in a duel; cause not stated. 

Major Nathaniel Allen and Col. Lemuel Creecy were arrested 
Aug. 15, 1800, as they were about to leave for the field of honor, to 
settle their misunderstanding, the cause of the difficulty is not stated 
as usual. 

George Williams' will (Bertie) 1735. Wife Margaret, daughter 
Mary Williams, father George Williams, Exr. Test, Thos. Brown, 
Chas. Home, Thos. Andrews. 

Thomas Beasley nephew of Thomas Falker. 

Joseph Hassell married Anne (daughter of James Fox,) James 
Fox died in 1754. Sarah Fox daughter of Thomas son of James, 
daughter Susannah married Wm. Alexander. 

Miscellaneous Items. 


John Barber's will, (Currituck) Apl. 14, 1762. Wife Linna, son 
Joshua, daughter, Letitia and Sarah, brother Thomas Fenton and 
Mr. Sam'l Bernard Exrs. Test, Ann Stanley, Sara'l Bernard, Anne 
Bernard, Thomas Sawyer married Letitia. 

Margaret Gregory's will of Pasquotank Co., 1746-7. July Court 
1753. Sons Richard, James, John and Caleb, daughters Mary 
Humphries, Margaret Barber and Sarah Grandy, grand-daughter 
Sarah Humphries,, son James Exr. Test, James Forbes, Elizabeth 
Forbes, Rebcca Harding. 

Cornelius Belfe, of Pasquotank, who died in 1750, left children 
William, Mary and Agnes. Dempsey Gregory md. Mary. Agnes 
died and so did the widow, Nathaniel Wilson become Guardian of 
Mary, said Mary has since died (no date). 

Daniel Foy, Exr. of Francis Foy, suit vs. Thos. Bell (1760). 

Adam Ferguson died in Craven Co., leaving son Adam and daugh- 
ter Sarah who md. James Toole, of Princess Anne Co., Va. Adam 
died soon after his father. Issue of Sarah and James Toole, (1) 
Adam Toole, (2) Mary md. Solomon Miller now deceased, (3) Eliza- 
beth md. William Morris, issue William, Thomas, Arthur, Josiah, 
and Francis Morris, (4) Rebecca Toole md William Millar, issue, 
Willoughby, Jesse, Courtney and Lucy Millar, and by her 2nd hus- 
band Malborn Godfrey, issue, Jesse, Sophia and Ann Godfrey, (5; 
Margaret Toole md. John Whitehead, issue, John, William and Mar- 
garet Whitehead (1761). 

Charles Blacknall suit vs. John Brooks in 1762. 

Elizabeth Whitmell md. April 18, 1734 Geo. Pollock son of Gov. 
Thomas Pollock, he died Oct. 27, 1736. No issue, Elizabeth md. 
2nd Feb'y 24, 1736-7. Thomas Blount, issue Whitmell Blount and 
. Winnefred Blount md her 1st Cousin Hon. Whitmell Hill. Thomas 
Blount died Sept. 1st, 1745, and Elizabeth md. Oct. 2, 1746 William 
Williams. Cullen Pollock brother of George died Feb'y 9, 1750. 

Snowfield, in Bertie county, contained, in 1724, 640 acres 
of land situated at the head of Little Rocquist Greek, it 
was occupied then by William " Gray (brother of John) 
as lessee, having been leased to him for seven years by 
William Maule, 100 acres of the 640, being the quantity leased. 
Later a suit was brought vs. Wm. Marshall by Wm. Maule and 
Needham Bryan was notified to look after his interest if he had any. 

Jonathan Mountfort, Joseph York and Elizabeth Mitchell widow 
of John were joint owners of^ Sloop Hannah and Mary; Power of 
Att'y to John Nichols, of Boston, June 3, 1718. Acknowledged be- 
fore John Clark, J. P. ' ' 

Suit of Richard Washington vs Jonathan Chrismas, 1724. 


Miscellaneous Items. 

Francis Pridgeon was in Chowan in 1723 and lived on Chowan 
River, Pridgeon's Point at the mouth of Indian Creek between Ban 
don and Wingfield took its name from him. 

John Worley and Joshua Worlev of age in 1726. (Sons of John 
Worley). ' . 

Edmund Gale, Barnabe McKinne, Win. Downing.' Robert Lloyd, 
John Alston, John White, Thomas Lovick and Richard Greaves were 
appointed Justices of the General Court of that part of the Province 
of K". C, which lies east of Cape Fear. 

A Court was held at the house of John Harris Feb'y 4, 1689, pres- 
ent Maj. Alex Lillington, Caleb Calloway, Henry White, Thos. Van- 
demullen. Henderson Walker Clerk of the Court. 

"Att a Court holden for Albemarle County at the house of Francis. 
Hartly ye 1st Monday in October, 16S8, present Wm. Wilkinson, 
Thos. Pollock, Alex Lillington, Patrick Beally and John Hunt,. 
Henderson Walker Clerk, Edward Wood High Sheriff." 

Samuel Chadwick, Ephraim Chadwick, Ebenezer Chadwick and 
John Burnap all late of Xew England now of Carteret precinct, 
Bath Co., were engaged in 172(5 in fishing for whale in the waters 
of jSTorth Carolina. 

"To Samuel Chadwick you are hereby permitted with three boats 
to fish for whale or other Royal] fish on the Seay Coast by this Gov- 
ernment and whatsoever ye shall catch to convert to your own use 
paying to ye Honble ye Governor one tenth parte of ye Oyle and 
bone made by Vertue of this License. By the ye Honble ye Govemr 
order. Richard Rustull, for Collector." 

Benjamin West, of Pasquotank, married Winnifred Boyd (widow 
of Thomas), 1720. 

Jeremiah Finch was dead in 1725. 

Dr. Patrick Maule Exr. of Wm. Maule suit vs. George Martin of 
Maryland late of Bertie Precinct, 1728. 

John and Martha Cotten's daughter md. John Speir. She was 
dead in 1726. 

There was an Abagail Vallentine in Chowan in 1723. 

Ralph Fletcher, of Perquimans, was born in 1632. (Affidavit 
made in 1694). 

George Eubank, of Bertie, suit vs. John Green and Jno. Bobbitt 

Phillip Lightfoot and Benjamin Harrison, Exrs. of Francis Light- 
foot of Va., suit vs. Geo. Rawlins, of Bertie, (1731). 

Elizabeth, widow of Thomas Haughton, md. 2nd John Penrice, 
3rd Jacob Butler. Daughter Mary md. Thomas Minge 1778. 

Mrs. Elizabeth Brimmage Gdn of Wm. West Brimmage, 1778. 

Miscellaneous Items. 


Luke White kept the Ferry from Eockvhock to Bertie Co., X. C, 
in 1739. 

John Welch died in Chowan in 1730 leaving his wife Exr. She 
died the same year, they left four children — eldest son George. Jo- 
seph Parker md. Sarah the eldest daughter. 

John Rivet md. Anne Lawler (daughter of Patrick) heir at law 
to her brother Darby Lawler, John Singleton md. Mary Lawler widow 
of David Lawler (1736). 

Robert Moore came from Douglas, Isle of Man, to IS!". C, with 
Rev. Richard Marsclen. He was left in Chowan by Mr. Marsden 
when he removed to Cape Pear. 

Daniel Goldsmith, Inspector of Tobacco and Keeper of Warehouse 
in Edenton, 1759. 

James Pettinger for himself, Elitia his wife and Mary Johnson, 
assigned to Isaac Guilford. 

.Oct. 1712, William Barefield for himself twice, John Shepherd, 
Sam'l Gayward, Thos. Matthews, John Robison, John Lahay and 
Joyce his wife, Ann their daughter assigned to Col. Wm. Reed. 

Dec, 1702. James Fewox for importation, Sarah Wood. Eliz 
Wood, Henry, Richard, Mary, John and Henry Smith, Jr., William 
and Francis Casswell Edith and Edward Batchelor, Mark, Elizabeth 
Deborah and Jane Wheeler, Daniel, Elizabeth, Sarah, John, Thomas 
and Abraham House, John, Rachel, John, Jr., Elizabeth, Mary and 
Sarah Smith, Cornelius and Elizabeth Dunevare, John and Thomas 
Word (probably Ward). 

Robert Saunders for himself six times, George Saunders, George 
Beshar, Job Woolyard, John and William Tooke, Pliillip Sexton, 
Sam'l Hopkins, John Duisdall, John Farrington. 

• Thos. Abington, Clk. 

July 5, 1697. Xicholas Tyler, 2 passages, Katharine his wife, 
Kellam, Mary, Rose, Ann, William and Katharine Tyler, Archibald 
McCarrell, Daniel Bathell, Farnifold Green, in all 12. 

Michael O'Xeill Sr., himself, wife Deborah, Michael O'Neill, Jr., 
Deborah O'Xeill, Ann O'Xeill, Sam'l Cowenton, Chas. Smith, Clk. 

James Xeville, himself 2 passages. Dorothy his wife, Rebecca, 
Richard, James, John and Thomas Xeville. 

Xicholas Tyler for importation of Francis Gargahus, Leonard 
Jones, Jane McDaniell, herself twice and John Hogan. 

John Buntin for Edward Keisland, an Indian named Frank. 

Wm. Hancock for William, Susanna, William, Jr., Frances and 

For every person brought, into the Colony or Province the party inducing them to 
come was entitled to a grant of 50 acres of land, this was called "Headrights." 

300 Miscellaneous Items. 

Israel Johnson, James Ther'ell, Richard Ashworth, Roger Monteigue, 
Susannah Monteigue. 

Joseph Leathworth for himself, wife Sarah, Tabitha Leathworth, 
Susanna Edwards, Charles a negro. Test, Chas. Smith, Clerk. 

Aug. 19, 1701. Pasquotank Court, Peter Gregory and wife Le- 
titia, Rich'd Belington assigned to Thos. Abington and by him to 
Thos. Boyd. 

Cornelius Jones for Edward Blackbume, Mary Howden, Dyana 
a negro, Sarah and Sambo Indians, John Parker, Adam, Sythee and 
Wapping negroes. 

Oct. 20, 1701. Sam'l Pike for himself twice, Jane his wife. 

John Nash for himself. 

James Forbes for himself, Alice his wife, John, James, Jr., Eliza- 
beth, Thomas, Bayley and Edward Forbes, Lewis, Hester and Maria 
Knight, assigned to Isaac Guilford. 

John Tooke for himself twice, Francis Britton, John Swann, Wil- 
liam and James Tooke, Margaret Tooke assigned to Thomas Ab- 
ginton. Thos. Abington, Clk. 

Augt. 19, 1701. Mrs. Ann Pope widow, Perisho a negro. 

Samuel Pope, himself twice and Jane his wife. 

Henry Creath, himself, Richard Creath, Richard Stanley, Wm. 

Joseph Peiry, himself, wife Ann, Elizabeth his second wife, Jo- 
seph, Susanna, Alice and Sarah Peiry, Obodiah Fair. 

Henry Maudeville for Richard Burtonshall and wife Priscilla, 
Richard, Jr., Priscilla, Jr., Elizabeth and Dorcas Burtonshall, Da- 
vid, Mary, David, Jr., Mary, Jr., and Margaret Jones. 

Aug. 1702. Richard Prince, for himself twice, Daniel Sullivant 
and wife Alice, Eliz Lucas and Jeremy Sullivant. Jno. Bernard, 
Henry Spring, Wm. Write, assigned to Thos. Agington. 

George Clark, of London, for himself and the rest of the owners 
of the ship Loyall, greatest Creditor of Timothy Biggs. Was grant- 
ed letters of administration on sd Estate Feb'y 4, 16S9. 

Att a Court held for ye precinct of Cartaret July ye 15, 1680, the 
following persons proved their rights, viz : 

Richard Jones for freedom rights ; Richard Jones, wife Mary and 
Wm. Jones, Edward German himse*lf a freedom right, Jno. Sawyer 
two freedom and one transportation right, Mary his wife, Mary 
Sawyer transported Servt. 

Jno. Dann, (freedom rights) John Dann, Mary his wife, Edward 

Luodovick Williams, (3 freedom and 2 transportation rights) 
Luodovick Williams, Hannah and Ellinor Williams, Trans' Wm. 
Wilson and John Jones. 

Miscellaneous Items. 301 

Thomas Harrison (3 freedom) Thomas, wife Elizabeth and Eliza- 
beth Harrison, Jr. 

Michael Macdonnell, (4 freedom) Michael, Jane his wife and 
Mary Frances Macdonnell. 

William Mowbray (2 freedom) William Mowbray and wife Han- 

As Attest Paul Latham Clk Cort. Prect. 

An amendment to an Act of the Assembly relating to Marriages, 
''That what person or persons shall be Joyned together in the Holv 
State of Matrimony in this Government shall pay unto the Honbfe 
Dep. Governor or Governmt or Commander in Chief for the time 
being the sum of 20 shillings." By order, 

Tho. Snoden, Clk of ye Assembly. 

"Att a Court holden att Jno. Harris' house May 5, 1689. Present 
Thorn. Jarvies, Govt., Wm. Wilkinson, Thorn. Hanedy, Fran. Tomes, 
Ed. Smithwick, Jno. Barrow, Fran. Hartley, Benj. Laker, Esqs., 
Lord Dept." 

A note of John Johnston payable to Richard Farr dated June 7, 
1746 for 23£. 

Att a General Court holden ye 26th day of November, 1695. 
Whereas Coll. Wm. Wilkinson and Capt. Henderson Walker hath 
offered Sundry affronts to ye members of this Court. Ordered yt 
neither Coll. Wm. Wilkison nor Capt. Henderson Walker be from 
henceforth allowed to plead as an attorney in this Court in any psons 
cause except in ye cause of such psons as have not their residence in 
this Govermt. Ver Cop. W. Glover, Clk. 

"N. Carolina, New Hanover Co. By virtue of the power given 
us by a late Act of Assembly, wee doe Direct you to acct with and 
pay unto Sam'l Woodward, Esq., all such sums of money that or 
hereafter may be in ye hands arising by the Tonnage of Vessels by 
virtue of a Law of this Province intitled. an Act for erecting a Mas- 

R. Moore, Sam'l Woodward, Edwd. Hyrne, James Jones. 

To the Powder Receiver of Brunswick. 

Reed, of Sam'l Johnston, Esq., two hundred and thirty one pounds 
five shillings North Carolina Currency pursuant to the within order 
on acct of Powder Money to the 28th day of Sept., 1739.. 

£231 5s. Sam'l Woodward." 

"Othniel Davis, Mariner, late Commander of the Sloop Neville, a 
private Man of Warr, bound upon a cruising voyage against the 
Spaniards, Enemies to the Crown of Great Britain, captured a cer- 
tain ship called St. Anthony, lawfully taken by said Pltff, and by a 
decree of the Court of Admiralty of North Carolina the 12th day of 

m — "~1 

■302 Miscellaneous Items. 

Sept. 1719, at Bath Town, adjudged a prize and ordered to be shared 
by the Captors as the Law directs." 

Wm. Whitfield, of Bertie Co., Aug. 5, 1732 appoints Thomas 
Jones his atorney in suit with Wm. Badham, of Edenton, 1ST. C. 

Reed May 15th, of Eleazer Allen 8£ for going on express to the 
Governor to Brampton. Comfort Davis, 

James Blount (son of Thomas) md. 1st Katharine Tyler (daugh- 
ter of Nicholas Tyler), 2nd Mary Tyler his first wife's sister, an ' 
was indicted for his 2nd marriage, as it was contrary to the Canons of 
the Church of England. This was in 1712. The language 'used bv 
the Court is as follows : "And the Court having aken ye premises 
into serious consideration Do from their hearts Detest and Abhorr 
ye action as- abominable in ye sight of God & prohibited by ye Laws 
of the Church, but are of opinion yt it is not within ye Jurisdiction of 
this Court to give final Determination in that matter." 

A General Court was held in Perquimans Sept., 1700, before ye 
Honble Maj. Sam'l Swann, Sect'y of State, Mrs. Deborah Whedbee 
.administered on ye estate of her husband Jno. Whedbee. Mrs. Win- 
nefred West, administered on the estate of her deceased husband John 
West. John Brunsby also on the Estate of John Mason, dee'd. 

April 2nd, 1708. '"Gabriel Xewby, Esq., did in behalf of ye 
Honble Jno. Archdale, Esq., one of ye true & absolute Lds proprie- 
tors of Carolina, desire as his deputy to be admitted of member 
of Councill and freely offer to subscribe after the manner of his pro- 
fession (being a Quaker) to all qualifications yt can be lawfully re- 

A suit appears in 1769. Henry Delaney Pltff vs. Ngth'l Edwards 
for damages to a horse named Nettle, defendant had borrowed of 
Pltff to run a race Avith Wilie Jones. (The race was run either in 
Northampton or Halifax Co., the reader may be sure of that). 

The Commission of Thomas Pollock (son of Gov. Thomas) Chief 
Justice, Cullen Pollock, Wm. Downing, Isaac Hill, John Alston and 
Robert Lloyd, Assistant Justices, bears date Oct. 24, 1724. So 
shows the original signed by Geo. Burrington, Gov. Edw'd Moseley, 
Fras. Foster, Thos. Harvey, John Blount, A. Goffe, Wm. Maule, 
Members of the Council, Recorded in the Genl. Court office . 

Wm. Badham, Clk. 

John Blacknell (Clark) appears in 1726. 

Arthur Mabson was a Merchant at Beaufort Town, Carteret Co., 
in 1735. 

Thorqas Hunter and wife Rebecca, Exx. of Thomas Swann, 1739. 

Nathaniel Hathaway, Master Brig Abigail from Rhode Island, en- 
tered at the Custom House, Port of Roanoke, Jan'v 30, 1775. 

Miscellaneous Items. 


George Monk and Thos. Boucher, were merchants in Bostown, 
Mass., 1733. 

Oliver Blackburn formerly of X. C, but now of Boston, Xew Eng- 
land, 1733. 

Ann Blackburn, of Beaufort, Admx. of Oliver Blackburn, late of 
Bath Town, 1737. 

Mary Gordon widow and Exx. of Robt. Gordon, 1736. 

Wm. Ford Admr. of Benj. Atkinson late of Boston, X. E., suit 
vs. John Bell, of New Hanover Go., 1737. 

John Clayton was Dep. Surveyor in 1736. (Bladen County)- 

Thomas Armstrong's will of Boston, County of Suffolk, Massachu- 
setts Bay, June 27, 1735. Probated Dec. 10, 1735. All of his 
property both real and personal to be sold except his pew in Dr. 
Cutler's Church, and divided equally among his five children. Thom- 
as, Mary, John, Elizabeth and eldest child Sarah. My pew to be 
occupied jointly by my children until the youngest becomes of age 
then to son Thomas. Test, Andr. Eliot, Thos. Salter, Robt. Jenkins, 
George Monk and Thomas Boucher, Exrs. 

Thomas Hogg, of Craven Precinct, vs. John Murphey suit in 

Mary Harwood Admx. Est. Edward Harwood, of Pasquotank. 
She was the daughter of Dederith Gible ; her mother Mary Gible md. 
Arthur Mabson for her 2nd husband. She being Arthur Mabson's 
2nd wife, he md. 1st a daughter of Levi Creecy, of Pasquotank pre- 

Brig Hopewell, Joseph Bartee, Master, voyage from Poole to 
Edenton, X. C, May 3rd, 1775. , 

Rev. John Holmes suit vs. John Pope, and John Brown former 
Church-Wardens and Samuel Williams and George Downing then 
Church Wardens of the Xorth West Parish, of Bertie Co., X. •■ 
(said Holmes was to preach at the houses of Joseph Sims, H 
Jones, Henry Walker, Capt. Joseph Lane, Bertie Court House, Mr. 
Maney's Chapel, (houses of Wm. Arrington and Phillip Thomas) 
for a salary of 200£ contracted to be paid by the Vestry held Julv 
7, 1739. '(March Genl. Court 1740). 

Rev. John Garzia, Rector of St. Thomas in Beaufort Co. in 1739. 
Roger Jones, Rowland Porter Finch and Meyriat Ormond were 
Church Wardens 1739 & 1740. 

"Edenton, Oct. 13, 1735. 

Sir, I have paid the bearer ten pounds please to pay him t 
remainder and place it to the account of Gab. Johnston. 

To Eleazer Allen att Cape Fear. 

John Stark prosecuted a suit vs. Wm. Leake for -expelling him 
from a tract of land he had leased for seven years from Belcher 

_ ,„,.„. ,, • ' ; : . _ ;^ ~~ 


304 Miscellaneous Items. 

Noyes, a minor, eldest son of Oliver Noyes, of Boston. Said suit 
was brought in Currituck Precinct, in 1729. The land was the one 
half of Roanoke Island containiang by estimation 6,000 acres, viz: 
2 acres garden, 4 acres orchard, 3,000 acres land, 2990 acres Marsh. 
The lease was dated April 1, 1728. Richard Sanderson seems to 
have been the tenant in possession and Wm. Leake his manager. 

Mary Fiske Admx. of Rev. Samuel Fiske, dec'd, entered suit Apl. 
25, 1772, against Joseph Jones & Devotion Davis Church Wardens 
of St. John, and Messrs. Thomas Humphries, Joshua Campbell. 
Coy Mercer, Jos. Reding, Wm. Taylor, Henry Forbes, Jonathan 
Hearing, Isaac Jennings, Edw'd Evergin and Richard Poole, vestry- 
men of the said Parish of St. John in the county of Pasquotank for 
751£ 13s 4d proc. money, it being for salary due the said Samuel 
Fiske during his lifetime and remaining unpaid. 

Henry Gustin, James Milliken and James Castellaw were part- 
ners doing business at Casia & Roanoke in 1727. Each one put in 
300£ general partnership 

John Blount, of Free Town, Mass. Bay, in New England Atty. 
for Joseph Tillinghast, Newport Colony, of Rhode Island and Prov- 
idence Plantation, 1727. 

Clement Crooke was a merchant of St. Kitts, 1761, his son Stevens 
Edwd. Crooke under age in 1789. 

Mary Blount widow of Frederick Blount md. 2nd Temple- 
man in Pasquotank, 1784. 

Vestry of St. Barnabas Parish in Hertford Co., was composed in 
1771 of John Harrell, John Van Pelt, Cader Powell, Jonathan 
Roberts, Charles Skinner, Isaac Pipkin, Joel Goodman, »J oh n Le 
Abram Jones. Rev. John Alexander had been the Rector for two 
years prior to Apl. 10, 1771. 

John Baptist Beasley was Judge of the Admiralty Court in 1782. 

Michael Crawford was one of the Vestry of St. James Parish, 
Wilmington, N. C, in 1740, entered suit vs. James Murray for 50£. 

Maurice Moore & Richard Faris Church Wardens St. James Par- 
ish, New Hanover Co., N. C, in 1742. Rev. Richard Marsden 
Clark, 1741. 

Richard Nixon and William Bryan, Church Wardens of Christ 
Church Parish, Craven Co., in 1744. 

Augustine Cabarrus petitioned for liberation of negro woman Rose. 

An account written in French appears against "Monsier Le Gover- 
neur" and is endorsed on the back as follows, Aug. 29, 1734. I 
promise to pay the ballance of this account on Demand after our Ar- 
rival in North Carolina. Signed, G. Johnston." It is therefore 
probable that Gov. Gabriel Johnston arrived in the province in Sept.. 

Miscellaneous Items. 


In 1732 a bill for board and liquors made by a clergyman amount- 
ing to 90£ 16s 3d in suit, Koger Kennon being the Pltff, tbe bilL 
is credited with Cash 24£ and by 1 sermon 6£ 16s 3d. 

Thomas Hart and Needham Bryan were Church Wardens of Society 
Parish (Bertie Precinct from Apl. 7th, 1729 to Apl. 7, 1730, John 
Wynns and Thomas Sutton were Church Wardens of the said Parish 

Blake Baker resigned as Clerk of the Superior Court Nov. 15 r 
1787 and Wm. Blair was appointed by Gov. Ashe to succeed him 
Nov. 17, 1787. Qualified before Judge John Williams Nov. 18, 

Oct. 29. Henry Hill proved his rights for importation of Henry, 
Mary and Abraham Hill, John, William and Elizabeth Hinton, John 
Maulby and John Webb — (prior to 1710.) 

Chas. Elliott was commissioned Attorney General for North Caro- 
lina April 6th, 1756, by Governor Arthur Dobbs. Richard Spaight, 

Mrs. Martha Trotter (widow of James) was the sister of William 
Hoskins. She left two daughters by her 1st husband James Potter. 

Deed from William Hill Andrews, of Halifax Co., N. C, Dec. 
26, 1759 to his brothers Abraham and Reuben Andrews, speaks of 
Henry Andrews land dividing on one side, (235 acres) said land was: 
granted by Wm. Andrews to Wm. Hill Andrews Aug. 17, 1756. 
Deed is witnessed by Micajah and Henry Andrews. 

Walter Long md. Mary Hudson Exx. of Thos. Holliday. (About 

Elizabeth Oakman (Admx of Sam'l Oakman, clec'dj of Marsh- 
field, county of Plymouth, Mass., suit vs. Robert Peyton, Jr., now 
living in Boston. 

Wm. Skinner md. (about 1752) Sarah Corprew widow of Thomas 
Corprew. She was Sarah Vail before her marriage to Corprew. 

Robert Hicks had only two children living ia 1748. Mary Halsey 
and Thomas Hicks. 

Enoch Hall, Chief Justice of N. G, in 1749. Suit, of James 
Barlow and Roger Barlow, Exrs., of Thomas Forster vs. Thomas 
Barker, Exr. of Robert Forster, Thomas was of St. Bennett's Grace 
Church, Cutler. Daniel Grandin, C'lk.- Gent. Court. 

10 1-3 



Queries axd Answers. 


''A few days ago a duel was fought between Dr. Frederick Eamcke 
and Capt. Butler, both of Edenton, in which the latter was wounded 
in the thigh, when both parties were apparently satisfied ; but after- 
wards. Dr. R. went into his shop, and by firing two pistols through 
his head, put a period to his life." Raleigh Register of Sept. 9 Z 1800. 

We received the above item from Mr. Marshall De Lancey Hay- 
wood, of Raleigh, N. C, too late to place under the item relating to 

this duel in this number of the Register, page ; we are under 

obligation to Mr. Haywood for his kindness. 

Col. Matthew Moore, of Albemarle Co., Va., settled in Stokes Co., 
~& m C, at the foot of Sauratown Mountain, where he owned 1,000 
acres of land, including "Morris Knob." He md. 1757 (aged 19) 
his schoolmate Letitia (aged 15) daughter of Samuel and jSTancy 
(Redd) Dalton, her father Samuel Dalton died in 1805, aged 106, 
at the home of his grand-son Matthew Redd Moore, Jr., and his 
daughter Letitia, who died in 1838. All are buried at the foot of 
Sauratown Mountain. Can any one tell me if there are any tomb- 
stones at their graves and if so, give the copy of their epitaphs 2 

Did Col. Matthew Moore serve in the Revolution ? or was he only 
of the Militia ? His father Win. Moore, of Albemarle Co., Va., 
had two other sons — John and Edward Moore, a daughter who md. 
a Martin, one a Bullock, one a Crockett, one Andrew McAlley whose 
son John Moore McAHy was in Congress at the same time his cousin 
Gabriel Moore was in the Senate, from Alabama 1829-1835. He 
was son of Matthew and Letitia (Dalton) Moore, Frances Moore 
(another daughter of Win. Moore) md. Capt. John Henderson, and 
his great grand-son Lion. John Wesley Gaines, of JSTashville, Tenn., 
is now a M. C. 

Was this Capt John Henderson a son of Bennett and Elizabeth 
(Lewis) Henderson? Capt. John and Frances (Moore) Henderson 
had sons Wm. Bennett, Matthew, etc., Henderson. Any informa- 
tion of these families Avill be gratefully received. Also any infor- 
mation relative to the ancestors of Wm. Ward, -who went from Vir- 
ginia to Kentucky and settled near Frankfort. From one authority 
we have it, that Col. Seth Ward, of Va., was the ancestor of the 
Kentucky Wards. Geo. Ward, sou of William, once met a cousin 
of his from North Carolina at Covington, and seeing so many Ward 
wills, and noting the relationship of the family of William to a S". 
C. Ward. We hope to gather some information to enable me to 

Queries and Answers. 307 

connect Wm. Ward (who had sons Junius, Matthew, George W. and 
Robert J., father of the celebrated Sallie Ward, of Louisville^ Ky.) 
with his proper ancestors either in Va. or 1ST. C. 

Mrs. S. L. C. 

James Hathaway born 1713-4 at or near Dartmouth, Mass., md. 

Agnes . Who ( Their son Woolsey Hathaway born 1741 

married 1766, Mary Walker, daughter of Jacob and Leah . 

Who ? Can any of our Massachusetts readers give the editor of the 
Register, the above information, and the Rev. War record of Jacob 
Walker, father or brother of Mary who md. in 1766 Woolsey Hatha- 
way, they came to X. C. about 1770. Also information of another 

James Hathaway md. Sarah . Who ? Also the ancestors of 

James, they likewise came to X. C. about 1770 from Mass. James 
was md. as early as 1774, and was probably born between 1745 and 
1752, he was related to Woolsey, and also to Capt. Nath'l Hathaway 
who entered his vessel at the Custom House in Edenton in 1774, from 
Plymouth, Mass. James Hathaway brought to N". C, with him 
either his mother or sister Ann Hathaway. Any information devel- 
oping these lines will be greatly appreciated. 

John Bloodworth md. Miss Axcey or Axson. Issue, Thos. Blood- 
worth md. Tanzy Proctor (daughter of — — Proctor and Miss Ed- 
wards.) Issue, Thos. S. M. Bloodworth b. 1811, md. Frances C. 
Maxey b. 1818, daughter of Pouncey Maxey and Mrs. E. McLendon 

Mapp (daughter of McLendon and Fincher). Issue. 

Thomas II. P. Bloodworth born 1845, married Susan A. McDowell, 
b. 1848 daughter of John Macon McDowell born 1822 and Elizabeth 
Ann Persons born 1826. J. M. McDowell was the sfcon of Daniel 
McDowell born 1789 married Susan Ann Crawford born 1794, 

Daniel McDowell's father was McDowell married . 

Susan Ann Crawford the daughter of Joel Crawford born 1766 
md. Ann Barnett born 1766. Elizabeth Ann Persons born 1826 
was the daughter of Pinkney Persons born 1797. ISTancy Freeman 
b. 1804, (daughter of Bailey Freeman and Polly Maxey) ; issue 
Frances Marion Bloodworth. A lady in Atlanta would be pleased 
to have any information relating to the above families. John M. 
McDowell was in the House of Representatives 1792-4 from Ca- 
barrus Co., 1ST. C. 

Thomas Clark md. Amelia Gray (9th child of John Gray and wife 
Anne Bryan born 1697) ; issue Colin Clark md. Janet McKenzie 
(daughter of Rev. John McKenzie and Janet Gray (eldest daughter 
of Jno. Gray and wife Anne Bryan). Issue, (1) John Clark md. 
Hetty Buncombe; issue (a) Anne md. John Cox, (b) Hester md. 
■ Lee, (c) Thomas, (d) Eliza, (e) Amelia never married. 

Col. Wm. William's eldest child Samuel was born 1753 ; his father" 


Notes and Queries. 

Samuel died and in his will made a special bequeath to his grand- 
son Sam'l at that time his only grand-child. This grand-son Sam'l md. 
the daughter of Col. John Dawson to-wit, Charity Alston Dawson. 
Col. John Dawson died in Northampton county, N. C, in 1761; he 
was Justice of the Peace in 1739 for Bertie county. He left large 
estates to his son Henry and bequests to his daughter Mary who md. 
Wm. Kinchen. These children were the offspring of a former marriage 
his 1st wife was probably named Mary. Henry Dawson was mem- 
ber of the Assembly from Northampton in Nov., 1766 and died in 
1T70. His oldest son was John, then Henry, Stephen, Mary and 
Martha, and wife Patience survived him. Doubtless he had other 
children who died before he executed his will. Among them may 
have been Patience (named for his wife) and others. John Dawson, 
of Edgecombe, will executed 1749, wife Mary, this John md. 2nd 
Charity Alston and mentions in his will her offspring as his young 
children. This John Dawson could not have been of Gov. Dobb's 
Council, and did not marry Penelope Johnson. His wife also bore 
him a son John who md. Atherton, and represented North- 
ampton in Legislature 1780, 1 and 2, and Halifax 17S7-90. Wil- 
liam Johnston Dawson represented Bertie in 1791, where doubtless 
his father John lived and died in 1770 and had been member of Gov. 
Dobb's Council. John Dawson's wife Charity died in Northampton, 
1764. She makes special bequests to her brother Solomon Alston, 
?nd sister Elizabeth Williams. Mentions nephews and nieces and 
her true and trusty friends Thos. Kearney and Wm. Williams, Exrs. 
Among the witnesses to the will was James, Josey and Mary Gran- 
berry, (the latter evidently the 2nd wife of Col. Nath'l* Allen, and 
grand-mother of the Hon. Allen Granberry Thurman, deceased, of 
Ohio.) There was an Elisha Williams who md. Sarah Josey and 
had children (among others) William and Elisha. Mr. W. Wm. 
Kinchen was one of the Church Wardens of Isle of Wight Co., Va., 
July 13, 1724. (So writes Dr. Jos. A. Groves). He also writes 
that John Dawson was the brother-in-law of B'arnaby Thomas died 
1735 and wife named Mary. Jeptha Atherton's will executed in 
Northampton Co., 1787, states that he had bought land from Barnaba 
Thomas where the Court House now stands. 

Notes and Queries. 309 


Thomas Vallentine, of Boston, Mass., md. Rebecca Ingraham, 
daughter of Joseph Ingraham, arid wife Mary McFarlane. The In- 
graham Coat of Arms — "He Beareth Ermine on Less Gules, three 
Escallops — Shells or by name Ingraham and is the Coat of Arms of 
Sir Arthur Ingraham of the City of London, England, Knight, and 
now borne by the Right Honorable the Lord Viscount Jarwin (1799). 
A true copy for Heraldy.") so writes Mrs. Rebecca Thompson the 
grand-danghter of Thomas and Rebecca Vallentine. Rebecca In- 
graham the daughter of Josiah Ingraham and Mary McFarlane born 
1689 and died in Boston, Mass., aged 90 years. Joseph Ingraham 
was the son of Timothy Ingraham and wife Sarah Cowell. Tim- 
thy was the son of William Ingraham and wife Mary Barston. Sa- 
rah Cowell was wife of Timothy and was the daughter of Edward 
Cowell and wife Sarah Wilson daughter of Joseph Wilson and wife 
Sarab. Joseph Wilson was Lord Wilson. 

The children of Thomas Vallentine arid wife Rebecca Ingraham, 

A. Thomas Vallentine (no record). 

B. Joseph Vallentine moved South and md. Abigail King (daugh- 
ter of Solomon King and wife Abigail Lee, daughter of John Lee ? 
of Chowan Co., now Gates Co., E\ C.) 

C. Rebecca Vallentine md. Mathias Crocker. 

D. Nathaniel Vallentine md Ann Brown. % 

Issue of Joseph Vallentine and wife Abigail King. (1) Thomas 
Vallentine md. — ■ — — Sumner, (2) Solomon King Vallentine md. 
Mary Lee (daughter of Henry Lee and wife Elizabeth Pipkin), (3) 

Jonas md. — ■, (4) Rebecca md. Dr. Hosea. Solomon King 

Vallentine (moved to Sumner Co., Tenn., 1819, and died in Weak- 
ley Co., Tenn.) and wife Mary Lee had issue, (1) Henry King Val- 
lentine (dead), (2) Caroline Eliza md. Hale (she is dead), 

(3) Hiram Vallentine born Mch. 4, 1818, died Mch. 19, 1864 md. 

Eliza Singleton Jones, (4) Margaret Vallentine md. Ford, (5) 

Abigail, (6) Charles, (7) Charity Ann md. Whiteselle, (7) 

Mary md. Ezell, (8) Martha Vaughan md. Wm. M. McConnell, (9) 
Isaac Pipkin, (10) William. 

Children of Hiram Vallentine (born in Gates Co., 1ST. C, Sept. 
4th, 1818, died in Memphis, Tenn., Mch. 19th, 3 864), and Eliza 
Singleton Jones (born in Craven Co., N. C, and moved to Haywood 
Co., Tenn., daughter of Gideon Jones and Elizabeth Rouncifull 
Fulcher) (1) Inez Viola born in Memphis, Tenn., md. Joseph M. 

310 Notes and Queries. 

Tig-he, Jr., (2) Ada West born in Memphis, Tenn., (3) Eva Lenora 
born in Memphis, (4) Ella Cora dead, (5) Walter Hiram (dead), 
(6) Leila Verona (dead). 

A lady in St, Louis seeks information of her ancestors, the records 
begin with Mary E. Joy nee Hill, her 'father was Dr. Duncan Hill, 
born in North Carolina in 1799. He removed to Tennessee thence to 
Mississippi and died in 1844. He was nearly related to the Ben- 
netts, Battles, Boddies and Arringtons. Her father's grand-father 
was Sion Hill married Drusilla Lane ; his son Bichard Hill had a 
1st cousin Henry Hill. He was agent, financier and Cotton King 
in his day. The ancestors of Sion Hill and Drusilla Lane are de- 
sired by this lady. Will some one who has the information kindly 
send it to us, so that the lady may be informed of her ancestors. We 
are inclined to think that Hon. Sion H. Bogers, of Wake county, N. 
C, was of this family, and that they are possibly descendants from 
Abraham Hill, Jr., son of Abraham son of Henry who first settled in 
Chowan (now Gates Co.) about 1700. 

A lady in Indiana writes for information of the Dowdy family 
and also the Ticer family, both of North Carolina. Augustine Ticer 
md. Lucy Dowdy between 1775 and 1790 probably. 

A gentleman in Louisana desires the name of the father and moth- 
er of Bachel Martin who md. Herbord High, of Wake county, N. C. 
Any information relating to this family will be highly appreciated. 

In the Littlejohn family in No. 2, there are some typographical 
errors, which we desire to correct. Elizabeth M. Littlejohn md. 
Genl. Wm. Watt Jones, (in the record it is Walls, an error). Wm. 
Watts (not Walls) Carnes md. 1st Kate W. Payne (not Kate M.). 
Samuel T. Carnes md. Kate B. Kerr (not Carr). The eldest son of 
W. W. Carnes is named Chas. Quintard (not Quinton) for the Bish- 
op of Tennessee of that name. 

Jacob Moons was an Officer in the revolution and was killed at 
the battle of Guilford C. H., N. C. Can any one give us information 
of his family. We wish it for a lady in Montgomery, Alabama. 

The Hoskins family appear in the Colony of Carolina as early as 
1670. Thomas Hoskins was the founder of the family. He left 
certainly two sons Thomas and William (died unmarried about 
1692). The former died about 1735, leaving sons William, Thomas 
and other children, Martha Hoskins a sister of William md. 1st James 
Trotter by whom she had two daughters. She md. 2nd James Potter. 
William Hoskins md. Sarah Whedbee (daughter of Kichard Whedbee 
and Hannah Beed). He mentions in his will sons John, Bichard and 
George daughters Elizabeth Pratt, Deborah Wilkins. Sarah Hoskins. 
Ann Foster, sons Benjamin and Joseph, wife Hannah, brothers-in- 
law Christian anfd Joseph Beed, Exrs. Testy Samuel Snowden, 

Notes and Queries. 


Elizabeth Reed, Catharine Davis. Will executed June 16th, 1749. 
Probated August, 1749). Mrs. Whedbee md. 2nd Joseph Blount, 
his 3rd wife. Issue of Wm. Hoskins and Sarah Whedbee, mentioned 
in his will executed Oct, 7th, 1766. Daughters Sarah Sutton and 
Mary Hoskins, daughter Ann Hoskins, sons Thomas, Richard and 
William, son John, four youngest children under age, sons Thomas, 
Richard and William Exrs. Test, Josh Benbury, Thomas Blount. 
Thomas Hoskins son of William md. Augt. 22, 1769, Mary Roberts 
and removed to Tyrrell Co. We have been unable as yet to secure 
a correct list of his children, but James Hoskins was certainly one of 
the number; he md. Mary Norcom (daughter of Fred'k Norcom) 
Oct. 22nd, 1795, and his grand-son writes us that he has always under- 
stood that he had 13 children, the following were certainly amonf the 

(1) Charles Hoskins md. Mch. 24th, ISIS Angelica Nash; issue, 
Thomas (d. u.), Charles N., (d. u.), William (d. u.), Nash (d. u.), 
Richard Blount (d. u.), Hardy d. u., John H. (d. u.), Margaret A. 

md. Mercer, of Edgecombe Co., X. C, Lizzie B md. Thomas 

Gregory and Annie A. md. 1st R. H. L. Bond, of Grates Co., 2nd 
Swain, of Perquimans county, X. C. 

2. James .Hoskins md. a Miss Beal, issue Thomas, John, Sarah, 
Harriet and Nancy. Harriet md. a Mr. Loop of Memphis. 

3. Dr. Fred'k Hoskins md. Elizabeth Horniblow May 11, 1820. 

4. Polly Hoskins died unmarried. 

5. Patsey Hoskins md. R. Whitaker Benbury his 1st wife, issue 
a daughter, son James Benbury, formerly of Baltimore, and son 
Richard Benbury, of New Orleans, La. * 

6. Lt. Charles Hoskins, U. S. A., md. in St. Louis March, 1845, 
Jennie Deane, adopted daughter of Major John Deane, of New Ro- 
chelle, N. Y. He was killed in the gallant charge made at the battle 
of Monterey, during the Mexican War. Issue, one son J. D. C. Hoskins 
Major of Artillery U. S. A. now stationed at Governor's Island, New 
York. Our object in publishing this much of the genealogy of 
the family is to secure all information possible of the family, the de- 
scendants of the family are respectfully requested and urged to send 
in a copy of what records they have, that we may complete the family 
history for a future .number of the Register. We also append the 
following marriage bonds in the Court House at Edenton. • '' 

John Coffield and Elizabeth Hoskins, Mch. 8th, 1757, (daughter of 
Thomas, the brother of William). 

Edmund Blount and Mary Hoskins Feb'y 26, 1765, (daughter 
of William). 

William Jackson and Sarah Hoskins, Dec. 21, 1767, (daughter of 
Thomas). ', 


Notes and Queries. 

Samuel Wiggins and Ann Hoskins, Jan. 2, 1770. 

Joseph Blount and Mrs. Sarah Hoskins, May 15, 1771, (widow 
of William). 

Job Leary and Rachel Hoskins, Jan'y 1, 1776, (daughter of Thos.) 

John Gassner and Mary Hoskins, Oct. 29, 1785. 

Peter O'Neal and Kesiah Hoskins, Nov. 20, 1786. 

James Bond and Mary Hoskins, Oct, 8, 1789. 

Wilson Cheshire and Sarah Hoskins, July 11, 1789. 

Thomas Parker and Mary Hoskins, Dec. 2, 1790. 

Charles Roberts and Nancy Hoskins, Apl. 26, 17 — . (Sam'l Hos- 
kins Surety.) 

Reuben Simons and Mary Hoskins, April 9, 1792. 

William Hall and Elizabeth Hoskins, June 18, 1793. 

King Luten and Ann Hoskins, July 13, 1795. 

James Hoskins and Mary Norcom, Oct. 22, 1795, (daughter of 

•Win. Rombough and Martha Hoskins, June 4, 1S01, (Chas. Rob- 
erts Surety.) 

Edmund Hoskins and Elizabeth Blount, Dec. 29, 1802. 

Thomas Vail and Elizabeth Hoskins, Sept. 16, 1808. 

William Hoskins and Margaret Norfleet, Mch. 6, 1810. 

John Hogan and Elizabeth Hoskins, Apl. 24, 1810. 

Wilson Reed and Eanny Hoskins, May 31, 1814. 

Lemuel Hoskins and Elizabeth Howcott, Sept. 2nd, 1815. 

James Robinson and Nancy Hoskins, Aug. 9, 1816. 

Charles Hoskins and Angelica Nash, March 24, 1818. 

Frederick X. Hoskins and Eliza Horniblow, May 1>, 1820. 

Jos. N. Hoskins and Elizabeth Beasley, Sept. IS, 1822. 

Lemuel Hoskins and Elizabeth Norcom, Jan'y 17, 1826. 

Richard T. Brownrigg and Mary W. Hoskins, July 9, 1827. 

Alexander Cheshire and Sarah Hoskins, May 4, 1833. 

James Norcom and Penelope Hoskins, May 27, 1835. 

John L. Freeman and Martha E. Freeman, Feb'y 26, 1836. 

Richard B. Whedbee and Eliz Hoskins, May 16, 1837. 

William S. Mallory and Mary D. Hoskins, Mch. 19, 1S39. 

Thomas Gregory and Elizabeth Hoskins, Mch. 16, 1853, (daugh- 
ter of Charles). 

Abraham Norcom and Margaret Hoskins, Oct. 12, 1853. 

R. H. L. Bond and Annie A. Hoskins, Sept. 27, 1857. 

Gilliam Julian and Elizabeth Hoskins, Dec. 12, 1S60. 

James Blount (son of Thomas) sold in 1706 his interest in the 
mills (known later as Lee's Mills, Washington Co., E". C.) to his 
mother Mrrv Blount, whose husband Thomas left 3 acres of land 
in his will to be set apart for the use of the mill. Wm. Downing 

Notes and' Queries. 313 

purchased the land in 1727, who in 1737 left a saw mill to be cared 
for by Stephen Lee. Thomas Lee left instructions for Wm. Down- 
ing to continue the construction of a Pink or ship begun by Lee be- 
fore his death ; he left him G'd'n of his son Stephens. Wm. Down- 
ing was associated with Thomas Blount in his work. Blount was a 
Carpenter, a Ship-Builder and worker in Metals as well. He under- 
took to make the letter 0, with which to stamp the first set of weights 
and measures ever brought into the State. (Proceedings 1st Vestry). 
He left Perquimans Precinct for the South Shore in the winter of 
169S-9. Court was held at his house in Perquimans up to the time 
of his removal. He was next appointed by the Governor one of the 
Commissioners to investigate an alleged Indian massacre, they report- 
ed the Vessel was probably driven down by the storm, that Blount 
and his family came near losing the boat they were in, and the Gov- 
ernor writing later says Blount was the heaviest loser and he did not 
blame the Indians. His abode in 1701 was on the east side of the 
mouth of Kendrick's Creek. The land about Lee's Mills remained 
in the hands of the Blounts for nearly 150 years. In 1801 Thos. 
Blount gave Washington County one acre for a Court House site. 
They accepted his land but a stronger cousin Col. Edmond Blount 
was on the Board of Public Buildings and he had the County seat lo- 
cated at Plymouth. His descendants at one time owned nearly all 
the land from Lee's Mills to Plymouth, a distance of nine miles, be- 
sides large tracts at other points. From one to three of his descend- 
ants were members of the Legislature near all the time. (Thos. W. 
Blount, of Boper, IST. C, furnishes us with the above.) 

Marmaduke, Elisha and James Norfleet were in ISTansemond Co., 
in 1695. James one of the brothers removed to Chowan Co., N. C, 
where he died in 1632. Had sons Thomas and John JSTorfleet. Thos. 
moved to Edgecombe county, and left sons. Thomas and Marmaduke. 
John died in 1753 leaving sons Abraham, James, John and Jacob, 
issue of the two latter Kinchen JSTorfleet (father of Seth R. JSTorfleet), 
James Jacob. Abraham had issue, Abraham. Isaac moved to Edge- 
combe Co., 1803. Elizabeth md. John Bonner. Elisha, father of 
James (whose sons were Rev. William J. and James Elisha JSTorfleet.) 
L)aughter Sarah married Jamqs Wills. Daughter Eliza married 
Richard Wyatt Isaac JSTorfleet was the father of Robert Norfleet 
who died in 1872 leaving sons Leon, Edgar and Robert JSTorfleet. 

Col. Benjamin Wynns, of Hertford Co., 1ST. C, md. Margaret Pugh 
about 1751, daughter of Francis Pugh and wife Ferebee Savage, of 
Bertie Co. One of his descendants writes us that he left four sons, 
Benjamin, William, George and Thomas Wynns, and one daughter 
Mary Wynns who md. Jas. Gregory. Can any one furnish us with a 
copy of his will, or give us any information relating to the family ? 


Abstract of Marriage Bonds. 


(Original in Court House at Windsor, N. C. ) 
Moore, Charles and Sarah Hunter, Feb. 1, 1755. Jno. Skinner. 

Bird, Edward and Elizabeth Haves, May 15. Jasper Hardison. 
Kent, Joseph and Rachel Watson, Dec. 11. David Ryan. 
Shaw, William and Ann Byrd, Jan. 15. David Worlev. 

Fleetwood, William and Elizabeth Ashley, Oct. 5. John Ashley. 
Hardy, Thomas and Delilah Davis, Feb. 22. Chas. Hardy. 
Ryan, George and Elizabeth Lockhart, Dec. 11. L. & J. Lockhart. 
Starke, William and Mary Howell, Dec. 16. Titus Edwards. 
Virgin, William and Ann King, Aug. 15. Henry Gibbons. 


Allen, John and , . John Watson. 

Bunch, Henry and Eleanor Boypton, Feb. 29. Thos. Bass. 
Green, Thomas and Mary Hurst, Oct. 5. John Crickett. 
Griffin, Edward and Elizabeth Lawrence, Oct. 10. Ed Ra_zor. 
Hardy, Humphrey and Mourning Smith, Mch. 10. Alex. How. 
Miers, Nathan and Elizabeth Outlaw, Sept. 15. Titus Edwards. 
Outlaw William and Susannah Bird, Aug. 25. Josiah Stallings. 
Pender, Hezekiah and Martha Leggett, Oct. 25.Eben. Tomlinson. 
Slatter, Solomon and Mary Whitmell, Jan. 2. Joseph Bryan. 
Taylor, Reuben and Mary Yarre, Oct. 13. Benj. Barrett. 
Toole, Edward and Mary Holland, Sept. 26. -laraldus Toole. 
Watson, John and Sarah Collins, June 25. Jas. Bentley. 

Black, Samuel and Elizabeth Hardy, Oct. 10. 
Hardy, Edward and Winnefred Weston, Jan'y — 
Thompson, Hezekiah and Mary Pugh, Dec. 24. 
Wimberlv, Abraham and Ann Spiers, March 27. 

Bryan, Joseph and Pheriby Smith, Mch. 26. Wm. Alston. 
Clark, Thomas and Amelia Gray, Dec. 24. Daniel Worley. 
Holder, James and Elizabeth Gilman, May 15. Robt. Butterton. 
Maer, Abraham and Prudence Jordan, Sept. 15. Jos. Jordan, Jr. 
Shehan, Thomas and Rachel Ashburn, Aug. 28. Thos.* Webb. 
Stallings, Josiah and Mary Standley (daughter of Jonathan), Oct. 
31. Jona' Baker. 

Wiggins, John and Mrs. Elizabeth Bevins, Sept. 30. 

Robt. West. 
-. Wm. Hardy. 
Jacob Jernagan. 
Moses Spivey. 

; ; 


Abstract of Marriage Boxt>s. 315 

Hyman, Hugh and Elizabeth Sparkman, Feby 19. John Eeed. 
Leach, Thomas and Elizabeth Wynants, Xov. 17. Benj. Cook. 
Loyd, William and Martha Cockran, JanV 30. Thos. West. 
McGaskey, John and Mary Basor, Jan. 29. Ed. Basor. 
Bedditt, Josiah and Sarah Williams, May 11. Arthur Williams. 
Smith, Josiah and Sarah West, Oct. 22. John Smith. 
West, Thomas and Mary Nichols, Dec. 2. W. Nichols. 
Yeats, James and Avarella Watson, Feb. 6. Josiah Bedditt. 


Bell, Benjamin and Absella Norfleet, July 2. Arthur Brown. 
Cratch, James and Mary Morgan, June 6. Wm. Armistead. 
Holland, William and Ann Moore, May 19. James Knott. 
Grover, James Swinhow and Susanna Spooner, Oct. 22. 

Gainer, William and , . Joseph Knott. 

House, William and , — ■ — - — . Chas. Averet. 

J£nott, William and Sarah Oliver, Xov. 22. Phillip Walston. 
Whitmell, Thomas, Jr., and Penelope Pugh, Oct. 20. 

Cole, William and Sarah Perry, July 5. John Perry, Jr. 

Holland, Joseph and , . Jas. Gardner. 

Hunter, Henry and Starke, Aug. 9. Thos. Whitmell. 

King, Kedar and Mrs. Martha House, July 10. Sam'l Grymes. 
Outlaw, Balph and Mrs. Mary Knott, Apl. 22. David Outlaw. 
Oliver, Andrew and Margarpt West, JanV 30. Wm. West. 
Williams, Isaac and Nancv Bunch, Dec. 7. Henry Bunch, Jr. 


Bond, Thomas and , Eeb'y 6. John Johnston. 

Bond, Thomas and , June 27. Henry Hunter. 

Fry, William and , . Kobt. Hendry. 

Hinton, William and Ann Turner, Mch. 7. Jon.V Carr. 
Hunter, Job and Martha Hardy, Apl. IS. Edward Hardy. 
Pollock, Jacob and Sarah Thompson, Feb. 1. Wm. Turner 
Smith, John and Sarah Watson, Dec. 11. Wm. West. 
West, William and , Feb'v 3. Andrew Oliver. 

Bountree, Obadiah and Ferebee Harrell, Feb. 11. Jethro Kittrell. 

Billups, John and Sarah Bonner, Dec. 19. John White. 
Bhodes, Henry and Patience Bridges, July 10. Wm. Bryan. 
Warburton, James and Winnefred Smithwick, Jan'y 22. 
Wells, Henrv and Mary Bate, ISTov. 17. Henry Bate. 

Clifton, William and Eliz Wheeler Hail, July 29. Thos. Hunter. 

Clifton, John and Penelope Ward, . Thos. Ward. 

' H 

' - il 


Abstract of Marriage Bonds. 

and H. Rhodes. 
6. John Smith. 

Clark, Christopher and Hannah Turner, Jan'y 17. Thos. Turner. 
Davis, John and Martha Smithvvick, Feb'y 6. Luke Smithwick. 
Outlaw, David and Martha Standley, July 27. George Outlaw. 
Rhodes, Joshua and Ruth Perry, Jan'y 18. J. 
Smithwick, Luke and Elizabeth Watson, Feb'y 

Ashburn, William and Frances Rasor, May 11. Ed. Rasor. 
Barber, Charles and Prudence Castellaw, July 1. Hugh Hvman. 
Cook, Benjamin and Winnefred Hopkins, Apl. 25. Jno. Hopkins. 
Fort, John and Martha Turner, Dec. 30. John Turner. 
Fleetwood, Jeremiah and Sarah Fleetwood, Oct. 3. John Hardy. 
Frazier, William and Drusilla Outlaw, Jan'y 10. N. Miers, Jr. 
Hopkins, John and Janet Stuart, Apl. 25. Benj. Cook. 
Harrell, Benjamin and Winnefred Pitman, June 2. A. Harrell. 
Harrell, Amos and Charity Rutland, Nov. 8. Benj. Harrell. 
Long, Samuel and Sarah Warburton, Aug. 21. John Irwin. 
Moore, James and Deborah Clayton, Sept. 15. Wm. Jordan. Jr. 
Rutland, John and Amelia Nazery, Nov. 30. Watson Rutland. 
Smithwick, Edmonson and Mille Bate, Sept. 7. James Bate. 
Thompson, David and Mary Turner, Nov. 12. James Bate. 
Williams, Charles and Olive Whitacre, Apl. 26. Whitmill Hill. 

Chambers, Benjamin and Elizabeth Clifton, Feb'y 13. 
Hill, Hardy and Janette Bryan, Jan'y .20. Tho^. Collins. 
Harrell, Benjamin and Jemima Powell, Mch. 23. George Powell. 
Hyman, John and Sarah Smithwick, Feb'y 20. John Moore. 
Land, John and Sarah Young, Nov. 3. Thos. Yoting. 
Moore, Benjamin and Elizabeth Forcit, Apl. 30. Thos. Harrison. 
Outlaw, George and Agnes Knott, Mch. 19. David Outlaw. 
Rutland, Shadrach and Patience Carter, Nov. 5. Jesse Cotten. 
Sasser, John and Polly Driver, May 7. Wm. Bryan. 
Williams, Elisha and Sarah Josey, Mch. 24. John Johnston. 

Ruffin, Frederick and Elizabeth Cotten, Augt. 
Young, Dawson Drew and Absola Bell, Aug. 

Avaret, Henry and Elizabeth Abington, Oct. 7. 
Cotten, Jesse and Martha Whitehead, June 6. 
Chapman, George and Chloe Blount, Sept. 5. 
Fleetwood, James and Penelope Tayloe, Oct. 21. John Hardy. 
Harding, Thomas and Sarah Lawrence, Apl. 16. John Smith. 
Hedgpeth, Marmaduke and Hannah Hays, Sept. 29. J. Hays. 
Harrell, David and Celia Moore, May 10. Noah Thompson. 
Holoway, Reuben and Martha Vinson, May 18. Wm .Seay. 


Drew Young. 
Fred'k Ruffin. 

H. Abington. 
Wm. Rutland. 
Thos. Watson. 

Abstract of Marriage Boxds. 317 

Jordan, William and Margaret Clayton, Augt. 12. W. Williams. 
Kittrell, Dempsey and Martha Spivey, June 19. John Johnston. 
King, William and Amelia Slade, Nov. 28. John Johnston. 
Lord Alex and Margaret Burgess, Apl. 3. Benj. Foreman. 
Pender, Thomas and Mary Oilman, May 25. John Johnston. 
Rascoe, Thomas and Mildred Sutton, Nov. 12. Thos. Sutton. 
Slatter, Thomas and Oliver Oxley, Nov. 13. John Oxley. 
Smith, John and Elizabeth Vann, Oct. 22. Wm. Vann. 
| Stucky, Shimeon and Tabitha Doles, June 16. John Doles. 

I Whitfield, Benjamin and Elizabeth Ava , Feb. 13. 

Watson, William and Mary Benbury, Nov. 14. J. and T. Watson. 

None found so far. 

Andrews, John and Winny Smith, Oct. 29. Ghas. Rhodes. 
Bentley, John and Priscilla Manning, Nov. 23. Wm. Hyman. 
Boon, Joseph and Mary Boon, Dec. 17. John Lowe. 
Cherry, Solomon and Mary Eason, Sept. 24. David Outlaw. 
Chamberlain, Malachi and Ann Harrell, Mch. 23. G\ Williams. 
Carter, Samuel and Elizabeth Holly, May 14. Wm. Gray. 
Cobb, Nathan and Winney Mitchell, Aug. 9. Jesse Pritchard. 
Ganes, John and Elizabeth Loyd,'Sept. 4. John Legett. 
•Holloway Cader and Judeth Harrell, May 2. Wnitson Young. 
Harrel, Joel and Celia Goff, Apl. 20. Edward Acree. 
Johnston, Levy and Mildred Seals, Mch. 23. John Johnston. 
James, Benjamin and Lucy Murray, Mch. 8. Chris. Lee. 
Knott, Absalom and Elizabeth Davidson, Sept. 16. Luke Collins. 
Leggett, James and Tabitha Cume Belote, Oct. 10. John Leggett. 
Mitchell, Joseph and Sarah Williams, Dec. 30. Ezekiel Mitchell. 
Williams, Charles and Olive Whitacre, Apl. 26. Whitmell Hill. 
Stanton, Robert and Elizabeth Birch, Feb'y 27. Wm. Skiles. 
Spivey, Jonathan and Phebe Tart, Feb'y 15. Nathan Tart. 
Wilder, Absalom and Ann Britt, July 8. George Kittrell. 
Watford, William and Priscilla Frazier, May 18. Hardy Watford. 
Wilks, James and Elizabeth Harrell, Mch. 6. Ooel Harrell. 
Wilkes, James and Mary Thorogood, Apl. 20. Tlenrv Rhodes. 

Barber, Charles and Elizabeth Bentley, Apl. 12. Epaphros Moore. 
Bryan, Fred'k and Amie Wright, Feb'y 14. Jesse Averit. 
Bond, Thomas and Edey House, Oct. 14. Wm. Gray. 
Cooper, William and Elizabeth Epperson, Aug. 1. Henry Smith. 
Church well, Henry and Rachel Spivey, Feb. 4. Wm. Harrell. 
Clark, John and Thamer Welch, Mch. 18. Cornelius Gale. 
Curry, David and Sarah Wells, Sept 23. James Curry. 
Glison, Arthur and Elizabeth S pence, Apl. 13. Mica j ah Hinton. 


Abstract of Marriage Bonds. 

Gardner, Thomas and Sarah Cullens, Feb'y 29. Aug. Parrott. 
Gardner, John and Elizabeth James, Feb'y 19. Wm. Bryan. 
Harrison, Thomas and Frances Lister, Apl. 20. Sam'l Milburn. 
Hill, Thos. and Mary Boon, July 12. G. Wai'r. 
Hall, James and Elizabeth Tyner, Sept, 23. Sol. Baker. 
Kelly, William and Mary Butler, Nov. 8. Alex Urquhart. 

Lawrence, Robert and Cobb, Jan'y 24. Thomas Sutton. 

Leggett, Lewis and Ann Hawkins, May 3. Epliraim Shoulder. 
McGlahon, William and Ann Gaskins, Jan'y 11. John Oxley. 
Pace, Samuel and Agatha Owens, June 16. Elisha Roberts. 
Parker, Richard and Elizabeth King, Oct. 7. Michael King. 
Rhodes, John and Sarah Carloss, Mch. 10. Wm. Rascoe. 
Skiles, William and Sarah Billups, Jan'y 15. Abisha Turner. 
Tadlock, Absalom and Sarah Turner, Aug. 19. Wm. Turner. 
Turner, William and Mary Millen, Oct. 11. Absalom Tadlock. 
Wilkison, Frederick and Milly Drury, Mch. 15. Wm. Griffin. 
.Weston, Amos and Winnefred Mitchell, Sept. 23. James Curry. 
White, Ephraim and Sarah Hardy, Oct. 30. Ezekiel White. 
White, Ezekiel and Mary Harrison, Oct. 30. Ephraim White. 


James McDonald. 
Wm. Bryan. 

Demsey, William and Ann Miller, July 25. 
Wilford, Lewis and Chloe Hollv, Nov. 10. 

Armistead, Robert and Sarah Jordan, May 11. Wm. Armistead. 

Belote, Henry and Elizabeth Bentley, 19. Nottingham Monk. 

Berry, Wright and Sarah Berry, June 21, Samuel Haste. 
Bass, Council and Patty Griffin, May 4. Cadcv Bass. 
Gaskins, Thomas' and Olive Perry, Dec. 7. Alex Hooks. 
Higgs, William and Delilah Moore, Jan. 17. Willis Powell. 
Jones, Sarven and Temperance Taylor, Jan'y 14. Cader Bass. 
Powell Willis and Sealey Everett, Jan'y 17. Wm. Higgs. 
Roberson, Hardy and Sarah Gains, Jan'y 12. Thos. Hoskins. 

Allenworth, Nehemiah and Chloe Morris, Apl. 29. Wm. Cobb. 
Dunning, Charles and Eliz Boyce, Dec. 8. Jeremiah Boyce. 
Edwards, Nathan and Jemima Cotten, Sept. 5. F. Pugh, Jr. 
Hallum, Josiah and Ann Robinson, Oct. 28. Ann Todd. 
Harrell, Josiah and Mary Evans, Jan'y 20. Luke White. 
James, William and Polly Biddle, Sept. 4. Andrew James. 
Mizell, Cader and Mary Hare, Oct. 8. Sol Miller. 
Spar, William and Margaret Briggers, Oct. 18. John Douglas. 
Wimberly, William and Elizabeth Harrell, Jan. 9. F. Wimberly. 

Asbell, Solomon and Sarah Jernagan, Aug. 25. Jas. Sowell. 
Bond, John and Mrs. Anna Smith, Feb'y 5. Wm. Gray. 
Cook, Reuben and Belissa Floyd, Mch. 26. Reuben Stallions. 

Abstract of Marriage Bonds. 319 

Castellaw, Wm. and Sarah Mitchell, Mch. 31. Curkey Butler. 
Farmer, James and Anne Harman, Feb'y 17. Cader Mitchell. 
Freeman, John and Penelope Hayse, May 23. Jacob Bird. 
Gray Meredith and Ann Hooks, June 29. George Davis. 
Griffin, Thomas and Esther Bazemore. 2sTo date, in 1781 package. 
Jlooten, Henry and Elizabeth Butler. July 24. Wm. Hardy. 
Holland, John and Sarah Higgs, Feb'y 10. Willis Callum. 
Hughes, Charles and Sarah Mott, Jan'y 20. Zed'k Stone. 
House, Balus and Penelope Bond, Apl. 5. Thos. Bond. 
Howard, Benjamin and Elizabeth Jenkins, Jan'y 2. L. Jenkins. 
James, Andrew and Jane Drury, Feb. 24. Benj. James. 
Johnston, Thomas and Esther Cullipher, Feb. 8. Nath'l Cullifer. 
King, Kedar and Mary Skiles, July 24. John Skiles. 
Lawrence, Thomas and Sarah Xichols, Feb'y 3. Wm. Gray. 
Loyd, James and Fanny Cooper, Feb'y 7. Jos. Lloyd. 
Mizell, Jonas and Pattie Wided, Jan. 24. Jos. Morris. 
, Stallings, James and Dicea Jenkins, Oct. 9. Benj. Howard. 

Brogdon, John and Susanna Hoggard, Oct. 12. John Skiles. 
Bunch, William and Mary Bunch, Dec. 23. Fred'k Bunch. 
Byrd, Richard and Eliabeth Sparkman, July 30. Geo. Sparkman. 
Baker Elias and Elizabeth Baker, Aug. 2. Peter Evans. 
Castellaw, .John and Penelope Mitchell, ISTov. 30. Joseph Mitchell. 
Deans, Samuel and Ann Church, Jan'y 22. Jesse Bryan. 
Fleetwood, Edmund and Winnefred Sparkman, Dec. 5. 
Garrett, Samuel and Chloe Manning, May 28. John Bratley. 
Harrell, John and Mary Barfield, Dec. 22. Jos. Home. 
Jenkins, Joseph and Mary Meazle, Sept. 5. Jas. Mizell. 
Jordan, William and Mary Jordan, Dec. 9. Bobt. Armistead. 
Mizell, Thomas and Catharine Knott, Feb'y 16. Jas. Langston. 
Pearce, William and Elizabeth Pearce, Aug. 25. John Pearcy. 
Poythress, William and Anna Lewis, Sept. 27. Henry Averett. 
Stone, Edward and Deborah Newborn, Oct. 11. Thos. Xewborn. 

Averett, James and Sarah Powell, Dec. 25. Jas. Powell. 
Bridger, Bobt. and Marg't Montgomery, ISTqv. 2. 
Belote, Peleg and Elizabeth Edwards, June 9. Jas. Ward. 
Barnes, Cader and Elizabeth Wimberly, Jan'y 3. Thos. Gifford. 
Brogdon, David and Susanna McHenry, Dec. 13. John Brogdonf 
Davis, Joshua and Sarah Gardner, June 12. 
Gardner, John and Mourning Lassiter, Oct. 27. Martin Gardner. 
Harrell, William and Elizabeth Grimes, Dec. 26. Wm. Rhodes. 
Hays, Henry and Susanna Wood, 'Nov. 4. Wm. Wood. 
Hicks, John and Sarah Roberson, Sept. 16. John Leeming. 
Higgs, John and Milly Moore, May 16, Benj. Moore. 


Abstract of Marriage Bonds. 

Jennison, Matthew and Millie Hedgpeth, June 10. Peter Hays. 

James, Moses and Kesiah Reed, Augt. 3. Jeremiah James. 

Lee, Joshua and Fanny King. Oct, 10. Charles King. 

Lowther, Tristrim and Penelope Dawson, . John Johnston. 

Lackey, Thomas and Sarah Stone, Xov. 4. John Corbett. 

Page, Solomon and Sarah Hayse, May 16. John Dodril. 

Rhodes, Wm. and Elizabeth Averet, Oct. 2. Aaron Spivey. 

Sparkman, George and Ruth Holley, Oct. 1. Edward Turner. 

Simmons, James and Elizabeth Dowers, Nov. 28. John Harris. 

Williford, Archibald and Lvdia Broadwell, Xov. 1. 

" 1787. 

Boyce, William and Judeth Lamb, May 3. Henry Belote. 

Brown, James and Happy Wood, Jan'y 27. Wm. Wood. 

Billups, William and Elizabeth Fleetwood, May 23. Robt. West. 

Brown, Hardy and Penelope Cobb, Jan'y 3. Benj. Bowen. 

Blanchard, Miles and Sarah Hynian, Apl. 19. Wm. Rawls. 

.Baker, Richard and Betsey Baker, June 22. John Moore. 

Bryan, John and Ruth Sholar, Eeb'y 20. John Howell. 

Cockran, John and Ann Smith, May 22. John Davidson. 

Collins, Joseph and Fanny Bazemore, Oct. 17. Jos. Wilford. 

Edward, Benjamin and Sarah Thomas, Feb. 5. John Edwards. 

Harrell, William and Edey White, Jan'y 20. 

Howell, Josiah and Sarah Lassiter, Jan'y 2. Thos. Carney. 

Higgs, John and Betty Higgs, Dec. 29. Henry Vann. 

Harrell, Jonathan and Elizabeth Gardner, Aug. 18. Wm. Rascoe. 

Hardy, Joseph and Nancy Hoggard, Sept. 19. Silas Belote. 

Hughes, George and Henrietta Morris, Jan. 15. James Hughes. 

Howard, Elisha and Lane Baker, Sept. 8. Rich'd Baker. 

King, Charles and Milly Benton, Dec. 12. Wm. Gray. 

Kinsey, James and Martha Turner, Apl. 7. Wm. Turner. 

Johnson, Thomas and Mrs. Sarah Knott, Sept. 10. 

Manning, Luke and Sarah Lawrence, Aug. 6. John Smithwick. 

Page, Joshua and Eliz Montgomery, Oct. 9. Jesse Bryan. 

Pruden, David and Sarah Sowell. Mch. 27. Richard Tayloe. 

Rawls, Jonas and Winny Cook. Aug. 20. Demsey Cook. 

Stallings, John and .Betsey Jenkins, June 30. Cader Jenkins. 

Sutton, Thomas and Mary Dickinson, May 22, John Burn. 

Swain, Richard and Mary Ward, Xov. 9." Jas. Ward. 
^ Thompson, James and Annie Bazemore, Dec. 20. Josiah Thomas. 
■ Voss, John and Frances Godfrey, Dec. 15. Nottingham Monk 

Ward, Timothy and Martha Watson, Oct. 11, Stephen Outerbridge. 

Wilson, William and Elizabeth Cooper, July 7. Wm. Skiles. 

Ware, Gerrard and Charlotte Keen, Aug. 27. Samuel Harrell. 

Yates, William and Charlotte Whitledge, July 7. Wm. Griffin. 
(to be conttntted.) 


I I 

HOt?TH CflROLilflfl 

July, 1901 

J. R. B. HATHAWAY, Editor and 
Financial Agent, Edenton, N. C. & & 

I i 


Abstract of Bertie County Wills. 323 

An Act Directing Examination of Criminals, 363, 

Abstract of Bertie County Marriage Bonds, 364; 

N. C. Society of Colonial Dames of America, 380^ 

Soldiers of the N. C. Continental Line, (Continued)- 383" 

Loyalists and Tories During Eevolutionary War,__ 390 

The Bonner Family, (Continued) 405 

The Erection of Bertie Precinct, 412 

Bertie Court House, &c, ^ 413 

Marriage Bonds of Chowan County, 415 

An Act Concerning Marriages, 422 

Acts of Assembly, ! 426 

Relating to the Eevolutionary War, 430 

Abstract of Conveyances, 443; 

The Edenton Tea Party, (Continued) 458 

Miscellaneous Items, 465? 

Queries and Answers, 471s 

Savage-Barker Data, 477 

Queries, 479 , 


Vol. II. 

JULY, 1901. 

No. 3. 




J. R. R HATHAWAY, Editor and Financial Agent, 

: Like leaves on trees the race of man is found, 
Now green in youth, now withering on the ground : 
Another race the following Spring supplies; 
They rise successive, and successive fall: 
So generations in their course decay; 
So nourish these when those are passed away. 

— Pope's Translation Homer's Iliad. 


Vol. II. 

July, 1901, 

No. 3. 



(Originals in office of the Clerk of the Superior Court, at Windsor, N C. ) 

Azwell, Thomas, June 27, 1765. Mother Ann, father-in-law Hen- 
ry Gibbons, also appoint them my Exrs. Test, James Jones, Sam'l 
Spruell, John Spruell. 

Askew, Aaron, May 5, 1770; March Court 1771. Sons Jesse and 
Moses, daughters Sarah, Ann and Ferribee, wife, David and Alex- 
ander Valentine Exrs. Test, Elisha Freeman, Aaron Askew, God- 
free Askew. 

Avaritt, Henry, July 3, 1772; Sept. Court 1772. Grand-sor 
Jesse (son of my son Henry Avaret) grand-daughter Elizabeth 
(daughter of son Henry), son Charles, grand-son James Abington 
(son of daughter Sarah Abington) grand-son Hardymon Abington, 
daughter Mary Bryan, my seven grand-children Mary, Martha, Eliza- 
beth, William, Thomas, Henry and Littlebury Abington (children 
of daughter Sarah), son Charles and NToah Hinton Exrs. Test, Wm. 
House, Elizabeth House, Henry Avaret. 

Avaritt, Henry, Oct. 28, 1771. Wife Millia, son Jesse, daughters 
Julia, Martha and Betty Avaritt, brother Charles Avaritt and Thomas 
Pugh Exrs. Test, Thos. Pugh, Elizabeth Harrell. 

Averet, Simon, June 12th, 1781 ; Aug. Term 1781. Brothers 
John, Henry, Thomas, William and James Averet, Averet Blackwell, 
Hardymon Abington, Henry and Thomas Averet Exrs. Test, Geo 
House, Jr., Jesse Cotten, Thomas House. 

Averitt, Jesse, April 14, 1790; May Court 1799. Wife Mary, 
grand-father Henry Averitt, son Jesse, daughter Elizabeth Averitt, 
Aaron Spivey Exr. Test, Wm. Bryan, Sarah Spivey, NToah Thomp- 

Ashburn, Thomas, March 7, 1775 ; August Term 1781. Wife 
Elizabeth, grand-children Mary and Thomas Sutton, son Elisha, 
daughter Elizabeth Sutton, sons Benjamin, William and Peter, Miles 

324 Abstract of Bektie County Wills. 

Mason Shehan, daughters Elizabeth Britt, Mary Shehan and Sarah 
Ashburn, grand-daughter Elizabeth Shehan, sons William and Elisha 
Exrs. Test, Edw'd Razor, W. Nicholls, John Campbell, Sr. 

Andrews, Abner, Feb'y 2, 1762. Sons John and Stephen, daugh- 
ter Margaret Andrews, wife, Jesse Andrews and Arthur Brown Exrs. 
Test, Henry Abbott, Dorrell Davenport, Mary Harrell. 

Ashley, Thomas, Oct. 9, 1784; August Term 1790. Daughters 
Elizabeth Boulton, Mary Hodgson, grand-son Amos Harrell and wife 
Exrs. Test, W. Nicholls, Henry Nicholls, Lucretia Crickett. 

Armistead, William, July 7, 1793 ; August Term 1796. Mother 
Sarah Armistead, my brothers and sisters, sisters Sally Guyther and 
Polly Armistead, brothers John, Robert, Jordan and Starkey Arm- 
istead, sisters Elizabeth Turner and Priscilla Armistead, my broth- 
ers Exrs. Test, Christian Reed. 

Allen, John, Sept. 28, 17SS ; August Term 1797. Wife Ann, sons 
John Bate and James Bate Allen, daughters Mildred Hunter, Sarah 
Allen, Mary Bate Allen, Martha Allen and Elizabeth Allen, Joshua 
Freeman and John Bate Allen, Exrs. Test, Wm. P. Boyce, John 

Avis, Sawyer, Eeb'y 13, 1790; May Term 1790. Sons Abraham 
and Joseph, daughters Sawyer Burlingham and Winnie Smithwick, 
daughter Elizabeth Whitfield, son Joseph, William Burlingham and 
John Smithwick. Test, Christian Reed, Winnefred Carter. 

Armistead, William, Sr., July 19, 1791; February Term 1791. 
Wife Sarah, sons John, William, Robert, Jordan and Starkey, daugh- 
ters Elizabeth Turner, Sarah, Mary and Priscilla Armistead, (wife 
sons John, Robert and William Exrs.). Test, Thos. Stewart, John 
Bromley, Elizabeth Maer. 

Burn, John, August 4, 1773 ; May Court 1774. Daughter Janet 
Stewart, son Andrew, daughter Margaret, brother Andrew's daughter 
Nancy Burn, brother Andrew Burn Exr. Test, Ed Razor, Louisa 
Worley, Ann Read. 

Burn, Andrew, Feb'y 10, 1781; August, Term 1781. Sons John, 
James and Levy Burn, daughters Mary and Ann Burn, Capt. Chris- 
topher Clark to take son Levi's Estate in charge, sons John and James 
Exrs. Test, Charles Hodgson, Andrew Burn, Jr., Richard Gill. 

Burn, Andrew, August 6, 1786 ; August Term 17S6. Nephews 
Joseph and Miles Hopkins, cousins Levy, Ann Burn, John James and 
Jane Burn, John Burn and Luke Collins Exrs. Test, Nancy Hop- 
kins, Thos. Ashburn. 

Blake, James, Jan'y 21 , 1783 ; Feb'y Term 1783. Brother Walter 
Blake's two youngest children, Wm. McKenzie Exr. 

Barnes, John, Dec. 9, 1783. February Term 1784. Wife Eliza- 
beth, sons John, Solomon and Kedar, daughter Edee Carter (wife of 


Abstract of Bertie County' Wills. 


William), daughters Milly Barnes, Sarah Jones, Elizabeth Sholar, 
(wife of Benjamin) and Mary Dunnin (wife of Shadrach), grand-son 
Bight Barnes, son Solomon and Benj. Sholar Exrs. Test, Henry 
Barnes, John Sholar, James Sholar. 

Barnes, John, St., August 13, 1773 ; May Court 1773. Wife Kath- 
arine, eldest son John, son Henry, grand-daughter Lucy Haze, grand- 
son Isaac Jenkins, children Sarah, Lucy, Soloman, Zilpha and Han- 
nah, sons John and Henry Exrs. Test, Jas. Cobb, Herbert Pritchard. 

Brown, Jenny, Eeb'y 17, 1762. Son Arthur Brown, daughters 
Mary, Elizabeth, Sarah and Priscilla, Son Arthur and Arthur Bell 
Exrs. Test, Henry Abbott, Martha Williams. 

Brown, Arthur, "Sept. 16, 1783; Eebruary Term 1785. Wife 
Mary, sons Jesse and Arthur, daughters Mary Yo\mg and Betsey 
Brown, sons Peterson, Henry and Stephen Brown, Thos. Young, sons 
Jesse and Arthur Exrs. Test, Nicholas Bryant, Stephen Andrews. 

Bryan Edward*, February 27, 1762. Wife Martha, daughters 
Mary, Martha, Elizabeth, Ann and Sarah, sons Thomas and Edward, 
daughter Janet, child in esse, (wife, Wm. Gray, Edw'd Razor and 
Thomas Whitmell, Jr., Exrs.) Test, John Nichols, Thos. Shehan, 
Miles Shehan. 

Bryan, Martha (widow of Edward), May 22, 1777 ; August Court 
1777. Sons Thomas and Edward, daughters Mary Lockhart, Martha 
Bryan, Elizabeth Bryan, Winnefred Bryan, Ann Ryan, Sarah Ba- 
ker and Janette Hill, Wm. Gray, son Thomas and Jonathan Jacocks 
Exrs. Test, Jonathan Jacocks, Elizabeth Jacocks. 

Bryan, Thomas, Dec. 4, 1788 ; February Term 1789. Sisters Ann 

♦Edward Bryan was the son of Lewis Bryan and wife Elizabeth Hunter, 
of Surry Co., Va. They came from Surry Co., Va., to Bertie Co., N. C, in 
1713. Edward Bryan married Martha West, daughter of Thomas West and 
wife Martha Blount (daughter of John Blount and wife Elizabeth Davis). 
John Blount was the son of James Blount and wife Ann, who removed from 
Isle-of-Wight Co.. Va., to Chowan Co., N. C, in 1669. Elizabeth Davis was 
the daughter of John and Mary Davis, and grand-daughter of John Burton, 
died in 1687. They were of Henrico Co., Va. Thos. West was the son of Robert 
West and wife Martha Cullen, daughter of Thomas Cullen (member of the 
Governor's Council in 1670). After the death of Robert West, his widow 
married Gov. Thos. Pollock, in 1690. She had four sons by Robert West, 
viz: Col. Robert, Thomas, Richard and John West. By her second mar- 
riage to Governor Thos. Pollock, there was issue, Cullen, Thomas and 
George PollQck. and daughter Martha Pollock married Thomas Bray, of New 
Kent Co,, Va. Mrs. Martha Pollock was born in Dover, England, in 1663, 
and died in 1700. She and her second husband. Thomas Pollock, are interred 
In Sc. Paul's Cemetery. Edenton, N. C. (Their remains were removed from" 
Bal-Gra, in Bertie Co., N. C, about twelve years ago.) Edward Bryan lived 
and died at or near Black Walnut Point in Bertie Co., at the mouth of 
Chowan River. His daughter Mary married George Lockhart. Elizabeth 
died unmarried. Sarah married Thomas Baker, Ann married James Ryan, 
Janet married first^fcafehamrt Hill, second Thos. Whitmell Pugh, child in 
esse — Winifred became the first wife of George Durant Reed. Sons Thomas 
and Edward never married. Daughter Martha died unmarried. 

x &*<*ffkee< 


Abstkact of Bertie Couxty Wills. 

Ryan, Sarah Baker, Janettc Pugh and Winnefred Beed, sisters Mar- 
tha and Elizabeth Bryan, brother Edward Bryan, Thos. Whitmell 
Pugh and Daniel Worley Exrs. Test, Wm. Jordan, Wm. Smith, 
Thos. By an. 

Bryan, Edward, May 2, 1799; May Term 1799. Sisters Martha 
Bryan and Janette Pugh, nephews Edward Bryan Reed and West 
Reed, nephew Edward Ryan, nephew Edward Bryan Baker, nephew 
Durant Reed, Sister Sarah Baker (wife of Thomas), and her children 
Martha, Susanna, Elizabeth, Sarah and Mary Baker, Thos. Whit- 
mell Pugh, George Durant Reed, Thomas Bryan and Jonathan Ja- 
cocks Exrs. Test, Wm. Benson, Benj. Cooke. 

Bryan, jSTeedham, Sept. 23rd, 1767. Wife Sarah, grand-son Wil- 
liam Bryan (son of William), grand-sons Ezekiel, Williams, Lewis 
Gardner and Joseph Garnighan, and my daughter's son William her 
first born, Susannah Harrell, young Jacob Jernagan, sons William 
and Xeedham, daughter Bachel, son-in-law William Whitfield. Test, 
Wm. Turner, James Turner, Joseph Turner. 

Bryan, Jesse, Augt. 24, 1775. Son William, daughter Catharine, 
wife Elizabeth, daughter Mourning, wife Exx. Test, Jas. Mont- 
gomery, Jas. Churchwell, Wm. Cole. 

Bryan, Michael, April 25, 1794; May Term 1794. Wife Olive, 
son jSTeedham, daughter Martha, sons Jesse and Elisha, daughter Sa- 
rah Harrell, Balus House and Henry Rulfin Exrs. Test, Edward 
Baker, Elizabeth Bearce, Sarah Smith. 

*Bryan, David, Jan'y 23, 1774; May Court 1777. Daughters 
Elizabeth and Mary Bryan, sons David and Joseph, daughters Peggy 
and Rebecca Bryan, Wm. Gray and Geo. Ryan Exrs. Te'st, Richard 
Dillon, Thomas Bryan. 

Butterton, Joseph, Feb. 27, 1762. Son Robert, w T ife, daughter 
Elizabeth, sons Joseph, John and James, (wife, Wm. Rice and son 
Robert Exrs.). Test, Wm. Rice, James Hollam. 

Butterton, Bobert, Jan'y 11, 1785 ; Feb'y Term 1785. Wife Sa- 
rah, Abraham Perry and Herbert Pritchard Exrs. Test, Herbert 
Pritchard, David Cttrry, James MeLain. 

Bass, Thomas, March 20, 1764. Eldest son John, son Jacob, 
eldest daughter Mary Bass, youngest daughter Isbell Bass, Jeremiah 
and Embry Bunch Exrs. Test, Thomas Bass, Jeremiah Bunch, 
Thomason Bass, Embry Bass. 

Bass, Cader, 1790; Feb'y Term 1791. Daughter Bersheba Bass, 
wife and George West Exrs. Test, Mourning Brown, Ana'elical 

♦David Bryan was the son of Simon Bryan (son of Lewis and wu'e Eliza- 
beth Hunter), and his second wife Mrs. Elizabeth B. Armour, widow of John 

Armour and daughter of David Bailey and wife , of Pasquotank Co., 

N. C. 


Abstract of Bertie County Wiles. 


Bales, Eden, (about 1762). Joseph Andrews (young man living 
with me) wife Bebecca, son John, wife and Bobert West Exrs. Test, 
George Lockhart, And. Burn, Bobt. West. 

Bond, Thomas, Aug. 10, 1767. Son John, grand-son Thomas 
Bond,grand-daughter Elizabeth and Benelope Bond,daughters Martha 
House and Mary Moore, sons Lewis and James, sons John and Thomas 
Exrs. Test, Jacob Jernigan, Wm. Turner, James Turner. 

Bond, John, May 1st, 1793; Xov. Term 1793. Wife Anne, fur- 
niture John Smith, Sr., gave my wife, daughter Elizabeth Eason, 
son Thomas, daughter Benelope House, son-in-law Abner Eason and 
Aaron Spivey Exrs. Test, Thos. Bond, Jacob Howard, Timothy 
Brogdon, James King. 

Bond, Thomas, Eeb'y 7, 1795; May Term 1795. Sons Lewis and 
John, daughter Sarah, Man- and Elizabeth Bond, Lewis Bond and 
Xoah Thompson Exrs. Test, Arthur Jernagan, Charles Ward, Sil- 
vanus Uriah Boberts. 

Blackwell, Micajah, April 6, 1765; March Court 1771. Daugh- 
ters Elizabeth, Judeth and Batienee, son John, (wife Batience, Thom- 
as Bugh and Edward Cushion Exrs.). Test, Wm. Dement, Able 
Harrell, Elizabeth Sperry. 

Belote, William, May 7. 1770; Dec. Court 1771. Sons Beleg, 
William and John, daughters Bridget and Anne, wife, son John and 
son-in-law Thos. Hook Exrs. Test, Jas. Swinhow Grover, Kenneth 

Belote, Silas, Oct. 8, 1792; February Term 1794. Wife Ameli- 
cent, wife's son William Ward, wife and Joseph Jordan Exrs. Test, 
Jas. Brice, Sarah Bussell. 

Belote, John, July 15, 1794; Xov. Term 1796. Son Xoah, daugh- 
ters Elizabeth and Sally Leggett, son Thomas, daughter Catharine 
Carter, daughters Ann, Amelia and Louisa, son William, daughters 
Clarissa and Tabitha Smith, grand-son John Bentley, grand-daughter 
Erances Belote, wife and son-in-law Thomas West Exrs. Test, Wm. 
Gray, Elinor Gray. 

Belote, Amcia, Xov. 4, 1797; Xov. Term 1797. Sisters Lucy and 
Clarissa, brother William Belote, niece Clarissa Belote, Xoah and 
Thomas Belote Exrs. Test, Ann Davis, Lewis Belote. 

Belote, Catharine, Jan'y 21, 1798 ; Feb'y Term 1798. Daughters 
Clarissa and Louisa, sons Thomas and William, daughter Frances 
Belote, John Kittrell, Exr. Test, James Stuart, Wm. Brogdon. 

Barfield, Samuel, Xov. 8, 1775; Feb'y Court 1776. Wife Buth, 
daughter Elizabeth, son William, son Solomon and Ezekiel Wimberly 
Exrs. Test, John Vinson, Benj. Wimberly, Jesse Vann. 

Bunch, Henry, April 21, 1775; August Court 1775. Son Jere- 
miah, daughters Thomazin Bass, Susanna Summerlin, (wife of Laza- 

328 Abstract of Bertie County Wills. 

rus), Rachel Collins (wife of Joseph) and Mary Bass (wife of Isaac), 
Ann Crumie now living with me, son Embry, grand-son Zadock 
Bunch (son of Embrey), grand-son Cader Bass (son of Isaac), Peter 
Clifton Exr. Test, Joseph Collins, Josiah Collins, David Collins. 

Bunch, Embry, July 20, 1780 ; May Term 1789. Eldest son Mi- 
ca j ah, youngest son Zadock, daughters Mary, Nanney and Milley 
Bunch, (wife Elizabeth, Micajah Bunch and Cader Bass, Exrs.). 
Test, Herbert Pritchard, Jesse Hail, Mary Hail, Mary Standley. 

Bunch, Jeremiah, Sr., March S, 1796; Feb'y Term 179S. Sons 
Henry, Jeremiah, Nehemiah, Frederick and William, daughter Man- 
ney Collins, Solomon Cherry Exr. Test, Jonathan Standley. Whit- 
mell Whitaker. 

Brogdon, Mary July 23, 1777. i Son Frederick Brogdon, Thos. 
Bond and Noah Hinton Exrs. Test, Noah Hinton, Wm. Boon. 

Brogdon, John, Nov. 25, 1794 ; Feb'y Term 1795. Daughters Ta- 
mer Brogdon, Charity Skyles, son David, grand-son William Brog- 
don, wife and son William Exrs. Test, David Turner, Timothy 
Brogdon, Moses Brogdon. 

Baker, Jonathan, Feb'y 3, 1785 ; May Term 1785. Wife Susan- 
na, sons John and Laury, daughters Winne, Betsey, Lua and Peggy 
Baker, Wm. Cherry and son John Exrs. Test, Robt. Jenkins. John 
Oliver, Seth Riddick. 

Baker, Thomas, Dec. 5, 1795; Nov. Term 179S. Daughters Mary 
Oxley and Sarah Sowel, son Levi, grand-children, Levi, George, Wil- 
liam, Jonathan, Sarah and John Baker (children of John), grand- 
children John Freeman Baker and Selah Baker (children of Blake 
Baker), son Blake and Wm. Morris Exrs. Test, Jas. Barradail, 
Elizabeth Lucas. 

Bagley, Thomas, Apl. 5, 1785. Wife Sarah, brother-in-law Da- 
vid Yeats Exrs. Test, Constantine Riddick, Cader Cooper. 

Boyd, Martha, Aug. 20, 1779; Feb'y Term 1790. Cousin Lewis 
Jernigan, (son of William) Thomas Bond and John Hinton Exrs. 
Test, Benj. Jernagan, Thos. Hill, Chas. Morgan. 

Bazemore, John, Sr., July 10, 1789; May Term 1790. Sons 
John, Thomas, James and William, daughters Tamer Sowed, (wife 
of Francis), Sarah Thomas (wife of Josiah) grand-children Michael, 
Jordan, Josiah, Elizabeth and Sarah Thomas, daughter Elizabeth 
White, (wife of William), Jesse and William Bazemore and Francis 
Pngh Exrs. Test, Francis Pugh, Josiah Collins, o r chn Daughtry. 

Butler, Tobias, Augt. 17, 1791; Nov. Term 1791. Wife^Kesiah, 
eldest son John, brother William, son Jethro, nephew Samuel Butler 
of South Carolina, daughters Elizabeth and Polly Butler, sons Wil- 
liam and Simon, niece T empty Harrell daughter of Jesse), sister 

Abstract of Bertie County Wills. 329 

Hester Raby, John Acree, Jr., and Joseph Horn Exrs. Test, Edw'd 
Acree, Benj. Wimberly, Wm. Rasco. 

Bentley, Martha, February Term 1795. Nephew John Bentley, 
James and William Bentley, Jerry Belote, Henry Belote Exr. Test, 
.Zedekiah Stone, Sion Friar. 

Boyce, William, February 1, 1795 ; Fall Term 1795. Wife Jude, 
children Jesse, William, Penny, Hardy, Levi, Hezekiah and Eliza- 
beth Boyce, two of the children of my last wife, wife and HenryBe- 
lote Exrs. Test, Zedekiah Stone, James Bentley. 

Barry, Thomas, of Windsor, Bertie Co., 1ST. C, July 22, 1795; 
Nov. Term 1795. Jobn Wolfenden and David Stone, brother John 
Barry of County Cork, Kingdom of Ireland ; John Wolfenden Exr. 
Test, Henry Flury, Thos. Morris. 

Boghart, Daniel, Aug. 7, 1796 ; Nov. Term 1796. William Pugh, 
(son of William), Henrv Pugh Exr. Test, Henry Pugh, Augustine 

Biram, John, Feb'y 18, 1799 ; May Term 1799. Sons James and 
William, daughters Nancy Cannady and Judy White, daughters Mary 
and Esther Biram, all my children, son James and Moses Gilliam 
Exrs. Test, Wm. Sowell, Thamer Sowell. 

Barrudial, Joseph, March 12, 1762. Wife Mary, sons Abraham 
and John, Mary Wood, grand-child James Wood (son of Dempse\) ? 
.Abraham Barrudial and Mary Wood Exr. and Exx. Test, John 
Bazemore, Wm. Mitchell, James Mitchell. 

Brogdon, David, May 11, 1762. Wife Mary, sons Johnand Fred- 
erick, daughter Susanna Brogdon, wife and Jacob Jenning Exrs. Test 
Luke Lott, Mary Keel, Geo. Diccard. 

Brogdon, John, Feb'y IS, 1772 ; Nov. Term 1771. Wife Baliza, 
sons John and Patterson. Test, John Brogdon, Robert Knocks. 

Bonner, William, Sept. 15, 1775; Nov. Court 1775. Sons Wil- 
liam and John, wife Ann, son George, daughters Penelope White and 
Sarah Billups, son William one half my lots in Edenton, N. C, also 
half of land giving to my brother Thomas Bonner, daughters Martha 
and Ann Bonner, sons Miles and Thomas, if child in esse, grand-son 
William Dausey, wife, James Moore and son William Exrs. Test, 
Wm. Matthews, Peter Yeates, John Yeates. 

-Boghart, Daniel, Augt. 1, 1796; Nov. Term 1796. Wife Sarah 
and her brothers and sisters, Molly Willey, William Kittrell, George 
Kittrell, Charity Kittrell and Elizabeth Kittrell, Thomas Collins and 
James Rhodes. Test, James Rhodes, Josiah West. 

Barfield, Thomas, March 23, 1768. Wife Colonv. son Thanes, 
daughter Mary, daughter Elizabeth Watson, Wm. Rutland, Willis 
Galium, Titus Edwards, John Derment Exrs. Test, John Acree, 
Edw'd Collinas, Wm. Freeman. 

330 Abstract of Beetle County Wills. 

Campbell, John, April 19, 1777 ; Feb'y Court 1781. Wife Martha 
whom I married July 6, 1777, grand-son John Campbell (son of 
James) grand-son Thomas Brownrigg, grand-daughters Mary, Jane 
and Sarah Brownrigg, daughter Sarah Meredith, grand-son John 
Brownrigg, son James, brother James Campbell, sisters Mary and 
Elizabeth, son-in-law Capt. David Meredith, (son James, Capt. James 
Leslie, of Halifax, X. C, Benjamin McCulloch and Capt. Bobert 
Hardy, of Eden ton Exrs.), Trustees and Guardians in the first year 
of this State's Independence, which may God long prosper and pre- 
serve, Amen. Test, John jSTicholls, W. Xicholls, Aaron Boulton. 

Campbell, Cornelius, Sept. 14, 1762. Wife Elizabeth, all my 
children John, James and Cornelius Campbell, David Byan and wife 
Exrs. Test, Mary Clarke, Jas. Byan, Geo. Byan. 

Campbell, James, Dec. 9, 1795 ; Feb'y Term 1798. Sons George 
and James, Mount Gould, daughters Sarah, Elizabeth, Marv and 
Martha Campbell, sons George and John, and John Brownrigg Exrs. 
Test, Jos. A. Brown, Jno. Campbell, H. Hardy. 

Charlton, Jasper, Sept. 3,1780; August Court 1782. Wife Abi- 
gail whom I appoint my Exx. Test, John Johnston. 

Charlton, Jasper, Feb'y 2, 1797; May Term 1797. Wife Eliza- 
beth, Elizabeth Urquhart, Jr., son Francis David Charlton, daughter 
Elizabeth Charlton, Geo. West and David Stone Exrs. Test, John 
McGlauhon, John Baper, John Hagan. 

Cobb, Henry, Sept. 29, 1763. Wife Mary, sons John and James, 
all my children, wife Exx. Test, Win. Hardy (son of Lamb), Mary 
Vandaford, Abraham Morris. 

Cobb, Caesar, April 12, 1783; Augt. Term 1791. Wife Phillis, 
daughter Bolly, grand-son Sceaser Chavis, George West and Stevens 
Gray Exrs. Test, Wm. Gray, Thos. Lee. 

Cobb, James, Oct. 9, 1792 ; Nov. Term 1792. Sons Henry, Jesse, 
William and James, wife Elizabeth, my daughters (brother-in-law 
Wm. McGlauhan, and cousin Wm. Barrott Hardy and wife Exrs.). 
Test, John Capehart, John Cobb, Sarah Speight. 

Craft, John, June 10, 1760. Sons Thomas, Samuel and James, 
daughters Martha Wimberly, Sarah and Lucy Craft, Sarah Wimber- 
ly (daughter of Benjamin), daughter Sarah and son Thomas Exrs. 
Test, Marv Highsmith, Luke Lott. 

Cusion,' Edward, April 14, 1769. Wife Catharine. Test, Thos. 
Bond, Jacob Jernigan. 

Cake, John, Dee. 8, 1770; March, 1771. Wife Mary, daughter 
Elizabeth Hughes and Maybee Cowand, son John, daughter Ann 
Filgo, grand-sons William Cake, William Cowand and James Hughes, 
sonBobert and Wm. Hardy Exrs. Test, Thos. Morris, Batience Mor- 
ris, William Todd. 

Abstract of Beetie County Wiels. 


Gake, John, June 19, 1795; May Term 1796. Wife, daughters 
Charlotte Hughes and Ann Hughes (wife of George Hughes), 
my wife's first born. Eobert Henry and Wm. Eilgo Exrs. 

Cuniffe, John, April 13, 1771 ; June Court 1771. John Campbell 
of Lazy Hill to get my watch in hands of Dr. Charles Mortimer, to 
Richard Brownrigg my sword, to James Campbell, my case of pistols, 
brother ]\Ialachi Cuniffe, Island of Jamaica, sister Ellen Eelley, John 
Campbell, Sr., Eatrick Blake, of Jamaica, sister Margaret Davis of 
the same Island. Test, John Ramsey. 

Cherry, Solomon, Xov. 11, 1773 ; August Court 1777. Daughters 
Mary Jenkins, Martha and Elizabeth Cherry, wife Sarah, sons James 
and Solomon, sons William and Cader Exrs. Test, Benj. Berry, 
Thos. Berry, Embrey Bunch. 

Carter, Robert, August 30, 1783; Xov. Term 1784. Sons Isaac, 
George and Robert, daughters Rachel and Olive, son Michael, son 
George and James Purvis Exrs. Test, James Purvis, Matthew 
Hodges, Alan Hodges. 

Capehart, Michael, March 12, 1778. Eldest sons George, Michael, 
William, James and John, brother John (wife Frances, son Michael, 
brother George and brother-in-law Wm. Hardy Exrs.) Test, Sarah 
Hardy, Martha Razor, Sophia Razor. 

Cook, William, April 6, 1785 ; August Term 1785. Wife Mary, 
sons John and Joel, daughter Elizabeth Morris, sons Demsey, Reuben 
and William, sons John and Joel Exrs. Test, Sam'l Dunning, Wm. 
Morris, John Morris. 

Critchet, John, Jan'y 23, 1778; May Term 1788. §ons Thomas 
and Richard, also Exrs. Test, Edward Griffin, Elizabeth Griffin, 
Cader Cooper. 

Cureton, John, Dec. 15, 17S8 ; Feb'y Term 1789. Wife Rachel, 
children William and Betsey, Perry Tyler, Moses Moore and James 
Moore, Sr. Test, Demsey Harrell, James Seay, Perry Tyler. 

Churchwell, James, Sept. 9, 1789 ; Xov. Term 1789. Son Henry, 
daughter Xancy Deanes, and Elizabeth Bryan, wife Ann, children 
Mary, Edward, Jeremiah, Thomas, Allen, Batience, Sarah, William 
and Martha Churchwell, Absalom Carney and Xoah Hinton Exrs. 
Test, Wm. Harrell, Reuben Harrell, Samuel Deanes. 

Galium, Hezekiah, April 8, 1793; May Term 1793. Brothers-in- 
law Joel Holland and Solomon Barnes. Test, John Allen, Ann Allen. 

Galium, Mary, Augt. 15, 1791; Augt. Term 1797. Elizabeth, 
John, James and Charles Thompson, John Thompson (son of Wil- 
liam), Wm. Thompson Exr. Test, David Stone, E. Charlton. 

Clements, George, Jan'y 18, 1791 ; May Term 1794. Wife Eliza- 
beth, sons Isaac, William, George, Charlton and Hardy, John Bierce 


Absteact of Bertie County Wills. 

and son William Exrs. Test, Joseph Jordan, Jane Ward, Joseph 

Cockran, Thomas, May 12, 179S ; August Term 179S. Wife 
Elizabeth, sons Edward and Thomas, daughters Mary, Sarah, Jane, 
and Ann Cockran, Jas. Wilson and Charlton Witherington Exrs. 
Test, Charlton Hobbs, Margaret Robertson, Walter McFarlane. 

Dempsey, Eatienqe, February 12, 1764. j$£ps Thorogood, James 
Joshua and Isaac Dempsey, daughters Amy, Call and Mary, grand- 
son Isaac, grand-child Billy Dempsey, grand-daughter Patience Demp- 
sey, grand-daughter Sarah Brantley, daughter Mary in trust for her 
father, John Pearson and John Nicholls Exrs. Test, Ceo. Ryan, 
Wm. Ashley, John Andrews. 

Draughan, Walter, Dec. 5, 1758. Daughters Thomazin and Brid- 
gett, grand-son Thomas and Robert Draughan, sons John and Robert, 
son James, son John and Robert Exrs. Test, John Cake, John Out- 
law, Edward Outlaw. 

Davison, John, Oct. 10, 1768; March 24, 1772. Wife Edy, sons 
William, John and Amos, daughter Elizabeth Davison, wife Exx. 
Test, Humphrey Hardy, David Freeman. 

Davison, John, Apl. 30, 1779 ; May Court 1779. Wife Elizabeth, 
daughter Sarah, son Smithwick, Luke Smithwick, Senear Smithwick 
and Leah Smithwick, (wife John Hyman and John Averit, of Mar- 
tin Countv, Exrs. Test, David Davidson, Wm. Pender. 


Dillard, George, June 9, 17S0 ; Xov. Term 17S0. Sister 


faife Elizabeth 
and wife Eliza- 
Son William, 

Dillard, Ezekiel Blanchard, Siller Dillard and Wm 
Test, Wm. Andrews, Benj. Parker. 

Dwyer, Morgan, Dec. 5, 1786 ; Feb'y Term 17S7. 
brothers Dennis and John Dwyer, brother Patrick 
beth Exrs. Test, Oh as. King, Thomas King. 

Dwyer, Dennis, Oct. 20, 1770 ; Nov. Term 1790 
daughters Eleanor, Sarah and Ann, (wife Winnefred, John Wolfen- 
den and James Burn Exrs. Test, Thos. Barry, James Warren, John 
F. Brown. 

Dwyer, Elizabeth, Augt. 1, 1793 ; jNTov. Term 1795. Son Wil- 
liam King, daughter Ann Speight, sons Charles and Henry 
King, grand-son Henry King Benton, daughters Martha Britt and 
Catharine Arnold, son Henry King and son-in-law Richard Arnold 
Exrs. Test, Joseph Parker, Thomas Parker. 

Dargan. Jeremiah, Nov. 6, 1786; Feb'y Term 1787. Wife Ann, 
her mother, all her brothers and sisters, except her sister Sarah Hi- 
man, her part to go to her two daughters Sarah and Ann Himan ; Wil- 
liam Dargan, Dorcas Miller and Timothy Dargan (Joshua Freeman, 
Sam'l Moore, Ephraim Weston, Jr., and wife Ann Exrs.). Test, 
Ephraim Weston, Thos. Sheehan, Wm. Watson. 


■-"■ ■'*>■{ 

■ I 

■ 5 


Abstract of Bertie County Wiles. 


Dawson, Richard, March 25, 1796; May Term 1796.- Susanna 
Evans daughter of Michael and Margaret Evans, six silver table and 
six silver tea spoons marked R. P. D. nephew George Dawson, sisters 
Ann Sebree and Elizabeth Dawson, brother George Dawson's chil- 
dren, viz. : Jane, Hannah, James and George Dawson, brothers John 
Castellaw and William Dawson, George Outlaw and David Tayloe 
Exrs. Test, Miles Bonner, James Yeats, H. Hardy. 

Davis, George, March 14, 1797 ; Augt. Term 1797. Wife Eliza- 
beth, youngest son Miles Davis, all my children, Thos. Sutton Exrs. 
Test, Elizabeth Davis, Henry Cobb. 

Edwards, Titus, Augt. 28, 17S5 ; Nov. Term 17S5. Eldest son 
David, daughters Winnefred and Elizabeth Edwards, sons Isom and 
William, wife Rachel, daughters Sarab, Mary and Catharine Ed- 
wards; wife and son Isom Exrs. Test, Fred'k Lassiter, Jas. Bate, 
Jas. Bentley. 

Edwards, William, Sr., Augt. 7, 1785; Xov. Term 17S5. Sons 
Thomas, Benjamin, John, William, Absalom and Nathan, wife Ta- 
bitha, daughters Mary and Dorcas Edwards, brother Titus Edwards 
and son Nathan Exrs. Test, Wm. Thomson, Elisha Summerlin. 

Early, James, Mch. 30, 1786; May Term 1786. Wife Grace, 
eldest son Shadrach, son John, daughters Sarah and Christian Early, 
daughters Elizabeth Jenkins, Lavinia Mitchell and Mary Baker, sons 
John and Shadrach Exrs. Test, Levi Baker, Benj. Early, William 

Early, Shadrach, Jan'y 29, 179S; May Term 1798. Wife Sally 2 
sons James and Thomas, daughters Lavinia and Nancy, brother John 
Early Exr, Test, Wm. Morris, Sr., John Williford. " * 

Eason, Abner, Nov. 7, 1792 ; May Term 1792. Wife Rachel, chil- 
dren Abner, Joseph, George Eason, Absillah Rhodes and Sarah Perry, 
grand-sons Jethro and Robert Lassiter, grand-daughters Rachel Gar- 
rett and Sarah Eason (daughters of Jacob Eason, dec'd), sons Abner 
and Joseph Exrs. Test, Wm. Cherry, Thos. Bond, Ezekiel Thomas. 

Evans, Michael, Dec. 17, 1795 ; May Term 1796. Brother Benja- 
min Evans, daughter Susanna Cotench Evans, my brothers and sis- 
ters, (Geo. West, Jno. Wolfenden and Richard Evans Exrs.). Test, 
Thos. Ryan Butler, George Outlaw, Sr. 

Freeman, William, Sept. 30, 1781; Feb'y Term 1782. Wife Ta- 
bitha, daughter Mary Burk, grand-daughters (daughters of my daugh- 
ter Frances Mackeral), sons John and Robert, land in Norfolk and 
Norfolk Co., Va., (wife, son Robert and Noah Hinton Exrs.) Test, 
Noah Hinton. 

Freeman, John, Dec. 7, 1782 ; May Term 1785. Wife Sarah, her 
former husbands Henry Winborne and Isme Rascoe, daughter Eliza- 
beth Baker (wife of James), sons Solomon, Elisha, John Moses 


Abstract or Bertie County Wills. 

and Aaron, Starkey Sh'arpe, James Wilson and son Solomon Exrs. 
Test, David Vallentine, Penelope Fleetwood, James Campbell. 

Freeman, King, Feb'y 2, 1793; May Term 1793. Son-in-law 
Blake Baker, daughter Christian Baker, grand-daughters Elizabeth 
and Sarah Baker, grand-son John Freeman Baker, John Rice (son 
of James, Win. Rice son of my wife, wife Sarah and her son James 
Rice Exrs. Test, David Pruden, Wright Wiliford, Wm. Baker. 

Freeman, John, 1793; Xov. Term 1793. Sons Charles, Hardy 
and Jeremiah, daughters Rachel Outlaw, Leach Lurry, Millicent 
Perry, Christian Xorfleet, Delilah Ward and Elizabeth Freeman, 
sen John, wife Sarah, brother Joshua Freeman, (sons Charles and 
Hardy, and Timothy Walton Exrs. Test, James Outlaw, Lewis Out- 

Freeman, Joshua, Augt. 24, 1794 ; Xov. Term 1794. Wife Marv, 
sons James, William, Joshua and Jacob, daughters Christian Wood, 
Mary Copeland (wife of Samuel Harrell), Sarah Sutton, Celia Camp- 
bell, (Thos. Sutton, sons William and Jacob Exrs.). Test, James 
Jones, Hardy Freeman, Tim'y Walton. 

Freeman, Solomon, Apl. 23, 17S8 ; May Term 178S. Wife Mar- 
tha, sons Joseph and Francis, daughter Anna Freeman, sons John and 
David, daughter Sarah, son James, my father John Freeman dec'd, 
if child in esse, James Cherry and James Wilson Exrs. Test, Wm. 
Cherry, Wm. Barrudial. 

Fry, Cethring, Dec. IS, 1781; Feb'y Term 1782. Son Thomas 
Cockran, daughter Sarah Cochran, son John Cockran, Xancy and 
Mary Lord, Mary Sorel, James Wilson and Robert Hendry Exrs. 
Test, Robert Hardy, James Wilson. 

Fields, John. Sept. 8, 1782 ; Nov. Term 1783. Joseph Hopkins 
to keep until I come home from the war, or die, then to give my 
estate to my brother Humphrey Lawrence, Joseph and Daniel Hopkins 
Exrs. Test, Happy Hopkins, Angelina Hopkins. 

Fleewood, William, June 12, 1769. Sons Henry and William, 
daughters Mary Cake, Susannah Sanderlin, Ann Cook and Winnefred 
Weston, sons John and James, daughter Elizabeth, son Edmond, 
daughters Sarah and Judith, son Thomas Wygans, daughter Char- 
lotte, son Hardy, daughter Penny, (wife Elizabeth, son James and 
William Hardv Exrs. Test, Edwd. Hardy, John Hardy, James Bate. 

Fleetwood, Henry, Augt, 15, 1773; May Court 1774. Son Wil- 
liam Hooten Fleetwood, daughters Sarah and Elizabeth, wife Sarah, 
brothers-in-law, William and John Hooten and cousin William Hardv 
and wife Exrs. Test, Wm. Hooten, Elisha Ashburn, John Fleet- 

Filgo, Anthony, Oct. 24, 1776; May Court 1777. Wife Ann, 
daughters Mary Laughton and Ann Todd, son-in-law James Laugh- 


Abstract of Bertie County Wiles. 335 

ton and Thomas Slatter Exrs. Test, Thomas Slatter, Olive Oxley, 
Elizabeth Hughes. 

Friar, Sion, Jan'y 25, 1795; Feb'y Term 1795. Henry Belote to 
sell and divide all my property among my friends except my Surtoot 
Coat which I give to brother Willis Cooper. Test, Lemuel Todd, Wil- 
liam Sullivent. 

Farmer, Joseph, July 21, 17^0 ; Nov. Term 1796. Sons Luke, 
Joseph, James, William, Join, Josiah and Jesse, wife Sarah, son 
King, daughters Elizabeth, Sarah, Winne, Judah and Rachel Far- 
mer, Ephraim Mitchell and John Early Exrs. Test, William Cher- 
ry, William Mitchell, Silva Scott. 

Fleetwood, William, Sr., July 3, 1792; Feb'y Term 1799. Son 
William, daughter Ann Stanton, sons John, Henry and Ashley, 
daughters Susanna, Mary, Elizabeth and Penelope, wife Elizabeth, 
sons William and John and wife Eliabeth Exrs. Test, William P. 
Hardy, Edmond Fleetwood. 

•Gliston, James, Dec. 17, 1774; Nov. Term 1781. Jacob Gliston 
son of my brother Daniel, Elizabeth Keel (daughter of Elizabeth 
Keel dec'd), brother John Gliston, sister Sarah Gliston, brothers John 
and David Gliston Exrs. Test, Noah Hinton, Thomas Hill, Arthur 

Gliston, Sarah, Sept. 17, 1783; Aug. Term 1784. Cousin Eliza- 
beth Keel. Test, Anna Hinton, Wm. Hinton. 

Gliston, Daniel, Oct. 24, 1787; Augt, Term 3790. Daughters 
Anna and Sarah Gliston, also appoint them my Exxs. Test, Arthur 

Gardner, Martin, March 26, 178 — ; August Term 1784. Sons 
John and Martin Gardner, sons Bryan and James Gardner, daughters 
Sarah and Ann Gardner, wife Sarah, son John and Noah Hinton 
Exrs. Test, Noah Hinton, Sally Gardner, Wm. Bryan. 

Gardner, James, Sept, 12, 1790 ; Nov. Term 1790. Wife Mary, 
sons Averet and William, daughter Phereby Holmes (wife of Shad- 
rach), heirs of my deceased brothers William, Martin and John Gard- 
ner, son Alexander, daughters Mary Harrell, Elizabeth Harrell, Win- 
ney Gardner, Patience James and Celia Gardner. Test, Wm. Rasco, 
Joseph Holland, Wm. Ruffin. 

Gliston, Ann, May 4, 1795 ; August Term 1795. Children Leah 
and Right Gliston, Arthur Jernagan and Noah Thompson Exrs. Test, 
Sela Glisson, Wm. Thompson. 

Gough, John, Jan. 5, 1762. Son Charles, cousin Wm. Gough, 
youngest son Lewis, Hardy Hayes and William Gough Exrs. Test, 
Jumes Pervis, Hardy Hays, Wm. Gough. I. Witnesses. 

Green, Thomas, Oct. 5, 1760. Sons John, Joseph and Thomas, 
daughter-in-law Hannah Green, son-in-law Benjamin Hooker, wife 

330 Abstract of Bertie County Wills. 

Elizabeth, daughters Ann, Elizabeth and Sarah. Test, Wm. Hosea, 
Jos. Williams, Jr., John Williams. 

Granberry, Samuel, Nov. 9, 1774. My wife and little son. 
Thomas Rhodes. 

Griffin, Edward, June 22, 1790 ; Augt. Term 1790. Wife Pene- 
lope, son William, daughters Sarah and Elizabeth Griffin, wife and 
son William Exrs. Test, Thos. Yeats, William Yeats. 

Gray, Stevens, Oct. 24, 1794; Eeb'y Term 1796. Father Wm. 
Gray, Joseph Blount, of Edenton, sister Elinor Gray, brother Wm. 
Lee, father, brother Wm. Gray and Joseph Blount Exrs. Test, Anth. 

Garrett, Jesse, Oct, 13, 1790; May Term 1797. Wife Bachel, 
sons Jesse, David and Jacob, daughter Celia Eley, sons Timothy and 
John, daughter Millie, son Thomas, daughters Penny, Mary and 
Elizabeth Garrett, son-in-law James Cherry Exr. Test, Timothy 
Walton, Wm. Laine. 

Grimes, Samuel, July 12, 1783 ; August Term 17S3. Wife Fere- 
bee*, all my children, wife and William Pugh Exrs. Test, William 
Bryan, Noah Ilinton, Jesse Bryan. 

Harrell, Lemuel, June 13, 1780; Feb'y Term 1781. Wife Mary, 
son Lemuel, my four children, Jonh Nancy, Elijah and Reuben Har- 
rell, Amos Harrell, Thomas Rhodes and William Andrews to divide 
my estate after the death or marriage of my wife, Amos. Harrell and 
Thomas Rhodes Exrs. Test, William AndreAvs, George Williams. 

Harrell, Kader, 1775; August Term 1781. Wife Agnes, sons 
Samuel, Kader and Drewry Harrell (wife, James Moore and Noah 
Hinton Exrs.). Test, Elizabeth Harrell, Samuel Grimes. 

Llarrell, John, June 3, 1781 ; August Term 1781. Thomas House 
(son of my sister Ruth House), half-brother George Williams, moth- 
er Ann Williams, sister Winnefred Harrell, George Williams and 
George House Exrs. Test, Noah Hinton, Thos. House, Malachi 

Llarrell, Israel Hardy, Augt. 3, 1780; May Term 1783. Mother 
Alice Owens, sister Grace Pierce, sisters Patience, Esther, Edith, 
Lveziah, and Delilah Owens, Noah Hinton, Josiah Harrell, Jr.. and 
Jesse Harrell Exrs. Test, William Rasco, Josiah Harrell, Noah 

Harrell, Josiah, Aug. 20, 1783; Nov. Term 1783. Daughters 
Fanny and Anna Harrell, Bailus House and Noah Thompson Exrs. 
Test, Geo. House, Noah Harrell, Noah Hinton. 

Harrell, Selah, May 13, 1783 ; Nov. Term 1783. Sister Pennv 

♦Wife Ferebee was the daughter of James Luten and wife Mary, nee 
Pugh, (daughter of Francis Pugh and wife Ferebee Savage.) This is I 
know to be correct. — Editor. 




Abstract of Bertie County Wills. 337 

Harrell, brother William Harrell, George Williams, Lewis Bryant, 
sister Penny Harrell and James House Exrs. Test, James House, 
Sarah House. 

Harrell, Francis, March, 1759. Wife Mary, sons Jacob, John 
and Francis, daughter Mary Averit, daughters Sarah Saulsbury and 
Elizabeth Harrell, sons William and Shadrach, daughter Martha 
Harrell, wife and Elias Hodges Exrs. Test, Wm. Turner, Wm. Wil- 
liams, Jas. Churchwell. 

Harrell, Ezekiel, April 11, 1761. Son Israel Hardy Harrell, wife 
Alee, daughter Grace Harrell, (Noah Hinton. Jesse and Josiah 
Harrell, Exrs.). Test, David Harrell, Sommprwell Barfield, Moses 

Harrell, David, Jan'y 5, 1767. Wife Charity, sons David and 
Noah, daughters Charity, Sarah, Mildred and Chloe Harrell, (Jo- 
soph Harrell, David Harrell and Noah Hinton Exrs.). Test, Benj. 
Wimberly, Wm. Vann. 

. Harrell, John, July 21, 1767. Sons Moses, Baley, Lemuel an 1 
Solomon Harrell, daughters Judah Higgs and Lucy Davenport, sons 
Amos and Gideon, sons Baley and Lemuel Exrs. Test, Nicholas 
Skinner, Jacob Harrell, John Higgs. 

Harrell Christopher, Mch. 21, 1772. My wife. Test, William 
Gupton, Mary Abington. 

Harrell, Samuel, Jan'y 19, 1770; Sept. Court 1772. Wife Eliza- 
beth, children Cader Harrell, Dorothy Billups, Ivesiah Bond and 
Ann Harrell, son Cader and James Moore Exrs. Test, Noah Hinton, 
Jacob Jernagan, Josiah Blanchard. 

Harrell, Benjamin, July 11, 1775 ; Augt. Court 1775. Son John, 
Charles Yeates Harrell, brother Elisha Harrell, wife Winnev, Lem- 
uel Harrell and Wm. Andrews Exrs. Test, Dernsey Harrell, Benj. 
Williams, Marv Skinner. 

Harrell, Henry, Feb'y 27, 1773; Feb'y Court 1777. Sons Reu- 
ben, Benjamin, Henry, Whitmell and John Wimberly Harrell, sons 
David, Joseph and Edward, daughter Pharaby Pulle, daughters Bach- 
el, Barbara and Elizabeth Harrell (wife Rachel, sons Reuben and 
Benjamin Exrs. Test, Jas. Purvis, John Higgs, Jacob Harrell. 

Harrell, John, Jan'y 10, 1777; Feb'y Court 1777. Wife Ann. 
sons Zachariah, John, Lott and James, daughters Mary and Eliza- 
beth Harrell, brother Lott Harrell and John James Exrs. Test, 
Noah Hinton, Elizabeth James, Fred'k Hollar. 

Harrell, David, May 24, 1778 ; May Court 1779. Wife Celia, 
also appoint her my Exx. Test, Arthur Thompson, Edea Moore, 
Charity Vann. 

Harrell, James, April 2, 1781 ; Nov. Term 17S5. Sons Arthur, 
Willis, James and Joel, daughters Sarah, Elizabeth, Grace and Mary 


Abstract of Bertie Coujn t ty Wills. 

Harrell, grand-sons Epliraim, Titus and Allen Page (sons of daugh- 
ter Priscilla) daughter Grace Purvis, wife Grace, sons James and 
Joel Exrs. Test, Win. Higgs, Elizabeth Harrell, Mary Harrell. 

Harrell, Jesse, Sept. 19, 17S"6; Feb'y Term 1788. Wife Fereby, 
daughter Priscilla Vinson, Rachel Kittrell (daughter of my daugh- 
ter Priscilla Vinson), son Josiah, Judith Rountree (daughter of my 
daughter Ferebee Rountree, grand-son Joab Rountree (son of Fere- 
bee), grand-children Turner and Tempe Harrell (children of Jesse), 
son Joshua, grand-son Jesse Harrell (son of Jesse), daughter Rach- 
el Rascoe and her daughter Ferebee Rascoe, sons Josiah, Joshua and 
Jonathan Harrell Exrs. Test, Xoah Hinton, Noah Harrell, Robert 

Harrell, Joshua, Jan'y 23, 1780; Nov. Term 1789. Wife Ann, 
children Christopher, Catharine, Ann, Hodges, Elizabeth, Wynnah, 
Josiah, Hezekiah and Jeremiah Harrell. Test, John Holland, Jewel 
Holland, Allen Harrell. 

Harrell, Thomas, Sept. 15, 1786; August Term 1791. Wife An- 
gelica, eldest son John, youngest son Joseph, daughters Elenor Jor- 
dan and Mary Lassiter, son Joseph and wife Exrs. Test, Herbert 
Pritchard, Isaac Harrell, Patience Harrell. 

Harrell, Elijah, Oct. 16, 1795 ; Nov. Term 1795. Mother Mary 
Harrell, brothers Lemuel and John, James Swinhow Grover, Sr., and 
brother Lemuel Exrs. Test, James Swinhow Grover, Sr., John Spen- 
cer, James S. Grover, Jr. 

Higgs, Abraham, Oct. 13, 1782 ; Nov. Term 1782. Wife Sarah, 
sons John and Abraham, daughter Elizabeth, wife Noah Hinton and 
Geo. Williams, Exrs. Test, Fred'k Holland, Wm. Averet, Malachi 

Higgs, Judath, Oct. 5, 1795 ; Augt. Term 1796. Son Elisha, 
daughter Judah, children William, John, Jacob, Reuben, Milly Pulle, 
Priscilla Rutland, Mary Young, Elizabeth Higgs and Sarah Holland, 
James Harrell, Joseph Horn and son Elisha Exrs. Test, Jacob Higgs, 
Phillip Rawls, Henry Harrell. 

Hinton, John, Aug. 22, 1782 ; Feb'y Term 1783. My half-brother 

Arthur Jernagan, half sister Jernagan, sister Elizabeth Bond, 

brother-in-law Thomas Bond Exr. Test, Jesse Averet, Shadrach Hin- 
ton, David Byram. 

Hinton, Martha, Nov. 28, 1773; May Court 1774. Daughter 
Elizabeth, sons Mica j ah and Shadrach, daughters Millia and Pattie, 
sons William, John, James, Micajah Hinton and Thos. Pugh Exrs. 
Test, Thos. Pugh, Chas. Everet, Mill Avert. 

Hinton, John, Nov. 2, 1789; Nov. Term 1791. William Hinton, 
(grand-son of brother Micajah Hinton) brother Noah Hinton Exr. 
Test, Noah Thompson, Arthur Smith. 

Abstract of Bertie County 339 

Hardy, William, Dee. 6, 1783; Feb'y Term 1784. Youngest son 
Benjamin, daughter Elizabeth, my mother, wife, all my children, 
brothers Edward and Jesse Hardy and son Lamb Hardy Exrs. Test, 
Thos. Johnson, Abraham Lee, Stephen Lee. 

Hardy Lamb, Feb'y 8, 1797 ; Feb'y Term 1797. Wife Winne- 
fred, sons Thomas and William Parrott Hardy, daughter Elizabeth, 
brother? William P. Hardy and Benjamin Hard;* and wife Exrs. 
Test, Moses Williams, Elizabeth Speight, Si\, Elizabeth Williams. 

Holler. Nathaniel, Dec. 2, 1782; Feb'y Term 1784. Sons John 
and Moore, daughters Ann Britton (wife of Amos), Chloe Wilford, 
Rodath, Ruth, Penelope, Sarah and Elizabeth Holley, (wife Sarah, 
John Freeman and Tim'y Walton Exrs.). Test, Lewis Outlaw, Jo- 
siah Perry, Timothy Walton. 

Holley. James, Jan'y 27, 1795 ; May Term 1795. Sons Josiah, 
Nathaniel. James, Thomas, Benjamin and John, daughters Martha, 
Elizabeth, Mary and Ann Holley, wife Winnefred, (son Josiah, James 
Wilson and Timothy Walton Exrs.). Test, L. Outlaw, T. Rayner, 
Joshua Freeman. 

Hays, Hardy, March 7, 1784 ; August Term 1784. Wife Sarah, 
son Joshua, daughters Penelope, Elizabeth, Sarah, Tempo, Judah 
and Susannah Hayes, Absalom Carney and John Doddrill Exrs. Test, 
Benj. Mires, Wm. Andrews, Wm. Edwards, Solomon Page, Jameson 

Hays, Richard, Nov. 8, 1778; Nov. Term 1780. Wife Eddy, 
daughters Pene and Lavinia Hays, wife and Benj. Mires Exrs. Test, 
John Edwards, Eundice Mires. 

House, George, April 13, 1763. Wife Mary, daughter Edah House 
son Baylus House, brother Thomas House and James Moore Exrs. 
Test, Thos. Pugh, Chas. Averet, James Seay. 

House, John, Nov. 11, 1765. Wife Martha, daughters Mary and 
Elizabeth, sons James and John, brother Thomae House Exr. Test, 
Edward Cushion, Catharine Cushion. 

House, Thomas, Oct. 12, 1794; Feb'y Term 1795. Sons Wil- 
liam, George and Thomas, daughters Patience Young and Sarah 
Moore, and grand-daughter Janet Jacocks, grand-son John House, 
grand-daughters Sarah, Ruth and Elizabeth Young, son-in-law Thos. 
Young, sons Wliliam and George Exrs. Test, Noah Thompson, 
James House, Joseph Davenport. 

Hollowell, William, Oct. 7, 1766. Wife Elizabeth, all my chil- 
dren, wife and Jesse Hollowell Exrs. Test, Mica j ah Lassiter, Nich- 
olas Skinner, Adam Raby. 

Hill, Moses, July 19, 1762. Son-in-law Daniel Freeman, grand- 
son Reuben Freeman, daughter Sarah Hill, youngest daughter Jud- 
eth Hill, Judeth Freeman, John Pierce and daughter Judith Exrs. 
Test, John Pierce, Thos. Quin, Ruth Pearce. 

340 Abstract of Bertie County Wells. 

Hill, John, Dec. 12, 1762. Wife Martha, sons Whitmell and 
Henry Hill, daughters Elizabeth, Mary, Winnefred and Sarah Hill, 
child in esse, (wife, Thos. Whitmell, Wm. Gray and Wm. Williams 
Exrs. Test, Will Cathcart, David Standley, Elizabeth Whitmell. 

Hill, Hardy, April 8, 1777; Isfov. Court 1777. Wife Janet, 
daughter Elizabeth Hill, John, Sally, Sidney and Elizabeth How, 
wife, Thomas and Luke Collins Exrs. Test, Edward Griffin, Thos. 
Lawrence, Asa Lawrence. 

Hughs, George, about 1761. Wife Sarah, sons William and 
George, daughters Sarah Meazell, Ann Drawhon, Elizabeth Lee, and 
Elishea Holten, grand-son George Drawhon, son Thomas, son-indaw 
John Meazell and son Thomas Exrs. Test, John Freeman, Aaron 

House, George, Xov. 10, 1795; February Term 1796. Wife Ann, 
son John Turner House, his mother Ann, daughter Elizabeth Gran- 
berry House, child in esse, Samuel Granberry, Titus Moore, Pharaby 
"Veazy, Sam'l Granberry and Titus Moore Exrs. Test, jSToah Thomp- 
son, Frances Pugh, Jr., James House. 

Hobson, Francis, Feb'y 26, 1766. Sister Grace Cannaday, Fran- 
cis, James, David, John and Ephraim Cannaday, Mary Griffin, Sarah 
Gainer, Francis Hobson, Mary King, John and Robert Anderson, 
William Anderson, Rachel Jones, (wife Elizabeth, Thomas Turner 
and David Standley Exrs. Test, Wm. Starke, John Capehart, Thos. 

Hendricks, Daniel, Feb'y 12, 1768. Son Abram, daughters Sa- 
rah Daniel, Elizabeth Hendricks and Rachel Strawhon, wife Eliza- 
beth and Elisha Whitfield Exrs. Test, Elisha Whitfield, John Sav- 
age, Wm. Hood, Edw'd Collins. 

Hurst, John, Feb'y 11, 1769. Wife Judith, daughter Mary Green, 
son William Hurst and John Olliver Exrs. Test, John Cleland, 
Edwd Collins, Mary Barber. 

Holder, Thomas, Jan'y 19, 1773; Mav Court 1774. Youngest 
son Elisha, daughter Elizabeth, wife Susannah, sons John and Thos. 
Exrs. Test, James Williams, Elizabeth Williams, Herbert Pritchard. 

Hooker, Benjamin, June 5, 1773; May Court 1774. Wife Ann, 
children Hardy, John, James, Elisha, Benjamin. Freeman, David, 
Sarah and Cora Hooker, daughter Huldy Powers, wife Exx. Test, 
Wm. Evans, Joshua Burruss, Walter McFarlane. 

Hopkins, John, March 1, 1774; Feb'y Court 1775. Wife Ange- 
lina, Daniel and Joseph Hopkins, if child in esse, daughter Winne- 
fred, sons John and Alexander Exrs. Test, Josiah Redditt, Fred'k 
Lawrence, Constantine Reddett. 

Hawkins, Edward, July 4, 1767 ; Feb'y Court 1777. Wife Elli- 
nor. Test, Peter Hays, Esbell Hays, Robt. Titus. 

Abstract of Bertie County Wills. 


Hawkins, Thomas, Sr., April 28, 1791 ; Feb'y Term 1793. Sons 
John, Frederick, Thomas and Richard, daughters Elizabeth Hardy, 
Ann Wood, Joice Curry and Mary Hawkins, Thomas and John Haw- 
kins Exrs. Test, James Turner, William Cowper,. David Harrell. 

Harle, Sarah, Oct. 12, 1779 ; Nov. Court 1779. Daughter Mary 

(wife of James Lane), daughter Elizabeth wife of Lane), 

daughter Elizabeth (wife of Amos Davison), Amos Davison and his 
wife Exrs. Test, John Campbell, Martha Campbell. 

How, Alexander, Oct. 20, 1779 ; "Feb'y Court 1780. Wife Mary, 
children John, Sidney, Sarah, Elizabeth and Thomas How (wife 
Col. John Hardy, of Pitt Co,. 1ST. O, Luke Collins and Humphrey 
Hardy Exrs. Test, John King, Humphrey Hardy. 

Ha'llom, Jeremiah, Oct. 3, 1784; Nov. Term 1784. Eldest son 
John, wife Judith, youngest son Edmond, eldest daughter Mary, 
daughters Elizabeth, Winnefred, Sarah, Mourning, Martha and Ni- 
cey, Abraham Perry, John Capehart and Herbert Pritchard Exrs. 
'Test, Abraham Perry, Jno. Capehart, Wm. White, Herbert Pritch- 

Hare, Thomas, Dec. 25, 1785 ; February Term 1786. Daughter 
Penelope Spikes (wife of Francis), daughter Elizabeth (wife of 
Phillip Lewis), wife Penelope, daughter Jemima (wife of James 
Wood) son Thomas Edward Hare, three younger children, Anthony 
Armistead and Wm. McKenzie Exrs. Test, Robert Hall, John Be- 
lote, John Belote, Jr. 

Hare, Penelope, Mch. 29, 1789. Daughters Elizabeth Lewis, 
Penelope Speight, Jemima Wood and Jennett Hare, son Thomas Ed- 
ward Hare Exr. Test, Thos. Collins, John Miller, Bennett Moore. 

Hunter, Cader, April 7, 1790; Aug. Term, 1790. Children 
Humphrey and Hardy, child in esse, wife Elizabeth, William Hun- 
ter and Timothy Hunter, Jr., Exrs. Test, Joshua Evans, George 
Harmage, Timothy Hunter. 

Hunter, Hardy, July 15, 1792 ; Aug. Term, 1794. Sons Hum- 
phrey, Cader, William, Timothy and Joshua, daughters Sarah Per- 
ry, Christian, Senath and Mary Hunter, wife Rachel, William and 
Timothy Hunter Exrs. Test, Wm. Lurry, Sparkman Stone, Tim'y 

Holland, Joseph, Nov. 17, 1790; Feb'y Term 1791. Son Joel, 
wife Mary, daughter Sarah Thomas, grand-daughter Rachel Hol- 
land. Test, Allen Purvis ,Abner Eason, Joel Cook. 

Hyman, John, Ap'l 29, 1793, Nov. Term, 1794. Wife Sarah, 
son Samuel, grandson Joel Hyman (his mother Elizabeth Hyman), 
eons Thomas and John, daughter Elizabeth. 

Hyman, Sarah, Oct. 20, 1795, Aug. Term, 1795. Sister Eliza- 
beth Ross, cousin Margaret West, cousins Mary and Elizabeth West, 


Abstract of Bertie Cocxty Wiees. 

brother-in-law James Ross Exr. Test, Sarah Miles, Josiah West. 

Hodgson, Charles, June 12, 1795, Feb'y Term, 1798. Wife 
Mary, daughters Elizabeth Sparkman and Mary Hodgson, daughter- 
in-law Xancy Harris, sister Folly Hodgson, John Tidman and 
Charles Sanderlin, wife Exx. Test, Reuben Lawrence, Richard 

Jenkins, Ephraim, June 13, 17S0, Feb'y Term, 1780. Brothers 
Irvin and Zadock Jenkins. Test, James Howard, Mary Cherry. 

Jenkins, John, Feb'y 8, 1779, May Court, 1779. Wife Mary, 
sons Zadock, Charles, Riddick, Irvin, Ephraim and Isaac, daughters 
Winnie, Sarah and Kesiah Jenkins, son Abram, William Cherry and 
J ames Jenkins Exrs. Test, John Jenkins, Isaac Jenkins, Milly 
Howard, Debby Jones. 

Jordan, Joseph, Apl. 30, 1776, May Court, 1776. Sons Isaac, 
William and Joseph, daughters Sarah Armistead, Prudence Maer 
and Margaret Reed, wife Ruth, sons Isaac, William and Joseph 
Exrs. Test, Wm. Jordan, Stephen Buck. 

Jordan, Ruth, Dec. 14, 1776, Feb'y Term, 1777, son-in-law Chris- 
tian Reed, daughters Sarah Armistead, Prudence Maer, and Mar- 
garet Reed, grand-son John Durant Reed, son Joseph, sons Isaac and 
William Exrs. Test, Bird Hubbard. Mary Cory, Mary Hinson. 

Jordan, Joseph, Dec. 11, 1785, Feb'y Term, 1786. Wife Mary, 
brother Isaac Jordan, sister Prudence Williams' children, sister Mar- 
garet Reed's children, sister Sarah Armistead's children, brothers 
Isaac and William Jordan and nephew John Armistead Exrs. Test, 
William Jordan, John Sutton. 

Jordan, William, Oct. 2S, 1786, Xov. Term, 1786. Son James, 
daughters Mary, Martha, Margaret and Elizabeth Jordan, son Wil- 
liam, daughter Mildred Armistead and Ann Whedbee, daughters by 
my last wife, friend Isaac Jordan, son-in-law Anthony Armistead, 
Wm. Jordan and son James Exrs. Test, Ed. Hinson, Wm. War- 
burton, Anth'y Armistead. 

Jordan, Isaac, Feb'y 3, 1790: May Term, 1790. Sons Joseph 
and Edward, daughters Mary, Sarah, Prudence and Hannah Jor- 
dan, wife Hannah, son Joseph and nephew James Jordan Exrs. 
Test, Lewis Harrell, Job Swain. 

Jordan, William, ]STov. 17, 1790. Probated in Chowan County, 
X. C, Dec. Term, 1790; Bertie Co. Feb'y Court, 1791. Wife 
Mary, son William, daughters Mary Smithwick, Margaret Harra- 
mond (wife of Henry), Elizabeth, Harriet and Sarah Jordan, 
Thomas Collins, Christian Reed and Bird Hubbard Exrs. Test, 
Dr. Fred'k Rameke, James B. Jordan, Josiah Collins. 

Jacocks, Charles Worth, Feb'y 5, 1776; August Court 1777. 
My cousins in New England, Mary and Rebecca Jacocks, daughters 


Abstract of Bertie County Wills. 


of my uncle Thomas Jaeocks, dec'd, my old friend John Scolley of 
Boston, nephew Charles Jaeocks, son of my brother Jonathan Ja- 
eocks, Beumiah Turner, and brother Jonathan Jaeocks Exrs. Test, 
Jona Jaeocks, Elizabeth Jaeocks. 

Jaeocks, Jonathan, June, 1782; Aug. Term, 1787. Sons Charles, 
Jonathan and Jno. Jaeocks, daughter Ann Jaeocks, child in esse, wife 
Elizabeth, Whitmell Hill and Hy Hill Exrs. Test, Bobert West, 
Mary Burn. 

Jernegan, George, Sr., Mch. 6, 1778; May Court, 1778. Wife 
Eerebee, wife and George Jernagan, Exrs. Test, Cary West, Geo. 

Jernegan, Jesse, Oct. 16, 1785; Nov. Term 17S5. Wife Jerusha, 
sons James and Jesse, daughters Eeribee, Sarah and Alee Jernagan, 
daughter Elizabeth Carter, Thomas Bond, Benjamin Jernegan and 
Xathaniel Vezey Exrs. Test, Jacob Jordan, Lewis Jernegan, Ba- 
chel Watts. 

Jernegan, Jacob, Mch. 3, 1795; May Term, 1795. Sons Benja- 
min and Arthur, daughter Bachel Watts, grandson Josiah Jernegan 
(son of Joseph), grand-daughter Zilpha Jernegan, sons Benjamin 
and Arthur Exrs. Test, Noah Thompson, Jesse Averit, Thos. Penn. 

Jones. William, June 3, 1790 ; Aug. Term, 1790. Sons James 
and William, daughters Mary, Sarah and Bhoda, wife. Test, John 
Watts, Samuel Virgin. 

Johnston, John, Dec. 7, 1790 ; Feb'y Term, 1790. Son Samuel 
Williams Johnston the land I bought of Samuel Grimes, son John 
Servmsour Johnston, daughter Elizabeth Whitmell Johnston, son 
William Williams Johnston, son Henry Johnston, dear*little daught- 
er Annie Scrymour Johnston, sister Jean Blair's legatees, son Alex- 
ander Scryni. Johnston, daughter Betsey, her great-grandmother 
Mrs. Burt, my only brother Sam'l Johnston, and brothers-in-law 
Samuel and William Williams Exrs ; also sons Samuel and John. 
Test, Henry Speller, Thos. Leggett, Jeremiah Leggett. 

Johnstone, Caroline, Apl. 29, 1786 ; Augt. Term 1793. John 
Johnstone, Samuel Johnstone Exr. Test, Charlotte Keen, Pene- 
lopy Keen, William White. 

Johnston, Burwell, Jan'y 3, 1795 ; Nov. Term, 1796. Wife Re- 
becca, sons Snowden and James, daughters Selah Dawson and Eliza- 
beth Johnston, son Abner, wife and son Jonathan Exrs. Test, Wm. 
Rhodes, Benjamin Folk. 

Jones, James, Nov. 14, 1796; Feb'y Term, 1797. My son. Test, 
Nottingham Monk, John Lester. 

Knott, Joseph, Oct. 10, 1780; Feb'y Term, 1781. Sons Joseph 
and Thomas, wife Sarah, all my children, Henry Speller and George 
Outlaw Exrs. Test, Peter Clifton, John Wolfenden. 


Abstract of Bertie County Wills. 

Knott, William, July 18, 1781; Nov. Term, 1781. Wife Mary, 
sons James and William, son Atter Elvington Knott, son Thomas, 
daughters Elizabeth, Sarah and Marvil Knott, son Absalom, daught- 
er Mary's son James, and William Exrs. Test, Humphrey Hardy, 
Josiah Redditt. 

Knott, Absalom, April 10, 1784 ; Aug. Term, 1784. Wife Eliza- 
beth, daughter Clarissa, Luke and Lanier Smithwick, James Knott, 
wife and John Smithwick Exrs. Test, James Knott, Wm. Brassell. 

Knott, Joseph, Feb'y Term, 1776. Grand-sons Joseph and 
Thomas Knott, sons James and Joseph, grand-daughter Agnes Knott, 
sons Joseph and James, Exrs. Test, Thos. Whitmell, Marvil Knott, 
Wm. White, Peter Clifton. 

Knott, William, July 14, 1786; Nov. Term, 1786. Sons John 
and Charles, child in esse, Josiah Kedditt, Humphrey Hardy and 
wife Exrs. Test, John Lawrence, Thos. Knott. 

King, William, May 28, 1778 ; Nov. Court, 1778. Wife Eliza- 
beth, sons Henry, William and Charles, son Michael, daughters 
Anne, Catharine and Matthew King, wife and son William Exrs. 
Test, Michael King, Zedekiah Stone. 

King, William, Ap'l 9, 1789 ; May Term, 1790. Wife Ann and 
my two daughters, Humphrey Hardy, Exr. Test, Wm. Mizell, 
John Morgan, Luke H. 

Kent, Joseph, Oct. 26, 1787; Aug. Term, 1789. Wife Rachel, 
Frederick Lawrence, Geo. Ryan, Frederick Lawrence and wife, Ex- 
ecutors. Test, Alex Slaughter, Thos. Johnston. 

Kittrell, John, Nov. 22, 1792, Feb'y Term, 1793. Sons Demsey, 
John, Willis and Standley, daughters Sarah, Louisa and Jemima, 
sons Willis and John Exrs. Test, Andrew Oliver, Wm. Skiles, Bel- 
som Kittrell. 

Kittrell, Demsey, Jan'y 27, 1797 ; February Term 1797. Wife 
Martha and all my children, Aaron and Jonathan Spivey Exrs. Test, 
Jeremiah Leggett, Martha Bate. 

Kittrell, Sarah, Feb'y Term, 1797. Brother-in-law John Kit- 
trell, Willis and John Kittrell Exrs. of John Kittrell dec'd, John 
Kittrell, sister Jemima Kittrell, brother Demsey Kittrell, brother 
John Kittrell and his son Frederick, brother Standley Kittrell, John 
Kittrell and Aaron Spivey Exrs. Test, James Ross, Sela Walton. . 

Lawrence, Thomas, May 16, 1761. Sons Thomas, Ara, , 

and George Lawrence, daughter Elizabeth Lawrence, brother John 
Lawrence, wife Elizabeth and Samuel Spruell Exrs. Test, Wm. 
Hopkins, Edw'd Bird, Elinor Lewis. 

Lawrence Humphrey, Ap'l 26; June Court, 1772. Sons Freder- 
ick, Reuben and David, Sister Elizabeth Spruell, daughter Ann 
Lawrence, son Nathaniel, wife Elizabeth and Humphrey Nicholls 


Abstract of Bertie County Wills. 


Exrs. Test, Wm. Kington, Charles Hodgson, Elizabeth Boulton. 

Lawrence Thomas, Dec. 19, 1789 ; Feb. Term, 1790. Sons Wil- 
liamson and Thomas, wife Sarah Exx. Test, Wm. Griffin, Abner 

Lawrence, John, May Term 1788. Sons Abner, Eobert, Obadiah 
and John, Samuel Moore and wife Jean Exrs. Test, Elizabeth Grif- 
fin, Wm. Flood, Joshua Lawrence. 

Leggett, James, Mch. 13, 1764. That part of Richard Tomlin- 
son's estate to which my wife is entitled, I give to her except four 
negroes to go to two youngest children of said Tomlinson, viz: "Rich- 
ard and Susannah Tomlinson, grand-daughter Mary Bentley (wife 
of James), heirs of my son Jeremiah, grand-son James Leggett (son 
of James), grand-son Henry Bate, heirs of daughter Martha Cana- 
day, daughter Ann Grice, grand-son Thomas Leggett, heirs of my 
daughter Mary Watson, grand-son Jeremiah Leggett, daughter Sarah 
Bate, daughter-in-law Elizabeth Leggett (widow of son James), wife 
Martha and James Bentley Exrs. Test, Elisha Whitfield, Benj. 
Whitfield, Annet Leggett. 

Leggett, Titus, Feb'y 18, 1762. Sons John, Samuel and Heze- 
kiah, daughters Mary and Ann, son John and wife Mary Exrs. Test, 
Thos. Collins, Thos. Howard. 

Leggett, Elizabeth, K~ov. S, 1794 ; Feb. Term, 1795. Son John 
Leggett's heirs, son James Leggett, grand-daughter Sarah Leggett 
and son James' other children, sons Thomas, Jeremiah and Alexan- 
der Leggett. Test, James Etheridge, John D. Reed. 

Leggett, James, Dec. 10, 1796 ; Feb. Term, 1797. % Sons John, 
James and Kenneth Leggett, daughters Sarah, Elizabeth, Catherine, 
and Frances Leggett, brothers Jeremiah and Alex Leggett Exrs. 
Test, Thos. Collins, Clinton Rew, Abraham Avis. 

Leggett, Thomas, Ap'l 30, 1799 ; May Term, 1799. Wife Marga- 
ret, sons Jonathan and Thomas, Aaron Spivey Exr. Test, David Tay- 
loe, James Rhodes, Elizabeth Leggett. 

Lacey, Daniel (schoolmaster), April 14, 1766; March Court, 
1771. Brother Richard Lacey, also appoint him my Exr. Test, 
Josiah Harr-ell, Elizabeth Spivey. 

Lakey, William, Sept. 10, 1767. Sons Richard, Thomas and 
Jacob, son James, daughter Elizabeth, child in esse, (wife Mary, 
brother Richard Lakey and Thos. Perry Exrs.) Test, Edward 
Byrd, David Gaskins, Jeremiah McGlauhon. 

^Lassiter, Frederick, Aug. 30, 1779; Feb'y Term 1787. Wife 
Sarah, eldest son Jethro, sons Frederick and William, daughters 
Polly and Nancy, brother Timothy Lassiter and brother-in-law 
Timothy Walton 'Exrs. Test, Rich'd Tayloe, David Tayloe, Tim'y 


Abstract of Bertie County Wills. 

Leary Derby, Mch. 15, 1787 ; Nov. Term, 1789. Daughters Pa- 
tience Morris, Eachel Todd, Sophia "White, Susanna and Trances 
Leary, wife Mary, Lamb Hardy and John Cobb Exrs. Test, James 
Cobb, Elizabeth Cobb. 

Layton, Samuel, Nov. 7, 1790; Feb'y Term, 1791. Mother Mary 
Layton, James Layton (elder son of William), brother James Lay 
ton, sisters, Ann Filgo, Esther and Martha Layton, James Turner 
and John Douers Exrs. Test, Thomas Sowell, Pashon Morris. 

Lockhart, George, Nov. 11, 17S9; Feb'y Term, 1791. Son 
James, daughters Susanna and Elizabeth Lockhart, son George, 
George Evan, sons James and George Exrs.). Test, Daniel Worley, 
Eich'd Gill, Edw'd Bryan. 

Lockhart, Elizabeth, Jan'y 10, 1791; Feb'y Term, 1796. Grand- 
daughters Elizabeth and Margaret Bryan, grand-son Lillington 
Lockhart, daughter Sarah Nichols, grand-daughter Sarah Nicholls, 
daughter Elizabeth Eyan, daughter Mary Lockhart Exx. Test, 
Edw'd Bryan, James Turner, Alex. Hopkins. 

Lancaster, Mary, Dec. 31, 1793 ; May Term, 1791. Daughter 
Elizabeth Bryan, grand-daughters Mary, Priscilla and Margaret 
Bryan, grand-daughter Elizabeth Seay, children John and Stephen 
Andrews and Elizabeth Bryan, sons John and Stephen Andrews 
Exrs. Test, Henry Ellis, Wm. Adams. 

Lee, Samuel, Jan'y 31, 1799; May Term 1799. Wife Mary, 
daughter Penelope Lee, children of brother Joshua Lee, children of 
sister Elizabeth Harrell, Jos. Home Exr. Test, Hardymon Dun- 
ning, W T m. Dollinson, Elijah Howard. 

Maer, Abraham, Jan'y 6, 1780; May Term, 17S3.* Wife Pru- 
dence, sons Samuel and William, daughters Margaret, Elizabeth, 
Mary and Fanny Maer, wife, Isaac Jordan and Wm. Jordan Exrs. 
Test, Neley Hinson, Wm. Seals, Christian Eeed. 

Mewborn, Moses, Oct. 30, 1766. Sons Moses and Thomas, 
daughters Mary and Elenor, wife Ann and brother Thomas Mew- 
born Exrs. Test, Elizabeth Speight, Sarah Hardy, Martha Hardy. 

Mewborn, Nicholas, Sept, 27, 1772 ; May Court 1774. Wife 
Elizabeth, son Thomas, all my children, brother Thomas and Wm. 
Hardy Exrs. Test, Mordecay White, Elenor Hardy, John Mew- 

Martin, Thomas, Feb'y Court, 1780. Wife Elizabeth, son James, 
grand-son Nicholas Baggett, Sally Baggett, Nicholas Martin, Mary 
Hays, Elizabeth, Catharine and James Martin, my grand-daughter 
Ann Martin (daughter of Ann), Elizabeth Martin, Absalom Carney 
and Henry Lee Exrs. Test, Cader Powell, Thomas Howell, John 

Meredith, William, Mch. 12, 17S0 ; May Court, 1780. Sons Wil- 

Abstract of Bertie County Wills. 


liam, Davis, Thomas and James, daughters Sarah and Peggy, son 
Benjamin, Joseph Kent to take charge of my plantation and children. 
Also to be my Exr. Test, Ann Humphries, Maryan Meredith, Chas. 

Meredith, David, formerly of Edenton, 1ST. C, May 22, 1791 ; Aug. 
Term 1791. Wife Sarah, brother Lewis Meredith, nephew Jack 
Hunter, half-brother Edward Roe Jiggetts, Lewis Meredith, Elisha 
Xorfleet and wife Exrs.). Test, J. Hamilton, S. Dickinson. 

Meredith, Davis, Jan. 29, 1795 : Aug. Term, 179(3. Wife Bachel, 
brother James Meredith (wife Richard Billnps and Wm. West 
Exrs.) Test, Fred'k Lawrence. Elizabeth Lawrence, Mary Law- 

Mullen, Abraham, May 12. 17S0; August Court, 1780. Sons 
Joseph, Greenbury and Thomas, (brother Thomas Mullen, wife Mary 
and James Turner Exrs. ) Test, John Clarke, Edw'd Turner, Ag- 
nes Turner. 

Moore, Benjamin, June 23, 17S0; Xov. Term, 1780. Wife Eliz- 
abeth, daughters Priscilla and Sarah, Jeremiah Dargan Exr. Test, 
Ann Dargan, Prudence Moore, Humphrey Hardy. 

Moore, Epaphroas, Mch. 20. 1789; May Term, 1789. Sons 
Aaron and Thomas, wife Winnie. Andrew Oliver and John Smith- 
wick Exrs. Test, John Miller, Thomas Berse, John Smithwick. 

Moore, James, June 12, 1790: Xov. Term, 1790. Son-in-law 
Luke Collins, grand-son James Moore Collins (son of daughter- Ce- 
lia), children Titus Moore, Elizabeth Joyner and Sarah Abington, 
three grand-children, Titus, Eady and James Young, Charity Bryant 
or Spivey (daughter of Mourning Bryant or Spivey), Titus Moore 
and Littlebury Abington Exrs. Test, Xoah Thompson, Jesse 
Averet, George House. 

Moore, Malachi, Feb'y 4, 179(3: Xov. Term 1796. Wife Selia, 
sons Eli and Exum (Abner Perry, Sam'l Dunning, Jr., and John 
Askew Exrs). Test, Abram Perry, Sam'l Dunning, Jonas Rawls, 
Hosea Rawls, Thos. Conner. 

Moore, James, Jan'y 7, 179S : Feb'y Term, 1798. My seven chil- 
dren not married. Langley Granberv Exr. Test,Wm. Granbery, 
Allen Bell. 

Moody, Kirvy, July 1, 1784; Xov. Term, 1784. Son James, 
daughter Rebecca, son Phillip, son James and John Jones Exrs. 
Test, Jesse Jones, Rebecca Moody. 

Manning, Benjamin, Xov. 30, 1784. Son Hilery, daughters 
Priscilla Bentley and Mary Ares, sons Benjamin, Luke and John, 
children Chloe, Elizabeth, Elijah, and Xancy Manning (wife Fer- 
ebee, John Bentley and son Benjamin, Exrs.) Test, John Hyman, 
Wm. Duggan, Benj. Hardison. 


Abstract of Bertie County Wills. 

Mizels, William, Mch. 21, 1793; Aug. Term 1793. Children 
Sarah, Aaron, William, Nancy, Jeremiah, Clary, Susannah and 
Mary Mizel, wife Mary and brother John Exrs. Test, Aaron Mizel, 
Mary Hendry, Sarah Hallom. 

Mizell, Timothy, Feb'y 17, 1792 ; Feb'y Term 1792. Son Jonas, 
daughter Judeth Hughes, grand-daughter Judeth Mizell, son John, 
daughter Mary Brown, daughters Absela, Elizabeth and Alse Mizell, 
wife Judeth, son Jonas and John Exrs. Test, Reuben Harrison, 
Ezekiel White. 

Mitchell, John, Sr., Nov. 3, 1795 ; Feb'y Term 179G. William 
Barrudail Wood, daughters Judah Thomas, Sarah Hopkins, Eliza- 
beth Tart, Susanna Hollomon, Penelope Hoggard, Annie Harrison 
and Mary Mizell, grand-son Alsey Cowand, George Cowand and his 
wife Winnieford (my daughter), Phoebe Cowand, daughter Phebe 
Barrudail Ward, son Matthew Mitchell, wife Sarah and Wm. B. 
Wood Exrs. Test, Jas. Tart, Wm. Wood. 

' Mitchell, William, Jan'y 2, 1796 ; Feb'y Term 1796. Wife Eliza- 
beth, son Cader, Silva Scott, grand-sons Wright, William and 
James Mitchell, grand-son Uriah Dunning, children Ede Cook, Ju- 
dah Hardy, Winnie Jenkins, Mary Hale, Mille and Happy Oliver, 
Thein and Henry Dunner their mother's part, son Cader and James 
Jenkins, Jr., Exr. Test, Wm. Cherry, John Oliver. 

Milburn, Samuel, Feb'y 4, 1796 ; Augt. Term 1796. Wife Anna, 
son Henry Clay Milburn, sons Alexander and Arnold C. Milburn, 
daughter Elizabeth Blount, Henry C. Milburn and Henry Flury 
Exrs. Test, Wm. Benson, James Clifton. 

Milburn, Henry Clay, March 8, 1797 ; May Term 1797. Mother 
i^nn, brothers Arnold Clay Milburn and Alexander Milburn, sister 
Elizabeth Blount, wife Martha, (John Huston, William Burlingham 
and John Smithwick Exrs.) Test, Joseph Fletcher, Elijah Parker. 

Nicholls. John, April 1, 1762. Wife Sarah, daughters Sarah and 
Margaret Nicholls, wife and brother-in-law Lillington Lockhart, 
James Lockhart and David Ryan Exrs. Test, John Hill, Robert 

Nicholls, Humphrey, Nov. 27, 1790; Feb'y Term, 1791. Sons 
John, Henry, George Osborn and Benaja, daughter Fanny (wife 
Sarah, sons John and Henry Exrs. Test, John Cook, Elizabeth 

Xicholls, John, Dec. 6, 1790; Feb'y Term 1791. Sons Jehu, 
George and Thomas, my single daughters Isabella, Grizzell, Ann and 
Peggy, son Jehu and Wm. Parrott Hardy Exrs. Test, Reuben- 
Knight, John Cook, Winnefred White. 

Nichols, Sarah, Oct. 29, 1792 ; Feb'y Term 1793. Mother Sarah 
Nichols, brother Lockhart Williams, sister Elizabeth Williams, 

Abstract of Bertie County Wills. 349 

brother Benajah and sister Fanny Nicholls, mother Exx. Test, 
John JSTicholls, Fred'k Lawrence, Rachel Shehan. 

Nicholls, Sarah, Aug. 29, 1796; May Term 1797. Sons Lock- 
hart and Benajah Williams, daughters Fanny and Elizabeth 
jSTicholls, sons Lockhart and Wm. P. Hardy Exrs. Test, George 
jSficholls, Cloanah Johnson. 

North, Joseph, Dec. 12, 1797; Feb'y Term 1798. Son Richard, 
daughter Ann, Elizabeth Rascoe, John Bentley, Sr., and son Rich- 
ard Exrs. Test, Jeremiah Leggett. 

Outlaw, Thomas, Oct. 10, 1782 ; ISTov. Term 1782. Sons Thomas 
and Amos, grand-daughter Penny Goodwin, Esq. Wynne and Abram 
Tayloe Exrs., all my children. Test, Willis Goodwin, Christopher 
Holloman, John Ezell. 

Outlaw, John, Oct. 1, 1779 ; May Term 1780. Seven eldest chil- 
dren, Josiah, John, Mary Hughs, Susanna King, Sarah Smith and 
Zilpha Draughan, Ann Jernagan and my son Thomas Outlaw, sons 
Jacob and James, daughter Winford Outlaw, brother Edw'd Outlaw 
and Thomas Ward Exrs. Test, Aaron Outlaw, Mary Outlaw, Ed- 
ward Outlaw, Jacob Outlaw. 

Outlaw, Ralph, Jan'y 23, 1787; Nov. Term 1790. Eldest son 
David, sons Edward and George, my wife's former husband (not 
named) daughter Elizabeth Mires, Mary Ray, Priscilla Watford, 
grand-son Wright Frazier, grand-daughter Mary Watford, daughter 
Charity Alexander, grand-daughters Elizabeth and Mary Alexander, 
grand-son Ralph Outlaw (son of David), grand-son Jno. Ray, grand- 
daughter Charity Frazier, grand-daughter Anna Outlaw (daughter 
of Edward), grand-son Ralph Miers (wife Mary, sons' David and 
George and brother George Outlaw, Exrs). Test, David Standley, 
Hardy Lewis, Andrew South. 

Outlaw, Agens, May Term 1795. Sons George and Morgan, 
Margaret Liscomb. Test, John Wolfenden. 

Oliver, Thomas, Jan'y 15, 1765. Brothers David and John Oli- 
ver, sister Elizabeth Haurch, John Oliver and John Kittrell Exrs. 
Test, John Cleland, Thos. Virnell. 

Oliver, John, Dec. 30, 1772 ; May Court 1774. Daughter Eliza- 
beth Handbeck, son Andrew, daughter Sarah Hurst and her son John 
Hurst, son Andrew Exr. Test, Joseph Jordan, Thos. Roads, Thos. 

Oliver, Andrew, April 29, 1793; May Term 1793. Wife Mary 
Anne, children Sarah Moore, John, Andrew, James and David Oli- 
ver, Thos. Collins Exr. Test, Wm. Rhodes, Thos. Hunter. 

Oliver, John, Jan'y 3, 1794; Feb'y Term, 1797. Sons Martin, 
Malachi and Shadrack, daughters Winnefred and Dicey, son John 

350 Abstract of Beetle Couxty Wills. 

(wife Mary, William Cherry, sons John and Malachi Exrs. Test, 
John Baker, Sam'l Reasons. 

Oxley, John, Sr., Feh'y 24, 1767. Sons George and John, wife 
Olive, son-in-law Isaiah Johnson and wife Mary, their sons Elijah 
and Isaiah Johnson, daughter Olive Oxley, son-in-law John Parrote 
and wife Elizabeth, son-in-law John Ray and wife Elizabeth,- daught- 
er Martha Oxley, son-in-law Win. Fleetwood and James Baker, 
grand-daughter Susanna Fleetwood, (Jos. Parker, Sr.. son George, .. I 
Isaiah Johnson and John Crickett Exrs.) Test, Jas. Lufson, Wm. 
Grant, Sarah Langston. 

Odeon, Robert, Feb'y 24,, 1777; May Court 1778. Relative Jon- 
athan Jacocks, Jr., son of my cousin Jonathan Jaeoeks, Sr., also ap- 
point Jonathan Jacocks, Sr., Exr. Test, Thomas Brvan, Martha 

Owen, John, Dec. 6, 1778 ; May Court 1779. Wife Elizabeth, 
children Agatha, William, John and Elizabeth Owen, wife Exx. 
1 est, David Slandley, John Sullivant, Wm. Watson. 

Persey, William, Jan'y 2, 1782 ; May Court 1782. Wife Eliza- 
beth, children William, Kader, Zadoc, Xaney and Blake Persey, wife 
Exx. Test, Jas. Wilson, John Persev. 

Price, Micajah, Mch. 12, 1777; August Term 1783. Cousin 
Elizabeth Urquhart, Alexander Urquhart and wife Sarah Exrs. 
Test, S. Turner, John Allen, B. Bryer. 

Parker, Thomas, Dec. 27, 1761. Sons Abraham, Peter, Jacob 
and Isaac, daughter Elizabeth, wife Hannah, daughter Mary (John 
Freeman, Jacob Lassiter and John Measells Exrs. Test, Simon 
Van Pelt, James Freeman. * 

Pennington, Thomas, Ap'l 20, 1762 (of Halifax Co.) daughter 
Brass Cittel, children Tishe, Judeth, Thomas and David, wife Mar- 
tha daughters Tempe and Tishe, David Pennington and Francis 
Pugh Executors. Test, John Xew, Adam Raby. 

Perry Samuel, Nov. 26, 1773; May Court 1774. Wife Pru- 
dence, daughter Peggy, wife and Humphrey Hardy Exrs. Test, 
Peter Clifton, Jno. Xicholls, Jno. Johnston. 

Pritchard, William, Dec. 10, 1774; Feb'y Court 1775. Wife 
Christian, children Jonathan, Christopher, Mary, Ruth and Kesiah, 
wife and brother James Pritchard Exrs. Test, Sarah Thomas, Eli- 
jah Morris. 

Pritchard, James, Aug. 5, 1785 ; May Term 1785. Wife Dorcas, 
sons James and Reuben, children Rigon, Penny, David, Lamb and 
Stephen Pritchard, wife and brother Herbert Pritchard Exrs. Test, 
Wm. Standlev. Herbert Pritchard, Christian Pritchard. 

Pritchard, Herbert, Feb'y 20, 1797 ; May Term 1797. Children 
Absolom, Elizabeth, Zadock, Hugh and Martha, daughter Sarah Las- 


Abstract of Bertie County Wiles. 



siter, Wm. White, James Mardre, and daughter Elizabeth 
Test, Obediah Sowell, Ezekiel Sowell, Christian Holland. 

Pearce, William, Oct. 22, 1774; Feb'y Court 1775. Wife Re- 
becca, sons Jeremiah, Thomas and William, daughters Constant and 
Winnefred Butler, Rebecca Johnston and Sarah Damn, John Wat- 
son, Sr., and John Watson, Jr., Exrs. Test, James Leggett, Wm. 
Watson, Sarah Leggett. 

Pierce, John, April 27, 1797: May Term 1799. Sister Charity 
Mitchell (wife of William), sister Elizabeth Clements (widow of 
George), wife Mary, wife's daughter Jennett Phillis, brother-in- 
law John Lester and George West and wife Exrs. Test, Wm. P. 
Hardy, Jesse Mhoon. 

Pearson, John, of Dukinfield, X. C, Attorney at Law, Sept. 17, 
1769, Feb'y Court 1777. Wife Margaret Pearson, also my Exx. 
Test, Jasper Charlton, Abagail Charlton, Miles Shehan. 

Pearson, Margaret (widow of John), Dec. 21, 1784; Feb'y Term 
1TS5. My plantation called Dukinfield to Cullen Pollock and Sam- 
uel <Tohnston, in trust, and all property to be sold and pay proceeds to 
my son Sir jNTathaniel Dukinfield, grand-son Samuel, George Dukin- 
field legacy left me by my son Robert Dukinfield, Mrs. Iredell (wife 
of James) my watch, which I have usually worn, as a token of my 
regard for her, Cullen Pollock and Sam'l Johnston Exrs. Test, 
Christopher Clark, Mary Vail. 

Purvis, James, Jan'y 28, 1785; Xovember Term 1785. Wife 
Jean, sons Cullen, Allen and William, brother Moses Purvis and son 
Allen Exrs. Test, Arthur, Joel and Isom Harrell. 

Page, Thomas, Augt. 26, 1785; Feb. Term 1786. Sons Thomas 
and Solomon, wife Sarah, son Joshua, daughter Catharine, Samuel 
Page's plantation, daughters Ann and Mary Page, eons Solomon and 
Joshua Exrs. Test, Geo. Williams, Tobias Butler, John Dodrill. 

Powers, Charles, May 3, 1789 ; August Term 1789. Sons Charles, 
Thomas and Henry, daughters Margaret, Dorothy and Sarah Pow- 
ers, wife Susannah and Wm. Rhodes Exrs. Test, Wm. Rhodes, Isaac 
Lee, Charles Power. 

Penney, James, Feb'y Term 1792. Wife Elizabeth, children Ly- 
dia Mizell, Elizabeth James and Xancy Penny, son Thomas, -John 
Cake and John Mizell Exrs. Test, James Hughes, George Hughes. 

Penney, Thomas, Apl. 10, 1795 ; Augt. Term 1795. Ann Mizell 
(daughter of John), land purchased by my father of Edward Acree, 
Malachi Curry, John Wolfenden and John Mizell Exrs. Test, Rob- 
ert Hunter, Jas. H. Curry, Wm. Coward. 

Pruden, Patience, Xov. 5, 1797; Xov. Term 1797. Son Elisha 
Pruden, son John Pruden, daughters Mary Pruden and Prudence 
Cory, sons Stephen and Solomon Pruden, son William Pruden, sons 

352 Abstract of Bertie County Wiles. 

Solomon and Elisha Exrs. Test, Miles Blanchard, Benj. Cory, Mary 

Ruffin, William, March 1, 1779; Nov. Term 1781. Sons William 
and Richard, daughter Faith Pender and her children, daughter 
Purity Deloach, son William and John Lawrence Exrs. Test, Willis 
Josey, Moses Home, Thos. Home. 

Rutledge, John, May 20, 1762. Sons Blake, John, Watson and 
Reading, daughters Milbry and Charity, son Riddick, daughter Ren- 
ney, my wife, James and William Rutland Exrs. Test, Edward 
Galium, Jos. Rutland, Wm. Rutland. 

Rice, William, March 29, 1762. Sons William and James, daugh- 
ters Mary and Sarah Rice, wife Sarah Exx. Test, John Crickett, 
Thos. Slatter, John Sawkill. 

Rain-, Adam, Oct. 5, 1765. Wife Judah, sons Adam and Luke, 
all my children, wife and son Adam Exrs. Test, Wm. Andrews, 
Hardv Hays, Wm. Hollowell. 

•Raby, Luke, Oct. 13, 1789 ; Nov. Term 1789. Wife Hester and 
her children Turner, Jesse and Tempe Harrell, my child in esse, wife, 
William Horn and George Williams Exrs. Test, Perry Tyler, Mary 
Holland, Elizabeth Doddrill. 

Reasons, Thomas, March 12, 1769. Wife Ann, sisters Ann Ren- 
ney and Sarah Folk. Thos. Hooks and Wm. Hurst Exrs. Test, 
John Clelland, Wm. Appuson. 

Ray, Alexander, Nov. 4, 1769. Sons James, John, Samuel and 
Stephen, daughters Mary Hyman and Ann Dew, son William, daugh- 
ter Eliabeth Ray, son Samuel and Solomon Pender Exrs. Test, 
Wm. Swain, James Swinhow Grover. « 

Rhodes, John, Dec. 26, 1769; Sept. Court 1771. Son Thomas, 
daughter Judah, sons Henry, William, Charles .sncl John Rhodes, 
daughter Elizabeth, son Arthur, wife Elizabeth, sons Thomas and 
Henry Exrs. Test, Abner Andrews, Henry Abbot!:, Moses Harrell. 

Rhodes, Henry, Jan'y 4, 1793; Nov. Term 1793. Wife Alice, 
daughters Charity Lowry, Mary Wimberly, Alice Wimberly and 
Elizabeth King, grand-daughter Alice (daughter of Joshua) daugh- 
ter-in-law Mary Rhodes, son Henry's daughter Mary and Clarv 
Rhodes, Sons-in-law Fred'k Wimberly and Charles King Exrs. Test, 
Sol. Cherrv, Mary Cherry. 

Rhodes," John, "Sr., Sept. 28, 1791.; Nov. Term 1795. Sons 
James and John, daughter Alice Perry, sons James and John Exrs. 
Test, Wm. Cherry, John King, Henry Rhodes. 

Rhodes, Thomas, Sept. 1, 1795 ; Feb'y Term 179C. Deceased son 
Elisha Rhodes children Thomas, Jonathan and Margaret Rhodes, 
son William and his son Elisha, daughter-in-law Elizabeth Rhodes 
(wife of son William), and her two children, son James, daughter 

Abstract of Bertie County Wiels. 


Elizabeth Tayloe and Margaret Leggett, son James and son-in-law 
Thomas Leggett Exrs. Test, Aaron Spivey, James Ehodes. 

Eawls, William, April 14, 1772; Sept. Court 1772. Sons Levi, 
Josiah and Jonah, son Joab, daughter Drusilla, son Hosea, wife Re- 
becca and brother Phillip Bawls Exrs. Test, Sam'l Dunning, John 

Eawls, Phillip, June 7, 1792; Xov. Term 1794. Henry Eawls 
and his son Jones Eawls, Philip and Alee Eawls, sister Charity 
Eawls, Henry and Philip Eawls Exrs. Test, Job Umphleet, Wm. 
Morris, Josiah Eawls. ■ 

Easor, Edward, August. -1, 1774; February Court 1776. Two 
youngest children Charlotte and Josiah, children Mary, Elizabeth, 
Frances, Susanna, Martha, Sophia, Charlotte and Josiah, wife 
Elizabeth, William Hardy (son of Lamb), LIumphrey Hardy and 
Thomas Mason Shehan Exrs. Test, Edward Llardy, Jr., Jesse 
Hardy, Lamb Hardy. 

'Eogers, Mary, Aug. 3, 1776; Feb'y Term 1777. Son Thomas, 
daughters Mary Seals and Frances Aires, son Minate Eogers, Wil-' 
liani Seals Exrs. Test, Abraham Maer, Wm. Jordan, Thos. John- 

Evan, James, March 3, 1777 ; May Court 1777. Son Thomas, 
wife and all my children, brother Geo. Evan and Edw'd Bryan Exrs. 
Test, James Matthews, Wm. Jordan, Wm. Hodder. 

Eayner, Eichard, Augt. 28, 17S3; May Term 17S5. Daughters 
Winnifred Evans, Sai'ah Eogers, Mary Sowell, Median Xowell, Ann 
Eayner and Chloe Eayner, Sons Zadock, Shadrach, Aaron, and Ma- 
lachi, son-in-law Thomas Henry, my children by my lsBt wife Eliza- 
beth Eaynor daughters Penny and Betsey, Solomon Freeman, Wal- 
ter McFarlane, and son Francis Evans Exrs. Test, John Jordan, 
Aaron Freeman, Jas. Campbell. 

Eaynor, John, Xov. 30, 1796; August Term 1790. Son Wil- 
liam, daughter Winnef red's daughter, sons Samuel and Amos Eay- 
ner, daughter Elizabeth McFarlane, son James (in hand of Joshua 
Eayner) and Joshua, their mother Judah Eayner, daughter Sarah 
Eayner, Lewis Outlaw and son Joshua Exrs. Test, James Holley, 
Moore Hollev. 

Eascoe, Arthur, March 6, 1796; May Term 1796. Son Daniel 
Eascoe's daughters Sarah and Margaret, Mildred and Frances Eas- 
coe, Thomas Eascoe and James Eascoe and wife Elizabeth Exrs. 
Test, John Bentlev, Wm. Smithwiek, Eichard Xorth. 

Skinner, John, Dec. 12, 1780; Feb'y Term 1781. Wife Mary, 
son John Harrell Skinner, daughters Mary and Ferebee Skinner. 

son, Wilson, children Anapple, , Benjamin, Lucy, John W. 


"354 Abstract of Bertie County Wills. 

and Mary Skinner, Amos Harrell and Wm. Andrews, Jr., Exrs. 
Test, Wm. Andrews, Amos Harrell, Lemuel Harrell. 

Simons, John, May 27, 1780; August Term 1781. Son Malachi, 
daughter Sally, wife and brother-in-law James Langston Exrs. Test, 
Wm. Gray, Tamer Sowell. 

Swain, Richard, (Martin Co.), Jan'y 7, 1782; February Term 
3 782. Wife Annarita, son John Munk, daughters Sarah, Ann and 
Hannah, child in esse, if a boy to be named Richard Preson, if a girl 
to be named Clarissa, Job Swain,- Andrew Oliver and John Smith, 
Exrs. Test, Thos. Brown, Jacob Tice. 

Swain,, Wiliam, May 25, 1778; Eeb'y Court 1779. Wife Tabitha, 
sons John, Richard, James and Letchworth, daughters Anna and 
Susanna Swain, sons John and Letchworth Swain Exrs. Test, 
Christian Reed, Henry Speller, Charlton Clements. 

Swain, John, Xov. 26, 1784; Eeb'y Term 1785. Sons William 
and Whitrnell, my mother, daughter Hannah Swain, Mrs. Mary 
Ward, Sr., wife Elizabeth, Richard Swain and James Ward Exrs. 
Test, Letchworth Swain, Richard Swain. 

Swain, Letchworth, Eeb'y 9, 1790 ; iS T ov. Term 1792. Winnefred 
Damn, son Roden, my sons and daughter Ann, Henry Speller and 
Richard Swain Exrs. Test, George Clements, James Swain, James 

Swain, Elizabeth, Eeb'y Term 1794. Son Wiliam, daughter 
Hannah, son Whitrnell, James Ward and Silas Belote Exrs. Test, 
Richard Swain. 

Smith, John, Sr., March 10, 1783 ; May Term 1783. Wife Anne, 
sons John and Josiah, daughter Sarah West, sons HarVey and Ma- 
lachi land in Martin Co., daughter Mary Smith, sons Josiah and 
John Exrs. Test, Andrew Oliver, Thos. Rhodes, Geo. Clements. 

Smith, Peter, Sept. 29, 1784; Feb'y Term 1791. Sons John and 
Arthur, daughters Ann Vann and Mary Vann, daughter Celia Smith, 
son George, daughter Elizabeth Herring, son Turner Smith, wife 
Rachel and son Arthur Exrs. Test, David Coffieid, Drury Vann ; 
Jas. Purvis. 

Smithwick, John, June 13, 1761. Son William, daughter Martha 
Smithwick, sons Luke and Joel, grand-son John Sutton, daughters 
Sarah, Mary and Cloanah, wife Sarah, (son William, Edward Ed- 
monson Smithwick, Isaac Gardner and John Ward Exrs.). Test, 
John Howard, Kitrain Howard, Cloanah Duggan. 

Smithwick, John, June 18, 1764; Nov. Term 1797. (Same as 
above. ) 

Savage, Thomas, Feb'y 23, 1762. Wife, daughters Mary and 
Rachel Savage, son Thomas, wife's mother, Wm. Jordan and Dority 
Savage Exrs. Test, Ann Cook, James Warborton. 

Abstract of Bertie County "Wills. 


Stallings, Elias, March 7, 1763. Sons Jacob, Elias and Moses, 
grand-son John MeGlauhon, sons Jesse and Josiah, Mary and ISTewls 
Rasberry, daughters Margaret Jenkins and Susannah Bude, son Jo- 
siah Exr. Test, Abraham Blitchenden, James Long, Jonas Martin. 

Stallings, Josiah, May 10, 1772 ; June Court 1772. Wife Mary, 
son John, daughter Betsey, Moses Sumner, James Yearly, and wife 
Exrs. Test, Martha Standley, Wm. Outlaw, Jr., Sam'l Cutla. 

Spivey, John Francis, March 2, 1763. Brother Frederick Holmes 
and Sister Ann Holmes, Adam Baby and Michael Thomas Exrs. 
Test, Wm. Andrews, Jesse Harrell, Arthur Brown. 

Spivey, Moses, July 27, 1771; Sept. Court 1771. Sons Aaron, 
Moses and Jonathan, daughters Sarah, Mary and Martha Spivey., 
wife Jemima, Thos. Hare and John Kittrell Exrs. Test, John Kit- 
trell, Thos. Hare, Jas. Swinhow Grover. 

Spivey, George, June 23, 177S ; Xov. Court 177S. Wife Esther, 
sons Jonathan, George, David, William and James Spivey, Watkin 
William Wynns and wife Exrs. Test, Josiah Warren, Margaret 
Hubbard, Herbert Fritchard. 

*Scolley, Elizabeth, Dec. 1, 1766. My late husband Samuel Scol- 
ley, Sons Cullen and Thomas Pollock, children of Tulle Williams 
and Richard Sanderson, Mrs. Fanny Lenox (wife of Dr. Robert 
Lenox (wife of Dr. Robert Lenox), John Scolley, of Boston, Mass., 
Peggy and Fanny Cathcart (daughters of Dr. Wm. Catheart), Sarah 
and Thos. Blount (children of Joseph Blount), Sophia Rasor (daugh- 
ter of Edward), Mrs. Sarah Vaughan, my former husband Thomas 
Pollock, (Son Thomas Pollock, Dr. Robt. Lenox, Richard Sanderson 
and Joseph Blount Exrs. Test, Hardy Hardison, Fred'k Hardison. 

Slatter, Owen, April 23, 1767. Son Alexander, sister Mary Slat- 
ter, wife Mary, Edward Byrd, John Burn and Humphrey Lawrence 
Exrs. Test, Ed. Rasor, Edward Barnacastle, Thos. Murray. 

Sutton, Jasper, April 8, 1772; June Court 1772. Wm. Jordan, 
Jr., my sister Elizabeth, wife of said William, also appoint Wm. 
Jordan, Jr., my Exr. Test, Josiah Williams, Bird Hubbard, Eph- 
raim Cowand. 

Sutton, Thomas, March 3, 1778 ; Augt. Court 1779. Son Thos., 
daughter Mary, sister Mary Hardy's children, brother-in-law Wil- 
liam Jordan and Wm. Hardy Exrs. Test, Chas. Hodgson, Samuel 
Moore, Mary Sutton. 

♦Elizabeth Sanderson, daughter of Richard Sanderson of Perquimans county, 
married first, in 1725, John Crisp (son of Nicholas Crisp of Edenton, N. C); issue 
Richard *^risp, died young She married, second, Thomas Pollock, (son of Gov. 
Thomas Pollock, and wife, Mrs Martha West nee Cullen,) issue Thomas; George 
died young, and Cullen Pollock. She married, third, Samuel Scolley; no issue by 
the last marriage. Tulle Williams (mentioned in the will,) married Grace San- 
derson, sister of Mrs Scolley, his first wife. 


Abstract of Beetie County Wills. 

Slielian, Miles Mason. March 31, 1774; May Court 1774. Sons 
Thomas and Miles, son Thomas Exr. Test, W. Xicholls, Winnefred 

Shehan, Miles, Xov. 11. 177S; February Court 1779. Wife Mary, 
sons Miles and Thomas, daughter Rachel, wife, brother Thomas 

Shehan, Mary 

Elisha Ashburn Exrs. Test, Thos 

Shehan and 

Shehan, Thomas, Dec. 12, 171)3; May Term 175)4. Son Edward 
M. Shehan, daughters Elizabeth M. 'Ferguson and Martha Watson, 
Luke Collins. Wm. Ashburn and Edward Collin* Watson Exrs, 
Test, H. Hardy, Jona Jacocks. 

Standley, Ann, June 17, 1775 ; August Court 1775. Sister Eliza- 
beth Jernigan, Martin Gardner, John and James Gardner,' my broth- 
ers and sisters, Annie Sparkman and Jane Pervis. Test, James 
Gardner, Samuel Gardner, Benj. Carter. 

Standley, David, Jan'y 17, 17!)5; Feb'y Term 1795. Son Jona- 
than, wife Sarah, daughter Elizabeth and her children by her hus- 
band Francis Pugh, sons William, John, and Thomas, son Jonathan 
and nephew James Rhodes Exrs. Test, Wm. Rhodes, Penelope 
Standley, Amelia Ann Xowell. 

Sholar, William, Feb'y 24, 17.73; May Court 1776. Wife Eliza- 
beth, sons Jacob, James, Benjamin and Isaac, daughters Sarah, 
Rachel and Anna, sons Thomas and Benjamin Exrs. Test, Joseph 
Holland, Wm. Holland, Robt. Carter. 

Sholar, John, Augt. 12. 1791 ; May Term 1792. Daughters Myr- 
tle Wimberly, Sarah Lee (wife of Henry), Judeth Toole and Marv 
Wimberly, grand-sons Bryan, David and Edward Sholar, (sons of 
I 'avid, dee'd), grand-son Lemuel Lee, grand-daughters Elizabeth 
and Rachel Sholar (daughters of David, dec'd), Henry Lee and Ben- 
jamin Sholar Exrs., John Sholar Lee, Wm. Cherry and Cader Powell 
assistants. Test, Joshua Lee, David Harrell, Reuben Stallens. 

Sholder, Sarah, Jan'y 26, 1795; Feb'y Term 1795. Son Levi 
Sholder, daughter Winnefred Dunning Hardvmon Dunning and Joel 
Cook Exrs. Test, John Sholder, H. Clav Milburn, Winnefred Dun- 

Sawlkill, John, Jan'y 14, 1777; Feb'y Court 1777. Thomas Per- 
ry, Mrs. Elizabeth Ashburn (wife of Thomas), James Asbell, Thos. 
Perry and Zedekiah Stone Exrs. Test, John Miller, Margaret Burn. 

Sparkman, William, Oct. 6, 17S2 ; May Term 17S5. Wife Mary, 
youngest son William, eldest son Edward, grand-son Thomas Spark- 
man, eldest daughter Rachel Stone, daughter Elizabeth Hyman, 
daughter-in-law Rebecca Sparkman (wife of Jes. Sparkman) grand- 
son Wm. Sparkman (son of Jesse), grand-daughter Sarah Ward.srrand 
daughters Winnefred and Elizabeth Sparkman (daughters of Jesse), 

Abstract of Bertie County Wills. 


grand-son Wm. Hyman, grand-daughters Sarah Hyman and Eliza- 
beth Hyman, grand-son Hugh Hyman, grand-son Thos. Sparkman, 
Thomas Ward, Hugh Hyman, and James Wilson Exrs. Test, Thos. 
"Ward, Hardy Hunter, Win. Bird, Rick'd Bird, Herbert Pritehard. 

Seals, William, May 10, 1784; Nov. Term 1786. Daughters Pru- 
dence Holley, Mildred Johnston, Mary Booth and Penelope Seals, 
son Thomas, daughter Frances Seals, wife Mary and Lamuel Hy- 
man Exrs. Test, Wm. Pender, Wm. Hodder, Weain Heleay. 

Spruell, Elizabeth, April 7, 1787; Feb'y Term 17SS. Frederick^ 
William and Robert Lawrence (sons of Robert), brother Robert Law- 
rence and Sarah Harden, Sam'l Spruell, Elizabeth Lawrence (daugh- 
ter of John, his father Robert Lawrence), Sarah Morris, Ann Culi- 
fer, Joanna Weston, Elizabeth Lawrence (daughter of John, Sr.), 
William, Thomas, George and Nancy Lawrence (their father John, 
Sr.), William Cobb, Martha Bonacastle, Mary Williams, Reu- 
ben and Asa Lawrence, sister Martha Parker, brothers Robert and 
John Lawrence, Cousin Thomas and Frederick Lawrence Exrs. Test, 
Asa Lawrence, Constan Redditt, Geo. Nickolls. 

Sowell, Francis, Oct. 11, 1795; Feb'y Term 1796. Wife Tamer, 
sons John and William, sons Josiah, James and Worly, wife and 
Jesse Bazemore Exrs. Test, Moses Gilliam, Rachel Butler. 

Speight, Thomas, May 27, 1789; Feb'y Term 1796. Wife Eliza- 
beth, sons William Hardy Speight and James Speight, daughters 
Winnefred, Sarah, Elizabeth, Lydia and Frances, John Johnston 
and William Parrott Hardy Exrs. Test, Moses Williams, Eliza- 
beth Crickett, Mary Crickett. 

Slade, John, Jan'y 3, 1796 ; Feb'y Term 1797. Wif^ Sarah, child 
in essee, (wife, George Gray and John Lenox Exrs. Test, Thos. 
Ed. Hare. John Bryan, Thos. Calloway, Jr. 

Stone, Zedekiah, Nov. 8, 1796; Feb'y Term 1797. Son David, 
daughter Elizabeth Charlton and her children lots lately occupied 
by Mr. Jasper Charlton, son David and Abner Eason Exrs. Test, 
Edward Byrd, Jr., John Mhoon. 

Toole, Jonathan, Aug. 6, 1781 ; August Term 17S3. Wife Mary, 
son Frederick, daughters Elizabeth Ann and Ferebee Toole, James 
Gardner and Absalom Craney Exrs. Test, Henry Averet, Arthur 

Toole, Edward, Feb. 15, 1772. Wife Mary, sons Jaraldus, Jon- 
athan and David, all my children, son Jaraldus and Josiah Harrell 
Exrs. Test, Jesse, John and Solomon Harrell. 

Thomas, Michael, Dec. 19, 1766. Thos. Pugh, Hardy Hayse and 
Anne Thomas Exrs., son Joseph, daughter Judy, wife, sister Eliza- 
beth Thomas, brothers Lewis and William Thomas. Test, Robt. 
Cake, Geo. Winslow, Adam Raby. 

Thomas, James, Oct. 22, 1780; Nov. Term 17S0. Wife Sarah, 

358 Abstract of Bertie County Wills. 

sons Ezekiel, Luke and James, daughters Selah Dement (wife of 
Charles), Lundill, Sarah and Lydia, David Outlaw and son Ezekiel 
Exrs. Test, Abner Eason, John Eason, Mary Pritchard. 

Thompson, Sarah, Augt. 1, 1761. My children Henry Averet, 
Sr., Exr., sons Lewis and John Thompson. Test, Jos. Bradley^ 
Wm. Harrell. 

Thompson, Hezekiah, Jan'y 5, 1771. Wife Mary, sons Hezekiah 
and Lewis, child in esse, sons Xoah, Reuben, Arthur and William 
Thompson, son Xoah, Josiah Blanchard and Noah Hinton Exrs. 
Test, Jonathan Carr, Ann Kittrell, Thos Whitmell, Jr. 

Thompson, Reuben, March 20, 1780 ; May Court 1780. Brothers 
ISToah, Arthur, William, Hezekiah, Lewis and Thomas Thompson, 
brothers Xoah and Arthur Exrs. Test, F. Pugh, Micajah Hinton, 
]S'oah Hinton. 

Thomsen, John, Jan. 20, 1798; May Term 179S. Daughter 
Elizabeth, and her daughter Polly, son William Exr. Test, Sol. 
Cherry, Ezekiel Thomas. 

Thompson, William, July 3, 1792; May Term 1792. Brothers 
jSfoah, Arthur, Lewis and Thomas Thompson, William and Reuben 
Thompson (sons of Noah), broth ers Noah Thompson and Lewis 
Thompson Exrs. Test, Noah Hinton, Jesse Averit, Titus Moore. 

Thompson, Noah, Feb'y 11, 1799; May Term 1799. Wife Cath- 
arine, daughter Charity, sons Reuben and William, daughter Sarah 
Thompson, son William and John Taylor Exr. Test, Lewis Bird, 
Wm. Perkins, Sam'l Sherlock. 

Todd, William, Aug. 31, 1769. Grand-child Morris Morat (son 
of daughter Mary Morat), daughter Christian Hollum, sQ,ns Thomas, 
John, Samuel, Moses and William, wife Catharine and son William 
Exrs. Test, Wm. Hardy (of Lamb), Jos. Murray, Charity Murray. 

Turner, William, Sr., May 30, 1770. Sons Simon and William, 
grand-daughter Elizabeth Turner (daughter of son Etheldred) son 
James, daughters Jennet House, Elizabeth Brown and Sarah Smith, 
(Thomas House, son William and James Turner Exrs.). Test, 
Robert Cake, Wm. Harrell, Wm. Bryan. 

Turner, Thomas, Nov. 8, 1775 ; May Court 1776. Sons David, 
Thomas, Benajah, Amos and Abisha, daughters Hannah and Mary, 
sons David, Thomas and Benajah Exrs. Test, Wm. Gray, Stevens 
Gray, Marv Billups. 

Turner, Benajah, May 1, 1776 ; Feb'y Court 1777. Brother Da- 
vid Turner, sisters Hannah Clarke and Mary Thompson, brothers 
Thos. and Amos Turner brothers David and Thomas Exrs. Test, 
John Johnston, C. W. Jacocks, Thos. Pugh. 

Turner, Edward, Aug. 7, 1789. Daughters Tamer Turner, Sa- 
rah Tarlloek, Martha Kimsey, Winnefred Walton, Mary Turner and 

Abstract of Bertie County Wells. 


Rhoda Turner. Wife Elizabeth and son James Exrs. Test, Wm. 
Gray, Janet Gray. 

Turner, Mathew, June 1, 1794- ; Nov. Term 1794. Daughters 
Elizabeth Turner, Patience Carr, Martha Ford, Mary Gardner, Ann 
Hinton and Janet Thompson, sons Joseph and John, grand-son Ba- 
lus House and Thos. Bond Exrs. Test, Wm. Bryan, Mary Gard- 
ner, William Ware. 

Todd, William, being in the service of the United States and now 
going to join his Regiment in Philadelphia, doth declare this his last 
Will and Testament. June 28, 1778; May Term 1795. Brothers 
Moses and John Todd, my mother, James Campbell to have all my 
hogs, brother Moses Exr. Test, Richard Dawson, Jona Jacocks. 

Tayloe, Richard, June 16, 1795 ; Nov. Term 1795. Son Abra- 
ham, daughter Olive (wife of James Pruden), sons James and Da- 
vid, daughter Truse (wife of Thomas Boswell), daughter Rachel 
(Avife of James Rice), grand-son William Phillips, son David and 
Watkins Wm. Wynns Exrs. Test, Richard Tayloe, David Pruden, 
Wm. Tayloe. 

Usher, Dr. William, Dec. 12, 17S0. John Johnston to settle all 
my affairs. Nuncupative Will in the presence of Macon Whitfield. 
Sworn to before Wm. Benson, Zed Stone. 

Van Laven, Henry, June 25, 1761. Sons John and William, 
wife Elizabeth. Test, Thomas Whitmell, Michael King, Thomas 

Vann, Edward, April 4, 1770. Son William, wife Mary, daugh- 
ters Mary Vann, son King, daughters Elizabeth and Sarah Vann son 
Cader. Test, Michael King, Wm. King, Chas. King. , 

Vir , Alex Louis, Dec. 3,1792; Feb'y Term 1793. John and 

George Wolfenden, Ann Clifton, Dr. Darlet, Wm. Low of Clarenton, 
Jamaica, Mrs. Ann Clifton and Thomas Clark Exrs. Test, James 
Clifton, John Wolfenden, John Lennox. 

Williamson, Hannah, Oct. 12, 1780; May Term 1781. Sons Ab- 
salom and William, grand-daughters Parmela Tyus, Cherry Tyus 
and their brothers and sisters, daughter Elizabeth Tyus, Joseph Wil- 
liamson Tyus, Pink Branch Tyus, daughter Mary Jordan, a'rand- 
daughter Hannah Turner, daughter Ann Turner's children, Burwell 
and William Williamson Exrs. Test, John Blanton, Jeremiah 
Pearce, Jonathan Rhodes. 

Williams, Richard, July 17, 1780; Nov. Term 17«2. Nephew 
Drury Williams, (eldest son of brother Reuben Williams), Reuben, 
George and Benjamin Williams Exrs. Test, James Swinshor, M. 
Duke Norfleet, Josiah Moore. 

Williams, Richard, Sept. 28, 1761; April Court 1762. Sons 
Richard, Benjamin, George, Reuben and Simon, daughter Christian 

360 Abstract of Bertie County Wiels. 

Bazell, wife Mary, daughters Martha, Elizabeth and Mary Williams, 
William Andrews and Arthur Brown Exrs. Test, Henry Abbot, 
Arthur Bell, Samuel Holland. 

Williams, Arthur, May Court 1775. Elizabeth Butler now living; 
with me, son Isaac, daughter Sarah, (wife of Josiah Redditt), son 
Elisha, daughter Ann (wife of Joseph Simons), daughter Cathron, 
sons Joab and Arthur, William Hardy (son of Lamb), Josiah Red- 
ditt, Elisha Williams and Joseph Simons Exrs. 

Williams, Joab, April 18th, 1791; May Term 1791. Sons Sam- 
uel, Francis and Arthur, daughter Elizabeth, my mother, Luke Col- 
lins and Thomas Calloway Exrs. Test, Josiah Redditt, Joseph Si- 

William, Josiah, June 30, 1779 ; Feb'y Court 1780. Wife Sarah 
Exx. together with Whitmell Hill and Henry Hill Exrs. Test, 
Martha Blount, John Oxley, Humphrey Hardy. 

Williams, John, March 19, 1795; May Term 1795. Wife Anne, 
son* Etheldred, daughters Mary and Rachel Williams, son Etheldred, 
wife and Joseph Green Exrs. Test, Jas. Wilson, George Williams, 
Herbert Pritchard, Maria Ralls. 

Williams, Ezekiel, April 28, 1797 ; May Term 1797. Wife Sarah, 
children George, Rachel and James Williams, sons George and 
James Exrs. Test, Charles W. Jacoeks. 

Watson, David, Probated Nov. Term 1782. Wife Jean, all my 
children, Robt. Adams and Thomas Watson Exrs. Wm. Adams, 
John Vinson. 

Watson, John, March 7. 1776; February Court 1777. Wife Ann, 
daughter Mary Standley. sons John, Thomas, James and William, 
daughters Sarah Smith. Elizabeth Smithwick, Winnefred Watson, 
Ann Watson and Martha Watson, (son John David Standlev and 
John Everet Exrs. Test. John Smith, Thomas Roads, Wm. White. 

Williams, Samuel, Jan'y 23, 1764. Wife Mary, sons Samuel, 
Moses and Benjamin, all my children, wife and David Gaskins Exrs. 
Test, William Vossev, W. Hardy (son of Lamb), Michael Capehart. 

Whitmell, Thomas, Feb'y Court 1779. Wife and daughter Molly, 
Francis Pugh (eldest son of Thomas Pugh in case his child should 
die.). Test, William Pugh, Francis Pugh. (Nuncupative will.) 

Warburton, John, January 21, 1762. Wife Jemima, sons James 
and Luke, daughters Sarah and Penelope, Jethrobad Hubbard, Rob- 
ert Warburton, son James Exr. Test, Joseph Jordan, George Sav- 
age, Wm. H\irst. 

Warburton, James, July 1. 1780; November Term 1780. Sons 
John and Thomas, daughter Sarah, (wife Winnefred, Luke Warbur- 
ton and Jonathan Rhodes Exrs. Test, Wm. Pender, Zadock Cow- 
and, Jemima Warburtom 

Abstract of Bertie County Wiles.* 


Warburton, Winnefred, March IS, 1785 ; May Term 1785. Sons 
Thomas and John Warburton, daughter Sarah Warburton, Luke 
Warburton Exr. Test, Stephen Garrett, Winnefred Carter, Sarah 

Worsley, Lucretia, November 10, 1762. Mother Ann Gray, sis- 
ters Louisa and Amelia Gray, Cousins Janette, John and Ann Mc- 
Kenzie, mother Ann Gray Exx. Test, John Hill. 

West, Peter, (no date but about 1767). Sons William, Thomas, 
and Peter, daughters Sarah Smith, Selah West, Maryan Oliver, 
Winne West and Christian West, wife Christian, John Smith and 
son William Exr. Test, John Smith, Lewis Thomas, Jno. Oliver, 
Sarah Smith. 

West, Robert, April 22, 1771. Sons George and Robert, daughter 
Ann West, Ann Billups, John, William and Elizabeth (children of 
Ann Billujjs), Cullen Pollock, Dr. Robert Lennox, Alex How and 
Robert West Exrs. Test, Eli Hewlett, Dority Billups, John Billups. 
' West, Thomas, March 1, 1791 ; Feb'y Term 1795. Wife Sarah, 
son John, child in esse, all my children, each of my daughters, James 
Leggett and James Ross Exrs. Test, Thomas Belote. 

Wilson, Solomon, late of Norfolk, Va., Augt. 20, 1771 ;. February 
Court 1775. Daughter Ann Wilson, Col. Samuel Boush, James Ivey, 
daughter Tabitha (wife of William Freeman) son Lemuel, daugh- 
ters Mason, Elizabeth and Ann Wilson, daughter Ann, John Duke 
and John Lawrence Exrs. Test, Robert Pulle, David Pulle, Jere- 
miah Pulle. 

Ward Phillip, June 17, 1776; February, 1777. Sons James, 
Daniel, George, Michael and William, wife Mary, daughters Eliza- 
beth, Millieent and Sarah Ward, son Phillip, daughter Mary Ander- 
son, son George and George Kittrell Exrs. Test, George Clements, 
Mary Green, Wm. Anderson. 

Ward, James, April 13, 1780 ; Nov. Term 1780. Daughter Winne, 
wife Martha, daughter Susanna, child in esse, daughter Penelope 
Clifton, William and Solomon Chenw Exrs. Test, James Powell, 
Geo. Jernagan Hodum, Ephraim Jenkins. 

Ward, Tbomas, March 23, 1790; May Term 1790. Wife Ann, 
sons George, Thomas, William and James, eldest daughters Mary, 
Milley, Nancy, Sarah and Betsey Ward, wife and brother-in-law 
Robt. Hendry Exrs. Test, Joshua Evans, Penelope Evans, Herbert 

Ward, Thomas, March 14, 1795; Nov. Term 1796. Wife Phara- 
b\, daughter Winnefred Holley, sons Michael, James and Isaac Hill 
Ward, son Joshua, daughters Mary Garrett, Martha Luton, Pharaby 
Sparkman, Elizabeth Ward, Ann Outlaw and Elinder Ward, (Solo- 

362 Abstract of Bertie County Wills. 

mon Cherry, son Isaac Hill, Ward, James and Joshua Ward Exrs.) 
Test, Wm. Watford, Jona' Spivey, Jno. Campbell. 

White, Mordecai, May 13, 1776; Nov. Court 1779. Eldest son 
William, son Luke, daughter Abagail Butler, sons Mordecai, John 
and Media, daughter Rebecca Gains, grand-son Amos Weston, (son 
of daughter Rebecca Gains) Sarah Gains sister of Amos, grand-son 
King White (son of John), daughter Rebecca Gains and Jesse Hardy 
Exrs. Test, Wm. Hardy (son of Lamb), Sarah Hardy, Elizabeth 

White Luke, Nov. 9, 1795; May Term 1796. Wife Mary, son 
Noah, David Valentine and Nathan Harrell Exrs. Test, Nathan 
Harrell, Geo. White, Polly Hagarthy. 

Watford, Hardy, July 5, 1784 ; Nov. Term 1784. Wife Milleson, 
wife and Capt. William Watkins Wynns Exrs. Test, George Green, 
Absala Woodard. 

Watford, Joseph, Nov. 7, 1794; February Term 1795. Daughter 
Sarah Martin and her children Penina, William, Joseph, Winnefred 
and Sealah Martin, son John and his sons Joseph and George Wat- 
ford, daughter Winnefred Mizell and her son Mills Mizell, grand-son 
William Watford and his sister Elizabeth, wife, grand-daughter Fan- 
ny Watford (daughter of John) grand-daughter Winnefred Watford 
(daughter of Hardy) William Watford and son-in-law Henry Mizell 
Exrs. Test, Demsey Eure, John Hoggard. 

Warren, William/Sept. 24, 1788; Nov. Term 1788. Wife Eliza- 
beth, Peggy Mathis, wife and Shadrach Early Exrs. Test, Grace 
Earlv, Wm. Morris, Abner Willeford. 

Weston, William, Nov. 21, 1795 ; Feb'y Term 1796. Wife Sarah, 
sons Malachi, Edmond and William, daughter Winnefred, Edmond 
Dunston and Ephraim Weston Exrs. Test, K. F. Strother, John 
Bosman, Ephraim Weston, Jr. 

Winants, Winant, June 4, 1789; Augt. Term 1796. Wife Mary, 
Henry Harramond, Sr., and Frederick Lawrence Exrs. Son Henry 
David Winants, all my children. 

Wilks, James, Feb'y 2, 1790; Nov. Term 179S. Wife Mary, 
sons James and Micajah, grand-son Jesse Wilks, sons James and 
Mica j ah Exrs. Test, Jos. Horn, Josiah Pulle, Noah Harrell. 

Yeats, John, April 4, 1789 ; May Term 1787. Children Thomas, 
William, Edward, James, Peter, Elizabeth, Mary and Sarah Yeats 
sons Thomas and William Exrs. Test, Wm. Lawrence. 

Yeats, William, Oct. 10, 1779 ; February Term 1789. Daughter 
Anne Yeats, son David, daughter Rhode, wife Elizabeth Exx. Test, 
Peter Yeats, Sarah Yeats, Anne Redditt. 

Yeats, Elizabeth, Oct. 4, 1792; Nov. Term 1792. Son David, 

Abstkact of Beetle County Wills. 


daughter Anne Kars, Sally and Khoda Bayley, son David Exr. Test, 
Peter Yeats, David Cooper. 

Yeats, Peter, Apl. 3, 1795 ; May Term 1795. Nephew Thomas 
Yeats, wife Sarah and nephew Thos. Yeates Exr. Test, Cader Coop- 
er, Penelope Griffin, Charlotte Hardy. 

Yeats, David, Sept. 24, 1790 ; Probated in Baltimore county, Md., 
Dec. 17, 1794; May Term Bertie Co., Court 1795. Wm. and Sarah 
Bayley, Sarah Kerr, Edward Manning (all of Bertie Co., X. C], 
Edward Manning of Bertie Co., N. C., Exr. Test, William Wil- 
liamson, Jonas Osborn, James Lane. 




Be it Enacted by His Excellency, the Palatine, &c, with consent of 
the General Assembly, just met at Little River, &c. That from 
henceforward, no Person within this Province shall be committed to 
Prison for any Criminal Matter, until Examination thereof be first 
had before some Magistrate ; which Magistrate shall admit the Party 
to Bail, if bailable, and shall record the Examination of the Party, 
and also the full matter given in Evidence, both against him and for 
him, with all concurring Circumstances; and shall take Recogniz- 
ance, with good and sufficient Securities, to our Sovereign Lord the 
King, for the Informer to appear and prosecute, as the Laws of the 
Kingdom of Great Britain and this Province do direct ; and likewise 
for all Evidences for the King to appear, and give evidence against 
the Criminal at the next Court, where the matter is cognizable, ensu- 
ing such Examination ; Which Examination and Recognizance so 
taken, shall be returned to the Office of the Court wherein the matter 
is to be tried, under the Penalty of Five Pounds for every neglect; 
One Half to the Lord's Proprietors, and the other half to Him or them 
that shall sue for the same; To be recovered, in any Court within 
this Government by Action of Debt, Bill, Plaint, or information; 
wherein no Essoign, Protection, Injunction or Wager of Law shall 
be allowed or admitted of. (Session of 1715). 


Abstract of Beetie County Marriage Bonds. 


(Original in Office of the Superior Court of Bertie County at Windsor, N. C. ) 


Blount, Jesse and Rebecca Bartlett. Feb'y 28. Jesse Cooper. 
Barksdale, William and Christian Sumner. Apl. 7. Henry Hill. 
Brinkley, Eli and Sally Gaskins. Xov. 26. Jas. Hardy. 
Branch, Burwell and Xancy Morgan. Oct. 15. Gerrard Ware. 
Coffield, Jethro and Elizabeth Butler. Ap'l 25. Jos. Simons. 
Davidson, David and Elenor Hinson. M'ch 25. Jno. Bentley. 
.Harrell, Henry and Annis Davis. March 10. Jno. Wimberly. 
Hardy, James and Bettie Gaskins, Sept. 30." Stevens Gray. 
Howell, James and Susanna Swain. Sept. 10. Letchwork Swain. 
Hornby, James and Penelope White. Sept. 22. Feleg Belote. 
James, Emanuel and Patience Gardner. Jan'y 19. Jno. Gardner. 
Jacobs, Samuel and Bethiah Cherry. Xov. 3. Jas. Warren. 
James, Benj. and Kesiah James. Xov. 1. Jno. Hicks. 
Jenkins, Samuel and Mary Penny. Dec. 
Jones, Jesse and Linah Monk. July 21. 
Leggett, Alex and Mary Kittrell. Feb. 
Malone, Drury and Francis Bentley. July 19. 
Xewborn, Thomas and Eliz. Sparkman. Oct. ' 

15. John Perry. 
Silas Belote. 
2. Thos. Leggett. 
Xoah Belote. 
Jo*s. Mizell. 

Oliver, John and Molly Watford. Feb. 27. John Oliver, Sr. 
Overton, James and Milly Mitchell. Xov. 26. John Thomas. 
Roscoe, Peter and Ann Smithwick. June 24. Jno. Smithwick. 
Rasor, Josiah and Elizabeth Sutton. March 27. Thos. Shehan. 
Standley, David and Mrs. Sarah Lassiter. June 10. Stevens Gray, 
Seay, James and Eliz Crank. July 26. 
Trotman, Thomas and Winnefred Cullen. 
Vann, Edward and Sally Higgs. Feb. 7. 
Weaver, John Bynum and Mary Hundley. 
White, King and Martha Britt. JanV 22 

Wm. Grav. 
M'ch 3. Fred'k Cullen. 

John Harrell. 

M'ch 26. Geo. Cratch. 
. John Pierce. 

Warren, James and Mary Cherry 


Best, Henry and Mikey Morris. 
Basonan, John and Mary Weston. 
Bass, Jacob and Mary Lassiter. Sept. S 
Carnev, Josiah and Sarah Power. Aug. 

June 21. Wm. Grav, 

Jan'y 17. John Morris. 
Jan'y 17. John Weston. 
Israel Outhouse. 
19. Thos. Sutton. 

Keater, William and Kediah Wilkinson. July 8. Jas. Wilkinson. 

Abstract of Bertie County Makkiage Bonds. 


King, Henry and Sarah Worley. Feb. 10. Stevens Gray. 
Mizell, John and Winnie Miller Xov. 9. Timothy Mizell. 
Overton, Asa and Patsey Tart. Dec. 26. Jas. Tart. 
Stallings, John and Delitha Dunning. Sept. 19. Sam'l Dunning, 
Smith, William and Rachel Savage. May 23. Luke Warburton. 
Turner, John Blount and Amelia Barnes. Dec. 29. Jas. Turner- 
Todd, Samuel and Winnefred Morris. Xov. 28. Lem'l Todd. 

Abington, Littebury and Sarah Moore. May 1. Titus Moore. 
Askew, John and Mary Dunning. Aug;. 17. Chas. Dunning;. 
Boyce, Hardy and Mary Hubbard. 
Bynum, Abner and Milly Cooper. 
Baker, John and Martha Cherry. 
Bond, Thomas and Bhodea Bond. 
Boswell, Charles and Margaret Sowafcl. Oct. 

Blount, John and Elizabeth Milburn. Jan. 13. Whyriot Blount. 
'Cottle, William and Eliz. Glisson. Aug. 25. Ephraim Rhodes. 
Coffield, Josiah and Lydia Speight, Aug. 2S. Wm. Coffield. 
Dunning, Uriah and Ann Early. May 17. Job Umfleet, 
Davis, Smith and Happy Cobb. Jan. 5. Bryan Smith. 
Granberry, James and Penelope Moore. May IS. Wm. Granberry. 
Harrell, Guing and Eliz. Kittrell. Aug. 23. Sol. 









Drury Malone. 
Wilson Cooper. 
Wm. Standley. 
Stevens Gray. 
7. Ransome Billups. 

Hardy, Lamb and Winifred Boswell. Aug. 23 
Hubbell, Walter and Mary Ventures. May 22. 
Harrison, Reuben and Ann Mitchell. May 18. 
Harman, Stephen and Judy Farmer. Oct. 26. 
Jones, William and Asia Holladay. Jan. 23. 
Jernagan, Arthur and Mary Bond. Feb. 25. 
Lassiter, John and Mary Elizabeth. April 22. 
Moore, Joseph and Priscilla Atkinson. Oct. 29 


Chas. Boswell. 
Jno. WoKenden. 
Geo. Harrison. 
Jas. Farmer. 
W. H» Green. 
Benj. Jernagan. 
Jno. Weston. 
Allen Frazier. 

Morris, William and Rhode Mitchell. Xov. 22. John Mitchell. 
Minton, Benj. and Olive Reed. Feb. 15. Robt. Bridgen, Jr. 
Privote, Xoah and Penny Evans. Sept. 6. Jos. Evans. 
Sanderson, Pcichard and Sarah Ryan. Jan. 19. Thos. Ryan. 
Standley, William and Penelope Keen. May 25. Wm. Watson. 
Sholar, Thomas and Xancv Sholar. Jan. 1. Benj. Howard. 
Smith, William and William Wood. Feb. 10. Wm. Wood. 
Thomas, James and Mary Standley. Sept, 6. Whitmell Whitacre. 
Whitacre, Whitmell and Easter Sholar. April 26. Cader Sholar. 

Acree, William and Ferebee Skinner. March 12. Micajah Wilkes. 
Bunch, Micajah and Levina Holder. April 8. Elisha Holder. 

Butler, Jethro and Winnefred . Aug. 16. Jos. Mitchell. 

Brogdon, Timothy and Sarah McHenry. Aug. 18. Thos. Brogden. 

366 Abstract of Bertie County Marriage Bonds. 

Byrum, James and Milly Keen. Aug. 10. Joshua Cherry. 

Cowand, George and Winnefred Mitchell. Sept. 12. Abram Duke. 

Castellaw, James and Elizabeth Cobb. July 19. Thos. Boswell. 

Cullen, Fred'k and Elizabeth Wimberly. Sept. 17. Micajah Grif- 

Drisel, John and Sarah Stainback. April 9. Jas. Rhodes. 

Ings, Matthew and Martha Laton. March 19. John Bittle. 

Jordan, Joseph and Martha Jordan. March 11. Ebenezer Smith- 

Jacoeks, Jonathan and Elizabeth Hill. March 11. Jas. Burn. 

Jacocks, Charles Worth and Janette Young. Sept. 13. Stev. Gray. 

King, William and Abigail Lee. Sept. 17. Henry Lee. 

Mizell, Joseph and Frances Leary. March 22. John Mizell. 

Morris, James and Loving Britt. Nov. 7. Nottingham Monk. 

Mardre, Thomas and Ann Howell. Jan. 28. Moses Kerr. 

Meredith Davis and Rachel Farror. Feb. 4. Rich'd Billups. 

Oliver Martin and Happy Mitchell. Dec. 7. John Oliver. 

Pierce, James and Mary Hodges. Nov. 23. Win. Hodges. 

Pierce, Thomas and Mourning Bryan. Oct. 5. John Bond. 

Rascoe, Alex, and Rachel Howell. April 30. John Folk. 

Sparkman, George and Martha Bryant. Feb. 22. 

Sholar, Benj. and Laodicea Thomas. Jan. 25. Ezekiel Thomas. 

Weston, Ephraim and Mary Jordan. Feb. 22. Thos. Weston. 

Watford, John and Rachel Cowand. Apl. 16. Geo. Cowand. 

Wilkes, Micajah and Onice Seay. Sept. 27. Jas. Wilkes. 

Wood, Cullen and Sally Freeman. Aug. 12. Luke Warburton. 


Averit, Henry and Sarah Montgomery. May 9. Josiah Moore. 
Acree, Leonard and Margaret Seay. Oct. 4. Micajah Wilks. 
Burkett, Wm. and Ferebee Jackson. Aug. 6. Wm. Watson. 
Bentley, John and Anne Hardy. Aug. 28. Jas. Ross. 
Bayley, William Major and Rhoda Yates. June 30. Wm. Griffin. 
Boyce, David and Susanna Mitchell. Nov. 9. John Boyce. 
Culifer, Thomas and Joanna Cobb. Sept, 15. John Shaw. 
Cullifer, Nathaniel and Chloe Cullifer. Feb. 9. Winant Winants. 
Collins, Willaby and Angelica Brown. Nov. 17. Robt. Hendry. 
Cobb, Henry and Sarah Kingston. May 1. John Capehart. 
Curry, James and Judeth Mizell. Jan. 15. Arch'd Wilford. 
Early, William and Esther Layton. Nov. 26. Wm. Barradail. 
Freeman, Jeremiah and Mary Norfleet. Oct. 9. Wm. Watford. 
Fleetwood, William and Sarah Capehart. Dec. 17. Jno. Fleetwood. 
Garrett, Joseph and Rachel Speight. April 24. John West. 
Harrell, Thomas and Ann Burkett. Sept. 26. Wm. Rhodes. 
Holder, Elisha and Winneford Bunch. June 4. John Corbert. 


Abstract of Bertie County Marriage Bonds. 


Hodum, Sam'l Jernagan and Rachel Farmer. Nov. 15. 
Harrell, John W. and Bipsey Hobday. Jan. 27. Jno. Brittain. 
Hendry, Wm. and Martha Oxley. Jan. 24. John Oxley. 
Hays, Joshua and Anne Hays. May 9. Henry Avent. 
Harrell, Hugh and Mary McDowell. Dec. 17. Nathan Smith. 
Hinton, Beuben and Bachel Baker. Nov. 10. Wright Williford. 
Hodum, Lewis Jernagan and Winifred Miers. July 26. 
Hoggard, Jesse and Elizabeth Miers. Dec. 29. Patrick Hoggard. 
Loyd, Josiah and Dolly Cobb. Jan. 26. Wm. Skiles. 
Jernagan James and Sarah Pierce. Aug. 17. Benj. Jernigan. 
Maer, Samuel and Margaret Jordan. April 3. Jos. Jordan. 
Madra, Joseph and Sarah Smithwick. Dec. 26. John Madra. 
Morris, William and Sarah Piland. Nov. 29. Jno. Wolfenden. 
McGlauhon, Hardy and Anne Gaskins.- March 22. Robt. Hunter. 
Moore, Titus and Sarah Turner. July 3. Geo. House. 
Newsorn, James and Susanna Ward. Aug. 7. Jacob Garrett. 
*Pugh, Francis and Elizabeth Tunstall. Aug. 28. Zed'k Stone. 
Pritchard, Rigdon and Ann Bunch. Feb. 29. Jas. Pritchard. 
Perry, Zadock and Elizabeth Asbell. Oct, 9. Jos. Harrell. 
Swain, Sherrod and Mary Lane. Sept. 5. 

Sholar, Joshua and Elizabeth Whitacre. Aug. 30. John Sholar. 
Smith, Charles, and Penelope Castelaw. Nov. 10. Geo. Simons. 
Sharrock, William and Winnefred Griffin. Nov. 17. Josiah Moore. 
Thompson, Chas. and Margaret Williams. March 17. D. Pruden. 
Tyler, Perry and Rachel Hollowell. Feb. 8. Dempsey Harrell. 
White, Fred'k and Judith By ram. June 15. Noah White. 
White, Noah and Tabitha Collins. June 15. FrecVk White. 
Willoughby, Isaac and Elizabeth Willaby. Aug. 22. 

Askew, John and Mary Outlaw. Jan. 2. Wm. Spivey. 
Adams, Elijah and Judith Rountree. March 29. Henry Church- 

Butler, Curry and Elizabeth Folk. Jan. 12. Jas. Hardy. 
Barradial, James and Sarah Standley. Feb. 2(5. David Spivey. 
Britt, Thos. and Martha King. March 2. Michael King. 
Britt, Jesse and Sarah Cook. July 30. Thos.' Harden. 
Cook, Thomas and Sarah Hopkins. Jan. 7. Thos. Harden. 
Corbert, James and Mary Hughs. Oct. 31. John Corbert. 
Campbell, John and Celia Freeman. March 23. Stevens Gray. 
Douglass, Robert and Judeth Collins. June 2. Jas. Bazemore. 
Gilliam, Moses and Winnefred Rhodes. Nov. 5. Sol Cherry. 
Hoggard, Wright and Amelia Tyner. May 23. Wm. Hoggard. 
Hardy, John and Jemima Wilson. April 9. Stephen Buck. 

- ■ 


Abstract of Bertie Cotjxty Marriage Boistds. 

Hopkins, Daniel and Frances Cobb. Xov. 20. Xoah Belote. 
House, George and Lydia Gray. July 5. Nathan Page. 
Knott, Joseph and Absala Mizell. Jan. S. James White. 
Knott, Thomas and Francis Cannaday. Dec. 18. Jas. White. 
King, Michael and Eloise Worley. April 17. Henry King. 
King, David and Sally Ruffin. May 10. Allen Williams. 
Kittrell, John and Louisa Kittrell. April 10. Willis Kittrell. 
Lassiter, Amos and Sarah Speight. May 11. Jacob Curry. 
Moore, William and Penelope Canady. Augt. 19. Wm. Weston. 
Xixon, Richard and Ann Jacoeks. May 24. Jona Jacocks. 
Xicholls, John and Elizabeth Williams. Sept. 12. Jno. Xicholls. 
Parker, Elisha and Patience Hodge. Jan. 16. Luke Parker. 
Purvis Allen and Anne Gardner. March IS. Eli Moore. 
Rogers, Ezekiel and Rebecca Purnell. May 13. Chas. Barber. 
Robins, John and Esther Raby. April 27. Edward Acree. 
Ray, William and Xancy Todd. Sept. 16. Sam'l Todd. 
» Stone, Edward and Sarah Brown. Feb. 15. Wm. Brown. 
Shaw, John and Celia Cobb. April 5. Henry Cobb. 
Tbonias, Zadock and Dicea Bazemore. Jan. 12. Jas. Wilford. 
Tart, James and Phebe Stokes. Jan. 10. Jonathan Spivey. 
Todd, Hardy and Sarah Sparkman. July 20. Geo. Sparkman. 
Todd, Elisha and Creecy Lawrence. Oct. 25. Sam'l Todd. 
VanPelt, James and Catharine Hughs. Jan. 10. Geo. Hughs. 
West, Robert and Susanna Lockhart. Xov. 7. John Burn. 
Yates, Thomas and Rachel Shehan. Feb. 25. Wm. Griffin. 

Brogdon, Thomas and Sarah Jones. 
Brown, John and Tempe Harrell. 
Chnrch, William and Mary Watson. 
Coffee, Joseph and Frances Cooper. 
Cullifer, Jeremiah and Sarah Rogers 

Jan. 4. Wm. Brogdon. 
Aug. 12. Wm. Higgs. 

Jan. 25. Thos. Church. 

Dec. 20. Edw'd Mannii 
May 30. Thos. Seals. 

Cherry, Thomas and Rachel Outlaw. Jan. 7. Jas. Warren. 
Davis, Dred and Xancy Belote. Dec. 3. John Cooper. 
Dunning, William and Sally Sholar. Xov. 10. Wright Xicholls. 
Green William and Ann Lassiter. Jany. 4. Wilson Liscomb. 
Harrell, Jesse and Rachel Kittrell. Xov. 11. Lewis Bryan. 
Jones, Joel and Dicey Harrell. Jan. 11. David Jones. 
Jernagan, Joseph and Ann Jernagan. Jan. 18. Eth'ld Jernagan. 
Kittrell, John and Mary Lassiter. April 19. Standley Kittrell. 
Love, William and Huldy Hobbs Turnage. Oct. 4. 
Liscombe, William and Sarah Bayley. Sept. 27. Thos. Calloway. 
Moore, Joseph and Mary Sowell. Dec. 1. David Tayloe. 
Mitchell, Jonas and Margaret Standley. Aug. 19. Jona Spivey. 
Overton, James S. and Patience Ray. Aug. 2. John Pender. 



Abstract of Bertie Couxty Marriage Bonds. 369 

Peele, John and Benney Harrell. Aug. 23. Jacob Higgs. 
Parker, Luke and Anne Pierce. Xov. 7. Beuben Parker. 
Bhodes, James and Sally Smith. Dec. 16. Jacob Howard. 
Puffin, James and Margaret Veale. Dec. 22. Bich'd Veale. 
Ray, Henry and Judeth White. March 1. Geo. White. 
Steel, William and Ann Capehart. Feb. 22. Geo. P. Zellem. 
Smithwick, Ebenezer and Sarah Jordan. Peb. 4. Wm. Sutton. 
Spivey, William and Winney Ward. Dec. 16. Jonathan Spivey. 
Wood, Jesse and Mrs. Ellenor Martin. March 3. Wm. Smith. 
White, George and Lydia White. May 23. Reuben White. 
Webb, Lawrence Smith and Kesiah Wood. Jan. 23. Thos. Harden. 
White, Reuben and Abigail Cale. Sept. 9. Geo. White. 

Baker, William Wilson and Perebee Jobe. Aug. 24. Jno. .Douglas. 
Brown, William and Debby Stone. Feb. 21. Sol. Miller. 
Bentley, James and Elizabeth Bird. Feb. 7. Sol. Nobles. 
,Byrum, David and Elizabeth Wilson. April 27. Jos. Jernigan. 
Burden, William and Phebe Mitchell. Sept. 22. Jona Spivey. 
Culifer, Henry and Martha Glauhon. March 8. John Shaw. 
Cooper, Jesse and Rachel Chapel. April 24. Israel Outhouse. 
Collins, Thomas and Hannah Holliday. March 31. Jno. Drizzle. 
Carter, Lewis and Xancy Holloman. June 27. .Abner Wilford. 
Cook, Cullen and Penelope Boyce. July 23. Sam'l Powell. 
Cook, James and Sarah Early. March 3. John Mitchell. 
Davis, David and Sarah Cook. Oct. 14. Smith Davis. 
Ellinsworth, Xeherniah and Henrietta Bowen. Dec. 4. 
Granberry, Langley and Sarah Moore. Feb. 11. W,m. Higgs. 
Gardner, Bryan and Anne Horton. July 9. Averit Gardner. 
Hawkins, Alex, and Sarah Burruss. Xo date; in 1795 perhaps. 
Hallom, John and Kiddy Capehart. March 4. Elisha Todd. 
Holder, Thomas and Anne Tayloe. July 2S. David Pruden. 
Holland, Fred'k and Gince Cole. Jan. 9. Joshua Sholar. 
Jernigan, Arthur and Mary Allen. Oct. 22. (Year blank). 
Jernigan, Joseph and Xancy Jernigan. Aug. 6. Arthur Jernigan. 
Miward, John and Sarah Baker. Jan. 27. Levi Baker. 
Miller, Ephraim and Mary Brimage. Sept. 7. Wm. Sutton. 
McClellan, William and Sally Hallom. May 15. Josiah Harrell. 
Xewcom, Jesse and Martha Clifton. Feb. 24. Jas. Clifton. 
Outland, Redditt and Jemima Horton. Feb. 9. K. Clay Milburn. 
Parker, Francis and Rachel Holland. Oct. 19. Sowell Holland. 
Pender, John and Elizabeth Hubbard. Oct. 15. Wm. Griffin. 
Redditt, Luodovick and Sarah Oxley. May 14. Hardv Fleetwood. 
Ruffin, William and Martha Bryan. July 28. Wm. Bryan. 
Sutton, William and Sarah Warburton. Jan. 21. 


Abstract of Bertie County Marriage Bonds. 

Thomas Jordan and Milly Lassiter. Feb. 18. Jas. Wilford. 
Tayloe, Kinchen and Anna Outlaw. Aug-. 13. Thos. Cherry. 
Wright, David and Mary Armistead. June 24. Jordan Armistead. 
"White, Stephen and Patience Britt. Feb. 13. Jethro Butler. 
Williams, William and Sarah Lawrence. Aug. 19. 
Willey, Mathias and Mary Walston. Oct 6. John Cooper. 
Ward, James and Sarah Swain. Nov. 21. Hugh Hardy. 
Yeates. Edward and Mary Weston. Sept. 21. Win. Sutton. 

Askew, Josiah and Mary Outlaw. Feb. 12. Wm. Watford. 
Beatley, John and Mary Lawrence. Aug. 30. Luke Manning. 
Billtips, Thomas and Sarah Mhoon. Feb. 17. Eli. Mhoon. 
Brogdon, Thomas and Thamer Skiles. Feb. 9. Sol. Cherry. 
Capehart, Michael and Sarah Butterton. April 4. Curry Butler. 
Champion, Joab and Sarah Rascoe. Dec. 24. Wm. Sutton. 
Cowand, Solomon and Mourning Allen. Oct. 7. Wm. Cowand. 
Corbet, Elisha and Elizabeth Cobb. Nov. 2. Hardy Cobb. 
Cook, Silas and Lydia Early. Feb. 13. Jas. Cook. 
Cail, William and Suckey Brogdon. Aug. 8. David Corneday. 
Capehart, John and Martha Rasor. Aug. 5. John Hardy. 
Freeman, Josiah and Sarah Moore. Dec, 23. Jas. B. Jordan. 
Freeman, Hardy and Seneth Hunter. April 4. Wm. Hunter. 
Garrett, Thomas and Patsey Holley. Aug. 19. Jona Spivey. 
Gardner, Jason and Sarah Harrell. Feb. 15. Hy. J. W. Bate. 
Hushes, Josiah and Elizabeth Watford. Aug - . 29. Jas. Hughs. 
Hermon, Abraham and Teresa Tayloe. Sept. 12. Jas. Tayloe. 
Hale, Joshua, Jr. and Winnefred White. Jan. 30,* 179 — . 
Hunter. William and Mary Surry. May 10. Hardy Freeman. 
Hopkins, Alex .and Moren Brown. Feb. 10. Izme Leats. 
Jacobs. Sam'l and Happy Shoulder. May 9. Geo. White. 
Jenkins, Xoah and Elizabeth Harrell. April 12. Cader Jenkins. 
King, Charles and Elizabeth Benton. July 16. Elisha Holder. 
Keeter, Samuel and Sarah Brown. Aug. 9. John Barrett. 
Lawrence, Seth and Betsey Britt. Feb. 8. John Hicks. 
Milburn, Henry Clay and Martha Whitfield. July 26. Henry 
Flurrv. (Leter from Wm. Burlingham attached.) 

Mizell, John and Martha Todd. Dec. 13. Hardy Todd. 
Mires, Elisha Bird and Polly Barrett. April 5. John Standley. 
Morris, Moses and Elizabeth Early. Sept. 5. Wright Wiliford. 
Mitchell, Elisha and Elizabeth Holley. Dec. 31. Nathan Cobb. 
Powell, Miles and Elizabeth Lee. Oct. 22. Granville Floyd. 
Eigby, Jacob and Winney Callifer. May 13. Chas. Barber. 
Standing, William and Clary Butler. Nov. 7. Larney Baker. 
Stone, Jesse and Nancy Brown. Nov. 1. Sparkman Stone. 

Abstract of Bertie County Marriage Bonds. 371 

Spivey, James and Charity Frazier. Oct. 17. Wm. Watford. 
Sparkman, James and Frances Hughs. Nov. 11. Hardy Todd. 
Skinner, Benj. and Charity Davis. May 20. Elisha Higgs. 
Turner, James and Mary Miers. June 20. Elisha Mires. 
Todd, James and Elizabeth Mizell. Oct. 11. Wm. Tocld. 
Tayloe, James and Sarah Bhodes. Sept, 12. Abraham Harmon. 

Ashburn, John and Fanny Nichols. Feb. 13. Wm. West. Billups. 
Bond, John and Sarah West. Dec. 15. Kemp T. Strother. 
Butler, John and Kezee Pritchard. Dec. 27. Chr. Prit chard. 
Boswell, William and Susanna Holder. April 10. Elisha Holder. 
Burkett, William and Celia Johnson. Feb. 1. John Standley. 
Bunch, Micajah and Edy Holder. July 22. Jeremiah Bunch. 
Bass, John and Nancy Penney. May 26. Isom Wilford. 
Bowen, Nathan and Martha Barnecastle. Aug. 29. Jno. Barrett. 
Britt, Josiah and Priscilla Floyd. Feb. 1. John Moore. 
*Barnacastle, Beverly and Tanery Knott. Dec. 9 Nathan Bowen. 
Cook, William and Ann Barron. Nov. 29. Jas. Barron. 
Capps, Moses and Ann Rigsbey. Aug. 4. Josiah Rigsby. 
Cook, Joel and Patience Brasswell. May 9. Reuben Cook. 
Cooper, John and Sally Leggett. Feb. 1. Belsom Kittrell. 
Cook, Elisha and Tabitha Cook. May 5. John Cook. 
Craft, Herod and Susanna Smith. Aug. 4. Moses Capps. 
Folk, Benj. and Jemima Kittrell. Nov. 4. Belsom Kittrell. 
Fryer, Henderson and Delilah Williams. May 6. Isom Wilford. 
Green, William H. and Margaret Outlaw. Jan. 6. Wm. AVatson. 
Gardner, William and Penelope Eason. Dec. 25. Jr>el Cook. 
Holley, Moore and Catharine Wilson. ' Nov. 16. Jacob Outlaw. 
Hollowell, Arthur and Elizabeth Sharrock. Jan. 12. 
Hawkins, John and Sarah Williams. June 12. Wm. Williams. 
Kittrell, John and Polly West. May 3. Belsom Kittrell. 
Mason, Solomon and Polly Jones. Sept, 25. Micajah Wilks. 

McDowell, John and Temperance . Dec. 8. Geo. Andrews. 

McDowell, Miles and Elizabeth Holley. May 4. Jacob Outlaw. 
Morris, Abraham and Penelope Smith. Aug. 8, Asa Early. 
Morris, Matthew and Penelope Morgan. Jan. 10. Jones Rawls, Jr. 
Norfleet, James and Elizabeth Hayes. Nov. 14. Edward Acree. 
Pritchard, Jonathan and Patsey Butler. Feb. 2. .John Butler. 
Rhodes, James and Ann Outlaw. Oct, 23. Jona Standley. 
Rowan, Matthew and Peggy Driver. Feb. 6. John Rowan. 
Sowell, James and Peggy Howell. Oct, 29. Isaiah Smith. 
Speller, Thomas and Elizabeth Hyman. April 24. Wm. Sutton. 
Steele, William and Susanna Fleetwood. May 31. John Bird. 
Sowell, Ezekiel and Anne Layton. Dec. 22. Absalom Pritchard. 

372 Abstract of Bertie County Marriage Boxds. 

Sparkman, Solomon and Sarah Dundelow. Dec. 22. 
Stallins, Josiah and Winnefred Farmer. Dec. 15. 
Standley, Perry and Sarah Whitacre. Sept. 20. H. Lawrence. 
Todd, Elisha and Seneth Smith. Nov. 1. Wm. Bay. 
Ward, Joshna and Silva Ward. May 10. Wm. Parrott Hardy. 
Weston, Ephraim and Catharine Barnes. March 22. J. Weston. 
White, William and Elizabeth Urqnhart. Dec. 30. John Hicks. 


Belote, Thomas and Ann North. Feb. 27. James Stuart. 
Blount, Stevens and Prudence Holley. Sept. 17. J. L. Blount. 
Bittle, John and Polly Cole. March 27. Andrew Bittle. 
Byrum, William and Nancy Bazemore. Aug. 18. S. Bazemore. 
Cullifer, Nath'l and Nancy Cullifer. Aug. 6. Jona Jacocks. 
Capehart, William and Mary Bryan. June 2. Jona Hardy. 
Davis, Miles and Sarah Calloway. Sept. 26. Jno. Williams. 
.Freeman, John and Nancy Henry. Aug. 10. Aaron Freeman. 
Floyd, Randolph and Judah Wair. Aug. 3. Thos. Sholar. 
Harrell, Lewis and Sarah Canaday. Dec. 17. Jas. Harrell. 
Harrell, Gabriel and Bertie Harrell. Dee. 22. Jason Gardner. 
Holder, Aaron and Drusilla Moore. April 10. Jas. Williams. 
Howard, Elisha and Millv White. May 21. Reuben Harrison. 
Holloman, Sam'l and Patsey Early. March 11. Abner Wilford. 
Hardy, John and Elizabeth Ward. Nov. 15. Stephen Buck. 
Jones, John and Elizabeth Dunning. Jan. 23. Win. Williford. 
Jenkins, Rigdon and Martha King. Sept. 18. Rich'd Arnold. 
Knott, Allen and Rachel Watson. Feb. 15. Wm. % Capehart. 
Laughton, William and Winnefred McDowell. Dec. 29. 
Morris, William and Mary Miller. April 20. Moses Keen. 
Moore, Lawrence and Bertha Moore. Feb. 12. Langlev Granberry. 
Nichols, Noah and Sarah Early. Oct. 20. Wright Williford. "* 
Oliver, Malachi and Polly Edwards. April 29. Jas. Thomas. 
Page, Nathan and Beline Owens. July 28. Jas. Jordan. 
Powell, Jesse and Charity Harrell. Oct. 19. Lewis Cotten. 
Simons, Joseph and Frances Lee. Nov. 23. Wm. Robins. 
Smith, Jonathan and Susanna Miller. July 4. Reuben Miller. 
Smith, Henry and Sarah Todd. April 23. Wm. Smith. 
Stuart, James and Louisa Belote. Feb. 21. Thos. Belote. 
Simons, Malachi and Jennet Dawson. June 10. Jno. Douers. 
Stallings, Phillip and Elizabeth Bazemore. Aug. 15. J. Thomas. 
Todd, Jonah and Nanny Asbell. Dec. 10. Wm. Todd. 
Veale, William and Agnes Veale. Nov. 17. Thos. Veale. 
Ward, Jordan and Hannah Ward. Dec. 6. Rich'd Swain. 
Wair, Willis and Milbree Cross. Aug. 18. Thos. Sholar. 

Abstract of Bertie County Marriage Bonds. 


Williamson, Oliver and Sarah Buark. July 20. John Moore. 
White, Cader and Polly White. Nov. 28. John White. 

Atkinson, Jordan and Martha Roberson. May 13. H. Blackson. 
Bazemore, Stephen and Polly Byrum. Nov. 12. P. Stallings. 
Bonds, Lewis and Hannah Dawson. Oct. 29. Jason Gardner. 
Baker, Wm. and Peggy Jacobs. Aug. 16. Jona Harmon. 
Blount, Cowper and Jennet Phillam. July 27. John Lester. 
Bazemore, Jesse and Penelope Bazemore. Jan. 26. Jas. Wilford. 
Barnes, James and Elizabeth Crook. April IS. Wm. Crook. 
Combes, Jesse and Mary Brogdon. Nov. 26. John Skiles. 
Capehart, Thomas and Mary Carter. Jan. 30. Josiah Razor. 
Church, Edward and Mary Harrell. March 17. Nathan Page. 
Canaday, James and Patsey Bentley. Sept. 25. H. B. Smithwick. 
Dunning, John R. and Elizabeth Tayloe. Jan. 14. Jno. Tayloe. 
Edwards, William and Nancy Ward. Dec. 16. Archibald Morris. 
Parmer, Joseph and Mary Hoggard. Nov. 6. Zadock Mitchell. 
Gaskins, David and Elizabeth Coffield. Oct. 22. Jas. Capehart. 
Gardner, Jas. A. and Elizabeth Turner. Peb. 12. Thos. Bond. 
Grover, James S. and Elizabeth Rutland. May 13. N. Rutland. 
Garrett, Jesse and Basha Penney. May 21. Jacob Garrett. 
Holder, Shadrach and Minnie Dunning. Feb. 4. M. Bunch. 
Hunter, Timothy and Cynthia Hunter. June 11. Sol. Cherry. 
Keen, James and Edy Bird. Dec. 30. Moses Keen. 
Kittrell, Standley and Prudence Jordan. Jan. 13. Benj. Polk. 
Mitchell, Zadock and Mary Jenkins. Dec. 31. Wm. Mitchell. 
Miller, Reuben and Sarah MizelL Dec. 23. Lewis Miller. 
Mitchell, John and Elizabeth Farmer. Nov. 12. E. Brinkley. 
Mizell, Moses and Mary Layton. March 6. 
Mizell, Isaac and Charlotte Hughs. Feb. 19. Geo. Hughs. 
Milburn, Alex and Sarah Peden. March 9. Wm. Spivey. 
Oxley, John Jr. and Fanny Shoulders. Dec. 10. Aaron Swain. 
Pruden, Luodovick and Ann Tayloe. March 1. David Parker. 
Rhodes, Jesse and Sarah Edwards. March 2. Malachi Oliver. 
Rose, Peyton R. and Elizabeth Early. Jan. 16. Thos. Church. 
Ray, James and Polly Nowell. Jan. 9. Sol. Pender. 
Ruffin, Henry and Treaey Benton. July 11. Jas. Warren. 
Standley, Jonathan and Mary Watford. M'ch 17. Ralph Outlaw. 
Thomas, Ezekiel and Elizabeth Weston. March 2. Jona Spivey. 
Williams, James and Susanna Baker. Nov. 6. Daniel Young. 
West, Josiah and Elizabeth Leggett. Aug. 23. Jos. Carter. 

Acree, John and Mary Brown. Dec. 9. Jas. Norfleet. 


Abstract of Bertie County Marriage Bonds. 

Barber, Cullen and Ann Clifton. May 19. Luke Warburton. 
Brayboy, Jobn and Sarah Thomas, Nov. 26. John Thomas. 
Bell, Bright and Mourning Cobb. Feb. 22. Henry Cobb. 
Cowand, Jonathan and Sarah Sowell. July 21. Ezekiel Sowell. 
Harrell, Isom and Judah Peele. Jan. 1. Joel James. 
Hyman, Joel and Polly Pender. Jan. S. Sol. Pender. 
Harden, Thomas and Nancy Capehart. May 16. Josiah Eedditt. 
Higgs, Reuben and Judah Hayse. July 25. Wm. Peele. 
Harrell, Jeremiah and Penelope Purvis. Dec. 23. Joel Jones. 
Mhoon, Joel and Mary Ashburn. Sept. S. Wm. Lee Gray. 
Mires, Samuel and Christian Cobb. Dec. 27. Thos. Mitchell. 
Milburn. Arnold C. and Penney Harrell. Feb. 1. Josbua Harrell. 
Outlaw, William and Rachel Floyd. Apl. 5. Xeedham Jernigan. 
Owens, John and Milly Rascoe. Sept. 29. Wm. Smithwick. 
Pritchard. Absalom and Sarah Brown. Jan. 25. W. R. Sparkman. 
Powell. William and Mary Stallings. March 6. Wm. Outlaw. 
'Purdy Leonard and Ann Clifton. April 22. John Rowan. 
Peele, William and Lucy Rhodes. Aug. 11. Reuben Higgs. 
Pender, William and Ann Hubbard. Sept. 22. Belsom Kittrell. 
Powers, Samuel and Sarah Cooper. Nov. 3. Wm. Pender. 
Rhodes, William and Delila Jenkins. Aug. 22. Thos. Sholar. 

Reed, Jobn D. and Ashburn. Dee. 21. John Harrison. 

Stone, William and Sarah Green. Sept. 5. Henry Ray. 
Speller, Henry and Sarah Kittrell. May 13. Lanier Smithwick. 
Sparkman, William and Sarah Surry. Nov. 21. W. R. Sparkman. 

Dec. 20. Miles Bonner. 
April 30. J* Warburton. 
26. Josiah Bunch. 
March 25. B. Hathaway. 
D. Eure. 
Arnold Milburn. 

South, William and Sarah Johnston. 

Smithwick, Lanier and Ann Whitfield. 

Thomas, John and Sarah Britt. Nov. 

Tucker, James and Martha Church. 

Tart, James and Edith Mitchell. Dec. 23. 

Veale, Richard and Ann Harrell. April 6. 

Warburton, John and Clarissa Knott. Sept. 2. Wm. Sutton. 

White, Solomon and Patsey Outlaw. Dec. 19. John Cowand. 

None found so far. 


Acree, Thomas and Elizabeth Higgs. March 1. Lewis Cotten. 
Bailey, Willis and Sarah Rhodes. Aug. 1. Moses Gillam. 
Brogdon. Aaron and Sarah Brogdon. Dec. 21. Hannah Brogdon. 
Berry, Richard and Elizabeth Acree. March 21. Thos. Acree. 
Bryce, Christopher and Anne Hoggard. March 9. Z. Mitchell. 
Butler, John and Mary Hubbard. Feb. 13. Rufen Harrison. 
Bonner, Thomas and Elizabeth Virgin. May 1. Miles Bonner. 
Baines, Reuben and Nancy Martin. July 16. Jesse Wood. 

Abstract of Bertie County" Marriage Bonds. 


Churchwell, Allen and Nancy Ciff. Dec. 23. John Mitchell. 
Carter, James and Seasey Failing. Dec. 31. David Combes. 
Coward, Cullen and Jndeth McFarlane. July 3. T. Hughes. 
Cratch, William and Elizabeth Bate. Dec. 10. James Ray. 
Chappie, Absalom and Nancy Sowell. Dec. 9. Ezekiel Sowell. 
Collins, Jesse and Sarah Keen. May 18. Wm. Sowell. 
Cobb, Elisha and Sarah Lucas. April 1. Samuel Mires. 

Farrow, Tinch and Penelope West. 5. John Moore. 

Granberry, David and Mary Moore. Augt. 11. Wm. Johnston. 
Harman, Nicholas and Anne Dunning. Nov. 3. Benj. Williams. 
Holley, Thomas and Celia Askew. Dec. 20. Josiah Holley. 
Lightfoot, John and Elizabeth Rhodes. Sept. 4. 
Mitchell, William and Renney Nicholls. July 11. Jon. Willeford. 
Morris, Elijah and Sarah Green. Dec. 22. Jas. Keen. 
Misell Aaron and Polly Quail. Dec. 28. Tim Mizell. 
Misell, John and Martha Morris. March 13. Matthew Morris. 
Mullen, Greenbury and Harriet Watson. March 27. 
O'Neil, Charles and Mary Halsey. Nov. 9. Jno. W. Castellaw. 
Rutland, James and Elizabeth Rhodes. May 4. Benj. Coffield. 
Rhodes, Jacob and Winefred Bentley. June 21. John Bentley. 
Smithwiek, William and Mary South. April 13. John Warburton. 
West, Thomas and Catharine Leggett. June 5. John Knott. 
Wilkins, William and Mary Garrett. Dec. 14. Jacob Garrett. 


Wm. D. Barber. 
Lewjs Outlaw. 
John Early. 
Miles Bonner. 
12. Miles Bonner. 
Fred'k Rogers. 
Joshua Bowen. 

Barber, Fred'k and Mary Bentley. Oct. 25. 

Britain, Daniel and Sarah Outlaw. May 3. 

Baker, Levi and Polly Williford. Aug. "24. 

Barber, Win. D. and Nancy Griffin. Aug. 2. 

Cooper, Cader and Nancy O. Jernigan. Nov. 

Craft, Harrod and Fanny Smith. Oct. 27. 

Cobb, Thomas and Dorcas Bowen. Dec. 12. 

Curry, John and Sarah White. Dec. 21. Willie Curry. 

Caven, John and Sarah South. Aug. 2. Miles Bonner. 

Daughtrey, Elijah and Penelope Francis. Jan. 15 

Davidson, George and Elizabeth McGlauhon. May 21. 

Dundelow, John and Rhody Cowand. March 26. Geo. White. 

Etheridge, William and Mary Holley. Jan. 26. 

Grimes, James and Catharine Veale. July 29. 

Howard, Elijah and Uroduia Rhodes. May 10. 

Howell, Joseph and Rebecca Rhodes. Feb. 21. 

Harmon, Michael and Elizabeth Moore. Dec. 2. N. Harmon. 

Hill, John and Seneth Rober.tson. Jan. 4. Reuben Miller. 

Jenkins, John and Marina Godwin. Aug. 30. Winborn Jenkins. 

Johnston, Jeremiah and Penny Rogers. Jan. 3. Thos. Seals. 

Thos. Holley. 
Richard Yeale. 
Benj. Howard. 

378 Abstract of Bertie County Marriage Bonds. 

Kittrell, Belsom and Nanny West. July 19. Elista Pender. 
Lawrence, Robert and Ann Williams. June 25. Abner Lawrence. 
Mires, David and Sarah Peton. July 17. Alex Milburn. 
Moore, Moses and Penny Rhodes. May 20. Benj. Coffield. 
Morris, Jacob and Penelope Baker. Oct. 24. Moses Morris. 
Mires, Moses and Winnefred Watford. Jan. 4. Xathan Mires. 
McGlauhon, Jeremiah and Elizabeth Capehart. April 23. 
Outlaw, George and Fanny Belote. May 27. Wm. Outlaw. 
Pritchard, Lemuel and Nancy Robertson. Eeb. 18. 
Powell, Henry and Mary Bond. Feb. 4. Henry Lee. 
Powell, Eldred and Francis Leggett. Aug. 12. Chas. Manning. 
Pugh, John H. and Elizabeth Gilliam. Jan. 5. Edw'd M. Shehan. 
Peele, Jonas and Mary Davison. Nov. 30. Wm. M. McFarlane. 
Rascoe, John and Janet Skiles. Dec. 16. Starkey Skiles. 
Spivey, Rich'd and Phebe Cherry. May 3. James Tart. 
Seay, William and Caroline Murray. Jan. 6. M. Wilks. 
'Stone, Andrew and Sally Henley. May 11. David Gaskins. 
Swain, Henry and Elizabeth Douers. March 23. Jos. Moore. 
Smith, Turner and Barsheba Daughtrey. May 9. Wm. Hodges. 
Skiles, Starkey and Polly West. Aug! 12. John Miller. 
Temple, Robert and Polly Johnston. March 4. Wm. Jordan. 
Tadlock, Absalom and Fanny Weston. Dec. 6. G. Mullen. 
White, David and Judeth Cowls. Feb. 20. Jacob White. 
Wilson, James and Silva Outlaw. Aug. 24. Jacob Outlaw. 
White, Amos and Susanna Harrell. Jan. 7. George White. 
West, Thomas and Sally Bate. Nov. 30. Absolom Tadlock. 

Stallings, and Sarah Reasons. Feb'y 24. Xathan Cobb. 


Allen, George and Winnefred Sowell. June 10. Ezekiel Sowell. 
Askew, Aaron and Martha Alexander. May 7. Joshua Outlaw. 
Bird, John and Loudy Jernagan. June 26. James Keen. 
Bazemore, Hezekiah and Lydia Brayboy. Feb. 26. 
Brogdon, Edward and Polly Blount. Dec. 9. Jona Skiles. 
Baker, William and Polly Bowen. Dec. 7. Henry Cobb. 
Combs, David and Rachel Garrett. July 6. Aaron Brogdon. 
Curry, Malachi and Winnefred Mizell. March 20. Ben. Curry. 
Caswell. Samuel and Elizabeth Freeman. Sept. 4. John Hollcy. 
Connor, Wright and Kiddy Baker. Aug. 13. Luke Parker. 
Champion, Zaceheus and Sally Holder. Sept. 10. Chas. Hardy. 
Collins, Andrew and Mary Barnes. June 26. John Adkerson. 
Chappell, Absalom and Ann Cowan. May 12. Ezekiel Sowell. 
Cobb, James and Nancy Lawrence. May S. Thos. Cobb. 

Absteact of Bertie County Maeeiage Bonds. 


Cox, John and Sarah Champion. June 9. Wm. Weston. 
Harrell, Luke and Anne Branpelt, Aug. 14. 
Hobbs, Samuel and Tempe Collins. Oct. 9. John Byrd. 
Harrell, Josiah and Sarah Evans. March 26. John Dawson. 
Harden, Thomas and Priscilla Pearce. Aug. 15. Matthew Pearce. 
Josey, Stephen and Nancy Rhodes. Sept, 30. Whitmell Rutland. 
Kittrell, Isaac and Elizabeth Reed. Dec. 20. Wm. West. 
Lane, David and Celia Askew. May 1. Jesse Barnes. 
Leggett, Xazary and Mary Rascoe. January 2. Wm. Weston. 
Modlin, Nathan and Elizabeth Outlaw. Aug. 22. Sol. White. 
McGlauhon, Jeremiah and Nancy Parker. Jan'y 26. 
Mizell, Hezekiah and Nancy Britain. May 8. Sol. Cherry. 
McCotter, John and Elizabeth Benson. Augt. 8; 
Outlaw, Joshua and Rachel Alexander. March 26. Jno. Sowell. 
Outlaw, David and Mary Sowell. July 10. Wm. H. Green. 
Oxley, Hardy and Sarah McGlauhon. Feb. 12, Will Copeland. 
Penny, James and Polly Folk. Aug. 23. John H. Pugh. 
Pierce, William and Polly Keane. Dec. 19. Rich'd Humphries. 
Parker, Daniel and Patsey Johnson. Dee. 30. Wm. Sowell. 

Rhodes, Jacob and Fanny Butler. . Jno. Bentley. 

Sanderlin, William and Betsey Dempsey. July 13. M. Sanderlin. 
Sanderlin, Moses and Mourning Dempsey. July 13. W. Sanderlin. 
Sanderlin, King and Rachel Brantley. Dec. 21. Rich'd Dempsey. 
Smithson, Ezekiel and Mary Pulle. Sept. 25. Moore Higgs. 
Sherlock, William and Hetty Winants. Dec. 5. Wm. Johnson. 
Thomas, Elisha and Polly Burn. Oct. 15. Henry Bate. 

Bond, George and Mary Rhodes. Sept. 25. John Ruffin. 
Baker, Levi and Polly Churchwell. June 5. W. Peale. 
Bond, Thomas and Tempe Leggett. May 28. 
Bentley, Jeremiah and Margaret' Manning. Feb. 4. C. Curl. 
Bazemore, Abisha and Kesiah Chappel. May 17. J. Bazemore. 
Cale, William and Sarah Mitchell. May 16. 
Cherry, Willie and Mourning Mizell. Dec. 9. Benajah Curry. 
Capehart, John and Nancy Cobb. Feb'y 5. Henry Cobb. 
Dempsey Whitmell and Anna Bowen. June 17. Elisha Dempsey. 

Gregory, James and Boswell. Augt. 26. Jos. H. Bryan. 

Hughs, Henry and Charlotte White. Nov. 15. Solomon White. 
Holley, John and Patsey Outlaw. Jan'y 7. Daniel Britton. 
Knott, John and Priscilla Lawrence. Feb'y 15. H. Lawrence. 
Lassiter, John and Penelope Rayner. Dec. 26. Jno. Askew. 
Miller, John and Clary Misell. Feb'y 22. Reuben Miller. 
Mizell, William and Winnefred Ward. Nov. 10. Lewis Miller. 

July 25. 

Murdaiigh, John and Julia Baker 

John Hodges. 



Abstract of Bertie County Marriage Bonds. 

P.earce, William and Polly Hardin. .' Aug. 15. Matthew Pearce 
Pierce, Mathew and Truce Lawrence. Nov. 27. -David Lawrence 
Parker, Reuben and Barbara King. Aug. 15. H. B. Smithwick 
Powell, "Henry and Absola Eason. Feb'y 7. 
Sessoms, Xathan and Penelope Penny. Aug. 
Swain, James and Penelope Cary. Dec. 20. 
Smith Mills and Eebecea Linton. Peb'y 15. 
Swain, Whitniell and Milly Rhodes. 
West, William and Mary Bate. 

Baker, Isaac and Mary Outlaw. Dec 
Cole, and Elizabeth Hardy. 



Joseph Eason. 
12. A. Oliver. 
John Douers. 
Wm. Powell. 
15. Jno. Miller. 
John Miller. 



John Wynns. 
26. Wm. Hardy. 
Dempsey, Elisha and Wealthy Dempsey. Oct. 12. 
Hail, James and Xancy Mitchell. Jan. 14. James Mitchell. 
Hinesley, John and Ann Stone. March 7. Will Copeland. 
Holder, Ezekiel and Mary Pruden. Xov. 10. D. Pruden. 
King, Henry, Jr., and Penelope Wimberly. March 5. 
Mizell, Jeremiah and Winnefred Sowell. March 11. R. Miller. 
Moore, Jeremiah and Margaret AVest. Jan'v 27. Sain'l Howell. 
McWell, James and Sarah" Redditt. Feb'y 12. Hardy Oxley. 
Powell, Cader and Xancy Coffield. Dec. 23. W. W. Veale. 
Pender, Stephen and Mary Lambert. Jan'y 8. Wm. Sowell. 
Rascoe, David and Mary Hunter. Jan'y 27. 
Rutland, James and Sally Bailey. Xov; 12, 
Stone, William and Mary Williams. Jan'y 7 
Wynn, George and Milly Watford. Oct. 21. 


Enoch Rayner. 
Moses Gilliam. 

B. Hardv. 
Wm. Watford. 

Thos. West. 
Wm. Coffield. 
L. Smithwick. 
Geo. Simons. 

Andrews, William and Janette Monk. Oct. IS. 

Baker, Jeremiah and Elizabeth Curry. Sept. 22. 

Bateman, George and Lurania Gardner. June 2. 

Butler, Tobias and Elizabeth Simons. May 9. 

Butt, Benjamin and Celia Watford. Dec. 26. Henry Peterson. 

Bazemore, James and Mary Thompson. Feb'y 16. 

Bruce, Cader and Sally Howard. Dec. 28. Axum Dunning. 

Coffield, Bejamin and Patsey Lassiter. March 1. I. Coffield. 

Early, James and Suthena Dunning. Jan'y 18. L. Jenkins. 

Freeman, John and Sarah Outlaw (daughter of Lewis). Dec. 28. 

Green, Isaac and Cynthia Outlaw. (Xo date.) 

Garrett, Everard and Elizabeth Freeman. Xov. 7. John Leary. 

Harrell, Amos and Zilpha Harrell. May 18. Thos. Harrell. 

A. Hughes. 

v 2. 

Hughes, Whitmell and Elizabeth Leyton. Feb' 

James, Henry and Sarah Sowell. Jan'y 22. 

James, Allen and Xancy Smith. May 26. Fred'k James. 


Abstract of Bertie County Marriage Bonds. 


Jenkins, James and Mary Wynne. Jan'y 11. Jas. Jenkins. 
Miller, Lewis and Susanna Meazle. Jan'y 25. Reuben Miller. 
Monk, Thomas and Anna Swain. Nov. 24. John Rhodes. 
Outlaw, Ralph and Celia Mitchell. Aug. 5. Nath'l Modlin. 

Parker, John and Pathenia Baker. 12. Elisha Parker. 

Raby, Luke and Sarah Raby. Aug. 26. Geo. W. Bond. 
Rigby, Josiah and Prudence Johnson. July 27. Jno. Jordan. 
Tilman, William and Polly Granberry. Feb. 22, Jas. Granberry. 
Wilson, Isaac and Sarah White. Sept. 9. JSToah White. 
White, Martin and Martha Harrison. May 20. 
Wilder, Adkins and Celia Hoggard. Apl. 18. Jesse Wood. 


Church, Allen and Winnefred . June 7. Jesse Hodges. 

Evans, John and Mary Davidson. Feb'y 14. Josiah Harrell. 
Holliday, John and Tempe Boswell. July 13. John Legett. 
Harrell, James and Elizabeth Lane. Feb'y 13. Elijah Raynor. 
Harrell, Josiah and Mary Evans. Feb'y 14. John Evans. 
Harrell, Joseph and Polly Gaskins. May 6. Elijah Rayner. 
Johnston, Jonathan and Susan Brayboy. jSTov. 1. Wm. King. 
Mires, Nathan and Polly Mires. July 22. Jesse Hoggard. 

Outlaw, George and Mary Askew. S Thos. Cherry. 

Peele, Hezekiah and Barbara Pulle. Oct. 25. Sterling Francis, 
Perry, James and Sarah Parker. June 7. F. Perry. 

(Without any date. - 
Lewis, John and Mrs. Martha Ryarson. Geo. 
Land, James and Mary Cockran. John Kail. 

(to be continued.) 



(From Letter Book of Governor, Executive Office. Ealeigh, X". C.) 

New Bern, 19th April, 1777. 
Dear Sir: 

The packet I have the honor to transmit to your Excellency here- 
with, I received by express last evening from Gov. Henry, with Cop- 
ies of letters which I enclose you Copies, & must sincerely congratu- 
late you on the accounts they contain. The subject of your letter re- 
specting the Cherokee Indians I have communicated to the General 
Assembly, which is now setting here. They have come to no Eesolu- 
tion thereon, but I am in hourly expectation of their taking that mat- 
ter up ; As soon as their determination is made known to me, I will 
do myself the pleasure to communicate the same to you. I have the 
honor to be your Excellency's Most Obt. humble Servant. 


His Excellency President Eutledge. 


Society of Colonial Dames of America. 



Officers— I90J-J902. 


16 North Fifth Street. 



311 North Third Street. 


Asheville, N. C. 


306 South Second Street. 


16 North Fifth Street. 


104 South Fourth Street. 



515 Orange Street. 


326 South Third Street. 


511 Dock Street. 


St. Phillip's Memorial Committee : 


400 South Front Street. 



Edenton, N. C. 
Wilmington, N. C, December 1901. 

Society of Colonial Dames of America. 



During the past year several objects of interest have claimed the 
attention of this Society, and, it was difficult to make a discriminating 
choice of work to which our efforts should be devoted. This choice 
was finally decided by our inability, at the time, to undertake new 
work, that already inaugurated requiring our entire exertions. A 
work which greatly appealed to us, and, was suggested by our Presi- 
dent, Mrs. Gaston Meares, was the care of the ancient grave-yard 
of St. James Church situated in this city. This enclosure still con- 
tains the remains and monuments of many former citizens of this and 
ihe surrounding country, and our desire is, to beautify and preserve 
it as a monument to their memories. This work is still in contem- 

At the first meeting of our Historical Circle, for 1901, our Presi- 
dent entertained us most delightfully by reading a paper prepared by 
herself, "A Group of my Ancestral Dames of the Colonial Period." 
The records of this paper covered a period of two hundred and thirty 
years, its annals beginning in 1671, and it was replete with valuable 
historic information and beautiful in diction. 

At our next meeting was read, by one of our members, Mrs. M. 
F. H. Gouverneur, a manuscript "Diary of Sally Fairfax," a Vir- 
ginia Girl of the Colonial period, whose short life was full of promise 
and whose quaint comments on passing events, were greatly enjoyed. 

This young lady was the daughter of the Lord, Rev. Bryan Fair- 
fax, and Elizabeth Cary, his wife. Her home was 'Tolston,' the fam- 
ily mansion of her parents. She was the "Pet Marjorie," of General 
Washington and danced with him at 'Kleggets Tavern,' Alexandria, 
at a ball given on the anniversary of her sixteenth birth night. One 
of her family, Ann Fairfax, had married Lawrence Washington^ 
another, Hannah, married Warner Washington, and she herself, was 
engaged to a relative of General Washington, at the time of her 
early death. 

At these meetings two of our Dames, Mrs. Warren G. Elliott, of this 
city and Mrs. Thomas A. Jones, of Asheville, 1ST. O, regaled us with 
sweet music of 'ye olden time.' At another meeting, historical pub- 
lications and several valuable private letters of ancient date were 
read. One of these letters, written by a lady of Wilmington to an 
absent friend, gave a graphic description of the visit of General 
Washington to this city, which was then taking place, and the man- 
ner in which he had been received and was being entertained. 

This part of our work we hope will grow in favor and bring to light 
much historic data now buried in oblivion. The 'Circles' have been 

382 Society of Colonial Dames of America. 

established in several cities and towns of the State, for the 
purpose of collecting, as far as possible, all data of the Colonial 
period and records from privatee sources for the benefit not only of 
this Society, but for the public at large. Their work is one of re- 
search and preservation in order to awaken a greater interest in such 

On the 1st of May, 1901, we made our second annual Pilgrimage 
to Old St. Philips, on the Cape Fear river. After a short religious 
service conducted by the Et. Rev. Bishop Cheshire, Mr. James Sprunt, 
to whom we are indebted for the revision and enrichment of much 
of our historic information, read a paper prepared by himself, on 
"Spencer Compton, Earl of Wilmington,'' for whom our city is named. 
This paper was one of great research, deeply interesting, and, not 
without considerable humor. Col. A. M. Waddell, then read a fine 
address on the "Early Explorers of the Cape Fear," full of historic 
facts. This gentleman kindly yielded to many requests, and, later 
in 'the day as the evening shadows were beginning to gather, read to 
us a narative, which he had written, and read to us at a former meet- 
ing, called "The Bride of St. Phillips'." Standing by the monu- 
ment which covered all that was mortal of this Bride, the touching 
story of her short life was given in words of pathos and beauty. 

The Society, in order to preserve the different papers and addresses 
read at these celebrations, has collected and had them published, under 
the title, "Old Brunswick Pilgrimages." Many Dames from other 
parts of the State were present and several of the schools of the city 

The Society has received from a life member, Miss* Ida Moore : 
of Washington, D. C, on behalf of her sister, the late Mrs. James E. 
Harvey, who was also a life member, a gift of five hundred dollars, 
as a contribution to the St. Phillips' fund. It is proposed, out of this 
fund, to erect a tablet to the memory of their ancestor, Col. Maurice 
Moore, who donated the land for the establishment of the Town of 
Brunswick, and for the erection of this Church, stating in the inscrip- 
tion, that the tablet was the gift of these ladies. 

From a membership of less than a score, the Society now num- 
bers one hundred and ninety-six, a large proportion of these being 
from non-Colonial States. 

A year ago our "Register" was published, a work of arduous labor, 
and also copies of the revised By-Laws and Constitution of the So- 
ciety. To the efforts and example of the Korth Carolina Society of 
Colonial Dames, is due in great part, the credit for awakened interest 
in and research among historic lore. 

Emma Martin Maffitt, 
Historian North Carolina Society Colonial Dames of America. 





Bowles, Benj., pt. Brevard's Co., 1781. Left service April 12, '82, 12 mos. 

Bolwes, W'm„ pt., Brevard's Co., 1781. Left service April 12, '82; 12 mos. 

Bond, Richard, Sergt., Hadley's Co., Aug. 1, '82; 18 mos. 

Boyaken, Jas., pt., Bacot's Co., 1782 18 mos. 

Boyd, Benj.. Corpl., Carter's Co., 1782; 18 mos. 

Bowers, Giles, pt., Raiford's Co., 1782; W.: deserted June 8, '83. 

Boling, Thos., pt., Lytle's Co., 1782: 18 mos. 

Boons, Wm., pt, Lytle's Co., mustered, deserted Sept., '79. 

Boon, John, pt., Mills' Co., Jan. '82; i2 mos. 

Bogas, Benaja., pt, Carter's Co., mustered Dec, '82. 

Bowen, Stephen, Sergt., Sharp's Co., July 28, '78; 3 years. 

Bowen, James, pt., Eaton's Co., 3 years; mustered January, '79. 

Boomer, Wm., pt., Eaton's Co., 3 years: musd. Jan'y, '79. 

Brown, Thos., pt., Wilson's Co., May 12, '77; W. 

Brbwer, Henry, pt, Wilson's Co., May 12, '77; W. 

Brooks, Thos., pt., Wilson's Co., July 1, '77. 

Bryant, Ambrose, pt., Wilson's Co., June 16, '77; omtd. June, '78. 

Brown, Park, Sergt., Shepard's Co.. May 12, '77, 3 years; dst'd May 1, '79. 

Brown, Moses, pt., Shepard's Co., July 28, '77: 3 years; W. 

Bryant, Wm., pt., Shepard's Co., July 12, '77; omt'd Aug., '78. 

Brown, Thomas, pt., Shepard's Co., Aug. 25, '77; omt'd June, '78 

Bryan, Thos. muse, Stevenson's Co., June 1, '77, 3 years; pt. June '78, must'd 

July, '79. 
Brable, James, pt, Jarvis' Co., May 17, '77. 

Brains, Michael, pt., Moor's Co., June 20, '77; died Sept. 9, '77. 
Brooks, Geo., Sergt., Vannoy's Co., June 2, '77, 3 years; pt. June, '78; Corpl. 

Oct., '78: Sergt. Feb., '79. 
Brown, Robert, pt, Aug. 30, 3 years; discharged Sept. 16. '78. 
Bray, Cornel, pt., 3 years; joined April, '78. * 

Bridget, Wm., pt., joined May 11, '78; died July, '78. 
Brown, Jas.. pt, July 1, '77; 3 years; Dst'd Jan. 1, '80. 
Browning, Geo., Corpl., July 1, '77; Sergt. Jan., '79. 
Brooks, Jno., pt., May 15, '76, 2 1-2 years; discharged Nov. 10, '78. 
Brewer, Benj., pt., 2 1-2 years; died Aug. 1, '78. 
Brazel, Bird, pt., May 5, '76, 2 1-2 years; discharged Oct., '78. 
Brazel, John, pt., mustered May, '78. 
Brazil, Benj., pt., Baker's Co.; deserted July 9, '78. 
Brandom, Wm., pt, 3 years; must'd Jan. '78, omt'd June '78, must'd Jan. '79, 

Fifth Regiment. 
Brown, Sam'l, pt.. Colonel's Co., July 20, '78; 9 mos. 
Brown, Thos., pt, Hogg's Co., July 20, '78; 9 mos. 
Brinklev Michael, pt, Colonel's Co., July 20, '78; omt'd Oct. '78. 
Braddy," Henry, pt. Hogg's Co., July 20, '78; 9 mos. 
Braddy, Benj., pt., Hogg's Co., July 20, '78; 9 mos. 
Bruington, Benj., pt, Quinn's Co., July 20, '78; 9 mos. 
Bryant, Darby, pt, Quinn's Co., July 20, '78; 9 mos. 
Bryant, Thos., pt, June, '78; deserted June 14, '78. 
Brittle, Benj.,'pt, Lt-Colonel's Co., July 20, '78; 9 mos. 
Brevard, Adam, pt., Lt. Colonel's Co., July 20, '78; 9 mos. 
Brantley, Britton, Corpl., Baker's Co., July 20, '78; 9 mos. 
Brantley, John., pt, Baker's Co., July 20, '78; 9 mos. 
Broadwell, David, pt, Baker's Co., May 4, '76, 21-2 years; omt'd '79. 
Bryant, Wm., pt., Blbunt's Co., April 26, '76, 2 1-2 years; omt'd '79. 





McRee's Co., May 20, 
Dixon's Co., June 15, 
pt., Raiford's Co., Ap'l 23, 

pt, Donoho's Co., June 14, 

'81, 12 mos; left serv. May 25, '82. 
'81, 12 mos; left serv. June 16, '82. 
'81; time out Ap'l 25, '82. 
'81; Sergt. Jan. '82; left service 

Britt, Arthur, pt., Blount's Co., July 20, '78, 9 mos; died Oct. 28, '78. 

Broadstreet, Jas., Corpl., Ballard's Co., July 20, '78. 

Brewer, Lewis, pt., Ballard's Co., July 20, '78; 9 mos! 

Brown, Sam'l, pt., Ballard's Co., July 20, '78; 9 mos. 

Breacher, Joun, Corpl., Ballard's Co., July 20, 78; 9 mos. 

Brown, John, Sergt., Child's Co., July 20, '78; 9 mos. 

Brinton, John., pt., Child s Co., July 20, '78; 9 mos.; deserted Aug. 1, '78 

Branton, Levy, pt., Bradley's Co. 

Brock, Jas., pt., Bradley's Co., July 2, '79; 18 mos. 

Brantley, Jno., pt., Bradley's Co., June 30, '79; 18 mos. 

Brigman, Thos., pt., Bradley's Co., Jan. 22, '80. 

Brewer, Robert, pt, Montford's Co., 1779; omt'd Oct., '79. 

Brayboy, John, pt., Ballard's Co., Aug. 27, '78, 3 years; deserted Oct. 29 

Bright, Job, pt., Ballard's Co., June 29, '79, 3 years; Corpl. Dec, '79. 

Brown, James, pt., Quinn's Co., June 10, '79, 18 mos; deserted Oct., '79. 

Brown, James, pt., Blount's Co., 1779, 9 mos; deserted Sept. '79. 

Brown, Henry, pt., Raiford's Co., June 6, '81; dead Oct. '81. 

Brown, James, pt., Donoho's Co., June 14, '81, 12 mos; left serv. June 14 

Brown, James, pt., Dixon's Co., April 25, '81, 12 mos; left serv. May 26, 

Brown, John, pt., Dixon's Co., April 25, '81, 12 mos.; left serv. April 25' 

Brannon, Jese, pt., 1779, 9 mos; died Aug. 25, '79. 

Brevard, Jos., Ens., May 9, '81; Lieut. Aug 1, '81. 

Briggs, Robt.,' pt, McRee's Co., May 9, '81, 12 mos; Sgt. Aug. '81; left service 

May 9, '82. 
Brandon, Thos., pt., McRee's Co., April 28, '81, 12 mos; left service April 

28, '82. 

Bryan, John pt. 

Bryan, Hezh. pt., 

Browning, Mark, 

Brinkley, Thos., 

May 19, '82. 
Brown, Collin, Corp., Lytle's Co., Oct. 12, 
Brown, Solomon, pt., Sharp's Co., May 2, 

left service May 21, '82. 
Brown, Arthur, pt., Sharp's Co.. April 15, '81, 12 mos; left serv. April 15, '82. 
Brown, James, pt, Sharp's Co., April 15, '81, 12 mos; disc. Feb. 14 '82. 
Brittle or Britton, Wm., pt., Lytle's Co., April 12, '81; left serv. Ap'l 5, '82; 

12 months. * 

Brownnum, Elijah, pt, Lytle's Co., June 6, '81, 12 mos; left serv. June 6, '82. 
Brady, Benj., Corpl., Sharp's Co., April 15, '81, Sergt. Jan.; left service 

April 15, '82. ' 
Brothers, David, pt, Sharp's Co., 12 mos. no dbt; time out April 15, '82. 
Branch, Burrell, pt., Doherty's Co., 12 mos. no dbt; time out May 25, '82. 
Brinkley, Mich, pt., Rhodes' Co., 12 mos. no dbt.; discharged Jan. 23, '82. 
Brister, Philemon, pt, Rhodes' Co., 12 mos. no dbt.; time out May 14, '82. 
Bright, Chas., pt., Bailey's Co., April 1, '81, 12 mos; time out April 1, '82. 
Bryant, Chas., pt., Bailey's Co., 1781, 12 mos; re-en'l. Mar. 1, '81, in Lee's 

Bryant, Jas., pt, Bailey's Co., May 17, '81, 12 mos.; left service May 17, 
Bright, Jesse," Corp'l, Hall's Co., 1781, 12 mos.; left service July 10, '82. 
Brown, Warren, pt., Yarborrow's Co., 1781; left service May 1, '82. 
Brikle, Wm., forage M., Yarborough's Co., 1781; omt'd April 1, '82. 
Bright, John, pt.. Carter's Co., 1781; time out April 10, '82. 
Brown, Henry, pt., Jones' Co., Jan. 9, '82; 12 mos. for Brewer. 
Brookin, Thos., Sergt., Mills' Co., Jan. 7, '82, 3 years; died Aug. 5, '82. 
Bracher, Isaac, pt., Mills' Co., Feb. — ; died Sept. 18, '82. 
Bright, Simon, pt., Coleman's Co., Jan. 1, '82; 12 mos. 
Bradley, Rich'd, pt., Hall's Co., must'd April 1, '82; omt'd Sept., '82. 
Bryan, Keedar, pt., Hall's Co., Feb. 1, '82; 12 mos. 
Brewer, Rice., pt., Jones' Co., Jan. 1, '81; 12 mos. 
Brantly, Jno., pt, Jones' Co., Aug., '82, 12 mos.; discharged Aug. 1, '82. 

'80, 2 years; omt'd 
'81; dst'd Ap'l 22, 


muse. Jan. 


Soldiers of the ]ST. C. Continental Line. 385 

Bryant, Jno., pt., Bailey's Co., Sept. 7, '82; 18 mos. 

Brown, Warren, pt., Bailey's Co., Sept. 7, '82; 18 mos. 

Brummager, Edw'd, pt., Hadley's Co., Aug. 1, '82; 18 mos. 

Bryant, John, pt., Hadley's Co., Aug. 1, '82; 18 mos. 

Brintley, Mich, Sergt., Bacot's Co.. 1782; 18 mos. 

Brantley, Amos, Corp., Bacot's Co., 1782; 18 mos. 

Brewer, Moses, pt., Bacot's Co., 1782; IS mos. 

Brantley, John, pt., Bacot's Co., 1782; 18 mos. 

Brocky, Wm., pt., Bacot's Co., 1782; 18 mos. 

Brewer, Wm., pt , Bacot's Co., 1782; 18 mos. 

Bracell, Geo., pt.. Carter's Co., 1782; 18 mos. 

Brady, John.'pt., Raiford's Co., 1782; 18 mos. 

Brown, John, pt, Raiford's Co., 1782; 18 mos; dst'd June 10, '83. 

Bryant, Dempsey, muse. Sharp's Co., 1782; war. 

Brown, John, Sergt., Lytle's Co., 1782; 18 mos. 

Bright, "Whyllis, pt., muse; deserted Sept., '79. 

Bright, Wm., muse, deserted Sept., '79. 

Brice, John, pt., muse, deserted Sept., '79. 

Bryan, David, pt.. Sharp's Co., Nov. 10, '78; 9 mos. 

Bruington, Joshua, pt., Sharp's Co., Nov. 10, '78; 9 mos. 

Braddy, John, pt., Sharp's Co., Nov. 10, '78; 9 mos. 

Brewer, Joshua, pt., Sharp's Co., Nov. 10, '78; 9 mos. 

Bright, Whyllis, pt., Lt. Col's, 3 years; must'd Feb., '79. 

Brock, John, pt., Taylor's Co., W. ; mustered Jan., '79. 

Brown, Jas., pt., Taylor's Co., 2 1-2 years; must'd Jan., '79. 

Browning, Wm., pt.. Taylor's Co., 3 years; mus'd Jan. '79; Sergt. April '79. 

Brown, Isaac, pt., Evan's Co., 1782; 18 mos. 

Burton, Julius Corp., Wilson's Co., May 20, '77; W.; pt. June, '78. 

Butts, Achb'd, Sheppard's Co., April 1, '78; dst'd June 15, '83. 

Butts, Wm., pt., Sheppard's Co., July 23 '77; omt'd March, '79. 

Burnett, Wm., pt., Sheppard's Co., Sept. 5, '77, 3 years; dst'd Jan. 15, '80. 

Burns, Wm., pt., Gregory's Co., May 20, '77; dst'd Feb. 10, '79. 

Burgess, Jonn, pt., 3 years; must d Jan. 18, '78; omt'd Feb., '78. 

Burwick, Edwd, pt, Hogg's Co., July 20, '78, 9 mos.; dst'd Aug. 2, '78. 

Burch, Jno., muse, Baker's Co., 1778; W. 

Buck, Abram, pt., Baker's Co., July 20., '78; 9 mos. 

Butler, John, pt., Baker's Co., May 5 '76, 2 1-2 years; omt'd '79. 

Butler', Isaac, pt., Baker's Co., May 5, '76, 2 1-2 years; disc. »May 8, '79. 

Butler, Wm.. pt., Blount's Co., July 20, '78; 9 mos. 

Butler, Jas., pt., Blount's Co., July 20, '78; 9 mos. 

Butler, Joel, pt, Bradley's Co., July 20, '78; 9 mos. 

Burk, Meredy, pt., Bradley's Co., July 20, '78; 9 mos. 

Bullock, Daniel, pt., Childs' Co., July 29, '78; 9 mos. 

Burnett, Chas., pt., Montford's Co., June 1, '79; W. 

Burden, Thos., pt., Ballard's Co., June 18, '79; W.; dst'd Oct. 27, '79. 

Bumbardy, John, pt., Ballard's Co., June 22, '79; W.; dst'd Oct. 3, '79. 

Burtenton, John, pt, Ballard's Co., June 29, '79; W.; dst'd Nov. 19, '79. 

Burshaw, Jno., pt, Ballard's Co., June 30, '79, 18 mos; dst'd Sept. 26, '79. 

Burrows, Sam'l, pt., Quinn's Co., June 24, '79; 18 mos; Omt'd Oct., "79. 

Bubby, Edw'd, pt., Raiford's Co., June 2, '81, 12 mos; time out June 3, '82. 

Butler, Lawrence, pt, Dixon's Co., June 1, '81; died March 24, '82. 

Burnett, Wm., pt, Dixon's Co., April 25, '81; W. 

Butler, Jno., pt. Dixon's Co., April 15, '81; 12 mos.; left service April 25, '82. 

Butler, Jethro, pt., Dixon's Co., April 15, '81, 12 mos; left service April 25, '82. 

Burnett, Jno., pt, Doherty's Co., 12 mos., '81, no db't; time out May 25, '82. 

Burkett, Uriah, Corp., Rhodes' Co., 12 mos., '81; no db't; time out April, '82. 

Burk, Elihu, pt., Brevard's Co., 1781; left service June 7, '82. 

Burk, David, pt., Brevard's Co., 1781; left service May 25, '82. 

Burruss, John, pt, Brevard's Co., 1781; left service April 28, '82. 

Burns, Fred'k, pt., Yarborrow's Co., 1781, 12 mos.; left service April 15, '82. 



Soldiers of the N". C. Continental Line. 

Burton, John, pt, Yarborrow's Co., 1781, 12 mos; time out May 1, '82. 

Burns, Jesse, pt., Yarborrow's Co., 1781, 12 mos.; prisoner April 1, '82. 

Bussell, Wm, pt., Hadley's Co.. Aug. 1, '82: 18 mos. 

Burges, Bryant, pt, Bacot's Co., 1782; 18 mos. 

Burns, David, pt., Bacot's Co., 1782; 18 mos. 

Bunn, Jesse, pt., Raiford's Co., 1782: 18 mos. 

Bullock, Nathan, pt., Raiford's Co., 1782: IS mos. 

Bucoe, Abm., pt., Sharp's Co., 1782, 18 mos.: dst'd June 13, '83. 

Burris, Aaron pt., Lytle's Co., 1782; 18 mos. 

Bunch, Clement, pt., Lytle's Co., 1782; IS mos. 

Bull, Thos., Surg. Mate, must'd ''82; resigned Aug. 19, '82. 

Burnam, Sam'l, pt., dst'd Sept., '79. 

Burris, Geo., pt., Raiford's Co., mus'd Dec. '82; dst'd April 2, '83. 

Bullard, Thos.. pt., Sharp's Co., Nov. 10, '7S: 9 mos. 

Burnham, Sam'l, pt., Lt. Col's Co. 3 years: must'd June, '79. 

Burns, David, pt., Taylor's Co., 2 1-2 years: must'd Jan. '79; disc. April '79. 

FIRST REGIMENT— Thos. Clark, Colonel. 

Carmichael, Robert, pt, Brown's Co., W.; 3 1-2 years. 

Clark, Jacob, pt, Brown's Co., W. ; 3 1-2 years. 

Campbell, William, pt, Brown's Co., Sept. 10. W.; 3 1-2 years. 

Caper, Robert, pt, Dixon's Co.; died Oct., 1777. 

Carney, Antu y, Sergt, Thompson's Co., 1777: disc. Jan'y 20, '78; must'd pt. 

• March, '78; omt'd July, '79. 
Callender, Thos.. pt. ( Dixon's Co., Jan. 1, '77: pris. May 12, '80; Capt '80; de- 
ranged Jan. 1, '83. 
Cartwright, Robt, pt,. Armstrong's Co., Nov. 10, '77; W. 
Carterwright, Thos., pt., Armstrong's Co., Sept 20, '77; Corpl. July, '79. 
Carter, John, pt., Sharp's Co., May 30, '77. 
Ceeley, Tobias, pt, Bowman's Co., 1777; dst'd Sept, 1777. 
Churn, Jno., pt., Tatum's. Co., 1777; W. 

Christopher, Simon, pt, Bowman's Co., 1777: W.; omt'd Feb., 1778. 
Chester, David, Serg't, Ralston's Co.. Oct. 23, '76; W.; Quar. Master Sergt. 

79; must'd Sergt. Jan. '82. 
Christmas, Jno., Dm. Maj., Sept. 1, 1775; W.: pt. July, '79. 
Chalk, Wm., pt., Tatum's Co., Dec. 29, '76, 3 years; Sergt. March '80. 
Clark, Isaac, pt., Brown's Co., 1777; W.; 3 1-2 years. 
Clark, Jacob, pt., Brown's Co., 1777; W.; 3 1-2 years. % 

Clark, Thomas, Col., Feb. 5, '77; pris. May 12, '80; deranged Jan. 1, '83. 
Clinton, Jno., Sergt, Reid's Co., April 19, 2 1-2 yrs; pt. June '78; disc. Oct. 

28, 1778. 
Coston, Henry, pt, Brown's Co., 1777, W.; 3 1-2 years. 
Cole, Martin, pt, Brown's Co., 1777, W.; 31-2 years; omt'd Jan., '78. 
Conner, Chas., pt, Tatum's Co., 1777, W.: 3 1-2 years; omt'd June, '78. 
Conolly, Jno. pt, Tatum's Co., 1777; W.; 3 1-2 years; omt'd Jan., '78. 
Council, Robt., Ensn., Bowman's Co., 1777; 1st Lieut. Aug. 20, '77. 
Cox, Wm., pt, Bowman's Co., Aug. 22, '76: Dest'd Aug. 31, '77. 
Condon, John, pt., Thompson's Co., Oct. '77: omt'd Jan. '78. 
Colley Wm., Corpl., Dixon's Co., '77; W.: Sergt. Jan. 1, '78; Sergt. Mar. 

March 19, '78. 
Cook, Jno., pt., Hogg's Co., '77, 3 years; dest'd Jan. '77. 
Conger, Stephen, Sergt. Maj., Oct. 10, '76, 3 years; Act. Adjt. Sept. '77; omt'd 

June, '78. 
Cole, Martin, Sergt. Maj., Nov. 18, '76, 3 years; trans, to Gen'l Guards March 

19, '78; must'd Sergt. for war '82. 
Cox, Wm. Armon, June 10, '78; omt'd Nov., '77. 
Cochran, Jno., pt, Armstrong's Co., May 19, '79; 21-2 years. 
Cole, Robt, pt, Sharp's Co., 3 years; died April 28, '78. 

Cross, Martin, drum, Brown's Co., 1777; fife Major '79; deserted Dec. 9, '79. 
Craven, James, Lt., Hogg's Co., 1777; dismissed Nov. 20, '79. 

Cubet, , drum, Brown's Co., 1777; omitted Jan. '78. 

Curry, Robt., pt., Bowman's Co., May 28, '76; Dest'd June 15, '77. 



Chamberlain, Chas., 
Christian, Jas., pt., 
Cheshire, H'y, mus., 
Colihorn. Robt., pt., 

SECOND REGIMENT— Alexander Martin, Colonel. 

Carey, Jno., pt., Williams' Co., 1777; omt'd Jan. '78. 

Campin, Jas., Lt, Williams' Co., 1777. 

Casway, Josjl.. pt., Hall's Co., 1777; pris. June 1, '79. 

Carman, Stephen, Corpl., Martin's Co., 1777; W.; Sergt. Oct., '77; Dest'd 
Feb. 20, '79. 

Campbell, Pat'k, pt., Fenner's Co., Aug. 18, '76, 2 years;. Sergt. Sept. '77; 
disc. May 1, '79. 

Calf, Robt., pt., Fenner's Co., 1777; must'd Sept. '77; omt'd June '78. 

Cason, John, Sergt, Armstrong's Co., March 18, '76; W.; pt. Nov., '78; pris- 
oner June 1, '79. 

Cheshire, H'dy, Dr. Maj., 1777; omt'd Nov. '77. 
pt., Martin's Co., 1777. 
Martin's Co., May 19, '77. 
Gee's Co., 1777; omt'd Nov. '77. 
Allen's Co., 1777; W.; dead May 16, '78. 

Cole, Geo., pt., Allen's Co., 1777; W.; uisc. Jan. 30, '80. 

Collins, Samuel, muse, Martin's Co., 1777, 3 years; died April 18, '78. 

Cotgrave, Arthur, Lt., Martin's Co., 1777; res. Aug. 1, '82. 

Collins, John, pt., Gee's Co., March 18, '77; 2 years. 

Cox, Joseph, pt., Fenner's Co., March 18, '77; 2 years; Corpl. Jan. '78; died 
April 23, '78. 

Oook, Josepn, pt., Fenner's Co., 1777; omt'd Sept. 1777. 

Cook, Stephen, pt, Armstrong's Co., Dec. 20, '76, 3 years; died Nov. 19, '79. 
deranged Jan. 1, '83. 

Cradock, Jonn. Lt., Williams' Co., 1777; Capt Dec. 21, '77; pris. May 12, '80; 
discharged Jan. 1, '83. 

Curry, Jno., pt., Gee's Co., 1777; W.; disc. Nov. 10, '78. 

Curtis, Reuben, Ens'n., Fenner's Co., 1777; omt'd Jan. '78. 

Curtis, Bartholomew, Volnt, Armstrong's Co., 1777; omt'd Dec. 1777. 

THIRD REGIMENT— Jethro Sumner, Colonel. 

Carter, Giles, pt, Turner's Co., March 1, '77; 3 years. 

Carey, H. Andrew, Sergt., Eaton's Co., April, '76, 2 1-2 years; died Sept., '77. 
Cannon, Benjamin, muse, Eaton's Co., April '76, 2 1-2 years; died May 1, '78. 
Christian, Jno., fife, Emmet's Co., May 11, '76, 2 1-2 years; Fife Maj. Aug. 17, 

'77; pt. June '78; disc. Oct. '78. * 

Champion, Thos., pt, Turner's Co., April 18, '76, 2 1-2 years; disc. Nov. 10, '78. 
Clark, John, pt, Turner's Co., April 16, '76, 2 1-2 years; disc. Oct. '78. 
Clandenin, Jno., Ens'n, Emmett's Co., April 15, '76; Lt. Dec. 23, '77; Qr. Mr. 

Dec. 14, '79: pris. Sept. 8, '81; deranged Jan. 1, '83. 
Clifton, Rich'd pt., Emmett's Co., 1776, W.; died Feb., '78. 
Coleman, Charles, Qr. Mr. S., Emmett's Co., 1777; Qr. Masr. Oct. 14, '77; 

omt'd Sept '78. 
Cone, W., pt, Granbury's Co., 1777; died Sept. 16, '77. 
Cordle, Rich'd, pt, Eaton's Co., Nov. 1, '76, 2 1-2 years; omt'd June '78. 
Copeland, Rich'd, pt, Emmett's Co., May 17, '76, 2 1-2 years; disc. Oct. '78. 
Curry, Tnompson, Corp'l, Granbury's Co., May 4, '76, 2 1-2 years; Serg't Nov. 

77; disc. Oct. '78. 

FOURTH REGIMENT— Thos. Polk, Colonel. 

Carothers, Jas., Corpl., Nelson's Co., May 1, '76, 3 years; pt. June '78; dis- 
charged May 10, '79. 

Carothers, Thos., pt, Nelson's Co., April 27, '76, 3 years; disc. May 2, '79. 

Caswell, Thos., pt., Cole's Co., July 15, '76; 3 years; Corp'l Dec. '78; disc. 
June 16, '79. 

Carter, Benj., 1st Lt., Cole's Co., Nov. 22, '76; Corpl. Jan. 1, '79. 

Cavender, Wm, pt., Goodman's Co., Sept. '77. 

Chetry, Alex., pt, Goodman's Co., July 15, '76; dead May '78. 

Charney, David, pt, Smith's Co., omt'd Sept. '77. 


Soldiers of the 1ST. C. Continental Line. 

Clack, Wm., pt, Phillips' Co., May 20, '76, 3 years; Sergt. Sept. '77; pt. June 

'78; pris. April 14, '79. 
Clark, Jno., pt, Harris' Co., 1777; Corpl. Sept.; disc. Nov. 1, '77. 
Clark, Jno., Corp., Nelson's Co., Oct. '77; pt. June '78. 
Covington, Wm., Adjt., March 28, '77; died April 13, '78. 
Conger, Jona, Qr. Mr. Sergt., Jan. 25, '77; promt'd Sept. 11, '77. 
Cox, Phillip, pt., Williams' Co., 1777, 1 year; disc. Aug. '77. 
Cortslow, Thos., pt, Williams' Co., 1777, 1 year; disc. Aug. '77. 
Coots, Jas., Lieut., Goodman's Co., Nov. 20, '76; omt'd June '78. 
Coplin, Reuben, Corp'l, Harris' Co., time cut Oct. 31, '77. 
Coleman, Wm., pt., Harris' Co., 1777; Dest'd Aug., 1777. 
Cole. I. Wm., Capt, Apr*. 20. '76; omt'd Jan. '78. 
Collins, Josh., muse, Coie's Co., 1777, 3 years; Dst'd Feb. 15, '78. 
Cooper, Jno., Corpl., Cole's Co., 1777; died April 16, '78. 
Cooper, Wm., pt., Lewis' Co., April 20, '76, 2 1-2 years; disc. Nov. 10, '78. 
Colson, Hy., pt., Nelson's Co., June 7, '76, 3 years; disc. June 1, '79. 
Crab, Benj., Sergt, Goodman's Co., Dec. 1, '76, 2 1-2 years; disc. Nov. 18, '78. 
Crump, Edw'd pt., Gorman's Co., March 1, '76, 3 years; W.; dest'd March 

24, '79. 
Crider, Jacob; Corpl., Cole's Co., 1777,3 years; dst'd Oct. 3, '77. 
Curry, John, pt, Williams' Co., 1777; W.; missing Sept. 16, '77. 
Cullum Israil, pt., Goodman's Co., 1777, 3 years; died July 7, '77. 
Curbo, Jas., pt., Harris' Co., May 6, '76, 3 years; W.; dst'd Jan., '80. 
Curbo, Wm., pt, Harris' Co., April 20, '76; disc. May 10, '79. 
Curtis, Joshua, Ens'n, Nelson's Co.; resigned Feb. 20, '78. 
Curtis, Peter, Muse, Nelson's Co., 3 years; Dst'd Sept., '77. 
Cummage, John, pt, Nelson's Co., 3 years; omt'd Feb. '79. 

FIFTH REGIMENT— Edward Buncombe, Colonel. 

Carter, John, pt., Stedman's Co., 1777; W. 

Carter, Sam'l, pt, Williams' Co., April 26, '76, 2 1-2 years; Corpl. Nov. '77; pt. 

April '78; discharged Oct. 16, '78. 
Carter, Robt, pt., Williams' Co., May 4, '76, 2 1-2 years; disc. Nov. 10, '78. 
Caswell, Wm., Capt., Williams' Co., April 16, '76, 2 1-2 yrs; omt'd Jan. '77. 
Carmady, Jas., Corpl., Caswell's Co., 1777; pt. Jan. '78; died May 12, '78. 
Carvin, Thos., pt., Nov. 26, '76; 3 years. 

Caps, Wm., pt., Caswell's Co., 1777, 2 1-2 years. , 

Cason, Wm., pt., Enloe's Co., 3 years; died March 5, '78. 
Carter, i^dw'd, Sergt. Alderson's Co., 1777; 3 years; omt'd Jan. '78. 
Carrell, Benj., pt., Coleman's Co., 1777, 2 1-2 years; died Aug. '77. 
Church, Wm., pt, Williams' Co., May 12, '76; disc. Nov. 12, '78. 
Charles, Winoke, pt, 1777, 2 1-2 years; Dst'd Aug. 28, *77. 
Cherry, Daniel, pt.. Darnel's Co., 1777, 1 year; died Oct. 18, '77. 
Clark, Abner, p.., Williams' Co. 1777, 2 1-2 years; died Jan. 28. '78. 
Claghurn, Shubal, pt., Blount's Co., Oct. 28, '76; W.; omt'd Oct., '77. 
Cooley, Sam'l, Sugn., April 16, '76; omt'd Jan. '78. 
Coggins, Jas., pt, Stedman's Co., 1777; W. 

Cooper, Jerh., pt., Williams' Co., 1777, 2 1-2 years; omt'd April '78. 
Cooper, Nath'l, Williams, Co., May 5 '76, 2 1-2 years; disc. Nov. 1. '78. 
Cornelius. Isaac, pt., Williams' Co., May 14, '76, 2 1-2 years; discharged. 
Cornelius, Isaac, pt., Williams' Co., Dec. '77, 2 1-2 years; omt'd Jan. '79. 
Collins, Jno., pt, Williams' Co., 1777; disc. March 1, '79. 
Cole, Thomas, Corpl., Caswell's Co., Nov. 26, '76, 3 years; pt. June '78; disc. 

Feb. 8, '80. 
Cox, Wm. pt., Caswell's Co., April 16, '76, 2 1-2 years; omt'd Sept. '77; mus'td 

Oct. '78; disc. Nov. 10, '78. 
Cooper, Wm., Lieut., Darnal's Co., April 16, '76; omt'd Oct. '77. 
Cotanch, Malachi, pt., Darnal's Co., Jan. 11, '77; W.; Dst'd Jan. 30, '80. 
Cooper, Josh, pt, Darnal's Co., Nov. 1, '76, 3 years; pris. June 1, '79; must'd 

Nov. '79; re-enlisted. 
Coble, Shadrach, pt, Alderson's Co., 1777, 3 years; killed Oct. 4, '77. 

Soldiers of the N". C. Continental Line. 


Corbitt, Alex., pt. Alderson's Co., 1777; W.; Dst'd. Aug. 28, '77. 

Coleman, Benj., Capt., April 30, '77. 

Crutches, H'y, Ens'n, Stedman's Co., Aug. 20, '77: resigned Dec. 11, '77. 

Craig, Geo., pt, Williams' Co., 1777, 2 1-2 years; died Nov. 7. '77. 

Cratches, Anty, Sergt., Coleman's Co., May 24, '77, 3 years; Ens'n Feb. 27, 

'80; Lt. May 18, '81; deranged Jan. 1, '83. 
Cummings, Benj., pt, Blount's Co., 2 1-2 years; died May 5, '78. 
Curtis, Jno., Lieut, Alderson's Co., Oct. 16, '76; omt'd Sept. '77. 

SIXTH REGIMENT— Gideon Lamb, Colonel. 

Caffleld, Benj., Adj't, May 17, '77; omt'd Jan. '78. ' 
Campbell, Wm, Corpl., Donoho's Co., 1777; W.; died Feb. 1780. 
Carter, Jno., Senr.,pt, Donoho's Co., June 25, '76; W.; disc. May 16, '79. 
Casidy, Jno., pt, Donoho's Co., 1777 2 1-2 years; died Jan. 28, '78. 
Cates, Matthew, pt, White's Co., June 30, '76; W. 
Carter, Hibbard, pt, Doherty's Co., W.; died April 11, '78. 
Carroll, Wm., pt., Doherty's Co., omt'd Jan. '78. 
Campbell, Jno. pt, W.; omt'd Feb., '78. 

Cheeseboro-ign, Jno., P. Mr., July 3, '77; Ens'n April 23, '79; omt'd July '79. 
Child, Francis, Capt, Jan. 26, 77; retired from service Jan. '81. 
Cleaver, Jacob, Sergt, White's Co., May 6, '76, 2 1-2 years; pt. May '78; disc. 
» Oct. 20, '78. 

Clarke, Neil, pt, McRee's Co., W.; omt'd June, '78. 
Cook, Jno., Corpl., Taylor's Co.. 1777, 2 1-2 years; omt'd Nov. '78. 
Conner, Jno., pt., White's Co., Aug. 15, '76, 2 1-2 years; time out Feb. '80. 
Cornish, Wm. pt, McRee's Co., Oct., '77; W.; died Feb. 27, '78. 
Collins, Matthew, pt., McRee's Co., Oct. '77; disc. June 4 '78. 
Craft, Stephen, pt, Donoho's Co., 1777, 2 1-2 years; omt'd Jan. '78. 
Craft, James, pt., Donoho's Co., 1777. 2 1-2 years; omt'd Jan. '78. 
Craig, derrard, ^ergt, Doherty's Co., May 24, '76, 2 1-2 years; pt. June 18; 

omt'd Oct. '78. 
Craben, Charles, pt., Doherty's Co., W. ; missing Sept. 11, '77. 
Craig, Archibald, pt, McRee's Co., killed Oct. 4, '77. 
Cummins, Geo., Sergt. Donoho's Co., April 16, '76, 2 1-2 years; pt. Dec. '77; 

Sergt. March '78; pt. Oct. '78; disc. Nov. 3, '79. 

SEVENTH REGIMENT— James Hogan, Colonel. 

Carr, Solomon, pt., Macon's Co., 1777, 3 years; disc. Feb. 1, '80. 

Caustauphin, Jas., Ens'n Dawson's Co., Nov. 28, '76; omt'd Oct., '77. 

Carter, Wm., pt., Walker's Co., 1777, 3 years; died April 17, '78. 

Cail, Amo., pt, Vaughan's Co., Feb. 1, '77; died Dec. '77. 

Chalco, Wm., pt., Bickle's Co., W.; Dst'd April, '77. 

Chesson, Joshua, pt., Walker's Co.. Feb.*4, '77; disc. Feb. 8, '80. 

Cobb, Wm., pt,, Dawson's Co., 1777, 3 years; died Jan. 26. '78. 

Conn, David, pt., WalKer's Co., 1777: 3 years; omt'd Sept. '77. 

Corbin, Arthur, Vaughan's Co., Dec. 2, '76, 3 years; disc. Feb. 1, '80. 

Cooper, Jotin. McClauhon's Co., 1777: died July '77. 

Cooper, Josiah, McGlauhon's Co., 1777; died Nov. 29, '77. 

Cowan, Robt, McGlauhon's Co., Jan. 7, 1777; dst'd April '77; must'd June 

'78; Corpl. Nov. '78; Sergt. Sept. '79. 
Connor, Wm.. pt, LfcGlauhon's Co., 1777, 3 years; died April 21 '78. 
Connor, Jacob, pt, McGlauhon's Co., 1777, 3 years; died Feb. 6, '78. 

EIGHTH REGIMENT — James Armstrong, Colonel 

Carmack, Jas., Corp'l, Walsh's Co., 1777; pt. Jan. '78; omt'd Feb. '78. 
Calaghan, Cornels, pt, Walsh's Co., Feb. 14, '77, 3 years; pris. June 1, '79; 

disc. Feb. 14, '80. 
Carter, Isaac, pt., Walsh's Co., Sept. 1, '77: pris. June 1, '79; disc. Feb. 20, '80. 
Card, Josh, pt. Walsh's Co., 1777; died Oct. 4, '77. 
Cahoon, Jona.,Musc, March 1, '77; W.: pt Jan., '78; omt'd Feb., '78. 

390 Loyalists axd Tokies Durixg the Revolutionary Wak. 

Chapman, Sam'l, Lt., Tartanson's Co., Nov. 28, '76; resn. Nov. 2, '82; Capt. 

from April 5, '79. 
Clark, Jas., Corpl., Walsh's Co., Feb. 1, '77, 3 years; pt. June '78; Corpl. Mch. 

'79; discharged Feb. 1, '80. 
Connor, Wm, muse, Walsh's Co., 1777; omt'd. Jan. '78. 
Collins, Thos., pt., Walsh's Co., 1777; omt'd Jan. '78. 
Collins, Jno., Sergt, Raiford's Co., Feb. 11, '76. 3 years. 
Collins, Benj., pt., Raiford's Co., Feb. 11, '76; 3 years; Corpl. Nov. '77; pt. 

June, '78; disc. Feb. 16, '80. 
Coops, Francis, muse, Tartanson's Co., March 29, 1777, 3 years; pt. June '78. 
Colwell, Jno., pt, Tartanson's Co., March 17, '77; 3 years. 
Coops, Wm., pt, Tartanson's Co., 1777; omt'd Sept. '77. 

NINTH REGIMENT— John Williams, Colonel. 

Carier, Jno., pt, Cook's Co., May 5, '77; 3 years; W.; Corp. Nov., '79. 

Christian, Jas., Sergt., Cook's Co., 1777, 3 years; disc. Jan. 29, '78. 

Chappel, Sam'l, pt., Wade's Co., Dec. 25 '76; disc. Feb. 1, '80. 

Clark, Thos., Ens'n, Cook's Co., Nov. 28, '76; Lt. Feb. 1, '79. 

Clifton, Wm., Sergt, Cook's Co., Dec. 21, '76, 3 years; omt'd Jan. '78. 

Cook, D. Rich'd, Capt., Nov. 28, '76; omt'd Jan. '78. 

Cozzart, David, Sergt, Cooks' Co., Dec. 18, '76 3 years; pt. Feb. '78; disc. 

Jan. 27, '80. 
Cook, Thos., Sergt., Cook's Co., 1777, 3 years; omt'd Dec. '77. 
Copeland, Ripley, pt, Ramsey's Co., March 10, '77, 3 yrs; disc. March 15, '80. 
Coles, Alex., pt., Wade's Co., Corpl. Jan '78; died March 4, '78. 
Conway, John, pt, Brevard's Co., June 19, '77; Sergt. Jan. '78: Corpl. June 

'78; pt. Aug., '78; Dst'd Dec. 15, '79. i 

(To be Continued.) 



Daniel Leggett to Gov. Richard Caswell. These with speed. 

December 4th, 1777. 
May it please your Most Noble Excellency & your Noble Council, 
Tho' I dare not Approach you in person Nor Dare I Do it with these 
inconsiderate lines without Shame k Confusion of face. But Relying 
upon your Mercy & goodness I Send this paper as an humble advo- 
cate to plead in Some Measure that So it May abate the Severity of 
your Just Displeasure & Appease that Stroke of Justice that I have 
incurred upon Myself by My horrid transgression & folly that I 
have unadvisedly fell into. "Wherefore if A Returning prodigal, a 
true and unfeigned penitent May find Mercy in these circumstances 
I unfeignedly beg it at your hands. I hope it may please you for 
your honnours Sakes & for the Sake of him that hath promised A 
blessedness to the Merciful to Look in a way of pity upon one that 
earnestly Desires Nothing More than to be Number'd with your Sub- 
jects, though unworthy at present, I hope to find all my Superiors to 
Whom I think Myself happy that I have to address Myself to in this 
Manner, to be endued with so Much Compassion & tenderness to for- 
give One that is truly Sensible & penitent that I can think My Self 
happy upon every Remembrance of the same & Not willing to Affect 


Loyalists and Tokies During the Revolutionary War. 391 

one that is Convicted in his own Conscience. Wherefore if Should 
please your Excellency & to whom I have to petition to Grant Me 
My Liberty & the Oportunity to make manifest what I have promised 
by a Eeady Compliance to your Laws and Commands I Should think 
My Self happy Nevertheless in All things Submitting to your Excel- 
lency's Disposal I Must remain as I have Made myself miserable 
without your Assistance which I rely upon your excellency's honor 
for in requital of which I promise to spend the remaining part of 
my time in obedants to your Commands it being all that I am able to 
offer with My prayers and Supplication to God for your Success & 
happy Continuance if it Does Not please your excellency to Admit 
of My being alltogether at Liberty, I should be very thankful to be 
admitted to bale until the Cort ensuing at Edenton, the winter 
being very cold & I being Destitute of my Necessarys that My Life 
Depends upon your Honor I hope that what I was put in for last 
was not unbalable tho' indeed it is too bad I having but Little to say 
for My self More than I was Not in this unhappy affair at the first 
till I was seduced by others and never being acquainted with the 
general plan at all was Set on to Do More than I hope I shall ever 
be gilty of any more if it should please your honour to Let this 
Pass. But Use all Means that in my power to Suppress all that 
should in any ways endeavour to hurt the present Government. 
Wherefore if it should be to my opertunity & I should be any ways 
faulty to my promise I would Submit to the Most strictest that 
Malice could inflict therefore with all Submission I beg you would 
determine & Despose of me as you see Convenient, in expectation, of 
which I Remain Sir, Most nnworthest of your subjects*. 

The above was found on the Public Road and sent on by Thos. 
Respass, Jr. 


Examination of Peleg Belote in the County Court of Bertie at the 
Court begun and held for the said County the 12th day of August, 
1777, present the Worshipful Thomas Pugh, James Campbell and 
Jonathan Jacocks, Esquires, Justices of the said Court and among 
others assigned to keep the Peace of the said County. 

The said Peleg Belote being brought before the Court declared 
that in a conversation with one Absalom Legate about the first of 
June last, they discussed about a Report which was then prevalent 
among some People, that there was a design to impose a new Reli- 
gion on the People, and Compel them to worship Images, and that 

392 Loyalists and Tories During the Revolutionary War. 

they both expressed a very strong disapprobation of such a design; 
that the said Legate endeavored to persuade him, the said Belote, to 
go to a Sermon which was shortly to be preached near Sherrad's, in 
Martin County, and the said Belote did accordingly go to Sherrard's 
House in company with the said Legate and his son ; that they found 
one Rawlins at Sherrard's house ; that after a private conversation 
which he observed between the said Legate and Rawlins, Rawlins 
asked him to walk, and they two being alone together, after some 
conversation relative to the worship of Images, Rawlins asked the 
said Belote if he could keep a secret ! The said Belote answering 
in the affirmative, Rawlins asked him if he would be willing to swear 
he could, and pulled a book out of his pocket which he tendered to 
Belote, and Belote then kissed the Book, promising to keep secret 
what Rawlins should tell him ; that Rawlins then told him a good 
many had concluded to support the Church of England, and if he 
would swear to keep secret all that he should hear that Man read or 
tell him, he would mention the Person's name, and refer him to him 
for further information; that the said Belote having agained kissed 
the book in ratification of a promise of this kind (believed by him 
to be swearing), Rawlins told him Sherrard was the Man, and gave 
him a stick with three notches which he said he was to show Sher- 
rard, but he need not be particular as to any circumstances concern- 
ing it, as he would be there, otherwise it would have been necessary 
to do it in private; that nothing more passed on the subject this even- 
ing, but the next morning before Breakfast Sherrard asked Rawlins 
to take a walk, and Rawlins nodded to the said Belote to follow him; 
that they went in to the Barn, and Belote delivered the stick to Sher- 
rard ; that Sherrard then asked him "what that was for" ; that Be- 
lote being at a loss for the answer Rawlins asked him if he had for- 
got already and desired him to speak after him, which he did some 
words that served to denote a concurrence in the Confederacy ; that 
Sherrard then stepped and picked up a Sugar box which seemed to 
be concealed in a private part of the barn and took out a paper which 
he read very low, as if he had been afraid of being overheard, the 
place being very publick and that the time Avhen the People were 
going to the Preaching; that the substance of the Paper was to the 
best of the said Belote's recollection an Engagement to support the 
Religion they had been used to, to decide disputes arising among the 
subscribers by arbitration, to oppose draughts (as he believed) and 
protect Men being draughted from being obliged to serve. Soon after 
they went out and Sherrard mentioned there was one thing he had 
forgot, which was that Belote should get half a pound of powder and 
two pounds of lead; and that he recollects no further particulars 
concerning the above agreement than what he has before received, 


Loyalists and Tories During the Revolutionary War. 393 

but that they were to put in Money to support poor people in distress 
and employ a Reader. His 

Taken in open Court. Mark. 

Test: John Johnston. 


William Skiles on oath, doth say that he heard Absalom Leggett 
say he would not go if he was draughted and further Questions re- 
fused to answer, but on a small deliberation s'd Skiles gave the fol- 
lowing testimony, viz. : That Absalom Leggett informed him that a 
considerable number of persons in Bute, Edgecombe and Martin 
County had agreed to oppose a Draught and if any person draughted 
should consent to go in the Army, they would shoot him on the spot, 
and further that James Sherod & Capt. Bell were concerned in the 
scheem that Leggett had often urged him to join the s'd party and 
that he understood James Sherrard had in his keeping articles of 
agreement entered into by said parties. That sd Leggett adminis- 
tered an oath to him, purport of which is as follows : That you shall 
defend and protect all Draughted & distressed persons or them that 
are called tories as far as lies in your power, & that he swore him to 
keep the Matter Secret and likewise informed him that there was 
a sign or token observed amongst them, which was this (a friend to 
the party present), a short stick with three notches on it, on the per- 
son receiving of it, asks the other why he gives them that stick, the 
other answers, for a sign. Says the other, a sign of what, (answer), 
a sign of a word, have you the word ? I have, give it me. I will let- 
ter with you. Answer, begin first says B, 2d E, first T, 2d R, first U, 
2d E (be true). Said Skiles further declareth that sd Leggett in- 
formed him that the strongest party would seize first on the Several 
Magazines and that Peleg Belote informed him on his expressing 
great uneasiness at Joining said party that there was no danger. 
Leggett informed him that the scheem took its rise in Virginia & 
was forwarded to Lewellen on Coneter from whence it had extended 
to South Carolina, Haw River & in short to all the Southern part 
of the Continent; that he understood Capt. Bogg approved the 
scheem highly to Sherrard, but was rather fearful of its success; that 
the scheem was handed to Loo Allen about the first of March ; further 
Leggett told him it was allowed on all hands that the King would 
Conquer the Country and if there party held together when the Gen- 
tlemen was taken there party & and the King's Soldiers should shear 
there Estates & that there was several persons constantly and Daily 

394 Loyalists and Tories During the Revolutionary War. 

riding to encrease there numbers. They have a further sign, viz. : In 
falling into Company or meeting with any person on pointing or 
Rubbing their forefinger of the left hand over the right arm, nose or 
chin or any part of their body the other person being of their party, 
will ask him what he points at, (answers) a secret, have you that 
secret. I have .Give it me. I did not get it so how shall I get it. 
I will Letter and half it with you begin, first says I, the other S, the 
first R, the other I, lastly he inform'd if the matter was discovered 
they would Rise & kill the gentleman in the jSaght, that he could not 
do it himself, but there was Many that would ; that Leggett told him 
some time past that he understood that Coll Buncombe was about to 
Remove out of the County and was going to sell off his Estate and 
that he had a great Inclination t'o go clown and take his Shear of it by 
taking some of his horses, &c, and further saveth not. 

(Signed.) W. SKILES. 

John Allen deposeth that on a certain day he was in company with 
Absalom Leggett who enquired of him the sd Allen what prospect 
there was of the peoples succeeding should they attempt to oppose this 

State in its present measures (of to that purpose) who answerd 

and give reasons why it would not. 

William Burket deposeth that on the 16th clay of June he went 
to see Absalom Leggett with intent to enquire of said Leggett how he 
might be initiated into a new Club the sd Leggett askt him if he 
thought he could Keep a secret, he said he could Leggett told him he 
would give him a sign to carry to James Shearrard or Daniel Leg- 
gett either, which sign was a stick with three notches cut on it, & 
that he would be askt what that stick was for, his reply was sign, a 
sign of what, of a word do you know that word I do give it me, I 
will Letter it with you and further that the sd Leggett told him that 
he heard that Coll Buncombe was going to leave the County & that he 
was too busy or he would go over and git some of his fine horses as he 
heard he had many of them and that they ought to be stopt. 


Windsor, July 1, 1777. At a Court held this day for the purpose 
of Enquiring into Sundry Suspicions agt the persons below men- 

John Brogdon was called & on his oath doth say William 

Brogdon called & Sworn — John Skyles. 

William Skyles on his oath doth say, that he heard Absolam Legett 
say that Hays would not Go if he was Drafted & to further Questions 
refused to Answer, On a small Deliberation sd Wm. Skiles gave the 
following Testimony, viz : that Absalom Leggett informed him that 

Loyalists and Tories Dubing the Revolutionary War. 395 

a considerable number of persons in Bute, Edgecombe and Martin 
Counties had agreed to oppose a Draught, and if any person draught' 
ed should consent to go, in the Army, they would shoot him on the 
spot and further that Jas. Sherrard and Capt. Bell were concerned in 
the Scheme, that Leggett had often urged him to join the sd. Party 
and that he understood Jas. Sherrard had in his keeping certain 
articles of agreement entered into by sd Party, that sd Leggett had 
administered an oath to him purport of which is as follows that you 
shall defend and protect all draughted, distressed or op- 
pressed persons or them that are called Tories as far as is in your 
power, and that he swore him to keep the matter secret and likewise 
informed him that there was a Sign or Token observed amongst them 
which was this, a Friend of the party presents a small stick with three 
Notches cut in it, on which the person receiving asks the other, why 
he gave him that stick, the other' answers for a Sign, says the other a 
sign of what, answer a sign of the Word have you that Word, I have, 
give it to me, I will but will letter it with you. Answer Begin, first 
says B Second C, first T, second E, first a, and second c. Sd Wil- 
liam Skyles further declares that sd Leggett informed him that the 
strongest party would seize first on the several Magazines and that 
Peleg Belote informed him on his expressing great Uneasiness at 
joining sd Earty, that there was no danger; Leggett informed him 
that the Scheme took its rise in Virginia and thence was forwarded to 
Luellan, from whence it had extended to South Carolina, Haw Eiver 
and in short all the Southern part of the Continent. That he under- 
stood Capt. Bogg approved the scheme highly to Sherrard but was 
rather fearful of its success ; that the scheme was handed to Luellan 
about the first of March, farther Leggett told him, it was allowed 
on all hands that the King would conquer the Country and if their 
party held together, when the Gentlemen were taken, their party and 
the King's Soldiers should share their Estates and there were several 
persons constantly and daily riding to increase their number, they 
have a further sign (viz.) On falling in company or meeting with any 
person, or pointing & rubbing the Fore-finger of the left hand over 
your Eight Arm, Nose or Chin, or any part of their Body, the other 
person being of their party, will ask him, what he points at. Answer : 
A Secret, have you that secret, I have, give it to me, T did not get it so, 
how shall I get it, I will letter and halve it with you ; begin, first says 
I, the other N, the first E, the other I ; lastly he informed him if the 
matter was discovered they would rise and kill the Gentlemen in the 
Night, that he could not do it himself, but there were many that 
would. That sd Leggett told him some time past that he had under- 
stood Col. Buncombe was about to remove out of the Country and 
was going to sell off his Estate &c, and that he had a great Inclina- 

396 Loyalists and Tories During the Revolutionary War. 

tion to go down & take his share of it, by taking some of his ilorses &c. 

John Hodge on his Oath deposeth & Sayeth, that William Tyler 
came to his house & Told him that there was a Thing in hand which 
he wanted to see him about, after that some time, Peter Tyler came 
to the said Hodge's house and offer'd to Disclose a secret to him, sd 
Hodge then asked him what that secret was, Tyler Deny'd Telling 
him Except he would agree to qualify, he then Told him he would 
not qualify to anything without first knowing what it was, some time 
after this Solo Pippen and James Rollins came to this Deponent and 
said Rollins offer'd him a Secret, after Deliberating and Taking the 
advise of his neighbours, this Deponent agreed to Qualify & sd Rol- 
lins Gave him a book and he Qualified himself, after he was Qualified 
Rollins told a Long Storey the purport of which this Depon't Cannot 
Recollect, but this Deponent says it was of Little account but then 
Qualified him to keep secret a Persons name, to-wit. John Lewelling 
,the said Lewelling afterward showed this Deponent the secret, which 
was an Instrument of Writeina;, Call'd by said Lewellina; a Constitu- 
tion & this Deponent understood by Thomas Hurst that Rollins was 
the man who invented that Constitution & That Lewelling Told him 
he was to Aid & assist all Drafted or Distressed persons or those 
called Torys to the utmost of his power and that this Deponent must 
Get Half a Pound of powder and Two pounds of Shott for Colo Pugh. 
Paid. B. E. T. Be true. B. E. B. A. w. r. c. & Further this De- 
ponent Sayeth not. His 


July the 4th, 1 777. Sworn before me. Mark. 

Nathan Mayo. * 

Solomon Pippin being First Sworn Deposeth & Sayeth, that James 
Rollins Came to him & offer'd him a secret & that this Deponent asked 
him what it was & he Refused disclosing except this Deponent would 
Qualifie which he Refused but afterwards was Introduced by the 
persons mentioned in aforesaid Deposition & Further Sayth that the 
Deposition of John Hodge is Truth and this Deponent was present 
& heard the words & Further this Deponent sayeth not. 

The 4th July, 1777, Sworn before me. Mark. 

Nathan Mayo. 

State of North Carolina, 

Chowan County, Ss. Personally appeared Daniel Leggett who 
being duly sworn on the Holy Evangelist, Deposeth & says, that he 
went from Bertie to Martin County, to the House of John Collins, 
where he stayed all night being Saturday the seventh day of June, 
from thence he went the next morning to James Sherrod to a meet- 


Loyalists and Tories During the Revolutionary War. 397 

ing where one Eawlings was to preach, the said Eawlings took this 
Deponent out on one side and asked this Deponent what he thought 
of the times who answered he did not know, but that they were very- 
bad, the said Eawlings asked this Deponent if he did not think thej 
were in great danger of loosing their Religion, that it was reported 
that Thirteen or Fourteen persons in the Provincial Congress had 
objected the Trinity, the said Eawlings asked the Deponent if he did 
not think it would be a good Thing if the People were to join in a 
Society to support their religion, who answered he thought it would, 
the said Eawlings then asked this deponent if he would Join in such 
an undertaking who replied he thought he could, the said Eawlings 
then asked this Deponent if such a thing was on hand, if he would 
not swear to keep a Secret, he replied he thought he could keep a 
secret, he then asked this Deponent if he would swear, who said he 
thought he could, the said Eawlings having a book in his pocket 
swore this deponent to secrecy, he then told this deponent there was 
such a thing in hand*, that they had formed Constitutions as a Guide 
to go by, that there was a Man appointed to keep them, and provided 
I would swear to keep his name secret & all he should read or say to 
this deponent Secret, he would give this deponent a sign to go to him 
that he might know he was and that he had been qualified 
ir: order to go to him, after this deponent had been Quali- 
fied Eawlings then told him James Sherrod had the Constitution and 
Oath, and was called Senior Warden, the said Eawlings gave this de- 
ponent a stick with three notches in it to carry to Sherrod, who by that 
knew, this Deponent had been sworn twice, that when this deponent 
gave Sherrod the stick, he asked him what he gave it for, who said 
for a sign, he Sherrod said a sign of what, this deponent said a sign 
of a Word, he Sherrod said have you that, deponent answered I have, 
he Sherrod said give it to me, deponent said he would letter it with 
him, he said begin, deponent said B. Sherrod said E. I said I, he 
said E, deponent said U, Sherrod E, then Sherrod read the Constitu- 
tion to this deponent, who then swore this deponent and gave him the 
other sign, and this deponent says that since the scheme of the Asso- 
ciation has been discovered he wandered about from place to place 
and has been supplied with victuals by Josiah Harrison and further 
he says not. 


OF AUGUST, 1777. 

The above mentioned Lemuel Hyman being brought into Court on 
an accusation of being concerned in a Conspiracy against the State, 


398 Loyalists and Tories During the Revolutionary War. 

Voluntarily offered to depose on oath all he knew concerning it : and 
being sworn, he accordingly declared that in a conversation which he 
had with John Garrett, of Tyrell County, wherein they spoke upon 
the subject of Disturbances prevailing in the Country & being willing 
to be informed of the nature of them the said Garrett told him if he 
would take on oath to ''keep secret" he would inform him, that there- 
upon he took the said oath, and the said Garrett then told him he. was 
to be true, and desired him to apply further to Daniel Legate; and the 
said Garrett then gave him a stick with three notches, and mentioned 
some words he was to letter with the said Legate, both which were 
intended as signs for the said Legate to know he had been partly in- 
formed of this affair & had taken the above oath, that he thereupon 
applied to the said Legate, who swore him to keep true what he was 
to tell him until it was to be known, that he thereupon told him he 
was to support Men for refusing the oath that he should be obliged to 
take, viz : "that the King never had, had not now, nor should have 
any authority or Government over the Country;" or words to that 
effect and that he was to prevent Men's being prest or carried away 
from their Wives and Children," but the said Legate did not explain 
to him what he meant by Men's being so prest or carried away, that 
the said Legate told him they were to assemble Meeting (Understood 
by this Deponent to be a Reading) but mentioned no time or place; 
and he the Deponent, should know further when he saw him again; 
but he has never seen the said Legate since and knows no more con- 
cerning the above Transaction or anything relating thereto, than what 
he has above related, to the best of his Recollection & Belief. 

Signed and Sworn bv the above named Samuel Hvman. 


Bertie Co. August Court 1777. 

Sworn to in open Court by the above mentioned Lemuel Hyman. 

Test : John Johnston, C. C. 

Tyrrell County, 

July 15th, 1777. Arrnel Holies being sworn on the Holy Evange- 
list of Almighty God, Deposeth and Saith, that he was at a Reaping 
at Jonathan Davises about three weeks agoe. John Garrett took him 
to assist him to mend his bridle & walked with him some Distance 
from the House, when Mr. John Garrett told him that 14 members 
of the Assembly wanted to introduce the Romish religion, Garrett 
then asked him if he would stand up for his Religion, he said he 
would, Garrett then asked him if he would take an Oath, he told him 
he would, Garrett then swore him to secrecy, Garret then told him to 
go to Daniel Legate, which he accordingly did, then Legate swore 

Loyalists and Tobies During? the Revolutionary War. 399 

him again to be true to his Religion & Country & further this Depo- 
nent saith not. His 


Arrnel Holies Principle bound in the sum of £100. 
John Everet (son of Thomas) Security in the sum of £100 for the 
said Armel Holies to appear at the first Court of Oyer and Terminer 
to be held for the District of Edenton. 
Sworn and acknowledged before us. 

Arch'd Corrie, J. P., 
Chas. Johnson. 

James Rawlins, of Martin County, fleeing from thence to Matti- 
muskeet, being there apprehended on a Report that he had a hand in 
a Conspiracy carried on against the State of North Carolina, Depos- 
eth'and Saith: 

That about the time of Laying the Constitution of Government 
(as well as he can remember) a General Muster was held at Ply- 
mouth, the Court House of said Martin County, on or about the 28th 
day of March last past, when John Lewelling & John Carter, Both of 
that County, going home in Company with the sd Rawlins (told him, 
one or both), that the Country was Like to become subject to popery, 
for which reason Lewelling sd there ware a Necessity of Indeavoring 
to seek relief and had thought on Means proper, and hop'd for a 
Blessing on the Indeavour he, the sd Lewelling, said there must be 
an Instrument of Writing Drawn to which people Might a*gree under 
oath and Related something of the form and some few Days after 
ye sd John Lewelling and his son William came to the house of sd 
Rawlins and the sd Jno. Lewelling further declared the form which 
contained much writing and also the form of an oath of Compliance- 
all of which John Lewelling sd to the said Deponent if he would 
Take the Trouble to write down he should be well satisfy'd.* And 
that then his son should Coppy from the same which he also did as 
he the sd Wm. Lewelling Told sd Dpo. that he had wrote some for 
Martin, Edgecombe, Halifax and think he sd for Bartee and Teril. 
He also heard James Sherod say he had wrote some and likewise 
John Lewelling. Now after Many had come into this Society, as it 
was Term'd, they became known to each other by word and sign; 
and some time after John Lewelling told sd Deponent that if they 
could destroy Whitmel Hill, Colonel Williams, Thomas Hunter, Na- 
than Mayo, Colonel Salter and one Taylor, that then the Country 
would soon be settled. In Behalf of the King, this being proposed 
*But sd Rawlins refused, but agreed in hope of a Reward to assist him. 

400 Loyalists and Tories During the Revolutionary War. 

by John Lewelling, seeni'd approv'd off by several others, But 
not yet put in practice as the Dep't knows off. After this John Lew- 
elling Told the Deponent it would be a good scheeme to Grit some 
Body to Diseffect the negroes and thought David Taylor would do it 
and Give out an oration of their Rising would draw the soldiers out 
of Halifax, whilst he and Company could seize the Governor and 
Magazene,** but hearing the Governor was not to Come at the ap- 
pointed time it was Dropt for that time, but that scheeme became not 
public to Many, the Dept, believes, for when he objected against it 
John Lewelling said if he Divulg'd anything, Death was the por- 
tion to him or any one else. Another scheeme was to go to General 
Howe. John Lewelling with the Deponent agreed if he would go 
with him to do for him what ever he Could to advance him as also 
the Deponent expected to see his father and friends, but going as far 
as Scotland Neck, returned Back and in a few days something of the 
matter Became Discovered,*** When John Lewelling persuaded 
the Deponent to flee and not to be taken by any means ; accordingly 
he fled from home the 5th day of July. 

It is certain none of these vile proceedings were Incerted in their 
writings; but very Repugnant to them, some of the Express words 
in their writings were those to Govern their Lives and actions By the 
Just Laws of Morality and by the Scriptures of old and New Testa- 
ment, to which they were sworn, which caused Many to be Cald in 
the proceedings of Cruelty, I believe altho first proposed by John 


Sworn before me this 10th August, 1777. 

James Davis. 


Some days past, George Wainwright, from Martin County, a 
Great Friend to John Lewelling, was here. I expect to endeavour 
to hear some News by his short stay of what I had Related, and I 
knowing the Great Influence Capt. Lewelling has over that Neifih- 
borhood have Great Reason to fear he will make any attempts to 
invalidate my Testimony, and though no other person but myself 
could have discovered the Beginning of the Scheeme, unless himself. 
Yet I will acquaint you of some Evidence as yet I believe unknown, 

**At this time the Governor was expected at Halifax. 
***Though William Mayo had sworn something of the matter before, but 
all seem'd Quiet at the Time. 

Loyalists and Tories During the Revolutionary War. 401 

that may be Material. Richard Taylor, Sr., a near neighbour to 
Capt. Lewelling, told me in private that Lewelling had Told him if 
he could git but ten Men to Joyn him he would fall to work and kill 
them every one, speaking of Whitmel Hill and others that had threat- 
en'd him as a Tory. This Richard Taylor told me Long since the 
Scheeme was begun ; also James Mayo, Captain, had threatened Mr. 
Lewelling. To take him up for a Tory for which Reason Mr. Lew- 
elling Desired Peter Tyler and myself to waylay sd Mayo on the 
Road to kill him, but when I told him I could not he persuaded ? 
Peter Tyler and lent him his Gun and told him Tarry till he sent him 
victuals, which Tyler did, but saw Mayo not. This may be prov'd 
by Tyler and Myself. Again a few days before I made My Escape, 
Mr. Lewelling said to me it would be no Damage if he were Taken 
to swear that a Traveling Man brought the writings to My house and 
that I and that Travelling man Carried the same to his house, by 
which Means the Beginning would not be Discovered, so that I being 
a poor man have Reason to fear his power and Influence over others 
to My hurt, as all the friends or power I have is to declare the Truth 
and Humbly Crave pardon for having; had any hand in sd plot or 
Scheme, testifying whatever shall Come to my Memory I will make 
known about the matter. 


Examination of John Clifton taken in the County Court of Ber- 
tie at the Court held on the 12th day of August, 1777, present the 
Worshipful Thomas Pugh, David Standley and Jonathan Jacocks, 
Esqs., Justices of the said Court and assigned among others, to keep 
the peace of said County. , 

The said John Clifton being called before the Court, declared that 
some time about the middle of May last, being on his return to Anson 
County, which was the ordinary place of his Residence, from the 
County of Bertie, he had occasion to call on a certain William Tyler, 
of Martin County, about private business and accordingly did call 
at the house of said William Tyler, and did not find him at home ; 
that he then proceded on his Journey, but as a little further dis- 
tance stopped at the house of John Staten, who was an old acquaint- 
ance of his, and whom he had seen for several years; that the said 
Staten accompanied him a little way on the road out of compliment 
and in order to show him a path he was to take to carry him to the 
Main Road, they then being out of it and which it was difficult to 
find; that before they quite reached this path, they met the above 
mentioned William Tyler, with whom the said John Clifton spoke 
aside for some time about the private business above alluded to, and 
it being necessary to look at some papers concerning it, the said Tyler 
and the said John Clifton returned to the said Tyler's house and the 

402 Loyalists axd Tories During the Revolutionary War. 

said Staten with them ; that being come there, after their private bus- 
iness had been discoursed of, the said Tyler spoke to the said John 
Clifton (they two being private) concerning a secret of which the 
said John Clifton was at that time entirely ignorant and said, that 
Staten would accompany him to one James Rawlins, who could in- 
form him of it ; that the said Staten, upon their return to him, told 
him he would go with him to Rawlins', it being late, and that there 
he would be in the main road, that nothing had then passed in the 
presence of the said Staten concerning the secret, though the said 
John Clifton understood from Rawlins that Staten was acquainted 
with it ; that upon their arrival at Rawlins', the said Staten told him 
that Tyler had been speaking to the said John Clifton of the secret 
known between them and that he had as good acquaint him with it; 
that the said Rawlins then took the said Clifton out, carrying a book 
with him, and told him before he mentioned anything of it, he must 
take an oath of Secrecy; that the said Clifton then told Rawlins he 
dkl not like to swear before he knew what it was for ; that the said 
Rawlins declared it was only to employ a Reader, and he then took 
the oath, the substance of which was "to keep secret all he had or 
was to communicate;" that the said Rawlins then made him ac- 
quainted with a sign which had been agreed upon by the Parties in 
this business and which was as follows : A person possessed of the 
secret was to have a stick with three notches ; upon being asked wdiat 
that was for. he was to answer "A sign" ; upon it being enquired 
"What sign," he was to reply, "The sign of a secret." The enquiry 
being still continued in these Avords, "Have you that secret?" the 
possessor of the stick was to answer, "I have ;" that tlje words "be 
true" were then to be lettered between them ; that this was all which 
was at that time communicated to the said Clifton, and the said Raw- 
lins told him he should know more from one Lewellin (who lived at a 
little distance) the next day; that accordingly the next day the said 
Rawlins, Staten and Clifton, went to see Lewellin, it being settled 
by Rawlins before they set off, that Staten and Clifton were to wait 
at a School-house about half a mile from Rawlins' house, while Raw- 
lins should go and bring Lewellin to them ; that the said Staten and 
Clifton waited at the School-house, and some time after Rawlins re- 
turned, accompanied by the said Llewellin and his son, all three 
having guns (the said Rawlins having brought his gun from home 
with him) ; that the said Llewellin brought two papers with him, 
one of which contained an oath, which the said Clifton was to take, 
the other purporting an agreement to employ a Reader, and for each 
Man who subscribed is to pay ten shillings a year for that purpose, 
one half of which to be paid at Easter, the other at Whitsuntide, and 
also to support King George, and he further understood (but wheth- 

Loyalists and Toeies During the Revolutionary War. 403 

er from the paper or the information of the said Rawlins & Staten 
he does not recollect) that the Business of this Engagement was to 
oppose Draughts and to be ready, when they had an opportunity, to 
join any of the King's forces that might come to assist them; that 
he was also informed each Man was to be provided with half a pound 
of powder and two pounds of lead ; and the said Llewellin & Rawlins 
declared, they would shoot any Man who divulged the secret; that 
the purport of the above, oath, to the best of his recollection, was 
to support the terms of the Engagement above specified; that the 
said Rawlins & Staten gave the above mentioned Paper to the said 
Clifton, and desired him to get what subscriptions he could to it 
and to gain over all in his power ; that the said Staten then asked 
them how many they had engaged in that business, to which it was 
replied, there were not many yet, but it would grow fast; that the 
said Clifton soon after left them, and disapproving of their purpose, 
had a great desire to reveal it, but was afraid to do so on account of 
the oath he had taken ; that he never perused the paper but once after 
and burnt it the next day ; that he never showed it to any Person 
whatever, or attempted to influence any one to join in the Associa- 
tion ; that on the twenty-third day of July, following (to the best of 
his recollection) he went to his Brother's, Mr. Peter Clifton, in Ber- 
tie County, and gave him information of the above circumstances, 
and the next dav together with his Brother waited on Thomas Pue;h, 
Esquire, one of the Justices of the said Court and made oath to the 
same before him. JOHN CLIFTON. 

In open Court. Test: 

John Johnston, CO •» 

North Carolina, 

Martin County — Thomas Best being sworn on the holy Evangelist 
of Almighty God, Deposeth and saith : 

That John Lewelling said Nathan Mayo was a very Busy Body & 
he believed was put there to watch and that * " * ■ * * would get 
killed and that it was a general Taulk that James Mayo was to 
be killed because he was a man that was very peticular in atacting 
any that was to be the enemies to the State; and that he, the sd 
Best, went to James Sherod to Borrow Money to Enable them to go 
to General How for John Lewelling &. James Rawlings was to go and 
Wm. Tyler was to go if they Could stay while he had a Chance to go. 
But Mr. Sherrod did not help him to money for that purpose, and 
the Night after old Tylor was Taken they were at the Gord patch 
when they heard the Report of a gun at a Considerable Distance, 
when James Rawlings said he had a Devilish Mistrust, it was at 
James Mayo, for there was such a Taulk in the company as killing 

404 Loyalists and Tories During the Revolutionary War. 

him for going after them, at the same time Isaac Barbree, David 
Tailer, Hardy Counsell and James Rogers went from the Companv 
towards Nathan Mayo, as he thote to try what they could spy out, 
and James Hais said if they were to Bid Isaac Barbree to shoot 
James Mayo he would do it, and further this Deponent saith not. 

Given under mv hand this 9th September, 1777. 


Test: Nathan Mayo, J. P. 


One Friday, August 1777, I understood by Report that a certain 
James Rawlins was one of the Heads amongst the Tories and that he 
was expected to pass by the settlement of Mattamuskeet, or to call 
there about the next day, and as I was Resolved to apprehend him 
if possible, and keeping a watch out for him, spired a small sail off 
in the Sound. I fitted out in a Boat with four men along with me, 
came up with said sail and found it to be the same James Rawlins 
with his family, upon which I apprehended him and Caried him 
Before a Majistrate which took the Deposition of the said James 
Rawlins, August 6, 1777. 


Sworn to before me Aug. 9, 1777. 

James Davis, 


No. Carolina, 

Pitt County — "William May, Juner, says on oath, that on or about 
the 20th and last of May past, a certain William Tylor, of Martin 
County, did propose on oath to sd May and that he would on takeing 
the oath, he, the sd Tylor, wood inform him something of importance 
as a Secret that after he, sd May, had taken the oath the sd Tylor in- 
form'd That he shood stand Ready to keep out popish Religion, if we 
Could and that the said Tylor did alow that Gentlemen was trying to 
Bring in popish Religion and that if there was a draft to unite & 
stand together & Not Turn out nor go in Croop time ; and that the sd 
Tylor said he Thought themselves sofishantly strong to Take any man 
away that shood be drafted and to oppose any power that shood ofeer 
the State oath, and those that was sworn in was to Join and stand by 
each other if the State oath shood be offerd and that if any one was 
Confined or Imprisoned that the oathers was to Return them. 

Sorn Before Me June 19th, 1777. 

Robt. Salter, J. P. 

The Bonnek Family. 


No. Carolina, 

Martin County — William Wallace being sworn on the Holy Evan- 
gelist of Almighty God, Deposeth and says : 

The Night on or about ye 20th of June past, when a body of men 
met a certain place caled the goard patch in order to take William 
May out of the custody of Wm. Robinson & Mr. Salter, of Pitt Coun- 
ty, by force of Arms if they could not get him sd Mayo without, 
John Lewelling told sd Wallace as soon as they got a Little stronger 
they would Confine some of the great men. The next time the sd 
Lewelling Came to sd Wallace He told him old Tylor was taken with 
all the papers in his pocket, the said Wallace asked what he would 
do about it ; sd Lewelling answered, we must Try and git them if we 
can; sd Wallace answered, what if we can't git them; the sd Lewel- 
ling said if we can't git them without we must kill some of them. 

And further sd Wallace saith it was ordered to git half a pound 
of powder & two pounds of Led accordingly. There was a quantity 
of powder brought to the gourd patch for that purpose by one Molon 
Davidson, which he, sd Wallace, saith he understood sd Davidson 
got from one Sutherland, in Tarborough, and further This Deponent 
saith not. 

Given under my hand this 8th day of September, 1777. 


Test : Nathan Mayo, J. P. 

(to be continued.) 


(continued). , 

Issue of Joseph Bonner Bryan and 1st wife Ann Bryan nee Bon- 
ner; 1. William Trippe Bryan born Dec. 9, 1858 md. Sallie Craw- 
ford; (2), Jessie Bryan born Apl. 24, 1854, died Nov. 5, 1868; (3) 
Clarissa Bonner Brvan born Mar. 3, 1856, md Burney Piver Dec. 

27, 1881, died Jan. 6, 1898 ; (4) Delzell Crawford Bryan, born Feb. 

28, 1861, md. 1st Nov. 15, 1883, Eugene W. Guilford, 2nd Wiley 
Grist; (5) Charles Crawford Bryan born Oct. 13, 1S64, md. Nov. 12, 
1890, Mary Carter Bonner, died Oct. 6, 1896. Issue by the 2nd 
marriage of Joseph Bonner Bryan to Clarissa G. I. Bonner; 
Sidnie Bonner Bryan born Nov. 5, 1870, died Sept. 25, 1878; 
Joseph Garrett Bryan born Nov. 8, 1881, died July 27, 1883. 

Issue of Charles Cushing Bonner and wife Caroline Grav ; Caro- 
line Gray Bonner born Dec. 15, 1851, md Oct. 1, 1872, Alfred Jack- 
son Ellington (P. O. Reidsville, N. C). Issue (a) Katharine 
Amanda Bonner Ellington; (b) Jennie Howell Ellington, (c) 
Richard lAexander Ellington born Oct. 20, 1882; (d) Mary Bon- 



The Bonnek Family. 

ner Ellington died young; (e) Mary Gray Ellington, died young; 
(f ) Alfred Jackson Ellington, died young. 

Issue of Dr. William Vines Bonner and wife Cora nee Earrow, 
(P. O. Lake Landing, 1ST. C). (1) Sally Ann Crawford Bonner, 
born May 12, 1866, died June 9, 1866; (2) Eugene Preston Bon- 
ner, born May 14, 1868, died Sept, 11, 1870; (3) Emma Earrow 
Bonner, born Jan. 27, 1871, md. Mar. 18, 1895 ; (4) Mary Carter 
Bonner born Feb. 10, 1873, md. 1st Nov. 12, 1890, Charles Craw- 
ford Bryan, 2nd Apl., 1901, W. H. Guilford; (5) Thomas Pasteur 
Bonner born June 19, 1875, md. Oct. 19, 1898, Eula Hooker; (6) 
Elizabeth Keade Bonner, born June 23, 1877, died Aug. 15, 1877. 

Julian S. Mann and wife E mm a Farrow nee Bonner have several 

Issue of Charles Crawford Bryan and wife Mary Carter nee Bon- 
ner; (1) Cora Vines Bryan, born March 5, 1894; (2) Kathleen Dell- 
zell, Dec. 11, 1897. 

Issue of Thomas Pasteur Bonner and wife Eula nee Hooker